Young eternal ecstasy

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Young Eternal Ecstacy, Part 1, the Octopus

by VoreandMore21

This story starts like any other story about regular people. Kyle, a young boy with
sandy blonde hair with a developing surf build and manhood. He lived with his dad and two
brothers, his older brother James and his younger brother Sam.

Currently they were enjoying their vacation off a deserted sandy beach they heard rumors about
from a tackle box shop when they usually get their gear for fishing. Being near the coast of
Cali, it wasn't uncommon to hear about deserted beaches that were forsaken or not sought after
due to the lack of real waves or too violent ones, while other exotic creatures were known to
infest its perimeter.

That didn't' stop Kyle's father, however, as he saw a chance to explore, just how he always has
done as a boy and now as an adult, taking his sons with him wherever he found a new adventure to
be had.

Which brings us back to Kyle, as his shapely chest was exposed and gleaming with a sheen of
uncomfortable sweat, that had caused his body to feel hot and clammy, and his wavy blonde hair to
be matted against his temples and brow line, his cheeks also became slightly more reddened than
his usual tanned complexion. He needed to get out of the car. Soon!

"Alright boys! We're here!" Kyle's father said with a triumphant, excited tone as the
six seater truck came to a halt off what used to be a rest stop near the beach. With sand and
weeds scattered wildly around the cracked concrete/asphalt lot, it showed all the signs of a
clearly abandoned beach.

Kyle said with exasperation, releasing his seatbelt off his skin, causing a wet
peeling sound as the sticky sweat had previously stuck to the leather safety harness. After
clambering for the door, he and his brothers ran out to explore the area. Briefly, they looked
through the windows of the abandoned rest stop station, peering through the dirty broken glass.

Inside were various assortments of broken equipment forgotten or left behind when this place was
closed down, including the occasional cobweb and hole in the wall.

"I guess we don't need to pay to use the beach," James smirked, putting his hands behind his head
as he began striding towards the path up to the beach, "lucky us."

that mean there won't be anyone to help us if we get hurt?" Sam asked worriedly, his
blue eyes peered through his light brown bangs that covered his brow line as he felt shivers run
up and down his spine. Something was…wrong about this place. Sam believed there had to be a
reason this beach was closed and everything untended so much. Was there something scary here?

"It'll be fine son," Sam's Father said, patting the boy's head and ruffling it, causing him to
snort and fuss for being manhandled in such a childish way, "let's all explore the beach for an
hour or so and meet back here for lunch, okay sports?"

"Sounds good to me!" Kyle said, eagerly patting his bare feet down the sandy trail towards the
beach, already seeing James head off in one direction and plunge into the salty water head first.
Kyle had to admit, that out all of the things he loved most in the summer is that he got to swim
as much as he wanted. Whether it was out in the ocean or in the pool, he loved the feeling of any
kind of liquid wrapping around him, allowing him to immerse into a totally foreign substance and
discover mysteries and other forms of life that call it their home.

He just hoped he'd get lucky this time.

While Kyle's father decided to accompany Sam across the beachhead to find a good spot for them to
start swimming and exploring the sands for shells or Kyle raced off in the opposite
direction, his feet slapping against the cool moist sand with eagerness that he'd find a good
rock to climb and preform cannon balls onto the tide waters that came onto the beach.

As Kyle ventured farther and farther away, he heard the noises of splashing and laughing less and
less as he ventured past the wet sands to where he could smell water beyond a rising hill in the
sandy beach.

Curious, Kyle sprinted towards the beach before slowly climbing the incline and then
slide down the slippery interior of the hill down onto a shallow pool. The pool smelled a LOT
different than ordinary sea water…as if it was like perfume from a hot chick he saw…and with
that in mind his crotch began to erect halfway unconsciously.

Gulping he then looked around and saw drag marks from where the beach was to where this shallow
pool of soft, sludgy sand was on his feet. As he turned his gaze he suddenly did a double-take. A
large, pink-red colored octopus was sitting in the midst of the pool, basking in the shady cool
waters while towering over anything that has crawled into its lair. And when towering, it looked
as if it was nearly twice the height of his dad, whom by far was no small man, as he was a good
six feet and two inches. This octopus looked as if its head could reach past Kyle's basketball
goal and then some without moving or propping itself up.

