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I watched as my wife struggled against the tight ropes that bound her thick legs and ankles covered in black knee high stockings to the hotel chair. With her wrists tightly bound behind her, she struggled to free herself. Chris slipped each bra strap down past her shoulders from behind and pullied Heather's bra down under her breasts exposing them. He was pleased at the sight of my wife and grinned over at me as he felt her breasts. Heather tried to move away squeemishly as Chris man handled her smallish sagging breasts but it was of no use. I wanted to free her badly but Chris won his bet and I had no choice but to allow him to have his way with her. He paused for a moment and stood in front of my bound wife to admire his handy work, checked the bonds once more and moved behind the chair tilting her back. Chris motioned me to kneel in front of my wife to watch as he did her from behind the chair. Chris slowly ran his knife over my wife's breasts down her thin waist towards her throbbing pussy and put his thumb in her mouth to muffle her moans. Drool ran down Heather's chin onto her chest as the cold knife caressed the soft pale skin near her crotch. Chris slipped the blade under her panties slitting the crotch exposing her hairy wet pussy. He commented on how he loved the fine dark hair and heavy scent of her and ordered me to get on my knees and lick her sweaty nylon covered feet. As I licked, he carressed her inner thighs and pinched her swollen nipples with his free hand working her as she writhed against the tight bonds in front of me. Heather gazed down at her swollen breasts as Chris handled them and starred into my eyes as every inch of her womanhood was violated. Chris probed deeper with his finger past her engorged pussy lips and commented on how tight her opening was. My wife bit down hard as Chris pressed into her and felt her inside. She let out a muffled moan as his finger slid in and out between her red pussylips. Chris began to finger her faster then hooked her deep inside pressing hard on her G spot. Heather moaned and quivered as she neared orgasm but he would not let her come. Not yet. He had other plans for her and pulled his finger from her throbbing void, smelled it and made me lick it clean in frot of her. He lowered the chair back down and motioned me to help him untie her.
Chris and I spent minutes untying the complicated knots that bound my helpless wife to the chair for what seemed like hours. With the last knot undone, Chris stood my wife up and showed me the rope marks embedded in her soft pale skin. Chris carresed Heather's violin shaped hips, kissed her neck and tore off what was left of her panties. He then unbound her wrists and removed her bra. My wife knelt down in front if him knowing what would be next and pulled her hair back away from her face and mouth. Heather undid Chris's belt and slid his pants down with his boxers exposing his hung cock in front of her. She looked up at him, parted her lips slightly and took him into her accepting mouth and worked him slowly. As I watched my wife mouth him, I thought of how Heather would do me occasionally but never let me have my way with her. I would watch by her side in bed as she used the eroscilator on her pussy with her legs clenched tightly together pleasing herself moaning out load teasing me until my cock dripped. She was always in control in the bedroom and I was never to touch her without permission and most of the time the answer was NO. Instead, she would let me "do her butt" by allowing me to rub my cock between her butt cheeks while she read a book or she would sixty nine me with her ass in my face just far enough away so I couldn't lick her and finishing me off quickly with her mouth. I would be teased terribly as her asshole would open wide in front of me. In fact, her butthole seemed much, much looser than her pussy. I once tried to finger her asshole but as I pressed into her she abrupty turned and said "NO!" and quickly finished me off with her hand sqiurting me into my navel for revenge.
With his cock hardend by my wife's mouth music, he stopped her, lifted her by the arm and positioned her on the corner of the bed. With her legs straddled over the matress corner, Chris laid her back with her toes barely touching the floor on either side. Chris wasted no time and thumbed her reddend pussylips while he licked her inner thighs. He gently slipped his tongue between her moistend lips and slowly worked her up and downwith his tongue and inserted a finger. My wife moaned and begged for more looking over at me. She arched as his tongue flicked the hood of her clit and bucked against his finger in her pussy. Chris did this for a while. After Heather stopped shaking he stopped and grabbed my wife's legs under her knees and motioned me over to the bed. He made me kneel over her to hold her legs back by her ankles so he could get a better angle on her. As I held her sweaty ankles over my shoulders, Chris ran his tongue over my wife and slightly past her lips getting a good taste. Soon, excitement got the best of her and her asshole opened wide before him. Chris looked amazed and commented on how wide it looked compared to her very tight pussy. He asked in a stern tone of voice, " Who's been doing you in there?" " No one?" replied my wife softly as she looked up at me innocently. "I know it's not hubby?" he said as he fingered her harder. "No, please don't make me tell in front of my husband." "Please sir." She cried. He stopped and told her he would not let her come unless she answered him. As I held my wife's ankles she looked up past me and shamefully said in a soft tone gazing up at the ceiling, "Well, a couple of co-workers do me in the dirty once in a while." "Please don't make me give names sir. Please not in front of my husband." "She begged. And with that , Chris spared her annonomyty. My wife looked up at me and said, "I'm sorry honey." " I do love you you know." Feeling upset I put her legs down and sat in one of the chairs.
