Defying my family part 3

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Defying My Family Part 3: Faking a rape

I woke up early. I couldn’t sleep any longer so I decided to sit and watch the video and listen to the sound. I knew that in order to be able to do what I must, I have to be able to sit through something like this. As I sat and watched Tara being fucked both Max and Nightmare, I paid very close attention to Nightmare trying to see if there was anything that could lead to the identity of the masked man. I was about almost through it when I heard something the microphone picked up.

“It’s a shame Dominator couldn’t have come. I bet he would have enjoyed this slut” Max said.

Nightmare didn’t say a word, but who the hell is this Dominator I thought. Are there two masked men? Something just doesn’t feel right. I looked at the clock and saw it was getting to be time for school. I put my stuff away and got ready. I say Kimiko in the morning and told her that her mom, she, Tara and I should meet after school which she agreed too. I called Tara and she was in. Kimiko called Shiho and she was game as well. We set up the meeting at the Library after school since hardly anyone really uses it. When we were all together I made the introductions and told them what I heard on the tape.

“You mean that there is another masked guy besides Nightmare?” said Kimiko.

“Umm yeah and if he is anything like Nightmare, keep him away from me. My fucking tits still hurt. I swear I think that bastard wanted to tear them off for a souvenir.” Tara said as she rubbed her breast. “Nightmare was bad enough. He loves rough sex. Dominator is probably the same.”

“But who could these men be?” I asked.

know” says Shiho. “For all we know they live outside the area.”

“Or they could be right here and we would never know it.” Says Kimiko “With their masks on it’s hard to tell who they are and what they look like. From what you have said Nightmare didn’t speak only grunted or used his head. No pun intended Tara.”

“Oh no worries, that one head of his I want to take a golf club to. The other baseball bat to, I will leave it up your imagination as to which one is getting which.”

“Either way, these two is part of the secret skin heads, and let us assumes they are, identifying them is going to be the mother of all bitches.” I said.

“Yeah only way to possibly identify them is with DNA and hope they are in the system. I’m sure taking their masks off would be extremely hard.” Shiho said.

“Not if they are Kimiko put in.

“Oh trust me Kimiko knocking Nightmare out isn’t going to be easy. He’s solid muscle so fighting him is out. Might be able to hit him over the head with something but no guaranty it would work.” Said Tara.

“We will think of something” I told Tara.

right. For now I think we should continue gathering more evidence. If only we could get into that locked room of your father’s. We would have a lot of evidence to nail him.” Tara said smiling.

“Oh I know, but a lot of it might not be useful. There is a statute of limitation of some crimes. The rape of my mother is out. Shiho’s rape we could use />
“True, but being able to identify some of the victims would be helpfully. Even if the statute of limitation is up, they would provide excellent character witnesses.” Tara explained.

“You know I might be able to help with that” Shiho piped in. confidentiality prevents me from naming names or talking about what a patient and I talk about. I can however go over my notes and see if any of the females are in there for rape or another violent crime. I can then give you their ages, and let you know their race. It’s not much but it could provide a />
“It’s a start. Also could you check on child abuse? It’s a long shot, but maybe Dominator and or Nightmare have a child they abused or where abused I asked.

hurt to look” Shiho said.

We sat around for about another half an hour talking about plans for taping some of these crimes in action, where cameras should be placed, and all that fun stuff. Shiho and Kimiko get up to leave. Kimiko gave me a deep passionate kiss before she left. I smiled the entire time going home. Tara seemed to catch on about Kimiko and me.

“You know you would never be able to bring her home. They would flip out and kill you.” Tara said.

“Oh I know and we also figured out how to talk when I am home. Which reminds me, When we are at him our around Dad and the others, her name is Kimmi.”

“No problem. So you like her huh?”

“Yes I do. I think I’m falling in love with her.”

“So last night was what? Just you wanted to get your jollies off?” Tara said as tears formed in her eyes.

“No Tara last night was because I do care about you. Thinks have been so confusing for us. Until recently I thought you were my sister. I will never stop loving you. It’s just that my heart belongs to someone else.”