Now ordinarily young boys, when confronted by a giant sea creature only talked about in myths and
fairy tales, they would scream like little girls and high tail out of the place they found such a
monstrously sized animal. However, as long as Kyle could remember, Kyle has been fascinated by
sea creatures. In fact, his Dad worked as a marine biologist, so Kyle and his brothers have been
raised with an innate fascination with the creatures of the ocean and water. One would almost see
this as a twist of fate, as Kyle always dreamed of meeting a wild octopus or a squid in real

As Kyle stared mesmerized at the magnificently beautiful, large tentacle-endowed animal, he
walked towards it without thought or care. Each trudge through the soft, appealing sand within
the pool sent ripples to the beast, causing its large slit pupils to lock onto the guest it has
received. Kyle also noticed the closer he drew to the octopus, the more he felt light headed and
hot on the inside, his crotch becoming even more strained against the confines of his swimsuit.

Kyle shuddered with pleasure as he felt one of the tentacles slide up his leg and partially
through the interior of his swimsuit. With a groan of admittance, Kyle unlatched the clip-on
strap of his swimsuit and pulled it down his legs, his arms and body shivering with anticipation
and anxiety.

As the tentacle pulled the swimsuit away and let it float aimlessly nearby, the same tentacle
rose back up and began rubbing his skin, causing him to elicit a sigh of ecstasy, his eyes
half lidded with pleasure as he just gave into this wild fantasy given life.

The tentacle then began to wrap around his leg methodically slow, twirling up all the way to the
base of his thigh, and starting to utilize all the mouth-size suckers to suckle along his skin
softly and languidly.

Kyle moaned as he looked down with a bright flush of red adorning his cheeks, his
left hand stroked the curled, large appendage as it squeezed and massaged his leg as if he was a
lover while giving him popping, wet kisses with the suckers within the muscular arm. As another
arm gave way to wrap around his other leg in the same manner, he realized that only a good eighth
of the tentacles were actually being used across his body. To feel like only the fingertips of
this amazing creature was using against him sensually, made him feel even more in awe of this
fantastical animal.

He then felt a slight prompting by the weight of the tentacles to lay backwards, but not pushing
him deliberately. Kyle smiled sheepishly as he realized how patient the octopus was according to
its desires. The boy then began to partially kneel down as much as the suckling, clenching arms
would allow him, before laying back onto the water's surface, allowing him to bob and float on
the relatively shallow waters, watching with a more appealing angle of the sea creature's
reactions and movements.

Curling back and forth in alternating gestures, Kyle could feel with agonizing delight that the
mouth puckers along its appendages sucked and licked across his skin, leaving noticeably red
spots from where they suckled the hardest. Then a third one managed to snake under the water as
it subtly pulled him closer, wrapping around his waist once, then twice, finding his entire
midriff in the tight, muscular if not delightful embrace of the octopus in front of him. The end
of the tentacle reached out and did something Kyle never thought a creature from another race
would do to him. It began caressing his erect, six inch 1 3/4 thick slick cut cock, causing it to
ooze precum and jump with spasms.

"Oh wow!" Kyle exclaimed as he felt the sea creature tug gently, before applying sucking pressure
all around his fleshy shaft, with the edge of the tentacle lightly teasing his leaking slit while
the rest of his torso and legs were caressed, coiled, massaged and sucked.

This caused him to go into a writhing, bucking mass of moans and groans, his eyes alternating from totally closed with his eyes knitting together in concentrated restraint to hold back his ecstasy to opening wide to discover a new trick the beast had discovered to create a new sensation to bring him to the brink
again and back down into the wonderfully sexual tempo.

Rubbing the tentacles along his chest as he felt them sucking over his navel and nipples, he
smiled blissfully as he felt the beautiful aquatic dream caress him like a lover would to a mate.

