Extended fruit story

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Rena is awake. She feels as if she’s just waken for the first time. She’s in her early thirties and she never would have imagined that she would feel this way, at this age. It almost doesn’t seem real or possible. There was such a range of emotions flowing wildly inside her. But then her mentor always said that the word emotion can be broken down into more simple terms. E in Einstein’s world meant energy, and motion….well that is easy enough to understand. But now the single world emotion has become two words, energy plus motion. She could feel it coursing through her veins just as she had seen the mountain river flow ever so wildly. For the first time in a lifetime she felt alive. It made sense.

Ray had found her nearly by accident, but then if one has faith than one does not believe in accidents. It wasn’t long before he became a lover, friend and even a daddy to her. Both of them drive trucks. They were going in different directions but stopped at the same place. He watched her. She was barely five feet tall, her long brown hair was a tangled mess, she walked by him without giving much regard to him. Later he would see her again and ask her how the fruit she bought earlier was. This started the conversation.

They shared the watermelon and made small talk. She liked his confidence and his manor. She had run into his type a thousand times before and never really gave them much thought. It is clique to say that he was different, but he was. He was laid back, cute, and he made her laugh. He had a beautifully built body. She could tell he worked out often, but he didn’t have the conceded attitude that most men who spend that much time in the gym have.

The small talk left her wanting more. She wanted him to kiss her, she wanted to know what it was like to be with him. She was waiting for him to make the first move. He seemed to be taking forever. He said he had to go inside, he told her he would come by to see her later. She smiled and went back to where she was.

Once inside, she was smiling. She tried to pass the time reading, but she couldn’t concentrate on the story. She kept looking at the time and she kept looking for him, watching for him. When she heard him knock, she couldn’t contain her happiness.

He was such a gentlemen. They talked. She took down her hair, it was a mess, she should have brushed it but she knew it would give him a reason to be close to her. He offered to brush it for her. She was quick to give him the brush. Her hair was so tangled, he really didn’t know how to brush it. He didn’t want to pull it, but he wanted to brush it.

She showed him how to brush it. He followed her directions. He was talking to her but thinking about how to move things along. He kissed her forehead. She leaned back and he kissed her lips. The kiss was passionate. It took them both by surprise. She parted her lips. It seemed to last forever. Finally, she got up and stood to meet him. He took her to the bed.

They each started to come out of their clothes. They kissed and touched each other as if they had been lovers for a lifetime. They each seemed to know how to get the best response from each other. They licked, kissed, and tasted each other. Both wanting more, neither of them really understood what was going on. But they understood the desire that was there.

Finally, she looked at him and asked if they could do this again. This was the only thing her brain and her mouth could agree on. Her heart had already fallen in love with him. Her head told her that wasn’t possible; her mouth was lost in forming the words to say.

He was just as lost as she was. Even as they lay together afterwards, there was a comfort that he had not felt before. He wasn’t one to dwell on emotions or to carry on but even he knew that this was more than the one night stand he planned.

Neither of them brought up the issue of condoms. Later they would talk about it and he said he that while he thought about them, he knew from talking to her that he didn’t want to use them. If she had told him to, he would have but it would have to come from her. She prepared. She had condoms near her. She even got them out so they would be within reach, but when he kissed her, all thought left her mind. She wouldn’t think about them until afterwards, when they were laying close to one another. Later when they talked about the kiss, he would describe the moment as special. She couldn’t think of a better way to describe it.

She had to go early in the morning, so he eventually left her alone. She was disappointed that he would go, but she understood, she wouldn’t have wanted to get up at that time if he had to go.

He calls her the next day. He’s wanting to know where she is going and what she is doing. She keeps updating her day with him. They make plans to meet later that night.

They have good timing. She’s passing him to go inside when he’s just getting ready to look for her. They shower together.

This is different for her. She’s never showered with anyone before. She’s shy about her body, and getting naked with all the light in that small space. He seems to notice her apprehension. He takes the lead and kisses her. He touches her. He is very soft and gentle with her. When they dry off, she’s reaching for her clothes.

He tells her she’s moving too fast. He puts a towel on the floor and kisses her. He tells her to suck him. She does and this helps with her anxiety. She gives him the head he wants and craves. He sits on the floor. They are fucking in moments.

