Bimbotech chapter 4: bimbo wife's special ass

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Chapter Four: Bimbo Wife's Special Ass
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

“I think that should cover it,” my husband said as he finished writing out the check. He tore it free and handed it to Mr. Peterson, the nice manager of the Lucky grocery store. His fly was still open, Natasha licking at his half-hard cock.

Natasha was a new bimbo. I improvised her today, turning her from a doughty woman into a sexy, hot woman that understood just how yummy and wonderful sex was, like hot fudge drizzled all over your sundae. It made everything better. She had caught Janet and me testing cucumber ripeness in the produce section.

She didn't understand how important it was to stick in your pussy to check. Silly woman. Now she did.

Mr. Peterson said, taking the check from my handsome and sexy husband. Frank was a super smart sciency person who had invented the bimbo formula and improvised Janet and Natasha and me. And all our other wives. He was the bestest man and husband in the world. Mr. />
“I know,” Frank said. “And not a word about />
the man nodded, looking down at his employee loving his cock.

“Oh, isn't that just sexy?” Janet whispered. My bestest friend and wife sat beside me on the desk. Like me, her stretchy dress was bunched around her waist, leaving her naked, her big tits heaving, her long, sleek legs swinging. My big boob brushed hers, making me giggle.

“It is sexy,” I purred, licking my lips. “Just like your big />
Frank shook his head, muttering, “Horny bimbos.”

We were always horny. Our pussies were always in need of being stroked, petted, and kissed. They hungered for big, thick cocks to fill them with yummy cream. It was hard to think about anything but fucking with marshmallowy goodness drizzled all over my thoughts, covering all the super smart sciency parts of me.

That part of me knew I was in trouble, though I couldn't remember why.

“Our nipples are kissing, Alice,” Janet giggled after turning her shoulders. Both our fat nubs, mine pale pink and hers dusky pink, nudged. Her breasts were so soft and even bigger than my lush pair. Tingles rippled out of my nub, shooting down to my pussy.

“Makes my pussykitty purr.”

“What doesn't, Alice?” Frank asked as he pulled out a syringe.

I recognized it. The intelligence serum. He needed to speak to the real me. The super smart sciency me. I invented the serum because Frank missed the old me. Not that he didn't love bimbo me. He did so much. His cum leaked out of my pussy right now, so yummy and gooey and—

I gasped. The needle slid into my thigh. The cool serum pumped into my veins.

I blinked. The marshmallowy goodness melted from my brain. he goopiness poured down my mind, running off as it turned into a gooey mess. Everything grew sharper, more into focus. I shuddered, shaking my head and…

“Oh, fuck,” I said, glancing at Natasha as she knelt on the ground, the stupid bimbo still licking at the perverted manager's cock. “Why did I have a bimbo serum on me?”

“I was wondering the same thing,” my husband said, leaning back against the desk. “Your little trip cost us $2000.”

“An expensive shopping trip,” I winced, remembering the fun I had. Then I remembered driving here. I hadn't obeyed any traffic situation. That wasn't good. “We can't let bimbos drive, Frank. I could have gotten myself killed.”

“But you were such a best driver,” Janet gasped, still rubbing her nipple against mine. That felt nice, my well-fucked pussy aching. Just because I had my normal intelligence back didn't stop me from being as horny as any bimbo. “Everyone waved to you and honked their horns.”

“Yeah, waved with their middle />
hardly the problem,” Frank grunted. “What do we do about />
“Is she married?” I asked the manager, a new hardon already swelling his dick as Natasha licked him.

the man groaned, savoring his employee's tongue. Then he blinked, realizing what I asked. />
“I bet we can convince the husband this is fine,” Frank said. “What did she look like before?”

“A muffin,” giggled Janet. “A big, soft muffin. Now she's a sexy bimbo. Just like me. Alice improved her.”

At least she can say it right. Improvised? Bimbo-me was an idiot. But a fun one.

“Call her husband,” Frank growled at the manager. “Right now. Tell him he has to come and pick up his wife. I'll explain it to him.”

“How is this even possible?” groaned the manager, Natasha sucking harder, her cheeks hollowing. She really wanted to please her boss.

And that made my pussy even wetter. I squirmed, Frank's cum trickling out of me. “It's possible because my husband is a genius.”

Frank looked at me, smiling. His hand brushed mine. Our fingers played together. “You helped. I couldn't have done it without you.”