“I know Brad and I understand. It’s just you were the only guy to not treat me as a blow up doll ready for them to use.”

“I know Tara and I will never use you like that. I don’t know if we will have sex again, but if it happens I will never treat you like the others.”

lucky to have you and you know what. She is kind of cute. If I was a guy I would definitely go for her. Hell Shiho isn’t bad either.”

“Why Tara, do you have a side that wants girls as well?” I said jokingly.

“Honestly I think I might. At lease girls care about getting other girls off. Beside with the way guys treat me it’s no wonder I haven’t become a lez.”

As we got home and walked in Dad was sitting into the living room. He called us both in. “Ah good your home. Listen I know you’re initiated into the group, and might I say you fucked that bitch good, it’s time you show that you’re down with the cause. I want you to go out and find some subhuman and show her what the power of a White cock is like. You are going to have to make sure she’s taken someplace well hidden. These damn whores like to yell rape and don’t understand we are providing them with a special service. Tara I want you to video tape it. It’s not that I don’t trust Brad, but well let’s face till you prove you can do this I won’t trust you.”

“Ok Dad, but it will take some time”

“Oh I am not saying it has to be done right now. Scout around, pick out your location and see what walks by then when you’re pounce. That’s what I used to do.”

Tara and I retreated to my room. This wasn’t going to be fun. I needed time to think about what to do. Tara however was smiling like she just won the lotto.

“What are you all smiles about?” I asked her.

“Well he pretty much wants you to rape a girl, but who says you have to rape her. Think about it Brad. We have you fake your raping Kimiko. We have her struggle, scream, and the whole nine yards but in reality you guys are just asking and you get to have sex.”

brilliant, and I can top that one and it will show Dad I have initiation. I grab Kimiko as she’s walking with Shiho.”

Dad recognize Shiho?”

“Not if we came up from behind. I fake knocking Shiho out and drag Kimiko off to where ever it is we plan to do this. We do the deed. You record, and Shiho is out of her house this way her husband isn’t wanted sex. Gives her more time to heal which is what she wants.” I explained.

“Think they will go for it?”

find out.” I picked up my cell and called Kimiko. I had her put it on speakerphone with Shiho in the room and I explained the idea to them. They agreed to play their part. We set it up for the day after tomorrow. That leaves me tomorrow to find a location. Tara and I saw that the mattress store downtown was closed because of water damage. I broke into the building and saw that some of the mattresses were still here. I looked out the main window and say that behind the counter you couldn’t see and the alley next to us gave us the perfect place to ambush Shiho and Kimiko. We set up everything; put the camera on a tripod that was hidden in the corner. I gave the other two the location and time when this was going down. At 8 p.m. We went outside to wait.

Five minutes later I saw Shiho and Kimiko walking up acting like they were out for a nice stroll. I motioned for Tara to start recording. When Shiho and Kimiko passed us I quickly moved out. I acted like I hit Shiho in the back of the head and grabbed Kimiko. Shiho played her part and fell to ground acting stunned. Kimiko played her part and fought back just enough to show she was struggling, but not enough that I couldn’t pull her away. I had my hand over her mouth and she screamed in it. Once she was in the store I through her to the bed and covered her mouth.

“This will go a lot easier on you if you stop screaming and shut the hell up you whore” I told her.

She struggled some more and I pulled movie prop knife I picked up at a local store. I held it to her throat. “Shut up and I’ll cut your throat.” I warned. Tara moved in with the camera and was able to catch the fear in Kimiko’s eyes. For being in on everything including the knife Kimiko played her part well. I almost believed the fear in her eyes. “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth. You do what I tell you and I won’t you”

Outside we could hear Shiho playing her part. Calling for her daughter, running back and forth acting like a worried mother, the fear in her voice was just enough to make it seem real. I took my hand away from Kimiko’s mouth.

“Please don’t hurt me, do anything you want just please don’t hurt me” Kimiko pleaded.

“Damn right you will. Take off your pants my little slave.”

