Dave's motel education

sex stories


You might say my first time was a back door experience when I was fourteen. That same summer, 1954, Aunt Minnie was severely injured in a car accident. Since Uncle Cal and his brother Rod had just purchased a Motel, the accident was a major disaster. They had put their life savings into the venture, and had planned for all four of them to run the thirty six-unit motel until it became profitable enough to hire help. Cal had to stay with Minnie much of the time, and between them, Uncle Rod and Aunt Doris couldn't keep up with the work. My cousin, Christie, helped as much as she was able, but there was a limit to what a fourteen-year-old girl could accomplish.

One evening, Uncle Rod called my parents asking if they could come to visit the next day and bring me along, he had a proposition for me. Early Saturday, we set out on the 75-mile trip to their new business. When we arrived, Rod was fixing some leaking pipes in one of the units and Aunt Doris and Christie were cleaning rooms in anticipation of the evening guests. I told Uncle Rod that I could fix the leak if he wanted to talk to Dad. In a few minutes it was repaired and ready for guests. Dad and Uncle Rod were discussing how handy I was with tools, then he said the reason he asked us to come by was that he wanted me to work for them until Aunt Minnie was able to come home. We talked about it for a few minutes and agreed that I could stay with them and help out for the summer.

Before long I had settled into the swing of things. I especially enjoyed repairing things, but doing the cleaning and laundry wasn't all that much fun. Still, it was a job and although the pay wasn't too much, it was better than sitting home looking for things to do. Besides, it let me work with Christie, who was a real knock out. As well as being good looking, she had a pleasant personality and was fun to be with even when we were working.

All went well for a few weeks until I came down with a terrible summer cold. Uncle Rod said he just couldn't do without my help, so he took me to see their friend and family doctor. The Doctor looked me over and said I would just have to get over the cold but he could give me some new drugs called antihistamines that would make me more comfortable. I took the pills as directed, and before long the watery eyes and runny nose subsided.

After three or four days, I was feeling very lethargic. I just didn't feel like doing anything, not even eating food. Aunt Doris called the doctor and asked if I could come over to see him. He said for me to come right over. He asked me a few questions, listened to my chest, and pronounced me fit. I insisted that I didn't feel very fit. He pulled a pamphlet and read through it. When I asked what he was looking for, he said that it was a fairly new medicine, and he was checking for side affects. Then he smiled and asked when I had last had a bowel movement. I thought for a bit then said I couldn't really remember, but it must have been three or four days.

He explained that constipation was one of the side affects of antihistamines but he thought he could take care of that. He asked me to wait outside for a minute while he made a phone call. He came out in a minute or two, and told me to go on home, that Aunt Doris had what was needed to correct the problem. I walked the two blocks home expecting to get a dose of Castor Oil. UGH, how I hated the thought of Castor Oil! I had almost decided to tell her that I was feeling much better in order to avoid having to take it.

When I got back, Aunt Doris was at the kitchen sink stirring a bar of Ivory soap in a pan of water, turning the water a milky white. I didn't give it much thought, I assumed she was getting ready to do some kind of cleaning. A moment later she opened a box, pulled out a big red hot water bottle and began filling it with the mixture. What in the world was she doing? When she pulled a hose out and began screwing it into the hot water bottle, I began to get the idea of what she was going on. A moment later, my fears were realized when she told me to go to the bathroom and take my pants off, then lay on the blanket she had placed on the floor and cover up with a towel.

Reluctantly I did as I was told. A few moments later she tapped on the door and asked if I was ready, and she came in carrying the bulging hot water bottle.

"Have you ever had an enema?" she asked. I shook my head.

"Well, that makes us about even, I never gave anyone an enema either, but the doctor told me what to do, so let’s get on with it. Otherwise, he had suggested a dose of Castor Oil, and I didn't think you would like that very much.”

That was about the only thing I agreed with at that point! She told me to roll up onto my left side and pull my right leg up. I complied with her instructions with my heart beating fast. I felt her lift the towel and put something cold on my hole. I guessed it was Vaseline. A moment later I felt the hard plastic tip press against my opening. I involuntarily clenched my muscles, but the invader kept moving until it slid in. Aunt Doris told me to clamp tight because she was going to start the water running. I heard a snap, but didn't feel anything for a few seconds. I was just about to think that maybe an enema wasn't a big deal when suddenly I felt the water start running in. When I looked over my shoulder to see what was happening, I could see the bulging bag high in the air.

At that same instant, I felt as if I was going to blow water all over the floor. Seconds later, I felt the tube slip out and water splashed over my legs. Doris gasped and reached for the hose. Once again she slid it in, and started the water flowing. Of course it came out again.

“Just a minute,” she said, “I’m gong to have to do something else.”

She got a piece of string and tied the bag to the towel bar. In a second, she had the tip back in my quivering behind and then I hear a snap. Instantly the water began flowing. I was instructed to take several deep breaths and try to relax. Relax! Here I was with my bare ass sticking out where my Aunt could see it! In addition, my cousin probably knew what was happening, and she was probably going to tell everyone in the world. After a minute or two, I thought I was going to explode and began to plead for her to stop, I had enough. Doris said that I hadn't taken hardly any, and I would just have to keep breathing deep. It did seem to help, but I did as I was told.

After what seemed like an eternity, Doris told me that I was supposed to take the second half of the enema while lying on my back. I rolled gingerly onto my back, wondering how she was going to manage the hose as my leg came over on it. At the same time, I was trying to hold the towel over myself. The last thing I wanted was for Aunt Doris to see my pecker, which for some reason decided to start growing right in front of her. I arranged the towel as best I could to hide the growing menace.

Now, I was able to see everything that was going on. The bag was starting to go flat, and that made the water flow in more slowly. Doris was simply holding the hose so the tube wouldn't slip out, but every once in a while I saw her sneak a peek at what was happening on the floor. One time I caught her looking and saw the bright red flush when she realized I had seen her. The water kept flowing, building pressure and becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Finally, I said I just couldn't hold another drop and they had to stop or I was going to make a terrible mess. Doris remarked that I had taken almost all of it, so it probably was enough. She clicked the clamp shut and withdrew the tube. By now, I had to go so bad that I couldn't wait for her to leave the room. I jumped to my feet and started backing toward the toilet. As I did, the towel slipped out of my hand, and about the same moment I sat down, my erect cock springing into full view. Aunt Doris had turned around to pick up the blanket and left. I sat there for about fifteen minutes until it felt as if everything inside me had finally come out. I stood up and had just taken the rest of my clothes off when Christie came in. She let out a little gasp, but just stood there staring at me. I had no where to go but into the shower, so I stepped in and closed the door.

Not wanting to face Christie, I decided to stall a bit more, so I took the hose out of the bottle and rinsed the soap out, then ran a little water through the hose to rinse the soap out of it as well. Then I cleaned the tube, dried everything, coiled the hose, and wrapped it in a towel. Leaving the room, I quietly took the equipment back to the kitchen and laid it on the counter. Obviously Aunt Doris didn’t know what had happened, and asked me to go help Christie finish the laundry. As I walked into the steamy room, Christie glanced up then quickly looked away. For several minutes, we went about our work, trying to pretend the other person wasn't there.

Finally it was simply too awkward, so Christie broke the spell.

“Do you feel better?"

I nodded, feeling my face turning hot.