He claimed my lips in a kiss. Though we had our bimbo wives, really more sex slaves than anything, Frank still loved me. He didn't mind that I had my fun outside our marriage. He certainly had more pussy than he could handle. So he couldn't begrudge me my boy toys, like hunky Carmanjelo, my at work. I stole him from Veronica, not that she minded now that she was our bimbo.

Frank broke the kiss “And you've been bad. Injecting Natasha, going out shopping as a bimbo, having sex in public. You're lucky the police weren't called.”

I winced.

“You have to spank her,” Janet said, her boobs shaking. “And me, too. I was bad with her.”

“Yes, you both were,” Frank grinned. “Alice, over my lap right now.”

I shuddered. Even though you could argue I couldn't be held responsible for my actions as a bimbo—I was just too much of an airhead without the intelligence serum—I didn't want to miss out on my spanking. I loved them.

I had been so repressed before my transformation. I had all these desires I was too scared to act on. Whether with my husband or with other men. And even women. And then I injected myself with that serum and was liberated. Every woman in the world deserved the option even with the side-effects. I knew they would all be so happy.

“Yes, honey, I was soooo bad,” I purred. “I fucked a Black man in the middle of the store.”

“He was teaching her how to check for cucumber firmness,” Janet added.

“He played with my tits,” I groaned.

“To recognize how melons should feel.”

Frank shook his head. “Yes, you have been naughty, Alice.”

“So spank me,” I groaned.

I stretched over Frank's lap as he knelt on the desk. In the background, the manager grunted and groaned as the married bimbo sucked his cock, bobbing up and down, suckling with such hunger. The bimbo wanted all that cum, not caring about her marriage, just so horny and biddable.

I loved it.

I wiggled my naked ass at Frank, more of his cum leaking out. I bet there was some of that hung Black man's cum in there. Kent had fucked me so hard. I loved big, Black dick. My husband had a big cock, and he knew how to make me cum, but Black men made me so wet.

“I was so bad. You fucking in the store, injecting poor Natasha. Punish me.”

“Damn, you know how to keep your women in check,” panted Mr. Peterson. “Shit, maybe you could help my wife out.”

“It'll be out on the market in a few months,” Frank grinned, his strong hand running over my ass. “The Venus Serum from BT Chemical. It'll improve any woman. Make her just like />
the man groaned, his hand sliding through Natasha's brown hair. “Oh, fuck, that's />
“It is,” I groaned, wiggling my ass. I needed to be punished. I was such a bad wife.

Frank's hand cracked down hard.

The stinging slap echoed through the room. My cum-filled pussy clenched as the heat shot through me. I groaned, writhing on his lap, feeling his hard cock beneath my stomach. I savored his girth. He was hard, excited. He wanted to fuck me.

And I wanted to fuck him.

I savored the heat, my nipples throbbing. They rubbed against the smooth surface of the manager's desk. As I squirmed, they slid across the surface, adding another bit of delight to my excitement. Frank's hand came down again, the loud slap echoing through the room.

“Oh, yes. I was soooo bad,” I moaned. “Punish me.”

groaned the manager, his hips thrusting forward, fucking his cock down Natasha's throat.

“So bad,” Janet said, and then her hand slapped down on my ass. Not as hard as Frank's, but I savored it, too.

Frank groaned. “Spank her again.”

Janet giggled, and her hand cracked down on my other butt-cheek. “Ooh, I made your butt look so pretty. I marked you. Ooh, it sent a naughty tingle through my pussy. I'm so wet. Can you fuck me, Frank? You fucked Alice. And I need my />
“I will,” Frank groaned and spanked me again.

I savored the heat burning my ass and the eyes watching my flesh. The manager stared at me as he fucked Natasha's face. His balls thwacked over and over into her chin. He gripped her brown hair in his tight fists as he used his bimbo employee.


I groaned, bucking. I was so glad the manager was seeing that I was punished. I was so bad today, so naughty. I shouldn't have gone out. I definitely shouldn't have driven. I probably shouldn't have injected Natasha.

I savored the heat. My pussy dripped more and more, growing hotter and hotter. My thighs spread open. Hands touched me. Janet's. She stroked my cunt as Frank cracked his hand down again, the stinging slap echoing through the room.

“Oh, so much cum is spilling out of you,” moaned Janet. cum. There are vitamins in your pussy.”

