William and ann ch. 11

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William and Ann
Chapter 11

Natalie’s hand was replaced by her young lips. Larry felt the heat and moisture from her mouth surround his cock. This little girl was amazingly good for not having much experience. Her head bobbed while he reclined the seat and allowed her complete access to his manhood. He moved his hand under her shirt and rubbed her tender titties in his palm. Her training bra’s thin material was hardly a barrier as he felt the nipple grow tight against the fabric like a pencil eraser. He was reminded of the gorgeous chest of his darling Ann who willingly allowed him to take advantage of her blossoming body. He hoped Natalie would do the same.

The car continued to idle with talk radio coming from the speakers as Natalie engulfed her friend’s father’s dick into her the back of her throat. As she moved her head up and down, she imagined how awesome it was to have a real man appreciate her, show his approval of her body and sexual abilities, and share his love with this young girl who was entering womanhood. She looked forward to telling her friends that she was successful in beating them in being a “real woman”.

Larry, meanwhile, was moving his hand to Natalie’s back where his fingers found the single clasp that held her bra together. He deftly unclasped it and pushed the straps down to her elbows, allowing the bra’s cups to fall into her shirt and exposing her breast buds and nipples to the open air. Larry’s hand returned to manipulate her precious tits between his thumb and forefinger. He loved the sensation of a young virgin’s nipple as it grew tight in his fingers, waiting patiently for her to let him suck on them.

Inside the house, William and Ann were stepping into the shower to clean off the residue from their latest fun. Will couldn’t keep his hands and eyes off the succulent curves of his little sister, even though he had been fucking her without rejection. Ann loved being the center of his attention, and was fearful he would turn his attention to Natalie if she didn’t continue to put out for him. As the water ran over her face and down her chest, he reached around her to sweep his hands over her firm globes while his penis poked the top of her ass crack. As Ann soaped up the washrag, she smiled knowing her big brother was entranced with her and she had total control over him and his body. His hands felt good caressing her breasts. She was looking forward to the day he would run his fingers over her baby bump, especially if the baby was his. Her dad would be so upset if she got pregnant with William, but that didn’t stop her from anticipating the moment he found out.

Natalie had her lips securely around the middle-aged man’s cock. His breathing was increasingly rapid as he neared orgasm. Her titties were being massaged by his rough hands. She realized it would be only seconds until she had her first load of sperm inside her belly as she fully anticipated swallowing his semen, but suddenly, he grabbed her hair with his left hand and removed his dick from her mouth. His warm cum surged up the shaft and blasted on her beautiful face. Some splashed on her nose, on her eyelid, and on the tip of her tongue as she attempted to taste it directly from the source. As the spurts became dribbles and ran down the side toward his pubic hair, he pushed her head back down allowed the young teen to gobble up the rest of the baby-making cream. She licked and swirled it around in her cheeks before he let go of her hair. When she sat up, Larry saw the results of his explosion. The little girl in the passenger seat looked disheveled with her tiny bra slumping off her shoulders, his cum cooling as it trickled down over her closed left eye and out of her nose. Her lips were glistening with semen, as well. Her hair was now needing combing, but her face showed nothing but pure pleasure as the thick white juice dripped from her face unto the front of her blouse. She smeared it like bad mascara as she wiped it off her eyelid, then licked it seductively from her finger. Larry’s penis jumped in response to the sexy vixen’s behavior, forcing out one last bubble of cum to exit the tip. He leaned over and kissed her like a boyfriend. The tingles inside her made her shudder with lust from his kiss. Larry wasn’t concerned about the slight chlorine taste he got from her lips, knowing it was a small sacrifice he would make to have this lovely teenager continue to stay sexually active with him.

He put the car into and slowly pulled away from the front of his house and down two blocks to drop off Natalie. Natalie’s friends were still waiting to hear what she had to say about William and Ann. She was looking forward to tell them about all her adventures the moment she got back to her room. As Larry parked along the curb to let her out, she leaned over and thanked him. He told her he was looking forward to more shared memories and lessons with her, kissed her deeply once more, then allowed her out. Natalie ran up the front yard still sporting the slimy semen on her cheeks and shirt while the moonlight enhanced the whiteness of it against her rosy cheeks.

William and Ann had finished their shower, then retreated to their own bedrooms naked and exhausted. Within minutes, the two teens were under the blankets and sound asleep. Larry entered the house and noticed the towels on the bathroom floor, knowing his children were still wanting to explore each other. He knew he had missed seeing his daughter and son’s nude body by not more than five minutes. As he walked down the hall, he heard the loud sounds of snoring as the children were dead to the world. He followed suit and was sawing logs in his own bed before the ceiling fan’s bladed quit turning above him as he turned if off on the way to bed.

Natalie hopped through the front door of her house and sprang upstairs to her room where her friends Belinda, Susan, and Kelly were crashed out on her bed and floor cuddled up with stuffed animals. She flipped on the lights and beamed at them as they rubbed their eyes. Susan threw her bear at Natalie, yelling, “Turn off the light, Bitch!”

“Look at this, Susan. You know what this is? It’s cum. Not just any cum, either. It’s from Ann’s dad. He just gave it to me,” she said as she pulled her shirt out for the others to admire. They immediately jumped up and walked over to examine the drying slime for themselves. It was crusting on her cheeks, leaving a thin coating of filmy sperm. She was so proud of herself, and she knew her friends were jealous. Natalie explained in detail how she was invited by Ann and William to watch them in action, how she was able to touch William’s prick, how Ann got upset with her, and how Larry satisfied her curiosity in the car and his desire to manipulate her breasts. With that, she removed her top and placed it on a hanger in her closet as a keepsake. Her training bra was off now, as well. Her silky smooth skin shined with the youthful glow as she proudly demonstrated for her friends how Larry pulled on her delicate tender nipples. The girls were fascinated as she tweaked her little buds and watched in awe as the nipples hardened under her touch. She then invited them to try sucking her tits the way Larry did. Only Belinda took her up on her offer at first, eager to sexually experiment with another girl her age. She placed her lipstick-covered lips over the soft mound of Natalie’s breast and gave it a slight suck. Natalie said, “try using your teeth to hold it in place and suck a little harder.” She did as she was instructed and got a bit excited about having her friend’s tit in her mouth. The other girls in the room giggled at the sight, but Natalie was enjoying the moment and smiled over at the others. “I have another one here if someone wants to try,” holding her hand beneath her right lump of maturing breast.
Susan decided to give it a go and latched on, remembering how her baby sister suckled her mom a few years ago. Of course, Natalie didn’t produce milk, but the sucking action on both her nipples got her very wet and so close to an orgasm that she had to stop them before she went into orgasmic convulsions in front of her best friends.

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