"I'm sorry I looked, I didn't realize that you were still in the bathroom, and I really had to go!”

"It's all right, I didn’t realize the door wasn’t locked. I never had an enema so I didn't know what was going to happen," I said apologetically.

“It must have been awful,” Christie said with a sympathetic voice.

“Now that it is over it wasn't too bad," I replied.

“Well one part didn’t look too bad,” she giggled.

"Gee thanks!" I replied as I punched her arm.

Christie glanced slyly at my pants, which by now were once again bulging, and gave me a kind of sly grin. We finished the laundry, and hurried to her parent's apartment for dinner. Aunt Doris asked how I was feeling, and I replied that I was some better, but still wasn't very hungry. We ate mostly in silence then went into the living room for the rest of the evening. I was reading a book, and Christie was listening to the radio. Uncle Rod had called saying that he wouldn't get home until after ten.

About 8:30, Aunt Doris left the room, and I heard her moving around in the Kitchen. I didn't think anything about it, because she often baked in the evenings. Shortly she returned, carrying the hot water bottle saying that the doctor had said I should have another enema just before bedtime. My heart sank. I wasn't anxious to repeat the scene of that afternoon, but Aunt Doris said if I was going to get better, we needed to do it. I went to the bathroom and got ready, but by now, my cock was raging hard. When Aunt Doris came in, I was laying on the floor covered with the towel trying to hide my erection.

Aunt Doris repeated the procedure that had been accomplished in the afternoon, and shortly the water was flowing. This time it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time. Aunt Doris had just told me to roll onto my back when the loud bell rang announcing that a weary traveler was looking for a room. Aunt Doris jumped up telling me I would have to hold the hose in. I grabbed it just before it slipped out. I was panting like a little puppy, and kind of whimpering to myself about how bad I had to go. After what seemed like an eternity, the bag was flat, and my swollen belly looked like it was stretched to the limit. I pulled the tube out and started backing toward the toilet. I showered again, then cleaned up the enema bag and tube, and then wrapped it in a towel. After I finished, I walked to the kitchen and laid it on the counter.

After Uncle Rod got home, we sat around watching TV for a while. He told us about the trouble he had trying to find the supplies at a reasonable price. After a while, Christie left. I sat there for a while longer then began to get thirsty. The doctor had told me to drink lots of water, so I walked toward the kitchen. I was bare foot, so my footsteps were not noticeable. Just as I came around the corner, I could see Christie examining the water bottle and the hose. She was so intent that she didn’t notice me watching. She had opened up the box that the equipment had been in and pulled out the other nozzle. It was a lot longer than the one I had poked up my behind. It was also curved and I could see that it had holes in the side instead of the end. I started to back away when Christie must have sensed my presence and whirled to face me. Her face turned bright red as she hurriedly stuffed the bag and nozzle into the box and laid it down.

By the next morning, I felt 100% better, and was as hungry as a horse. I ate a huge breakfast and hurried out to start cleaning the rooms of the early departures. I gathered enough sheets and towels to begin the first load of laundry. I just got it running when Christie came in with her first load. We sorted the towels and sheets into separate piles, and filled the other washer with towels.

"You aren't even sorry about looking at me are you?"

“No more than you were at catching me with your enema bag,” she giggled and ran out the door.

I went to 118, the next room on the list. What a mess! It looked like a tornado had been through the place. There were towels everywhere, and the bed looked like someone had driven a herd of elephants over it. There were spots all over the sheets. I was trying to figure out what had happened when I spotted a little box lying on the floor. As I picked it up, I saw the brand name TROJANS. What in the world was this? As I looked it over, I suddenly realized that it was a box of rubbers. Hurriedly I opened it and discovered that there were seven sealed foil packets. I slipped them into my pocket and started in cleaning up the mess.

Before I could finish, Christie came by asking what was taking me so long. I told her the room was a complete mess, and I had to do a lot of extra work. She just sighed and said that she wasn't surprised. When I asked her how she knew it would be a mess, she said that one of the guys from the rival high school across town would come here nearly every Saturday night with a girl. When I asked if it wasn't illegal, she said it probably was, but his dad was the Chief of Police, and no one was about to complain to him about it.

About two days later, I just finished the antihistamines, and was feeling much better, except for being constipated again. I didn't want to tell Aunt Doris that I needed another enema, but neither did I want to feel as bad as I did a few days ago. While we were getting the first load of laundry running, I told Christie that I needed another enema, but didn't want to tell her mother.

“Hey, Dave, don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it for you.”

I assumed that she would tell Aunt Doris and sometime later in the day she would summon me to the bathroom again. We were down to the last few rooms when Christie said she needed help with room 207. I asked her what was the problem, but she said that she just needed help with that particular room and I should come there after I finished the next room. I finished the room I was cleaning then went to 207. Christie was in the bathroom splashing around, so I assumed she was cleaning. I opened the door then stopped dead in my tracks. She had filled the enema bag and had it hanging on a towel bar with the hose dangling on the towel padded floor.

"Well, don't just stand there, get ready!" she commanded.

"You're joking," I haltingly said.

"Do I look like I am joking? She said sternly. "Come on, come on, let's get going before someone begins to wonder where we are."

I hesitated for a moment looking at her.

"I'm not leaving, so you better hurry up," she said with the most wicked grin I had ever seen.

I unbuckled my belt and slid my pants off. The shorts followed right behind, and in an instant I was standing there with my cock rapidly rising to attention.

"Lie down and let's get started," she directed.

I quickly complied, looking for a towel.

"You don't need a towel, just roll over."

I turned up on my left side, with my cock quivering. I felt her apply the Vaseline, then slide the tube in. With the bag hanging on the towel rod, she had both hands free. I heard the clamp click open, and felt the water begin to flow. It actually felt rather good, and my throbbing cock swelled ever bigger. Long before the prescribed one half had flowed in, she instructed me to turn onto my back. By now, I was game for anything, so without hesitation, I rolled over. Without the restriction of the towel, my little beauty sprang into full attention. Christie slid her hand between my legs to hold the hose in place while gazing steadily at my cock. Her wrist was brushing my balls, which in turn made my cock rise higher still. It seemed like the water was flowing in without any discomfort, so I snuggled down a little so that her wrist was in even closer contact with my balls.

Christie was looking at me intently with a bit of a question mark on her face. I turned slightly toward her, putting my cock just a fraction of an inch from her left arm. She didn't move, so I rolled even further touching her arm with the tip. As if on clue, she grasped my cock with her left hand and began to explore. Moments later she started to move the loose skin up and down over my throbbing pole. I glanced up just in time to see the bag go flat.

"You don't have to hold the tube in any more, the bag is empty," I grunted.

Christie pulled the tube out and began playing with my balls and at the same time stroking my cock. Suddenly, I exploded into the air, shooting my white sticky stuff all over her and myself. I kept pumping and pumping until a wave of profound relaxation flooded over me. Just then, I realized that I hadn't been breathing, and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

Suddenly, I had to go with an urgency I had never felt. I jumped up, barely making it to the toilet when the water flooded out. Christie picked up the bag and cleaned it while I continued to empty myself. After several minutes, I felt as if I had finally rid myself of day’s worth of cramping pain. Christie turned the shower on and tossed me a towel. I shed my shirt and tee shirt, stepping into the shower.

