Becoming mommy's bitch pt. 1

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When mom came home that night, I could tell that she had been to the bar again… She wasn’t drunk, but I could tell she was buzzing… She went into the kitchen and fixed herself a drink as I was flipping through the channels on tv. There was a cheerleading competition on, so I stopped to watch a bit of that as she came back into the living room. She did that amazing thing of taking her bra off without taking her shirt off as she looked at what I was />
“You like looking at the girls in the short skirts eh Vince?”

I looked up at her, always loving when she would be braless, her heavy DD tits swinging around under her shirt, her nipples poking out through the material… It caused me to pause before />
“Yes mommy, I like the girls, but I also think that it is neat that they have boys too… Maybe I will try out for that.”

Mom took a big swallow from her drink before snorting

“HA! You? Trying out for the cheerleading squad? A whimpy, weak lil fuck like you? Shiiiiiit, you would have a better chance of getting a short skirt and pom-poms from the squad than to be one of those strong –but probably gay- guys that do all those hard lifts… How about that Vince, you want />
“Yeah, pom-poms and a dress… panties and a bra… pretty fitting for a pathetic lil wimp like />
“I am not pathetic!, and I am strong too!”

“Oh yeah?” As she knocked back the last of her drink, “If you are strong enough to be one of those guys, you should be strong enough to keep me from putting you into this bra then, shouldn’t you?”

Mom was in pretty good shape, working in the factory had been like a daily gym for her, so she never really put on much weight and was pretty strong. She grabbed the bra that she just took off and came at me. I stood up quick to try and stop her from doing anything, but she got to me fast and spun me around, locking one arm around my waist and holding me tight against her. With her free hand, she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up over my head. No matter how much a struggled and fought, she just over powered me and soon I was shirtless.

I had never wrestled around with a girl, and so when I realized that I could feel her hard nipples and big soft tits pressing into my back, it caught me by surprise and I stopped struggling for a moment… Mom took advantage of my stillness, and before I knew it, Mom had the bra on me and spun me around…

“Awwww now aren’t you just precious in that bra, but no cheerleading team is going to take you with just that, you need to match!”

With a tipsy lil sway, she pulled her jean skirt up and I saw that she had on panties that matched the bra that I was now wearing. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid them down, but not so quick that I didn’t catch a glimpse of a dark patch of hair between her legs before the skirt came back down.
By this time, my head was reeling. This sudden outburst by mom, the physical sensations of her tits against my back, the quick glimpse of what I knew to be her pussy, and the realization and embarrassment that I didn’t mind the bra on me… I kind of liked it.

As all this was trying to process in my head, I saw that mommy was stepping closer to me again, and in a quick motion, she had pulled down my boxers.

I let out a little shriek and tried to bend down and cover myself, but mommy grabbed a handful of my hair with her free hand, bringing the panties up in front of my face with her other…

“You have to match if you want to impress those stuck up little cunts, so put these on… NOW!”

“Mommy.. Nooooo stoooo” my words were cut off as her hand struck me across the face. I reeled back, both in pain and in shock as she just held the panties out to me….

Red faced from the slap and from the embarrassment, tears falling down my face, I slipped her panties up over my legs, and up to cover my little dick. As I did, I couldn’t help but notice and feel that it was swelling up within the />
Mom stood there and looked at me, and I could see disgust all over her face. When her eyes passed over my crotch, I saw them pause and then linger, the disgust turning to outrage as realization of what she was seeing pushed through the alcohol in her brain.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?! Are you getting a fucking HARD-ON???”

She grabbed my crotch violently and squeezed hard, my little cock and balls being crushed in her grip, causing me to shriek again and my knees to begin to buckle…

“My fucking god, the guys at the bar were right! A boy that grows up without a father turns out to be a fucking faggot!”

With the hand that had the grip on my privates, mom propelled me towards my room… "Go to fucking bed you little faggot! Get out of my />
I ran as quick as I could to my room with my balls screaming in pain, but with my dick now hard as a rock and tears streaming down my cheeks as I burst into my room and slammed the door behind me. I tore the bra and panties off of me, thinking that my shame would leave me as soon as the garments did, but the shame, and the… what did mommy call it… the hard on stayed, and I threw myself onto my bed and cried.
After a few minutes, as the scene from the living played over and over in my head, specific things began to stick out to me more and more… The feeling of mommy’s tits and nipples against my back, the glimpse of mom’s hairy privates, the way that the bra and panties actually felt… good… the feeling of mom’s hand on my thing… even though it hurt, it had felt hot and sorta felt good too… and there was something else… something when she was shoving the panties into my face…

I got up and brought the bra and panties back to the bed, and laid them out to look at them… They really were pretty… Black lace over teal satin… I picked up the panties and held them to my face, what had I noticed?

Ooo… there is a scent… oh, that is nice… and it makes my dick swell again… I don’t /> I was tired, confused, wrung out, and afraid that mommy hated me… That word kept ringing through my head… I really wanted to go to her, have her hug me and tell me everything would be alright, but, I />
I slipped the bra back on, the straps feeling a little like mom was hugging me, and… well… it felt nice… As I laid down to go to sleep, I brought her panties back up to my nose… that scent, that unusual, alluring scent filling my nostrils and my brain as I cried myself to sleep.

story by: AnalManWhore

Tags: fantasy incest humiliation male / older female sex story

Author: AnalManWhore

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