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Larain and Robby lived in the middle of Butt Fuck no were. When they had first gotten together he was sweet and sensual, always wanting to fuck her and explore her body. Now though it seemed as though all he wanted was to hunt and drink. He had ,after all, bought the 120 acres with the huge ranch house in the middle of the property just for her. He wanted to be able to fuck her hard so she could howl, something she did as she came all over him over and over.

But lately he hadn't looked at her. He barely touched her in almost a year. She tried new things to entice him, even going out and getting a woman to help her seduce him. It didn't work though. None of it.

Now here she was in the kitchen, almost on her knees, trying to get him to fuck her. She wasn't ugly, not by a long shot. She had long honey brown hair that fell in ringlets, Big pouty lips, hazel eyes that varied in color with what she wore, huge 38 ddd breast , a waist that you could span with your hand ,and a beautiful ass that anyone would be proud to smack. But he had no interest and lately she was getting more and more frustrated, even taking to talking to a close friend, Aaron , for support and suggestions.

"Please honey. You don't have to go in for another hour." She stood naked in front of her husband. She wanted him so bad, but that didn't seem to be the case with him. All he ever wanted to do now a days was hunt and drink after he got off his shift at the police station. She just wanted to be touched, loved. Just a little attention, was that to much to ask?

She walked up behind him and ran her hands down his back, She was soaked and he wouldn't even looked at her.

"I got things to do Larain, I can't fuck you all damned day, DAMN! You insatiable slut!" He grabbed his police belt and walked out the house without even kissing her goodbye. She was getting tiered of it.

"Fine," she mumbled to herself. She stormed up stairs and pulled out her other lover, her bunny. She put it on full go as she slid it in all the way to the hilt. Then turned the clit stimulator on and enjoyed the ride. She moaned and twisted her nipples, squirming as the pleasure ran through her body and numbed her good. She was almost ready to cum when she heard something hit the floor in the downstairs living room.

It startled her and she almost pulled the bunny all the way out of her in the process. She stood up and placed the bunny on the bed, thinking that maybe Robby had come home or hadn't shut the door right and the wind had blown it open again. She didn't bother with a rob because she was the only one around for miles.

As she walked down stairs she saw the door was open and closed and locked the door before anything could roam into her house out of curiosity. She turned to walk back up stairs to see Aaron leaning against the living room door frame watching her intently. She jumped out of fright from not expecting him to be their.

"Aaron, What are you doing here this late? Is everything ok?" She started to panic as thoughts of his mother, who wasn't exactly in great health, crossed her mind. He smiled sweetly at her almost melting her knees as he did so, devouring her with is eyes as he did.

" No nothing's wrong, I decided to swing by and see if the talk we had earlier had paid off, I was just in time to see the finally" He looked at her with pity on his face and she wrapped her arms around her waist to keep his accusation and pity away from her.

He walked toward her stopping a few inches devouring her breast with his eyes. She knew he had had a crush on her for a while, but had never given him the opportunity to act on anything they had felt for each other. Lately though she had wondered if she would give him a chance would he help solve her ace. She wanted to be loved and touched again. Just a little attention.

She looked up at him. She could feel the tears brimming her eyes and fought hard to push them back. She put a hand on his chest trying to steady herself. He made it worse as he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. He pulled her to him and rubbed a hand up and down her back trying to sooth her as she started to sob.

"You don't need to be doing this, It's not your responsibility " She stumbled over the words she wanted , not able to get them out right as she gulped for air. It just made him all the more protective of her.

"Yes I do. "He put a strong finger under her delicate chin and lifted her head up so he was looking into her eyes, "I'm always gonna be here to pick you up and put you back together, no matter the He learned down and lightly brushed her lips. Just one kiss ,he thought, just one and I can walk away. But as his lips touched her he was set on fire. He deepened the kiss running his hand down her back and over her ass, and squeezing lightly.

