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Bye” John said as he step out of the door.

I smiled as I heard the click of the door I was finally alone and with much need of it. I was a single mom and ever since my husband died two years ago I have been happy every time both of my kids left the house. Having a 17 year old boy and 15 year old girl is stressful enough when you have a husband to handle the kids and leave me with some alone time.

I went to my bed room and lit a few candles. The aroma of cinnamon always entices me. I started to remove my top and jeans revealing my white panties and small perky breast. I never had much use for a bra since I had not developed more than a small A cup. I licked the tip of my finger and slowly made circles around my small pink nipples. Taunting myself to do more and more as my nipples started to harden at the thought of what I was going to be doing in the next few minutes. The sensation of my hand against my hardened nipples felt good. I started to moan and I moved to lie on my stomach.

I closed my eyes as my hand slowly made its way down my stomach towards my warm slit down below. My hand was past my bellybutton when I suddenly got a shock. A simple kiss on the back of the neck from the warmest, softest, and lightest pair of lips I ever had known sent tingling shivers up and down my spine.

hurt me!” I said but in the back of my mind I knew that I was in no danger.

I felt a warm hand on my back and a sweet and giggly voice said be silly sweetheart I’m not going to hurt you”

“Who are you?” I said

The hand started to massage my back up and down my muscles and the same sweet voice said to me” I heard you moaning and came to see what was up. If you tell me to stop I will stop if not keep relaxed and I will keep working on you”

Her hands so soft and worked magic on me all I could say was” No please />
“I thought you would say that honey” She said with a laugh.

She worked up and down my back bringing ecstasy to every place she touched. She started to massage my legs and kiss my neck again. I moaned from the kiss.

“At a girl I see you like my kisses.” She was laughing playfully.

I started to turn as red as my hair and all aroused out of her was a small laugh.

“So how long has it been since you last were with a person?” she asked inquisitively

I stammered. I couldn’t speak well but I mumbled out “7 years.”

She started to kiss me more and more. Her hands moved like silk down my outer thighs.

“So I guess you’ve been here diddling yourself for some time now.” She spoke in a mournful and more understanding voice.

At that moment I realized how much I wanted her here all fears and embarrassment melted away. We sat in silence for awhile as she rubbed me. Her hands stopped near the top of my inner thigh less than an inch away from my pussy.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a pair this wet. I see you’re having a good time honey” Her Sweet and giggle voice returned but her statement puzzled me.

I said in confusion.

“You soaked your panties and left a rather large wet spot” She said.

My panties I had forgotten I was wearing them. I felt her hand across my bum as she slowly slid my panties off. I could now feel the moisture they held in spreading out on my thighs. She giggled as more of my panties were off and my little cunny was in her plain view. Her hands slowly worked their way around my lips in a clockwise motion stopping and starting teasing me on with each movement. She slowly blew hot air onto my pussy as her fingers danced along. I was moaning profusely at this point and my breath was scares.

“How would you like your clitty rubbed sweetie? Does that sound yummy?” Her voice was high and excited I could tell she was also enjoying herself.

Was all I could muster.

Her hand made the small journey down towards my clit. It was already erect from all her teasing. She circled the little organ a few times and I knew I was on the precipice of an orgasm. Her hand moved ever faster. My back started to arch and my hips thrust forward onto her hand. I started to let out a long moan.
She was going around my clit so fast and each time she said “At a girl you can do it cum for me cum for me.”

I came. My orgasm sent tingles up my spine and I was now screaming from the pleasure. I almost past out from the intensity of it all it was amazing. And all the while my friend my partner spoke softly in my ear my good girl.”

As the orgasm succeeded she started down towards my pussy again. I felt her tongue on my pussy lapping up the juices and rubbing my clit. I couldn’t stand it I wanted to pull my hair out it felt so great.

It came out of nowhere I started to yell “I’m Cumming I’m Cumming!” And another wave of orgasm came over me I started to moan as my pussy contracted hard this time. It was more powerful and it washed over me like a wave a pure ecstasy. I felt her head move now as the pleasure again succeeded. I heard her giggling.

I started to turn my body around to look her in the face. I saw her face for the first time it was shiny from my pussy dew and under that was the blushing and giggling face of my son’s 19 year old classmate Alice. I was in love from the moment I set eyes upon her and upon her fiery red hair and crystal blue eyes. I started to lick my juice up off her face as we kissed. Without A single word spoken from her perfect pink lips of hers I started to slowly remove her top to expose her perfectly round C cup breast as my hand slid under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties. And she was as wet as I was. I stuck my head underneath her skirt to reveal her pink pussy to my eyes. I mimicked the way she licked me. Alice had her orgasm in under a minute one after another after another. Once I had finished we were both exhausted.

I kept Alice as my girlfriend until she finished high school and married her soon afterwards people say we made a cute couple. And as our lives move on to become more hectic we made sure we had plenty of passion and a lot of alone time.

story by: Horneymonkey

Tags: fiction masturbation romance lesbian female/female sex story

Author: Horneymonkey

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