I get myself into a spot of bother

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I had spent the night reading stories and watching videos online I was tired and it was nearing 4am so I was definitely thinking of heading off to bed. I had masturbated at around midnight and my pants and cock were still sticky from the cum I had spurted into my underpants back then but as usual I had carried on looking and watching all the dirty girls on the net videos and was suffering from a raging hard on again. I could feel the head of my cock sliding around in the old cum pressing the sensitive skin of my glans into the slick material and making my cock even harder so I stood up and rubbed it through the cotton. that felt delicious and I felt my legs give a little as the pleasure washed through my midriff. As I turned around to walk outside I thought I saw something move at the end of the garden but dismissed it.I lived away from town and there were only a couple of other houses near so it didn't occur to me that it might be a person. Anyway I walked out on to the veranda and standing in the cool morning breeze I decided to take my cock out and stroke it in public.
I pulled the seam of my pants out looking down at the sticky mess that coated my cock and balls, itlooked lovely and I wished some one had been there to lick it clean for me like they did in the videos. So I let my cock spring free of my pants and take hold of it. My old cum is still slick and slippery making my hand slide along my length pushing gently towards the end of my rod and moving the skin to cover the bell end with skin and block out the cool night air.
As I pull back I watch and feel the skin slip back exposing the most private portions of my cock to the night air. Then I start to pump at my shaft…..I am tired and horney and want to get my cum over and done with tonight so making a fist around my shaft I pump hard gripping the rod and pulling the skin tight back as I buck my hips imagining that I am one of the lucky bastards in the videos rubbing himself off to cum in some gorgeous girls mouth or waiting to spurt all over her ass.
I can almost feel the rosebud of her ass against the end of my cock as I start to swell and feel my balls tighten. I remember the ast video I watched where a girl pisses into her girlfriends speculum filled ass and imagine I am with them wanking into her open hole. My cock jerks and explodes my mind playing back the video with the addition of my cock shooting wads of sperm onto the one girls pussy so it drips into the others ass and disappears from sight. mmmmmm I look and can see where my spunk eft a trail across the veranda and disappeared into the flower bed my hannd is sticky and slippery but I feel like I might just sleep now.
Heading indoors I take a flannel and wipe my cock and balls clean and head upstairs to bed. where just for once I slip off to sleep without thinking of some girls ass riding my rigid cock till I cum in her darkest hole.

As I wake I am vaguely aware of having something feeling odd but I am too drowsy yet to understand whats happening.
My cock is, as usual, standing to attention waiting for it's morning ritual.
Then I realise whats wrong. I can't move……. no not quite. I can't move my arms they are above my head and stuck. damn it I pull hard and bang my head which is the point where I open my eyes and look round.
blinking a bit I stare up trying to make out whats going on with my arms then realising that they are held to the bed posts with hand cuffs I look round the room.
My heart is starting to race as I get more nervous wondering why the hell anyone would do this to me. My eyes track round the room and I see my cock lying up against my belly rock herd as it usually is when I wake …oh man they'll see it jees there are times when I hate being horny.

I look further round the room and realise that they have already seen it. sitting looking at me are two girls. they are young, in their late teens I think, and naked. One is dark blonde with smooth light skin she has long hair that slips over her shoulders just hiding the tops of her breasts which she is proudly allowing me to see even though it is obvious that I am looking over her body. I look down a little but can see nothing of her lower portions because of my position on the bed.
I look to her accomplice who is darker with tanned skin there is no tan line around her tits but her hips are white and as she is standing up I can see that her pubic hair is atop white untanned skin I look a little lower and see her pussy lips jutting out and pink. they look delicious adn I think back to a video I saw with a similar looking girl bent over having her ass reamed out with a big jelly dildo. My cock twitches heavily and the blond girl points at it. No one says anything but the darker girl moves forward looking at my now huge and now, very hard erection. My heart is pounding hoping she will do something good but I am so nervous incase she does something horrible instead.
She leans forward and saying I have wanted to do this for weeks takes hold of my cock and sucks the end into her mouth…….oh my god it's good in there.
Her mouth is warm and wet and oh soo soft she sucks hard pulling more blood into my engorged cock and I groan. Her friend steps forward and startss fiddling around behind her, I can tell it's something sexual by the way she moans onto my cock a few seconds later. The vabration from the low moan is wonderful and I want immediately to cum. for some reason it occurs to me to warn her that I am going to spurt in her mouth but then I think …no way they broke in my house and shes sucking my cock what the hell does she expect me to do….so I let her suck and suddenly there it is a huge burst of semen erupts from my balls shooting upwards into her unsuspecting mouth. She coughs slightly as the sperm hits the back of her throat but she keeps her mouth firmly closed around my shaft pulling back so my cream spurts into her mouth and over her tongue and cheeks. then to fulfill a dream of mine she wswallows awww man I have always waned to feel a gir do that I have always wanted to know how it feels when a gir arranges the cum inher mouth and pulling her tongue over the head of my cock swallows my sperm.
It's so mch better than I imagined and I can tel I am going to be wanking off to this moment for a very long time to come.
Her girlfriend pulls her away …"hey you bitchy I wanted some of that."
the girl smiles and shrugs her shoulders then steps away.

"Now you dirty boy says the blonde time for you to eat me…I have seen what you watch on the internet …..time to fulfil your fantasy you dirty little fucker."

with that she steps over me facing my feet and giving me a great view of her beautiful pussy lips and slightly open cunt hole lowers her ass towards my face…….

more to cum….

story by: Calico

Tags: masturbation blowjob exhibitionism fantasy sex story Calico

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