Making esme a woman

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I remember the day I first set eyes on Esme. I had gone as usual to the stable yard with my wife, and the yard was bustling with the youngsters who earned their weekend wage by mucking out and filling haynets and the like. Out of one of the stables came this statuesque figure of a young woman, difficult to say what age she was, wearing a lilac colour baggy fleece top and baggy pants, but pushing her wheelbarrow laden with straw with an intense look, really a frown, on her face. The overall first impression was of a Russian athlete about to throw the big hammer, concentration and fierceness written all over her face, and as she was not about to do any such thing, but was merely mucking out, the impression was that she was totally focused on her work. She looked neither to right nor left, acknowledged no-one, but went determinedly about her business.

Over the next couple of weekends I became fascinated by her aloofness and watched her avidly. There was some fascination about her constant frown, her furrowed brow drawn down to her eyebrows, her full lips pursed in concentration, her chin jutting. There was fascination too about her general height and build. In the baggy suit it was difficult to get a good idea of her figure, but she appeared to be curved in all the right places in proportion to her height, although perhaps a bit flabby and overweight. I felt she was strong and muscular, and would brook no nonsense from any unwanted admirer. It was an aspect of my curiosity that I could not tell whether she was a 15 year old big for her age, or in her early twenties or anywhere in between. Her general demeanour gave no clues as to her age.

At tea breaks she sat herself in the corner of the bothy and buried her head in horse magazines as she sipped her tea. Occasionally she exchanged a remark with one of the other young girls, but generally paid no attention to the conversation going on among the rest of us, stable owner and clients alike. I came in for a bit of good natured ribbing about something from my wife and the farm owner on one occasion, and I noticed she looked up and caught my eye as I joked it off, before looking quickly away.

Her general quietness and unwillingness to take part in conversation I began to think may be because she had come to work in Scotland from Eastern Europe as had so many others from the European Union Accession countries. She had a general Slavic look to her and as any conversation was generally monosyllabic, she could quite easily be an economic immigrant. There was already at the yard a very friendly Polish lad, who was learning English from my wife through a shared medium of German.

The next weekend I arrived in the stable yard just as Esme was coming out of one of the stables. I caught her eye and smiled and said “Good morning”. Her expression flickered from the frown to a smile and she replied “Good morning” before rushing off self-consciously with her wheelbarrow. I sensed from the smile that her face was not always so grim. At tea break she was again in the corner, but as conversation flowed she was less engrossed in her magazines and was quietly watching me as I took part in whatever was being discussed. I did not give her any further attention that day but I had the feeling I had triggered some sort of interest in her.

The next week, as soon as I saw Esme, I again said “Good morning”, and to my delight her whole face lit up, she smiled with her eyes as well as with her mouth, and returned my greeting. This then continued for a few weeks, nothing more being said, but she emerged from her shell, and the grimness seemed to disappear and she became more human, and very much more attractive. As spring turned into summer two things happened: she seemed to lose a significant amount of weight and her baggy clothes were replaced by more seasonal attire. From the chrysalis, a beautiful creature appeared. She became more animated, not just to me, but to others around the yard, including my wife. Her expression was now more one of joy, her face always smiling, her grim scowl banished, her demeanour more communicative. And she now wore skin hugging blue cotton trousers with a woollen v-neck jersey. The trousers clearly outlined long slim legs and fuller buttocks, and the jersey clung appealingly to her breasts. This alternated with a pair of jodhpurs, close fitting that displayed muscular thighs, and above a slim waist, her t-shirts showed a moderately well formed bust, a long swan-like neck, and long slim arms. From what had been curiosity and a challenge to see if this creature could relate to others, my interest now became one of sheer lustful infatuation.

