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My wife Anne Marie and I have the greatest relationship in the world. Granted, many find it, well, unconventional to say the least, but great just the same. We have the deepest love and respect for each other, and are both very secure people. This allows us to explore some fantasies that other less secure couples would have a hard time with. First of all, Anne Marie is hot. She really is. She is 5'7" and 125 lbs. She has light brown hair with blond highlights, big brown eyes and a truly angelic face. Her body is slim, with a great ass and legs, and small but very perky 34b breasts. We are both in our late thirties and have experienced threesomes (MMF and MFF) with each other in the past. Our greatest sexual experiences have come when Anne Marie has allowed me to watch her have sex with other men and women. Feel free to check out some of our other stories if you haven’t already done so.

I have to admit, I love the fact that she can be the biggest slut in the world. She has done it all, from giving some guy head while I was away on a business trip, to seducing several of my friends. Just the thought of her tongue in another man's mouth, or her lips wrapped around a strange cock really gets me off. Some of the hottest times have been when I have been fortunate enough to watch her pleasure and be pleased by two other men at the same time. Well, on our recent trip to Florida, she came through like a champ.

Last November, I had some business down in Jacksonville, and Anne Marie and I decided that if she flew down there on Friday after my meetings, we could spend the weekend together and have a little fun. I picked her up at the airport Friday afternoon and after a nice dinner, we decided to buy some champagne and a bottle of whip cream and go back to the hotel room. We partied and played around, and had a really fun night together. We slept late on Saturday and when we got up, the weather outside was hot and sticky and quite overcast. Being the wonderful wife that she is, she said that if I wanted to play a round of golf, she would be happy to ride along in the cart (she doesn't play). When we got to the golf course we found it to be pretty empty (the weather being what it was). The starter said that we could go out by ourselves or join the two guys who were in front of us. They were in their early twenties and pretty good-looking guys, so Anne Marie said she had no problem joining them. As soon as they got a look at Anne Marie in her short white sun dress, they happily agreed to let us join them.

We introduced ourselves to Billy and Brett and the three of us teed off. The first few holes were certainly nothing to write home about. I spent a lot of time looking for my golf ball while my wife waited patiently in the cart. Billy and Brett, on the other hand, were very good golfers and they were both playing well. Billy was 22 years old, with short black hair and a trim but pretty well cut body. He was your typical frat boy type, but very friendly and very nice. Brett was the quieter of the two. He stood about 6'2" and I have to admit he had a great body. He was 24 years old and had dark skin (we later found out he was part black and part Italian).

On the sixth hole, I sliced my tee shot way off to the right. Brett hit an uncharacteristic horrible slice as well, but Billy was right down the center of the fairway. We decided that Brett and I would ride together to our balls and Anne Marie would hop in Billy's cart and take the ride down the fairway. Well, it was about this time when Anne Marie started to get a little frisky. She started to get out of the cart more and pull the pins for us on the greens and stuff like that. She was now regularly switching from cart to cart, making sure that she got a chance to ride with all three of us. It was then that I started to notice two things. First of all, I saw that my wife was really staring to flirt with Billy. Now Anne Marie is a wonderful flirt, and she was doing a bang up job. There was a lot of giggling and sly smiles and whispering to each other. It was really starting to turn me on. The other thing I noticed was that both Billy and Brett were really starting to check my wife out. I mean they had been stealing glances all day, but now they were getting a bit bolder. Her legs and ass were definitely getting the once-over from these two guys.

On the twelve hole, I sank a three-foot put for par (if you can believe that) and Anne Marie bent over to retrieve my ball from the cup. I'm not sure she realized it, but when she crouched down, her dress rode up giving us three guys a clear view of the patch of white panties between her legs. When she looked up at us and saw our three jaws on the ground, she blushed a bit and said "oops, sorry fellas". Billy told her not to be sorry, and asked her if she would pick up his golf ball if he sank his put too. We all laughed at this but Anne Marie said of course she would. Sure enough, Billy sank his five footer and Anne Marie made a total production of picking up his ball. It really was hot. First, she turned so her back was facing us, and then she bent down at the waist keeping her legs straight while reaching into the cup. Her dress, which didn't even reach mid thigh, rode up, totally exposing her ass, which was covered only by her white thong panties.

The rest of the round was a total free for all of sexual banter, flirting and flashing. The eighteenth hole was a par three, and Billy, Brett and I were making a bet on who would be closest to the pin with our tee shot. We couldn't decide on whether it would be $5 or $10 bucks to the winner, so Anne Marie made it easy by offering to give the winner "the sexiest kiss you have ever had". The guys couldn't believe their good fortune. Billy turned to me and said "and this is alright with you?" I told him, "Well, she's the boss, but I'm going to win the bet anyway"

Brett hit first, and got a great kick from the left of the green, leaving him about ten feet from the pin. He smiled and said "Oh Baby" knowing it would be hard to beat. I was next. Not a very good effort. I was on the back fringe, but out of the competition. I now realized that I was going to see my wife make out with one of these two men. Billy's turn to hit and you could tell this may have been the most important golf shot of his young life. His nerves must have got the best of him, because he hit the ball way left, and wound up about 25 feet away from the pin.

