Oren part 3

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The following weekend Oren and I came home from the bar, fairly drunk. A little fact about me is that I get extremely horny when I’m drinking. Normally Oren didn’t but before we went out I made sure to put a vibrator inside him. I’d progressively turned it up as the night had gone on until he was on the same level as I was.
We’d made up some bullshit and rushed home. We could barely keep our hands off each other in the cab.
In the month since Oren had become my slave, we’d had more sex than we’d had through our entire relationship. Somehow we were also getting along better. As much as I loved Oren, after two years of dating our relationship had gotten a little ‘Oh Jeopardy is on tonight’ if you know what I mean.
Since Oren has always been so shy, it was hard to entice him into doing something fun. But after his little I’ve been able to get him out of his shell a little more.
That includes in the bedroom.
I’ve now gone through every one of the new toys he bought and figured out which of them we like and which of them will be staying in the closet. I also went on a bit of a shopping spree myself and bought some new costumes if you will.
Since we lived in a three bedroom loft-I know, the myth is true they really do exist-that meant we had a lot of empty space. One of the rooms we kept as a guest room, but the other we’d never really figured out what to do with. Well, problem solved.
I’d spent one Saturday converting the spare room into a To my surprise Oren loved it. I mean really loved it. I think we spent two days in there after it was finished. We kept it locked when we weren’t in it, and we made sure to hide the key.
But anyway, back to coming home drunk.
Oren had jumped up on me and had his legs wrapped around my waist. He wasn’t very hard to carry, I doubt he weighed more than a buck twenty.
He whispered against my lips, “I’ve got another surprise for you.”
I’d had him stop calling me Master because it just felt weird. Besides, it was way more of a turn on to hear him screaming my name.
I grinned, “And what’s that?”
He giggled and climbed off of me, taking my hand. He pulled me to our playroom.
“Promise you won’t be mad?”
I arched an eyebrow but none the less said, /> Oren brought the key from the necklace around his neck and opened the door. He flashed me a quick smile and disappeared inside.
“Like following a white rabbit.” I muttered as I slipped inside as well.
Waiting for me was not at all anything I could have anticipated.
I asked.
Of the group of Oren’s friend’s, over the years I’d been introduced to almost all of them but one had always stood out to me. His name was Wesley Robinson, and aside from Oren himself he was the cutest guy I’d ever seen. As you might’ve noticed my tastes run a little cutesy but hey, adorable guys just do it for me.
Wes was a brunette. Actually his hair was black as an oil slick but technically he’d be called a brunette. His eyes were blue as oceans and surrounded by a cluster of thick dark lashes that helped hint at his probable Hispanic heritage. His skin was tan but not really dark so I could never be sure. He built like a dancer-lithe and athletic-but he had absolutely none of the innate gracefulness of one. That and he fancied himself a bad boy. For that reason his friendship with Oren never really made sense to me. Honestly I thought they might’ve been exes that stayed friends, but-even though I thought it was total BS-Wes maintained that he was straight.
Yet here he sat in my playroom. And to boot he was wearing one of Oren’s costumes.
It was one of my favorites, being a short, tight black devil’s outfit. It was composed of a half shirt that clung to every line and a pair of shorts that emphasized the bulge at Wes’s crotch. It came with a little black tail that drew my attention to his nice heart shaped ass and a pair of horns that almost looked genuine in his tangled mop of black hair.
“What are you doing here?” I asked out of genuine shock.
Wes was I’d never seen him do in my two years of knowing him-and he wouldn’t look at me.
“Yesterday Wes told me he wanted to try Oren answered, smiling as if it were normal. “I told him that you might do a /> He stood and pulled off his shirt, showing that underneath he was wearing a white half shirt almost identical to the black one Wes wore. Under his pants were shorts of the same color and type. He hadn’t bothered with the wings and halo that completed the outfit but I got the picture.
“Was I right?” Oren asked.
I couldn’t think of anything to say. Luckily it seemed that my cock was answering for me.
Oren looked down at the tent in my pants and smiled, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
He turned to Wes and took his friend’s hand, pulling him to his feet. I’d never seen Wes look so utterly embarrassed. Come to think of it, I’d never really seen Wes embarrassed at all.
Oren asked the other boy, “Go get /> He pushed Wes over to me and he stumbled to a stop.
“C-can I…” He closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them again he looked more determined, “May I suck your cock, Sir?”
I still couldn’t remember what words were so I nodded instead.
Wes sunk down to his knees and undid my belt, slowly, fumbling with the clasps. But eventually he got it and pulled down both my pants and boxers enough so that he had access to my cock.