By now, the realization of what we had done was sinking in, so I made quick work of showering. As I stepped out, Christie handed me a towel and told me she would see me in the laundry. Dressing quickly, I picked up all the towels and hurried to join her. We moved laundry from washer to drier and reloaded the machines. Once again, Christie asked if I felt better.

the best I've felt in weeks," I replied.

She gave me a funny kind of smile and said we better hurry to finish the rest of the rooms. Now that I wasn't taking the antihistamines, I started having regular bowel movements and was once again eating like a horse. I was almost sorry that I didn't have a reason to ask Christie to give me another enema! I kind of sensed that it could be even more interesting if we did it again. However, something bothered me. I realized that we had experienced some kind of illicit fun, but didn't really understand all the boy-girl things yet. My parents had told me absolutely nothing about sex, so all I knew was from the other guys at school. I had enough common sense to not believe about half of what I heard, but didn't have a good source of information.

One day Aunt Doris asked me to run down to the grocery store for a few items she had forgotten. As I was waiting in the check out line, I noticed a magazine with what looked like contained some good articles about women's bodies. I bought the magazine and slipped it inside my shirt. As soon as I had deposited the groceries in the kitchen, I hurried to my room to hide the magazine under the mattress. Christie and I were cleaning rooms when Uncle Rod told me he needed help with some repair work. He showed me that the entrance to the attic area through an opening in the ceiling of my closet. I had noticed the ladder and little door in the ceiling, but hadn't thought much about it.

We climbed into the attic area above the rooms. It was tall enough to walk upright down the entire length of the motel complex. This is where all the pipes and wiring ran so that it was easily accessible. We went to room 118, which was the last room on the East wing. Uncle Rod explained that the light fixture was worn out and had to be replaced, but he couldn't get it down from below without my help from above. He instructed me what to do, then went to the room. Shortly, the old light had been removed and the new one installed. When we were finished, I was picking up the tools and straightening things up. As I knelt by the opening in the ceiling where the wires went through, I noticed that you could see right down into the room through an opening in the new fixture. I could clearly see Uncle Rod as he packed his toolbox and carried the old fixture out. In addition, I could see the entire bed.

As I carried the tools out, I noticed that several of the rooms had the new light fixtures and you could see into all of them. When I got to the open trap door leading into my closet, I noticed another trap door several feet away. I decided to see where it led. Quietly, I lifted it and discovered another closet with a ladder on the wall. Shining my flashlight down I realized I was looking at Christie's clothes. As I thought about the layout of the apartment, I realized that indeed I was looking into her closet. I quietly closed the trap door, filing the knowledge in my mind.

Uncle Rod asked me to help Christie finish the laundry while he did some bookwork. Shortly I located the room where Christie was working, and took the laundry cart to the utility room. I sorted and loaded the washing machines then went back to help her finish the last two rooms. While we were finishing 118, which had been left to the last because of the work Uncle Rod was doing on the light fixture, I mentioned to Christie that you could see into the room from above. She looked at me with a big grin.

"This is the room that the Cop's kid always asks for."

"Why is that?" I asked.

“Well, I heard Dad and Mom talking bout it. You can’t see the door from the office and there is a place to park the car so it couldn't be seen from the road either. He always checks in as a single then sneaks the girl in later.”

"I sure would like to know what goes on in here!" said Christie.

I glanced at her with a startled look. She must have read my surprised look.

“Hey, girls talk about boys much the same as you talked about girls. I’m just curious to know if all the rumors are true. I’m curious about what it is really like.”

“Well, I guess I feel the same way, but don’t really have any source of accurate information. I did buy a magazine at the drugstore yesterday, maybe we can learn something from it,” I suggested. “By the way, I found a trap door from your room into the attic and there is one from my room as well, maybe the next time the Cop’s kid comes by we could look?”

"Can I have the magazine after you finish?" she asked.

“OK, but you learned quite a bit last week in room 207. It seems like you are ahead of me on that score."

Christie just gave me a little smile and pushed the cleaning cart out the door. I read the magazine that evening, picking up a lot of information. There was an article about menstruation, which really fascinated me. The boys had all kinds of wild ideas about it, mostly all wrong! In addition, there was an article on birth control, which explained that the two most common methods were still the condom and the rhythm method. It had a deion about how the woman could chart her periods and determine safe times have intercourse with her husband. I studied the section on condoms and finally understood that they were really Rubbers. I had hidden the box of rubbers I found under my socks, so got one of them out to look at it. Using the information in the article, I was able to put one on. It raised my level of excitement to the point that in just a few strokes I shot off into the rubber, putting quite a quantity of my semen into the end.

There were a few articles about women's health in general, and other boring articles on hair care and clothing selection. I started reading some of the stories, and shortly discovered that I could learn almost as much from them! A number of them had to do with frustrated women, or girls who wanted to get out from under their parent's control. One story told of a sixteen-year-old girl who worked as a waitress. A guy from a road crew working in the area started flirting with her, and finally got her to run away with him. While it didn't give any details about sex, it sure told me a lot about seduction.

After I had finished with the magazine, I wasn't sure how to get it to Christie. If I put it in her room, Aunt Doris might see it, and I was afraid to give it to her while we were cleaning. Suddenly, I had the solution. Taking my flashlight, I crawled up the ladder in my closet and opened the trap door to Christie's closet. As quietly as possible, I climbed down the ladder until I was standing on the floor. I could hear Christie moving around in her room, singing along with the radio. I didn't want to let her know I was in her closet, so I slipped the magazine behind a suitcase then returned to my room. The next morning while we were cleaning, I told her that I had put the magazine behind the suitcase.

"When did you do that?" she asked.

“Well, I put it there after I head you go down the hall to breakfast,” I fibbed.

Great, I thought, she didn't hear me open the door or come down the ladder. Christie kind of smiled her little grin at me then commented that perhaps after she had read it we could compare notes. I didn't know about her, but I sure had a lot of questions already! The next Saturday evening, I had gone bowling with some guys I met, and Christie went to the movies with some of her girl friends. By coincidence we both got home at about the same time. As we walked in, the Cop's kid was just heading back to his car. I glanced out in time to see some movement in the back seat of his car. I motioned to Christie to meet me in the hallway.

"You really want to know what goes on in 118?"

She grinned big and nodded. Since it was after 10:00 P.m., we simply headed toward our rooms. As we walked by my door, I whispered to her to put on her tennis shoes and wait in her closet. I hurried to my room, changed into my tennis shoes so we could walk quietly. I grabbed my flashlight and crawled up the ladder. Moving carefully, I found my way to Christie's trap door and silently opened it. She was waiting for me, and immediately climbed up to join me. Noiselessly we crept along the walk way to the last room. I lay on my belly looking through the light fixture. BINGO! I could see the two of them lying on the bed, locked in a passionate embrace. Christie lay beside me positioning herself to see. I wasn't sure if we could both see at the same time, but the little involuntary gasp she gave told me she could see. C.K., for Cop's Kid, as we had dubbed him, was all over her. He was kissing her face, neck and ears, but all the while was running his hands over the girl's tits. She was making no objections, obviously just as much into the fun and games as he.