Anne Marie turned to Brett and said "Guess you are the winner, Big Boy." With that she walked over to him, reached up to put her hand behind his head, and brought her mouth up to his. She very slowly licked his lips and then put her tongue in his mouth. The kiss was slow and deep and it seemed like it lasted for five minutes. Brett's hands reached around my wife and found the thin material of her dress covering her ass. He put his hand underneath the dress and gently cupped both her ass cheeks in his huge hands. When they finally broke the kiss, they were both flustered but Anne Marie just bit her bottom lip and said />
Anne Marie was insatiable now, and on the ride to the green, she made me reach into her panties to feel how wet she was. She was dripping, so I gently slipped my finger inside of her. That was it. She actually had an orgasm on the way to the eighteenth green. When we drove up to the green Billy was pouting as he approached his put. He said "How about a kiss if I sink this put?…come on, it's a twenty five footer" Anne Marie looked at me, then right into Billy's eyes and said "If you sink that twenty five foot put, I will take you back to our hotel room, put your cock in my mouth, and suck it until you cum."

When Billy got up off of the ground, he just smiled and approached his ball. Brett said "Don't leave it short" and we all laughed. Billy must have read the put for ten minutes, but he finally addressed his ball and sent it on its way. It seemed like forever before the ball reached the cup did a three sixty and lipped out. Billy crashed to the ground while Brett and I were whooping and hollering and really giving it to him good.

Anne Marie walked over to him as he was stilled sprawled out on the ground and said "Oh…Poor baby" She reached down to offer him a hand up. Billy reached for her hand, but instead of getting up, he pulled her down into his arms. They started making out like high school kids, right there on the green. His hands were all over her tits, and she was sucking on his tongue. I started to get nervous because there were some people around the clubhouse watching my wife and this guy rolling around on the green making out and feeling each other up.

When they finally got off the ground, Anne Marie turned to me and said, "I'm going back to the hotel room with these two men. Are you coming? You can watch if you would like."

They followed us back to the hotel, and when we got to the room, I took a seat at the desk. They didn't waste much time. Billy unbuttoned the back of Anne Marie's dress and slipped it over her shoulders. She wasn't wearing a bra, so she was now just standing in front of them in nothing but her white thong. She got on her knees in front of them both, and reached up to unzip Billy's golf shorts. Brett had already taken his shirt and shorts off and I could see a large bulge inside his boxers. Anne Marie peeled of Billy shorts and underwear, and his cock sprung up hitting her in the cheek. She started stroking his cock with her left hand, while she was licking the bottom of his balls. Her right hand was inside of Brett's boxers, gently playing with the tip of his cock. All three of them were moaning now and Brett finally slipped out of his boxers. For the next twenty minutes, Anne Marie, on her knees, switched from cock to cock, sucking and licking. The men were playing with her tits and her nipples were responding to their touch, getting as hard and big as I have ever seen. Billy's cock was average length and pretty thick but Brett's was by far the largest I had ever seen. About 9" in length and so thick that Anne Marie couldn't get her whole hand around it. Watching my wife sucking these two men was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced, and I found myself naked from the waist down rubbing my own dick. From time to time Anne Marie would look up at me and tell me how good they tasted.

Finally, Billy lifted her up off of her knees and bent her over the bed face first. He took off her panties and spread her ass and pussy with his fingers. He got down between her legs and started licking her gently all the way from her clit to her ass. Brett positioned himself in front of her and put his huge cock back in her mouth. She started to convulse, and had a crashing orgasm on Billy's tongue. She took Brett's cock out of her mouth just long enough for her to beg Billy to fuck her. He put the tip of his cock up against her pussy and put his hands on her hips. He slowly pulled her towards him and his cock easily slipped inside of her. She was almost screaming now as Brett's cock was going in and out of her mouth. I noticed Billy starting to tense up and he said he was going to cum. He pulled out of my wife's pussy and started cumming all over her ass. She was in heaven as he drained his cock all over her.

When he was finished, Anne Marie told Billy to watch her sit on his friend's big dick. With that, she laid Brett on his back on the bed and straddled his thighs. She bent down and gave him another one of her famous French kisses, while slowly lowering herself onto his dick. I could not believe that she was able to fit the whole think inside her, but she was so wet that she didn't have the slightest problem. Soon she was bouncing up and down on his dick like there was no tomorrow. She came all over his cock and collapsed on his chest. Anne Marie slid off of Brett and once again took his cock in her mouth. He thrust himself in and out of her mouth four times before he began to cum. It was so hot watching him cum in my wife's mouth that I began to cum myself. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and continued to jerk himself off all over her face and tits.

By this time, Billy was hard again and Anne Marie looked at him and said, "I bet you want to cum in my mouth too". She got back on her knees and gave Billy the wettest deepest blow job you can imagine, until he started to cum again. This time she kept his dick in her mouth and swallowed his entire load.

The guys stayed around for a few more hours, both of them fucked her again and I even got some action. When it was all said and done, Anne Marie had cum four times (not including the one in the golf cart) and each of us guys came at least twice. It was an awesome experience, and since it happened, our sex life has never been hotter. We plan on meeting the guys same time next year for old times sake. They said they might even bring another friend. I can't wait.

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