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This story is true. As I got bolder around my parents I wanted to experience more. Dad ad not joined us or was even aware of my anal experiences with my step mom.
Dad had finished bathing and I could tell he was shaving when I decided I would try to go in the bathroom. I used the disguise that I had to go potty real bad.
"Son, I'm shaving and I don't have any clothes on."
"That's ok I just have to poop" I said.
OK he said and unlocked the door.
I sat down on the commode next to the sink and caught a quick glance at his dick. It was soft and only about 4 inches right now. I sat there acting like I was trying to take a shit and doing a convincing job too.
I just began looking at his dick full time. He looked at me and said "What are you looking at?"
I just looked embarrased and downed my head and said in a quiet voice "Uh, I was just looking at your thing. I've never seen anyone else's before." and before he could say anything i quickly added "Could I touch it?"
Before he could reply I reached real slowly over and put my hand around it and pulled on it a little.
"I–uh- I don't think that's a good idea" he said.
But I had already began to pull on it and had slid onto my knees and had my mouth headed towards it.
He just stammered and sputtered and I got a mouth full of the warmest dick I had ever seen. I began to slowly suck on it and it began to grow. It was now not just four inches but was growing quickly to a full six or seven inches long. And it was now fully hard.. I began to really go to work on it as I had seen my step mother do on my grandad. He dropped his razor and began to stiffen up. My mouth came back towards the end of his dick about the time he exploded in my mouth and on my face. Just about that time my step mother opened the door and with a cool voice said "Well, what do we have here?"
His dick immediately went soft and the come ran all over the place.
UH-UH I don't know" he said and began to stammer profusely.
My step mother was completely cool and I don't think she wanted to give our secret away so she just calmly took me by the shoulders and showed me the door, but deliberately left the door open. She knelt down on the floor and began to suck him and I saw it come back to life. She was able to get the whole thing in her mouth and it looked like she swallowed the whole thing.
The incident passed and nothing was said about it again while we were together as a family. But my stepmother thought that was about the hottest thing she had eveer seen. I did notice that after that event she would come to my room at night after they had gone to bed, and she would butt fuck me while my dad was in the next room. So maybe that event triggered some type of dialog between them.
Anyow, about two days after that event she came to me after school and was showing me a new thing she had made out of wax. I think it was a candle that had been redipped several times but now it was about the size of my dads' dick. She again got real close to my ear and asked me if I would like to feel it. I was pretty excited at the size of it and her urgency about trying it. I said I would love to and off to the bedroom we went.
I completely stripped off my shorts and underwear and laid over the bed.
"Would you like it easy at first or would you like me to give it too you pretty hart? You know, lube it up and just cram it up there" she whispered huskily. "I really like this time we spend playing/"
I just told her to do what she would like to me. I was really ready for what ever she wanted.
"I like what you do and I know if I get hurt you'll take care of me. Won't you?
"You know I will. That's what I like about you, You're willing to take chances." and with that she crammed the whole length up my ass. I squealed and clenched my butt muscles and she drew it back out a little and crammed it back.
"I'm going to come back tonight after you go to bed and butt fuck you in the dark too." she said. Her voice was tatally raspy and she was excited. She grabbed me by the dick and yanked on it extremely hard.
At that point she made me stand up and face her. She was on her knees and was just fabout dick high hwen I turned around She looked at my dick and then looked at me and said in that totally sultry voice, "You have no idea of the doors that you opened up for US by giving your dad that blow job. He was totally at a loss as to what to do and I told him that I would try to take care of you."
With that she slowly stuck my dick in her mouth and began to suck me like I hadn't been sucked before. She began to move the candle in my ass in and out and pick up the pace. As I tensed up and began to cum in her mouth she grinned. She shoved the candle in to its' full lenght (about 9 or 10 inches) and rammed it back and forth while I shot like I had never shot before. I totally collapsed on the floor when I finished shooting in her mouth.
"That ought to hold you until I get back to you toinght" she said and gently kissed my ass and tongued it very softly.
I laid there on the floor totally exhausted and wrung out for a little while wondering what she was going to do to me tonight and HOW…….

story by: bulbous

Tags: first time true story incest oral sex sex story

Author: bulbous

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