A cruel joke

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"Stop it! Nooo!! Paul! STOP! I need to pee, let me go!!!" I squealed, laughing and kicking Paul in the side accidentally. He let go immediately and sat up on the bed, grabbing his left side with his hands, yelling, "Ouch, Shit! That hurt!"

"Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?" I gasped and sat up with him, putting my hands over my mouth.

"I think I’ll live; At least, I hope so." He pulled off his shirt and looked at his side. "Geez, Tori, be careful where you kick next time!" I noticed a red spot already starting to appear.

"I’m sorry!!" I pouted, "But it is your fault! I told you to stop! I can’t help where my feet kick when you’re tickling me, you know it drives me crazy." I tried apologizing and kissed his side very softly. "Does that hurt?"

I kissed him again, a little harder than the first time. "Does that hurt?"

I kissed his side one more time; again, a bit harder… and this time I licked the spot as well. "What about that?"

"A little. I think I’m gonna have some sort of bad bruise; it’s all your fault. What are you gonna do about it?" He leaned over and whispered the last part in my ear, nibbling on the lobe and sliding his hand under the back of my shirt.

"Mmm… I’m going to go to the bathroom." I crawled away from him, got off the bed and half-skipped to the bathroom. Even at 23 years old, I know I’m really still a kid at heart. So is Pauly, for that matter. Maybe that’s why we get along so well. We can be completely playful together and neither of us thinks, ‘this is so childish.’ I mean, come on, what other couples will get in tickle fights over what to have for breakfast?!?

He had made himself comfortable on the bed while I was in the bathroom. As I came out he was laying on his side with a pillow under his head, looking at me. "So what are you going to do to make up for hurting me?" He asked as I crawled onto the bed next to him. His arm went around me and rubbed my back softly as I sat there.

"Well I don’t know." I lied down next to him and wrapped my arms around his chest, laying my head sideways next to his chest. I closed my eyes and started placing barely there kisses wherever I could reach on his chest. "You feel so comfortable. I know it sounds weird, but it’s like, I feel safe in your arms, almost to the point where the world stops moving when I’m with you."

always safe in my arms. I’m sure of it, and I want you to always remember that." He wrapped his arms around my back then stiffened suddenly. He winced and mumbled "shit" as he did this, then moved away from me a bit

"I think I have an idea." I slipped out of his arms and ran to the kitchen, returning shortly with a few pieces of ice wrapped in a dishtowel. I crawled onto the bed so I was behind his back and ran my fingers carefully over his side where I had kicked him. I gently put the wrapped up towel of ice down on him and asked him how that felt.

"I can barely feel it. It doesn’t feel cold enough"

I thought. Then I set the towel of ice on the bed in front of his chest and picked up one cube between the thumb and forefinger of my right hand. I very gently and softly ran it across the spot on his side. "Does that feel any better?" I asked.

"Oh yeah." I continued to run the ice cube across his back & side; watching it melt on his skin and drip down his back or stomach. I started massaging the lost drops of water into his skin before it hit the sheets. He turned his head and watched me, staring at me as I concentrated on the task at hand. I licked my slightly chapped lips then ran the ice cube around them slowly, looking directly in his eyes. I then offered him some and rubbed it around his lips. He parted them and took what was left of the piece of ice into his mouth, sucking on my fingers as I withdrew them. I leaned in for a kiss and the sliver not worthy of being called an ice cube passed into my mouth with Paul’s tongue, melting away to nothingness after a second. He slid one hand under the back of my shirt and unhooked my bra. That man has gotten better at taking off my bras one handed than I am. He does it more often, anyway.

After the kiss ended I made a show of taking off my shirt. It was this new hunter green button-down short sleeve thing I practically lived in the past few weeks. I started at the bottom, revealing one inch after the other until only one button remained between the outside world and my breasts. The top two buttons were already off. I don’t believe they do any good on a woman other than hide some of her most beautiful assets, the breasts of course. My hair was wavy and ended right about at the level of my nipples. Paul always adored dark green colors on me, he told me once it perfectly matches my green eyes and my red hair. I don’t know about but it made me feel sexy and the first time he saw me in it he got an erection! I take that as a good sign.

