Cupids curse part 6

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I sat in the dark and as time passed my cursed eyes became more accustomed to the darkness. Before long I could make out the shape of my chained up hands. Other things around me began to slowly take on their own dim shapes, like timid little animals letting down their guard in the most gradual stages imaginable. As much as my eyes became use to it, though, the darkness never ceased to be darkness. Anything I tried to focus on would lose its shape and burrow its way soundlessly into the surrounding obscurity. Here in this darkness, with its strange sense of significance, my body began to take on a power it had never had before. The fragmentary images it called up inside me were vivid in every detail, to the point where I felt I could grasp them in my hands. I closed my eyes and thought about the reason Aeron bought me here, why my friend was dead, what did my mother had to do with this, and what was this mark on my arm.

“Wake up Jaden there’s no time for you to be sleeping. We have many things to do today. How can you still be in bed at a time like this?” Aeron asked while smoking. “You should be glad I'm such a good brother I bought you something to eat before we leave.
“What did I do to deserve this?”
He looked at me. “You must be hungry, so how about you eat the meal I prepared for you.”
“I don't want any of your food!”
“Who said anything about food?” With a snap of a finger Big Boy bought in a woman and threw her next to me. “Enjoy baby brother. She’s all yours so be gentle.” he said with a smile as he left.
She was a cute girl with an average figure not too slim, not too fat. She had an unreal smile on her face with inviting eyes and rosy lips, long brunette hair and soft velvety skin with a glowing complexion. Soon I felt a strong craving for her body. I tried to pull the chains on my arms apart, but the lock remained firmly shut. “It's not easy to open Mr. Jaden.” said the girl. “Only by Master Aeron will it will open. You might as well give up.” I realized she shed her clothes as easy as opening a book and stood before me naked, without warning or explanation. “We have so little time Mr. Jaden let's finish this a quickly as possible. I'm sorry for the rush but Master has you on a tight schedule today.”
Then she came up to me, opened my fly, and, as if it were the most natural thing in the world she took out my penis. Lowering her eyes she enclosed my penis with her mouth. Her mouth was far larger then I had imagined. Inside, I immediately came erect. When she moved her tongue her silk hair trembled as in a gentle breeze, caressing my thighs. All I could see was her hair while her face was buried in my crotch. “Stop it.” I said. “You don't have to listen to Aeron.”
The girl took her mouth from my penis and said, “Don't worry. This will be over soon and I will get you dress.” She said as she ran the tip of her tongue over my penis. I didn't want to cum but there was no way of stopping it. I felt as if it were being sucked out of me. Her lips and tongue held on to me like a slippery life form. I came and she left.
Aeron came in the room 10 minutes later. He looked at the mark on my arm but had nothing to say about it. He probably didn’t know what to say about it. He just gave it one funny look, with his eyes narrowed. He had bought me some clothes to put on.
“Get dress we’ll be leaving in 10 minutes.” He said as he was taking a seat next to me. As always he pulled out a pack of Marlboro lights cigarettes. He put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it up and watched me while I got dress. He didn’t say a word or wasted any movements. And after taking three or four leisurely puffs himself, with an air of deep thought, he dropped his cigarette on the ground. He then looked at his cellphone screen and said, leaving now. We have many things to go over.” My room door opened again and my sister Ella came in and the last few words I heard from Aeron was, “Put him to sleep we can’t afford him trying to escape.”
Ella then walk over to me kissed me on my cheek and said, “Sweet dreams brother.” And I passed out.