I was rock solid already and evidently larger than he anticipated because he stared in shock for a moment. But only for a moment.
He reached out with his tongue and ran it quickly over my cock like a dog testing water. He apparently decided he liked what he’d found.
He closed his eyes and slipped his lips over the head of my cock, sucking gently and flicking his tongue over my piss slit. I moaned softly.
It wasn’t long before his head was bobbing up and down my shaft with the ease of someone who knew what they were doing. I tilted my head back a little, putting a hand on top of his head as he looked up at me with those piercing blue eyes. A rush of pleasure shot up my body.
I looked over at Oren who was watching with a slightly glazed expression of ecstasy. He was clearly hard although the tight shorts weren’t allowing much room for him. I wasn’t concerned, however, I’d learned that Oren liked the feeling of having his cock confined that way.
Wes drew my attention back to him when his teeth grazed down my cock.
“Ah!” I gasped, “Watch your teeth, Wes.”
He drew back and smiled, just a little devilish smirk before he slid back down my pole. His teeth dragged down the entire way.
I gritted my teeth and when he got to the bottom I held his head there. He tried to pull back but I forced him back down. He bit a little and I cried out. I forced him farther down in retaliation.
His eyes flicked up at me, looking slightly alarmed. I finally let him pull back after ten seconds more.
He broke away, gasping a little.
I looked over at Oren and said, “Would you please teach your friend some /> Oren flashed me a faintly cruel smile, “Of course.”
He snatched Wes up while he was still recovering and pushed him up onto the stirrups I’d bought recently. While I’m sure Wes could have fought Oren off, he didn’t. He simply submitted while Oren strapped him down. I doubt he had any idea of the creative cruelty that little blonde angel was capable of.
“What do you want me to do to him, Danny?” Oren asked.
Another grin, /> sorry.” Wes stuttered, “Please don’t punish me.”
“Sorry, Wes, but you’re in Oren’s hands now.”
Oren grinned and danced over to the ‘toy box’. He rummaged around a bit before giving a victorious ‘Ah ha!’
I couldn’t see what he had in his hands, but obviously Wes could. He looked like he was regretting his decision not to fight back.
I walked over so I could see the action and almost laughed at what Oren was holding.
It was the electric wand.
He slowly slid Wes’s shorts down his legs to his ankles, leaving the other boy’s six incher perfectly exposed. His cock stood out proudly despite his obvious embarrassment and nervousness.
“Where do you want it, Wes?” Oren purred, “Balls or cock?”
/> “Both? If you insist.”
Wes attempted to recoil, but he was trapped. I watched, fascinated as Oren lowered the wand to the tip of Wes’s cock and stopped a hair’s breath away.
Wes was breathing quickly, like he was in labor and one eye was squeezed shut. But they both opened when Oren moved the wand away.
“Nah, too easy.” Oren grinned and went back to the toy box.
I almost applauded him. He was an amazing submissive but he was also a very good dom. Watching him was almost more erotic than doing it myself. Almost.
Oren came back quickly, still smiling like a fox in a hen house.
“This is much better.”
He held one of our newer discoveries, something we’d only used once so far. I can’t tell you what it’s called because I don’t really remember, but I do remember being astounded that Oren could handle it.
Wes looked amazingly terrified.
/> Oren said, “If you struggle, I might end up hurting you. Just relax.”
Oren slipped the ring of the device over Wes’s cock and gently inserted the long metal tube down into his piss slit. Wes caught his breath but didn’t wince, his eyes fluttered like he was in ecstasy.
“But Oren purred.
He adjusted the small knob on the side of the device, making the tube do down further into Wes who moaned loudly.
He moaned, “Oh! Oh!”
Oren grinned and inserted the final piece of the device which was a large metal ball on the end. He’d lubed it up and was able to insert it into Wes’s ass hole with a small amount of work.
Wes moaned and squealed and gasped and panted as his body tried to accept all of the stimulation it was getting. His toes curled and uncurled and his cock twitched, moving the ball in his ass just a little.
“Nice choice.” I murmured. “But you’re forgetting /> He asked, cocking his head sideways.
the one who brought him so part of his punishment is yours.”
Oren was down on his knees in front of me instantly. He knew it was better not to argue. Besides, I’d come to learn that when it came to sexual things he was a bit of masochist.
At first I’d felt a little guilty for punishing him, but he seemed to get more aroused the more often I punished him. So I’d started to make things up on occasion.
“Yes, Danny.”
I sat down and patted my knee, “Come here.”
He got up and crawled onto my lap, almost like a little boy. He sat straddling me and put his arms around my neck.