They didn't waste too much time with what the magazine had called fore play. It wasn't long before he had her blouse open revealing her white bra. Moments later, he was kissing the top of her tits, and had his hand under her skirt. For her part, the girl was bouncing her bottom up and down and pressing her tits into his mouth. Suddenly, C.K. rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor. He reached up to the waistband of her skirt and unbuttoned it. Seconds later, he slid the skirt along with the half-slip off and tossed them aside. The blouse followed, leaving her with just panties and bra.

In an instant he was on top of her, kissing and shoving his cock against her bottom. She was responding with like enthusiasm. Before long, she had removed his shirt and tugged his tee shirt over his head. They threw the discarded clothing across the room, obviously building to higher and higher levels of excitement. I could sense Christie beside me, moving so as not to miss anything. I also began to realize that she felt good pressed up against me.

Turning my attention to the events below, it wasn't long before they were both naked as the day they were born. I could hear Christie make a little gasp as C.K. tore the girl's panties off with his teeth. They rolled around on the bed for a while then C.K. jumped up and took something out of his pant pocket.

"What's that?" Christie whispered.

“Keep quiet and watch,” I told her.

In a moment he had rolled a rubber onto his enormous cock. I don't suppose it was all that big, but compared to mine, it looked huge. The girl lay back on the bed, and before I could even think about what was happening, C.K. was between her legs, lowering his cock toward her bottom. Once again, I heard Christie gasp.

"Be quiet, you don't want them to hear us do you?" I hissed.

She put her arm around my back so she could move closer to the prime observation spot. I was aware of her cheek against mine and could feel the heat radiating. Below, C.K. was just positioning his cock, making small adjustments, when suddenly he just shoved it in. The girl threw her legs around his back, and in an instant they were bouncing up and down like he was trying to crawl inside her. They went at it for perhaps 45 seconds or so when he shoved it into her as far as he could and kind of twitched and shook. Then, he rolled off her with his cock sticking straight up in the air.

"WOW!" was all I heard Christie say.

"Be quiet!" I growled.

I was enthralled with what was happening and didn't want to miss a second of the action. We lay there for perhaps ten minutes as they cuddled together. Pretty soon, C.K. began playing with her tits again and once again he was positioning himself between her legs. Again he shoved his cock into her bottom, but this time they pumped and banged against each other for about four or five minutes. She was thrusting her bottom up to meet his pounding, each looking as if they were trying to outdo the other. At one point they rolled over and she was on top of him. She was facing in our direction and I could see her tits bouncing up and down like basketballs dribbling.

Christie jabbed me so hard I almost yelled out. They were bouncing up and down frantically when all at once C.K. pulled her down against him and shoved his bottom up quivering. Moments later the girl rolled off beside him, leaving his cock in plain sight once again. This time, it was sagging and the rubber looked like it was about to slip off. Sure enough in about another minute, C.K. pulled it off and tossed it aside on the floor. They lay there for about another three or four minutes then got up.

"We better get out of here while they are moving around so they don't hear us," I whispered to Christie.

She nodded, and we slipped back down the walkway. Silently, I opened her trap door and helped her get onto the ladder. She went down into her closet and I closed the door then crept over to my trap door. That night, I reflected on what we had seen and needless to say, relieved myself of the raging hard on that I had been sporting for nearly an hour. It felt good, but somehow I suspected not nearly as good as C.K. had experienced. Then and there, I decided that I was going to do it the first chance I got, and I was going to try to make that chance happen as soon as possible!

The next morning we got up early to start cleaning as soon as the first guest left. Uncle Rod & Aunt Doris insisted that Christie & I go to church every Sunday. We got about four rooms cleaned before running out of work because we were waiting for more guests to leave. We sat in the laundry room chatting so that we could move clothes to the drier as soon as the washer finished. Aunt Doris said she would buzz us on the phone when some more guests checked out.

"When do you think 118 will check out?" giggled Christie.

“I think they have already left,” I told her.

“The key hasn’t been turned in,” she replied

We trotted down to the end of the wing, and sure enough the car was gone. We knocked on the door several times getting no answer. I used my passkey and slowly swung the door open. Once again, we were greeted by disaster. The blankets were on the floor, and the pillows looked as if they had been walked on with wet feet. We started in cleaning up, noting that every towel and wash cloth had been used.

"Wasn't that something?" Christie said in awe.

"Was it anything like you thought it would be?"

“I really didn't know what to expect, but it sure looked like they enjoyed it!”

“Have you ever seen another boy before me?”

“Only little kids I baby sat with, but I didn't realize that men were so big. It looked like it went into her easy enough, but I can't imagine that something that big would fit inside me. How long has your thing had been so big? The little boys I have seen were so tiny.”

“Well, it just started growing about two years ago, and even now, it’s only big if I’m thinking about girls or something like that.”

"You must be thinking about girls right now!" she giggled.

I turned kind of red, but didn't try to hide my growing excitement.

"Well, you have seen all of me, and have been asking questions, now I think it is my turn to ask questions."

"What do you want to know?" she asked.

"Well, when do girls start having menstrual periods?"

Christie shrugged and filled me in on the mysteries of puberty. Actually she was fairly detailed, telling me that she started about two years ago, but some of her friends started a year of so sooner, and a couple of them had only started a few months ago.

"Did you see her tits shaking up and down last night?" I asked.

"Of course I saw them, I'm not blind, why do you ask?"

"Well, I just didn't expect them to be so floppy, I thought they were hard, but hers looked really soft and flexible."

"Where did you get the idea they were hard?"

"Well, they are always sticking out, I just thought they were hard."

"You have never felt breasts before, have you?"

"I've never even seen tits before last night," feeling my face turn red again.

"Has a boy ever felt your tits?"

"Not really, some boys on the play ground bump them sometimes like it was an accident, but I know better."

I was just about to get up the nerve to tell her that I wanted to see her tits when Aunt Doris opened the door and walked in. Luckily we had finished the room and had the cleaning cart ready to roll, so we acted like we had just finished and were leaving. Aunt Doris handed us a list of empty rooms, so we split them and got started. By the time it was time for Church, we had finished every room and had the laundry-sorted ready to go in the washer. Uncle Rod said he would finish the laundry and fold the sheets and towels. We hurried off to get ready. As we walked back to the motel after church, I asked Christie if she had learned anything new from the magazine. She said that her mother had explained most of the things about her body before her periods started, but she had learned a lot about men and women from some of the stories.

"Which one did you like the best?" I asked her.

To my surprise she mentioned the same story I had liked about the sixteen-year-old girl. We talked about the story until we reached home. It was a hot summer day, so after lunch Aunt Doris suggested that Christie take me to the municipal swimming pool for the afternoon. She and Uncle Rod could take care of any late checkouts, and it was about time that we kids did something besides work. I hurried to my room to change into my trunks, slipping my jeans on over them. Christie met me out front, and jumping on the bikes we headed for the pool. Upon arriving, we went to the shower rooms to get ready for the pool. I came out a few minutes before Christie, and jumped into the pool. When I came up, I saw Christie coming to the diving board. I was aware that several of the boys were watching her. She was wearing a pink two-piece suit that was about as small as anything being worn in public in 1954 and it was really making a hit!

She executed a perfect dive into the pool and swam under water to my side.

"Wow. You are good!" I exclaimed.

"I guess nobody told you I was on the district team last year. Come on, let me show you some techniques," she said as she turned to glide under water again.

We played around the pool for a couple of hours, but we kept getting interrupted by several boys wanting to talk to her.