I got off the bed and walked around so I was in front of Paul. I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off, then kneeled down. "Lay back" I ordered Paul.

"‘Lay back’? You trying to tell me what to do?" He asked mockingly, taking his time lying on his back.

"Yes I’m telling you what to do, and you have two choices, do what I say or lay there in pain the rest of the day!" I straddled his legs and sat back on them.

"I think I’ll listen to what you say." Like it was really much of a choice in the first place.

I suddenly became a demure girl and acted all shy while sliding down his boxer shorts and exposing his partially erect cock. "Well at least somebody’s happy to see me." I said jokingly and leaned down to place a kiss where the shaft of his cock meets his body.

"Oh god, please don’t, Hun… I don’t think I’m up to having sex right now." He moaned, his eyes closed; his hands gripping the sheets to his sides.

"Just lay back and relax, I’ll try to be gentle." I purred, pulling his boxers further down. I positioned myself between his legs and gently stroked his cock until it was fully erect. I jumped off the bed to a groan from his mouth and proceeded toward the dresser. "Why’d you stop?" he half moaned, his own hand lightly stroking his cock in my place and kicking his boxers all the way off and onto the floor.

"I bought something a few days ago and thought maybe this was a good time to try it out." I produced a bottle from the top drawer and hid it behind my back as I regained my position on the bed. "I’ve been wanting to try this out for a little while now." A mischievous grin spread across my face as I produced the bottle of sensual oil in my hand. I think his cock swelled a little at this statement, but I can’t be sure.

"You are such the little devil. Buying toys behind my back. You don’t have anything else in that drawer, do you?"

"Well… yeah, I do. I bought myself something, but maybe I’ll show you that one some other time; for now, you feel up to this?"

"I’m not complaining. If I start screaming in pain, just find a brick of ice, set it down on my side and keep doing whatever it is your doing!"

I broke into hysterics and set the bottle down on the bed. I climbed up the bed and we exchanged a long, deep, sensual kiss. "Have you ever thought about, well…. using any oils? I’ve heard they can be great fun."

"Oils? Damn girl, you choose now to spring this on me?" He laughed. "You wait until I can’t get away easily. I swear I thought you were gonna handcuff me and start whipping me or />
"No, but that is a good idea." I giggled to myself, pondering the possibilities of the handcuffs. After a second I focused back on the topic at hand. From how I was laying partially on him, his little friend was starting to poke me in the stomach. "Well, this says it tastes like raspberries, too." I grinned as I popped open the top and poured a little bit onto his chest carefully. "Looks good." I licked my lips and started massaging the oil onto his chest, then took a finger and tasted the oil. "Oh yeah. I think I’m gonna enjoy this."

"Oh my god, Tori. Do you realize how sexy you are? I’m gonna blow my load without you even touching my cock." I had to laugh, I had barely done anything and he was already into it! I took my time rubbing all the oil into him, probably enjoying just that act more than he was. I licked around his belly button then massaged that area a bit more. It was intoxicating; I couldn’t get enough of the taste of that oil. And that gave me an idea that made me wet just thinking about it. I slid down so I was sitting between his legs and found the bottle of oil, drizzling a bit more onto his stomach, replacing the cap and setting it on the floor next to me. He seemed to have a good idea of what was coming, but even if he didn’t he started moaning like it was one of the best sites he’s ever seen. I finally took off my shirt the rest of the way to keep from getting it covered in oil. Then I scooped up the oil and rubbed it between my hands before gripping his cock softly and massaging the oil all over the shaft and his balls. He was completely hard within a matter of minutes and I continued my assault, adding just another drop of oil to the shaft. After I was satisfied that I had thoroughly covered his cock and balls with oil I licked the side for a ‘taste test’ of sorts. "Mmm, yeah. Soooo good" I purred as I continued stroking him with my slippery hands as I moved down and sucked one of his balls into my mouth.

