Charity starts at home : chapter 4 : learning the basics

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Despite my worst intentions, Faith and I could not come up with a plan for me to bed my Momma. We were inseperable the entire time, spending most of the days together and the nights as well when Momma was off at work. Our planning was obviously impeded by our constant consumption of marijuana as well.

It was just a week later, three Saturdays from the first night where I had kindled my incestous lust for Momma , and Faith and I were entertaining ourselves. Our form of entertainment though was fooling around and watching Momma's porn though.

We were in Momma's bed watching for the umpteenth time the video of my deflowering. It got Faith off like a firecracker, especially when I was mowing down on Momma's snatch whilst getting slowly fucked from behind. My lithe redheaded friend was just beginning to push an end of our favourite double headed dildo in between my pussy lips; when we heard the car pull up.

Faith and I froze like dear in the headlights at this sudden interruption. Momma wasn't supposed to be home for hours, seeing as it was only 10 PM at the moment. We were both secretly praying that it was a neighbor, but alas that was not to be. The all too familiar clopping of my mother's cowboy boots announced her presence on the little deck in front of the trailer.

Faith and I bolted from the bed in a panic , scrambling madly at our clothes hoping against hope that we would be able to escape her bedroom dressed and unsuspected.I had managed to pull my nighty over my head and my panties around my ankle, Faith similarly so when the front door opened. We scrambled even quicker, but by then it was too late.

“ Charity Jones! Come here right now!” , came Momma's distinctive voice in a very commanding tone.

It was all over, I was caught. There was no way I could hide this now. Not only had I broken into her bedroom but I was also doing it with a naked girl. Compounding to that would be the tape being played on her TV. Even if for some insane reason the first two things could be forgiven, the video evidence of me eating out my unaware mother would have me sent to juvenile detention. There was little else I could do but now face the music.

I tried mussing my hair into something resembling decent semblance took a deep breath and walked down the hall. Faith was trying to sneak behind me and slip into my bedroom undetected. That of course did not work either.

“ Faith O'Reilly, you as well,” my Momma commanded again.

Sullenly and embarassed we stepped into the living room and there was Momma as big as life. I almost had to stifle a laugh when I saw her. She stood stern with her arms folded across her chest but her get up was a distinctive absurd counter to her strict mood. She was in her typical party gear, an all white latex cowboy outfit which barely covered her naughty bits.

What was surprising was that she wasn't alone. Beside her a large rather handsome black man in a tasteful and rather expensive suit. At first I didn't recognize him but then it struck me why I didn't know who he was at first; he was wearing clothes. It was Marcus whom I had first witnessed pounding Momma just a scant couple weeks ago and beginning my journey.

“ You two, sit down, “ Momma ordered pointing to the couch.

Quietly we sat on the couch dreading and confused by this sudden appearance. Faith and I sat side by side wearing nothing but panties and a nighty each. What a sight. What a nightmare.

“ Momma, I can explain..” , I began hoping to concoct some elaborate phony-baloney to get us the heck out of here.

Momma would have none of it, she raised her finger to shush me and began to pace back and forth. She had taken no more then two steps in either direction before she turned. I realized now that Momma was more confused then upset per se . She finally turned to us with a sigh.

“ I suppose I should have seen this coming”

Faith snuck her hand into mine and gave a squeeze of solidarity. She was such a good friend, I was glad she was here with me in this moment.

“ Sneaking into my room, using my toys, fucking my men and then eating me out some like pussy starved dyke”

I almost bolted to my feet like lightning had fried me. She had seen the tape! I thought we had hidden it well. I thought we had hidden it, it only took me till later to realize most cameras had playback displays of what was most recently shown

Momma continued“ I am angry with you little missy, but not for the fucking around, hell I am glad you're fucking around”

Confusion struck me but I patiently waited to figure out where she was going with this.

“ I'm angry with you because you broke into my bedroom, thats my private spot, but I suppose thats pointless now.”

