Dreams of a subbie girl! part 1

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Part 1

Rachel sighed as she looked out the window and saw that the dark grey heavens had opened up and was blanketing the ground with water. It had been raining the entire time she had been held captive and this only made the days seem endless. At first all she did was curl up in a ball and cry whenever she was left alone but by now she was too exhausted to show any kind of emotion whatsoever. She walked around in a daze and didn’t bother to fight when she was asked to do something. As she stared out into the heavy rain she became startled as a small motor began werring and the insides of her wet pussy stirred to life. An ice cold shiver shot up her spine pushing goose bumps up all over her body and in the same moment a burning heat pulsated thru her from the very depths of her pelvis. Her clit hardened and pushed out from between her glistening lips as she rubbed her mound gently against the cold window. Tears rans down her cheeks as she was silently torn between a building orgasm and the pain between her legs. Her hole was stretched to its limits by the large vibrator that had been violently pushed into her the night before.

Rachel cringed as she remembered the events of last night, her captor tying her face first over the edge of a large table spreading her legs apart and securing her ankles to two of the table legs. She felt a breath of warm air on her clit as her captor licked and spit on it before rubbing the tip of the vibrator around in circles driving Rachel to yet another full body orgasm, her body convulsing as the waves of pleasure washed over her one by one. Her captor watched as Rachel’s holes pulsated open and closed with each wave waiting for the opportune time to fill her pussy with the vibrator. Then it came, her muscles relaxed for a short moment opening her so far you could almost see her cervix. Taking advantage of this her captor spat into her pussy and thrust the vibe into her as deep as it would go. Rachel was full to the brim and with a giggle her captor walked to a set of drawers, soon to return with some duct tape. Rachel screamed as the tape was wrapped tightly around the top of each leg, around her waist and crossing over between her legs just below her clit forcing the vibrator to stay in position. Her arms were then raised above her head by the pulley they were attached to and her legs were untied. The winch lifted her slowly, until just the tips of her toes were lightly brushing along the floor. Her captor spinning her to face the floor length window she had her back to up to this point, the curtains were drawn over her so she was exposed to the outside world and she was left alone for the night.

Just then her thoughts were interrupted as the vibrator began to pick up speed, it crushed into her gspot as the entire thing began to move around in violent circles inside her. She whimpered quietly as she felt her pussy begin to burn. She pressed her nipples against the cold glass and began to breath heavily as someone ripped the curtains open and grabbed her hips from behind, gently pushing them around in circles. She could feel the vibrator moving even more with this motion which sent her over the edge and she began to cum hard. A large amount of hair was grabbed from the back of her head pulling it away from the steamy window. “How was your night little one?” a soft voice whispered in her ear. “I..I..I couldn’t She spluttered out as the orgasm shook thru her. A small finger was pushed into her tight arse up to the knuckle and started to wriggle. “What have I told you slut? How are you to address me?” the voice snapped. “I..I.. Im sorry Miss Sarah.. please not that…It hurts so she cried. better, now little one its time to get ready for the day. I am going to let you down and pull your new friend out of your disgusting little cunt. We will go the bathroom and you will wash all your holes thoughrouly and shave that nasty bush. I will not tolerate any misbehaviour today as I have a very important person coming to meet you and I will not have our arrangement ruined.” Miss Sarah stated as she pulled her finger from Rachels arse and grabbed the controls for the winch lowering the girl flat onto her feet. She put the controls on a nearby table and stood in front of her sub. “You know, you are a very beautiful woman Rachel. Any man or woman for that matter would die to have a shot at your georgous arse. Of course now that’s a possibility if that’s what I want for you. Hmmm yes I think you will be a great investment.. now, spread your legs as wide as you can and try to relax, we don’t want this to hurt more then it has to do we”. Rachel spread her legs as wide as they would do without having to raise back onto her aching toes. She tried to relax her muscles but they had a tight grip on the huge vibrator. Miss Sarah cut the tape from between Rachels legs and grabbed onto the tip of the vibe before pulling hard and sliding it from its home. “Such a tight fit Rachel, Sir is going to love that” Miss Sarah said. The winch again started and Rachel was lowered to the ground collapsing in a heap.

