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It was early March in 1982 when I first fucked Connie. She was working the counter at the dry cleaners. She was a few years older than my thirty years. I believe she was 45, divorced, and black. I had been visiting with her on almost every Saturday morning over the last two years, when I would pick up my uniforms. She had the most beautiful light brown skin, hazel eyes and a cute smile. She was rather petite with noticible breasts and a tight looking ass, or at least it would appear through her tight fitting wranglers.

This Saturday was no different as we discussed the wonderful weather we were having and how good it would be to go on a picnic later on in the day. She was telling me it had been years since she had gone on a picnic and asked me if I wanted to do that when she got off at noon. I told her that would be great and I would get what ever she wanted for sandwiches and drinks and would pick her up at noon. My friend Bill had a small farm about ten miles north of the city limits, with a couple of fishing tanks and several nice areas to picnic at. When I got home, I caled Bill and he was happy to let us go , but I would have to come and get a key to the gate because he was in the middlt of working on one of his vintage autos and couldn't get away right then. It worked out well, for by the time I had gotten the picnic items, drinks and ice, then picked up the key, it was time to get back to the cleaners and pick up Connie.

She was surprised when I showed up with everything ready, and even had a place to go. We chit chatted on the way out of town and were quickly at our destination. There was a little cabin just as you got inside the gate, and the one key fit everyhing, so we went inside the cabin, and began to make our sandwiches. She had wanted sliced Pastrami on rye with deli mustard, onions, and tomatoes, while I stuck with ham and cheese on wheat with the same vegetables. As we walked down the path toward the first fishing tank, we spotted an old oak tree that she said was a perfect spot to eat under. We had a good conversation while sittng there on the ground and eating. She had been divorced for 10 years, her ex-husband was in the military, and they had no children. She seemed to be a very smart lady to be stuck working at a dry cleaners, then she told me she was majority owner, and had bought most everything out from the previous owners, except the real estate, and they were close to signing a deal on that. She was most pleasant to talk with and to, was educated fairly well, and had a good sense of humor. The afternoon went quickly, as we hiked the property over after eating. She wanted to back to the oak tree where we had eaten lunch, so we headed back that direction. She stopped and turned to me as we got under the shade of the old oak and asked, "Would you consider fucking me right now?" As I nodded yes, she slowly unfastened her jeans and slid them down her slender legs. Already, I could see the wetness in the crotch of her panties, as she stepped out of her rolled up jeans, and started to un buttoen her blouse. Slowly, she removed her blouse and turned her back to me and asked if I would undo her bra. I wrapped my arms around her , kissing her on the nape of the neck while easing my hands under her bra and massaging her nipples . She eased her head back onto my shoulder and took a deep breath. I could see the goosebumps raise up on her arms and shoulders as I gently pinched each of her nipples while kissing her more on the nape of the neck. Sliding my one hand free, I unhooked her bra and freed her taut breasts from their "B"cup imprisonment, easily tossing her bra onto her blouse and jeans. She turned to face me, allowing her hardened nipples to press into my chest. I could smell the sweat aroma of her sexual desire rifting through the spring air, as I began to suck on one of her succulent nipples. She undid my belt and unfastened my levis, forced them over my hips, where they fell to the ground. I kneeled down to get them and tossed them onto her pile of clothing, taking the time to ently tongue her between her breasts and navel. She was slightly moaning, as I lingered between her navel and panty waistband.
She was enjoying the attention my tongue was giving her as I gently rolled her panties off of her ass, also, tossing them onto our clothing pile. There was slight traces of creamy cum already glistening on her pubic hair as I eased my tongue's attention from her abdomen area to her pubic area. The wetness of her pink pussy and the aroma of her juiciness prompted me to begin licking on her clit. "OH, MY GOD, I HAVE NEVER FELT A TONGUE ON MY CLIT OR AROUND MY PUSSY!!!", she exclaimed, slightly pushing me away before reaching her hand down and guiding my head back to its position. Reaching around to her ass cheeks, I could feel the goosebumps growing as she began to move her pussy up for a better angle for me to lick her clit. Her swollen clit looked ready to pop as I continued sucking of it. Her hand were now holding both sides of my head as I began fingering her twat while licking her clit.. She knelt down beside me and together we laid down. She was removing my shirt and under ware as I continued my clitoral and twat onslaught on her very wet pussy. She was now lathered up pretty goo, her cum looking almost like whipping cream as I laid her down. Spreading both legs wide aprt, I moved up into the fucking position, easily inserting my pleasure rod imto her pleasure pit. "OH, MY, I'M GONNA CUM ALREADY!!!", she moaned as I felt her gentle spurting.

Minutes passed as she regained her breath and said she wanted to ride my cock. With change of positions, she began to slowly bounce on my rigid rod.. With the palms of her hands flat on my chest, she increased the rhythmic pumpings that were now driving her into orgasmic euphoria. Her tight pussy sucked and gasped with each deliberate plunge. Her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched as she rode my manhood for over twenty minutes before expelling her second round of glory hole juice and falling onto my chest..

Lazily, she started a sensuous kissing of my chest and shoulders before sliding down to my erect member and giving it a good tongue lashing, cleaning off the remnants of her cum before deep throating it to the hilt. While gently carressing my balls, she forcefully sucked my hardness. "Please, cum in my mouth," she extolled me, as she briefly removed my hardness from her jaws, then continued her hard sucking. I could feel the steamy cream building up in my balls as her incredible blow job drove me to the edge. Her hazel eyes winked at me as I looked down at her stuffed portal, and shot my wad deep down her throat.. She continued her sucking until all my cum was out of my balls and my pecker had shrunken to its normal size. What seemed like a few minutes of frolicking and fucking on this early spring day had turned into a day long, but very enjoyable time.

Connie and I don't see each other anymore, since she got married a few years later, but for a couple of years, we filled the void of sex in each others lives, approximately
for about a year and a half. She will always be one of my most favorite fucks because all she ever wanted from me was sex and conversation, which both of us were pretty good at.

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