That evening, Uncle Rod said we needed to get up early the next morning so he and Aunt Doris could help clean as many rooms as possible before they left. Christie asked where they were going. Uncle Rod explained that they needed to go see Uncle Cal and Aunt Minnie to arrange some extended financing. The lawyers and bankers were going to meet them in the Hospital, and they would need to be there from about 10:00 A.m. until at least 2:00 P.m. We got up early as directed and started cleaning as fast as we could.

We were about three fourths finished when Uncle Rod and Aunt Doris had to leave. Even so, Christie and I finished up by eleven, and had some time left to ourselves. While Christie made sandwiches for lunch, I went back to my room and retrieved the magazine. I wanted to check out a couple of things and ask Christie about them while we were alone. By the time lunch was over, we were freely exchanging intimate information. By now, my cock was at full attention and becoming painful. As I stood up to help clear the dishes, Christie glanced at me.

"Oh! Thinking about girls again I see."

"Sometimes it doesn't take much to get me thinking about girls."

"What are we going to do this afternoon?"

"Well, your dad said I had to check the stool in 118, it has been plugging up over the last few days, but other than that, I don't have anything to do."

Christie said she would help, so I grabbed my toolbox and we went to 118. It only took about fifteen minutes to find out that someone had dropped a paper cup in the stool, and once it was pulled out, everything was OK. I packed the tools, and put them by the door, then washed my hands. Christie put the flashlight by the toolbox and went into the bathroom to wash her hands as well. I waited in the room, sitting on the bed. Christie came out and sat beside me. I glanced up at the light fixture and wondered out loud if anyone could see someone watching from above. We studied the fixture carefully, concluding that no one could possibly see.

"This is right where they were sitting isn't it?" I commented. "I wonder what it was like down here," I said sounding bolder than I felt. Christie nodded in agreement.

"Would you like to see my thing again?" I asked.

Christie looked at me for a long moment before nodding. I took my shirt and tee shirt off and lay down on the bed, pulling Christie down beside me. She ran her hands over my chest for a few minutes, feeling my muscles and rubbing my belly. As she explored my chest, I began feeling her tits, wondering what her reaction might be. She only snuggled up to me offering no resistance. Taking that as assent, I began unbuttoning her blouse, and opened it up. I could see her little white bra covering her tits. Still meeting no resistance, I began fumbling with the clasp and finally got it unhooked. In a second, I had pulled it off, leaving her bare tits standing up for me to see. They were kind of small, but perfectly formed and just the right size for her petite body. I stared at them for several seconds, drinking in their beauty.

"Do you like them?" she asked. I nodded in wonderment.

"Can I touch them?" I asked.

Christie nodded, and lay back on the bed. I gingerly reached out and touched the nipple of her right tit. She lay perfectly still as I explored them in earnest, touching, massaging and feeling. I was amazed at how soft they were, but still a bit firm at the same time.

"Can I kiss them?" I asked.

Christie smiled a bit then nodded. I began at the top of the closest tit working my way down to where I was kissing the nipple. I could feel Christie stiffen as I placed my mouth over the nipple and started sucking, but soon she sighed and relaxed. I kept sucking one tit while feeling the other. After several minutes, I remembered that I had asked if she wanted to see my thing again, and that she had agreed. I stopped, and stood up unbuckling my belt. In less time than it takes to tell about it, I was standing in front of her bare naked. Of course my cock was standing straight up. I lay down beside Christie again, and snuggled up close against her, playing with her tits again. Christie sighed and wiggled up against me. I began running my hand down over her tummy and slipped a couple fingers under her waistband. Christie moaned a little, but offered no resistance. I fumbled with the snap on her jeans, and succeeded in getting it open. Encouraged by her lack of resistance, I stood between her legs and slid them off, leaving her lying on the bed naked except for her little pink panties. I ran my hands up and down her legs like I had seen C.K. do on Saturday night. Christie began wiggling her bottom and moaning,

"Oh, it feels so good, it feels so good."

I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her panties, gazing at her face with an expectant smile.

"I want to see you all over," I said with a question mark on my face.

Christie nodded and raised her hips in assent. I almost tore them as I pulled them off. I gazed at her fine downy hair and smooth bottom. I couldn't remember ever seeing anything so beautiful.

"Can I touch it?"

Christie nodded again, and I slid my hand up her leg. I felt her shudder when my fingers reached her hair and began running little circles, feeling the texture and softness. Presently, I discovered her little slit, and began running my finger up and down marveling at the wetness. I probed around, not knowing what I was doing, but observing that Christie obviously enjoyed it. Before long, she was wiggling her little bottom and pressing it down into the bed like the girl did Saturday night. As she opened her legs further, I stumbled into her opening. I began inserting my finger feeling Christie stiffen again.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"It feels kind of good, but be real careful."

I kept pressing my finger in until it was in as far as it would go. I wiggled my fingertip, probing feeling exploring. All the time, Christie kept moaning and grinding her bottom into the bed. After several minutes she asked me to take it out because it was beginning to hurt a little. I reluctantly withdrew my finger and lay down beside her. Christie reached down and began stroking my cock. In a few seconds, I shot my white stuff all over her hand, pumping and pumping as I unloaded several days of pent up emotion. I lay back breathing deeply.

"Wow, that looks like it really felt good," whispered Christie.

I just lay there, basking in the warm afterglow of my orgasm. After several minutes, my cock had reduced somewhat in size. I stood up and held out my hands to Christie.

"Let's take a shower," I suggested.

We trotted to the bathroom where I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. We stepped in and began soaping each other down. Christie had noticed that my cock had shrunk, and reached down to feel it in its flaccid state. With her touch, it began growing, and in less than a minute it was once again as stiff as a poker. At the same time, I had soaped her tits and explored them in earnest, wondering at their increased fullness while she was standing. I pulled her into my arms, and rubbed my body against her feeling the soapy slickness. At first my cock was compressed between us, so I pulled back for a moment and let it drop, the slid it between her legs. Christie snuggled up close to me, and I was sure she could feel my cock pressing up against her little virgin bottom. After the soap was rinsed off, I turned the shower off and stepped out. We each grabbed one of the thick fluffy towels and began toweling each other off. By the time we were dry, my cock felt as if it would burst. We went back to the bed and lay down again. By now, all my reasoning was coming from the head of my cock.

"Christie, can I put it inside you?"

She jumped as if she had been shot. She didn't answer for several seconds.

"I'd like to try it, but I sure don't want to get />
I reached for my pants, and showed her the rubbers that I had slipped in pocket after lunch.

"I guess we could try it if you promise to be real careful," she said.

I tore the package open and pulled out the rubber. Christie watched intently as I placed it over the tip and rolled it down.

"Do you know what to do?" she asked.

“Well, I know what we saw last night,” I replied.

"Please don't be as rough as he was," she asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

With that, she lay back on the bed and spread her legs open. I got between them and lowered myself over her lovely body. I tried to move my cock into position like I had seen C.K. do Saturday night, but no matter what I did, I just couldn't find the right place. In my excitement, I was thrusting forward hitting hair, hitting the bed, or sliding up on her tummy.

"Wait a minute, let me help you."

She reached down taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to the right place.

"Please be really careful," Christie pleaded.

I inched forward, feeling the tip of my cock start to slip inside her quivering body. Christie took a quick sharp breath and told me to stop. I wanted to plunge inside her like I had seen C.K. do, but I had promised to stop is she said so.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked.