Miss Sarah watched as Rachel scrubbed out her pussy with the soft bottle brush she had been given. She was in a large bathtub with her legs hanging over either side which spread her pussy lips wide. Miss S was standing at the end of the tub with one leg up on the side and her hand between her legs rubbing her slowly hardening clit thru her panties. “Very good little one, you have cleaned yourself up quite nicely, just one more thing for me to check. Stand up, turn around and grab the end of the tub and spread your legs. Do not bend your knees, do not let go of the tub and do not remove the brush” Miss S ordered. Rachel did as she was told immediately, bending over and presenting her arse for inspection. Miss S grinned as she took in the site of Rachel’s tight pussy with a bottle brush half sticking out. She grabbed the handle and began to push it in and out of Rachel’s now dripping cunt pushing it down against her g-spot. Rachel squirmed against the brush helping build her climax to its peek before collapsing into the bath. Miss Sarah ripped the brush from her pussy and flipped her over so she could see her disobedient sub. She shoved the brush into Rachel’s mouth and told her to taste her nasty cunt juice then rubbed it all over Rachel’s face. She threw the brush to the other side of the room and grabbed Rachel around the throat. She pushed her under the water and rubbed her hand over her face washing the cum from her skin. She pulled Rachel to her feet and thru her to the floor telling her to lay on her back. Rachel lay flat on her back trying to ignore her injuries from the impact. Miss S removed her panties and stood with one leg on either side of Rachel’s face ordering her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. After Rachel cooperated Miss S lowered her dripping cunt onto her tongue, rocking back and forth. Rachel flicked the tip of her tongue softly over the throbbing clit before gently drawing the entire clit into her warm mouth. Miss S moaned as her clit was sucked and nibbled on. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body, her nipples twitching as her breast rocked back and forth. She pushed down into Rachel’s mouth covering her entire face with her pussy. “See what you have done to me you little slut? All this back chatting has made my pussy wet. Lick it clean before I spank you till your arse stings for days.” Miss S commanded as she rubbed her clit back and forth over Rachel’s outstretched tongue. Rachel sucked her clit in between her teeth and nibbled gently before licking her way towards her mistress slightly gaping hole and sliding her tongue deep inside it sucking the sweet juices into her mouth. Miss S stood up quickly as she realised what the time was. She turned to Rachel and as she brushed her skirt down and tidied herself she said “Swallow that mouthful of juice slut and get your face clean. There is a black dress laying on lounge in the next room. Put it on and come meet me downstairs. You have 5 mins.” With that she walked out of the bathroom and headed downstairs.

Rachel picked herself up off the floor swallowing the tasty juice that filled her mouth. She was beginning to accept her new role and even come to enjoy it. She smiled as she pulled herself up to the mirror thinking about how much it excited her when her mistress got rough with her, she wouldn’t dare say that it sent her insides crazy and made her so horny she would do anything in that moment. Slowly she came out of her daze, her vision blurred slightly before focusing on reflection that appeared in front of her. Horrified at the mess that stood before her she grabbed face washer and scrubbed her face clean before applying a small amount of make up making herself look a little more presentable. She ran out of the bathroom door and grabbed the black tube of materiel slipping it over her head as she ran out the door and towards the stairs leading to a fate that was undetermined. As she reached the bottom step a rush of warm air swirled between her legs, making her pussy twitch with nervousness.

She looked to the right noticing her mistress sitting on a beautiful daybed in front of an antique fireplace, a polar bear skin hugging the floor under her feet. The fire was blazing warming the old cottage to a comfortable temperature. Miss S called Rachel and told her to sit beside her, watching her shapely hips sway as she walked towards her. When Rachel was at arms length from her, Miss S put her hand up signalling for the girl to stop where she was. Rachel obeyed and listened intently as her captor told her about what she was to expect from this moment forward.

story by: SubbieGirl

Tags: bi-sexual humiliation domination/submission female/female fantasm discipline female domination bdsm sex story

Author: SubbieGirl

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