She can’t believe how relaxed she is and how much she loves this, loves him. She wants him. She is moaning and lost in the feeling of her own orgasm. He stops. She’s making noises and he’s unsure what she wants. He looks at her and asks if she wants to keep going. Wide eyed, she nods yes whispering please. He goes back to fucking her.

They get something to eat and go to bed. He wants her to give him head. She complies easily. He realizes he loves her at some point this night. He’s not sure when it happens, and he spends the next few days telling himself it isn’t possible. They talk and text during this time. He tells her he’s fighting his want to tell her that he loves her. He’s never caught feelings for someone this quickly before and he’s certain its lust, not love, but then he also realized its more than just a physical need with her too.

They talk and text often over the next few days. The texts get more intense. They are each dancing around the root of their feelings. Finally, he tells her that she can say it. She doesn’t hesitate and she tells him that she loves him. He says it back to her. Neither of them are really comfortable with their feelings, but each of them innately understands that there is no point in fighting it either.

With the nature of their work and family schedules they know that they will have limited time together. They will need to find ways to work together to get to see each other. Ideally, they try to get work in the same part of the country but they work for different companies and in different divisions.

They talk and text to keep in touch with one another. They plan time together when they can, which isn’t often and they make the best of it when they are together. He tells her to send him little sexually charged messages every morning; he calls them his daily inspirations. She is supposed to send them Monday thru Saturday, and ask permission to send them on Sunday’s. Sometimes she sends them on Sunday anyway.

They talk about working together. They have a good chemistry. She took a week off and went with him just to see how things would go. Overall, she has a shy personality, but there are moments when he sees another side to her, a more assertive side. She’s complex. She’s very much an independent woman, but she has childlike tendencies, and emotionally she needs a lot.

When the week was over and he had to take her back, it was rough on both of them. They stopped for breakfast. She noticed that he was picking at his food. She asked him what was wrong. He asked her if she was ready to go back to work. She shook her head no, fighting the tears that wanted to fall. He had been thinking about it most of the morning. They both knew it was best to drop her off in a few hours. He didn’t want to disappoint her, and this was hard on him too.

During that time together they enjoyed one another’s company and bodies. They had sex every morning. She would wake him most days by sucking on him. She worked her tongue around him, over him and down him. She would lick his balls and his ass on command. She couldn’t get enough of him. The way he tasted and smelled. She would watch him while she held his cock in her throat. She wanted that moment when he held her hair or pushed her head into a rhythm that satisfied him. She often asked if she could ride him. Sometimes he would let her and sometimes he would say no.

When she felt him enter her, her eyes would roll back. She would start to moan and cry. The feel of him, growing inside her, filling her, were more than she could take. She would tense and start to orgasm soon. She bounced up and down on him as long as she could. He often talked to her. He told her she was a good girl, and that he loved his pussy. Sometimes he would call her his bitch, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to keep bouncing until she came.

We both have desires that are outside the relative norm of dating and relationships. Some would say that we are both poly people, that we are both capable of loving more than one person and that on some level we need different people in our lives. The idea of threesomes and group sex turn both of us on. We talk about it often and will occasionally ask another to join us in bed. Right now with our work schedules this doesn’t happen as frequently as either of would like it to. But sometimes there’s moments when the stars come into alignment and we are able to fulfill a fantasy or two.

During the week we spent together he took me to an apartment complex. It is late and dark when we get there. I have on a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, light blue blouse and a collar on my neck. I am following him up some steps and he knocks on a door. Another man answers it. I keep my eyes on the man I am with, although I can feel the man in the apartment looking at me.

They talk for a brief moment. The apartment is darkly lit. There is a drop cloth on the floor, similar to something a painter would use. There isn't much furniture so it was either moved before we came, or this person lives very simply with only a couch, television and stand. He asks if I want something to drink I shake my head no but do not make a sound. I am looking around while my friend puts down the bags we have brought.

Ray turns to tell me to take off my clothes and lay on the cloth so they can prepare me. I shake my head no. He asks if I have changed my mind, I shake my head no again. I look at his belt buckle and he understands. He takes me by the hand and leads me to the cloth. I drop to my knees and he pulls his semi-hard cock from his pants. I drink it down. I can see the man in the apartment watching from the shadows. I focus on the cock in front of me. I am licking it, tasting it. I can hear his moaning and feel his hands holding the back of my head. He grabs a fist full of hair and thrusts deep into my throat, then he pulls back out he pulls out of my mouth completely.

