A teacher's rape pt 2

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It’s been about two weeks since I was raped by the high school boys that my husband had set up. I had finally come up with a plan on how to get him back for it. I made some phones calls and asked my friends Ashley and Laurie to come over on Saturday evening. Laurie asked if she could bring her boyfriend over with her, I said sure thinking that would be even better for paying Jamison back for what he did to me, but I didn’t let them know what I had planned for them.
Saturday evening finally came around, the excitement in my body was sending shockwaves to my pussy as what I had planned for the night. I sent my husband to store to get some stuff for me about ten minutes before they arrived.
They arrived right on time. Ashley is 25, stands about 5’5”, with long brown hair, brown eyes, weighs about 115 pounds, and about 32B chest. Ashley’s husband, Eric had joined her too. He is 28, stands about 6, with dark brown hair, blue eyes, and weighs about 165 pounds I would guess. Laurie is 27, stands about 5’6”, long red hair, blue eyes, weighs about 120 pounds, and has maybe a 38C chest. Laurie’s boyfriend, Jason, stands about 6’3”, dark black hair, brown eyes, probably weighs about 210 pounds, and is a dark black guy.
I quickly started telling them my plans for the night, asking them if they agreed to my plan. They all said it sounded like a lot of fun, but they said they didn’t know I would be able to do this. I just told them that I had to because he had humiliated me two weeks ago. My plan was to have Eric and Jason wait in the front room for him to return and grab him, then bring him back to my bedroom where us girls would be waiting for them, then we would strip him naked and tie him down to the bed. They all agreed that it sounded like it would work.
Ashley, Laurie, and I went back to my bedroom where we quickly tied some nylon stockings to the bed posts on my four post wood bed. Eric and Jason waited in the front room waiting for him to return, talking about how they were going to grab him and bring him to the room.
I heard the car pull, then the door close shut. Jamison walked through the front door and was greeted by Eric and Jason. They quickly grabbed him, as he tried to fight and get away from them. I heard Eric say, “it doesn’t do any good to fight because we’re going to get you anyways.” Their footsteps got closer the room as they scuffled outside the room some more.
They drug him into the room and we all quickly stripped his clothes off. Eric and Jason held him by the arms yet, Jamison’s flaccid 6” dick hanging over his ball sack between his legs. I ordered them to lay him on his back on the bed. They spun him around and led to the bed, they laid him on down still holding on to him as he continued trying to fight to get away.
Ashley grabbed his right arm and quickly began tying it down with the nylon. Laurie did the same to the left arm. I grabbed his right leg and quickly tied the nylon around his ankle, then I moved over and quickly did the same to his left. He was spread eagle on the bed, tied down, as he still tried to free himself, but it was useless. I said to him, “now its time for some payback for what you did to me a couple weeks ago.” He looked at me kind of confused saying, “what do you mean?” I slapped him hard across the face, “you remember what you had done to me, well now its time to pay you back for it.” “But you enjoyed it didn’t you,” he said. “Just a little bit I didn’t like the part with taking it up the ass,” I replied.
I turned to Eric and Jason and asked them to undress themselves. Eric quickly took off his shirt and undid his pants and slid them down with his briefs, freeing his lovely 7 ½” dick. Probably about 2” thick. Jason took off his shirt, exposing his chiseled chest and abdomen , then he undid his pants and slid them off with his boxers, exposing his semi-hard 8” dick, that was probably 2 to 2 ½” thick. I told them to go up to my husbands head so he could get them nice and hard for us. “You better be a good cocksucker honey or it will be worse for you,” I said.
Jason held his semi-erect dick in his hand guiding to Jamison’s mouth. Jamison held his mouth closed as Jason’s fat dick head slid along his tight lips. Jason slapped his dick against Jamison’s lips saying, “open your mouth fucker before we make you.” Jamison reluctantly opened his mouth as Jason slid the head of dick into his mouth. Jamison’s lips closed around his dick head as he slid it further into his mouth. Eric was standing there watching the scene in front of him stroking his own dick as it was beginning to rise up. Jason buried his dick deep into Jamison’s mouth causing him to gag a little when it hit his throat. Jason pulled back until just the head was between his lips, then slammed it back forward causing him to gag some more.