"Not really, it just feels real full," she whispered.

I lay there trying to remain in control.

”Try putting it in a little further," Christie said after a few moments.

I pressed forward feeling her wet slickness begin to envelop my cock. Once again, Christie asked me to stop. With great reluctance, I stopped, trying to stay in control. I was glad that Christie had jacked me off earlier. Otherwise, I was sure I would have come already and spoiled the fun I was having.

"O.K. I'm ready to go a little further," she said.

I settled down pushing even further into her little bottom. Suddenly, I just slid right in until our hair was intertwined. Christie gave a little squeak of surprise and grabbed me around the neck squeezing like a vise.

"OH! OH! It’s in. It’s in!" she exclaimed. I lay perfectly still, feeling the profound wonder of being inside a girl for the very first time.

"Can I move?" I asked.

Christie nodded her head, and I began some experimental movements. It seemed terribly awkward at first, but in a little bit I got into the stride. It felt fantastic, but alas it lasted far too short a time. Too soon I felt the stirring of my orgasm, and before I could anticipate what it would be like, I was shooting and shooting, blowing my white stuff deep into her body. I felt as if I had just swum 50 laps, panting and feeling waves of relaxation flood over me. Christie lay silently by my side. I glanced over at her wondering what her reaction would be. I was startled to see tears in her eyes.

"What's wrong, did I hurt you?"

"Only a little," she replied, "I guess I just expected that it would be something else."

"I'm sorry," I said, "I didn't mean to hurt you, it just looked like C.K. and that girl were having so much fun."

"Maybe it gets better the next time you do it," she whispered.

"Oh, look at the bed spread," I said.

Christie whirled around and gasped. Where did the blood come from?" she said with alarm.

"You got some on your legs too," I said embarrassed.

"Oh no, I'm not supposed to be having my period, it just stopped last week."

"What should we do now?" I stammered.

Christie ran to the bathroom and shut the door. I ran to the door.

”I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please let me in so I can help you."

"No just stay away," cried Christie.

I didn't know what to do, so I pulled the bed spread off and wiped the cum from my cock and hurried into my clothes. I ran to the laundry and rinsed the blood out of the bedspread, then quickly tossed it into the washer. Grabbing a fresh set of towels and another bed spread, I ran back to 118. Just as I finished making up the bed, Christie came out of the bathroom. She was totally naked, having left her clothes strewn about the room where I had pulled them off. I had gathered them up and folded them over a chair. As she scurried to get them, I told her again that I was sorry I had hurt her. She turned to face me, saying it was O.K. Once again, her lovely slender body was turning me on.

"Are you really O.K.?" I asked.

She nodded her head, keeping her eyes downcast.

"Where did the blood come from?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, I guess we must have torn something, maybe you are too big for me," she said.

"Why don't you take a shower while I get dressed, we have to make sure no one knows what we did," she suggested.

I slipped into the bathroom and stripped. I noticed that I had some blood on my cock, and saw more on the wash cloths. What would happen if she bled to death? I immediately dismissed the thought, since she wasn't bleeding when she came out of the bathroom. I hurried into the shower and scrubbed down quickly. After drying off, I dressed and went back into the bedroom. Christie was dressed lying on the bed with her knees pulled up.

"Are you O.K.?" I asked again.

"I'm a little sore, but I don't think it's too serious, don't look so grim."

"It’s just that I was afraid I hurt you really bad," I said quietly.

We cleaned up the motel room and restocked it as quickly as possible, then hurried to the laundry to dispose of any signs of what had happened earlier. Before long, we were certain that everything looked normal. After drying and folding the rest of the laundry, we went back to the apartment. Christie went straight to her room so I didn't see her again until suppertime.

Uncle Rod and Aunt Doris got home about four reporting that the financing had been completed. They were doing well enough that it looked like the motel would be profitable by the end of the year. Further, Aunt Minnie was much improved and would be coming home in about two weeks. It looked like Uncle Cal would be ready to take up his normal duties by the time school started in the fall. That left about six weeks until I would be going back home. Everyone was in a festive mood during supper. The news was good all round. The only thing worrying me was Christie. She came to the table and sat down carefully.

"What's the matter Christie, you act like it's painful to move," commented Aunt Doris.

I shot Christie a panicky look, but she recovered quickly.

"Oh, it’s nothing serious, someone left a bar of soap on the bathroom floor in 118 and I slipped and sat down really hard."

"Do you need to see Dr. Franklin?" asked Aunt Doris.

"It’s just a bruise, nothing to worry about," she assured her mother.

Shortly after supper, Christie returned to her room and closed the door. I tried to watch TV for a while, but there wasn't anything that I wanted to see. I was afraid to leave too early for fear that if I went to my room too early it would cause suspicion. Finally about nine, I said that since we had gotten up so early I needed to get to bed. I went to my room, but before going in looked toward Christie's door. I could see the light under the door, so knew she was still awake. I closed the door, and went straight to the closet. I climbed the ladder and quietly opened the trap door. Moving cautiously, I crept over to Christie's trap door and opened it. Silently, I descended the ladder and gently tapped on the door. In a few seconds, Christie opened the door. She was dressed in her nightie with a little robe over it.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered, "Do you want to get caught?"

I shook my head and explained that I just wanted to see if she was O.K.

"Well, I can hardly sit down, but other than that, everything seems to be normal."

"Are you still bleeding?" I asked.

Christie shook her head and assured me that she really was fine; she just wanted me to get out of there before someone came. With that, she closed the door firmly. Almost as if on cue, Aunt Doris knocked on her door and came in. I almost died of fright. I was afraid to go up the ladder, and afraid not to. If I got caught in the closet, I was sure Uncle Rod would probably kill me. Slowly, carefully, I climbed up the ladder and gently closed the trap door. Seconds later, I was safely back in my room.

The next day, Christie was still moving very slowly and rarely sat down. I felt terrible, so told her if she wanted to stay in the laundry room, I would do all the cleaning of her rooms. She gratefully agreed, and I went about doing double duty. With Uncle Rod and Aunt Doris both helping, we finished the cleaning by noon, and that left only a few maintenance chores for Uncle Rod and I to do. Just after lunch, Christie's sister, Mary Ann, came for a visit. She had gotten married a year earlier, and lived about forty-five miles away, so visited every couple of weeks or so. She and Christie spent some time together; they mysteriously announced that they were going down town for a malt.

The next day, Christie seemed to be better, but asked if she could stay in the laundry room one more day. I certainly wasn't going to object! We got after the cleaning, and again finished before lunchtime. Uncle Rod left a couple of jobs for me to complete, then announced that he had to go into the city to pick up supplies. I went to handle the maintenance jobs he had left for me, and was making good time. On the last job, Christie came into the room and closed the door. I asked her how she really felt.

"Much better!" she announced. "It really helped to have Mary Ann come by."

"You didn't tell her what we did, did you?" I asked incredulously!

"Not on your life," she replied, "I just told her I wanted to ask some questions that I really didn't want to ask Mother. We didn't go to the malt shop at all; we went to the park and talked all />
"What did you talk about?" I asked.

Christie explained that she started a conversation with Mary Ann about boys in general, what it would be like to start dating. Aunt Doris had said the girls could start dating during their freshman year, and it was coming up soon. She had been overhearing older boys and girls talking about all kinds of things, and some of it just seemed too preposterous to be believable.