Kimiko removed her pants slowly she added some hesitation. “I said take off your pants now you whore. Don’t make me have to cut them off you. I won’t be gentle about it and I might cut something you don’t want” I said as I moved the knife to her pussy and gave it a gentle shove. Tara had grabbed the camera with the tripod and positioned it at my feet. We know we had to at least get some penetration shots to make it believable.

Kimiko removed her pants. I dropped my pants and pushed her down. I knew there was no time for foreplay so I rammed my hard cock into her pussy. I was surprised she was wet. Damn little minx must have played with herself before she start walking with her mom.

Feeling my cock push into her pussy Kimiko did what any girl being raped would do. She pleaded and cried. “Please. Please. Stop your hurting me. Please don’t. Stop it.” She raised her voice causing me to place the knife back against her throat.

“Enough it’s happening because I say it’s happening. You little tramp think you can tell me what to do. I don’t think so” Tara moved behind me as I said this to show my cock inside Kimiko’s pussy. All of this was rehearsed by all of us. I raised my hand up and slapped my other hand. From Tara’s point of view it looked like I just hit Kimiko.

Kimiko played her part well. “Ok I’ll do as you ask just please don’t hit me again”

“Damn right and I said not to tell me what to do” I hit my hand again.

Kimiko placed her hands on my shoulders acting like she was trying to force me off of her. I knew pleasuring her was really out of the question, but maybe not. Tara’s job was to stay at my feet and film the penetration, just in case Kimiko lost it and forgot her part. I fucked Kimiko’s pussy hard and fast. I felt her first orgasm grip my cock hard. Never falling out of character Kimiko played the part. She burst into tears and faked crying to give it just the right amount of realism. I felt Kimiko’s legs going around my body I was afraid she was going to lose it but she kicked me. Not hard but just enough to show she was fighting.

I smiled at her and mouthed ‘Nice touch’

‘Thank you’ she mouthed back.

I continued to fuck her pussy harder and harder. I felt my cum boiling in my nuts, I knew I was going to cum soon. I pulled out of her and jumped up onto her chest. I placed her arms under my legs and kneeled on them.

“Bitch open your dirty mouth so I can fill it. You should be proud. My clean powerful cum is going to clean up that shit eating mouth of yours.” I said as I started jerking off to finish myself off. Within a couple of jerks I blow my load into Kimiko’s opened mouth. Knowing my brother’s policy on cum I made sure to blow it in the one place nobody could find it.

I placed the tip of the knife on her throat. “Now swallow it like a good cum guzzling slut” Kimiko did as told. I got up and pulled my pants up. Tara filmed Kimiko curling up into a ball and crying. Excellent, this gives us time to quickly leave. Once we were outside the building we shut off the camera. Shiho was there waiting with a smile on her face.

“That was unbelievable. If I wasn’t in on it I would have thought she was actually being raped.” Shiho said.

“I know I’m such a good actress” Kimiko said as she walked out of the building. I rushed to her and kissed her lips. I could taste my salty sex juice on her lips.

“I’m sorry baby if I hurt or scared you.” I told her.

“You didn’t and it was the best raping I have ever had” she said laughing. We all started laughing until Tara’s cell phone went off. We stopped and she answered it as she walked away. She came back a few minutes later with a worried look on her face.

wrong?” I asked.

“I’m to meet Max and Dad that the special house in 20 minutes” She said. The special house was the house Max and the other cops took Tara when they wanted to fuck her. “I think Max wants to fuck again.”

“Will we better get there than.” Shiho said.

“We?” I asked.

“Yes Brad we, as in Tara, you, Mom and I.” Kimiko said. “We are all in this together. Besides if you need to have your mind taken off of what Tara’s doing I’m sure I can do just that.”

“Ok” I knew there was no point in arguing. Tara drove herself to the house while the rest of us when in Shiho’s car. The three of us quickly went to my house to get my laptop then headed to the house. We made sure the car was hidden and walked up to the house. Nobody was there yet. The three of us walked up to our monitoring station. I no sooner finished setting up when Tara walked into the house. I turned everything on and we waited.