The bimbo buried her face between my thighs, licking at my cunt as Frank slapped his hand down again. My legs spread wide open, the right falling off the table. My pussy lips parted as Janet's tongue darted into my cunt, swirling around, lapping up Frank's and Kent's combined jizz. My husband and the hunky, Black man I fucked behind his back.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” spluttered the manager. His face twisted in pleasure. “Holy shit. Drink my cum, slut. Drink it all down.”

Frank groaned as he cracked his hand down again.

My ass burned with aching pain. My pussy clenched. And then Janet's licking tongue soothed away any ache. She shoved it deep into my pussy, moaning as she searched for every drop of cum that she could find, believing it to hold special vitamins to keep her hot and sexy.

Natasha gulped the manager's cum down with noisy swallows. Her ass wiggled as she drank them. Then she popped her mouth off and let out the most satisfied sigh in the world, licking her lips, savoring her boss's cum.

“Do you feel better now, Mr. Peterson?” she panted.

“So much better,” the manager groaned. “Shit, I have to call your husband.” He walked out of the office, shaking his head.

cheered Natasha. love my big boobies.” She turned around. “Don't you just love them?”

“Fuck, yes, I do,” Frank groaned as he stared at the bimbo's breasts cupped in her hands.

“He's so hard for you,” I moaned, squirming, my orgasm building. Between the thrill of being watched, the pain of being spanked, and the delight of Janet's tongue, I was coming closer and closer to exploding. “He needs you to help you. He needs that married ass.”

“Damn, I love you,” Frank groaned.

“My ass?” Natasha frowned. She craned her head, trying to look over her shoulder at her ass. As she did, she turned around in circles on the ground, her cute ass wiggling as she worked her knees. />
“You have a special ass,” I panted, Frank's hand squeezing mind. Sharp pain shot through me. My pussy clenched on Janet's wonderful tongue. “Men have to fuck your ass. When they do, they'll feel amazing. You'll really help them out because your ass is what they need.”

Natasha said, still turning, still craning her head in a vain attempt to see her own ass. “I didn't know.”

“Alice is a super smart sciency person,” Janet moaned between licks. “Her and Frank both. They're />
Frank groaned, his finger dipping between my butt-cheeks. “You are amazing, Alice, even if you were so naughty today.”

I groaned as his finger probed into my asshole. I squirmed on his lap, humping against Janet's mouth. Her tongue probed so deep into my pussy. She stirred me up. My eyes rolled back into my head as her tongue caressed my inner sheath.

Her chin nudged my clit.

I came.

“Janet, you wonderful woman,” I moaned, bucking on Frank's hardon.

He groaned, his finger probing my spasming ass as my pussy clenched and writhed. Juices squirted out of my cunt, splashing into Janet's hungry mouth. She moaned her delight, gulping down my cream. Her touch stirred through me, keeping me gasping and moaning, spasming on my husband's lap.

I heaved and thrashed. My entire body went rigid for a moment. And then I relaxed into a puddle of delicious bliss. I breathed out my nose, wiggling on his lap. Janet licked at the outside of my folds, teasing my now-sensitive labia while Frank popped his finger out of his asshole.

I heard him suck on it.

“I have to fuck that ass,” Frank groaned.

“Only fair,” I purred. “I made her into a bimbo. You should get to enjoy her once before her husband picks her up.”

“Yes, yes, with my special ass,” Natasha said. “Oooh, I just can't see it. Does it glow?”

I rolled my eyes.

Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“Yes, yes, fuck my special ass,” Natasha moaned, wiggling her married rear at me. Juices trickled down her thighs, her pussy gleaming.

I grabbed her bubbly ass. It was so plump and perfect. On the table, Janet squealed, humping against Alice's devouring mouth. I glanced at Janet, her black hair flying and huge tits heaving. She leaned back on her elbows on the desk, legs locked about Alice's face, red hair spilled about sleek thighs.

“Please, please, use my special ass,” begged Natasha.

“Now you have to keep this a secret,” I told her. “If your husband ever finds out your ass is special, all the magic goes away.”

“Oh, no. That's like in a fairy story.”

“Yep, a fairy tale.” I pressed my cock, dripping with Alice's cunt, against her asshole. I shoved it in a few times to get nice and wet for Natasha. “And you wouldn't want that to happen. Like Cinderella at midnight. It'll go away. Poof.”