With hs finger still in her, Chris looked over at me and said "Poor sport." Chris posistioned her legs over the edge of the bed as before with her toes barely touching the floor and said, "Now it's time to forget about him and release your tensions." He looked over at me and said, "Maybe you outta' start taking notes over there, huh?" I wasn't allowed to leave the room yet so I was forced to watch him please her. Heather was soon distracted from me as Chris worked his tongue between her pussy lips. Chris kept licking near her clit and fingered her G spot until she peaked to the point of orgasm and begged Chris to fuck her. "Please sir do me." " Do me haaaarrrd!" she begged. "Ahhhh, ohhhhhh!" "I'm comming! "Oh my god!" "That's it darling, release your tensions and let it come." Chris said as he worked her faster. "Here it comes!" Heather sat up supporting herself on her elbows watching her pussy ooze past Chris's finger onto the corner of the bed. Chris removed his finger quickly and veered back as her stream gushed towards him. I never made Heather orgasm in the ten years I've been with her I thought shamefully and didn't posess the skills to make her come. After my wife's gushing orgasm, Heather turned over and lay down on the bed with her arms at her sides. Chris liked this view. He put his arms on either side of her for support as Heather guided him in. Chris slid his hard slender cock into her pussy and did her good. She peaked twice in this posistion while he was in her and Chris finally pulled out to rest for a minute sweating. "You want it in the dirty bad, don't you?" Chris said softly as he stroked her thigh. "Please, yes." "I want it my dirty bad." "Please do me in there Chris." she replied knowing what he meant. "Show me how you like it honey." said Chris. " Heather got off the bed and knelt in the chair with her legs together pushing her hiney out at him. Chris straddled my wife's nice round hiney starring at the opened target in front of him. He began slowly pressing his cock into her hairy asshole. Heather moaned loader. "Ohhhhh, Chris!" Work my dirty good." "Ahhhh, do me faster! Heather opened wide as he worked her in and out with a steady rythme smiling over at me as she moaned louder. "Do you like that?' Chris said to her in a soft tone. "Ohhh, Chris Yes." "Ahhhh, Chris, you feel so good in there." " OOOOHHH!" "More." "Faster please." "Oh, ohhhhh, You're going to make me come again." "Ohhhhh! And he did. "Ohhh Chris!" " AHHHHH!" "I'm comming!" I watched as Chris smacked her ass roughly leaving his hand prints on her. Heather streamed down her legs as Chris did her faster. She moaned loadly for a long time. As Heather reached her sixth orgasm she begged Chris to please stop as she could not take anymore. " No more, please." " Ohhh." 'Please stop." My wife said panting heavily trying to catch her breath. Chris pulled out and with a few swift strokes came hard across her backside dripping some onto her stockings.
I looked over at Heather still kneeling in the chair in a total bliss about to fall asleep when Chris grabbed me roughly by the arm and dragged me over to her. He knelt me down by her side and told me to beg my wife for her forgiveness or he would take his belt to my ass. "Please don't hurt him Chris." My wife said in a soft breath. He told me to apologize to her for being a sissy and never being able to satisfy her. Then Chris made me kiss her feet and ass as he stood behind me with his belt in hand. As I kissed her she smiled then got up and said, "I forgive you honey." "I love you." Chris let me kiss her then handed me a towel and told me to clean her up. After I finished wiping down Heather's backside Chris allowed me to jerk off in the corner of the room while they both snuggled and watched TV in bed together. I finished quickly, cleaned up my mess and pulled my pants up and left the hotel room as Chris ordered. As I walked towards the room door to leave, I heard my wife tell Chris, "I'm sure glad you won that bet." As the room door behind me I could hear my wife softly laugh. As I began my long walk of shame down the hotel corridor, a tall guy in his twenties carrying a large suitecase smiled as he passed me in the hall and stopped at Chris's room door. A co-worker? I thought. He knocked twice and quietly entered the room. I could only wonder what was in store for my wife that night as I drove home. The next morning Heather had not returned and I received a call from Chris teling me he and his friend were going to take Heather on a trip and not to expect her home anytime soon. I asked if I could talk to her but Chris said, "She's taking a bath at the moment." I could only wonder in agony what Chris and his friend were going to do to Heather on their trip. I found out what the three of them did but you will have to wait unti part two.

story by: Bruce

Tags: cheating males / female true story humiliation wife sex story

Author: Bruce

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