I smirked and adjusted him so he was only straddling one of my legs and positioned him above my knee. Then I pulled his hips down so his balls were pressed hard against me. I could see his expression start to hover between pleasure and pain. I started rocking his hips back and forth on my knee and Oren used one hand to cover his mouth.
The sight was amazing, like something directly out of a porno. The tight latex shorts gripped every inch of him, making it clear he’d gone commando. The tightness of the shorts also helped for the purposes of the punishment, stretching him as his balls were squeezed. His stomach muscles were clenched tight and just like usual he was blushing deeply.
I leaned up, moved his hand and kissed him fiercely. He returned it with equal passion and began grinding himself down onto me harder.
When we broke away I looked down to watch as he rode my leg. He was pressing himself down harder than I had been and was rocking slower. I could tell that it hurt more as he leaned his head against my shoulder.
I whispered to him.
He gave a moan and began to bounce himself gently on my knee. After a couple seconds he started in harder and harder. He kept going like that until he was eventually slamming down onto me.
He gasped and panted with the effort and the pain, but managed a moan somehow every so often.
“Alright, stop.” I said eventually.
Oren had to be close to bursting and all this teasing was driving me wild as well.
“I think it’s time we go get Wes.”
Oren looked as if he’d forgotten the other boy was there. He glanced over at him and then back at me.
“Danny, can I try something first?”
“What do you want to try?”
He leaned over and whispered it in my ear and I grinned.
“Sure. Go ahead.”
Oren grinned and nearly flew over to the stirrup table. Wes was still moaning away but due to the device he was unable to cum even if he wanted to.
Oren peeled off his shorts and got in close to Wes.
Oren said, finally calling him back to reality, /> It took a moment, but Wes’s eyes focused in on him, /> Oren nodded. He reached down and removed the toy from his friend, slowly. Wes made arguably the sexiest, high, moaning noise I’d ever heard. Normally Wes had a relatively low voice, so hearing him make a sound like that was beyond arousing. I had to think of to avoid blowing it right then.
Oren shuttered, “Oooh, wow Wes.”
Wes was panting and flustered, but still had the faculty to be embarrassed. He glanced away from Oren at the wall next to him.
be embarrassed Wes, look at me.” Oren said softly, guiding his line of sight back up towards him.
Their eyes met and Oren leaned down to kiss him. It was slow and tentative at first but in no time they were going at it.
Wes looked like he was a pretty good kisser and Oren I knew was. Together they made for a quite the scene. But after about a minute-a very short minute-Oren pulled back a little.
“Can I be your lover tonight, Wes?” He asked softly.
Wes nodded as if hypnotized and Oren broke out into one of his large soulful smiles. He resumed their kiss and moved in closer.
I had to move to get a better view point, but the shift of my pants against my cock was too much and I discarded them along with my shirt. I’d always felt it was weird to only be wearing a shirt.
Oren’s hands were busy teasing Wes’s body. One was tweaking his little dark nipples while the other stroked his cock agonizingly slowly. Wes was moaning into Oren’s mouth, making it more difficult for him to hold their kiss.
The hand that was on Wes’s cock drew back and Oren placed his cock up against Wes’s. The two boys moaned together as Oren resumed stroking. This time Wes was the one to pull back from their kiss.
He gasped, “But sooo good. Oren!”
Oren slid down and kissed his neck, stroking them both faster. Wes bit his lip trying to keep quiet but didn’t last very long once Oren’s lips grazed a certain spot on his neck. His whole body shuttered and I could see his balls contract up a little.
Oren smiled at his accomplishment and pulled back a little, making Wes groan wantingly.
“Come He moaned as Oren took a step back.
“Patience, lover.” Oren smirked, “Unless you want your first time to be dry.”
Wes bit his lip and said nothing.
Oren grabbed the bottle of lube we left out and quickly covered his cock in it. He moaned very softly as he returned to Wes.
Next he went to work, preparing Wes’s ass, the shock of which drew a sharp gasp from the other boy.
/> Oren hushed him, worry, I’ll be as gentle as I can.”
I could see Oren’s excitement in the jerkiness of his movements. In the two years we’d been together, he’d always been bottom. He’d never shown any desire to be anything else and I’d never thought to ask. It just made sense that way. But clearly this was something he very much wanted to try.
After he’d opened him up a little bit, Oren put the head of his cock up against Wes’s hole.
He asked softly.
Wes hesitated but then nodded vigorously.
Oren pushed the head of his cock inside and Wes’s mouth dropped open. I couldn’t tell whether it was due to pain or pleasure but he seemed frozen like that even as Oren pushed in a little deeper.