"What did she tell you?" I asked.

"Well, she remembered what it was like only a few years back, so was quite willing to tell me everything. She told me that some boys would do most anything to get your clothes off, then brag to everyone about what they did."

I nodded, commenting that I had heard some of that kind of talk myself. The big thing she wanted to know was how it felt the first time, but had tried to organize the conversation so that it came out as a kind of after thought.

"Did you get her to tell you?" I asked. Christie nodded and went on.

"After we covered most of the general stuff, I told her that I had heard some really wild stories about having intercourse, and I wondered if it was really true." I nodded, urging her to go on. "Well, she said it really was great after a while, but at first she didn't think it was all it was reported to be."

"Did she tell you what it was like the first time?" I asked, feeling my cock spring to attention again. Christie noticed it as well and smiled.

"I told her that some of the girls said it hurt really bad the first time, and asked her if it was true." I waited for her to go on. "She said that it all depended on the girl, the first time she and Dennis did it, it wasn't too bad, but the next day was awful. She was so sore she couldn't sit down."

I remarked that it must have made for a terrible honeymoon since they had driven all the way to Niagara Falls.

"Who said anything about the honeymoon?"

"You mean they did it before they got married?" I asked.

"Just a few weeks, but yes, they did, and she said she was awfully glad they did, there was no way she could have kept Dennis off her for the three days it took to feel normal again."

Did she bleed?" I asked.

"Yes, something terrible. They had to wait until the folks went to bed and sneak in to keep mom from seeing the blood on her skirt."

I was greatly relieved, and commented that perhaps what we had experienced wasn't all that unusual. Christie agreed that it probably wasn't.

"How long did they wait to do it again?" I asked.

"I didn't ask, but I know they did it again before they got married because she said the next time was a lot better."

By now, my cock was straining at the seams of my pants, as if it desperately wanted out. Once again, my common sense seemed to be resting in the end of my cock.

"Can you make me come so I don't hurt the rest of the day?" I asked.

Christie smiled and agreed. I quickly slid out of my pants and shorts, lying back on the bed. Christie played with it for a while, feeling the soft tip and expressing wonder at how it was both so velvety soft and rock hard just below the surface. It seemed like an eternity before she began stroking my painfully hard erection, and in short order I once again shot my white stuff high into the air. Christie gazed at my quivering cock, watching the white stuff run down over her hand. When the rock hard erection began to subside, she again expressed wonderment at the versatility of the tool. I cleaned up and finished the maintenance job.

The next Saturday night, C.K. came by for a room. Christie and I hurried to our observation place. This time, he had a different girl with him. She had long blond hair, and huge tits. By the time we were settled into our place, C.K. already had her clothes off and he was naked as well. At first, they just rolled around on the bed, kissing and playing with each other. I just assumed that he would put his thing into her and pump away for a while and it would be all over. Boy! Were we in for a surprise.

After a few minutes of rolling around, C.K. turned around and began kissing the blonde’s legs, working up further and further until he started kissing her bottom. I took a sharp breath and jerked involuntarily. I sensed Christie reacting about the same way, feeling her stiffen. Moments later, we could see him sticking his tongue into the hair and running it up and down her slit. I just about got used to that sight when the blond took C.K.'s cock into her mouth and began sucking it like a huge lollypop. Almost as if on command, Christie and I both sat up. It was dark, so I couldn't see her expression. I turned on the flashlight.

"Do you want to go?"

"No, I want to see what else they are going to do. I’ll probably never get another chance like this!"

We quickly positioned ourselves over the observation hole and began watching once again. Just about the time my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw the blond quivering and shaking. C.K. stopped kissing her bottom and she turned loose of his cock. In a flash C.K. jumped off the bed and slid the blond to the edge of the bed. In an instant, he plunged his cock into her bottom and began pumping like a mad man. The blond was bouncing and flailing her legs, kicking his back and clawing his shoulders. After a minute or two of this frantic activity, he collapsed on her, and a little later, rolled off. Shortly, it was obvious that they were asleep. Silently we crept back to our rooms.

It was after eleven, and I knew everyone was in bed, so when I opened Christie's trap door, I followed her down.

"What are you doing?" she asked when she realized I was in her room.

"You can't leave me like this," I whispered looking down at my painfully swollen cock.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked slyly.

"Let's do it," I said excitedly.

I could tell that she was about as excited as I, so it was no surprise when she agreed. In a moment, I had stripped her clothes off, and soon afterward I too was totally naked. I had taken the precaution of bringing a rubber along with me, so was prepared in case I was able to convince her to do it with me. I rolled the rubber on, and took Christie into my arms. I had never kissed a girl before, but it seemed if I was going to put my cock inside her that I should at least kiss her. She responded without hesitation, and soon we were pressed tightly together. My passion was at such a fever pitch that I just couldn't wait. I began pressing her back to the bed then crawled in beside her. Quickly I positioned myself over her and began moving to ecstasy. She grabbed my cock and guided it home.

"Please be careful," she whispered.

Gently, slowly, I moved forward, waiting for her to tell me to stop. She didn't, so I didn't and soon I felt our hair meet. I lay still for a moment, asking her if she was O.K.

"It feels good, it doesn't hurt at all."

I started to pump in and out, but came almost immediately. Christie sensed that I had come.

"Is it over already?" I didn't say anything, just lay on her panting.

I could tell that she was disappointed, but couldn't do anything about it for the moment. We lay together for several minutes, cuddling and kissing. Before long, I felt my cock coming back to life. As soon as I could, I slid my cock into Christie's bottom once again. This time, I could feel the semen from the first time, which made the feeling more intense, and I could sense that I was going to last for a while, so I began thrusting. By now, I had a better sense of how to move, and soon Christie began meeting my downward thrusts. I was playing with her tits, rubbing and caressing. Even though I had just come, it wasn't too long before I felt the beginnings of another orgasm. By now, Christie was breathing rapidly and squeezing my legs with hers wrapped around them.

"Harder, harder!" Christie suddenly gasped.

I shoved it in as hard as I could, pressing in with my feet braced against the foot of her bed. I could feel my cock quivering and pumping. This time I could feel my ass quivering and clenching tight. Christie relaxed her grip on me, and didn't protest when I rolled off beside her. I must have fallen asleep immediately, because the next thing I knew Christie was shaking me asking what time it was. I didn't know, but the moon was no longer outside the window as it had been when we started.

"You better get out of here before we get caught," whispered Christie.

I jumped out of her bed, and scurried up the ladder. When I got the flashlight out, I noted it was two thirty. We had slept together for almost three hours. But, what had become of the rubber, It wasn't on my cock, it must be in the bed. The next morning, I asked Christie about it. She assured me she had found it and flushed it down the stool.

"Did you like it?" I asked. Christie nodded, blushing.

That day, we did the routine cleaning and finished up a little before noon. Since there were no maintenance chores, we decided to go swimming and headed off to the town pool. Once again we had a great time playing in the water, but seeing Christie in her little bikini had me thinking of how nice it would be to see her naked again. Of course my cock began thinking about it as well, and soon I was doing a lot of underwater swimming! After getting things somewhat in control, I suggested to Christie that we should get home.

