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Wine Bar

Since New York State is noted for it’s wineries and wine tours I thought that it might be a good idea to open a Wine Bar. All of the bars I knew about served mostly beer and alcohol. I thought about it for a while and decided that it had to be near a big city just because of the population to draw from. Putting it nearer the wineries themselves would not give me enough people to draw from year round.

I looked into the number of wineries in New York and quickly realized that I just couldn’t handle them all. The Fingerlake Area in Central New York State has at least one hundred and eleven wineries itself and that is only one area of New York. Canandaigua Lake contains thirteen wineries, Keuka Lake contains nineteen wineries, Seneca Lake contains fifty-four wineries, and Cayuga Lake contains twenty-five wineries. Then of course each winery bottles several types of wine. I quickly estimated a thousand different wines just from that one area alone.

So I decided to see if each winery would like to help me out for a whole week. They would provide me with a quantity of wine, help with the promotion, and then take back any unopened bottles afterwards. Their wine would be the only wine served in my bar that week. Surprisingly several of the larger wineries liked the idea.

I made arrangements with the wineries, the newspapers, and the local radio stations about advertising while the building was undergoing a renovation. I had the bar itself placed right in the middle of the floor, the entire outer walls contained six-person booths that were essentially private, and the rest of the floor had tables and chairs.

Each booth was in essence a small room. There was about three feet between the table and the door. The door had a one-way mirror so that they could see out but no one could see in. An intercom button would allow the booth to communicate with the waitress when they wished to place another order.

The bouncer at the door would check identifications to assure that everyone was twenty-one years old as required by law. Booths were reserved for groups of six only while the open floor was for the others. My told the bouncer to suggest that the people coming in form their own groups of six if they wanted a private booth.

That first week we opened on a Monday. I really had not expected to fill the place to capacity the very first night. However the advertising had been very well received. An hour into the opening my sister-in-law Kitty who I hired as a waitress told me that the three couples in booth number eleven had been told by the bouncer to form a “six for sex” group if they wanted to get in. I didn’t know what to say. Kitty laughed and said not too worry about it. Apparently they had liked the idea.

The wine flowed like water that night and business was better than I had imagined. Later Kitty caught up with me again and said that several of her private booths were quite interesting. Most of the women were topless or nude whenever she brought them another round of drinks. In one of the booths the men had shoved the table over to the other backrest and had the three women on top of the table with the three men fucking them as she entered. She also knew from previous trips in there that the men were not fucking their own wives either. She suggested that I change the name of the bar to the “Wine and Sex Bar.”

From what I found out through the other waitresses it was the same in all of the booths. I always knew that the more wine my wife drank the lower her inhibition got. If must be true for many women, I guess.

By closing time at two in the morning I had already reserved a forth of my booths for the following evening. With the heads up that Kitty had given me I asked for a hundred dollars deposit against their bar bill that evening. Not one person hesitated to fork it over. I had watched a lot of very happy people leave that first night.

A little while after closing I let my staff go home. They had put in a full day and were beat. Kitty had to stay and help me clean up because I was her ride home. Kitty went into each of the forty booths to collect the glasses and wipe down the tables and benches. I took care of the open floor area. Shortly Kitty came out laughing her ass off. She was holding up three bras and three pair of panties. There was a note on the table with them that read, “Thank you for a wonderful evening! The wine was good, the sex was better, and fucking two strange women was even better yet! Keep up the good work!” She also found three twenty-dollar bills as her tip.

Kitty had found ladies underwear in almost every booth and money in them too. She knew her ten booths and which girls had the other booths so she merely made four piles of money on the bar and put a post-it note with the other waitresses names on them. Apparently my customers tip very well. Kitty was also pleased that she had received more money in tips than the other three waitresses had. She assumed that it was because of her big breasts. I thought it was her great cleavage and her perfume too. She looked and smelled great. I had already told her so. Then I offered Kitty a glass of wine.

