Victorious: corrupting cat part 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in Victorious and have no association with anyone involved in the show.

Author's Note: This story takes place after the Cat tells Jade a joke video for Look it up, it's cute.

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Victorious: Corrupting Cat Part 2
by King O Porn

"Are you sure I finished telling you my joke?" Cat asked, feeling very confused.

"Yes, it was hilarious." Jade murmured dismissively as she guided Cat by the hand into the bathroom and shut the door.

Frowning Cat tried to think back. She'd tried to wake Jade up with a funny joke, but she'd tried and failed to tell it so many times, and then Jade laughed… so she must have finished telling it, right? Or was Jade being mean to her again? Sometimes, like now, Cat's head got all confused which frustrated her, and when she tried to ask questions to clear up her confusion people dismissed her or distracted her and it was kind of irritating. This time she didn't mind though as once the door to the bathroom was shut Jade pulled Cat into her arms.

Expecting a kiss Cat closed her eyes and lent forward ever so slightly. Instead she felt Jade's soft hands cupping her face and Jade's forehead pressing against her own. When Cat opened her eyes she found Jade staring right at her with a concerned look Cat had rarely seen before, and certainly never when there were other people around.

"Listen very carefully to me Cat." Jade said softly but firmly, "I want you to promise me you'll never try and wake me up again."

Cat smiled, "K, K."

"Seriously Cat. Never again." Jade said sternly, her tone softening as she added, "I have a lot of bad dreams, and… well, I… one time I gave Beck a black eye and I never, ever want to do that to you. I can't stand the thought of hurting you. So you seriously have to remember this. Do. Not. Wake. Me. Up. Again. Do you />
There was a brief pause and then Cat nodded, "I promise Jade."

Jade smiled softly, stared into Cat's big brown eyes for what felt like an eternity, then lent down to kiss the smaller girl.

It certainly hadn't been a lie. Most of Jade's dreams were nightmares which she remembered vividly the moment she woke up only to forget them seconds later. As a result she was mostly fine when waking up of her own accord, but was a little unpredictable when being awoken. And while she'd only hurt Beck a few times it was a few times too many, and Jade did not want to let history repeat itself, least of all with her innocent little friend. However as much as she hated the thought of physically hurting Cat, and as bad as some of her dreams were, Jade had a selfish reason for not wanting to be woken up, that being if she didn't get a full nights sleep Jade would end up being very, very cranky. Or at least a lot more than usual. Of course her not being cranky would be a good thing for Cat as well, so in a way she was still thinking of the redhead.

The good news was that despite being awoken early Jade wasn't feeling that cranky because once that irritating video was done and she had thrown Cat's brother out of the room she'd had an idea, one she was about to put into action. Just as soon as she was done kissing Cat.

While Jade had been lost in thought Cat's mind was refreshingly clear as she focused on the heaven that was Jade's lips on her own.

It was such a gentle kiss. Even when Jade slid her tongue into Cat's mouth things remained gentle, Cat honestly thinking she was going to melt away from the pure happiness she was feeling. Well, not pure happiness as she was feeling other things too, things she wasn't quite sure how to name yet, but they felt… good. Like, the way Jade made her feel last night.

Before Cat could really analyse those feelings she felt herself being gently pushed backwards. She let herself be pushed without complaint, and even though she banged her head a little against the wall behind her Cat kind of liked being pressed against it. She liked Jade's body pressing more firmly against her own even more, the redhead barely noticing Jade reaching out to lock the bathroom door as the kissing became ever so slightly rougher. Hungrier. For a second Cat feeling as if she was being devoured. Then it was over, and Cat was disappointed.

"Kitty, when do your parents normally wake up again?" Jade asked huskily.

"Well, that depends. Sometimes my brother-" Cat trailed off as Jade gave her a look, "Erm… in about an hour, I guess."

Jade smiled, "Good. Get in the shower."

Cat frowned, "But won't my pyjamas get all wet?"

Jade raised an eyebrow, smiled and then in a slightly patronising tone said, "You know what, you're right. You better take them off."

Cat blushed, opened her mouth, and then closed it again.

"If it'll make you feel more comfortable, here." Jade whispered huskily as she quickly pulled off her navy blue pyjama top, "This way we can both be naked."

