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          The city lights flash by fast. Rose's heart begins to thump hard against her chest. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump… Her eyes skim over the bodyguards besides her. They intimidate her, make her queasy, helpless, unsafe which totally defeats their purpose. But she eyes the man in white in front of her and she feels even more helpless. Those mean, vicious yet somehow attractive features on his face make Rose uncomfortable. She's been staring at that face for far too long for as long as she could ever since he took her two years ago. He told her that today was the day. For what, she didn't know. She did know that it was important, though, because he ordered his servants to have her dressed up. With make up, which was rarely ever use in the />          "Where are we going?" asks Rose. Two years is a long time to get used to someone who kidnapped you but treated you well. Thats somehow what rose felt: Comfort around him because of the way he treated her. Always giving her what she wants, keepin her in good shape. But never letting her out of his sight for even one minute. He was always afraid she'll run away.
         "To a club," replies William. His icy blue eyes meet her green ones. She grimaces. Somehow she knew this was the last time she'll ever see him. Taking a deep breath, Rose sat up and took a seat next to him. 
        "Will I ever go home?" asks Rose. She skims for any sign of emotion on his face. There is none. 
       Sighing, William lets his hand wander up her leg and then down again. He para it lightly. This was an enticing touch for her. She's been feeling this intense level of LONGING inside of her every time he touched her for the past couple of days. She blushed, feeling his strong grip on her leg. His fingers snake up higher and higher until she starts to anticipate his touch more and more. Until she can't handle it. Her insides were burning with passion and she knew it. Even if she was a virgin, she knew all about what it was to be turned on like the way she was just now. His fingers pressed lightly against the crotch of her already damp panties before he chuckled and the car came to a stop. 
      "Go on, I need to have some privacy." He ordered the mutts out. They obeyed and stepped off onto the grid.
      It was happening again, Rose thought. She gracefully got in between his legs, her heart swelling. Even if he had kept her against her will for a long time now, she still felt something for him. "The usual?" asks Rose. When this had first happened, she had been disgusted by the mere thought of having to please someone by doing it with the But she learned to like it. To love it as though it was just plain old routine. 
       Now she rubbed his cock in a blissful haze. There was this lost look on her face. Like she had become addicted to doing this to him. Like she actually enjoyed it. She unzipped his pants and reached in for his cock. But just as she was about to slip it into her mouth, he stopped her by pulling her up onto her lap. "Yes, master?" she asked, her eyes twinkling with longing. 
       "Fuck me," he ordered. She could feel Will's cock pressing against her crotch, turning her on. Her nipples were hard. The hair on her arms standing up to attention. She grind slightly against it, liking the hard feel of it. 
       "But I'm a virgin," says Rose, kissing William. They both embrace each other. Still lip-locked. Not once letting go for a few minutes. 
      "I know," says William indifferently, pulling away a bit breathless. All of a sudden, the mood in the limo changed and he pushed her off of him. She gasped in shock and looked at him.
      "Are you ok?" she asks. This has happened many times before. Some playing around will turn him on, make him want to do her, but then he'll back track and say 'I know' or 'I'm saving you for something special' or anything like that, along those lines. The only thing he can do now is put on a serious face. He stepped out of the limousine and then helped Rose off. It seemed like nothing was under them as she got off. When her feet first touched, she felt something close to glass sustain her. A blue light went off on the square she stood. She could see more buildings below her as she looked down.Rose obediently followed William.
      a surprise waiting for you inside," says William, still with that indifferent tone. She smiles at him. He always made her feel like some sort of queen for unknown reasons. Without waiting for him to say anything, she kept following him. There was no one around but them. The place was big, fancy, and quite oddly isolated. She frowned but thought nothing bad of it. 
       Until she was inside, at least.
       Big round tables stood around her. At the very center of the room was a mass of men she've never seen before—or at least that's what she thought. Suddenly she feared the worst thing ever and clung to Will's arm. But as she came closer to all of them, she noticed the gold masks covering their eyes and foreheads. She swallowed loudly. Before she knew it, she was being yanked away by Will's body guards. She whimpered and tried to shake them away but they held her still. 