We would now exchange conversation about the behaviour of the horses, or about the stable cat, or about anything else happening in the stables, and I could not keep my eyes off her as she worked around the yard. Not only could I observe this tall, now demonstrably slim, powerful figure going about her work, using her muscles to shovel and lift the straw, push the loaded wheelbarrow, carry filled haynets, and the filled water buckets, but as she moved, bent, straightened, I got forbidden glimpses of her flesh, her back as her t-shirt parted company from her jodhpurs, her neckline depending on how the t-shirt was buttoned, the movement of her breasts as she bent over, imagining from what I saw how her body might look if she were naked.

And of course Esme was not unaware of my attention. I could see the subtle shift of her eyes as she tried to see what I was doing without moving her head to actually look at me, though sometimes she would look directly at me and smile. That really warmed my heart. But she became much more bodily aware, and she would position herself in ways she had never done before, bending to lift something with her back directly to me, her legs slightly apart, and her buttocks emphasised in her movement. Or she would sometimes do the opposite, bending while directly facing my line of sight, and gradually I noticed that either she had somewhere undone an extra button at her shirt neck, or as the summer wore on, her necklines were deeper and she was flirting quite deliberately.

But with my wife being around most of the time there was little I could do and we enjoyed our innocent conversations and our joint awareness of each other. I had thought perhaps Esme was older than I had surmised, but when her mother and father started turning up in the yard I again began to wonder. But what happened then was a turning point. Their presence was related to the fact that Esme had saved up enough money to buy a horse of her own, which duly arrived. It was a big horse, about 18 hands, as befit the height of Esme. A little research told me that it was a retired racehorse. She got fully kitted out and astride the horse she was truly magnificent. I could imagine her in police uniform in the Mounted Branch carving her way through football crowds or demonstrators with no problem at all. And most importantly of all she became an owner, not just a weekend labourer, and that brought out a whole new turn in her confidence.

The next week my wife and I had been away at a competition, and returned in torrential rain. Esme was helping bring horses in from the field. She had on a waterproof jacket and a pair of waterproof gaiters, the kind that left the bottom of her jodhpurs and the crotch area at the front exposed. I was sheltering in our horse’s stable and beginning to imagine the erotic possibilities of this in different circumstances (after all the effect is the same as a suspender belt and stockings) and I think the thought process must have transferred to Esme. She laughed across to me and raised her eyes to heaven at the wet conditions. But then she went through a charade of trying to get the wet jodhpurs away from hugging her bottom, and she watched me as she did so, fully aware that this display was not lost on me. I continued to watch her and in turn raise my eyes to the heavens and I think we both knew what was going on.

Then, one day the next week, when I had a fortnight off work, my wife had gone off on a two hour hack with the horse as she was leaving the next day for a week in her native Germany. Esme was in the stable. We bumped into each other at the back of the stables, and I complimented her on how good she looked on her new steed. She gave me one of her gorgeous smiles, and said,

“Yes, I have been aware of your interest in me over the last few months. You can’t keep your eyes off me, can you? I’m really quite flattered that you find me so riveting. I’m sure I’m not really that attractive. But I’ve not got any experience of what turns men on, so maybe I’m a poor judge.”

For Esme that was quite a speech. I don’t know if it was spontaneous or if she had been rehearsing it for weeks, wondering if she would ever have a chance to deliver it. But it was clearly crafted to elicit a response from me.

“Esme, I find you very attractive indeed. I don’t know how old you are so maybe I shouldn’t be saying these things, but you and I, I think, have struck up a bit of a rapport these past months, and I think we understand each other quite well. I am fascinated by you, I admit I could watch you all day long, and I think of you constantly, wondering if you have a boyfriend, if you think I am impossibly old to be your friend, if you would like me to give you some experience and confidence to get a boyfriend your own age. “

This last was a shot in the dark, but it struck home with Esme.

“I am just 18, which is how I got my horse, partly as a birthday present from my family. My Mum and Dad have now gone off on a late holiday for a couple of weeks and for the first time they have left me at home on my own. If your wife’s away perhaps we could spend some time together and I would love to be with you, just the two of us.”