“No,” she moaned. “I don't want that. I love having a special ass.”

I grunted and thrust my cock into the bimbo's married asshole.

And damn it if wasn't a tight, sucking hole. My hands gripped her hips, fingers digging into her flesh. I groaned as I pressed forward. My cock slid deeper and deeper into her asshole, embraced by her tight bowels. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as my dick slid deeper and deeper.

She was married and letting me fuck her asshole. Her husband would have no idea I had fucked her ass. He never had this tight treat. I could tell I was breaking in virgin territory as I pushed harder, sliding deeper.

“Oh, yes,” groaned the bimbo, her bowels clenching down hot on my dick. “Oh, yes, can you feel how special-wecial my ass is?”

“So special,” I groaned. “You love it. Your special ass makes you crave this sensation. Every man you meet you'll want to treat this to. But not your />
“No, then I'll lose it,” she gasped as I bottomed out in her. “I don't ever want to lose my special-wecial ass!”

“No,” I grunted, savoring her bowels. an anal slut now.”

“Yes! Yes! Anal slut! Oh, yes! I love it. Oh, the special-wecial feelings are bleeding into my pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Oh, you're so amazing! Oh, this is so sugary and yummy! I need you to fuck me! I need you to pump in me! I'm so hot!”

So I fucked the married bimbo's slut hard. I drew back my cock, groaning at how tight her asshole was. Then I thrust into her depths. The friction caressed my cock's head as my wife's juices lubed the way into Natasha's bowels.

She groaned as I bottomed out, her hips wiggling, her brown hair flying. That gorgeous face, lips so plump, looked at me over her shoulder, eyes so wide with delight. She rocked back and forth, fucking her asshole up and down my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my special-wecial ass!”

“Such a hot, tight ass, you married slut! You're a bimbo whore! Just a slave to your anal />
“I love them!” she moaned, rocking back faster and harder, our flesh slapping together. Her new, curvy bubble-butt bouncing and rippling with each stroke.

I caressed up and down her sides, her skin silky smooth, as my balls thwacked over and over into her taint. I pounded her hard, reaming her asshole, grunting with every thrust. It was such heaven in her asshole.

Behind me, Alice and Janet moaned and writhed as they sixty-nined. Their sweet passion spurring me on to pound her married cunt, my balls boiling with a fresh load of cum to squirt into her asshole. When her husband arrived, she would be swimming with my cum.

And he would have no fucking idea.

just a nasty, married slut! An anal whore!” I grunted as I pounded her.

She loved it. “Yes, yes, yes! Married slut! Anal whore! Keep fucking my special-wecial ass! You're making me feel all sugary inside. Yummy, powdery sugar coating everything! Oh, yes! Oh, oh! I'm />
Her bowels writhed about my dick. The anal slut came just from having her ass reamed, believing it to be the best thing she had ever felt. I grunted, realizing just how powerful the serum was, how it shaped the bimbo's minds.

And turned her into a slut.

Soon, there would be so may bimbos around, eager to fuck their men, to cum over and over, their hot bodies needing satiating. Men would pay fortunes for this. Alice and I would be so rich. My hips stroked faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, yes, you nasty, anal slut! Cum on my cock! Milk it with that glorious ass.”

“Cum in her ass,” Janet moaned. “Oh, do it, Frank! Give it to her! She has a special-wecial ass!”

Alice moaned, her voice throaty with pleasure. Was she cumming? Maybe. “Yes, yes, yes, cum in the slut's ass. She's married, and you're fucking the bimbo's />
“So hard, Alice,” I grunted, my hands squeezing Natasha's hips.

“Yes, yes, cum in my asshole,” the bimbo squeaked as she thrashed, her bowels throbbing so hot.

I groaned, slamming into her depths. The friction shot down to my bowels. I grunted as my cum exploded out of me. Blast after blast of spunk basted her married asshole. The first ever load of jizz to dirty her ass.

But not the last. Oh, no, she would give this treat to every man but her husband.

My orgasm surged harder, the cum exploding with powerful blasts. I groaned through grit teeth as it peaked in me. And then I leaned back, my cock popping out of her asshole. Her brown sphincter gaped open for a second, revealing her pink depths swimming with my jizz.

And then it clamped tight, still not broken in as much as it would be.