On the other hand, Oren appeared to be in absolute ecstasy. I could see the effort it was taking him to be slow and gentle. His little hips were rocking forward almost imperceptibly.
He asked in his high, pleasure filled voice.
Wes’s answer was a moaned, “Keep going!”
Oren gladly pressed on until his entire length was sheathed inside of Wesley.
Oren moaned, “Wes you’re so tight! Oooh, Danny how do you stand this? It feels sooo amazing!”
I answered. I could hear the little hitch in my voice and knew that Oren could too. But at the moment I would have wagered he was too preoccupied to comment.
Oren began to fuck Wesley slowly, but that lasted about as long as their slow kiss. In no time he was pounding into Wes who was moaning and shrieking like a lust filled whore. Some of the dirty things he said I wouldn’t even have thought of. But it only seemed to make Oren pound him faster and harder.
“I cumming!” Oren squealed, /> “Cum inside me!” Wesley begged, “Please, oh God please cum inside me Oren! Fucking fill me up!”
Oren thrust in three more times before he gave his signature high squeak and half collapsed onto Wes. Wes who moaned loudly as he felt Oren’s seed spatter his insides.
For a long moment all I could do was stare. That had been quite possibly one of the hottest things I’d ever seen and I was leaking precum all over the place. I was ready to blow but I didn’t want it to end. Not yet.
“So are you liking your experiment so far?” I asked as Oren pulled himself out.
Wes moaned.
“Just out of curiosity, are you experimenting with other men or BDSM?”
He answered as Oren unstrapped him, “Oren made it sound so good. I wanted to see for myself. I haven’t been /> “Oren talks to you about our sex life?”
Oren blushed as Wes said, “In detail.”
I didn’t have to say a word. Oren was kneeling in front of me in my next breath.
It took me a minute to think of something to do, but once I did I grinned. It was something I’d been waiting to try out.
Instead of taking the long way around and instructing him on what to do, I scooped Oren up into my arms as carried him. I must’ve surprised him because he yelped.
When I laid him down, I laid him on the saw horse we’d had specially constructed for this room. It was lined with plush carpeting and it had a special hole for Oren’s cock that fit him snugly. There were leather hand cuffs on each of the four legs.
I instructed him. There were a few things I needed first.
I searched through the toy box and quickly found what I wanted then returned to Oren. Like a good little sub, he hadn’t moved.
The first toy I applied was another type of gag we had. It didn’t allow for much speech either, but instead of being a red rubber ball it was a ring. It fit into Oren’s mouth without stretching it too wide, but it kept it wide enough to get something in there. I grinned and pulled out the blindfold next. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a standard blindfold that was easy enough to affix over those pretty blue eyes of his. After that came a set of noise canceling headphones, which effectively deafened him as well. I could see him hold himself with just a little less certainty as his senses were slowly taken away.
Last but not least was a smaller item called a cock plug. It was very similar to the little metal tubes we had, but it was designed to stop you from cumming. It had a strap that went around Oren’s balls-as much to restrict them as to keep it in place-which I quickly fastened. I then inserted the slightly fatter tube down into Oren’s cock, enjoying the still very audible moans, stopping when the mushroom shaped end cap reached his piss slit.
All that having been done, I then put Oren’s cock down into its hole and strapped him to the saw horse. He looked good enough to eat.
“I’ll just leave him be for a little bit.” I grinned.
Wes was watching with a look equal parts intrigue, equal parts nervousness.
I asked softly.
Wes blinked quickly as if I’d startled him, “N-no! I just…I /> /> He wouldn’t look at me as he spoke, “I really liked getting fucked. It felt better than I could have imagined. And I’m really turned on by all this bondage stuff /> “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Wes. Plenty of people enjoy bondage. It’s nowhere near the taboo it used to be.”
He still wouldn’t look at me, “Yeah, yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s just a little weird how much I want to be Oren right now.”
I smirked, “You want to be /> He nodded.
I walked over to him and started palming his balls. They were soft and hairless, much to my surprise, which made them interesting to play with.
I leaned over to whisper in his ear-much like with Oren I was significantly bigger than Wes-intentionally caressing my words.
“You want to be my bitch, boy?”
I could feel him shutter. It was one of those that came up all the way from his feet to the very top of his head.
He breathed, “Yes Sir.”
I smiled. This was turning out to be quite the fun night.

story by: globalwetwork

Tags: fiction blowjob anal threesome gay boy / boy bondage and restriction toys discipline bdsm male domination cock & ball torture sex story written by women

Author: globalwetwork

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