And then with a mischievous smile, she added
“I do get excited when I see you carry your wife’s whip around, patting it absent-mindedly on your thigh. I feel I could trust you as an older man to meet my need to experiment and feel confident that I could handle relationships in future, as I am a bit shy about boys my own age.”

“Well, Esme, you maybe didn’t pick it up but my wife is going off to Germany tomorrow for a week, so I guess we are free to do whatever takes our fancy.”

Her face lit up even more beautifully than it had, and she gave a shiver of pleasurable anticipation.

“Actually, you couldn’t run me up to the Countryside Store just now could you? There is something I need.”

“Of course, I’d be />
We walked across to my car, and got in, and before I could start the car she leant across and kissed me gently on the lips. She didn’t linger, but that gossamer touch was enough to make me semi-aroused. She noticed, and giggled in a young girl way, and we drove off, conspirators two. On the drive we exchanged some personal information, and I learned that she was going to University at the end of the summer. I let her go into the store on her own, and she came out with various parcels, one of which obviously included a riding crop and a dressage whip (the long springy kind). My mind was now in overdrive and my semi-arousal was now growing and becoming rather obvious. This was not lost on Esme.

“Do we have time to stop somewhere quiet before your wife returns from her hack?”

“I think I know just the place” I replied.

I drove off the main road onto a country lane that didn’t extend our journey but was isolated and rarely used. I parked up in a field entrance and switched off. I leant over to Esme who was watching me wondering what I was about to do, put my left arm round her shoulder pulling her gently towards me, and leant in to kiss her full on the lips. Her lips were fresh and cool, and for a few moments I just pursed my lips against hers. Then I opened mine slightly and let my tongue touch her lips, increasing the pressure to open hers and meet her tongue. She let my tongue play with hers before pushing back and bringing her tongue between my lips. This duel was enchanting but I had other ideas. I brought my right hand over onto her shoulder, and pausing just long enough to sense whether there was any potential resistance, but feeling the intensity of her kiss, I let my hand drop down onto her breast. She actually arched her back to press her breast into my hand, and I felt through her t-shirt a soft bra, and firm flesh. With my thumb I felt for her nipple and was pleasantly surprised at how large and how erect it was. She broke the kiss and smiled that radiant smile again, and just purred with pleasure. And then she dropped her hand into my lap and just ran it over the front of my chinos, caressing my bulge with a daring look in her eyes. We both laughed and resumed our kiss as we gently caressed one another. But time was not on our side so we split apart, and I drove her back to the stable. We swapped phone numbers and agreed to get together the day after next.

The following day seemed to drag, seeing my wife off on the plane, sorting out the house, replacing the bedding and doing the laundry. In the evening Esme phoned, and we chatted for a while, but both of us were expecting phone calls from wife and parents, so I agreed to pick her up near her home the next morning. While I could smuggle her into my home without being overseen, she could not easily entertain a man with a car parked at her house for fear the neighbours would report back to her parents.

The next morning I picked her up as agreed, and she looked wonderful. She had on a blouse that buttoned right down the front, but was semi-transparent so I could make out her white virginal bra beneath. The blouse lay loose over a shortish skirt, which showed me Esme’s legs for the first time. What I could see was superb, long, well toned, and bare legged. She carried a sports bag and I wondered what she had in it. I decided, as it was a beautiful sunny morning, to return to the field where we had gone a couple of evenings ago.

In the field were rectangular bales of hay ready to be collected and moved to barns on the farm. I got out the car with my digital camera and asked Esme if she had the crop she had bought in her sports bag. My guess was correct and she got it out. We went together into the field. I turned her to me, took her in my arms and kissed her, full on the mouth, our tongues touching and seeking, Esme’s eyes closed in pleasure.

“Esme, my darling, you want to savour all the joy a man can bring to you. I want to show you that joy can take many forms. And I want us to have a record on camera, just for you and me.”

She nodded and smiled, and I led her to a bale.