Our wait wasn’t that long before Max walked in followed by my dad. I looked at Shiho and saw a look of anger in her eyes. I placed my hand on hers to let her know I was here. “It’s ok Shiho I’m here and so is Kimiko”

“Ah good you’re here love” Max was saying. Your Dad and I were just talking about you.

“Oh?” says Tara.

right” Dad said. “You see we have two special friends that you need to take care of.” Dad motioned to someone outside the camera. We couldn’t believe our eyes. In walks Nightmare, and another masked man who we assume was Dominator.

“Nightmare you know, this is his father Dominator.” Dad was saying. “You see Tara this two mean have had a wonder fantasy they want to full fill and you’re just the girl that can help them. They have always wanted to double team a young girl”

“What no way. That bastard damn near tore my chest off last time you touched me.” Tara shouted.

“Oh Tara Tara Tara. I was hoping it wouldn’t come down to this. You see you are going to fuck this boys because if you don’t I will arrest you on the charge of murder.”

“Murder, what murder?”
“Well it seems that Jake Foster and Gage Reynolds were killed the other day. Now you have two choices: Let this boys do what they want and those deaths are written off as drug overdose. Don’t do what they want and there will be physical evidence that you killed them” said Max.

“No shit Tara” Dad said moving towards her. It’s time you earned your keep if you want to stay in my house because I’m not paying for your bail and I highly doubt that KIKE FATHER OF YOURS WILL.”

“What did you say?” Tara asked taking a step back.

“You heard me. You are not a pure White Woman. Your blood is dirty, tainted by the stain of having a God Damn Jewish Father. It’s bad enough for your mother leaving me for some filthy Nigger, but I have had to open my house up to mixed blood bitch. Now prove yourself and be a good little half Jew and fuck these boys.”

Tara looked down in shame and started crying. “Ok… I… I.. do it.”

“Excellent Tara. Now don’t you worry none sweet darling. The boys and I won’t be calling upon your services for the next few days on the account you’re probably going to have to heal. Max said as he and my dad were leaving.

I looked at the Kimiko and her mom. “How am I going to be able to watch this? It what she never wanted.”

“I know Brad Tara knows the risk and what’s at stake.” Kimiko said.

I looked back at my laptop. Tara was naked on the bed, Nightmare was at her head and she was sucking him off. Dominator looked to be going through a bag. I walked up to Tara and put nipple clamps on her nipples. Tara’s screams could be heard without the microphone. Shiho quickly leaned down and turned the volume down. “I don’t think they want stereo sound” She said.

I nodded my head. We watched as Nightmare had enough of his cock being sucked on. I lay down and made Tara get on top of him. Tara started fucking him and then Dominator got behind Tara. It looked like he was going to fuck her ass. We stood there shocked when we say his cock. It had to be 9 inches at less and 3 inches thick. Tara screamed and tears started running down her face as she shoved into her tight ass. Together the two men fucked Tara hard and fast. I looked away

“I can’t watch this anymore. I’m going to go find out who the hell these men are” I said as I got up.

Kimiko and Shiho both jumped up and held me. “No Brad” they both said.

Kimiko grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast. “Baby if it bothers you we can do something to take your mind off of Tara.” She said.

“Like what” I asked.

“Well Brad why don’t you give Kimiko a good proper fuck” Shiho said.

here that wouldn’t be right” I told her.

“I won’t stop you” Shiho then moved in and kissed my lips. I felt Kimiko undoing my pants and pulling them down. She then took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me like a newborn baby sucking on its momma’s nipples. Shiho broke her kiss and took off all her clothes. Her wonderful breast came into view, so nice and dying to be sucked on. Her hairy pussy was trimmed into a small patch just above her slit. I felt myself getting hard.

“Lay down my love” Kimiko said. I did what so wanted. I looked at her and she stripped off her clothes. Kimiko climbed on top of my cock and slowly slide it into her wet pussy. I let out a moan. It felt so good being inside her. Shiho looked at me.

