Divine succession – chapter 14

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The months went by with the world under David and Samantha’s rule. World peace was achieved, with wars abolished. Dictatorships no longer existed, so their subjects were now free citizens of David and Samantha’s planet. Their new global law enforcement agency kept people in line, and soon, crime was basically non-existent.

The royal family themselves lived in a giant palace, which took up several square miles. It was the most luxurious thing ever constructed, and had everything anyone could ever desire. This included, of course, a substantial harem of people who had been recruited to pleasure the royal family when they did not feel like having sex with their spouses. It was a very well-paid job.

During this time, Jenny gave birth to a wonderful baby girl, whom they named Rebecca. The press loved Princess Rebecca, clambering to run as many stories about her and as many pictures of her as physically possible. Of course, David blessed the child to always be in perfect health, and to grow up to be the living embodiment of beauty.

Megan also got pregnant during this time, after seeing the new Princess had convinced the two of them that they’d also like a child. The press went even crazier with this announcement, since their baby would be the future King or Queen of Earth. Megan became the most wanted women in the world, posing for all sorts of magazines.

Of course, while the royal family’s public image was one of perfection, the same could not be said for their reputation within the palace walls. Queen Samantha, particularly, was known amongst her staff to be a completely stuck-up snob, who had a temper as long as a particularly short piece of short bread that’s been cut in half. She demanded that everyone bow their heads in her presence, and most of the staff made a conscious effort to avoid her, turning to go the other way when they heard her coming.

At this moment, Samantha and Molly were laid on the royal bed, being fucked by two young harem boys. The two boys were virgins, and were desperately trying to hold back their climaxes, thinking of the most disgusting things imaginable to try and resist orgasming for as long as possible. Unfortunately the boy fucking Molly had a much harder time of this than his partner, and so he found himself releasing a load of semen within a few minutes. When he was done, he looked down at the Princess, followed by the Queen, with a face full of fear.

“Your highness, please forgive me!” He cried, bowing his head to Molly.
Samantha shouted. “How dare you even speak to her after what you’ve done!?”
“Your majesty, please!” He begged. “I didn’t mean to cum, it just happened! Your daughter is so /> “Yes, so beautiful that she deserves better than scum like you,” Samantha said. She pushed her boy off of her, and stood up. /> “Yes your majesty?” The guards asked, running in.
“Take this boy she ordered.
“At once The guards said.
“No, please, anything but that!” The boy begged.

As his friend was dragged off, the boy who’d been fucking Samantha watched on with sadness. He knew what meant. He’d heard the screams coming from behind the door that led downstairs. Screams that no human being should be able to make, but they were most definitely the sounds of the people whom the Queen had condemned to be sent down there. With the noises they were making, he couldn’t believe that they could still be alive. Who could live through pain like that?
“And as for you,” Samantha said to him. “Get out of my sight.”
“Yes your majesty!” The boy obeyed, leaving as quickly as his legs would carry him.

“Mom, I’m not sure you needed to do that,” Molly said to her mother.
“Of course I did,” Samantha said. “He finished before you were fully satisfied. He needed to be /> “Why? He tried his best.”
“Molly, when you’re a bit older you’ll understand that there’s a pecking order in the universe. We’re at the top, which gives us the right to do whatever we like to the people below us.”
“That doesn’t mean we should though.”
see it my way in time. I’m sure of it.”

Mark was dragged down the stairs to what he’d always assumed was the palace’s torture chamber. He was surprised therefore to find himself in a well-kept corridor, which looked just like a windowless office building. He was dragged down it, until they reached a door which said “His Holiness the Archangel Achré, Lord of Hell”. Hell? No. He couldn’t be in Hell. He’d not died. And he’d always lived a good life anyway.

The door was opened, and Mark was led into an office, which had a man sat behind a desk.
“Oh hang on Amikins, it looks like we’ve got another one,” he said over there phone. “See if you can talk to him about it, okay? love you too The man put the phone down, and looked at Mark.
“You can leave us now,” he said.
“Yes Lord the guards said, leaving.
“Well then, what did you do to get sent down here?”
“I came too early inside Princess Molly…The Queen was mad at me.”

“Yes, she does tend to get rather mad. I think the power’s gotten to her head a bit. Though it does put us in a bit of an awkward position here.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Well I don’t think you should be here. Most people here would say you shouldn’t. But the big guy gave his wife permission to judge people, so I’m afraid you’re stuck here until there’s a change of /> “Stuck where?”
“In Hell.”
/> “Yes. Sorry about that, but them’s the breaks. I’m afraid we are going to have to torture you 24/7 forever and ever though. Hope you don’t mind.”
“What the fuck!? Of course I mind!”
“Yes, but I was trying to lighten the mood. Now then, I was thinking we’d start you off with a good old-fashioned dip in the Lake of Fire, before we move you to the childbirth /> “Childbirth /> “Yes. That’s where you’ll give birth to several hundred new children. Of course, it’s extra painful for the men. After that I’ve got you booked in for a session with Arla, who’ll slowly remove your skin one layer at a time. Oh you’ll love Arla. She can cause pain that even I thought was /> loving this, aren’t you?”
“Look, I’m sorry you’re here, and my wife assures me that once there’s a change in management she’ll get everything fixed, but for now you’re just going to have to suffer. Don’t worry, it’ll only be a few trillion years at most.”