“Sit on the bale facing me, put your feet as wide apart as is comfortable, then lay back with your hands behind your head”

She did this without any hesitation, and her skirt hem just lay a couple of inches above her stretched knees, her breasts pushing against the material of her blouse. Her blouse had rode up a bit and Esme had a lovely smooth flat tummy exposed. I took the camera and ran off two or three shots. Then, noting that she had closed her eyes, I took the riding crop (which has a 1 inch loop of leather at the tip) and trailed it up her calf then on to her knee and up her bare thigh beneath her skirt from knee to crotch, before doing the same on her other leg. Her face showed her pleasure, and her thighs rippled. I then pressed the crop more firmly against her crotch, and she jumped slightly before raising her crotch slightly to embrace the crop. Her breathing was getting deeper and she was clearly enjoying this.

I moved the crop, and after a moment, laid it on her exposed tummy. She squealed, and I slipped the crop up under her blouse hem as far as the foot of her breasts. Then I withdrew it and used it to trace round each breast over her blouse. Again she raised her body slightly and smiled with pleasure and I pressed the crop against each nipple where the protuberance was obvious beneath the cotton. I then thought I would test her and I asked her to lift the hem of her skirt right up to her waist. Without hesitation and with a smile in her eyes, she did so, revealing a demure pair of white knickers outlining an enticing crotch, a damp spot giving away her arousal, and a full round mons. I asked her to smile for the camera, and took a few more shots. She was far from embarrassed and seemed to enjoy the exposure to the camera. I put down the camera, went to kneel between her spread knees and started to kiss up each thigh. When I had covered both bare thighs, I placed my lips on the damp spot on her knickers, and kissed her firmly which caused her to raise her hips again and thrust at my face. I savoured the distinct aroma of aroused womanhood and poked with my tongue, and she sighed long and wistfully as the sensations, I presume new to her, swept across her body.

I knew I could take Esme much further but I was conscious we were in a public place, albeit isolated, and I felt we could continue this much more satisfactorily in the privacy of my rear garden at home. I had just wanted to see if she would without argument do as I bid in the potentially insecure surroundings of a field.

As we drove home, I allowed myself as traffic circumstances permitted, to stroke my hand up her nearer thigh beneath her skirt, but stopping short of her knickers. I knew I was working her up into an aroused state, and to be honest, I was also becoming pretty excited by the tension in the car. It took us about 20 minutes to get home, the car in the driveway, and to take Esme into the house where I offered her a drink of juice which she gratefully accepted. We went out to the garden where I had already set out two comfortable loungers side by side, the sort with no arms, but with an adjustable headrest. The headrests I had left in a reasonably upright position, and when Esme sat down she was effectively upright from the waist up. She let her legs lay along the lounger, legs together, covered by the skirt, but we both knew that would not be for long. I lay on the second lounger alongside her, but on my side, turned towards her.

Without at this point overwhelming her by trying to cover her body with mine, I lay on my side up close, and pulled her head into a kiss. Our lips met, soft and tender, but she opened her lips almost immediately and offered me her tongue. What followed was a long probing and jousting of tongues, while I slipped my hand from her head down her long neck and on to her shoulder. Gently I continued on over her breast and started to feel the firm flesh, feeling for her nipple which I knew was large and sensitive to stimulation. Sure enough her kissing became more passionate and my thumb detected a definite arousal of her nipple through her bra and blouse. After a few moments, I slipped my hand over to the neckline of her blouse and started to undo the top couple of buttons. She moved her hand to pull my head down and ruffle my hair, cementing the kiss as I slipped my fingers over her collarbone and inside her blouse neck to caress the rising flesh towards her breast. I decided not to go any further at this point, as I did not want her to get all her pleasure in one move, and I concentrated on unbuttoning the rest of her blouse without opening it or putting my hands inside. When I had undone the last button, her tummy was bare and I stroked it for a few minutes as we continued our kissing.
My next move was again to drop my hand to her knee and slide it up her bare thigh. Her legs had been together, but she parted them for me, and I allowed my caress to run up her inner thigh to the soft sensitive flesh just below her knickers. I stroked both inner thighs without touching her knickers although she at one point moved her body down the lounger slightly in an attempt to bring her crotch in contact with my hand. What that did of course was to expose more of her tummy and in so doing separate the two sides of her blouse, and I returned to that and parted the sides to reveal her bra. There was a front central catch, and I quickly undid it, then lifted each bra cup off her breasts. We had broken our kiss, and she watched me quizzically as I laid her bare. Her breasts were magnificent. They were not too large, but firm and tip-tilted as young women’s breasts often are, crowned by the most gorgeous nipples, two centimetre diameter aureoles standing proud of her chest, with thimble shaped nipples just begging to be played with. She could see in my eyes the desire that I felt for these two beauties.