Laurie and Ashley were taking off their clothes as they watched the scene front of them. Laurie removed her tube top, then lowered her skirt and thong to the floor and off. Exposing her clean shaved pussy. Her pencil eraser size nipples poking out from her quarter size areolas. Ashley pulled off her tight tank top and strap-less bra, then she slid her pants and panties down and off, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy, with just a tuft of hair above her clit. Her thick thumb sized nipples standing proud on her 50 cent size areolas. I undressed myself as well, feeling my pussy beginning to moisten as I watched the scene in front of me.
Jason’s dick was now fully hard as he slid in and out of Jamison’s mouth faster and faster. I told him to stop and give Eric a go at his mouth. Jason reluctantly slid his dick out of Jamison’s mouth, and brought his already hard dick up to his mouth as Jamison turned his head to Eric. Eric let out a long groan as he slid his dick into Jamison’s warm mouth. He began mouth fucking Jamison, in and out, slowly.
I bent over the bed placing my hands between Jamison’s legs on the bed. “Come here and stick that big dick up my pussy Jason, please,” I said. Jason moved to behind me his dick bobbing up and down as he walked. He grabbed onto my hips as he moved up behind me. I looked down between my spread legs and saw the thick head of his dick glistening pre cum from his piss slit. I reached back and grabbed his dick guiding it to my moist pussy lips. I felt the head of his dick begin to split my labia apart as he pushed forward sliding the head of his dick into my pussy. I let go of his dick and looked back at him saying, “ok fuck my pussy hard please, make me cum then fill me with yours please Jason.” I braced myself with my arms on the bed, and prepared myself for him. Jason slowly pushed forward, sinking his thick dick into me, bit by bit, he filled my pussy full with his dick. He kept pushing forward until the head of his dick hit my cervix. He stopped there for a little bit, allowing my pussy time to adjust to his dick.
I looked up to see Eric mouth fucking Jamison fast and hard, causing Jamison to choke so much saliva was running out of his mouth and onto the bed. I told Eric that was enough dick sucking and he could fuck one the girls if he wanted.
Jason slowly began to slid his dick out of me until just the head was still in, then slowly slid back into me deep, hitting my cervix. He built up a slow rhythm sliding in and out me, my pussy juice was beginning to flow more and more, as his dick hit every area in my pussy. I started moving my hips back to meet him as he slid into me.
Eric had walked over to where Laurie and Ashley were standing, they were slowly rubbing their own pussies as they watched Jason fuck me. He grabbed Laurie by the arm and led her over to the chair in our room. Eric sat down on the chair, his dick pointing straight up in the air, still covered in Jamison’s saliva. He had Laurie turn around and grabbed on to her hips and started pulling her back until her legs were bent slightly, her pussy hovering over his dick. She reached between her legs and grabbed his dick as she lowered herself further until the head of his dick rested against her pussy lips. She rubbed the head of his dick against her slit, all the way from her hole and up to her now protruding clit. She shivered a little each time the head grazed across her clit. Then she lined it up with her hole and began to sink down on to his dick. Her labia splitting wide open and wrapping around his invading dick.
Ashley said, “damn now I feel left out. I don’t have anything in me.” She almost sounded like she was pouting. “Well you can have Jamison lick your pussy until you come,” I said. She nodded as she moved over to the bed and climbed up on it standing over Jamison, she straddled head facing towards me as she got down on her knees. She lowered her pussy down to his waiting tongue, I could tell his tongue made contact when she let out a long satisfying moan. She began to grind her pussy into Jamison’s mouth and tongue as she fondled her firm tits and nipples.
