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Why not, at 72, I still have the sexual urges of a forty year old. However, nowadays, sex was a boring affair with 'Rosy palm and her stubby little brother.' Although I came hard, I desired the touch of a woman. One who would not only rock my word, but be my be my friend and fuck buddy. I thought long and hard and decided I wasn’t going online to find one, guess you could call me old fashioned.

I put on my swim trunks, grabbed a beer, and went outside to sit in the lounge chair by the pool. I took a sip of my drink, laid back and began reminiscing about my deceased wife. Oh God, we had a good life and our sex life was extraordinary. My cock began to swell as I remembered the time we spent at the lake just the two of us, with no clothes, no phone, and no television. We were communing with nature and having hot-wild sex.

I looked around to make sure no one was nearby, and then ran my hands down my swimsuit caressing my cock. I got out of the chair, and dove into the deep end of the pool. When I came up, I swam over to the edge and removed my suit and tossed them onto the chair. This was something I did almost daily too heighten my climax. Oooooh, it felt so good to masturbate out in the open, with the risk of someone seeing me.

I grasped my cock and began stroking slowly, then floated on my back with my hardening member sticking up out of the water, like a periscope on a submarine. I resumed stroking and began to fantasize. My latest one involved having sex with my grown, beautiful grand-daughters. Taboo or not, it turned this ole man on.

Jill was tall, skinny, with small perky breasts, flat stomach, and long brown hair. Her round face, blue eyes and rose colored lips turned many a man's head. Mandy was short, had a full figure, with short brunette colored hair, green eyes, and large breasts, she resembled my wife.

Most weekends you could find them swimming in my pool. Sometimes I would join them but there were a few moments where I would spend the time ogling them out of my bedroom window. After locking the door, I'd stand in the window, just out of sight, unzip my pants, and jack my hardening cock to a glorious climax.

I was lost in my fantasy, stroking wildly and didn't notice my grand-daughters had come over. That was until I heard a Jill's voice, "Oh my God, Grampa, I never knew you had it in you!"

Then Mandy exclaimed, "God, you have a good looking cock!"

I looked up and saw my two grand-daughters standing at the edge of the pool, blushing, but eying me with great interest. My cock and the images in my mind deflated.

I quickly moved and covered my crotch and said, "Oh hi, sorry!"

Mandy looked at her sister then back at me. She smiled mischievously as she leaned over, and whispered something into Jill's ear. Jill's eyes lit up with excitement and she squealed, "Let's do, sounds like fun."

I looked at them with a puzzled look and asked, "Do what? Come on fill Gramps in."

Mandy just licked her lips and purred, "You'll see, soon enough."

I frowned in frustration as I watched the two disappear into the house. After a few minutes they came back out wearing terry robes. In my mind I was saying 'what the fuck.' that is until they dropped the robes. Oh-my-God, they were naked.

As I ogled them I notice the differences in their hot bodies. Mandy had a smooth shaven cunt, along with large breast with hard brown nipples. Jill's perky but adequate size breasts had long hardening pin nipples, with blonde cunt hair. Before I could protest they dove into the pool swam over to me and each one grabbed one of my arms.

Mandy chirped, "Don't protest until you learn what we have in mind Gramps."

Jill followed by saying, "Yeah. After all there is no one in the pool or back yard but us three, and that high fence gives us all the opportunity to go skinny dipping.

I swallowed hard and confessed, "I always go skinny dipping, when I am alone. So what is on your minds, I can see they are full of />
Mandy answered the question by kissing me full on the lips as Jill took hold of my flaccid cock.

At first I resisted, then my powerful sexual desires took over and I put my arm around each and pulled them close. In my mind I was screaming, 'Yesssssss, oooooooh God, />
I started to kiss Mandy deep and hard letting our tongues do the dance of lovers. I almost passed out when I felt Jill's lips around my now throbbing member.

Mandy broke the kiss and admitted, "You do not know how much I have wanted to do that?"

I gasped and with a breathless sound in my voice replied, />
She shrieked, "Yes, who says a grandfather can’t be sexy?"

By that time Jill came up for air and confessed, "I have a confession to make Gramps. I've always wanted to suck your cock ever since I saw you getting out of the shower one day. Mmmmm, you taste so fucking good!"

My mind flashed back to the time, when I had apparently left the bathroom door open. I stepped out of the shower and came face to face with Jill who’d come in to use the toilet. That incident fueled the beginning of my hot-sexy fantasy.

All of the sudden, reality checked in and I bellowed, "We shouldn't be doing this, stop, please."

Mandy looked at Jill and asks, "Do you want to stop?"

She replied, "No, why should we? We are all adults here."

Mandy admitted, "You're right and I don't see nothing wrong with three consenting adults having fun."

Before I could refuse, Jill started caressing every inch of my cock, while Mandy grabbed my fingers and placed them in her hairless cunt.

My mind was racing a mile a minute as I stammered "Oooooh fuck! You're making it too hard for me to say no! Keep it up!"

After a few minutes, Jill suggested, "Gramps, get out of the water and lay in the lounge chair, I want to suck your cock."

Mandy squealed, "Oh yeah, that way I can straddle your lips. I'm dying to see what it feels like to have Grampa eat me!"

‘Who was I to resist such a beautiful request? ‘

The three of us moved. As my tongue tantalized Mandy's smooth cunt, Jill's mouth devoured my hardened member. It wasn’t long until my mind-body and cock were experiencing pure ecstasy.

After that the three of us met every weekend so that Grampa could once again enjoy the pleasures of a woman, two of them.

story by: Kountrygal

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: Kountrygal

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