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One fine day a girl named Chloe, a Freshman at Dessen High School, was hanging out in Spanish class with her friends when the new Senior, Kyle, walked into class. He’s only been at Dessen for about a month and he’s already made a bunch of friends from the Cheer Squad and the entire Football Team. He’s tall, muscular, has sandy blonde hair, an eight pack, and biceps to match. He has aqua blue eyes and all the girls go crazy for him. Chloe, is short, has baby blue eyes, isn’t the skinniest either. She’s never had a boyfriend and only recently had her first kiss on her birthday. The teacher tells them to take their seats and they don’t have assigned seats so they get to sit any where they want. She usually sits in the back corner surrounded by her friends but today when she took her seat, Kyle came and sat next to her. She thought nothing of it, until the next day, it happened again, and again, this happened for about a week. They never spoke but one day after class he pulled her off to the side and finally started a conversation with her. “Hey, you’re Chloe, right?” he started.
“Yes, I am Chloe. And you’ re Kyle.” she said in a guarded way. And she must’ve caught him off guard with her tone, as he looked shocked. He said “Yes I am. I’ve been wanting to get to know you since the day I started in this school. You seem really nice and sweet.” She started to blush a little bit but then after a beat she finally asked, “Is that why you came and sat next to me for the past week?”
“Yea, I was just too scared to talk to you in class. I wanted to talk at our own pace, with no He added. She stares at him guarded and wary, but she responds with, “You, scared to talk to me? I mean hot and I’m just me. You hang out with the popular kids, I hang out with the outcastes and weirdoes. Why were you scared? I’m just an average girl, nothing special.”
“But see that’s the thing, there is just something about you. I cant put my finger on it, but there is just something about you that makes me nervous to talk to you and you’re not just you, you’re beautiful and id love to get to know you better.” She thought about it for a minute or two and finally she answered him with “Ok. When? Where? And there’s something about you too. You seem interesting and like there’s more to you than you’re letting everyone know, and I want to figure out what it is.” He smiled, wide and toothy. He fished into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. “Here, put your number in and I’ll text you when you should come over or we can hang out or something.” She puts her phone number into his phone and he’s so excited by now. You can just tell by the way he’s standing there grinning like an idiot. “One last question,” she adds “if you’re a Senior, why are you interested in a Freshman?”
“I don’t know, but like I said, there’s just something about you that makes me want to get to know you better.” he said after he put he phone back in his pocket. She finally accepted that fact and they both walked away just as the bell was ringing to go to class. She was thinking about that conversation all day after that. She couldn’t focus on anything else. When she got home she found a note from her parents saying they went out to dinner with the boss, she could order pizza or go get something. She sits down and turns on the TV to watch something to take her mind off of what happened with Kyle that day at school. The next thing she knows is she has a text on her phone, its from Kyle! It says ‘Hey, wanna come over and talk and work on Spanish, or something?’ She hesitates for a minute but text back saying ‘Sure, what’s your address?’ Before she even sets her phone down she has another text from him. It says ‘I can pick you up, I’m on my way home from school still. What’s your address? J’ after a few seconds she finally texts him her address and 10 minutes later he’s pulling up outside in his 2013 Ford F-350, raised, in black. He helps her climb in. Once they are both buckled up, pulls out onto the street. They make small talk until they pull up outside his house and park. They climb out of his truck and walk to the door. He unlocks the door and welcomes her into his house.
“My parents aren’t home. They’re running some errands and then going to dinner.” he says. “Would you like something to drink?” he asks as she walks around the huge living room looking at all the pictures and trinkets and knick-knacks. “Water, please she says turning to face him as he walks into the kitchen. She continues to look around. He reappears a few minutes later with two glasses of water and hands her one. He offers her a seat on the couch and she takes the seat. He sits down next to her. “Would you like to watch some TV?” he asks holding up the remote. “Sure, I really don’t care what we watch, You pick.” she says a minute later, after taking a sip from her water glass. He turns the TV on to MTV, but turns the volume down. He turns and faces her. He asks her “So, What kind of hobbies do you do?” She turns to face him and responds with “Horseback riding, Softball, Volleyball, Singing, Cooking, and Baking. What about you?” she asks.
“Football, Basketball, Baseball, BMXing, and Off-Roading. The usual guy stuff.” They both start to laugh a little bit and finally she asks him “What is your favorite Color? Pizza Topping? Movie? Drink? Candy?” He starts to think for a minute and finally says “Purple, Sausage, 21 Jump Street, Pepsi, I Don’t Know.” they start to laugh again. “What about you?” He asks after a beat. She responds with “Purple, Sausage, Warm Bodies, Voltage Mountain Dew and Swedish Fish.” They start to talk a little bit more and realize they have so much in common. When they turn back to watch TV, he unexpectedly leans over and kisses her, right on the lips. She’s caught off guard but kisses him back. When he pulls back there is the look of wanting and desire in both of their eyes. In that moment right there, they both realize they want each other. She shifts to side sitting on her knees on the couch as he leans back and lays down on the couch. She climbs on him and stratles him, she leans down and kisses him, passionately. Her hands find his hair and starts to grip tightly and pulls him to her. She opens her mouth slightly and welcomes his tongue into her mouth. They are all tongue, touching, and passion. He pulls back and sits on the couch like normal, she sits on his lap facing him, and their mouths find each other again. Their tongues tangling together, invading each others mouths. His arms curl around her and his hands find her hair and fist in her hair. They occasionally stop for air. Their mouths find each others one more and then slowly hen starts kissing his way down her neck. She throws her head back in ecstasy, giving him better access to her throat.