We arrived to see Uncle Rod and Aunt Doris waiting, saying they had to do some shopping and wanted a little time away from the motel. Could we watch things and be prepared to handle any early check-ins. We agreed, and soon they were on their way.

“Well, what do we do not?” I asked.

Christie shrugged, saying that she really didn’t have anything that had to be done. I asked her about early check-ins, and she said it almost never happened in the middle of the week. I thought about this for a bit, then went to my room and slipped the package of rubbers in my pocket. Exiting by the back door, I went around to the front and rang the check-in bell.

“What are you doing?” demanded Christie when she came to the check in counter.

“I want a room,” I replied, “and I would like Room 118.”

Christie stared at me with a look that suggested I had lost my mind. Suddenly she broke into a big smile and handed me the key.

“How many will be using the room?” she asked with her coy little smile.

“Officially I am alone,” I replied, “Unless of course you would like to share the room with me.”

“OK,” she replied, “I’ll meet you there in ten />
I trotted to room 118, turned the bed down and put the little bouquet of flowers on the night stand. In a few minutes I heard a tap on the door, and Christie stepped in. She immediately saw the flowers and blushed.

“It looks like you are trying to seduce me?” she suggested with a big grin.

I took her in my arms and began kissing her neck. Without wasting much time, I removed her clothes until she stood completely naked in front of me. Seconds later I was in the same condition, with my cock standing proudly at attention. I gently led Christie to the bathroom and stepped into the shower, carefully soaping every inch of her body. Afterwards, I dried her off just as carefully, paying special attention to the most interesting parts of her body, while she did the same for me. I led her to the bed and snuggled into the fresh smelling sheets.

I had decided to make use of the education we had gotten from C.K. and began kissing Christie’s neck, and soon was sucking on her perfectly formed little titties. Feeling an urgency pressing me on, but trying to make it last a bit longer, I began kissing my way down to her tummy, and then to her pubic hair. I glanced up to see Christie watching me intently with a bit of a questioning look on her face.

I whispered.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” she asked.

“I’m not sure what it will be like, but I am sure I want to try it,” I assured her.

With that, I gently spread her legs and began to probe her soft downy hair with my tongue, wondering what it would taste like, and if I would make a fool of myself by gagging or some other disgusting reaction. To my pleasant surprise, it didn’t taste bad at all, in fact it had a pleasant slick feeling that seemed to invite my tongue to probe further. I scooted around so that I was between her legs and let my tongue wander lower until I found the deeper opening. I forced my tongue in as far as it would go and began flicking it up and down, trying to imitate the action of my cock sliding in and out. Christie grabbed my hair and began pulling me in tighter. As she did, my tongue moved up her slit until she suddenly went rigid.

“Oh Dave, that feels so fantastic! Do it some more, do it some more, it feels sooooo gooooood,” she moaned. I began probing the area with my tongue, feeling a hard little button. Gently I sucked on it and swirled my tongue around until I felt her legs clamp my head like a vice. She began shaking and pulling my hair until I thought I would surely be bald, then she collapsed. By now, I realized that my face was covered with a smooth slick wetness that wasn’t at all unpleasant.

“OH DAVE, if this is heaven, I want to go right now!” she exclaimed as her breathing began returning to normal. “I can’t tell you how great that felt.”

I began probing with my tongue again, but didn’t get the intense reaction that I had before. Still, Christie was obviously enjoying it. Finally she gently pressed my head back saying that it was getting a little tender. I slid up the bed until we were side by side, and began kissing her tenderly.

“So, that’s that I taste like,” she observed, “I thought it would be awful and couldn’t understand how you could keep doing it.”

“It wasn’t awful at all,” I replied, “I liked it and obviously so did you, and that made it the best for me too.”

“Well, maybe we better see if I can do as well for you,” she whispered as she turned around in the bed so that her face was in line with my pulsing cock.

I held my breath as Christie extended her tongue to touch the tip of my cock. The feeling was OK, but I wasn’t prepared for her next move. She ran her tongue around my cock, then opened her mouth and slid right over until I could feel the tip at the back of her throat. She was only about half way down the shaft when she pulled back, and began to suck it like a lollipop. At this point, I was so pent up that I knew I would cum in a few seconds. I tried to warn her to back off, but before I could form the words, I began pulsing and jerking, feeling the hot sperm shooting out the end.

At first she just held her mouth in an almost vice-like grip on my cock, then I felt her release and choke. I continued to pump and spurt my seed into her mouth, thinking she would be drowning in cum if she didn’t do something soon. A moment later, she pulled back and wiped her mouth on the top sheet, then grinned at me.

“I didn’t know I would be getting a warm milkshake out of the deal,” she giggled.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I blurted. “It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to tell you to stop.”

“I didn’t want to stop,” she said with a smile, “and besides, it wasn’t bad, I just swallowed it before I realized what I was doing.”

I gazed into her face for a moment then tentatively kissed her lips, letting my tongue probe into her mouth. I could taste my cum, and was pleasantly surprised to find that indeed it wasn’t vile and disgusting at all. Before long, I was probing the depths of her mouth and feeling her doing the same for me. After several minutes we broke away, and Christie noted that my cock was once again at full mast. She took it into her mouth and began swirling her tongue around the shaft. I stretched out and realized that her beautiful downy pussy hair was in line with my face, so I rolled her on top of me and slipped my tongue into the pouting cunny lips and began probing for her magic button.

Once again Christie stiffened and began to buck on my face. As she did, the suction on my cock increased dramatically. Soon, I could feel her love juices flooding my tongue and lips. Hungrily I sucked and probed until she went rigid. I could feel her moving down my cock until the tip had to be against the back of her throat. Then I felt a funny sensation as she withdrew her mouth from my rock hard cock. It popped out as if being pressured by some unseen force.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I just blew on it,” she said. “I came so hard that I had to have my mouth open to get more air, and it seemed like I had to blow your thing out of my mouth.”

I rolled aside, and stared at her face. It seemed as if it was being lit from some inside force. I couldn’t believe how much fun it had been to kiss her pussy and have her suck on my cock.

Christie raised up on one elbow, then said, “do you have the rubbers with you?”

I nodded, reaching for my pants and pulling the package out.

do it now,” she said, “and do it hard like C.K. when he does it.”

I put on the rubber and grabbed Christie by the legs, sliding her little ass to the side of the bed like I had seen C.K. do. Then I positioned myself and slammed my cock into her dripping wet pussy, feeling my pubic bone slam against her pussy hair. I held it there for about five seconds, then began pumping in hard, feeling Christie rise her ass to meet my thrusts. I was able to last for a few minutes until I felt the stirrings of my orgasm building. Just before I came, I lay on Christie and jammed my cock in as if I were trying to climb in behind it. I felt the pulsing and quivering of my cock, and felt her pussy gripping and pulsing in reaction.

Totally spend, we lay together, cuddling and caressing. I glanced over at the clock, and realized that it was getting late enough that someone could be checking in. I gently pulled Christie up and we showered together. Quickly we dressed, and Christie went to the office while I cleaned the room, removing all traces of our love making session.

As I finished and went to the office, Christie said, “I absolutely loved that, how about you?"

was all I could say.

I was now down to five rubbers. In the next three weeks, we used every one of them!

story by: firstimewonder

Tags: consensual sex voyeurism first time teen male/teen female fantasy virginity cum swallowing sex story

Author: firstimewonder

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