Jason was sliding in and out of me faster and faster. My cervix had finally moved up enough where he could bury his whole dick inside of me, his balls slapping against my clit as he slid into me, sending shockwaves throughout my whole body. He was grunting loudly and talking about how wet and tight my pussy was. I started squeezing my pussy muscles around his big dick as he pounded my pussy harder and faster. He took one of his hands and started teasing my anus with his thumb. My pussy was making squishing sounds around his dick as I neared my orgasm. He stuck his thumb just inside my anus and it sent me over the edge. I started coming hard yelling out, “oohhhhh goooooooddddddd yesssssss thissss feelsss soo fuckinggg gooooooodddd MMMMMM.” My pussy squeezing hard against his dick as pussy juice started running out and down my legs and his balls. I reached between my legs as I rode out my orgasm and grabbed his ball sack and began fondling them, then I felt them begin to tighten up and knew he was close to cuming himself. He buried himself deep in me and grunted loudly, as I felt his dick tighten up and shoot a shot of jizz into me, hitting deep in my pussy, sending me over the edge even more. He stayed buried in me as his dick tighten up and shot more into filling me full of his cum. He grunted each time he shot into me, feeling his cum hitting my cervix just sent waves through my body. His came so much that I could feel it running down the inside of my leg, mixed with my pussy juice. He finally stopped shooting into me, but his dick still twitched inside me, as we both came down from our orgasms. My whole body was twitching from coming so hard. He was laying over my back as I felt his dick softening inside me. He reluctantly pulled it out, a river of cum following it out, some sticking to the head of his wilting dick. I quickly covered my pussy with my hand so no more cum could run out of me. I told Ashley to get up and move so I could sit on Jamison’s face with my cum filled pussy.
Ashley reluctantly got up and off him as I walked up to his head, still covering my pussy. Ashley got down on her knees in front of Jason. She grabbed his soft dick and slowly took into her mouth tasting the mixture of Jason’s and my juices.
I climbed up on the bed straddling my husband’s face as I held the cum in me. After I had myself positioned over his mouth I removed my hand feeling a big drop of cum come out and run down to his closed lips. “You better get it all out of my pussy you asshole,” I said. He laid there shaking his head. I lowered my pussy down to his face as I felt his nose graze my asshole. I began to grind my pussy into his closed mouth until I felt his tongue come out and make contact with my hole.
I looked over at Laurie and Eric fucking. Laurie was raising herself up until Eric’s dick almost came out, then she slammed back down hard on to his dick. She was moaning in pleasure as she fondled her own bouncing tits. Pussy juice was covering Eric’s ball sack as he hard dick glistened with juice when she rose up on his dick. He was grunting behind her as he lifted his hips up to her as best he could.
Ashley had Jason’s dick cleaned, and it was beginning to rise again. She ran her tongue down the whole length of his dick to his ball sack lick up all the juice. Jason grabbed on to her head, and held her still as he guided his, once again rock hard dick, into her open mouth. He began to mouth fuck her hard, sliding his dick as far as could into her mouth.
I was now riding my husband’s tongue as he stuck it in as far as he could trying to get all the cum out of my pussy like I had asked him too. I could feel his nose rubbing against my asshole as I rode his tongue driving more pleasure into my pussy. I laid over his body and grabbed onto his rock hard dick and wrapped my lips around the head of it sucking hard.
Laurie and Eric had changed positions now, Laurie was standing up now with her hands up against the wall, with Eric standing behind her fucking her hard as she screamed out in pleasure. “Oh god yes fuck my pussy hard, god that feels so good, mmmm,” she said. Eric was grunting loudly as he pounded her now well lubed pussy.
My husband’s dick was beginning to twitch in my mouth so I knew he was going to cum soon, I quickly pulled away from it. I heard my husband groan in let down as I sat back up on his face. I climbed off of him and said, “what did you think you could cum?” “Yes I want to cum so bad now please,” he said. “Well I have other plans for you first before you can cum,” I said.
Eric’s grunts were getting louder and louder as he drove deep into Laurie. Laurie was screaming back at him to fuck her harder. Sweat was beginning to form on his forehead as he pounded her squishing pussy. He buried himself deep inside and just froze there, letting out a loud growl, “ohhhhhh gooddddd yessss here ittttt cummmmmssss babbbbyyyyy yesssss.” “Oh yesssss filllll meeee uppp with your jizzzz,” she said in response as both of them began to cum together. His ass twitching he time he shot into her pussy. Laurie’s whole body was shaking from her orgasm. As they both finished coming Laurie collapsed to the floor, Eric’s dick slipping out of her, now gaping open pussy, a little bit of white cum running out of her and down to the floor. Eric still standing breathing hard, as his dick quickly began to soften.
