Dreams of a subbie girl! part 2

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Part 2- Meeting Master

“Very soon my Master will be home, this is his house and I belong to him. As you belong to me you also belong to him. You are my responsibility and if you displease him in any way we will both pay dearly. You will walk beside me at all times unless instructed otherwise and copy everything I do when around Master. Do not ever speak to him unless he speaks to you first. He will expect you to at least know how to greet him when he gets home so listen carefully. We will both kneel at the bottom of the stairs with our hands behind our backs and shoulders pulled back. Do not ever kneel with your knees together make sure they are at all times open and accessible. Do you />
“Yes />
As Rachel’s mind slowly accepted her fate, she heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Sarah stood immediately and headed towards the foyer with Rachel following close behind her. As they neared the door, Sarah turned to look at Rachel one last time giving her a look of approval before saying “Yes I think Master will be very pleased”

The two women took up their positions and waited to hear the key in the lock. They listened intently as the engine was shut off and only the sound of two nervously beating hearts could be heard. Rachel held her breath as she listened to the nearing footsteps. The sound of the keys hitting the pavement sparked a reaction in Sarah as she couldn’t help but giggle. “I heard that” thundered from the other side of the door. Rachel watched as Sarah’s face turned a deep shade of red. Sarah took a deep breath, staring straight at the door and smiled as a flush of excitement rushed through her. Rachel looked back to the door being careful to follow the instructions she was given earlier, she did not want to risk further punishment.

After about five minutes of waiting quietly the women watched the door fly open. Rachel squinted as the sun came streaming through the door straight into her face. As quickly as the door opened, it was shut, the light disappeared allowing her to open her eyes. She struggled to focus for a moment, but before long she looked upon the person who would own her for the rest of her life. He was quite tall and handsome with short dark hair and sparkling blue eyes complimenting his features. He was extremely fit and his body defiantly showed evidence that he was benefiting from a highly efficient fitness regime. He looked young, maybe 25 years or so and as he looked down upon the women he smiled and Rachel’s heart skipped a beat.

“I see you have completed your task Sarah, she is quite beautiful. You have done well” He said as he looked Rachel over. “Yes Master I have, I am glad you approve. I am sure she will, in time come to please you.” Sarah replied. He smiled approvingly and asked Rachel for her name. “My name is Rachel Sir” she replied immediately. “Rachel, what a pretty name, too pretty for the like of you though young lady. I presume Sarah has been calling you by another name since you have been here?” he asked. “ Yes sir, she calls me.. slut” she spluttered. She clearly hated the name, her face twisted as she spat out the last word. “Well I think that’s just perfect for you for now. Sarah has done well with you I must say, her reward will be great, however..” he said spinning around to face Sarah “..You my dear, I heard you giggling through the door when I dropped my keys, do you think it is funny after a 10 hour flight and an hour driving in the car, I have to bend over and pick up my keys?”. “No sir, its just that it has been so long since I seen you and I am so excited to see you” she replied. “So you laugh at my pain. Hmmmm I think you know better then that Sarah. Do I have to remind you of your place?” he asked. “No sir I am sorry, I know my place.. I promice I wont do it again” “Not good enough, on your feet, both of you and follow me.”

The two women obediently raised to their feet and followed their master through a series of halls and out through a door leading onto a small courtyard. The entire courtyard was surrounded by a 6 foot hedge that was trimmed neatly across the tops. To the left was a deck with a large spa that could easily accommodate at least 6 people. To the right there was a set of stocks facing towards the spa. “Sarah, strip and stand beside the stocks. Rachel sit on the edge of the spa and wait for me to return.” Their Master ordered before slipping back inside the house and out of sight. Rachel nervously sat on the edge of the spa and watched as Sarah peeled her clothes away reveiling her E cupped breasts and clean shaved pussy lips. Sarah took her position beside the stocks and waited for her masters return. It wasn’t long before he came back through the large doors with a small black bag in his hands. He walked to Sarah and placed the bag at her feet. He unlocked the locks holding the two pieces of wood that made up the stocks together and summoned Sarah to take her position. Sarah came directly to where she was suppose to go and placed her head and arms in the appropriate holes. Her Master locked her into place and picked up the small bag returning to where Rachel sit on the spa.

“My name is Jasper, but as you have been told you are to call me either Master or Sir. It seems you have taken well to Sarah’s training. Lets see just how good you are. Strip for me slut.” He said as he placed the bag beside her and unzipped it. Rachel stood and slowly slid the small black dress down her body and stepped out of it kicking it aside and standing straight so he could admire her naked body. He pulled a black blindfold from the bag and slipped behind her tightening it around her eyes. “Well done slut, wow look at you. You are just so flawless, it will be fun to mark that perfect skin of yours. Sit back on the edge of the spa and open your legs for me wide.” He ordered. Rachel felt the embaracement wash over her as she walked towards the spa. Jasper grinned when he saw the redness appearing on her neck and spreading fast down towards her hard nipples. She positioned herself on the edge of the spa and looked over towards Sarah who was watching from a distance. Sarah seemed a little annoyed and was cursing under her breath. Jasper stood in front of Rachel and slapped her hard across her right breast making her jump a little and lose her balance, sending her flying into the water behind her. As she struggled to resurface Jasper chuckled and grabbed her by the hair pulling her face up and out of the water. She coughed and spluttered, struggling to get air into her lungs and spitting water out all over the place. “When I tell you to do something slut, you do something. I do not want to see you hesitate again. Is that clear?” he demanded. “Y..y..yes sir” Rachel splutterd. “Good, now get back on the edge of this thing and open those legs.. NOW” Rachel immediately climbed out of the water and sat on the edge of the spa opening her legs as wide as she could. Jasper reached for a towel and pressed it gently to her chest drying her off as best he could, then stood back admiring the view. He watched as the remaining water run from her hair, down between her perky breasts and pooled in her belly button. He stepped closer to her dropping down to his knees between her legs and softly sucked the water from her navel and running his tongue down to the inside of her legs, She moaned quietly as his tongue teased her gently running up and down either side of her slit. She longed to feel the warmth of the tongue on her ice cold clit and whimpered every time his cheeks brushed against her clit. Before long her pussy was dripping wet, he stopped licking her and spread her lips apart gently with both of his hands. He smiled as he noticed how wet her glistening pussy really was and dove into her pushing his tongue deep inside her. He fucked her mercilessly with his tongue bringing her to the brink of orgasm before pulling his tongue out of her and sucking her clit into his mouth. This drove her crazy and she let out a loud moan as the waves of pleasure rushed through her one by one.

Jasper stood up admiring his new toy for a moment before looking across to Sarah and grinning, making her wonder just how much trouble she was in.

To be

story by: SubbieGirl

Tags: bi-sexual males / female humiliation domination/submission bondage and restriction female/female fantasm female domination bdsm sex story stockholm syndrome

Author: SubbieGirl

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