Again Cat blushed, initially looking away but her eyes were drawn to Jade's big boobs like a moth to a flame. She knew staring was rude and she tried not to do it, but Cat couldn't help herself, her eyes so focused that she barely noticed Jade pulling off her black pyjama bottoms and green socks.

"Now you." Jade practically growled, grabbing Cat's flowery pyjama top and pulling it up over the other girl's head.

Still dazed from the sight of Jade's boobs Cat just stood still and allow Jade to undress her, lifting her arms up when necessary and stepping out of her flowery pyjama bottoms once the Goth had pushed them down her legs.

Jade was unable and unwilling to resist the urge to pull Cat into her arms once they were both naked and kiss the other girl gently. She kept it soft and gentle, and didn't even add her tongue into the mix. Not that she didn't want too, she did so, so badly, but with their naked flesh pressed against each other it was an incredible struggle for Jade not to just shove Cat against the wall, slam her fingers inside the smaller girl and fuck her as hard as she could. So Jade kept the kiss soft and gentle, just enjoying the feeling of Cat's naked body in her arms for a few long seconds.

Then Jade broke the kiss, gently but firmly grabbed hold of Cat's hand and guided the redhead wordlessly into the shower.

Initially the water was cold, Cat letting out this cute little squeak when the water hit her skin and hugged Jade for comfort, burying her face in Jade's chest in a way in which probably shouldn't have turned Jade on as much as it did. It couldn't be helped though. Cat just had this weird effect on her.

Jade allowed Cat to keep hugging her for a few moments after the water heated up, then she pressed her lips against Cat's head and softly whispered, "Cat, I want you to do something for me."

There was a brief pause, Cat waiting for Jade to continue. When she didn't Cat looked up into Jade's beautiful eyes and softly said, "I'll do anything you want."

With a smile Jade said, "I wanna wash you. Because if last night proved anything you are a very dirty, dirty girl."

Cat blushed, both at Jade's words and the fact that her friend's smile turned more devious midsentence, but she still nodded her head and croaked, />
Smiling wickedly again Jade gently pushed Cat backwards so she was directly underneath the showerhead. Cat closed her eyes to protect them from the water, then giggled as she felt Jade's hands in her hair and massaging her scalp. That giggle faded away quickly as Cat was surprised just how nice it felt to have Jade washing her hair, and the way Jade rubbed shampoo into her hair before washing it out made her feel kind of funny. Sort of like the way Jade made her feel last night.

This continued after Jade had finished washing Cat's hair, the Goth grabbing a washcloth and beginning to slide it all over Cat's body. It was mostly slow, Jade looking into Cat's eyes as she washed her face with the cloth before moving it down to Cat's neck and then down to her sides, arms and flat little tummy. The funny feelings then got stronger as Jade washed her back, the taller girl spending a long time doing that before kneeling down to spend even longer sliding that cloth up and down Cat's legs. That had Cat biting her lip, wishing she had the courage to tell Jade what she wanted. Cat wasn't even totally sure what she wanted, but Jade knew, which was why after a while Cat softly whimpered, "Jade… />
"Please what Kitty?" Jade asked softly, pretending like she didn't know exactly what Cat wanted.

There were numerous subtle signs, but in that position Jade's face was literally only a few inches away from Cat's cunt and the dark haired girl could clearly see her friend's arousal. She could smell it too, the scent so intoxicating that Jade probably wouldn't have been able to resist burying her tongue deep inside the redhead if Cat had only had the courage to ask. But the girl was still far too innocent for that, instead Cat just blushing and looking away.

Again Jade smiled and moved the washcloth up to Cat's tight little tush, spending a lot longer than necessary on those soft yet firm cheeks. Jade even squeezed and caressed them, and why not? It wasn't like her intentions were innocent, and no matter how naive Cat could be sometimes she wasn't an idiot. She had to know what was going on, didn't she?

Just in case there was any doubt Jade stood up and moved up to Cat's perky little titties, staring deep into the other girl's eyes for several long seconds. Then she kissed her, the two girls quickly becoming lost in the serious display of affection which only became more heated as time went on.

Cat caught Jade by surprise as her tongue slid across the Goth's lips, asking permission to enter. Rather than granting it the dark haired girl pushed her own tongue into the redhead's mouth, Jade quickly bullying Cat's tongue into submission with her own.