When I woke we were in a boutique of some sort. There he ordered me to try on this black suit that read on the inside, To my surprise it didn’t need any altering it fit perfectly. They only had to adjust the sleeves and pant legs. Aeron picked out a white dress shirt, and light gray tie, then a black belt, and a pair of socks. Next a maid came in the room and bought me a new pair of black dress shoes. After she left the room Aeron called Eden into the room to bring me silver Rolex to go with the suit. He didn’t say a word to me but simply smiled and placed the watch on my left arm. As Eden left the room another man came in right behind him. Aeron gave detailed instructions to this thin man who would be cutting my hair. Aeron said to him, “I’ll be back when you’re done.”
My hair cut ended in half an hour. My hair which had been growing longer and longer since I started using my powers was short again! Aeron came back in and he seemed pleased with my new cut. The man left and Aeron came over to examine me from head to toe. Then he looked at his gold watch and released a kind of sigh. It was already twelve o’clock. have lunch,” he said. “You must be hungry by now.”
He took me to a nearby restaurant. They seemed to know who he was there. Without a word, we were shown to a quiet table in the back. As soon I sat down across from him, “Why am I here, and why are you making me wear all of this?” I asked. He didn’t answer me instead he took out a pack of Marlboro lights cigarettes from his pocket and put it in his mouth. A waitress with regular features appeared from nowhere and without saying anything she lit Aeron cigarette with a match.
Then he spoke, “Jaden we started off on the wrong foot yesterday. Allow me to apologize for showing you my dark side. I don’t want any bad blood between us.”
I banged my fist on the table and said, “You raped my mother, killed my best friend, and kidnapped me what in your sick mind think I want to make up and be your friend.” The waitress presented us with menus. Aeron didn’t bother to look at the menu and he told the waitress not to bother with today specials.
“Bring me a salad and a dinner roll, and a steak medium rare. No I want it well done today. Just a few drops of dressing on my salad and a dash of salt, and a glass of whiskey on the rocks,” Aeron looked at me and said, have the same thing.” The waitress smiled and withdrew from the table.
“Aeron I will not ask again why am I here? What are we? Are we even Human? Where is my mother? What happened to Noah? Tell me!” I shouted.
Again no answer, he was too busy enjoying his cigarette. The waitress came back and placed glasses of whiskey in front of us. He crushed out his cigarette in an ashtray.
“Why don’t you ask something else?” He said.
While I was thinking of something to ask he took a sip of his whiskey.
“Who is the woman in my dreams?”
“Your real mother of course,” He answered without hesitation. “Jaden you come from a very well off family but like most of the world we have a skeleton in our closet.” He took another sip of his whiskey. “You see long ago there lived a women who was blessed by the gods she had beauty, money as far as the eye could see, respect of everyone around her. No one knew who she was, where she came from, or why they loved her they just knew they had to protect her from any harm. As the years went by the women never aged a day and soon the people of the town started to question her but she never answered any of their question only said a single phrase every time they questioned her. What do you think that was Jaden?”
For some reason only one phrase came to mind, “Desires Awaken.”
He nodded and went on with his story, not as dumb as you look Jaden. People started to figure out how her tricked work so one night the town’s people got together and before she could activate her spell they slit her throat.”
“If she was murdered why are do we have her powers?” He ignored the question. I tried to think of another one. “What happened after they slit her throat?”
“While bleeding out to death the men started to rape her body thinking if they did they would gain the witches powers and would live forever. Humans are funny don’t you think? They’re willing to kill anything or anyone to gain power and will do it in the name of so called justice. Yet when it’s done to them all they want is revenge. Anyways they left the women to die after they had their way with her. As she was laying there dying and regretting nothing our beloved Master Cupid felt pity for the first time in his life so he decided to go to the world of the living to fix his toy before it broke.”
“What do you mean by toy?”
“Long ago Master Cupid made a deal with a man. If the man could entertain him he would give him the power to control the human heart. At first Master cupid had fun watching humans gather and kill for the sake of one man but then he got bored again so master cupid took his powers away from the man and gave them to a young girl who always prayed to him for a true love that would take her away from /> I asked.
“Because he wanted to see if all humans were as greedy as the man was is what some may say but to me I believe he was in love with her.” Aeron jiggled the ice in his glass a few times. “Love is the worst thing that can happen to our kind.” He whispered under his breath.
I sat my whiskey glass on the table. “Tell me,” I said, “What does this have to do with me? What happened to me? Why am I like this I didn’t make a deal with cupid? What happened to Noah?”
He gave me a strange look like he wasn’t going to answer my question but after he took one last sip of his whiskey he spoke. “Love is like the moon close and far at the same time. You would think out of all people cupid would understand that the most.”
“What do you mean by that?” I asked.
“Cupid offered his bow and arrows to the Moirai sisters who controlled fate itself. They turned down his offer and made a counter offer and told cupid they would give the women thread of life to him and make the women immortal only if he could make an arrow that would strip her from ever falling in love. Cupid became a little dishearten. What would be the point of taking love away from the women he loved?”
“So Cupid turned down the offer?”
“No, he agreed even though he knew she would probably never pray to him again. He ended up making a cursed arrow. One that would bring him joy yet at the same time causes him the worse pain that could kill even an immortal god.”
“Did he use it?” I asked.
“He did. He fired the arrow into the women right before Clotho stopped spinning the thread to her life. When the women awoke she had remembered what the towns people did to her and wanted revenge for what they did to her. Do you know what they say about revenge?” He looked me dead in the eyes with a cold expression like a wolf in a cold winter night hunting for its prey. As if he trying to warn me he said. “Revenge is like picking up a hot coal and throwing it at someone; you may or may not hit the person but you'll certainly burn /> My body sat there frozen in time. The few seconds that went by felt like hours. Maybe it was the look in his eyes or maybe it was just the way he said it but for the first time in my life I felt true fear and I sensed if I ever crossed this man I would truly regret it. So I carefully selected the next question to leave my mouth. “How did she get her revenge?”
Aeron gave me a cold smile and made a comment that I would never forget. “In the words of Jurassic Park, "She doesn't want to be fed she wants to hunt.” The women no longer cared about being loved or respected all she wanted was sex to feed her cravings and to hunt the ones who caused her to feel this way. You could even say at the point she was nothing more than a beast. No that would be to crude to put it that way so let’s say she had become a fallen angel.”

