Broken shadows

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(Well everyone let me know what you think and I'll continue on to chapter two.)

Chapter one

His pain was excruciating yet he would not allow these blood suckers to see it on his mangled face, he would be dropped not very gently to the cold marble ground in the extravagant hall. A pair of pure bloods watching him set his calm resolve to a burning rage, if only he had his weapon.
"Oh look yet another human at our feet." came a voice, he would trace the source to a silver haired woman setting on a step of the grand staircase. She lazily stirred her finger in a champagne glass filled with blood before dipping it inside her mouth. As she did a pair of fangs protrude and rest upon her ruby painted lips before disappearing once more behind her lips. His anger evident upon his face would be noticed by the man who stood to the left of her, his hair as silver as her own. He would glance to the girl, "Would you like another slave Emaline?" a bored sigh escapes her lips, "No I have more than enough." Both their heads turned to the staircase as another girl descended the steps, her deep crimson hair falling in wild curls to her waist would swirl around her small frame as her deep emerald eyes watched the scene unfold in front of her. He watched closely as she came down each stair making no sound as she did, pale yet shapely legs played peek a boo as she came down each step revealing slender ankles encased in black velvet heels that wound around her ankle. "Ahh Moria my disobedient child, what did we do to be graced with your benevolent presence?" She would ignore the condescending tone her father used as he addressed her. It would not take a genius to see the tension between the father/daughter pair, hanging back she rested against the banister of the grand staircase. The human man before her was staring at her, a mix of rage and curiosity in his eyes and much to her surprise she felt herself drawn in.

As her eyes met his he would feel his pulse quicken, "No, do not think of the bitch that way." She was a pure blood and pure bloods were the reason his wife and child were dead, he would never allow himself to feel lust towards such a creature. However her gaze effected him more than he cared to admit, damn his body for it's betrayal. She would approach him slowly and take his chin in her hands turning his jaw side to side as she studied him, "Father…if I take back what I said…about not wanting slaves would you object?" the surprise in his eyes told the man he was not used to his daughter accepting slaves, now his curiosity was piqued.
"No, I wouldn't object as a matter of a fact it will make me rather happy to see you accept a slave." ignoring her father she would ask him, "Your name?"
he stated much quicker than he found himself thinking were possible.
she repeated his name and it sent a shiver down his spine to hear that voice say his name, once again his body betrayed him and he felt his loins burn for a fraction of a second. Her eyes would meet his and there would be a question in their brilliant depths almost as if she were reading his mind, wait could Vampires read minds? Remembering his hate for her kind he would suddenly shift forward and attempt to spit in her face as he was hauled backwards by the guards and sent flying as a punch rocked his world and he felt several of his ribs break. Coughing blood up he would look up in time to see her hold a hand up, "Enough, if he is to be my slave leave him be or there won't be enough left to order around." the guards would immediately back away like well trained dogs and he found himself laughing at that thought, the sound came across garbled and broken.
"Take him to my chambers, lock him up and I'll find out what to do to him."

She could hear his chains being pulled upon before she entered her room, he was pulling against the restraints and the force of it had drawn blood. She felt her resolve slip as she placed her hand on the door and took a moment to breathe before entering. He would still immediately and eye her, "Let me free." crossing her arms over her chest she would shake her head.
"I'm afraid I can't do that. It's obvious you've drank our blood…" when a human drank the blood of pure blood they would gain a vampires strength and attributes for a short amount of time and without more would slip into a frenzy becoming something that was not a vampire and not a human but something much, much worse. She was smart he had to give her that, she kept her distance from him yet she could still smell his blood. Her eyes began to glow red as she turned her back to him and fought against her better nature to rip his throat out. He would take that time to pull hard against the chains and they would snap under his brutal strength. Before she could react he would be upon her, crushing her wrists in his grip he would force them above her head. A soft gasp escaped past her ruby red lips as she studied him unafraid, he hated how she stared at him with such insolence in her eyes. For a moment all that could be heard in the room was the sound of their harsh breathing, why hadn't he killed her yet? What he did would surprise the both of them, dipping his head he would capture her lips with his own and kiss her deeply.