“Brad my pussy is still too sore to have your wonder hard cock inside. But not too sore to be eaten out” Shiho said as she loved her pussy above my face.

“Go ahead my love. Eat my mother’s pussy. Eat her hot MILF snatch.” Kimiko said as she rode my cock.

I grabbed Shiho’s hips and lowered her beautiful pussy my face. I licked her slit back to front. She tasted good. Not as good as Kimiko’s pussy but good all the same.

“Oh Brad you eat pussy so good. It’s been awhile since that’s baby has been ate. Oh I’m going to cum. MMMM.” Shiho said as she flooded my mouth her juices. She had to cover her mouth with her hand to prevent from screaming. I can’t say that I blame her, if her pussy wasn’t in my face I would be screaming too. I felt Kimiko’s pussy tighten up for an orgasm. I felt her stop moving as she came. Her pussy cream felt so good on my cock. Kimiko started back up.

Shiho got off my face and kissed me. “Mmm I do taste good don’t I?”

“Yes you do Shiho, I’m Cumming.” I felt my cock shot its’ fully load into Kimiko’s pussy. Kimiko’s eyes rolled back and she smiled. “OOhh I love feeling your throbbing cock cum inside my pussy”

“You were saying Brad?” Shiho asked me.

“I was saying you taste good Shiho, but not as good as Kimiko.

“Oh really?” She looked at Kimiko. “Up my dear />
Kimiko got up and Shiho moved in and licked my cock clean. I couldn’t believe it. Shiho was licking not only my cum off my cock but Kimiko’s too. This was so hot that it kept me hard.

“Your right Brad, Kimiko does taste good.” Shiho said. “Kimiko he’s still horny. Be a good girlfriend and fix that for him”

Kimiko got back on my cock and started grinding her hips into my body. Shiho mean while sat near my head, legs spread rubbing her pussy and her eyes closed.

“Oh Brad I’m think about you. I’m thinking about the day you first fucked me. Your cock felt so good in my tight pussy. I can’t wait to be healed. I want to get me some more of that. I want to fuck you while Kimiko />
“Oh yes mom I want to watch you fuck my boyfriend’s cock. I want to see his cum drop out of your pussy. I love you mom and I want you to be happy”

I couldn’t believe my ears. They are both nymphos it seems.

“Oh Brad, You want to fuck my pussy again? Huh. Oh yes Brad that’s it, it felt so big inside me. I would love to feel you come inside my pussy.” She opened her eyes. That’s it big boy fuck my daughter. Fuck her tight little pussy.” Shiho leaned over me, her tits in my face. “I’ll be your mommy Brad, suck on mommy’s />
I leaned up and put a tit in my mouth and teased with my tongue. Kimiko got off my cock. I felt her juices running down my cock. She must have just had an orgasm because so moved off to the side. Her pussy was replaced with Shiho’s mouth, and Shiho’s pussy placed in my face. I ate her pussy as she sucked my cock in a 69 position. Kimiko laid next to me smiling. I could feel myself about to blow. I buried my tongue deep into Shiho to prevent myself form screaming. Shiho was an excellent cock suck. I blew my load deep into her mouth. She sucked ever drop. At the same time I felt her orgasm hit. It was so powerful she sent a jet of lady cum onto my face. I was just coming down off my high when Kimiko said.

“Oh Tara’s done.”

We all looked at the laptop. Tara had been fucked unconscious. Nightmare and Dominator were putting all sorts of sex toys away. Dominator lay down on the bed to get something. When he rolled over Shiho saw something that made her dive at the laptop.

“I know that tattoo anywhere” she said. Point to the small tiger tattoo right about his penis. I was with him when he got it, that’s Russ.

Kimiko and Shiho exchanged worried looks. “If that is Russ” Kimiko said. “Then Nightmare is”

I said.

story by: shadowreaper267

Tags: fiction asian mature teen male/teen female threesome oral sex male / older female blackmail sex story

Author: shadowreaper267

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