As I was about to ask what he meant by that our food arrived at the table and we ate. As we ate I kept thinking about the story Aeron just shared with and kept wondering just what did all of this had to do with me. The story didn’t answer my questions it only made me think of more questions to ask.
“This must be very confusing for you. How about this I’ll answer your next question no matter what it is. So do you have anything thing else you want to ask me?” He asked.
“I like to know what all of this has to do with me,” I said. “I mean, I just don’t get it how does all of that bring my Mom and Noah into this?”
Aeron said nothing for a few moments, as he cut into his steak and ate another piece. Then he laid his fork down on his plate and dabbed at his mouth with his napkin. “I guess you really aren’t that smart,” he said. “It never really crossed my mind that I would have to show you for you to understand the situation that you’re in and what kind of powers you possess.”
After a few minutes of thinking he tapped his index finger on the table 3 times and the waitress came back to the table. “Jaden I want you to grab this woman hand with the same hand mother left her mark on,” he said while picking his fork back up. “And I want you to activate your powers.”
I did as he said and grab the woman arms. The waitress didn’t seem to care all that much all she did was smile back at me. “Desires Awaken.” Like always my body became hot as if it was melting like ice cream on a hot summer day. I felt my heart beat increase, it was beating fast than a humming bird wings. Soon I felt a sharp pain in my eyes as they changed. “I activated my powers now what?” I asked.
Aeron took another bite of his steak and glanced over at the waitress. “Now look at her.”
The waitress didn’t seem any different at first but then I smelt a familiar scent. Next thing I knew the women pounced on me like a lioness. “Jaden you’ve been dirtied but I’m so happy we can be together again.” The woman said as she licked my neck.
going in Aeron?” I shouted.
Aeron took another sip of his whiskey as if he was trying to clear his throat. “This is mother true power that master cupid only allows her to have,” he said. Aeron sadistic side started to show again. “When mother lost love she lost all meaning to life. What are we worth without love?” Aeron slammed his glass on the table. “Nothing, we become less than beasts without it. And mother job is to make sure from the moment of our awakening to the moment we’ve been blessed by cupid that we don’t turn out like predecessors who turned their gifts into curses. She is willing to do anything to keep us from turning into something less of a god even if it meant killing the ones close to us.”
The waitress who seemed to be possessed turned around and looked at Aeron and said, “Shut up. You’re annoying me.”
I only was able to catch a glimpse of Aeron face and for some reason my body became unsettled. Aeron showed a face I never imagine a man with his ego could make like that of a child who was about to get a beating from his parent Aeron sat back down in cold sweat.
The waitress turned back around and looked me in the eyes. “Jaden I don’t know how long this body can handle me being in it.” She said right before she bit my lip just hard enough for a little blood to come out and said. “But I will try to make this as pleasurable as possible for the both of us.”
My mind started racing. It felt like the beast that’s been hiding inside me all these years was starting to break free from its cage. Is this what happens when we give up love for sex? Is this the true secret of cupid cure? Do we just become mindless beast who only purpose in life is to fuck? All of this started to run through my mind. But like a gunshot going off in a club my mind went silent when the women kissed me. Maybe it was the taste of my own blood or the way she moved her tongue in my mouth but I stopped thinking. My inner beast became less violent and more passive.
“Good boy, now do whatever you please with this body. “She rolled over next to me and undid her blouse and lifted her arms in the air and said “Please have your way with me I’m all yours.