I turned around and found Janet kneeling before me, her face stained in pussy juices. She didn't hesitate to suck my dirty cock into her mouth. It was covered with Natasha's anal musk, and my bimbo wife only moaned her delight.

“I whispered to her to clean your dick off,” grinned Alice as she stood up. She adjusted her stretchy dress to cover her breasts and hips. “I'll go get Natasha cleaned up and presentable for her husband. Enjoy.”

“You are the best wife,” I groaned, my dick, still hard thanks to Alice's formula, throbbing in Janet's bimbo mouth.

Alice kissed me, her lips coated in tart musk. I kissed my wife hard while Janet tried to suck the cum out of my balls. I groaned into the kiss, my entire body shaking, the tip of my dick still sensitive from my orgasm.

And Janet's tongue caressed it.

I broke the kiss, “Fuck, Janet, you are hungry for my cum. You don't care at all that my dick was in Natasha's />
She mumbled about my cock. I think she said, “Your cock taste the />
a good bimbo,” I groaned, stroking Janet's black hair. I didn't love my other wives the same way I loved Alice, but I still cared for them. I wanted them to be happy, and I could see in Janet's blue eyes that she was very happy right now, her hips shifting, her pillowy breasts rubbing on my thighs.

“Come on, Natasha,” Alice said. “Let's get you cleaned up for your husband. You smell of pussy and sex.”

“It's so splendor!” Natasha giggled. “Did you see? He fucked my special-wecial ass! I came so hard.”

“You did. But remember, your husband can never know or you'll lose it.”

Natasha gasped, “Oh, no. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to dye.”

“Yep, you'll be dyed the ugliest color if you break it.”

Dyed? What the fuck was Alice talking about?

And then Janet's tongue swiped across the crown of my dick, and I didn't care. I groaned, trembling, savoring her sucking mouth cleaning off all of Natasha's ass. Janet's hands gripped my balls, massaging them while her cheeks hollowed.

“And you're just a cock-sucking, cum-hungry slut,” I groaned. “My slutty bimbo wife.”

She purred and sucked louder. She bobbed and loved my cock. I groaned. My body shuddering and shaking as she slurped and loved my dick. She wanted to clean off every trace of Natasha's sour musk from my dick.

She was such a slutty, loving bimbo.

My hands gripped her black hair. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. She bobbed harder, faster. Sucking with such hungry intensity. Her fingers massaged my balls gently, working out the next load of cum already produced and ready to fire.

“Mmm, you want my jizz, huh? Full of all those yummy vitamins you crave.”

Janet moaned and nodded her head, cheeks hollowing from the force of her sucking.

such a beautiful bimbo. So sexy with your big tits and pouty lips. Love you, Janet.”

Those words cascaded emotion across her face. Such joy burst in her eyes. My bimbo wife beamed around my cock. Her tongue swirled, showing me how she cared for me without speaking, making my entire dick ache and throb in her mouth, her hands massaging my balls.

I stroked her black hair, smiling at her. She was far happier than as that asshole Ryan's husband. I left the beta-cuckold out at the limo parked before the grocery store while I was inside, savoring his wife's mouth on my dick. He had cheated on her, was about to leave her, and wanted to abuse the bimbo serum I invented.

And that pissed off Alice.

“I'm going to give you so much cum,” I groaned. just such a good wife, even if you were naughty with Alice. I should spank you, too, when we get home.”

She moaned about my dick, bobbing, taking more and more. I groaned, feeling the back of her throat. Then she swallowed it with the practice ease of a bimbo, working her lips farther and farther down my dick until her lips was buried in my dark pubic hair.

God, that was great. Just amazing feeling her throat massaging my dick. She swallowed, and I shivered. My eyes fluttered. She was an amazing woman. So sweet and loving, and had such delicious tits.

The door opened. The manager walked back in. “Jesus, do you ever stop?”

I grinned at him. “Bimbos need a lot of loving.”

“I thought you'd be drained by now. I can't believe I came twice in Natasha's mouth. Shit, I feel young.” He paused. “You have another chemical, don't you? Like super Viagra.”

I winked at him, my balls aching, throbbing. The feel of Janet's throat wrapped so tight about my cock made me shudder. My fingers tightened in her hair. I let out a grunt and then exploded down her throat.

Blast after blast of cum shot down her throat, straight into her stomach. She shuddered, her nipples so hard on my thighs as she moaned her delight, receiving her daily dose of medicine. I groaned, swaying, gripping her hair tight as the pleasure boiled through me.

