A life changer

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A life changer
Chapter 1- the reveal
" and so son I am now allowed to tell you the family secret…" My father said I wry smile on his face as he stroked his chin in front of me, silence filled the room as he let my excitement grow before his very eyes
" stop with the teasing dad I say" about to burst myself as I'm about to fin out in my fathers own words " the biggest secret I will ever know" I couldn't even think what it could possibly be, was I to inherit money perhaps? That would be good though the biggest secret ever? Hardly. Oh before we continue I'd better introduce myself. I'm Harry… Harry shaw and well I'm just your normal 17 year old… No scratch that 18 year old…. My birthday was yesterday I kinda still se myself as 17. Anyway back to it, before anyone else had woken up this morning my father had come to my room and was sat at the bottom of the bed to tell me the big secret.
" so son well the top and bottom of it is well… The men in our family well they have a special ability… Like no other human possesses well at least non I know of"
I roll my eyes as he says this… All this for a practical joke? I think to myself but let him continue on
" the men in our family all have the abilities to well…. Change their shape" he says to me and all I can think to do is laugh
" you woke me up at 7 in the morning to listen to that rubbish?" I say closing my eyes with a grown.
" I had the same reaction" he says with a sly smile and before my eyes I see all the proof I need, my father a rather large man in both height and weight changed before me too well what can only be described as one of the most handsome men in the world… And that's when I fainted.

Chapter 2- practice.

When I finally woke up again at around 10 I looked around for my dad who had left a note by my bedside table… I began to read
' dear Harry. I realise the news must come as a great shock to you but I must explain the limitations of our powers now as best I know them from what I have learned over the past 30 odd years 1. We can only transform our bodies into that of a human. 2. The body we transform into does not have to be someone real we can create ourselves how we want. 3 we can change only certain aspects of our body if we so desire 4. The final 'rule' is that no one is to know of our power, not even your mother or sister' have fun with your new power son… Dad' the note finishes and I look up somewhat astonished, the first thing I can think to do is walk to my mirror. I look and see my body the same as it always was, blonde short hair, blue eyes, a slim slightly toned body devoid of much Muscle and an average a best 6 inch cock… " what to do first?" I say to myself as I think, as a teenage boy the first idea may not come as a shock instantly my penis grows and grows to that of around 9 inches long and much thicker than before… " fuck this is going to be fun" I think to myself as I get myself changed for college.

Chapter 3- a new college life
I had entered college as my old self but had what I could only describe as the perfect plan to instantly use my powers for what I needed them for… Losing my virginity… Girls didn't really pay me much attention, but they sure would now. I looked around the corner into the lunch hall and sore her standing there alone, Anna the girl of my dreams, she stands around 5'7 and has long straight jet black hair with piercing blue eyes, her skin is pale like snow and her body is unbelievable even though right now you couldn't tell as she stands covered her body under a thick winders coat which to me just made her all the more cuter. I take a moment to steady my nerves and I think of the body I want, Oh I may have forgotten to mention that Anna is one of the schools sluttiest girls…. The only problem being she is strictly only going to fuck cheerleaders or rugby players… Well I could be both?…

Chapter 4- my first transformation
I want to the toilet to transform not wanting anyone to notice me do it, I changed my body, my height grew to around 6'4 muscles rippled around my chest and abs appeared around my stomach, I look into the bathroom mirror and smile, I had the exact likeness of the schools star rugby player Scott. I step out of the bathroom and walk straight to wear Anna had been standing, I lean on a pillar near to her and say with a wink " hey there sexy". Anna looks at me a little shocked for some reason before she manages to hide it "oh hi there Scott… Shouldn't you be with your girlfriend?" She says although the I notice her checking out my new body " who cares about her? I only want you babe" I say trying to sound as much like Scott as I can. I grab Anna close and let her feel my muscles body " meet me in the boys locker room… 10 minutes" I say before I give her a small spank on her arse and walk off feeling confident.