       "Will, what's going on?" she gasped. But there was no reply. Instead, the bodyguards cuffed one of her hands. There, at the very center of the circle of men was a pole. The body guards cuffed her hands back around the pole and made her stay there. She didn't didn't want to be whipped like before when Will had just taken her in. 
       "Okay, bidders, here's your little Lily. Now, I must say, she's been very well trained and is worth more than any of the whores I have brought before…" started Will. His tone was all business.  Suddenly, Rose knew what was going on. Will kept going on about her innocence. How she never did anything to contradict him. How obedient she was, her skill at giving good blowjobs. Etcetera, />      She started to freak out and look around the room. No one she knew. No one at all. She suddenly wished to be at home, in her school, anywhere where she could be safe. She stayed quiet nonetheless. It was already horrible as it was. No need to make it any harder. 
        "So this is Rose. Better known as Rosalie," Will grabbed either side of her face and showed it off to the men around her. Everyone looked at her from face to toe. Admiring her posture, her curves, her fair skin and face. And her luscious breast. Indeed, she was the gold mine that Will had been waiting for. It was very rare to find a cute, teenage virgin nowadays. It was a struck of luck for Will to find Rose all flustered in the streets at night, drunk.
        "How do we know she's a virgin?" said a tall, lanky guy that Rose could barely make out in the back, breaking Will out of his reverie.
        "Are you doubting me, Merlotte?" asked Will, indignant that someone would ever distrust him. He snapped his fingers and the body guards immediately went up to the tall guy. Rose watched in horror as he was taken out, trashing all over and screaming for them to let him go. That he didn't mean to make Will think he doubted him. But Will didn't care.
      "Anyone else doubt me?" Somehow, Rose knew that he was trying to stay as sharp as possible. To not let his guard down at all. Then, a figure stepped up out of nowhere. His mask was different than the others. It was silver, trimmed with what seemed like diamonds. "50,000 Dollars." He said. That voice sounded familiar to her. He was actually pretty damn tall, well-built. The arms on his fancy tux coat were pulled tight against his bulging muscles. Rose felt an air of familiarity coming of of him. But at that moment, she didn't care much. All she wanted was to go home. 
        going on?" asked Rose. "Please, Wi—" a gag was put instantly on her small mouth. She kept mumbling but her words were unclear. 
        "You're my gold mine, Rose," he said, a glint of sadness in his eyes. It was soon gone when the next person spoke.
        "Sixy thousand" said another man from the front row. It was a chubby one. His head was almost bald. She certainly didn't want him to take her. He seemed too perverted and… Just weird. 
        "One hundred thousand," came a female voice from the back. She hadn't noticed her—she thought it was only guys. But apparently William had told everyone about her sexuality.
          The tall, bulky guy spoke again, suddenly alert. "Two hundred thousand,"  he said. His voice was very deep. It sounded like one of her old teachers from ninth grade—Mr. Fitch. Rose's eyes widened and her whole face began to contort into a worried frown. What this what Will had been preparing her for? Another voice came off from the back, surprising even Will.
        "Five hundred thousand," he said. His voice was deep, raspy. Rose's eyes went to him and she couldn't help but start crying. It was all she could do. She knew what was up. All those times Will had refused to sleep with her. It was because her virginity was worth more to him in green paper rather than eyes met the tall dude who seemed familiar and all she could think of was of home. How much she wanted to be there. Rose kept crying silently, tears falling down her face. 
       The guy with the raspy voice and beard looked at her with a passion. It was clear he'll pay anything to have the creature who was helpless up on that pole. Specially her virginity. "Going once," said Will, already savoring the profit. No one else spoke up, "Going twice." Rose's heart dropped. She really didn't want to go anywhere with that guy. Even if he seemed attractive. Just when she thought it was all over, Tall guy spoke up. "A million," his voice raised up a bit. He had gotten distracted looking at Rose. Her curvy waist and wide hips were quite the thing to take in. Will's eyes lightened up. 
      "A million going once," Will said. Rose shook her head, not wanting to be taken away. 
      she mumbled. But it came out muffled. 