Panting, I whisper, "more."

He tells me to take my top off. I pull my shirt over my head and I can see the man in the apartment from the shadows as my bra falls to the floor. His cock comes back to my mouth. This time he is taking the lead. Fucking my mouth, not hard but steadily. Pushing further down, listening as I choke on him. I hear his moan, spit dripping from my chin, he pushes hard down my throat and then pulls away from me.

I whisper.

"Take off your pants." he commands. I am unbuttoning and out of them quickly. I open my mouth and see his pulsing cock right in front of me. I see the veins harden and feel the pulse of his blood running through him as I swallow him back down my throat. I know he will cum soon and I want to swallow it. His hands in my hair holding me still as he thrusts deep one last time before he cums. I hear the scream of the release as I feel the warmth of his cum shooting down my throat. I lick him off as he takes his time pulling from my lips.

He strokes my hair and tells me he wants to feel my ass. I bend over and he begins to spank me. He calls his friend to come over. He tells him it is ok to touch me, and spank me a little. I feel his hand rubbing my ass and thigh. He spanks me gently, Ray walks in front of me reaches for the ring on my collar and asks if I am ready to start. I nod.

I lay on my back. Ray gets the containers of fruit while his friend begins to rub a light layer of honey on me. There are a few other men expected to come over and as they arrive, they begin to help with the honey and fruit. The fruit is thinly sliced watermelon, peaches, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and whole grapes. The fruit is placed on the honey and every so often one of them tells me to open my mouth so they can drop a grape in it only to suck it out moments later. It is being placed on my neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs. The final piece of fruit will be a strawberry inserted in my pussy.

When I feel the strawberry being inserted I know it will begin soon. I am as still as I can be while I feel them all licking and sucking the fruit from my body. There are five of them. They are being gentle. Their tongues running over me, teeth lifting the fruit from me. My body is tingling with pleasure and my pussy is so wet. I am stroking a cock with each hand. I hear the sound of their voices, but I can't understand what they are saying, my mind is in another place.

I feel lips, tongues, and teeth on my breasts, thighs. I open my eyes to see a cock coming down toward my mouth. I open it and reach my tongue up toward it. I feel lips and tongues on my nipples, stomach, thighs. I am starting to vibrate. I am already on the brink of orgasm. I feel the strawberry being pulled from my pussy and a tongue pushing deep inside after it. My clit is throbbing feeling like it is about to burst. I am being pulled up to a sitting position. A cock pushes deep into my throat, balls hitting my chin and balls pushed against my nose. Each of my nipples is in a mouth and my hands are stroking cocks.

I will not be able to swallow the cum because he's wearing a condom. The plastic feels strange in my mouth but I feel the tip fill with cum. I let go of it and I'm being pushed to be on my knees. Another cock is in front of me while one is filing me from behind. My pussy and mouth filled. I am moaning and crying. Someone is licking my nipples, slowly, teasingly. I am shaking from the pleasure. I hear the moans and cries of male orgasm only to feel my pussy emptied of cock and the tip of a hard one rubbing gently against my ass. I want to cry as my mouth is filled with another one. Someone is guiding me down on a hard cock. My mind is lost, my body is responding, having a cock in my mouth, ass and pussy is more pleasure than I can bear. I am shaking and pulsing. I feel the thrusting of the cock in my ass while I ride the one in my pussy. The one in my mouth is gagging me. Soon I feel them orgasm one after another. I lay down on my back gasping to catch my breath. Someone is rubbing my pussy gently; others are caressing my breasts paying special attention to my nipples. I lay there, enjoying the moment and the attention. Someone is rubbing fruit between my legs and feeding me my own cum, others are dipping the fruit and eating it themselves. I am lost in the feeling of all of it. I like knowing their cocks are limp from satisfaction.