Momma squatted down in front of me and looked at me square in the eye

“ I don't want you ever again breaking into my rom, do ya hear?” , she said

“Yes, Momma”, I whispered not believing I was getting off with being scolded just for breaking into her room.

“ That goes just as well for you, Faith”

“ Yes was my best friends honest reply.

“ Now as for fucking my men …”

Uh-oh I thought, here's where the nastiness really began. I bit my lip and tried to hold back tears. I looked bravely at Momma trying to keep my confidence together.

“..fuck as many as you like, just don't go stealing them, I'd prefer it if you shared them with me to be quite honest”

That blew my mind. My jaw dropped a mile as the words smacked into my brain. A brief glance at Faith was showing me that she was doing the same. This was unreal, maybe I had a heart attack and had died.

“ Oh please darlin' baby girl, you ain't the first woman in our line that's a slut or really really loves her Momma..shiite, my Momma and me used to sleep with each other all the time”

Momma took my hands and placed them in hers, even though I had to let go of my lifeline that was Faith. Momma gave them a squeeze and smiled at me. At once all the anger and confusion from her was gone, it was as if she had lifted a great weight from her shoulders as well. Momma wasn't finished talking yet though

“ Charity my baby, if we're gonna live together under this roof we're both gonna have no more secrets from each other, is that clear?”

“ Yes Momma” , I replied

“ Aww come here” Momma said and drew me close to her hugging me tightly. I could all but feel the love flow out of her once again.

“ As for you, young Miss O'Reilly, I don't want you spreading one word of this to that redneck racist father of yours, is that clear?”

“ Yes was Faith's clearly relieved answer.

Momma turned back to me and looked at me straight in the eyes with a smile.

“ Charity my girl, if you're gonna be a decent slut you're gonna need to learn some skills, I saw that tape and you need />

“ I mumbled.

“ Yes, that is why my lover, boss and good friend Marcus came over with me tonight”

With that , the quiet Marcus softly stepped forward towards me. He had an easy grin and an aura of confidence around that was hard to escape. Underneath that tailored suit though lay a sexual panther, one that I had already seen unleashed on my Momma.

“ Charity, you are going to learn the basics about sucking a cock right now; you too young Miss o' Reilly”, Momma said matter of factly as she unzipped Marcus' fly.

“ I'd shake your hand , “ Marcus half joked in his baritone , “ but get on your knees sounds better.”

I did exactly as Marcus requested, something I now reflect is something I do for any man with a big enough cock. I knelt before Marcus obediently, Faith sidled up beside me. Momma slipped around behind us and sat on the couch. Marcus loosened his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor.

Faith let out a half gasp and covered her mouth, I merely was once again transfixed. There it was Marcus' big cock once again in the flesh. If anything it was bigger then Denny's or Bill's. I would learn later that Denny and Bill were 8 and 9 inches respectively and that Marcus himself was a ten incher. It was getting hard , and I could feel myself getting warm.

Women will often say size doesn't matter. This is only a half truth. Size definitely DOES matter, women absolutely love big cocks .There are women that wont fuck a guy with a huge cock as it may hurt her, but you can bet those same women fantasize about it or wouldn't mind sucking on a huge cock. If a man knows how to use his cock it doesnt matter if he's average, thats where the truth lies… the unspoken other half is that if a man with a big cock knows how to use it; he will be preferred.

“ Open your mouth wide Charity” , Momma instructed

I complied with Momma's wishes and Marcus stepped forward and stuck the fat cockhead of his black tool in between my lips. I stretched my mouth wider to fully accommodate him. I could feel the tingle spread through my body as Marcus put one hand on the back of my head. This was a wet dream come true.

“ Now play with your tongue on his tip” , Momma instructed

I followed her commands and Marcus groaned , making me lash my tongue faster on him. The instructions from Momma continued.

She had me jerk him off while sucking on his cock head, telling me to use a lot of spit in my mouth as lube. Marcus clearly loved it. Momma even had me began to bob my head up and down on his cock as much as I could. But Marcus was far too big for me

Soon I felt Momma come up behind me where I was kneeling on the floor and slipped her arms around me all the whilst cooing about what a good job I was doing. Her hands slipped up and started undoing the front of my nighty, opening the buttons. This turned me on to no end having my Momma undressing me. When it was done , the nighty dropped to the floor behind me.