His lips crushing her own was an utter shock and she would shift her head, "What are you doing?" she asked him with confusion. What a million dollar question he thought as breathed hard and looked down at her, what the hell was he doing. He would shove her away and say, "I should do to you what was done to my wife…" his wife had been raped and murdered by her kind and if anything that should be what he was doing to this vampire bitch.
"Your wife?" so that was the source of his cruel demeanor, his wife had been a victim to her kind. He would snarl and entrap her against the wall again grinding his fist into the wall behind her head, "You do not get to speak about her." It was obvious the topic of his wife was off limits and a tender subject. He would stare into her eyes before they turned cold and demanding, "That is exactly what I should do to you." Once again his lips would capture her own and draw blood as he took it in making himself stronger. Cupping her buttocks he would lift her tossing her upon the duvet that was spread on a king sized bed behind them, giving her little room for protests he would rip the corseted top from her body. She didn't seem to be protesting against him though. In fact she was gazing at him with a curious look in her eyes and something else burned there, he felt sick for a moment and would say, "Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Like what?" why was she so calm, he was trying to rape her and she looked like she was waiting for him to. At that moment he wanted to hurt her, she would descend upon her again roughly caressing her hardened nipple that had beaded under the cold temperature in the room.

She would feel a moan slip past her lips as his warm tongue laved her nipple and his other hand slipped beneath her skirt to find her wet and waiting, her back would arch off the duvet as he slipped a finger inside her moist folds. She was so wet and ready for him and the thought angered him even more as he forced yet another finger deep into her and caressed her vaginal walls roughly. Thrashing her head side to side she would cry out as he bit the nipple he had been treating kindly and drew blood from it too, it was a mixed feeling. She wasn't sure how this was rape, perhaps it was way of justifying his need to sate his desire for her so he wouldn't feel a sense of guilt in doing this. She could feel his impressive manhood pressing against her through his clothing and goosebumps would spread over her body at the anticipation of how it would feel thrusting deep with in her body. Reaching down he would all but rip his jeans as he let his erection spring forward, he was hard, so hard he hurt. He shouldn't feel this aroused he thought as he looked at her writhing beneath him, she was so wet and it was almost his undoing. Looking at the sheer size of him she would wonder if he would fit inside her however what intrigued her more was why he had stopped and was looking at her with conflicting emotions playing out across his face. She would reach up to caress his face and he would almost growl at her before he shoved her wrist away and flipped her to her stomach, no she wasn't going to enjoy this she would feel the pain his wife had felt as the three vampires who had broken into his home had ravaged his wife over and over while he was forced to watch. That anger would fuel him as he shoved his manhood past her slippery folds and ripped through the shield of her maidenhood. He would groan as her tightness swallowed him up, "No, no, no, it shouldn't feel this good." he thought in his mind. Her virginal blood would drip to the white sheets beneath her as he held her hips in his firm grasp, he had barely heard her scream of pain as he entered her.

Feeling him tear through her hymen had been both a feeling of pain and pleasure, she had screamed in both as well. However now he was still inside her as her face was pressed into the blanket her rear in the air with his hands gripping her hips in a rough manner, he would than begin to move inside her bringing a whole new rush of sensations indescribable to her. A mewling sound would echo out among the harsh breathing and slapping of skin against skin. She would adjust to his length feeling pain give away to ecstasy, his movements were becoming wild as he thrust into her to the hilt hitting her very core with each stroke. "Mmm." she gasped out and gripped the blanket beneath her fingertips, she couldn't see him and part of her was disappointed. Forcing herself up on her elbows she would push against him, he would answer with a groan and pull out of her causing her to gasp and almost fall facedown into the blanket once more. His departure was only for a moment as he pinned her beneath him on her back and reentered her body as roughly as the first time, slamming into her and causing her to cry out again. He would place her legs on his shoulder pushing him deeper and he groan once more as her walls closed around him tightly almost sending him over the edge. He should not be enjoying this he thought, she was just so tight and accommodating and he found himself falling into her. He could feel her closing around him, her vaginal walls would quiver and tighten as her moans became frequent and her breath came out in shallow pants, she was so close and he could tell. Closing his eyes he would feel her give way as her inner walls clenched him tightly and he too found himself finding release as he shot his seed deep within her body, falling atop her he would breathe heavily. What had started as punishment had wound up becoming an act of submission but for who?

(If you guys liked this let me know and I will continue with the story, I hope you found it to your liking and be gentle this was my first time writing something like this however I will take whatever criticism you are willing to offer.)

story by: BipolarPrincess

Tags: first time domination/submission fantasm sex story

Author: BipolarPrincess

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