“I’m pleased to report that the uprising in Brazil has been put down,” Rachel said.
good,” David said. He and Joe were relaxing in a hot tub with two harem girls sucking their dicks under the water. Rachel had been hired as David’s royal secretary, advising him on Earthly matters, while Amia advised him only on Godly business.
“I’m glad you’re happy, David,” Rachel said, kissing her God and King.
“Well why don’t you hop in the tub and I can reward you?” David suggested. He waved his hand, and Rachel’s clothes vanished. She floated into the hot tub and onto his cock, while the other girl went to help her partner suck Joe.

Amia then walked in, looking annoyed.
“Lord, we need to talk,” she said. /> “What is it now?” David asked, while Rachel rode him.
“Lord, are you aware of how many people your wife has sent to Hell since you gave her the ability to? 312.”
“Well those 312 people must have been /> “Lord, they were innocent. They did not deserve to suffer for all /> “Amia, I trust Sam. She’s a smart girl.”
“But she is not qualified to judge souls. Only God is qualified, and even you require my guidance to do so.”
“Amia, I really don’t get why you hate Sam so much. You two should really get on.”
“I don’t hate her. I hate how much power you’ve given her, and what she’s done with it.”

“Look, Amy,” Jo said, interrupting.
she corrected him.
“Right. Look, Amia, David knows what he’s doing. He’s God, after all.”
“Yes sir, I know that. But I also know that only a few weeks ago he was an ordinary human. And I believe that he has made a mistake in giving his wife so much power.”
“Amia, have you not seen the world?” David asked. world peace!”
“That is little solace for the people who have suffered at your wife’s hand.”
just jealous that David can cope without you,” Joe said.
“I am not. I am angry at what you have /> “Amia, just go away. I’m trying to relax.”
“Yes Lord. But please think about what I have said.”

That evening, after a few hours of making unbelievably passionate love, David and Samantha relaxed in arms, kissing and cuddling each-other sensually.
“Oh God, I love you so much,” David moaned.
“I love you too, baby,” Samantha moaned, resting her head on David’s chest. “Being Queen of the Earth is /> /> “But don’t you think we could be so much /> “What do you mean?”
“I mean…Right now, everyone on Earth are our subjects, right?”
/> “Well, what if they were our followers /> “Followers? I’m not following you.”
“I mean, we should tell everyone that you’re God.”
“What? Why?”

“God deserves to be worshipped. They should worship us honey. Everyone on Earth should bow down and proclaim our /> “Sam, I’m really not sure about that. I’m fine being King of the world.”
“But you’d be much happier as God of the world. Just imagine it. People on their knees in front of your statues, singing their praises to you. “Oh Lord, you are so great!” Just imagine it.”
“I am imagining it. It wouldn’t be so bad, but still, I don’t think this is a good idea.”
Sam said, kissing him.
/> “Tell you what, how about you do it for a little bit, and if you decide you don’t like it, then we’ll change everything back? Does that sound okay?”
“I…I suppose so.”
“Yay! I love you David.”
“I love you too honey.”

“Amia, what’s this about?” Dorothea asked her friend. All the archangels had been summoned into the living room of the Royal Palace.
“I don’t know,” Amia replied.
“How can you not know!? You’re his /> “Yes, and in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s also been allowing his wife and his former boss to advise him a lot recently. He’s not exactly been keen to listen to me.”
“Well he’s still not the worst God we’ve ever had,” Michael said.
“No, and he’s not bad,” Amia said. “He’s just easily persuaded. He wants his family to be happy, which is great, except he’s giving his wife too much of what she wants. He needs to stop and think if what she’s doing can really be />
The door opened, and David and Samantha walked in, along with Jack and Molly.
“Lord, may I ask what this is about?” Amia asked.
“No, you may not,” Samantha replied. see before long, girl.”
“My lady, with respect, I was not addressing you.”
“Now now girls, calm down,” David said. “Amia, you’ll just have to wait and see. Yes />
God and his family sat down on the sofa, and prepared for the broadcast. They had recorded footage as a family before, but this would be the first time that they would be going out live in every country and in every language on Earth.
“And you’re live in said one of their staff. /> “Good evening, people of Earth,” Samantha said. “I’m sure you’re wondering why exactly it is we wanted to speak to you. Well, the King and I have a very special announcement to make. You see, although my husband is the King of the Earth, really he’s the King of /> “Oh they’re Amia said, fearing the worst.
“You see, my husband here isn’t quite as human as you’d think,” Samantha continued. “A few weeks ago, my husband became so much more than any of you could ever hope to be. You see, a few weeks ago, my husband became God.”
“Oh he’s done />
Everyone in the crew was looking at them with amazement. Samantha was smiling, while David was still worried this wasn’t the right thing to do.
“Now I’m sure you all probably don’t believe us,” Samantha continued. “So I thought we’d arrange a proof for you. Go on David, do it.”
“Honey, I’m really not sure it’s /> “David, just do it.”
David relented, and snapped his fingers. There was a flash of light, and the sound of thunder, as bolts of lightning struck all across the Earth.
“What was that?” Jack asked.
“That, people of Earth, was a sample of divine power,” Samantha said. “Which brings me on to our next point; new rules. You see, my husband and I aren’t content with you simply being our loyal subjects. No. We want you to worship us. So as of today, all religions are banned. The only religion will be the one that worships us and our families. You are to construct giant statues of our glory, and all religious buildings are to be converted for our worship. Services are to be held a minimum of twice daily, and all people must attend at least 3 times per week. Anyone who refuses to obey will be…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be you. That’s all for now.”