Momma pressed up behind me , pushing her large breasts into my back. Her nipples pushing into my burning my burning flesh. I groaned around Marcus cock when she did this, but I really went over the top went her hands to my own tits and she cupped them in her hands. I was almost cumming as she did this, and when she tweaked my nipples between her thumb and forefinger with each hand I actually did.

I had to pull off Marcus's cock leaving a string of drool as I shook through a small cum. Which turned into a bigger cum as Momma snaked her right hand to the wetness between my legs. She rubbed my clit ever so softly, but it was enough to set me right off the edge.

“ Oh god…” I groaned through the orgasm that hit me.

This was all I ever had wanted and now it was happening. And it was only going to get better

“ Mmmm my little girl has a juicy pussy”, Momma whispered in my ear.

I tried to return sucking on Marcus' big cock but was getting far too distracted to really give him the efforts he fully deserved. Momma noticed this and motioned Faith over to come kneel down before the big black man beside me.

“ Alrighty Charity, pay attention to his balls now while Faith gets to work on his big dick”

I didn't quite know what she meant, but Momma gripped me by hair and pushed my head under Marcus' heavy shaft and told me to start licking and sucking. Faith meanwhile was busy slurping away at his shaft like it was feeding her oxygen. Faith was somewhat sexually experienced so she was really into it jerking him off with a free hand. The hot sucking and slurping that arose from us must have been something else

“ That's it baby, roll your tongue along his sac,, take his balls in your mouth and gently roll them around on your tongue”

Marcus clearly loved this as his hand went to stroking my hair, his balls were smooth and hairless and I was beginning to understand why the women shaved too. It was far easier to fully taste the flesh this, and not even have to worry about getting hair in your mouth or between your teeth.

Momma was continuing her digital ministrations on me, now slipping a finger deep between my folds. I was so juicy that she just slid in without hesitation. She began to probe and slightly curly her fingers in magic ways that almost made my legs shake.

Momma suddenly got up from me , but then pulled me up with her.

“ Okay Faith, you keep Marcus hard, I need to take of something about Charity first”

Faith just gave forefinger-thumb okay signal and kept slurping away on Marcus' cock. Momma led me off towards the bathroom. I was really wanting to stay and suck on some cock, but was delighted that Momma had something planned for me. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom.

Once inside she told me to sit up by the sink and she began running some hot water. Then Momma had me take off my panties and I was naked as the Lord had made me right in front of her. My nipples were rock hard as I saw Momma peel out of her clothes too.

“ Alright alright my baby girl, we are doing something about that bush of yours”

Momma took some feminine shave gel and squeezed out a dollop and rubbed it across my crotch, making sure not too get any in me of course. Her touch was setting me on fire and I lightly reached out and stroked one of her breasts.

“ Oh you naughty girl, there will be plenty of time for that soon enough, but first things first.”

With that Momma took one of her razors and ever so lightly shaved off the hair around my pussy. It was delicate work and I certainly didn't want to move in case I got nicked. I was also intensely turned on by her paying so much attention to me as well. When she was done, Momma wiped me off with a warm washcloth.

It was astounding, I was bare as a baby now and touching it felt smooth and very nice. Very naughty, and this must have been the real appeal of it all. Just as I was about to get up, Momma spread my thighs wide and nestled down between my legs.

“ Looks good enough to eat.” she whispered.

And then she did so. Momma dipped her golden blonde head between my thighs and pushed her face right up against my cunny. Her tongue darted out and gave me a strong clean quick lick which sent a bolt to my brain. This was what I had been fantasizing about so much and was finally happening!

Momma wasted no time exploring me, thats for sure. Finding my clit with her hungry tongue she quickly started lapping away at it like a big cat. Long slow and strong lashings which sent my head off into orbit. She sucked at it between her lips and added pressure which sent a trembling orgasm through me after only a few minutes.