“Janet, you naughty slut, you know how to suck my cock. You did so good.”

I let go of her hair. She gurgled as she slid my cock out of her throat. Saliva dribbled down her chin. “I'm so glad. I made your cock feel all gooder and better. And you poured so much yummy cum into my belly.” She rubbed her stomach, her big tits jiggling. “Mmm, yes.”

I pulled up my pants. “Fix your dress, Janet. Natasha's husband is coming.”

She looked around, eyes wide. “Oh, is he? Is he fucking Natasha right now?”

“No, not that cumming. He's going to be here soon. Cover your body. I'm tired of other men looking at my wife.”

She let out a pleased giggle and pulled up her blue, stretchy dress, covering those tits. The manager let out a groan of disappointment. I couldn't blame him—Janet had a pair of ripe, perfect breasts. So huge yet so perky. They defied anything nature could produce.

Or plastic surgery.

Janet hopped to her feet just as Alice and Natasha returned, the new bimbo wearing a white smock like a butcher might wear, the front struggling to surround her big tits. Natasha giggled at Frank then at the manager.

“You need to try my special-wecial ass, Mr. Peterson,” she beamed.

Alice said. “Your husband will be here soon. Remember what we talked about.”

Natasha's vapid face put on what approximated a serious look as she nodded. “I do, Alice. I won't forget. It's super-duper important.” Then she glanced at Mr. Peterson. “My ass is special-wecial. I'll show you next time I come in for work.”

the manager groaned, swallowing. “Shit, this can't be real.”

“It is,” Frank said. “And remember, discretion or you won't get a free sample of the serum for your wife. If this gets out on the news…”

the man groaned and moved around his desk, sinking down.

Alice moved up to me, her breasts almost spilling out of her dress. It was her favorite style. She almost didn't wear another variety. It was so easy to pull down and up, baring her body to have fun. And even clothed, she might as well not be.

she whispered. “And what about Natasha's />
“Bribery. A little white lie.” I winked at her.

Alice's green eyes widened. “A />
I nodded my head.

A knock rapped the door a few minutes later. I was just starting to grow impatient and having ideas about using Natasha's ass again, adding another load of cum to her tight rectum, when the door opened and a man who could only be described as white-trash entered.

Pete, Natasha's husband, had a scraggly beard covering his cheeks, chin, and neck, his hair greasy and unkempt. He was a little overweight in ragged jeans and a stained wife-beater Despite the early hour, I could smell beer on his breath, his eyes bloodshot.

this 'bout my wife being in an accident?” he grunted, looking around, leering at my wives.

Natasha squealed, darting forward.

His eyes widened as his wife bounded up. He stared at her face then down at her body. Natasha's smock had opened up, revealing her lush curves to her husband. Pete's jaw dropped. He blinked his bleary eyes.

“Natasha, is that you?” His words hoarse.

“It is,” she giggled. “Do you like my new boobies? Alice improvised me!”

“I improved you,” Alice said, her cheeks tinging pink. “And that's the />
“You did this?” Pete asked.

“Don't you like it?” Natasha asked, a catch of uncertainty in her voice.

“Well, damn, honey, of course I do. You look like a fucking supermodel. And them titties. Holy shit, what is this?”

“I'm Dr. Frank Jackman,” I said. “And this is my wife, Dr. Alice Jackman. We're chemist who invented a serum that enhances women's beauty.”

“I'm a bimbo,” squealed Natasha, bouncing happily. “Look at my />
“I'm looking,” groaned Pete, staring at those tits. “Damn those are nice tatas.”

“Now it has a few Alice said. notice a personality change and an increased libido in your wife.”

“A what?”

be an airhead and horny,” I told him. “So long as she takes the treatments. Which we will provide for free. She has to take it every morning. We'll drop off the chemical at your house this afternoon. So long as you keep your mouth shut, she'll get her />
“And if I talk, she'll go back to being fat?”

“No,” Natasha gasped. “I don't want to be fat again. I'm beeeuitiful now!”

“Yes, you are,” Pete groaned. “Holy shit, you are. And I'll I got to do is keep my mouth shut?”

I nodded.

