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I can feel hot breath escaping me as my labored, deep gasps slowly bring oxygen to my
brain, revealing the environment around me, still blurry, and I try to view my
surroundings, a burning pain in my throat, creating a craving for fluid, somehow knowing my
thirst will not be quenched. I am alone here. The last thing I remember was walking to my car
after work. I just started a new job, at this great company, and I was working late, I want to
make a good impression on my new superiors, so I was the last one to leave. Someone..
grabbed me from behind, slapping a medicine-filled cloth over my lips. Then my world went
dark. Until now. I can only imagine it must have been chloroform, of course, that is only
because it is the only substance I have ever heard of (mostly on TV) that can incapacitate
someone so quickly. I never really thought I would have the opportunity to experience it’s
effects myself, in fact, I wondered if it worked as well as in the movies. I guess it />
Random thoughts slowly work their way to panic, as I realize my arms are bound, my legs,
too. Leather straps biting my tender flesh, which by the way, is completely exposed, my
clothes are gone. The straps and buckles binding me are attached to thin leather straps, I am
like a dog on a leash, waiting for my owner’s command. I sit on a tall chair, arms bound and
raised above me, unable to evaluate my next move, confused, />
The sound of footsteps approaching suddenly jolts me back to reality. /where the fuck am I?/
As I turn my head sharply towards the origin of the noise, I realize there is a leather collar
around my neck as well, hindering my movements. I can only imagine what is to come as I sit
here helplessly. A door opens and shuts somewhere in the room, I close my eyes, hoping to
wake from this dream, knowing that is not going to happen. Suddenly I feel someone behind
me, hands touching me, traveling up my navel towards my chest. A sharp gasp escapes me
as my nipple is pinched and teased. /What the fuck is going on?/ These hands, they are
large, I can feel his powerful muscles behind me, pressing against my back as he touches me.
“I know you are a deep husky voice permeates my ear. I can smell him, he smells
clean, good, peppery. His hands wander further down my torso, and I shiver as he wraps his
fingers around my length, which has grown
“Ah, so you are awake”…he chuckles, slowly massaging the tip with his thumb..
I snap my mouth shut, and I hear his breathing quicken in response to my
uncontrolled outburst.
worry, Haru, I’ll take good care of you as we are
/Fuck, he knows my name!/
“I’ve had my eye on you for awhile Haru, I’ve decided to make you mine. Lucky />
Something about that voice, somehow, sounds familiar and I try desperately to place it, as
he lets go of my trembling erection, and moves around to face me. His eyes are a deep,
glassy green, hair black, a few stray wisps falling in his eyes. He unconsciously blows them
out of his field of vision, and leans in towards me. His familiarity is puzzling me, I just can’t
place him…His crisp white shirt is unbuttoned at the collar, his tie loosened. He reaches up
with perfectly manicured hands, and pulls the tie off, dropping it to the floor. I can see the top
of his firm chest, and realize that even if I wasn’t bound, he outweighs me by at least 30
pounds of lean fucked/ I didn’t even want to think about the implications of that
thought…As I look around, confused, but mostly coherent, I realize we are in an office..He
grabs me suddenly behind the neck, pulling me to him, pressing his lips to mine. His tongue is
prodding my mouth open, as his hands find my hardened member again, stroking slowly up
and down my shaft. /Damn it feels good..What the hell am I thinking?/
As I give in to the deep, penetrating kiss, I realize who he is.

My new job is at a very successful business. Our company is one of the top competitors,
clearing millions of dollars in profit every month. There are many opportunites for me to
advance here, and I was ecstatic when I was hired. A memory I nearly forgot, suddenly
snapped back into focus. As I was leaving the final interview, and shaking hands with my
superiors, a tall, muscular man stepped out of the elevator. The men I was with suddenly
stopped mid-sentence, standing straight, half bowing their heads to this man.
“Good afternoon Sir..” the most senior business man standing with me offered.
“Good He stared at me, deep green eyes, perfect black hair, strong, chiseled
features. “And who is this?” he questioned, as he looked me over, making me a bit nervous, I
think I might have blushed, because he was suddenly grinning.
“This is our new employee, sir, Haru.”
He held out his hand, as the other employees’ mouths dropped open…
“Welcome to my company, Haru.”