I gripped Momma by her hair and thrust her face even further into my sopping pussy and lapped me up like no ones business. Then Momma stuck one of her fingers into me and started fucking me with it. Needless to say I came again and again.

Momma pulled away as I trembled through the end of my cum, my mind could hardly believe what was happening. This was it, this was fantastic. I pulled Momma close to me and she pressed her mouth into mine. Her hot tongue pushed into mine and I could taste my juices on her lips. Our tongues wrestled at each other and I then pulled back to lick my juices off her face.

“ I want your pussy Momma, “ I said

Momma just smiled and pushed me down onto the floors onto my knees, I looked up at her smiling face half eclipsed by her large bust. I ran my tongue up the inside of one thigh, and then did the same to the other. Momma moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I had enough experience this last week with Faith to have an idea what I was doing. Momma was just as wet as I when I pushed my tongue into her cleft. I did all the tricks Faith had shown me and attacked Momma's labial lips and clit like a mad woman. Momma obviously liked it too. In minutes she was dripping all over my face.

“ Oohh Momma like”, Momma whispered caressing my head.

Her legs began to shake as she trembled through a cum as well. We were both like in this aspect too, we came the same way. Like mother like daughter. After cumming and trembling for a bit , Momma stepped away and pulled me to my feet.

Momma gave me a sweet wet kiss and tasted herself on my lips as well, running her tongue all along my lips and chin. She hugged me close and rubbed herself into me.

“ Oh Charity my baby girl, we're gonna have so much fun />

“ I love you Momma”, I whispered and gave her a soft kiss.

“ Alright alright, lets go get you laid baby girl”

I definitely perked up at that, fucking Marcus would definitely be the way to celebrate this after all it had started with watching him and Momma. We stepped out of the bathroom and with a quick glance saw that the living room was empty. Glancing the other way we saw that the door to Momma's room was wide open and a light was on.

“ I don't suppose there's any point to trying to lock that door anymore”, Momma joked and led me in.

Marcus and Faith were both on Momma's waterbed. They were both completely disrobed now and Faith was at Marcus' cock sucking it for all it was worth. It was quite a contrast, her creamy white skin and lithe frame compared to his dark skin and muscular body. Faith's jaw was stretched wide open and she was trying to jerk Marcus off into her mouth.

“ You two couldn't wait for us?”, Momma said pulling me onto the bed with her

“ What can I say, the girl has talent, “ Marcus said stroking Faiths redhaired head.

Momma propped up some pillows against the head board and lay down against them. She had me come and lay back against her, her huge breast warmly squeezing into my back. She told me to open my thighs.

“ Anytime you're ready Marcus, I want you to fuck my baby girl”, Momma said

I was giddy with anticipation as Marcus disentangled himself from Faith's lips. He crawled over and got himself on his knees before me, his large hands spread open my thighs wide. His big thick black cock landed on my belly and I reached down and stroked his monster. So hard, so firm and so soft all at the same time. Momma's hands came around me tried cupping my ample bosom.

Faith lay down beside us on her side and spread thighs so that she could play with herself and watch at the same time.

“ This is going to be so fucking hot, “ Faith said almost evily .

“ Now tell the big man what you want him to do”, Momma whispered in my ear.

I looked up at Marcus as he smiled down at me and then I almost challenged him , “ I want you to fuck me.”

“ Be more specific dearie, “ Momma chimed in

Marcus just flashed a smile at this and rubbed the tip of his fat cockhead against my slit. It sent fire through my loins and I can feel myself dripping in anticipation. I was involuntarily grinding my hips up against his tool, hungry for what was to come. This teasing was killing me.

“ Fuck me with I told Marcus my eyes locked on.

And fuck me he did, there was no gentle easing into me. Marcus shoved his fat cock firmly into me. I could feel him stretch me wide and rub every nerve inside me. It was fucking intense and all I could do was gasp as he thrusted into me.

