Surprise in the den

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With my extended family all gathered at my house for the holiday celebration, I decided to retire to my den to get some peace and quiet. I kicked my shoes away, loosened the fly of my pants and collapsed into my favorite chair. Soon the ballgame was drowning out all of the hustle and bustle going on around me. I was drifting in and out of awareness when I heard the tell-tale sound of the door clicking closed behind me.

"Um… Daddy?" My young daughter Callie had snuck away from her cousins and tracked me down. She was wearing a dress that succeeded in both reminding me of her youthful exhuberance and of her recently developed maturity, as it started at the top in a form fitting cling, and at the waist flared out into volumous layers. "Daddy, I kinda need to talk to you." I grunted a response, and that appeared to be enough for her. "Mom and I had 'The Talk', and said there might be questions that you could answer for me."

My eyes slowly opened. This was not something I was expecting. I pulled my legs down from the foot rest, and slowly sat upright. As I did, Callie sat down in my lap. Her dress spread out to cover my legs, and even most of the chair below us. "Okay," I responded. "What questions do you have?"

"Well, first you have to promise not to freak out or get mad. Promise?" Her eyes begged me for trust and honesty. Of course there was little I could do but give her just that.

"I promise. You know you can come to me with anything. Now what is all of this about?" She seemed to relax at hearing me say as much, and took a deep breathe before continuing.

"Well, mom and I went over the basics, but there were some things that she didn't cover. Things that you might know better than her." She seemed nervous, so I leaned to kiss her cheek. She turned to intercept it on her lips, and lingered for just a moment before pulling away. She twisted her body around and put one knee on either side of my leg, then sat down on my knees. Her dress spread out to cover everything.

"See, there is this guy I have these funny feelings about. I talked to mom about it. She said it was very normal and natural, and that it was just a part of growing up. Any time I see him, my tummy feels all funny. I know that if he just gave me a chance, it would make both of us happy. I just don't think he sees me the same way."

I felt my chest tighten. My baby girl was growing up. That's what all of this was about. She had a crush on some boy. "Well, Callie, you should find a chance to be alone with him and just tell him. He's sure to have feelings for you. You are a beautiful young woman."

Her eyes glinted with mischief. "I'm so glad you feel that way. Mom told me the same thing." She reached down and bunched up the layers of her dress. "Daddy, I have a surprise for you." She lifted up the layers of her dress and I could see where her panties should have been. Instead, she sat there, exposed to me in all of her youthful glory. Her fuzz covered pussy was right there in front of me. The tender folds of skin beckoned to me invitingly. I was frozen in that moment. My mind raced in different directions. My rational brain reacted with horror and panic. However, something deeper inside me reacted far differently. My pants, still undone from the beginning of my relaxation, were unable to hold back the primal reaction that was happening with my cock.

Callie looked up at my face, and then down at my bulging undershorts pushing out from my pants. I was frozen, unable to react as she peeled back my shorts and gripped my firm shaft. Her soft hands gently slid up and down the length of it, and my rational brain gave out to a fog of desire. My breathing picked up it's pace. Callie was clumsy and inexperienced, but she seemed eager to learn. She tenderly worked her small hands up and down, while keeping a firm grip.

I tried to stammer out for her to stop. I wanted her to quit this very instant. I wanted her to do this forever. The look of gleeful concentration on her face was amazing. She seemed to ignore everything else, as she built a rhythm upon my cock. My hips began making almost involuntary rocking motions. I could barely keep my eyes open as I was overwhelmed with pure ecstasy. Her soft hands brought out my animalistic urges. I was beyond controlling myself. I looked down at her still exposed pussy, and watched as it grew visibly wetter. I wanted to taste it so badly.

I reached forward to her warm pussy and gently rubbed her mound. Her soft new fuzz ran between my fingers, giving way to her slippery bump. My fingers ran between the folds of her skin, which had the unfortunate side effect of distracting her from my cock. I ran my hands across her smooth flesh, and softly ground into her. I slipped a finger into her tight hole, while still gently rubbing her sensitive womanhood. I picked up my pace, and her breathing became rapid. Her hips bucked and writhed, and she quickly gave way to a gush of wetness. She nearly shouted out, but I pulled her face to mine and kissed her before she drew the attention of any of the other people in my house.

"Daddy. Oh my God, daddy. That was amazing." Her small frame was shaking against me, and I pulled her close and held her against my chest. I could feel her heart pounding against me, as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Well, baby, did I answer your questions?" As she held her head against my shoulder, I snuck a taste of my fingers. The sweet flavor was intoxicating. The smell brought a twitch from down below, and I was suddenly aware that by pulling her to me, her wet pussy was now on my exposed and throbbing erection. She seemed to realize it at the exact moment, because I could feel her body tense.