I turned to Ashley and Jason, as Jason was almost getting his whole dick into your mouth, and said, “ok you two that’s enough for right now come over here and help me with Jamison here.” I could see the look of dismay on their faces as they both came over to me. I began untying Jamison’s legs and Jason helped with the other one. I told Ashley to get the lube out of the end table by the bed. Jamison lifted his head up and began to speak in protest, “what do you have in…” I quickly cut him off, “shut up I don’t want to hear a word from you, you’re my bitch for the night.” After he got his legs untied I had Jason flip him over so he was on his knees with his ass up in the air. Jamison’s dick was standing proud, parallel with his stomach, his hairy balls dangling between his legs. We quickly tied his ankles again with his legs slightly spread open. I took the tube of lube out of Ashley’s hand, I climbed on the bed behind him and squeezed a liberal amount on to his ass crack. I had Ashley get up on the other side of him and open his ass cheeks for me. I then squeezed some more into his asshole. “No not in my ass,” Jamison began pleaded. “Well you thought it was alright for me to take it in the ass so now its your turn to take it up there,” I said. After I rubbed some lubed on his tight sphincter I squeezed some lube on my hand told Jason to come over to me as I rubbed it on to his long, thick dick. Jamison was now trying feverishly to get free from his restraints, his arms were now crossed across each other and he still couldn’t free himself.
Eric and Laurie had finally recovered and stood up, walked up around us to watch the scene. I told Jason not to show Jamison any mercy. Jason said, “but I’m not gay, I don’t do guys.” “Just pretend it’s a girls ass then and don’t even think about his dick,” I said. “But I have never done a girl in the ass before,” he replied. “Well there’s a first time for anything now is there,” I said. He nodded as he climbed up on the bed behind Jamison. Jamison looked back at him with pleading eyes, and said, “no please Amanda, not in my ass.” I grabbed Jason’s dick as Ashley held Jamison’s ass cheeks apart, I guided Jason’s dick to his asshole until his head made contact. I held his dick in position as Jason began to push forward until the head of his dick slipped into his asshole, causing Jamison to yell out in surprise. Jason kept pushing forward slowly as bit by little bit of his dick slid into Jamison’s anus. I moved back as he continued to push his thick dick into my husbands ass. Jamison was grunting in pain as Jason’s dick sunk fully into his ass. Jason stopped there for a while and said, “damn this is tighter than any pussy I have ever fucked.”
“Wait before you begin fucking him Jason, let Ashley get Jamison’s dick in her pussy before you fuck his ass,” I said. Ashley laid on her back on the bed and climbed under them, spreading her legs wide, her feet laying by his calves. Jamison began to lower himself down to her open pussy, as Jason followed still buried deep inside his ass. Ashley grabbed Jamison’s dick and guided it to her open pussy. She release it as Jamison buried himself deep in her pussy. He let out a long moan as her pussy wrapped around his dick. Jason began to slide himself back out of Jamison’s ass until just his head was inside him then he slammed back forward without mercy, Jason’s ball sack slapping against Jamison’s.
I grabbed Laurie by the arm and lead her back over to the chair, I asked Eric to join us over there so he could fuck me now. I sat Laurie down on the chair as I got down on my hands and knees between her legs. Her pussy still some cum running down her slit as I brought my tongue up to her pussy, licking from her pussy hole and up to her hard clit. Eric was standing behind me stroking his dick trying to get it back to hardness. Laurie was moaning in pleasure as I wrapped my lips around her clit and began sucking hard, her hips coming up of the chair grinding in my mouth.
Jason was really fucking Jamison’s ass hard now yelling, “oh yeah you like don’t you, you fucking asshole.” Jamison was just grunting, I don’t know if it was in pleasure or pain, but they finally were getting into a good rhythm. Every time Jason would pull out of Jamison’s ass, Jamison would pull out of Ashley pussy until just his head was inside her. Then they would slide back in, in unison. Ashley was moaning in pure pleasure, as when Jason drove into Jamison’s ass, it would drive Jamison’s dick further into her pussy.