But Esme was ahead of me. She raised herself up, and showing some of that strength I had admired, rolled me onto my back on my lounger. She paused just long enough to slip off the blouse and bra, and then leaned over me to start undoing my shirt buttons. Her breasts were now right above me and I reached up to stroke them, gently pulling the erect nipples out, teasing and toying with them. She had now undone my shirt and pulled it out of my trousers, and she bent again to kiss me while I wrapped my arms round her bare back, and felt her breasts crushed against my chest, as we lay embracing and kissing passionately, scarcely pausing for breath.

Of course, my erection was now full and obvious within my trouser front, and Esme was no fool. She knew the effect she was having on me, and her next move was firstly to gently stroke me over my trousers, which was almost enough to convince me I could not hold out against her youthful sexuality for long, before she decided she could undo my trousers and slide her long cool fingers inside over my y-fronts. This was even more exciting, her fingers only a layer of cotton away from my manhood, and I decided that for someone wanting to be made a woman, she was doing rather too well at convincing me she didn’t need much persuading. So I rolled her back onto her lounger again, paused to remove my shirt and trousers, and wearing only my y-fronts, undid her skirt and dragged it down and off her legs. Her knickers exhibited her arousal in a significant damp patch, but for now I moved back up her body and started to kiss her long smooth neck. I held her down on the lounger with my hands on her shoulders, and she stroked my back as my kisses moved on down to her distinct collar bones then onto the top of her chest. Her skin was like alabaster, and as I moved lower, her breasts jutted, her nipples inviting my kisses. I firstly let my tongue lick gently round her aureolae, first one breast then the other, before darting my tongue at the tip of each nipple. Her strokes on my back became a grip, and she arched her back to thrust her nipples at me. I then wrapped my lips round each nipple in turn, and rolled it just in my lips, then gradually increased the pressure till I was using my lips over my teeth to give a firmer pressure, able to draw the nipples out a little but without biting them directly. She was writhing under me now and I could see she was immensely enjoying this. As I continued to play with her breasts and nipples, I let my hand drift down over her taut tummy muscles to the waistline of her knickers. I felt her imperceptibly spread her legs, and I insinuated my hand, palm down, beneath the waistband. Again the minx raised her bottom to increase the contact and tell me without need of words that she craved my touch. I obliged by moving my hand down onto her pubic mound, where I felt a small wisp of soft pubic hair, before encountering smooth pubes, and fingering her pubic mound. My fingers sought and found her clitoral hood, which I only slightly parted on my exploration onward to her vaginal lips themselves. Her lips were moist and parted easily, and again I did not take her too far, but just allowed my fingers to enter her enough to part the lips, before bringing the moist digits back up towards her clitoris. I let the moisture lubricate the hood, and got one finger in to rub damply on her clit itself. This time she not only bucked and squealed, but her arms gripped my back as though she needed to hang in there for dear life. I was still kissing her breasts and now masturbating her gently within her knickers, but I thought the time had come to take her further.

