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I find myself waiting at the plaza for Chris, my hair up in a messy bun, tied up in a bandana, trying to distract myself. I light a cigarette, placing it between my red lips and inhaling the smoke. My headphones are blaring in my ears, and I mutter along with the song, closing my eyes and relishing in the feelings of control that pulsate through my lungs before I exhale the cloud of smoke and grin. I continue smoking, leaning my head back and losing myself in the music, and suddenly there he is, my current infatuation, making my heart jump and that warm area between my legs get hotter.

"What's he says, poking me in the side. I grin and shrug, taking out my headphones and putting the iPod in my backpack.

"Missed you, I say softly, sliding my hand up his leg to lightly grip his cock through his baggy jeans. His smile encourages me, and I lightly stroke him before getting up and adjusting my leggings, "Wanna leave?"

He nods and we walk to his car, me a little faster than normal, my tits bouncing slightly in the red and black lace bra I put on just for him. When we sit down and I fasten my seatbelt, his hand moves to my leg, making me bite my lip softly. As we pull out out the parking spot and onto the highway, I get an idea in my head.

As Chris talks about work, and speeds down the corridor, I reach over and unzip his fly, sliding my hand in to stroke his member. His voice hitches for a second, and he leans forward to turn on the radio, some new indie song playing through the car's speakers. I use my other hand to pull his pants down a little, and as I bring his cock out, I surprise him by leaning down and taking the head of his cock between my lips. He exhales quietly, his hands tightening around the steering wheel.

I look up at him, taking my mouth away from his dick, and smile before his hand goes to the back of my head and lightly pushes down. My body shudders excitedly and I start sucking him off, flicking my tongue around the head before taking the rest in my mouth, feeling the tip hit the back of my throat. I gag a little, then continue to bob my head, sucking eagerly.

I find myself wondering if anyone driving by can see the top of my head, or if Chris is making it obvious in any way, but I don't let it distract me from my current situation, which I'm enjoying quite a bit. His hand rests on the back of my head, not pushing, but not going away.

It's when his hand tightens in my hair that I assume he's getting close, and I pull away, licking my lips and sitting up in my seat. I glance out the driver's side window, making brief eye contact with an older womanin her mid-30's, who turns crimson and drives a little faster. Chris looks at me, narrowing his eys in minor annoyance, but still smirking at me.

"Just a teaser is all," I say playfully, and we continue the drive in silence. When we finally pull in at his place, I can't help but skip to the door, waiting for him impatiently, squirming with excitement with the thoughts of what will happen once we get inside. Chris takes his time, and I see in his eyes that he knows how bad I want it.

He slowly unlocks the door and opens it, stepping inside and gesturing towards the couch. I sit down, but only to pull off my shoes, socks, shirt, and leggings. Then I sit on his bed, bouncing happily, as he closes the door and gets settled.

"Dude," I whine, looking up at him through the blackened auburn color that has manifested in my over-dyed hair, and wiggle my chest in a childish yet sexy manner. He grins and pulls off his shirt, flinging it onto his laundry hamper and stepping out of his jeans.

"Just teasing, man," he responds, pulling my legs apart and climbing into the bed, pulling my left thigh to his hip. He kisses me slowly, flicking his tongue piercing against my upper lip. He works his way down from there, biting my neck and shoulders, kissing my chest, leaving a hickie or two along the way. He looks up at me over the top of his glasses, that delicious smirk on his face, and bites my hip, hard. I moan happily, and he moves his mouth to my inner thigh, biting again.

"Ohhh, fuck," I whisper, and he gets up abruptly, rooting through a paper bag in his dresser and pulling out a condom. He rolls one on quickly, and kneels between my legs, rubbing the tip of his hard cock on my clit, making me moan and squirm with delight and annoyance. He lines it up with my wet entrance, and pushes the head in, then pulling out, before slamming in and pulling my legs up flat against his body, plowing into me. I tilt my head back on the pillow, moaning softly as I feel him thrust against me.

"Jesus fucking christ," I squeal, and he shifts himself to a different angle, my knees pressed against my own chest, his arm on either side of me. I look down to watch his dick push in and out, bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy. It's too hard to focus on while I writhe around in pleasure, so I lean back, wrapping my arms around his neck. Chris leans forward and bites my shoulder, making me cry out, intensifying the pleasure.

His hand lightly holds my thraot, not choking me but applying just enough pressure to make my body go crazy with need. I mutter that I want it harder, and he stops completely, smiling as he oh, so slowly moves in and out of me, making me pout and cross my arms. Our eyes lock, and I see the look in his eye a second before Chris slams into me again, going harder and faster than before. A few moments of this goes by and he cums hard, leaning down to kiss me and bite my lip.

"Thank you," I giggle, and he pulls out, sliding the condom off and throwing it away. He pulls up his briefs and jumps onto the bed next to me, kissing me on the forehead. I snuggle up to him, poking his side and wiping a little sweat from my chest.

Another good bang, another fucking amazing day.

story by: Little Miss Cheater

Tags: fiction male/teen female blowjob consensual sex erotica exhibitionism voyeurism romance teen oral sex older male / female sex story written by women

Author: Little Miss Cheater

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