He drops her off at her house around 7 o’clock and her parents still aren’t home. So she decides to order a pizza. By the time she finishes eating, her parents come walking in the door. She’s goes to the bathroom and realizes she has a hickey on her neck so she covers it quickly with make up and goes out to talk to her parents. When she goes to bed she checks her phone one last time and there is a text from Kyle. It says ‘Good Night Beautiful. I hope you have Sweet Dreams. See you tomorrow. J’ She immediately gets excited. She can barely sleep that night. The next day at school they were texting all day. After school she went over to his house again.
His parents weren’t home again. So they went up stairs and he gave her a tour of the house. When they finally arrived at his room and he opens the door, they step inside and she closes the door behind her. She walks slowly over to him, reached up and kisses him, hard. He bends down to meet her and her tongue invades his mouth. His arms wrap around her and slowly lower him onto his bed. Then he rips off his shirt and she rips off hers. He lays down on the bed and she lays on top of him and the starts making out again. They break apart after awhile and he pulls off her pants and socks. She pulls off his socks and pants too. She lays back down on top of him and their tongues find each other again. She can feel his growing erection against her hip as they make out. She sits up and ever so slowly undoes her bra and throws it off to the side. He leans up taking them in his hands and starts to massage them slowly. Finally taking one into his mouth and starts to tease her by licking and sucking on her nipple while twisting and squeezing they other one. Then switching to the other one.
Then she gets up and pulls down his boxers. His huge cock springs free and she takes all 9 inches in her mouth and starts to suck and thrust him in and out of her mouth. He throws his head back and he finally says “I’m about to cum!” and she stops. She stands up and takes off her panties and straddles him again. They start making out again and he rolls over and now he’ on top. He slowly starts kissing and licking his was down her body and finally he gets to her pussy. He starts licking and sucking on her clit and she starts to moan. Then the next thing she knows, he slips a finger insider and starts to move slowly in and out. Slowly picking up speed until she screams “I’m gonna cum!” and he stops. He slowly climbs back on top if her and starts making out with her after he sticks his finger in her mouth and she sucks it clean. They starts making out hot and heavy and they roll over and she’s on top again.
They break away from each other and they lean up and she’s straddling him again. He reaches into his nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom. She quickly but carefully puts it on him. She retakes her position sitting on his lap and slowly sinks down onto him. She lets out a small muffled moan as he fills her and she starts to move up and down on his whole 9 inch dick. She slowly picks up speed and really starts to move. They both start to moan. She stops and gets up off of him and lays down on the bed. He crawls up and spreads her legs wide and slowly thrust into her again. Pulling out all the way then back in. he keeps this up and finally he thrusts all the way into her and stops.
Then suddenly he starts to really move. And she starts to moan. “Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck me baby! Fuck Me good! Mmmmmmmm! Yeah!! Like That!” she screams through gritted teeth. He starts to slow down then speed up, slow down then speed up. Teasing her, making her moan even more. Then he pulls out and thrusts back into her makes her cry out in ecstasy. she screams, as he starts to pick up speed again. They both start to moan again and they both keep building higher and higher. Baby! Cum for me baby! Mmmmmm! Yeah! That’s it, right there! Ahhh!” he moans “Scream my name, baby! Oh, yeah! C’mon baby, give it to me, baby! Yeah! Ahhhh!” and the sound of his voice sends her over the edge and she explodes around him screaming “Oh Kyle! Yes! as she claws at the bed and he climaxes right after her. He collapses on top of her and they lay there, physically and mentally spent. They lay their for a while, minutes pass and finally he lifts up and pulls out of her and she winces. “Oh baby, did I hurt you?” he asks in some what of a panic and she responds with “Oh no, baby, that was amazing!” as she reaches up and kiss him passionately on the lips.
At around 6:30 his parents come home and they are sitting on the couch watching TV. They both stand up and walk towards the door, hand in hand. He introduces her to his parents “Mom, Dad, this is Chloe, my and they smile and reach a hand out and she politely shakes their hands. “Well, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Chloe. We’ve heard so much about you.” She blushes and Kyle’s arm around her tightens slightly, as he can sense her growing discomfort.
After dinner he drives her home and walks her to the door. She opens the door and they both walk inside. Her parents are sitting on the couch watching TV and reading. She quickly closes the door behind them and announces “Mom, Dad, This is Kyle, My boyfriend.” they both stand and walk over to the couple and shake hands. Her dad says “Nice to meet you. I’m Dave and this is my wife, Teresa. Hurt our little girl and I will hurt you,
“Yes sir, Very well understood. There is no reason why I would ever hurt your daughter. She is an amazing girl.” he smiles. Chloe blushes and quickly places an arm around him and pulls him close. Her mom and dad smile. She walks him to her room and her parents go about their business. She gives him a tour of the house and then he’s off. A quick kiss good bye and he’s gone.
The next morning he picks her up and drives her to school. They walk hand in hand to class. And sit together at lunch. They do almost everything together. They are practically inseparable. They are in love.

story by: SexyBitch143

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Author: SexyBitch143

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