I unravelled myself from her willing body, and stood up from the lounger. She looked at me, partly in reproach, but partly in anticipation of what I might do next. What I did was to help her up from the lounger and walk her across the lawn to a wooden archway. I positioned her under the arch and placed her hands above her head, meeting no resistance from her, eager to please. I removed her shoes and socks and placed her feet apart touching each of the uprights. I quickly took my own shoes and socks off, and picked up my camera. As she stood perfectly posed, naked save for her knickers, I shot off a number of frames of her gorgeous flesh, as she stood smiling, a faint blush of arousal around her throat and smooth upper chest. She was gently thrusting her body towards the camera, and her nipples were fully erect, her pubic mound forward beneath the flimsy knickers.

I had put her riding crop on the ground behind her, and I moved behind her continuing to take photos, her long svelte back, dipping in to her waist, her full buttocks scarcely held by the knickers, her long muscular legs stretched, her feet long and bony with surprisingly long toes. Then I put the camera down, and picked up the crop. I had no intention of using it to strike her, but I let the leather hoop trail down her superb naked back from neck to waist, then brought it smoothly up the inside of her right leg from ankle to knee then on up to her sensitive inner thigh, watching her thigh muscles rippling, then repeating it on her left leg. The cheeks of her buttocks were quite exposed, her knickers pulled quite tightly into her crease, and I tapped (no more) the crop against this exposed bottom flesh. She actually came up on tiptoe and thrust her buttocks back at me. I dropped the crop, and slipped off my y-fronts. My cock was now at full erection, and I moved in behind her, slipped my hands round her waist, kissed the back of her long neck, and moved each hand up onto a firm naked breast. I caressed each breast fully, moving inwards towards her burgeoning nipples, as her breathing increased and she started her excited purring again. My hands trailed down over her midriff and tummy, and this time I took her knickers down with me, as she obligingly moved her feet to let me remove them altogether. She quickly resumed the legs spread position, and I thought I would surprise her by placing both my hands on her belly and pulling her back against me, my cock cradling nicely against the cleavage of her bottom, bringing a delighted gasp from her. Demonstrating more of her minx like qualities, she started to wiggle her bottom from side to side, increasing the friction with my naked erection, and bringing me nearer to a state of active arousal where only a little direct touch from her would bring me to orgasm.

But I was not ready for that yet and had not as yet explored her naked sex area. My arms around her I took her back to the lounger, and firstly sat her near the end, letting her lie back, and placing her feet apart on the end of the lounger, her thighs widely parted and her pussy open and moist for me to explore further. She clearly decided for the moment to lie back and enjoy herself, as I knelt at the foot of the lounger, and ran my hands this time up her inner thighs towards her welcoming pussy lips. She had deep pink and engorged outer lips, and the crevice ended in the smaller pouting lips protecting her clitoris which was peeking through the crack created by the peeling back of her aroused clitoral hood. I bent forward and applied my lips and tongue to her pussy lips, using my tongue to part them and probe the soft sweet moist flesh inside. As I did this I ran my fingers up to roll her clitoral hood back and let my forefingers very gently rub on her prominent clitoris. This brought the desired reaction from her, and apart from starting to caress her own breasts and pull at her large nipples, her eyes closed and her tongue licking her lips, she bucked then thrust her pubic area up and forward into my face. I felt as my fingers and tongue probed and caressed, her juices now flowing copiously, and I worked up my oral penetration and the suction of my lips till with an almighty shudder she gave a long low scream and her whole lower body started to move as though an earth tremor had struck it. I continued to apply the ministrations of my fingers and tongue and her orgasm rolled for what seemed well over a minute, before beginning to subside. As it did so, her body relaxed and her thrusting for maximum attention subsided.

