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It was 6pm and already starting to get dark, I put on my best clothes because me and my mates were going out clubbing that night, I was wearing my sparkle top and my tight jeans and high heels. I was just about to head upstairs to finish my hair and go to the toilet when a phone call stopped me.

It was my mum phoning to have her hour long chats about nothing really, she was talking to me about how to prepare a chicken when i knew instantly that i needed a piss, i told my mum that i needed to go but she just said to me that i can hold on till she was finished. I tried to turn my thoughts onto something else than going to the loo or anything to do with water. Half an hour into the conversation i was so desperate for a piss the i was crossing my legs and double crossing them. I was concentrating so hard about my mum's conversation that i neglected going to the toilet, which was a big mistake.

All of a sudden i felt this warm sensation going on to my panties and making a wet patch on my jeans i knew that i couldn't hold on anymore i said to my mum that i couldn't hold on and that i'll phone her back, with that i slammed the phone down and ran upstairs towards the bathroom. I wasn't ready for what happened next. I couldn't control it anymore and starting pissing myself. At first it was a trickle but then hot piss came gushing out of me and running all down my tight jeans which by this time was soaked by my piss. To make matters worse my 16 year old son came out the bathroom took one look at me and the puddle of piss that was under me and ran into his room.

I finally was in the bathroom and took my jeans off, to see that my panties were soaked and that the cold piss had stuck to my cunt, for a moment i was humilated but actually i was turned on, i put the lid down on the toilet and spread my legs open, i started touching myself through my pissy panties feeling all the different sensations that were being realised for the first time. I put my hand under my panties and started rubbing my clit, by this time my cunt was throbbing and tingling for my boyfriend's cock. I stuck two fingers inside myself pushing deep inside and teasing my clit with the other hand. I could feel my pussy juices on my hand and i knew i was close to orgasm. As i was finger-fucking myself i though about how great my pissy panties were against myy clit. My orgasm came not to long after that and i came loads more than i usually do i felt so happy. With that i got in the shower cleaned myself up and went out with my mates.

But all i could think about when i was out was the accidental piss that turned out to be the best orgasm i ever had. i thought about it a lot and came up with a plan that could be to my advantage.

The next day was Saturday and a weekend that me and my boyfriend had off from work. As soon as i got up i started putting my plan to work by drinking lots of water to make sure that i could fill my bladder up for later. I planned for my son to go over a mates house so that we could have the house to myself. As usual my son went to football training and go to his mate's house after training.

It was 2pm and i was bursting for a piss but i just kept thinking to myself that if i went then i wouldn't have anything for my plan tonight. The time had come and i made sure everything was in place from making sure my boyfriend wanted to have fun tonight to putting clean sheets on the bed.

By 10 o'clock i couldn't wait no more so i changed into some sexy underwear which i knew would send my boyfriend crazy, i took him upstairs to our room and pushed him onto the bed we kissed passionately and he was playing with my nipples through my shirt i took my top and bra off and my hotpants that i was wearing that day due to the fact that we were in the middle of a heatwave. I straddled him on his chest so that i was in perfect position for his surprise.

He was sucking and nibbling at my nipples and i was playing with his lovely blond hair and playing with his balls through his shorts that he was wearing. i put his head back down on the pillow and held his arms by his head we kissed passionately and i knew it was time for his surprise. After holding all this water in me i couldn't wait to get it out and have a great time doing it. I started to piss through my panties and straight onto him he was still clothed which turned me on more. It felt great feeling the hot piss gush out of me and onto him. When he realised what was happening he looked straight into my eyes, but i was enjoying myself to much to care what he thought.

After what seemed like ages i finally stopped i still had hold of his wrists which i was surprised about as i didn't think that he would like me pissing onto him. I finally rubbed my soaking wet panties along his chest which made me have my first orgasm and it was so good that i could already feel my secong one coming. I was waiting for a reaction out of him, but he said nothing to me.

To my surprise he flipped me over so i was on my back he started to strip and saw that he still had an erection after pissing on him, but what he did next really did surprise me………


story by: lil_ T

Tags: masturbation fantasy humiliation water sports/pissing male / females female solo sex story

Author: lil_ T

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