“Well, we got a fuckin' deal. Shit, look at her.” Pure lust burned on his face. “I wouldn't give this up for a gold-plated lawnmower. Sure as shit, I He seized his wife, pulling her close. “Come on, Honey, I'm taking you home and fucking you hard.”

she giggled. “I'm so horny. I need you to fuck me so hard!”

And then they were gone. The manager provided me their home address to send the shipments of saline for her That guy wouldn't want to give up his bimbo wife, so it shouldn't get out before we're ready for marketing.

All we needed was a bad PR campaign tanking the project.

“Well, shall we?” I asked Alice. “We have the day to relax before the party. And, I think, Janet needs to be spanked for letting you get away with all your naughty fun.”

Alice laughed and took my arm. “I think so. She was as naughty as I was.”

Janet took my other arm, a big smile on her face. The manager only shook his head in envy as I left.

Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

“Don't masturbate your cunt right now, you filthy whore,” I snapped at my bimbo sex slave.

Annalee Burrell gave me such a vapid, horny, passionate look. Her face was perfect. The best plastic surgeons in the world couldn't have given her such beauty, plump lips, soft cheekbones, wide eyes. When combined with her large tits almost spilling out of the halter top she wore and her long, killer legs, Annalee exuded sex. It bled out of her, wreathing the air, making my pussy so wet. I wanted to violate her again like I did on the limo ride over here.

Just hearing her gasp and moan as I fucked the biggest dildo I had into her cunt made me explode. I still buzzed from my orgasm.

“But my pussy is soooo hot and wet, Mistress,” Annalee said, her eyes devoid of all thought, only idiot lusts remained.

And it was so sweet. My bitterest rival at my company, Femme Allure, was now my sex slave. Annalee had been with me from college, one of my friends that helped me create my cosmetics company. But she always thought she was smarter than me. When my company climbed higher and higher into the business world, joining the ranks of the Fortune 500, it was despite Annalee's constant attacks, constant attempts to wrest control of the company from me.

And then I injected her with the bimbo serum. Frank Jackman maybe a disgusting, filthy, pig of a man for making it and his wife was a traitor to women for helping him, but this serum was remarkable. In my hands, given out to the right shrews, those women who still clung to antiquated ideals that they were men's lessers instead of their betters—it would revolutionize the world.

A true feminist revolution.

I couldn't wait until my home was filled with the empty headed bimbos, all eager to lick my pussy and please me. I wanted them all straight, and the more religious the better. Married girls who had only ever let one man fuck them, probably only in the missionary position, were what I craved. And I would turn them into such horny, pleasing bimbos like Annalee.

But Frank… He would let the men control this discovery. They would turn their wives into their sex slaves. Disgusting.

“Please let me keep touching myself,” she moaned, shaking her hips.

“What happens when you disobey me?” I asked, my voice frosty.

“You won't let me lick your tasty pussy and get the />
“And then?” I arched my eyebrows.

“I die.” She ripped her fingers from beneath her skirt. “I don't want to die, Mistress. I won't />
I grinned at her. “And why have you been />
“Because I was a bad cunt that never listened to you, Mistress,” she promptly said, raising her pussy-coated fingers to her lips. “A bad, naughty cunt. But now I'm a good bimbo-slave. I always listen. I always obey. I'm a goody tushy now.” She turned, wiggling her butt at me. “See how goody my tushy is, />
I groaned, staring at that bubbly ass clutched by the fabric of her skirt, my pussy growing even wetter. She was such a gorgeous woman. The bimbo serum was amazing. Just absolutely delicious. I needed to have it.

My R&D Department had to reverse engineer the sample my spy gave me.

The elevator rose higher and higher in the Washington D.C. skyscraper. It reached the top floor and dinged, opening onto the penthouse owned by Senator Delilah Murphy. She served on the Senate Committee on Health, which oversaw the FDA.

If Frank Jackman thought he could bribe Director Steffen with bimbos, I would go over the man's head right to a powerful, feminist senator. Delilah would eat Steffen for breakfast if he even thought about fast-tracking BT Chemical's bimbo serum to market.

It would be mine.

Delilah waited dressed in a conservative pantsuit, soft gray, that showed off her great body. In her forties, she worked out to look fit and attractive. Her legs were long, her ass great, and her boobs still perky, shown off by the silk blouse. Her blonde hair spilled about a tanned, sensual and aggressive face. Delilah knew how to take the bull by the balls and get what she wanted.

