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A married couple was having problems with their sex life. The husband showed a lack of enthusiasm and interest. Finally his wife decided to confront him and asked, "Honey, can you tell me what's wrong? You don't seem very interested in sex anymore. Is it my fault?"
Seizing on the moment, he replied, "Yes, the one thing I really would like would be if you could just moan when I made love to you."
She agreed to his request but said to him, "You know I am not very experienced in this. The next time we make love, you will have to help me to moan at the right time."
He said, "Of course."
The next evening they were in bed and he started to kiss his wife. She stopped him in midstream and said, "Should I moan now."
"No, not yet," he replied. He proceeded to lift up her blouse and remove her bra.
She asked him, "What about now?"
"No, not yet." Then he started fondling and kissing her breasts.
She asked him, "Do you want me to moan now?"
"No, not yet," he replied.
Finally after some foreplay, they were engaged in intercourse. His wife asked him, "Would you like me to moan?"
"YES! YES! This would be the perfect time, go ahead!"
To which his wife responded, "Oy Vey, you wouldn't believe the miserable day I had."

story by: The Porn Joker

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Author: The Porn Joker

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