       "Going twice," will said. The woman who had offered the first big number looked at Rose and was about to say something but then the bidding closed up. Even the other big spender didnt have that kind of money. "Sold to Arthur." The last thing Rose remembered was a sharp object pricking her neck and her passing away. 
         Hours later, Rose woke up in what first seemed like a hotel room. But then she looked around and noticed the photo frames and personal belongings. She began to stretch and yawn. Her bones snapped as she did so. Rose said in a timid voice. She was scared, unsure of what to do. She sat up against the headboard and hugged her knees tight. 
      "Thought you'd never wake up," said a voice to her left. Her head instantly snapped to that side. On the door, still wearing the diamond-trimmed mask, was as William had called him. Just thinking about it made Rose queasy. She noticed how a white towel was wrapped low around his torso. A well-built abdomen adorned his stomach and well-carved V lead down to his privates. Rose's eyes skimmed over his arms before briefly meeting his eyes. She looked away immediately. She heard something drop and then footsteps />        She shyly looked at him. "What are you going to do to me?" Rose asks. Her eyes went wide in wander. She could only think of one thing and it bothered her. It bothered her because she couldn't think of anyone else but William. It was messed up, she knew, but it didn't matter to her. Will was the only one she felt comfortable with. 
       He raised his eyebrow, "I paid for you." He says, settling down on the bed. His salt & pepper hair was wet with drops of water going down his spine. Rose hugged her knees tighter. His round, firm butt was on full view and when he got on his knees to face her on the bed, his semi-hard cock came to view. As he came closer, all she could think about was how uncomfortable this was going to be. She didn't wish to do it at all. No matter how much he had paid for her. He reached for her but she instantly recoiled away from his touch, unable to stand it. 
       "I don't know you," she says. Her husky voice came out nervous. But he just looked at her with pity. "Please don't touch me." She said, looking at his cock and then away. she pleaded. Her eyes met his clear gray ones. He pursed his lips tight. 
      mine," he said indignantly. But still, even if she was his, he still felt pity for her. He sighed and grabbed a pillow to cover himself as he sat down next to her. After a few minutes of staring at her, he came to a conclusion. "Fine. I'll give you time. We can get to know each other." Lies. He wasn't stupid. He didn't want her knowing his true />         She looked at him and smiled slightly, sadly. "I just feel bad. I'm sorry I can't do />     worry about it. What's your name?" He asks, already knowing it—the whole thing. 
        "Rosalie Carmen Andrade Styles." She blurted out without thinking about it. She looked at him and blushed. "Umm. Rosie. Or Rose. Whichever one," and then she looked away again. "What's />         that wasn't a lie. "So what do you usually />        "You mean used to?" she smiles sadly, not wanting to go back to that part of her past. But she felt like she could trust him. So she told him. "Well, I used to go to school like every normal person in 2736. You know, take seminar, ap, IB classes. I should be a junior in high school by />        "What happened then?"
       "I was taken." She replied. "By William." She shrugged. "My phone wouldn't stop going off for a year. Then it just plain up stopped. That's when I knew my family had given up on me." She looked at the window that looked out over the city, the floating buildings and cars. "What made you a bidder?" asks Rose.
    glasses of vodka," commanded Arthur. Immediately, two glasses of vodka with ice appeared on the bedside table. He gave one to Rose and looked at her. "One of my students," he replied without thinking about it. 
      />        "And my he says, smiling. "Billionaire and now successful He added. Though the first one was the main one.
