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I Saw You

By Blueheatt

…..These were the last words I ever wanted to hear from my sister Linda. My dad’s girlfriend Stella got careless. Sis saw Stella and I fucking in my pickup in the driveway late one night. The street light gave her second floor window just enough light, to look down and see us fucking. I had her dress up and her panties off in the front seat of my pick up. Sis could see my ass fucking away hard on her, thru the windshield.

Now what to say to her statement. She smiled like she was so clever and had put me in a real tight spot. She was 3 years older than me and had divorced and moved back home in her old room.

I think I knew what was coming.

She had teased me ever since I could remember. She loved to make me horny by rubbing up against me, talking about sex to watch me get a boner, adjusting her bra over and over while I watched. She would leave her bedroom door open as she dressed, and undressed when she knew I was close by. She would yell at me from the shower to bring her something, letting me see her a little naked. “Oh you unhook my button the back of my dress?…she would say.
The hardest was when she would come in my room at bedtime, wearing a very skimpy nightie, no bra, no panties and sit on my bed. She would rub her legs, tits and a little pussy rub as she talked about nothing.
I wanked thinking about her many times, and I think she knew it.
I tried to ignore her, and never made a move on her. This just seemed to intensify her little game she liked to play. Now she had something to hold over me to get me to do anything she wanted me to,…. so she thought…..

I said: go up to your room.” She got a bigger smile and wiggled her ass up the stairs in front of me.
I sat on her bed as she laid down in her long sheer night gown. She lifted one leg up to expose her no panties upper legs.
I said: it gonna take to keep you quiet?” I already pretty much knew her answer.

She surprised me at first. She said she was actually happy for Stella and I, because Stella wasn’t getting any sex at home…until now. Dad hooked up with another woman. He spent almost all his time at her place. This was right after sis left and moved in with her boyfriend.

I always wondered about the timing of that.
Stella hung on to me and I slowly became her fill in lover. It was all kept very discreet and was a wild woman in bed. She let loose with all the things dad didn’t do. He had stopped having sex with her and spent a lot of time at his new girlfriend place.

Sis asked how Stella and I started having sex….

It started late one night. Stella asked me to give her a back rub. She lay face down on her bed and was naked except for a towel around her. She had a beautiful body. Hot legs, a firm ass, and nice tits. I tried not to react but I got hot rubbing her back. She removed the towel and said to keep going. Now I was rubbing her ass and legs. She opened up her legs wide exposing her pussy. I tried not to look but my eyes went right for it. She began to moan. I got a huge boner in my boxers, I couldn’t help it. Then it happened. She rolled over naked and whispered: (“..now do the front..”). She saw my big boner and began to breathe hard. I started rubbing her legs first. She put both knees up. Now her pussy was wide open and I could see everything. After a while she reached out and grabbed my hands and pulled me up on top of her. She whispered again: (“..now let me rub your back.”) I didn’t have a shirt on and her tits were now under my bare chest. My boner was resting right on her pussy. My boner was trying to cum right then. We lay there a while, both breathing heavy when I felt her thumbs slide inside my boxers at my hips. Her legs began to open wide.
Sis lay on the bed as I told the story. I watched her breathing increase, and her hand played with one of her nipples. Now I was making her horny, for a change.

I continued with the story, but first she interrupted me to ask if Stella had said anything about dad’s ‘other women.’
I said no…but I lied.
Stella told me she always thought something was going on with dad and sis, but she had no proof.

I />
Stella started inching down my boxers until my boner was free. Now my boner was firmly laying pointing up and right on her clit. It felt again like it was going to cum. She rubbed my back so hot but just kept going. She began to rub my butt cheeks and let her hand dive between my legs. She felt my balls as she and I were really gasping for air now. She was breathing right in my ear and little moans started in. Her hands started moving all over me, running her fingers thru my hair and squeezing her knees together against my hips. I could tell she want to fuck bad, but held back. I felt my hands come up and feel her big tits. It was an automatic reaction. I was hurting I was so aroused. I closed my eyes and pretended she was my girlfriend, only with a better and hotter body. She started slowly lifting her pussy up and down. Each movement rubbing my boner across her clit and getting closer to going in her pussy. Now we both were moaning a little. I was going to cum with this feeling on my dick. She seemed to know it and lifted her pussy way up and….. in went my dick in her pussy. It was so warm and slick, my dick went into shock as she squirmed my dick in deeper. We never spoke, just our breathing and moans were heard. Her hands kept squeezing my butt cheeks over and over. She let her knees out to get me in deeper.
My sister is now rubbing her pussy and a full massage of her tits. Her eyes are glazed over picturing all this in her mind. I smiled to myself and may have an orgasm over this story, now who’s making who horny?…I could see her fingers moving under her night gown and hear the clicking of her juices. Now she was giving me a live horny show, and I was loving it. Did she not even notice my big boner that looked like a big salami in my jeans? Nope, she was in a daze and I had control now. I was mean and paused. She said: what???” I smiled and said: kind of embarrassing. “ She said loud: “Fuck that!, go on with it Sonny!”
( I was having a very good time after her years of sexually teasing me.) I was also enjoying looking at her hot body as she was masturbating. She was built like our real mom , with nice tits and a good figure. She was now hornier that I’d ever seen her. I laid down next to her and continued.