Marcus began thrusting into em in earnest, his thickness spreading me wider with every thrust. His girth and length felt like they were in my stomach. I gasped at every pound, and inch my inch Marcus shoved his big black cock further into my wetness. Momma started playing with my nipples, tweaking and rubbing them till they were as hard as diamonds and on fire like the sun. Marcus kept up a fluid motion and hard rhythm . I glanced down and saw that I was taking most of him into me. His thick black penis stretched my pussy lips with every outward pull.

“ Oh my god oh my god, “ I started gasping.

“ This is fucking hot “, Faith toned in.

“ Think my baby girl loves the black cock”, Momma approved

All I could do was half moan and nod an affirmative as the thrusting continued. I was beginning to feel faint as Marcus had his way with my pussy. Each thrust in I could feel him hit a magic spot in me, and I knew I close to cumming. Faith snuck her hand in between us and started rubbing my clit.

That was the final straw and my legs shot out and I shook through an intense orgasm. It rolled from my crotch all the way up to my head and down again. Marcus softly laughed and began fucking me even harder. Faith jumped in and pushed her head to my crotch and started teasing my clit as Marcus fucked me. Marcus big hands grabbed my ankles and spread them wide, he took control of my body like it was his, which essentially it was for now. Momma toyed with my nipples hard all the whilst.

I was a fucktoy for the three of them and I loved it, my head was awash with pleasure and I was completely satisfied. Marcus would now start occasionally pulling his thickness out of me, which made me whine and beg for him to out it back in. But all he was doing was pulling out and letting Faith suck on his dick and lube it up for some more thrusting.

I don't know how long or through how many cums I had gone through, when Marcus started panting and groaning and I could fell his thrusts getting more fervent and earnest. He was sweating hard and I knew he was going to cum soon too

“ That's it Marcus, cum for me, cum in me”, I encouraged him

“ Yeah, fuck that slut, shoot your jizz in her”, Faith encouraged.

Momma got behind Marcus, and though I couldn't see it Faith would tell me later she was playing with his balls, Tickling and caressing them. Trying to cox the cum out of them and into me.

“ Yes Marcus, cum in my daughter, fill her up”

“ Shit, shit shit shit!” Marcus closed his eyes and moaned.

He started really pounding away at me. My mouth opened in a noiseless scream as Marcus started bottoming out in me. His entire girth pounding into my enflamed cunt. Every inch slammed into me and I knew I was going to be sore in the morning, but I just couldn't stop cumming like a freight train

Then it happened, with one final thrust Marcus pushed hard into me and ground his hips against mine. I could feel him pulsate inside me and loads of hot wet warmth filled my pussy, as he dumped a big load in me. This made me cum once again, I was going off like fireworks. I loved being his cum bucket at this point, knowing his seed was deep in me made it all worthwhile. Faith pulled her head out and Marcus lay on top of me. He kissed me deep and tenderly. I absolutely adored this hung black stud, but at the back of my mind I knew I would adore anyone who could fuck me like this.

Slowly Marcus pulled out of me, I hated that feeling of emptiness. My pussy still throbbed from its incredible pounding. Momma moved quickly in between my thighs. She began to ever so tenderly lick up all the cum that had dripped out of my cunt, then started softly eating me out trying to clean me up with her tongue.

Faith on the other hand had merely scooted over to Marcus' big dick and was sucking him clean herself. Licking his balls and shaft like a lolipop, I'm pretty sure she was just trying to get him hard.

Momma slided her body up against mine and moved up to my face. We kissed and I loved the taste of Marcus' spunk in her mouth. This was what sex was supposed to be like I figured, hot and juicy and shared amongst friends. Our tongues rolled around each other .

“ I love you Momma, thank you, “ I said hugging her close

“ I'm so proud of my baby girl”

We both lay down side by side and watched Faith suck Marcus' dick. A couple times Marcus tried getting away, wanting to clean up but Faith would have none of it. It was kind of funny to watch, my friend sure had a stubborn head on her shoulders and eventually Marcus just let my redhead amiga have her way with his slowly deflating cock.