Everyone is satisfied and tired. I tell my friend that I want to take a shower. I’m directed back to the master bed and bathroom. I take my time, letting the hot water run over me. I’m tired, satisfied and very content. I wash my body and hair, walking into the bedroom naked except for my collar as I continue to towel off. Ray is waiting for me. I smile at him. He taps the bed and I sit down next to him. I see that he has moved our bags into the room and some of the bondage rope we have is hanging out of it.
He stands and looks directly at me as he begins to ask me if I would like to spend the remainder of our time off here. He tells me to hear him out before I answer him.
His friends enjoyed the fantasy I had and they have a few suggestions of things we could continue to do. He explains that I will be tied in various positions, blindfolded, breast bondage, clips and clamps will be used and I will spend the majority of my time in this room. The men I have already met will be the only ones that will continue to play with me. He goes on to say that I will not be gagged so that I will have the ability to call for him if I want him and he is not in the room already. If he leaves for any amount of time he will tell me before he goes and make sure I am ok with him leaving. The others have noticed my oral fetish and even though my gags are in the bag he has told them that they are not to be used.
I am listening to him as he talks to me. My eyes are on the rope. I nod yes to him as he talks but he tells me I have to answer him. He wants to hear me say it.
“I want to stay.” I say flatly.
He reaches for my chin and turns my head toward him. “One more time.”
“I want to stay, I like it but I need to know you are going to be ok with this, will it change anything between us if I do this?”
He kisses me deeply. Our tongues touching and reaching and caressing each other, I lay back on the bed and he is laying on me. His hands in my hair, softly stroking it. “I want you to do whatever you want to do, and I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t want you to do this.”
I nod as his tongue makes its way down to my neck, his hands on my breasts. I bring my legs up and push myself up farther on the bed. He follows me. He begins to suck on my right breast, slowly, running his tongue over the nipple feeling it grow in his mouth. He cups the breast and pulls my nipple tight with his teeth. I breathe a deep sign, my hands reaching for him.
I touch his shoulders and arms. My fingers are running down to his chest. I breathe lightly against his neck and kiss him softly, licking him gently. I breathe in his scent and he feels good against me. His hand runs down my stomach to my wet and waiting pussy. I am anxious for his touch moving to meet his hand. He smiles at me. He knows what I want, but he loves to tease me.
He smacks my thigh hard. “Be still,” he says.
“Agghh, please,” I whisper.
He kisses me and then moves to nibble my ear, reminding me that he will touch me where and when he wants. I feel the juices drip beneath me as I feel his hard cock against my thigh.
He grabs my neck, squeezing it as he feels my pulse quickening in his hand. I gasp for air as he pushes his cock deep with me. I throw my legs up around him and feel him fucking me. His hands are moving down my shoulders to my arms, feeling for my wrists which he holds firmly to the bed below us. He fucks me to reach his orgasm when his cum shoots hot within me.
He releases my wrists and lies on his side beside me. I move to spoon with him. He caresses my back, thighs and butt as we lay there in the moment. He tells me to turn to face him and I do as I’m told.
He tells me he wants me to think about what he has said. I tell him I want to do it, we both know I like bondage and this would be something I would like. He continues to say that they will tie me and retie me in various positions, touching me, fucking me and playing with me. He tells me I will be left alone to take a nap for a while and when I wake up we’ll talk about it more. I turn back to spoon with him and he lays there with me until I am asleep. Then he slips out of the room.
I wake alone. I lay there for a moment before I head to the bathroom. I come back and begin to go through the bags, looking for my robe but find myself running the rope through my hands. I like the idea of this, and it’s a fantasy I have had. I open the door and call for Ray. We talk for a moment. I tell him I’m thirsty and hungry and I want to do this.
He smiles back, “I knew you would. Now let’s get started,” he says.
He tells me to turn around and walks to the bags. He pulls out the blindfold and rope. He puts the blindfold on first and begins to tie my hands behind my back. He tells me that they will give me something to eat and drink, but I will be tied first.
I am still. He pushes me gently toward the bed then guides me to sit down. Then he calls for his friends to come in. I hear them and I am getting excited. Someone pulls me back to my feet. I can hear them talking, they are fixing the bedding, and someone has brought in some water and fruit, cheese and meat to eat. Someone is feeding me slowly while others are touching me, sucking my nipples and rubbing my butt. I drink the water as I’m thirstier than I am hungry. Someone asks if I have had enough and I nod.