As she reciprocated he pulled her closer. She moaned lightly , loving the feel of him, She let herself go wrapping his hands around his neck. pushing closer to him. She rubbed against his 6'2 chiseled frame while running a tongue along his lower lip. He growled at her pulling her to him while bringing one of his hands up to rub a nipple that had hardened against his shirt. Pulling and twisting he broke the kiss looking down hungrily at her.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, I will walk away now if you need more time or… or don't want to .But I'm not sure I'll be able to if we get much further. I don't know if I'll have the control to stop.." he trailed off looking at her with a hunger she hadn't seen in some time.

"I .. I.." She couldn't get out what she wanted, couldn't make her mouth form around the words ,so she just kissed him. She ground against his hard length whining softly into his mouth. She stopped after a few breathless moments and looked at him sultrily.

Leaning forward he picked her up and started up the stairs toward the bedroom. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed and nibbled on his neck as they headed upward. He found it hard to concentrate on what he was doing and almost missed a step.

Walking into the bedroom he laid her on the bed ,standing back for a moment to admire her form. She sat up on her elbows watching him. Her perky breast begged to be licked and a trail of cum had run down her inner thigh to her knee completely soaking her and her shaved pussy. Her hair tumbled around her in a light brown mass he wanted to stick his hands in and play with. And her neck. Oh my god what a beautiful neck. He let out a low growl at the sight in front of him wanting to ravish her now and relish his cock nestled securely into her beautiful pussy. But he knew he had to have control for what he was about to do.. Make her his.

"Are you gonna make me wait all night?" She was looking at him with hungry eyes he couldn't ignore and rather then answer her he lay over her and started to kiss her all over. Starting with her face he kissed down her neck and stopped at her beautiful breast paying close attention to her nipples. Going from one to the other sucking nibbling and pulling them till she was squirming under him. He then moved down to her stomach. Licking and kissing her belly button , she raised her hips Whining and pushing on his shoulders to try to get him on her pussy. He complied moving lower and diving between her thighs.

He didn't go directly for her pussy though, instead he started licking and kissing her thighs cleaning her juices from her and working toward her lips.

As he finally started on her pussy she shook almost cumming there and then.

"I forbid you to cum yet Larain. You have to wait a little longer." His voice held her an edge from the precipice were the orgasm she needed threatened to engulf her. He kissed her lips blowing on them, stopping every now and then to give her time to cool so she wouldn't cum right then and there. He licked her outer lips pulling them into his mouth and nibbling lightly. Making her scream in ecstasy.

"PLEASE , PLEASE" she begged "I NEED TO SO BAD, PLEASE!" She pushed his head down trying to get contact with her clit from his mouth. He took her hands and put them by her side , holding them there while continuing to give her blessed torture that was making her body tingle all over and making her light headed. Finally spreading her lips he blows lightly on the wet inner lips were fluid is poring from her.

"Oh my," he says "you are so wet already, maybe I should just stop" he smiled up at her teasingly. The look on her face making him laugh. She started to thrash back and forth trying to get her hands free so she could hit it. But he held tight. "Calm down baby, I'm just joking" He ran his tongue up through her folds getting a small puddle on his tongue as her ran up past her entrance.

As he ran over her clit she screamed and arched her back toward his tongue. Panting she laid back down and he let go of her hands to open her lips all the way. Lapping at the shinny sweet folds, carefully avoiding her clit. Squirming beneath him trying to reposition him to her clit was useless, he knew what he was doing.

Finally giving her realise he whispered "now" as he gently at first then more aggressively ran his tongue over her throbbing clit. She screamed at the top of her lungs his name twisting into a spine shivering howl as her orgasm ripped through her with a power she had never felt before. She seemed to be going higher as he put more pressure on her clit, giving her the blessed realise she craved and hadn't felt in what seemed like ages.

Finally he stopped allowing her to shake with the frenzy his tongue had created. He stood while she basked in the afterglow of the orgasm and undressed ,watching her writhe all the while ,every now and then dipping his hand into her sweet honey pot to taste of the sweet fluid that oozed from her.