/Oh my God, he is the President of the company, the fucking President!/

I look around the lavishly decorated office as he continues to kiss me, working his way up my
neck to my ear, sending butterflies through my stomach, my heart pounding from his
stimulation of my body. I tip my head back and close my eyes, letting out a deep sigh as he
nibbles at my neck.

he responds… He must be pleased. I can’t believe I’m letting myself get involved
in this. He backs away and grabs something small and shiny off the desk, smiling at me. He is
undoing the hook that is holding my arms above my head. I sigh with relief as my strained
muscles relax, bringing my bound wrists to my lap. He guides me carefully to the floor (my
ankles are still bound, as well)…and lays me down. He shoves his tie into my mouth, gagging
me, and ties it tightly behind my head. My heartbeat quickens /What the hell is he going to do
to me?/

Fear takes over my consciousness, I can feel a hot tear escape the corner of my eye and
drip down my face. He surprises me by wiping it away with his pinkie, smiling seductively, as
he unbuckles one of the wristbands, grabbing my hand, and pulling it to him. Suddenly a
sharp, biting pain explodes in my forearm.

I cry out through my gag, and stare wide-eyed at my wrist, which is now
bleeding freely, dripping onto the floor, as he sets the razor blade down. He pulls my wrist to
him, and runs his tongue up my forearm, lapping up my blood. His hot tongue is on my skin,
soft, wet… /aahhh/ To my surprise, the pain is melding nicely with the heated lust growing
within my lower belly, and I find myself shuddering as he holds my arm above me, letting the
blood drip on my twitching cock.

I am dizzy, breathing hard, eyes clenched shut, teetering on the edge of a total loss of
control. /What is happening to me?I’m so…hot!/ My skin is burning, sweating, I can feel him
remove my gag, freeing me to scream, which I do as I feel him take me in his mouth. He is
licking up and down my shaft, smearing my blood with his free hand, sending hot jolts of
electricity shooting through my body. When he enters me with one, and then two slick, bloody
fingers, I can feel myself reaching climax, my senses overloaded, feeling him inside me, and
my cock deep in his mouth…

MY I can hear myself screaming as pleasure washes over
me, building to a final peak as I release what feels like a tidal wave into his mouth…

“Ahh, so you like being mine?…” he whispers to me, leaning up to kiss me…
I can taste blood and cum in the kiss, and suddenly want him deeper, inside of me,
dominating, penetrating, owning me….I pull him to me with my dripping, bloody hand, and kiss
him deeper, as I growl under my breath, through the kiss,
“Take me now!!”
/President/ undoes his pants with one hand, letting them drop, then breaks the
kiss, turning me over, pulling me up onto my hands and knees. I can feel his arousal behind
me, lightly brushing the cleft of my ass, driving me crazy…

“Please sir…PLEASE SIR!!!!” I beg…And finally he obliges, pushing in with just the tip, slowly,
at first, then thrusting his full hardened length deep inside..

The searing pain is immediate, tearing through me, blurring my vision. He pulls
almost completely out, and then enters again, deeper, and again…The pain inside me is
dissapating, changing in fact to the most exsquisite pleasure I have ever felt. He leans down
and bites my ear, and with a throaty whisper I hear him say “You belong to me now..don’t
forget that..”

I can feel my body shaking, wracked with passion, and when he grabs my erection, working
his hand up and down my shaft, along with his thrusts, I realize I am going to come again…

/No fucking way! /

I feel him spilling into me as I collapse, />
I suddenly wake up, and sit up with a start…I am sitting at my desk, dressed in my office
clothes../What the hell?/ and find myself wondering if all of tonight was just a crazy dream.
The slight throbbing in my wrist blows that theory to hell, and I unbutton my shirt cuff to take a
look. He cleaned me up, I must have been a mess…There is a neat little bandage on my
wrist, alongside the marks from the leather cuffs…My body is sore, my head a jumbled mess,
the sun is coming up through the windows, and I find myself thankful that today is Saturday. I
sure wouldn’t want to face any of my co-workers right now. I slowly get up from my desk, and
as I slip into my jacket and grab my keys, I notice a small red rose bud lying on top of the
papers in my inbox. There is a note underneath, on fancy letterhead paper, folded in half. I
tentatively open the paper, there are just a few simple words:

Whenever you find this memo paper in your box,
take it to mean you have some late work. I can give you the details
in my office on the top floor after work on Monday.
Have a great /> Mr. Mikoto
President, Mikoto Industries

The note sends shivers down my spine, my groin reacting to the memory of the previous

/This is crazy/ I grab the rosebud, and the note, and race out to my car,
pausing to look up to the top floor windows, wondering if he is still up there, a feeling of
anticipation and a certain excitement when I think about the coming Monday…and more
… Late Work….

story by: SinisterCrinsomOrchird

Tags: fiction virginity hardcore drug gay bondage and restriction discipline sex story

Author: SinisterCrinsomOrchird

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