     "Tell me more about this student of yours," she says. Their eyes lock. Rose had started to feel more and more comfortable with him. It made her feel rather nice. Not only because he had decided to wait, but because she felt like she knew him. "I bet you that you liked her." She pokes him playfully but instantly regrets it. She quickly apologizes. "I'm sorry, master. I' disrespecting you." She frowned and immediately curled into a ball, not looking at him. "Please don't hit me," she cried. Arthur reached for her but she recoiled away and />         "I won't," says Arthur. She reached for her again but she crawled away, to the far end of the bed. He follows her and yanks her close. "When I say I won't do something, I really />         Rose stares at him. "Let me make it up to you." She said, already getting into her regular routine. He wondered what she was talking about but soon found out. She grasped his cock and squeezed hard. Her thumb ran over the head of his cock. She got a hazy look on her eyes. Like this was an every day thing for her. "Rose, stop," said Arthur. But she wouldn't. She couldn't. Something in her had turned on. Arthur's cock was bigger than Will's. That's all she knew. "No, Rose, I'm not in the mood." Complained Arthur but soon forgot about it. "Oh, shit!" Arthur threw his head back all of a sudden and then back again. Rose's small mouth opened up and swallowed Arthur's cock in halfway. Arthur immediately sighed and held on to her hair tightly. His eyes closed as his eyes rolled back and Rose sucked him in hard. "Shit, shit…" he leaned back on one of his hands and pushed Rose's head down lower. She had to keep herself from gagging. The girth of his cock was too thick. "Fucking hell, keep sucking," he hissed, already in heaven. 
       Arthur let her hair go. Ross came up for a deep breath before plunging in again. Her tongue rolled around the head of his cock, pressing against the sensible spot every men has. She sucked it in and rubbed whatever else she couldn't get into her mouth. Rose's head disappeared down in between his legs constantly. Never once letting go of his cock unless it was to breathe or kiss/bite/lick softly another part of it. She wanted to show him how sorry she was for not pleasing him the way she should. After all, she was now his sex slave. After briefly pulling out his cock for just a moment, she went down and sucked in one of his balls, letting it go with a 'plop.' moaned Arthur, laying back all the way and bending his legs at the knee. Rose slipped him inside the soft, wet, warm cave that was her mouth and sucked his cock again. Just the way Will had shown her. Just the way she was supposed to. Is not that she wanted to. Is that she was trained to. Her lips kept engulfing Arthur's rock-hard cock without question. Not missing a beat.
        Arthur was breathing in hard, jerking slightly and curling his toes. A pleasing, hot tingle ran up and down his cock. The sperm in his balls boiled, tempting to come out any second now. So he held on to her hair, making her stay still this way, and pushed up with his hips. His cock slid further inside Rose's mouth. She closed her eyes and gripped his legs, finding nothing else to hang on to. The best thing to do in this situation was keep still with her mouth open enough to not hurt his manhood. Arthur thrust up multiple times in fast stabs until he could no longer hold it. He groaned loudly in pleasure as his cock buried itself in her mouth almost all the way. A hot stream of sperm ran up from his balls, through his cock's length, and out from that little hole on his spongy head. Immediately, a strong stream of cum went into her windpipe, cutting out her air-supply completely. She choked a bit but quickly regained her neutral state. Tears filled her eyes uncontrollably. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth. "Hold it," he instructed her. And she did. She held it in until he was done. Immediately, he pulled out and told her to sit up on her knees. She did so. "Open your mouth up and look at me," Rose obediently did so. Not swallowing, just holding it there. "Computer please Record a video from my point of view," immediately, a small tube holding a thin, clear spectacle came down from the ceiling and attached itself to Arthur's right eye. The spectacle had a red button, meaning it was recording. "Swallow it," said Arthur, still breathing hard. 
      Rosie closed her mouth and swallowed loudly, tasting the gooey, sweet, warm sperm of her new master. she said in a monotone. Staring at him with wide eyes. 
         And suddenly, Rose felt a current of energy go through her whole system. She licked her lips and quickly pinned Arthur down. Her frame was on top of his, grinding madly against his cock, bringing it back to life this way. Rose smiled at him and kissed his lips. This was something that Arthur was definitely not expecting. He grasped Rose's hip firmly and thrust up, grinding back against her. She laughed and grabbed either side of his face, kissed him and then quickly took her tight dress off. Arthur quickly held one of her breast and ass cheek. They were both firm and perky. he mumbled. "Just like I remembered," he chuckled and then rolled over so he could be on top. He reached down in between them to pull her panties to the side. Grasping his cock carefully, he rubbed the head of it against her clit and then went lower. He met a resistance and knew that William wasn't lying. With a brief smile on his face and a look of passion towards her, he thrusted in slowly until he felt the hymen tearing. 
    she gasped, her vagina muscles contracting around Arthur's cock—or at least whatever length was inside of her. Never once did she break eye contact with him. Arthur saw the pain in her eyes. Saw how much she was trying to stay with him. "Mmm!" she groaned, digging her nails into his arms. Arthur slowly thrust his spear into her tight cave. Her legs tighten around him.