As he took the last of the clothing off and positioned himself over him, She looked into his blue green eyes, the reflection of a clear summer pond. She hadn't realized he had gone till his glorious body heat returned to cover her. She kissed his lips nibbling on the bottom one ,while running her nails down his well toned back. He pushed at her entrance almost going in but stopping at the entrance. He smiled at her as she wiggled beneath him.

she whispered, her breath horse with lust and want," please let me have it." He smiled , His hole body lit up at this scene. He'd wanted her for as long as he could remember. Since the first time he'd seen her in the grocery store buying and squeezing cucumbers. To be between her thighs , to have her BEGGING for him. Only him instead of that pig she called a husband. He wanted her now. Longed to feel her wrapped around him, sucking him into her with her tight folds. But he knew if he gave in now. All that he worked for would be at a loss so he would give her a taste and then walk away, and wait. Wait for her to come to him. He knew she would . Her husband wasn't feeding her the right stuff, Neglecting this beautiful flower so he could hunt , for what , deer!?! Why hunt that when you could hunt at home. To be so used to such a dedicate flower you'd throw it away. The lips of her pussy sliding around his head brought him back to reality. He backed away slightly just so she could only get part of the head in.

"NOOOO" She wined GIVE IT BACK!" She bucked trying to get more. He kissed her then rough and passionate, the pressure leaving her beautiful mouth swollen from the effort.

"No" he said simply. She looked at him disbelievingly, her body throbbing with want need, just for him. And he had brought her to this. Why? she though, Just to tell her no? He looked down and did the hardest thing he would ever do. He got up. As soon as his cock was head level she attached himself to it like a suctions cup to glass. Drawing him all the way and bobbing. Before allowing himself to come be backed away, hearing the sloppy pop as his dick protested being free from her beautiful mouth.

"Not tonight. We will finish, and I will give you exactly what you want and need. But you will come to me." as she moved to get off the bed he held up his hand stopping her, "Not now. You will have a few days to think on it first. A week to be precise. You will NOT play with yourself but you may think of tonight. You are allowed no more orgasms unless I give you permission to have them. And you will do this because I will give you everything your body needs and more. " Her eyes lit up with confusion and wonder at his words. She loved playing with herself and it would be hard not to for the next week. A whole week with no sex. Not even to herself made her wonder if she would go mad.

He had started to dress when she went to her knees, "Please let me have one more" she wanted just one more and he would have gladly given it to her if he didn't know that she needed that one more to refuse him. So he walked up to her and stroked her hair gently. Shaking his head no, and continued to dress

He walked over to the bed and picked up her bunny, "I'll be taking this so you wont be tempted to disobey me. I know you love it and in it's absence will be forced to think more of me then of your own needs. " With that he picked her up and placed her on the bed, kissing her lips , each breast , and her pussy one last time before walking out of the bedroom. She followed him out and down the stairs and realized he still had her bunny, She went to grab for it and he pulled it away

"I'm serious , NO BUNNY!" He looked at her sternly as he had not before and it made her look at her feet with shame . "I'm doing this for your own good Larain. You'll get to see him again.. when I give him back, which I will eventually" and with that he kissed her forehead and left.

She sat at the foot of the stairs till the sun was rising looking at the open field through the open front door. She had thought about what he had promised. She wanted that so bad. She wanted to cum like that every night. To have that attention that was so denied her the past mounts. The best part was he offered it freely. But wasn't she a faithful wife? He had not been , all but abandoning her with her needs to go drink and kill wild animals. She wanted what Aaron had given her. Passion, love ,and attention that had SO lacked in her life for the past year. As the sun rose over the horizon Robby's car came down the road. She got up and walked to the kitchen to clean and get breakfast ready. She wanted a cock so bad, but knew Robby wouldn't give one to her. So as he walked to the kitchen and glanced in her direction again, not even bothering to say hello, she put the raw bacon , raw eggs and bread on a plate and threw it on the table in front of him.

your fucking breakfast" She stormed up stairs and locked the door, ignoring his pounding's and questions to what the hell was going on.

As she quickly dressed packed everything she'd need and walked toward the door suitcase and purse in hand. She'd go stay at a friends. From their she'd figure out what she wanted to do next. But she knew one thing. After tonight it sure as hell wasn't stay here. Not any more.

story by: Weaver_of_Tales

Tags: fantasy male domination wife sex story written by women

Author: Weaver_of_Tales

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