I had finally convinced him to let me shave him the night before. I had told him before I like my men hairless from the neck down and although he wasn’t quite up to letting me take all his hair off, I did get to shave his balls and pubic area. I don’t know if he enjoyed it too much at the time (scared a woman would slip and cut off his balls completely, probably.) but it sent me to heaven.

I was going wild on him and by the way he was bucking his hips he was going wild, too. My tongue ran up the underside of his cock, and tried resisting licking the slit on the top of his now rock hard cock but the temptation proved too much and I was itching to taste his cum mixed with the oil. I drew the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it a bit before sucking him deep into my mouth. "Fuck me!" he moaned and thrust his hips back and forth while I sucked eagerly on his member. I heard him, and oh god how I wanted to but this was his present for now. My apology for him for what had happened earlier, I suppose.

One hand moved down to rub my complaining clit as the other cupped his balls and gently rolled them around in my hand. I moaned around his cock and my hips involuntarily started rocking back and forth. I felt his orgasm build in his balls and then he exploded into my mouth as he voiced an animalistic yell and I tried to swallow all his cum. It was too much and I removed my lips from around his cock just as his second spurt shot out of him. A bit of it caught my hair as a third spurt of cum leapt from his cock and landed on his stomach. A forth and fifth spurt came out as I milked his cock for more with one hand as the other continued to play with myself. He groaned for me to stop and kiss him already. I complied; savoring his kiss mixed with the taste of him. We held that passionate kiss for who knows how long but by the time we parted my own pleasures I had started to satisfy seemed to have dissolved and I laid down next to him, feeling completely satisfied even though I hadn’t even come close to orgasm. He rolled onto his side and wrapped his arms around me and sighed as I snuggled up against his chest and closed my eyes. "Hey," I asked softly, "Your side still hurt?"

He started to chuckle softly, "It never really hurt that bad in the first place."

"You jerk!" I slapped his ass and laughed, sitting up and looking at him with a look of disbelief. "You are such an asshole sometimes. I can’t believe you!"

"Hey! What?"

"You made me think that I had hurt you really bad and all this time you were just playing with me!?"

"Aww, come on Victoria. I was just trying to get back at you for last night. Besides," he broke his sentence with another chuckle, "That was the best blow job of my life and from where I was, you seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did!"

"That was a cruel, cruel joke, Paul. God, I cannot believe you got me!" I slapped his ass again, emphasizing the word I lay down in his arms again and sighed. "We both need a shower something bad. I’m all sweaty and icky and you’re covered in oil and your own cum."

"Next time I’m using that oil on you." He kissed and licked a little area on my shoulder.

"Oh yeah."

I smiled and sat up again. "Come on. Shower time. I want to get all clean before you get too far." I got up and held my hand out for him. "It’s still early and I did not have today in mind for a bed-in."

He grabbed my arm but instead of standing up, pulled me down on top of him again. "Oh, but I like bed-ins. ‘You can be my Yoko Ono. You can follow me wherever I go. Be my be my be my Yoko Ono. Isn’t it beautiful to see two people so much in love? Barenaked as two virgins hand in hand and hand in I laughed and we kissed again.

"I love it when you sing to me." I giggled again, "You should have been a singer instead of a drummer."

"But then you’d miss my manly muscles, wouldn’t you?" He grinned a huge cheesy grin and flexed his arm muscles.

"Good point. You could still work out, right?" I pouted and felt his pecks. He never answered. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, looking at him behind my shoulder as I did. "You coming or not?" I asked as I reached the doorway, leaning on it and trying my best to look provocative for him.

"You know I can’t resist taking a shower with you. Time for round 2." He practically jumped out of the bed and ran to where I was, picking me up and kicking the bathroom door shut behind us.

story by: Strawberry Goddess

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Strawberry Goddess

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