Chapter 5- virginity gone-well not quite

I quickly undress myself in the locker room and wait for the little slut of my dreams to enter, she does so like I knew she would and I quickly grab her pulling her into a kiss, my tongue darting and dominating her mouth, I kiss her for a few moments before I break the kiss " why don't you get those clothes off slut?" I say with another spank and she squeals in delight as I sit down, I've no idea how big Scott's cock actually is but I made this one a solid 9 inches long and Anna was clearly impressive " I thought I'd never get to fuck you again babe when you got together with Lucy" she says as she strips to her underwear in front of me.
Her body is more perfect than I could have dreamed of, her breast small and perky hidden behind the dark blue bra, her long slender legs so pale as well as her slim figure, my new cock is now at full strength and I smile up at her as I stroke it her eyes are wide "oh my god Scott you've gotten so much bigger since last year" she says as she drops to her knees in front of me and takes the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth… The feeling is like no other and after only a minute I cum into her mouth and start to blush…. " oh fuck Anna I'm sorry about that" I say as she stands up getting changed my cock already deflating " looks like you lost all your stamina when your cock grew" she says cruelly as she asks away… I've no doubt rumours will spread but well they aren't about me so who cares right?

Chapter 6- an easier target

After the incident with Anna I decided to change back to normal and head to class a little late, I sit next to my friend Ella who's a cute little nerdy girl who I've known for years now, we get along well and the second I enter she's gossiping into my ear " did you hear about Scott Taylor?" She says smiling and of course I lie and say no. She tells the story as she's heard it and it's changed dramatically from what happened but I don't care I let her talk and talk before the teacher enters… Now I know I described Ellie as cute that probably doesn't do her justice, she's 5'2 with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, a great slim figure from playing soccer and the cutest little glasses that frame her face perfectly, sure I'd like to fuck her and she's my next target… " who's your dream guy Ellie?" I ask changing the topic and she blushes a little, oh well I don't know if I have one… A dream girl on the other hand…" She says with a sly smile as I see her looking towards a girl in the front corner called Jessica, I know Jessica was on the football team with Ellie and I knew just what to do next.

Chapter 7- Ellie's room

Ok so I hadn't wanted to change Into a girl so early but with an opportunity like this how could I miss it? I was hoping to lose my virginity as a boy but I'll take what I can get. I wait till school finishes and walk over to Ellie now my body as close to Jessica's as I can imagine it being " hey there Ellie" I say with a wink as I walk over to her, Jessica's around Ellie's height but with great c cup perky tits and no glasses, her hair is a dark brown that matches her eyes " hi babe" Ellie responds and I'm quite startled "babe?" I reply with a smile and Ellie pulls me to the side " you didn't mind me calling you that last week sexy" she says as she kisses me on the lips, I kiss her back and instantly I know of this secret relationship… And that Ellie is clearly the dominant one!
" I was thinking we could go to your room for some more fun?" I say as I follow her to the school gates " I wouldn't want anything else" she responds and the walk home goes by in a whir.
The next thing I know is I'm naked on Ellie's, bed, my sexy new body on show as Ellie licks across my breasts and I shudder in pleasure as she goes lower and lower, my hands are tied above my head and I'm learning more an more abut how kinky Ellie is. I close my eyes and stifle a scream of pleasure as her tongue works wonder on my pussy, I wonder if it's a Virgin puss or not for a moment before the pleasure stops me and I feel so much pleasure, much better than when Anna had sucked my cock.
Ellie must be a master with her tongue as after only a few minutes my body was shaking and I was cumming on her tongue, Ellie giggles as that happens and crawls up my body kissing me letting me taste the girl cum my body had produced.
Within a flash Ellie has positioned her body on top of mine and her pussy is lowered to my full lips, having never done this before I just try and copy her and flick and swirl my tongue around her tight tasty pussy, she lasts a lot longer before she finally cums, her juices spraying my new pretty face and she collapses onto me still tied up and we fall asleep bodies pressed against each…
I wake up around an hour later realising I'm still tied up I start to speak expecting Jessica's voice, when I hear my own I'm startled I see Ellie is still asleep but I've changed back into my male body…!

story by: Celisiter

Tags: young consensual sex bi-sexual lesbian teen science-fiction sex story

Author: Celisiter

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