Little did he know he was in a unique position with the sea creature. Although he was too
blissfully locked with the animal to care or be in a position to leave now.Another tentacle surged up from the water, coiling effortlessly around his neck and up his chin before the tip of the tentacle produced the first mouth-pucker of its underside to his lips.

Kyle's eyes looked at it with a daze as he felt the other tentacles work miracles on his body and
his sexual organ. All he could do was pant and moan, allowing the contracting mouth to latch onto
his lips and began a surreal, unique kiss. Kyle's eyes crossed before closing, moaning in the
strange kiss as he felt suction and soft fleshy lips like he never had before. Kyle began kissing
and stretching his mouth and tongue over the spongy mouth, loving the power, taste, and
versatility it had while all the other glistening wet tentacles worked wonders on his body.

With a wet popping release, Kyle gasped for air, a bright red 'o' ring left by the
suction of the lip of the tentacle on his mouth. After hanging out his tongue, oozing thick wads
of saliva off the corner of his wet face, the tentacle snaked into his open mouth and filled it
bountifully. Kyle's eyes opened wide for a moment before shutting tightly as he sucked vigorously
at the underlined mouth-attached tentacle, as it filled every recess of his maw.

Now one would think with the girth of the octopus's appendages were, they'd surely never be able
to go down a human throat without discomfort, right? Well in this case, the special spongy,
adaptable spineless creature's limb was able to fit quite snugly down Kyle's throat, lancing down
the esophagus with the gentle slow pace it always had started out to be. A interesting new
sensation that had Kyle's eyes widen again, his bucking hips and writhing torso shivered with
delight, as he felt the suckers suckle and caress the INSIDE of his throat!

Having already cummed several times in the wake of a oncoming, huge orgasm, Kyle was just about
at his breaking point when another tentacle snaked up from the water and pressed a wet
sucker-mouth onto the clenching and relaxing pink pucker hole of his anus.

The languid suckling caused him to gurgle and moan around the large, spongy meat that was lancing down his throat towards his stomach, causing him to begin building up for another impending orgasm. As if it wasn't enough, the mouth released with a wet pop before the edge of the tentacle began circling
around methodically slow, patiently, waiting for his hole to relax for the inevitable intrusion.

Kyle groaned out, as he felt his hole invaded by the softest, yet largest
appendage he will ever feel in his life. While it retained a semi-solid state, as it squeezed
into his hole, it seemed to meld and change its size and solidity to perfectly mesh into a
non-painful experience as it entered, growing in girth only after the initial intrusion, allowing

Kyle's body a chance to recuperate and cope with the new sensations. It was then when the tentacle lancing slowly down his throat hit the wall of his stomach, that he had the most ferocious orgasm every. This caused him to have spasms and muttering his screams around his makeshift gag,

Kyle saw lights, colors, and what he would imagine to be oblivion and back, and it all felt so surreal, he wished this sensation would never cease. Even then, he could feel the edges of the orgasm linger as the tentacle lingering in his rectum pushed forward and onward, moving all the way up his intestinal track, leaving a considerable bulge to swirl around visibly underneath his skin. before finally meeting the other tentacle at the stomach, internally suckling and twisting within his body, making his eyes roll with raw sensation and lustful energy.

Then came the time as his body felt completely limp, his feet were pulled towards the octopus
where something else came out of the water's edge, the aquatic beauty raising itself up slightly,

revealing a tube that pushed out like an erection. After a slimy, deliberate opening widened,
stretching saliva that looked like spittle, the tentacles caressing his legs began guiding his
feet into the mouth.

After the slimy, smooth and powerful mouth grasped upon his feet, the tentacles began to unwind
around his legs, leaving behind a wettened red-spot covered pair of legs in its wake, causing a
groan of reluctant departure come from Kyle's nostrils. But it soon changed as his ass felt the
tentacle rear out slowly and delightfully, as an equally wonderfully sucking sensation started at
his ankles and slowly started to pull him into the mouth and into the throat.

"HMMMMMNGH! NGMH! Mmmmmm!" Kyle felt himself moan and groan around the fleshy appendage lanced into his stomach through his throat, as he felt the tentacle around his cock start to unravel as
his calves were sucked up into the muscular throat of the wondrous beast, his legs already
receiving a unique and mind blowing series of soft, wet, sucking and massaging motions along them.