Eric finally got his dick back to full erection, and got down onto his knees behind me, he guided his dick to my gaping open pussy lips and slid his dick fully into in one fluid motion. I moaned into Laurie’s pussy, in pleasure. Eric grabbed on to my hips and began to slide himself out of me, then without warning he slammed back into me, driving me forward into Laurie’s pussy. Laurie was really grinding hard into my face as she grabbed on to the back of my head, pussy juice was flowing heavily out of her pussy now, mixed with Eric’s cum. My face was covered in pussy juice and cum, running down my chin on to the chair.
Jason’s grunts were getting louder and louder, as Jamison was grunting as well, his dick sliding in and out of Ashley’s wet pussy. Ashley was yelling in pleasure, “oh yes fuck my pussy cum in me Jamison, that’s it, yes.” Jamison’s grunts got louder and louder as Jason drove deep into his ass. Jason grunted out, “oh my god this is one tight hole, I’m going to cum soon in this tight ass.”
After I heard this, I pulled from Laurie’s dripping pussy and told Eric to get up so I could watch Jamison’s ass get filled with cum. Laurie quickly slid her hand down to her pussy and began furiously rubbing it up and down. I got up and walked back over to the bed I bent over and laid my hands down on the bed next to the melee of people fucking in front of me. Eric came up behind me and slid his dick back into me. “Fill his ass with your cum Jason, I want to see him fart it out of his ass,” I said, as Eric started pounding me harder and faster. His ball sack beginning to tighten up, telling me he was going to fill my pussy up soon.
Jason looked over at me and smiled wide, “you want me to fill your husbands ass up huh.” I watched Jason’s dick sliding in and out of Jamison’s asshole, his asshole tight around Jason’s fat dick. Jason buried himself deep in my husbands ass and yelled out, “ohhhhhh yeeesssss heeerrrrreeee ittttt His ass muscles twitched as he shot into my husbands ass. Jamison yelled out shortly after Jason started coming, “ohhhhhh mmmmyyyyy gooodddddd hereeeeeee I cummmmmmm.” He stayed buried deep in Ashley’s pussy as she screamed out, “ooohhhhh my gooddddddd that feeelllllssss sooo niceeeee and hottttttt.” All three of them were coming together as I reached up and fondled Jason’s balls, trying to get all of his cum up into my husbands anal cavity. I could feel his balls twitch each time he shot in Jamison’s ass.
Eric announced that he was ready to cum too. I looked back at him and said, it baby cum in my pussy fill me up mmmmm.” He pulled back until he was almost out of my pussy, and his dick shot its first hot load of cum deep into my pussy. He stayed there as his dick twitched shooting jizz deep into me. As he came it sent me over the edge again, I screamed out, “ohhhhhh mmyyyy gooddddd yessssss thatttttt cummmm feellsss soooo gooddddd inside /> Laurie, herself was already cumming while sitting on the chair, just moaning in pleasure as her pussy juice was flowing out of her pussy.
As Jason and Jamison finished cumming, they collapsed on top of Ashley twitched body. All three of them breathing heavily.
Eric finally finished shooting into my pussy as he buried his dick deep into my twitching pussy one last time, trying to push his cum deep into my pussy. I collapsed down on the floor and bed, Eric’s dick slipping of my cum filled pussy. Cum running out of me and on to the floor as I sat there in pure pleasure.
Jason finally rose up off Jamison and slipped his wilting dick out of his ass. A slight flow of cum running out of Jamison’s now gaping wide open asshole. Jamison began to lift himself up off Ashley his, now limp dick slipping out of Ashley’s pussy. A river of cum running out of her, down her ass and on to the bed. Ashley climbed from under him and off the bed, as Jamison collapsed back down on to the bed in exhaustion. As he laid there breathing heavily, more cum began to bubble up and run out down his crack to his ball sack. I climbed on to the bed and collapsed next to him, I was exhausted as well, cum still running out of my pussy down to my ass. Jason looked at me and said, “you know I think we will have to do this again sometime.” I looked at him in disbelief, he actually liked it. I dozed off to sleep, leaving him still tied down thinking that maybe we could do some more in the morning.
Eric, Jason, Ashley, and Laurie all laid down on the floor in exhaustion. They all had wide smiles on their faces as they dozed too.
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