I thought she might be exhausted by this and need a break but I had not counted on the unbounded sexual energy of an 18 year old. I pulled myself up off my knees and rolled up onto my lounger. Esme turned towards me to kiss me full on the lips again, and I realised she was able to taste her own juices which I suspect was a bit of a turn on for her. But as she did so, her hand went directly to my cock which until now she had really only felt behind her when she was standing under the arch, and she wrapped her long fingers softly but firmly round the stem. I was still erect but had softened a little from the rampant hard-on I had enjoyed while feeling her up and giving her oral attention on that oh so succulent pussy. However her touch was electrifying and within moments I was rock hard again, as she firstly squeezed, then moved her fist up and down, then let her thumb and forefinger roll my foreskin back and rub over the cockhead. I was clearly leaking fluid for she was able to rub her lubricated fingers around the helmet with excruciatingly pleasurable sensations for me. She never broke our kiss in all this, and I just lay back, my arm round her back, and let her enjoy herself. Her fingers continued to move between the helmet, the erect stem, and then she moved down to cup my balls and roll them gently, now and then going lower and stroking the sensitive strip of flesh between my balls and my arsehole. She may have wanted me to show her how to be a woman, and while I wondered just how much experience she in fact had, I think she knew all the moves, but had probably not had anyone she trusted and desired and who she knew would let her take it all at her own pace.

She then looked up at me, laughed that wonderful radiant smiling laughter, and said

“Come on, I want you up under the arch where I was />
With that she pulled me with one hand up off the lounger, with the other hand keeping a firm grip on my cock, and led me purposefully over to the arch. I played along, not knowing what she had in mind, but she got me there and made me put my arms up to hold the top of the arch, and spread my legs so my feet were wide apart. Still stroking my erection, she moved in close, pressing her magnificent breasts against my chest, and engaged me once more in a long and passionate kiss. Her ministrations on my most sensitive organ were beginning to build my arousal towards orgasm, and perhaps she sensed this as she broke the kiss and let her lips trail wantonly down over my chest, pausing to play round my nipples, suctioning her pursed mouth to draw out the nipples to their engorged fullness, before moving on down to my tummy and licking my navel with her long sensuous tongue. I sensed what she was up to now, and could hardly wait as she dropped to her knees in the grass before me, and holding my cock upright, her fist just below the helmet, the foreskin drawn right back, she moved in and ran the very tip of her tongue firstly round the exposed flesh, then over the slit now oozing pre-cum which she played with around the cockhead. The feeling was like no other I had ever experienced. With her other hand she cupped my balls and her long fingers tickled the flesh beneath my crotch. Her eyes looked up mischieviously at me, and I blew her a kiss. She smiled, and ducked her head to take the top of my cock into her mouth. Feeling her lips close round it, her tongue still licking around the most sensitive nerves, I had to steel myself not to come there and then, so I could enjoy this action for a few minutes longer. Her hand started pumping up and down slowly, and as the hand retreated so her mouth moved down over my stem, only to retreat slightly as her hand came up again. My balls were being rolled and very gently squeezed as all this went on, and I felt I was experiencing not a teenager wanting to know what it was to become a woman, but a woman who was confident and knowing in what she was doing. It was wonderful, and I didn’t care if she had tricked me a little bit to get to here.

She gradually increased the rate at which her hand pumped up and down, and the intensity of her sucking and tickling tongue, and I knew I could hold out for not much longer. I felt that incredible welling up in the base of my cock, and used all my willpower and muscle training to hold back, knowing not only that I would thereby enjoy her attentions for that few moments longer, but that the eventual orgasm would be that much stronger. She sensed that, and her intensity grew even more frantic. We were now engaged in a battle of wills, Esme trying to push me over the top, my trying to prolong the sheer delight of her touch and mouth. But I am only human, and with a muscle clenching climax, I erupted in gush after gush, spurt after spurt, and Esme, bless her, swallowed most of it, only a dribble escaping her full and sensuous lips. When she had sucked me dry and I ceased to flow, she leant back on her buttocks and said,

“That was fantastic! You are some man, and I want lots more of that before my parents and your wife return. Thanks for being such a good sport, and standing under the arch so I could fulfil that />
Esme stood up, and pressed her naked body against mine again, and together we staggered back to the loungers. I lay back and Esme arranged her body over mine, so she could prop herself up on her elbows, look lovingly into my eyes, and start to stroke my chest again. She played with my nipples, teasing them, drawing them out, running her fingernail across the tip of each nipple, until I felt I knew how a woman must feel when a man concentrates his lovemaking on her breasts and nipples. Then she ruffled my hair and bent to kiss me again, tongues intermingling, lips playing with one another, sheer heaven!