Momma and I got out of bed and headed to the shower ourselves. Momma gently washed me clean and we began to girl chat abit as we refreshed ourselves

Momma then told me the most interesting story, it was more of a huge expansion on what she told me earlier before my thorough pounding. The women side of the bloodline seemed to be sluts all the way through. Her momma had caught her with another girl as well and had initiated her into sapphic love and had shared many lovers with her as well. Momma was a hippie and a firm believer in the free love movement after that, and she seemed to have spent a lot of time with the Black Panthers as a fucktoy. Her Momma had been a USO girl and kept the troops on leave very satisfied, and before that my great grandma had been a flapper who liked to frequent the black clubs in the 20's. Hell, she was going to show our genealogy tree and point to when we owned a plantation and she was pretty sure that woman-kin of ours probably kept her slaves satisfied too.

All Momma asked was to keep some ground rules; no trying to steal men= sharing was better if nessecary. If I wanted to get my slut on I had to let her know where I was to be safe. And of course she was going to teach me how to improve my slut skills. I was thrilled to realize I was no longer alone in my dirty thoughts.

We got out of the shower and heard Faith grunting and swearing up a storm, encouraging Marcus to fuck her and fuck her hard with his big fat cock. We looked at each other and laughed and headed back into the bedroom.

It seems as though Faith had gotten Marcus hard again and he was on top of her pounding hard into her. Faith was nearly bent in half with her ankles around her ears as Marcus mercilessly pounded the shit out of her. Hot wet slapping sounds resounded around the room as his balls smacked up against her upturned thighs.

Momma and I got on the bed and lay on our sides, Momma spooning up behind me and watched the show. Her fingers snaking their way down my body to my pussy and lightly toying with my clit. It was delicious getting to watch a real live sex show

After about 15 minutes of watching my best friends world get rocked, all the while she encouraged him on with filthy nasty talk. Telling him to fill her up with his black dick, to flood her pussy with his jizz. Shit, Faith had quite the potty mouth on her. Marcus finally groaned and let loose inside her.

He pulled out and left Faith panting , flushed and limp. I crawled between her legs and did what my Momma had shown me and ate the spunk as well as I could out of my best friend. And then I crawled up ad shared some of my what I found, mouth to mouth.

Marcus once again tried getting away, claiming he just couldn't cum again but we didn't buy it. The three of us descended on his cock and started licking and sucking every part we could. There was always a mouth on his shaft , balls and cock head at all times. After about 20 minutes of this, Momma and I got tired and our jaws sore a bit. Faith was still gung ho and had him half way hard again.

Momma lay me down and crawled over me, her thighs nestled over my head and she pushed her crotch into my face. And she pushed her face into my pussy as well, and we descended into a wickedly nice 69 position.

Watching us pleasure each other was enough apparently to get Marcus hard one last time, and within 10 minutes there he was. Marcus knelt behind Momma and I got to see a close-hand look of him pushing his big black cock into Momma's pussy merely inches away. I would snaked my tongue out and lick his hot salty balls as he pushed into her.

Marcus fucked Momma just as earnestly as he fucked both Faith and I . His balls slapped up against her upturned ass and against my face at every thrust. I couldnt escape my position but I wouldn't want to either. Eventually after maybe 20 minuets of fucking he let go of his final dose of cum into my Momma's pussy and slowly pulled out.

Momma eased back and all but sat on my face and let me eat the cum out of her as a lot dripped out. Marcus finally managed to get away this time, claiming he had to get home and recover as there was no way he could come again, and that his cock was no way too sore.

Us girls laughed and each gave him a kiss goodbye, we then crawled under the sheets together. The room absolutely stinking of sweat. Momma in the middle and Faith and I on either side of her.

“ You are the best neighbors in the world, “ Faith said nestling into one of Momma's big boobs.

I nestled into the other and couldn't help but think that things couldn't get much better as I drifted off to a very satisfied sleep.

It turns out I was once again wrong.

End of Part 4

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