With a wet pop that made Kyle moan with ecstasy, the tentacle in his ass left his hole gaping and
leaking of moisture and liquid leaked by the appendage, as his thighs were slowly sucked into the
widening mouth, moving around his body like a snake would for its meal.

Meal? Kyle found it fascinating that after all the mind blowing sensual acts the beautiful
creature had preformed on his developing body that it wanted to devour him whole. In the back of
his mind, he began to realize he was okay with that. To be swallowed by such a rare and
incredible discovery such as this…is far from being the worst way to go. Knowing that if his
brothers and father met similar creatures or even the very one that pleasured and now began
devouring him, he knew they would not regret a thing either.

Kyle found himself rotating his hips in a ludely and provocatively as he felt his pelvis enter the wet
sucking mouth, feeling the powerful slimy tissue grip, tug, and grind against his genitals. This
eventually led to the inevitable bucking and cumming inside the mouth, issuing a moan from Kyle
and a rumble from the octopus, feeling what felt like a slimy tongue lap up his juices within the
throat and briefly wrap around his permanently hard cock, stroking it swiftly before retreating
to lapping his waistline and ass.

The tentacle wrapped around his waist eventually unwound as well, his midriff now completely
wrapped around by the pink-orange tinted lips of the beautiful tentacle-endowed beast. Pinching
his nipples while writhing within the gentle caresses of the beast, Kyle continued to suck the
appendage lanced down his throat, suckling the interior of his esophagus and stomach, which began
a slow ascent out the way it came as he became closer and closer to full absorption.

Knowing the inevitable was coming, Kyle shoved his hands into the wet clenching lips that
liberally raised up before sucking him even deeper, now with his arms inside and the lips wrapped
around tightly, gently around his shoulders.

After a few convulsions and delightful sucking sensations, the tentacle finally freed itself from Kyle's mouth, causing him to gasp for air while spitting a fountain of saliva in his wake, causing his tongue to hang out with a hazy lusty look in his eyes.

Another convulsion ran across his sucked, massaged, and squeezed body, and his neck was now
thoroughly wrapped around by voracious lip, with only a flushed face of a young bow with blonde
hair matted against his forehead or hanging down towards the lapping tide he was floating on just
minutes ago.

"This is…the Kyle muttered semi-consciously with a goofy grin on his face, as a
tongue snaked out and tasted his face and hair, briefly entering his mouth for another bout of
strange kissing, causing Kyle to moan in affect. Eventually his head was sealed over by the lips,
his body full submerged in the slimy throat, as it began delightfully convulse, massage, and soak
his skin as he traveled in a thoroughly enjoyable ride up his throat.

He couldn't tell time as he felt his body travel through the beast's digestive tube, but he knew
this beast certainly liked to take his time, as a good twenty minutes have passed and he was only
halfway through the throat towards the stomach that was contained by the large bag one would
believe would be beneath the beast's head. Kyle felt himself drawn to pleasure himself as the
throat continued its ministration on him unintentionally, stroking his cock and pinching his nipples
intermittently as he was pulled closer to the end destination.

After a brief acceleration upwards, he then felt himself deposited in what felt like a softer,
more comfortable section of the octopus's body. Believing it to be the stomach as it wrapped and
squeezed each part of him delightfully without any suction power the throat did, Kyle began
beating his meat furiously, moaning and groaning as he felt his consciousness begin to recede.

The air thinning and his skin beginning to tingle, he knew the end was drawing near, and he
wanted to have one last…

And with a last spout of thick cream jism spurting along the wet red tissue, Kyle let
his eyes close and his body bask in the wonderful sensation of being rubbed, massaged, and
wettened, allowing his body to be digested.

Who knows? Maybe one of his brothers or even his Dad
would experience the same thing he was. He could only hope as his mind eventually darkened into
nothingness, leaving the octopus once more alone but very sated and full.


story by: VoreandMore21

Tags: young bestiality mind control fantasm oral sex sex story massage

Author: VoreandMore21

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