        "Am I hurting you?" he asked in a heavy whisper. She shook her head frantically from side to side before raising her hips off the bed. "I love how tight you are," he says, slipping more of his dick into her cunt. Rose gasped and bit her lower lip, drawing blood with her teeth. Arthur pulled out and then back in again. He worked a steady, slow rhythm until he was sure there was no more pain for Rose. 
         Without waiting for it, he pushed into her repeatedly. Her moans of pleasure became unmistakable after a while of this. He hung on to her waist and plowed his hard dick into her tight pussy. "Oh, that feels good, Arthur. Harder, please… Oh! HARDER! That feels amazing! It feels so good," she whispered in pleasure. Her legs opened up wider and he couldn't help but go in faster and faster. Not caring if he was hurting her. Rose's nails dragged down Arthur's arms, pulling blood. She moans repeatedly, shaking with every thrust, moaning with every thrust, and breathing heavier with every second. 
           "Oh, stop!" she said suddenly. A feeling in her stomach was building up. Intensifying as he kept going. All of a sudden, he stopped to pick her up and stand up out of bed. Rose hung on to his neck and wrappe her legs tightly around his torso. "You're so strong," she whispers, breathing heavy. "Sex is awesome," she said in a hazy state. Her eyes once again became cloudy. All she could think of was sex, sex, sex. She suddenly wanted to suck his dick. To fuck his brains out. To give him the biggest orgasm ever. "I want your dick," she mumbled, looking at him innocently. Arthur noticed how her irises had suddenly gone plain white. But he was too into it to care. He grabbed her ass cheeks and quickly thrust into her. He did it as fast as he could. The sound of their bodies colliding was loud. 
         "Shit! Shit! Shit!" he grunted repeatedly. His cock was engulfed in pure heaven. He enjoyed every minute of it. The strong sensations in his testicles and penis became unbearable. He tried to hold it in so badly. But he couldn't. She was too tight. At that very moment, Arthur came. His grunts were loud and clear. His strong spurt triggered her own orgasm. She moaned loudly. Her back arched and her hands grasped his hair. 
        "I want your dick," she said again. 
        "It's already yours," he said, laying back on the bed again with his cock still inside of her. He thrusted into her a few more times before pulling out. Arthur looked into her eyes and noticed they were back to their green color. She smiled at him. 
         And then it came back. Her thoughts were replaced by sexual ones. Arthur frowned, unsure what what's going on. She moaned quietly and quickly reached for his cock. "I really want it," she said. Rose took it into her mouth once again and began to clean it off with so much enthusiasm, Arthur had to wander later on if this was normal
          he groaned, holding her hair yet again. He didn't know what was going on. But he liked the way her tongue kept lapping at his cock. Cleaning it off their mixed juices. 
           "That tastes amazing," she said, resurfacing from between his legs. The look was gone now. But it still bothered Arthur. "I'm glad it was you who got me…" she paused slightly. "Mr. Fitch," she smiled mischievously, reaching for his mask and taking it off.
          He was impressed. "How did you know?" he asked, />            "Who can ever forget those eyes?" she asked. Rose got on top of him and held on to his shoulders as he sat up. Arthur noticed the way her eyes were starting to lose color again. you said you became a bidder because of one of your students." She was shy about it.
          "Are you still />           "I'm here to serve you," she says, looking at him with a foggy look on her face. The bright green color was almost gone from her eyes. 
         "Not now," he said. 
        she asked, reaching in between the both of them. "You're still hard," she breathed out. "I'd love to fuck your dick," her words were tempting. But he refused her. Her eyes. They were bothering him. Slowly, he laid her back against the pillows and clearly said no. He laid with her, spooning her into his arms from behind. She quickly closed her eyes as Arthur gave the command for the lights to go off. In just minutes, Rose was falling asleep fast. 


story by: JEAM115

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Author: JEAM115

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