We cuddled and caressed one another, our bodies intermingling, till I felt her belly over my now somewhat deflated cock, and what is more I felt her start to rub herself back and forth across it. This girl was insatiable! She somehow contrived to raise her upper body in the air so her breasts were within reach of my lips, and I lost no time in wrapping my lips round one firm protruding nipple, flicking it with my tongue, but allowing my lips to wrap over my teeth and gums and applying a soft bite to her breast. I sucked as I did this so her aureolae and nipples were drawn inexorably into my mouth, and she threw her head back and positively purred. As I moved across to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment, she moved her legs to straddle mine, and I could now feel the soft damp warmth of her pussy gliding back and forth across my cock, which surprise, surprise, was no longer flaccid. She caught my eye and giggled and started to rub herself up and down along the length of my now rapidly hardening cock. Her breathing was rapidly increasing and I guess she was not only stimulating me, but arousing herself by frictioning her clit along my cock, lubricated by her natural juices. I took hold of her, and with her full co-operation rolled her over onto her back and now I was on top of her. She instinctively drew up her legs and parted her feet to either edge of the lounger, and I bent to kiss her neck now as I took over rubbing my cock up and down the moist pussy lips and took good care to use my cockhead to push aside the smaller lips shielding her clit and rub it so that she was getting more aroused and ready for my next move.

Esme lay back, open and willing, and I moved myself down slightly so that in my next stroke I could slide my cockhead inside her pussy lips and broach the hallowed shrine. She lay quiet, a strong flush around her neck and upper chest, as I got into a rhythm of short strokes in and out the very mouth of her pussy. Even at that she felt tight and wet and warm and the effect on my cockhead was very stimulating. Gradually as she got used to this preamble to sex, she started to thrust herself up to meet me which had the effect of allowing me to get more penetration each stroke. My lips left her neck and met hers again, our tongues locked in a lovers’ embrace, as I met her thrust with one of my own and sunk my cock to the hilt in her pussy. Her arms were now round me, pulling me to her, and her hands on my buttocks were pushing me deeper inside her. We struck up a strong rhythm, Esme using her back and buttock muscles to come up to meet me as I thrust in each stroke, and drawing back as I withdrew to the last inch or so before repeating. I could feel the subtle effect too of Esme contracting and releasing the muscles of her cunt to exert pressure on my cock, and the stimulation was now building exponentially on all my sexual nerve endings. She too seemed to be building up to a degree of intensity which could only herald orgasms for both of us. I felt her cunt start to contract and saw her head fall back as her whole body started to shudder, and she entered the throes of her climax. I managed to hold out just long enough to ride her through it for a minute or so, during which I think she had one long continuous orgasm before my balls burst into a torrent of cum rushing up my cock and flooding her cunt. I kept pumping away till I had delivered what felt like the last drop, and, exhausted, we collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed now tenderly rather than passionately. After we had come round again, Esme said,

“That was absolutely out of this world. I never in my wildest fantasies thought sex could be like that.”

“Well, Esme,” I replied, “I thought you wanted me to make a woman of you, but it seemed to me you knew most of the tricks, and I thought you were superb. Did you really need me to make you a woman?”

“Yes, darling, of course I did. I could pick up the gist of what men and women do together in all sorts of ways, including fumbling with silly schoolboys behind the bike sheds, but none of them could ever have really thought of anyone but themselves, whereas it was obvious to me that you as a man were thinking of my pleasure through all of that. That is what makes me a woman, to be loved by such a wonderful man.”

story by: Deacon Brodie

Tags: male/teen female blowjob consensual sex first time romance true story sex story

Author: Deacon Brodie

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