Someone holds my arm and tells me to walk with him. He takes a few steps and I feel the flogger being dragged against my thigh and butt. Ray must have given them the bags and told them they can use the toys in them.
I feel the sting of it fall on my thighs, left than right. The same spot being hit again and again. I start to moan and cry. I am flinching as I try to move from the flogger. My arms being tied behind me and with someone holding me, I can’t move much. My ass and thighs are turning red and stinging.
Someone is binding my breasts while my ass and thighs are being flogged. The binding is the type of rope that it traditionally used as a clothes line. The rope is being pulled tight. I feel my skin being pulled and feel my nipples harden from the blood being pushed into them. The rope is pulled over my breasts and around me, like a harness. Finally, I feel a mouth suckle each of my nipples gently. I moan loudly.
They guide me back to the bed. Someone tells me to get on my knees. I crawl up on the bed and kneel down on the edge of it. My feet are tied at the ankle and my arms are stretched out then retied to the bed posts. The flogger is replaced with the paddle. This time the spanking is more erotic. Someone rubs and occasionally kisses the redness on my ass before the next stroke. I feel lube being put on my ass and fingers pushing in me slowly but deeply. I am moaning.
Someone touches my hair and reaches for the ring on my collar, he tells me to look up. I look up and feel someone slide their legs beneath me. I smell a cock in front of me and my tongue searches for it. I find it, licking it. He tells me to open my mouth and slides his cock in me as I feel the head of a lubed cock pegging my ass.
I suck while I’m fucked, taking the cock farther in my throat as the cock in my ass slides farther inside. I moan, and cry from the pleasure and the pain of it all at once. I’m being fucked in my throat and my ass all at once. My pussy is wet and wanting, the orgasm is coming contracting to wrap around something, but it is empty. This is a strange orgasm but a feeling I can not get enough of. The orgasm waves through me as the cum shots in both ends of me.
I lick and clean the cock in my mouth. I feel a warm cloth cleaning my ass. My legs and arms are untied. Someone rubs my shoulders. I am guided back to the head of the bed, positioned spread eagle, face up. My arms and legs are retied. A pillow placed under my head. Someone asks if I want something to eat or drink. I tell him I want something to eat. He feeds me bites of cheese and meat. When I have had enough I tell him. He plays with my breasts, fingering them and touching them, finally adding clamps to the nipples.
I cry at the discomfort of it. I call for my friend, I hear his voice. He tells me its ok, and I can do this. I breathe deeply, trying to adjust to the feelings of it. My pussy being stroked and played with, someone says they are going to start to put the clips on my pussy now. The clips in my bag are the wooden clothesline pins. The tears begin to fall from my eyes in anticipation of the pain of it.
I hear Ray. He says that he needs to give me something first. I feel his hand on my thigh and he rubs my remote controlled bullet against me. He tells me he will slide this in first. I feel it slide in easily. He strokes my clit and I feel a gentle vibration start. My legs are tied tightly. I pull against the binding and there is little give to it.
I feel fingers reaching into my pussy, pulling the lips as they start to put the clips on them pulling my pussy open wide. I feel them being put on one at a time. They start with the right side and move all the way around it, leaving it open.
I am crying. The pain of the clips on my pussy and clamps on the nipple overwhelms me to the point I can’t even feel the sting in my ass any longer. Someone wipes the tears from my face. I can only imagine how I look, my face red and tear streaked.
The bullet is turned up. I can barely breathe. My mind is gone, I am lost in the feelings of the the pain and pleasure. I come to as I feel a tongue running over my clit. My pussy being fully exposed like this, it is the best cunnilingus I have ever felt. The tongue runs over my clit, the exposed parts of my lips and down to my pussy. I have never felt so open, so vulnerable. The bullet is removed.
The licking continues. I am starting to shake from the orgasm I am about to have. It just moves through me likes waves in the ocean. Growing stronger and stronger, I am pulling against the ropes and bonds but I can not break free. I am moaning, crying and making noises I can hardly believe are coming from me. I do not hear the sounds of the others watching. As the licking stops, I feel the wooden clips being removed one at a time.
This is almost more painful than the feeling of them being placed there to start with. I gasp with each one as it is removed. It is being done quickly and I want my pussy rubbed. I feel a hard cock and someone is fucking to rubbing away the discomfort of it.
When the fucking is finished I am untied from the bed, the blindfold is removed, only my breasts are left clipped and bound. I sit up on my feet , he reaches for my hand and helps me to my feet. Someone is feeding me bites of food by hand, and removing the clips from my nipples as I eat. I feel the rope being loosened from my back. Hands begin to massage my breasts. I am lost in the moment of the attention and affection.