I don’t know what kept me from cuming in Stella right away, I think is was too intense. She pulled me deeper and deeper in her until I was touching bottom. Now she began to shake and squirm hard. We were like a smooth fucking machine We blended together as one and her legs came up and held me tight in her. She began to moan out of control right in my ear. “oh god….Oh
She felt me shoot my first shot in her. She made groaning noises as her face got red and she shook hard. She moaned and climaxed so beautiful in my arms, it made me shoot harder and harder in her. We locked up and trembled. My dick and balls hurt from the strain. I couldn’t get air from her holding me so tight.
I looked right in sis’s eyes. She was also red in the face and trembling, she burst out a moan and orgasmed while staring me in the eyes. I watched her keep fingering her pussy as she had gushed a little on her night gown. I leaned on my elbow and just watched her tremble and orgasm.
I had wanked many times thinking about her and I fucking wildly. Now I got to watch her orgasm right in front of me. I reached out and rubbed her arm. She jumped and scooted close to me, still rubbing her pussy. I let my fingers tease her neck and wander close to her nice tits. I watched her slowly close her eyes. I played with her like a new toy. Slowly my hand felt her tits and big firm nipples. I slowly opened the front of her night gown. She was going for another orgasm with both of her hands working her pussy.

I said: “Stella doesn’t need you knowing about her and she doesn’t need to know anything about what you and I do let’s just keep all this between you and I. “ She nodded her head, still playing with her pussy. I said: “She will be home anytime now, but tomorrow she’ll be at work, and you and I I leaned down and kissed her tits gently as she moaned and shivered again….she was now gasping for breath. I had to cum right now, and quick before Stella came home. I took down my pants, finally let my boner out and began to wank right beside sis. Now she could watch me cum like I watched her orgasm. I watched her hands masturbate her pussy as I went into a fantasy about me fucking her. Her eyes were locked on my boner as I stroked it faster and faster. She began to moan and tremble waiting for me to cum. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and shot a huge stream up in the air. I moaned and my body jerked out of control. My second shot was met by her hand above the end of my boner, feeling me shoot. That made me shoot harder and more. She began to squirt as her body jumped and squirmed. We both rolled towards each other and I shot cum on her pussy as she squirted on me. Shot and then squirt over and over. We both couldn’t believe it was happening. My body was acting on it own as was hers. She held my boner as I pushed it to touch her pubic hairs. I splattered more cum on her as she dribbled another squirt. We were both stunned.
It was the first and the best dual wanks for /> ——–
This changed everything.
We wanted to fuck each other so bad we trembled. We held each others faces and both whispered the same word: /> /> Linda /> Oh just had my mind taken to euphoria land…..He can fuck me anytime he shoots more and harder than any man I’ve every been with. I love it when a man gets this excited over me.
finally got excited enough to want to have sex with me. We could have been fucking for a long time now, but he was just afraid of liking to fuck me to much. I knew he wanted to, all this time, I just had to tease him enough to go for it. He’s been fucking Stella, and not me. Tonight I’ll give him the fuck of his life. I’ve fucked a lot of guys and I know how to make him cum so hard, his balls will explode. I need a good fuck until the next guy comes along, and he’ll be my fuck buddy from now on. Damn his cock has grown from when I use to see it when he was little. I wonder what age he started wanking thinking about me. I’ll ask him, he’ll tell me anything I want to know now.
Damn, the little shit sure knows how to make me hot. I’ll own him and have him get me hot anytime I want him too. I bet he’s never eaten a pussy, I teach him plenty. He’ll be my little sex slave and make me climax good. I bet he’s never had a blow job. I’ll suck his cock so good, he’ll beg me to do it some more.
Seeing him and her fucking like crazy was the best thing that could ever happen. If he thinks she is good in bed, wait till I get a hold of him and fuck his boner crazy.

/> Stella snuggled up to me on the couch. Sis watched T.V. with us. When sis went the kitchen Stella whispered: you come to my room tonight?…I need you.”) I didn’t reply as sis came back in the room. When Stella went to the bathroom I quick told sis ’not tonight’, I have to go please her tonight. She whispered: (“..you can’t do this to me! Make me this hot and not show up!”) I said: can think about me when you wank /> She glared at me….She was not pleased about that.

It was decision point for her.

If she told Stella that she saw her and I having sex. Stella would be horrified and no more sex for me, but no more sex for sis from me…or

….she could keep quiet and let Stella and I fuck and I’d fuck sis too.