"Not quite, daddy. I still have a *few* more questions." As she said so, she leaned back and looked at my face, waiting for a sign. Slowly she started shifting her hips. Back and forth she moved, sliding her moist cunny against the top of my shaft. She locked eyes with me, and rocked her body faster and faster. She pushed down harder and harder, as if she were trying to envelop my cock through willpower alone. Slowly her look of intense focus gave way to a glassy eyed stare. Her tight jaw slowly lowered until she was wholly focused on writhing back and forth, driving her pussy harder and harder against my cock.

I was captivated. This young beauty, this delicate flower of a young woman was completely focused on driving my cock against herself. I was helpless to resist. Her writhing and wriggling became wilder and more intense. She seemed unable to contain the youthful vigor within herself. I was certain that soon the door would be kicked in, because clearly there is no way that this could continue.

Then as that thought occurred, all movement stopped. She seemed frozen, and I quickly realized why. We sat poised. Her pussy sat against the head of my cock. She was hesitant. I could almost hear her thoughts. Should she push forward, to a point of no return, or pull back, and lose this opportunity forever. I knew because I was having the same thoughts. I could not make that decision for her, though, so I kissed her gently, her warm lips felt like silk against mine.

She grunted softly, and pushed her hips forward. The tip of my shaft pierced her virginal flower, and she halted again. I held her tight for a few moments while she collected herself. After breathing in and out a few times, Callie seemed more composed. She shifted her hips slowly, and inch by inch I could feel her warm, tight flesh devour mine. I began hating that dress, because I longed to see her sex, impaled as it was, upon mine.

I placed my hands on her hips and steadied her. I knew that if I were to offer her any satisfaction, I would have to restrain her youthful vigor, otherwise this would be over very quickly. I slowly guided her against me, and showed her how to keep a rhythm that could be enjoyable and still last. I ran my hands over her dress, and felt just under the cloth the nubile breasts that had formed underneath. Callie leaned forward and pushed her tongue into my mouth, and then it had occurred to me. I was having amazing and forbidden sex with a beautiful woman. The fact that she was my daughter had completely left my thoughts.

I firmly grabbed her buttocks and pulled her in, driving my shaft deeply into her.

"Ungg," She cried out, over the long ignored sports broadcast in the background. I pulled back and drove into her again and again. Each time she got louder, until she buried her face against my neck and squeaked, "Daddy, please don't ever stop. I love you so much." I could feel her flesh against me, twitching and spasming, as her eyes took on a look of daze. She bathed my cock in a wash of wetness, so I slowed. I didn't want to overwhelm her, but I wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as I could.

Finally her senses returned, and she lay against my chest gasping for air, while making tiny little fucking motions with her hips. My cock still lay buried deep inside her, and still firm as a rock. She sat up slowly, and I could see it in her face the same time the sound hit my ears. The door handle of the den was turning. We froze, unable to move, when in came my parents.

"Oh, here you two are!" My mother practically shouted. "We've been looking all over for you. We're heading out and wanted to say good-bye. What are you two doing in here? You're missing all of the fun."

I stammered, "We're, um, we're just talking. Callie was having boy problems, so I was helping her out. Love you, mom. Love you, dad. Have a safe drive."

"Love you too, son. Callie, give Grams a kiss." My mother leaned in, and Callie rose up to meet her for a good-bye kiss, and as she lowered back down, I let out a gasp. Next came my father, and Callie rose to meet him.

No sooner than she lowered back down than my in-laws walked in. Another round of good-byes, and another round of kisses. Each one bringing Callie up and down on my throbbing cock. I struggled to maintain composure, when my sister and her husband came through the door. It seemed every one of the people in my house was lining up out of the door to my den, waiting for a kiss from my daughter. Callie, ever the sweetheart, rose to meet each one.

I could feel myself reaching a turning point. Soon enough, the line was gone, and the guests had piled out of the door. Callie's pussy was frothing and on fire against my dick. I wanted to rip her dress from her and ravish her. Before I could move though, another member of my family entered the door.

Meghan, my lovely wife, came and sat down on the arm of the chair. Callie seemed to enjoy torturing me, because she kept playfully bouncing up and down upon me. Meg seemed oblivious, as she told me about all of the things that had happened while I was resting.

Finally she turned to my still bouncing daughter. "Callie, did you talk to your father about those questions you had?"

Her voice broke with each bounce, but Callie replied, "Yes….. I did….. He seems…. to be….. okay…. with it….."

She nodded, stood up, and said, "Good. I knew he probably would be able to help you." She turned towards the door, and put a hand on my shoulder. "Don't wear him out too bad. I want to fuck him later tonight, you know."

I filled my daughter's tight pussy full of frothing white cum.

story by: happy_pants333

Tags: fantasy incest sex story

Author: happy_pants333

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