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Kim as their mother was named invited me over to dinner the next day. It consisted of mashed potatoes, macaroni and fried chicken the young girls were happy that I came over. I was slightly disturbed that Kim wasn’t affected by her older daughter’s departure last night.
“I guess they’re okay,” she said.
“They they were happy,” said Katie. We talked for a little bit before the girls went off to do their homework. Kim wore a t-shirt that showed off her small A-cup breasts. She didn’t make any signs that she was interested in me. I tried to return the favor. We came to a decision. On certain days she would leave the girls home alone while I would unlock the basement door so they could come over whenever they felt like it.
I worked hard the next few days to control myself. Katie and Kelly came over. Sometimes they visited when Kim was home as well.
It was after ten I was letting Katie and Kelly go home I watched them leave. Their mother watched them walk up stairs. We talked for a few minutes before she moved close to me. She ran a hand up and down my crotch.
“I think you need a reward for being so nice,” Kim said. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. I was already excited from both watching the girls and Kim’s touch. She pulled out my dick she sucked it erect and gave me a blow job. She worked fast and worked me up. I easily forgot about her daughters as she gave me the best blowjob I’d had in years. “Just warn me before you cum.”
She licked the head a couple of times before she sucked it back into her mouth. I felt the familiar tingle. And then shot the first wad into her mouth. She looked back in shock as the rest of my cum hit her in the face and chest.
“Sorry, it had been a long time and you were really good,” I told her.
“Thanks. I hope that this will tide you over for now,” she said. I wondered if she suspected why I had no problem watching her girls.
A couple nights later Kim told me she was invited to a party after work and I should check to make sure the girls were alright. I checked on Katie and Kelly they were watching T.V. Katie lay on the floor, wearing the large t-shirt that I had seen her wear before. It was about twelve when she got up on her knees, giving me a brief glimpse of her ass. She then stood up and grabbed Kelly who was slowly going to sleep in a chair.
get to bed,” she said. I checked the house for them, making sure doors and windows were locked.
I returned thirty minutes later to see Katie asleep in her bed. She didn’t have the covers on her. She lay wearing only the nightshirt. It was up about her waist. I walked up and looked down at her smooth pussy. I couldn’t resist and touched it. She moved her legs a little, but didn’t wake up. I ran my finger up and down her slit. I wanted so bad to spread her legs and put my dick inside, but I didn’t know when Kim would be home.
I returned to my side of the house and took a cold shower. I waited around and watched television for the next two hours, before I heard keys jingle. It took me a minute before I realized what was happening. I opened the front door to find Kim trying to unlock it.
“What are you still doing here?” Kim slurred. She was obviously drunk.
at my place,” I replied. She leaned back to look and nearly fell over. I caught her by the arm.
“Okay, can I come in?” she asked.
“Sure, I’ll escort you back to your house,” I said. Kim walked over and sat on my couch. She lay back, giving a good look at what she was wearing. A tight tank top and blue jeans cut-offs.
“Can you get me a glass of water?” she asked. I returned from the kitchen with a glass.
“Do you meet any guys there?” I asked.
“Sure, but they weren’t interest because I already had children. Its not like I’m loose most were born by caesarian section and I hadn’t had real sex in two years,” she said.
“Two years? What happened?” I asked.
“I told my last husband David that I might want to try for a Kevin or a Kyle. But he didn’t want kids of his own, so he cut me off,” she replied. “Do you have any beer here?”
“Sure, I always keep some here,” I said. I walked to get two bottle out of the fridge. I returned and saw she was asleep.
I opened the first beer and drank it. I thought about this potentially lonely woman. And I thought about what I wanted to do to her daughters and then it hit me. I needed a test run to see if Kim will believe me.
I walked over and unbuttoned her blue jean shorts and pulled them down. I then slid down her panties. After throwing them aside I looked at her pussy. It was more developed than her daughters with a small bush growing ontop. I ran my fingers up and down it before I pushed two inside. I fingerfucked her then I decided to test just how passed out she was.
I put the bottle at the edge of her pussy and pushed it in a little. She didn’t react. I decided to see how far I could really go. I lifted her legs up exposing her asshole and pushed the tip of the beer bottle in. The only sound I heard was her breathing. Satisfied I stripped off my boxers and spread her legs. I pushed my dick in slowly at first and then picked up pace as I grew more confident. She was surprisingly tight. It didn’t take long for me reach orgasm. I held myself in while I came.
I rested in a chair nearby. I wondered whether I should get a few pictures of her that way. I had a memory card saved up for her daughters. I decided what harm it could do. I took pictures of her with legs spread and the beer bottle in and out of her pussy and asshole. After awhile I decided it would be best if I helped her find her way home.
I managed to carry her downstairs and back up to her bedroom. After laying her down on her stomach on the bed I took a few extra minutes to look over the sleeping girls. Seeing both them lying in bed made me horny again. I realized there was one hole of Kim I hadn’t used.

story by: Willmatron

Tags: fantasy males / female non-consensual sex sex story

Author: Willmatron

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