The broadcast ended, and Samantha kissed her husband.
“I’m gonna go take a bath,” she said. “This is so great!” She ran off, and Amia approached David.
“Still happy with everything, Lord?” She asked him.
“Please go away Amia,” David ordered.
“Yes Lord.”
“Dad, is it true what mom said?” Molly asked. “Are we really going to be /> “Looks like it,” David replied.
Molly exclaimed. “I want a really big statue! Somewhere hot!”
“Alright Molly, you can have that.”

“David, what’s going on?” They all turned to the doorway, where Jenny was stood, followed quickly by her family. “What do you mean you’re God?”
“Honey, David really is God,” Joe said. why we’re /> “But that’s insane!” Jenny shouted. no such thing as God!”
“It’s true Aunt Jenny,” Jack said. God and he can do /> /> /> “So that’s how you did all that stuff at the party!” Ben said.
“What are you talking about?” Chloe asked him.
“He made food appear and fly around! He told us he was a wizard.”
“The best wizard ever,” Jack said.

Naturally there was quite the reaction to this new announcement. Many people simply believed that the royal family were heretics who should be deposed for their sins. Others believed that they were indeed Gods, and should be revered, as per their demands. Religious leaders refused to comment, as these revelations would potentially undermine millennia of teachings. And because they had no idea if it was really true.

Of course, more and more people gradually started to accept the truth. It helped that all over the world, holy books and texts began to be magically re-written, in order to purge the from them, and be replaced by the truth divine word. After this, attendance to religious services shot up, so much that new temples to their new Gods had to be constructed all over the world. People didn’t want to anger their Gods by refusing their demands for worship.

There were, however, still people who refused to obey, claiming either that they weren’t Gods, or that they were, but had no right to be demanding worship. One such group was becoming quite prominent until its headquarters and a large majority of its members spontaneously lit on fire on live TV, with the word “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED” appearing on the screen shortly afterwards.

Samantha did most of the governing of the Earth. She’d talked David into giving her near-omnipotence over the planet, on the basis that she’d look after their home while he went off governing the rest of the universe. Needless to say, the power started to go to her head. She began increasing the demands they’d made, saying that every town or city should have a statue of David and Samantha, with special favour being shown to those who also included the Holy Offspring, as they became known. Larger places should have several.

Meeting Samantha’s demands became very difficult for the people of the Earth. Her increased demands meant that more and more time and resources were being put into meeting them. People involved with building were stretched thin trying to erect all the monuments and temples that were demanded. Samantha raised the worship demands to make people attend services every day, for at least 2 hours a time, so people simply couldn’t cope. Once-thriving cities started to grow worse and worse as people’s lives became more and more about appeasing the Holy Family.

“Here in this Holy house, we proclaim our worthlessness to You!” The Pope was leading the daily service in the Vatican, with thousands of people there to spare their souls.
“We proclaim our worthlessness to You!” The crowd chanted.
“Let us read now from Your Holy book,” the Pope said. “And so the Lord said unto the Woman, “We shall be wed, and you shall reign on high among all others, forever and ever. I give unto you My seed, with which you shall produce My Holy And the woman said unto the Lord, “I accept Your seed, and will give you many Holy And the woman gave birth to two children, Jack and Molly, whose names are Holy.”
“We revere Their Holy names.”
“We thank You Lord for allowing us to know You and Your Holy Family! We thank You Lord that we are allowed to worship You! We thank for Your mercy in allowing us to live on Your planet!”
“We give our thanks to the Lord.”

Author's message: We're almost there. Only 1 more chapter remains. Everything will be wrapped up in Chapter 15, and I'll be glad to see the back of this story. I've seen it through to the end though, and I'm glad of that. I've certainly enjoyed it less than A Boy and his Genie, but they may be due to the fact that this story's not as good, which the ratings seem to agree with. Oh well, you live and learn.

Like I've said before, I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks on Saturday, so the finally chapter will HOPEFULLY go up Friday night. At least I know what's going to happen.

story by: DragoTime

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Author: DragoTime

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