My friend says that I have another choice to make. One of the men has a girl that would like to play with me. He says that she will not be allowed to dominate me but it is expected that we will lick and play with each other as allowed or told to.
I nod.
Again he reaches for my face. “Look at me and answer me,” he commands.
I reply.
He smiles at me. “Good girl,” he says as he puts the nipple clamps back on. He tells me he likes the way they look on me.
My hands are tied at the wrist in front of me. I kneel as the door opens up and a girl is being brought in. She is naked except for the ball gag in her mouth, and the collar and leash on her neck. Her hands are bound the same way mine are. She kneels beside me. The man leading her connects our collars with an 18 inch chain.
We are close to one another. Our arms and butts are touching as we bend over, head to the floor. I feel a flogger against my ass and hear her being spanked with one as well. We turn to face one another. I begin to kiss her cheek and lick her lips, cleaning the drool from her face. I whisper in her ear that my friend has not allowed me to have my gags.
My ass is starting to sting. I am flinching and moving to help avoid the sting but I fail at it. I can feel her moving slightly against me as well. My hair is being pulled and I look up. A man is rubbing his cock is in front of me. He tells me to open my mouth, telling me not to swallow his cum. I see that someone is releasing the buckle from her gag and I’m told to feed his cum to her.
We kiss, mouths open wide. Tongues pushing the cum between us, sharing it, tasting it, as well as each other. We both swallow what cum we have in our mouths as we pull away from one another. She bends quickly to lick gently around the nipple clamps I have on. Her tongue is soft and gentle. She seems to know just where the discomfort of them is. I moan loudly.
Someone steps over the chain connecting us and stands between us. She has his cock in her mouth and I have his ass in mine. We are licking and sucking. The chain is being pulled up, pulling us closer and making moving impossible. I suck on his ass, pushing my tongue deep into him. Listening to him moan and scream as he cums in her mouth. I continue to lick him as she drinks him down. He steps away and we are both pulled to our feet.
We are taken to the bed where our hands are untied and the chain connecting out collars is removed. We reach to touch each other and we are hit hard. She is told to lay down on her back. She is tied spread eagle quickly. I am pushed between her legs. I start to lick and suck her pussy. Teasing her first. Licking the outside of it, her thighs. Breathing deeply over her clit. She is moaning and pulling against the bonds that hold her. Someone pushes my head into her. Holding me there. I suck her hard. Flicking my tongue over her clit, relentlessly. She tastes sweet. She is moaning and fighting to be free. I am pulled away and someone begins to fuck her. I am bent over and someone begins to fuck me as well.
The clamps on my breasts hurt as I am forced down into the bed. I am crying. The fucking continues, I feel him cum and wait as he goes soft. He pulls out and another hard cock is replaced. This one fucks quickly, for his pleasure only.
I am told to stay as he pulls out after he cums. She was untied and is now behind me. They are telling her to clean me. Someone slides a hard cock in my mouth as she is sucking my pussy clean and dry. I can hear someone fucking her from behind while she licks me.
As I milk the cock in my mouth, I hear someone call for Kate. From the corner of my eye, I see her crawl to a man that I assume is her friend, he is the one who lead her into the room. She crawls on all fours to him. Her face and mouth rub his cock as she greets him. I watch this while I swallow the last of the cum from the cock in my mouth.
Ray calls for me. I crawl to him. He blindfolds me again. He rubs my ass and thighs. He whispers in my ear. He tells me he likes this and he will be giving me my ball gag. Since it was his rule to not use it before, it is his rule to break. I smile at him. I am taken to the bed again. I am tied down beside her. Our collars are secured to opposite ends of the headboard, barely allowing our mouths to meet. My gag is secured tightly to my mouth. The nipple clamps are removed.
I’m blindfolded and my hands are tied, but I have a fair amount of movement. I can reach my breasts easily, but I can’t reach below my belly button. My legs are tied to the footboard more tightly there is less play with my legs than with my arms. I am assuming she is tied like me.
We are facing each other. Our hands find each other’s breasts and our mouths although gagged are straining to touch other’s face and neck. We try to rub our pussy’s against each other but we are tied to tightly. We continue playing with each other, trying to reach some sort of satisfaction, but the need is only growing for each of us. Our gags are taken away and our mouths find each other. Our lips and tongue meet teasing and kissing, licking each other’s.