I whipped off my t-shirt and then carefully lifted her blouse up and over her head. I pulled her towards me and as we kissed I un-clipped her bra and slowly pulled the straps forward off of her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her 36c breasts to everyone who was in the restaurant. Her nipples were semi erect and I immediately began sucking and playing with her nipples like a baby and with the cool air soon made them stand out hard. When her nipples begin to firm up, I slipped myself between her legs. I cupped her breast with one hand I started to lick and kiss her breast, moving round in a circle closing in on her erect nipple. My other hand was lightly rubbing her neck, shoulders, arms and free breast as my lips closed around her hard nipple and I sucked it into my mouth. This continued for a good few minutes with my mouth moving slowly between her tits ensuring both got a good lick and suck. When my mouth left one breast my hand quickly covered and rubbed it. She started to moan and began to push her thighs and pussy against my body. I slowly moved my hand from her breast, down her side, over her ruffled up skirt and started to rub her thighs all over from her knees towards the edge of her panties.
I occasionally moved my hand across and rubbed her pussy through her panties but only for seconds at a time. I looked down to see a wet patch on her panties as she got more and more turned on. She kept pushing and moving in an effort to get me to rub her pussy all the time. She started to rub her own breasts and moan a little more. I started to rub her pussy hard with the palm of my hand and could feel the dampness of her pussy through her panties. The waitress moved one of her hands from her breast, down over her stomach, moved my hand away and pulled her panties to one side telling me to finger her now. I rubbed a finger down her pussy and was amazed how wet she was. I gently slipped a finger inside her and slowly pushed. She let out a loud moan as my finger went further insider her and she really pushed against it. I slipped a second finger inside her and started to finger her harder, reaching as far into her pussy as possible. As I did this she pulled her lips apart with one hand and started to rub her clitoris with the other. I stopped kissing her breasts and knelt up to take in the sight before me, and what a sight it was.
A woman on her back, her head moving from side to side with lips pouted, moaning with pleasure, brown hair across her cheeks, her naked breasts jiggling up and down with her nipples standing hard and erect. Her legs were spread wide, skirt around her waist and panties to the side, pulling her pussy lips apart, rubbing her clitoris as fast as she could while I pushed two fingers inside her pussy. It didn’t take long before she started to say she was coming and began to pant and moan louder. I tried to keep her noise down by kissing her hard and she just panted to finger her harder as she came. And what an orgasm it was, it went on and on and she was writhing around with both our hands working fast. She finally started to calm down and our hands slowed down, eventually both moving from her pussy.
She lay there taking deep breaths, eyes closed and cheeks hot and flushed with a big smile on her face. Her pussy lips were wide and her juices were running down her thighs, the hair on her pussy was also wet from her orgasm. She looked at me, reached forward and started to unzip my pants. We managed to get them and my boxers off and she rubbed my hard penis. It felt great and I moved slowly around and she leant forward to take it in her mouth. Her lips touched the end and she took the tip in running her tongue all over. She slowly took more in and was soon sucking away occasionally stopping to run her tongue up and down its length. As she bobbed her head up and down the bouncy castle bounced a little making her tits wobble in my hands. With her mouth full she said she wanted it in her pussy. We maneuvered so that she was on her side with one leg raised so everyone could see, I slipped between her legs and started to rub my cock against her wet lips moving up and down her clitoris. I moved slowly to her wide lips and started to push into her.
As I slipped my cock inside her she leant back a little to allow me to rub her tits. I eased all the way in and then started to get a gentle rhythm going. As we got faster she started to moan again and I slipped my finger in her mouth for her to suck. We fucked for what seemed like ages and I started to feel the buildup in my cock as her pussy tightened around me. It was my turn to say I was coming and rammed hard into her pussy making me cum deep inside her. We kissed hard as I held my cock in her pussy as my orgasm subsided.
As we laid there I felt the waitress body go cold and soon I couldn’t hear her breathe anymore. She was dead.
“Mother maybe immortal but she can’t stay in this world for too long unless she’s in her own body. Jaden get dress we still have many things to cover. I don’t have time to waste.” Aeron said as strange men came in and started to kill everyone who didn’t worked there.

story by: Taurus95gol

Tags: fiction domination/submission oral sex male / older female body modification sex story

Author: Taurus95gol

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