“This better be important, Magnolia,” Delilah said. “I have to pick up my husband and kids from the…” Her words trailed off as she noticed Annalee's busty, bountiful body. “Well, what's this? Bought me a whore to bribe me?”

It was a tightly held secret that Senator Delilah of the great state of Indiana was a lesbian. To win her seat, she had to play to the liberal Christians to her state, be the supportive wife to her lawyer husband, the loving mother to her kids. She had to host bake sales at her local church, spearhead PTA initiatives, and keep her true self hidden deep from prying eyes. She put up with it all for power. There was talk about her running for president in another few years.

But I knew her secret. The first time I met her, then a Congresswoman, our eyes met, and we felt that energetic rush. Lesbians always recognized each other. Our affairs were passionate, hot, burning bright because they always had to be so brief.

“What do you want from me?” Delilah moaned. She had a weakness for big tits. She moved towards Annalee, who gave the Senator a big smile.

“I just want to lick your pussy,” Annalee said, bouncing. “Please, please, can I? Mistress said you taste />
Delilah arched an eyebrow, glancing at me. “Are you into BDSM now?”

“Oh, this is a special case that you will find I told her, pulling out my tablet. “Just watch this video.”

I played the video of Alice Jackman becoming a bimbo to the Senator, the same one Annalee had watched and scoffed at it for nonsense at the board meeting last week. Delilah arched an eyebrow, licking her lips as Alice's tits became large and soft yet oh, so perky in a way that defied gravity. Tits that begged to be held and played with. Her eyes kept glancing to Annalee.

“It's a nice bit of special effects you showed me, but what of it?” she asked. “Unless you're into some high-production value porn.”

real,” I said. “I'm sure you remember Annalee Burrell, my Vice-President of />
“Hi!” Annalee giggled. “Don't I look so sexy? I have big boobies now!”

“Yes, you do,” Delilah purred. “And you are peddling some serious bullshit, />
I played the next video, this one from my boardroom where Annalee was transformed into the bimbo. Delilah's eyes widened, glancing from the screen to the bimbo standing beside her, tits almost falling out her top.

“Frank Jackman. Heard of him?”

“He's the new president of BT Chemical,” Delilah frowned. “I met him briefly last month. He took over from that shrew />
I said, like I had forgotten, “BT Chemical is in your state.”

“And he invented this?”

“The bimbo serum. I'm sure you remember what a cunt Annalee was.”

“I was such a naughty cunt,” nodded Annalee. “But now I'm a goody tushy now.”

“She's an airhead now. Go on, you can convince her to do anything.” I arched an eyebrow. />
Delilah licked her lips again. Then she pulled out her phone and hit a button. “Yes, George, I can't pick up my husband and kids. You'll have to do it. I have a meeting. Very important.” Then she hung up. “So, you naughty little bimbo whore, you'll do />
Annalee giggled.

“Do you like licking />
Annalee made a face, looking like a child confronted with brussel sprouts. I hadn't had her lick my ass yet. I wasn't a fan of being rimmed.

“Well, honey, licking assholes is the best thing a dumb whore like you can do. You'll absolutely love it.”

“I will?” Annalee asked, her voice unsure.

“Yes, you will. I'm a senator, so you can believe me. So strip me down and lick my asshole. You'll see just how much you enjoy it, slut.”

Annalee nodded, licking her lips. “I had no idea. I always thought it was so nasty. But you're a />
“Just like that?” Delilah frowned.

I shrugged. “And BT Chemical plans on bringing this to market. Selling it to husbands to change their wives into busty airheads that just want to please them.”

“We can't have that,” Delilah said, leading Annalee through the open penthouse to a large bed. This apartment was the Senator secret play area where she took her lovers. She had another home outside DC that her family lived at beside their permanent residence back in Indiana.

As Delilah kissed my bimbo sex slave, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my purse. There was a message from my executive assistant. I opened it, reading: “Ms. Savage, I'm forwarding you a YouTube vid that you might find interesting. It was posted twenty minutes ago by a man claiming his wife was turned into a bimbo at the grocery store by a />
I hit play on the video. A busty woman appeared, tits almost spilling out of her top, a huge smile on her face. “Look at my Natasha now,” a man said, his voice slurred like he was drunk. “She's so dumb, she'll do anything I tell her. Right, honey?”

The woman nodded, her eyes as vacant as Annalee's. A smile crossed my lips as my mind went to work on how to use this.

To be continued…

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