A hand comes up over my thighs and butt, fingers moving into my dripping pussy. I hear Ray’s voice in my ear. “You want to fuck, don’t you,” he asks.
I nod yes.
“I want to see you get fucked by her. She has a strap on she will use,” he explains.
I nod.
I am being pulled from her. Ray, is pulling the ring on my collar toward him.
“repeat what I said to you,” he commands.
“You want to watch me be fucked by her.” I whisper back to him.
“How is she going to fuck you,” he asks.
“hmmmm with her strap on,” I repeat.
“He massages my clit..as he says, “good girl.”
I hear someone tell Kate to lift her butt. They are putting her harness on her.
Ray is telling me he will put the dildo in my hand so I can feel it.
I wrap my hands around it. It is the softer type. It is made out of a flexible plastic, like a couple of my own dildo are. It feels like a good sized one, not to large, but not to small.
I feel her get up from the bed and I am told to lay on my stomach. Ray says he is going to put two of my anal balls in my ass. He tells me to open my mouth and get them wet. I do it and I feel him rubbing my ass gently to open it so he can push them in.
I am then told to lay on my back and a pillow is placed under my ass to make it easier for her to fuck me. The anal balls feel strange. My arms and legs are tied back down.
I feel her kneeling on the bed, and I hear them talk as they guide her into the place to fuck me. I think she must still be blindfolded too because they are helping to get her started by opening my pussy and guiding the dildo in me.
I feel her kneeling above me. The cock is rocking in and out of me, in a rhythm just like a man would do, but I feel breasts touching mine. I feel her hands pushing down on the mattress and I hear her moaning. She also has anal beads in and her harness has a knob that brushes her clit with each time she drives the cock into me.
I am moaning, and my pussy juices are running. I feel them dripping down the crack of my ass and onto the bed below me. I am about to cry from the feelings of it, I can hear her moaning and listening to her cry is just as erotic to me as what is happening to me.
Finally a wave of orgasm is ripping through me. I am pulling and straining against the bonds, kicking and pulling. I hear her cry and moan, scream loudly as she collapses down on me. We lay like that, too tired to move.
Someone helps her up and releases my bonds. My blindfold is removed and I see her being led out of the room. Ray helps me to the bathroom, where I can expel the anal beads and shower one last time. He has said that I need to rest now, we have to leave soon and I need to be able to work when we do.
I come back to the bedroom. He crawls into bed beside me. It is nice to have this private moment. We kiss and cuddle before I drift off into a deep and restful sleep.
As we get up to leave in the morning, we spent an hour or so making love. We got up and brushed our teeth then fell back into bed. We kissed and played with each other. It was soft, romantic and very satisfying. He likes it when I suck him and then ride him. Truth be told I like it too.
That’s a different feeling for me. With past partners and relationships I found being on top to be hard and then because it was uncomfortable it made sex unpleasant. This wasn’t a physical issue, it was a mental one. Something about being on top made my mind scream no. I can’t even tell you what happened to change that.
He held me. He kissed me. In the moments when we would talk about our sex lives even he admitted that he did not completely understand the way it felt when we first kissed. He would describe it as special but it seems as though English does not contain the words that we could use to describe to emotions it brought. In the days after our first encounter he would come to begrudging admit that he was feeling as if he was a kid with his first love. I felt the same way. That carnal teenage love that every one of us spends the rest of our lives looking for when the feelings that we have makes everything else seem so small or pointless. This is the only explanation I have for the change in my thinking about being on top.
This morning we didn’t use any toys. It was just lips and hands. His touch was so soft and electrifying my skin just jumped from his fingers. As we kissed, my lips melted into his. These are the moments when it feels as if we become one. The days they had together were going to be coming to an end soon. We had to get back to work.
We take one last shower and then get ready to go. I have to get back to work. The company will be looking for me in a few hours. I don’t want to go. I want to stay with him. I want to turn in my letter of resignation and just go with him. Its finances and timing that keeps us apart right now. It is for the best that what we work solo until the following spring.
As he drops me off, he takes a few moments to make sure I have everything I need. I just let him do it. Part of me wants to tell him that I can do all of that myself, but I stop myself. That’s new for me. Something within me has changed, I’m not sure what it is, or what it means, and it’s a little frightening but I can’t do anything other than go with it.

story by: soyini

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Author: soyini

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