She must have decided to keep quiet.
I decided to have sex with them both in one idea go me real hot…

I went and got two glasses of wine. One for Stella and…one for me. None for sis. Stella smiled and started drinking hers down. When she wasn’t looking I kept adding a little of mine to her glass. Now she had 1 and ¾ glass in her. I got her another and did the same thing. Sis watched all this. When Stella went to pee, I whispered to sis: in plans, I’ll see ya later.”) She smiled big and pinched me on the ass. She whispered back: glasses of wine will knock her out. Three and you might want to fuck her quick before she passes out.”) I smiled and sat back down. Sis got up and flashed me her nice tits, then wiggled her ass to her room.
Stella came back and asked quietly: “Did she finally go to go to my bedroom.”
We quietly went up stairs and into her bedroom. She grabbed me instantly and the duel feel up began. We began undressing each other, feeling us all the way. She loved it when I slowly took her clothes off. She moaned quietly as my hands rubbed over her tits, ass and slid down over her pussy. I peeled off each item, kissing, licking and squeezing everything. She seemed extra horny tonight. She dropped to her knees and licked my boner, getting it all wet. She sure knew how to get me hot. I held her head and face fucked her a while. She gasp for air at times and licked all around my balls. I pulled her up and laid her on the bed all hot and naked. I rolled her over and pulled her ass up in the air. I started licking her hot pussy from behind. She was very wet and squirmed and moaned. I mounted her and reached around and fingered her clit. She squealed quietly and pushed back, as my cock slid in her pussy. I teased her with my slow moving cock. She wasn’t in the mood to wait and started rocking back on my cock and moaning. Both her hands took over rubbing her clit from my hand as I went for her nipples and rolled them firm. I loved to hear her moan in god…oh yes…oh… oh.

Downstairs in sis’s room, she listened at the vent…
must have always fucked when I wasn’t around or at 3 in the morning when I was asleep. I can hear real good here at the bathroom vent. Damn, he’s got her moaning good….

Her mind drifted and the memories flashed back as she whispered to can make me moan like I need to call him and see when his girlfriend will be gone />
Hurry up Sonny, and then come and get the fuck you’ve wanked about for so long. My pussy is already wet and waiting for a hot fuck.
/> Stella was building up to a climax fast. She liked this doggy style for the first time. I massaged her tits and nipples as she started to shake and moan out….she pushed her pussy back firm and moaned loud. She started climaxed hard. Her whole body shook and she said: “Oh yes!… Sonny, don’t stop!” I shot a big loads in her as she felt it and moaned loud again. She started fucking faster and groaning as I shot more cum in her. Her hand rubbed her clit as she yelled YES! and dropped down fully on her shoulders. She quietly kept moaning over and over.
She was now going weak and breathing hard. Her knees sank down as she was now down flat….she was completely /> ———-
I went in my room and went to bed.

It was about an hour later when I felt my sister crawling in bed with me. She was all excited and horny. She went down under the covers and I felt her jacking my cock. Then I felt the wonderful feeling of warm wet lips going over my ready boner. I got rock hard and moaned a little. I felt her taking off her night gown. She crawled in top of me and stuck my boner in her wet pussy. My hands came up and felt her warm tits. She held my hands and guided them all around her tits and nipples. She rocked on my boner, driving it deep in her. She then leaned over and whispered out of breath: the hottest brother….. a girl…. could ever have..”) Damn, she knew how to fuck good. She worked my boner in her and the next thing I new her tongue was licking at my lips. She rammed her tongue in my mouth and moaned as she started fucking me faster. I wrapped my legs around hers and my hands felt around her tits. This girl I had wanked so many times thinking about, was now on top of me, fucking me so good. I got so turned on I pushed my cock deep in her with each stroke. This made her more excited and we began our first fuck and It was going to be a heavenly one. She started pulling my hair as I squeezed her tits and her hard nipples. Our bodies started making a slapping noise as my cock was getting ready for a mega shoot. We hit it just right and my cum shot in her as she climaxed and shook. I think we got loud with our moans, we could care less. My cock was shooting wildly as her pussy worked it’s magic on my boner. Her pussy could somehow squeeze my boner all over as she moaned and squirmed. Our minds left us and euphoria took over. We were locked together in our arms tight. I pumped every last shot of cum I had in her. We lay twitching for a long time.
We agreed later, we had just had the best fuck of our lives and we were still in shock.
Dad changes girlfriends every few months.
Now, myself, my sister and Stella all sleep together in Stella’s big bed, or wherever we end up. My dad, when he sleeps here, always sleeps downstairs in the den with the door closed.

He says the noise from our upstairs bedrooms keeps him awake….

story by: blueheatt

Tags: fiction young blowjob cum swallowing threesome coercion lesbian extreme wife sex story

Author: blueheatt

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