Kitty smiled and asked me if I would mind taking into booth eleven. I said that I would be happy too and then went to get a couple of glasses. I smiled as I watched Kitty disappear into booth eleven. I decided to pour eight glasses of wine, one of each type that winery made. Then I carried the tray to the booth, knocked lightly, and then entered.

There was Kitty sitting on top of the table with her back against the far wall. Her clothes were on one of the padded benches. Her legs were opened up wide with her legs off the edges of the table. Her fine pussy was open enough for me to see her pink inner flesh. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples were poking out at me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and her fingers were busy in her crotch. Kitty was masturbating. She didn’t seem to even be aware that I was in the booth with her. She was rubbing her clit relentlessly but she didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. In fact she seemed to just get more and more frustrated.

Finally Kitty shouted out, “Fuck me! Fuck me on this table! Fuck me just like I saw all those women getting fucked tonight! God! Fuck me please!”

I took off my clothes as quickly as I could and moved up to the edge of table. Kitty had slid down closer to the end of the table for me. I lined up my cock with her hole and plowed into her. Her hands were holding onto the end of the table so that I couldn’t push her away as I thrust into her. She held on tightly and kept her ass just off of the table for me. I put her feet up on my shoulders then slammed into her pussy just like I had wanted to do ever since the day my brother had first introduced her to me. I always knew that she was one hot piece of ass. She was even better than I had ever imagined. I fucked Kitty with all of my strength. It took all of my willpower to last long enough for Kitty to loose control. She shouted out obscenities, she shook all over, and she had the world’s longest orgasm. I had only dreamed about fucking some women to death. Kitty finally passed out. I had to check her for a pulse. I lay my ear down on her heart to listen. I did hear her heartbeat but I also saw her nipple right in front of my face. I couldn’t help but suck on it until she woke up.

Kitty finally came around in a few minutes and held my head to her breasts for quite awhile. Finally she said, “Thank you! That was my very first orgasm!”

As usually I just opened my big mouth and out came, “Yeah! Sure!”

Kitty turned and lifted my head so that I could look right at her. My chin was resting between her very nice tits.

Kitty said, “No! Really! My first orgasm ever! I have never been able to give myself an orgasm and neither has my husband! Hell your wife hasn’t been able to give me one either!”

I said, “My wife!”

Kitty said, “Yeah! Ever since my bridal shower the day before my wedding we have been lovers!”

I asked, “Does my brother know?”

Kitty laughed and said, “Sure he knows that I have never had an orgasm! It frustrates the shit out of him! It makes him feel like less of a man!”

I said, “No I meant does he know about you and my wife!”

Kitty answered, “No he doesn’t know about your wife and me! However he sure would like to know though! He has even suggested it a few times!”

I said, funny because I have suggested the same thing to my wife!”

Kitty smiled and said, “I know! She tells me everything! She said that you wanted a three-way with her and me too! She said that you were a much better lover than your brother and that I should give you a try!”

I said, “What! She’s been fucking my />
Kitty said, “Yes but don’t get all bent out of shape! Remember she’s the one that told me to give you a shot!”

I said, “My wife suggested this?”

Kitty laughed and said, “Well not this exactly! She told me that I should let you fuck me sometime if I wanted too and tonight I really wanted too!”

I was glad. We tasted each of the wines, cleaned up, and Kitty added her bra and panties to the collection. I decided to get a barstool and staple her bra and panties up over the door to booth eleven to commemorate Kitty’s very first orgasm. She liked it and suggested that we do it again every night in a different booth and hang her underwear up everywhere.

Okay but only if I make her cum again.

She was sure that I was her Prince Charming and that my cock had been made for her pussy. Kitty also knew that her wicked sister-in-law had married me first. I just smiled and took her home.

The End
Wine Bar

story by: fbailey

Tags: fiction masturbation consensual sex male/female first time romance incest sex story

Author: fbailey

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