A taste chapter 5

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Sis suddenly began to move as if she was trying to get away from me but her hands held me in place. She bucked and jerked but no matter how she moved she kept me in place. My tongue was tired so I was only sucking on her clit. I heard her attempting to stifle a scream and she pushed me down off her clit. I drank in her copious juices. They seemed to have sweetened. I swallowed and swallowed as my mouth filled.
She was whispering over and over, “Oh god, oh Then with a suddenness that I was unprepared for she pulled me up and we were soon locked in a kiss. She swirled her tongue around mine. I felt the head of my dick press against her wet pussy and I hunched, feeling the head slip in.
Liz pushed me back, hissing in a loud whisper, “We can’t do that.” It was then that I realized that the light was again off.
My balls were aching for relief. Even in my youth I knew I needed relief. I wondered if I dared ask her to relieve me. I rolled to my back beside her. I lay there for a few moments wondering if our play was over when her hand began exploring. It at last found my dick and began stroking me. I wished for her to increase the intensity. With the slow stroking my desire for relief was only growing. I wondered how I could get her to do it faster and harder. I whispered, “Sis, I love you.”
“I love you too, Timothy Ivan.” Mom always called me that when I was doing something wrong.
I decided to do the same with sis and said, “Do it harder, Elizabeth Ann.”
Instead she stopped. I lay there wondering if that was it. Then she whispered, “Oh god, I can’t believe this,” as she began to move around. I had no idea what would happen, I could only wait and see. Then she whispered, “You have to absolutely promise to never, never speak a word about this.”
I whispered back, “I promise.”
Her hand grasped my dick. Her other hand gently cradled my balls. Even with her gentleness the pain in my balls caused me to moan. I wanted to see what she was doing so I asked, “Can I turn on the light.”
Louder than a whisper she said, “No,” and then in a whisper, “I don’t want you to see me do this.” At that moment I felt what I assumed was her tongue lick the head of my dick. “Mm good,” she said. I was glad I did not taste like pee because that meant I would get more.
The sensations kept coming. New sensations that were even better than I had anticipated. The tension began to build. I knew it would not be long until my release. I wondered if I should tell her. If I said anything she might stop but if I surprised her with a load she might be angry. I whispered, “I’m gonna…you know.” I did not know what to call it.
She seemed to intensify her movements. I imagined my whole dick in her mouth, maybe even down her throat. That is when I exploded. I think she pulled back and grasped my dick with a hand. She squeezed in an attempt to stop it but there was no stopping my come. She swore, damn…turn on the light.” I was still coming but I fumbled with the light until it turned on.
I watched as my dick erupted one final time. Sis had her hand in the way so that it did not hit her in the face but her face was so covered that a little more would have made no difference. She looked at me and began to chuckle. “You look so scared,” she whispered.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered.
be She licked her lips. “That is what is supposed to happen. Tissue?” I handed her my box of tissue. With a wad of tissue she began sopping up the come on the bed while still licking in from around her mouth. She raked a finger across her cheek, gathering up a wad of come, which she licked off her finger. She smiled at me and asked, “Feel good?”
“Oh yes,” I replied.
She places the wad of soaked tissue in my waist basket and said, “To hell with it. Turn off the light.” I did so and she lay on top of my still come wet body. “Was that fun?”
I replied.
We kissed and I tasted my come for the first time. It had a bitter undertone but was not unpleasant. She pulled away long enough to say, “I guess if it was not meant to be eaten it would not taste good. Next time I won’t spill any.” She returned to our kiss and rubbed her body against mine. After a short time she slipped off me and said, “We need some sleep.”
My thoughts were in agreement as I remembered her saying, “Next
It was two days till the next time. She came into my room while I was asleep and I did not awaken until I felt her in bed with me. She had a hand on my dick which was growing hard. I turned my face toward her and we were soon locked in a French kiss. Our tongues swirled around each other and she explored deeply into my mouth.
After a time she broke the kiss and asked, “Can I suck you off first and then you can lick me?”
I said. It was then that I realized I did not hear mom and dad. As sis moved to “suck me off” I asked, the folks /> “No, I think they are asleep.”
So, she had come into my bed because she had wanted this as badly as I did. In only moments I felt my dick being licked and then enveloped into her mouth. Things did not happen as fast as last time. Also when I did erupt it was not as much as last time. This time she did not spill any and needed no cleanup. We then kissed for a while. Then she told me it was my turn and I again went down to her pussy concentrating on her clit and drinking in her juices. We then kissed a while after which she turned away from me and as usual I spooned behind her, falling asleep. In the morning I woke alone.
Three nights later she was in my room again and we repeated what had happened the last time. This went on for a whole year with sis coming into my room two or three times a week. Every once in a while I would ask if I could stick my dick in her pussy but she would say no and that would be that,

story by: Tim I Done

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Author: Tim I Done

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