In all the excitement Jade dropped the washcloth, somewhat messing with her plan to use that as an openly flimsy excuse to touch Cat's pussy. Of course Jade could simply reach down and grab the cloth, but at this point she was far to horny for even any pretence of subtlety. So instead Jade slid her hand down Cat's body to the other girl's pussy, causing her friend to break the kiss with a gasp as the Goth's hand brushed against her sensitive downstairs lips.

After pausing briefly to smile at this latest development Jade whispered softly, "Cat, do you ever touch />
"Huh?" Cat murmured softly, looking up at Jade.

"Do you ever touch yourself?" Jade repeated ever so slightly louder before elaborating, "Have you ever rubbed this cute little pussy of yours while in here? Huh? Maybe stuck a finger inside it, fucked yourself until you came?"

"No." Cat blushed furiously.

"How about at school?" Jade pushed with a grin, "Have you ever snuck into the toilets for a little personal time? Or maybe a empty classroom? Or maybe the janitor's closet? Huh? Have you ever fingered your little pussy in there, just hoping someone would come find you in there and give you a nice hard fucking?"

"No, no, no, no, I would never!" Cat said in a tone which made Jade think that maybe, just maybe while she'd never done it innocent little Cat had thought about it. Or at least was thinking about it now.

Which kind of brought Jade to her next question, "But you have done it before, haven't you Cat?"

There was a pause, then Cat blushed, lowered her head then shook it.

"Never ever?" Jade asked, not really surprised when innocent little Cat shook her head again, "Well, that will have to change."

Quickly grabbing Cat's right hand Jade brought it up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around Cat's index and middle finger for a brief sucking. Then Jade guided that hand down to Cat's sex, making sure those saliva covered fingers came in direct contact with the other girl's pussy lips.

"See… doesn't that feel good Kitten?" Jade asked while guiding Cat's fingers up and down her own pussy lips, causing Cat to let out incredibly adorable little whimpers and squeaks.

"J, Jade, oooooooh, it, it, it feels soooooo ohhhhh…" Cat stammered, struggling to find the right word and finally settling with, />
Jade repeated with a smirk before whispering in Cat's ear, "That's kind of the point Kitty Cat. Sometimes really naughty things feel really, really good. And I wanna make you feel good. Or in this case, teach you how to make yourself feel good. Will you do that for me Kitten? Will you let me teach you how to make yourself feel good?"

Cat blushed, lowered her head and bit her lip. She'd always been adventurous which was why she'd found out a long time ago that touching herself down there felt good. However it also felt naughty and forbidden, like she'd be a bad girl if she touched herself down there, so she'd always got embarrassed and stopped whenever she tried it, and mostly avoided the urge to do it at all.

In a way Jade touching her down there had still felt naughty and forbidden, but it had felt amazingly good, so much better than Cat doing it by herself, that the redhead had just let it happen. Cat in no way regretted that decision as Jade had made her feel things she had never dreamt of. But could Cat really do that to herself? Especially when just the thought of it made her all embarrassed and tingly? Then again, didn't she promise to do anything for Jade? Was there really anything more important to her than that?

These thoughts buzzed around in Cat's head in only a couple of seconds, though seconds seeming like they lasted a lifetime to both girls. Then, reaching a decision, Cat looked up into Jade's eyes and said, "O, ok… w, w, w, what do you want me to do?"

Beaming one of her rare truly happy smiles Jade let go of Cat's hand, which she'd stopped moving for that long few seconds, and said, "Just do what I was doing before."

Again Cat hesitated, but ever so slowly she began moving her fingertips up and down of her own accord, her eyelids fluttering closed and a moan escaping her lips as she began touching her most intimate area.

"That's it Kitten, good girl." Jade praised happily, "Just like that touch your soft little kitty, Kitty. Make yourself purr."

In an attempt to please Jade Cat literally purred. She giggled shortly after, but it quickly faded as her fingers brushed against her clit, leading her to moan loudly.

"Mmmmmm, good Kitty. Play with your little clitty." Jade smiled wickedly, leaning in to whisper softly, "It feels good, doesn't it Kit Kat? Touching your wet little pussy? Rubbing that tiny little clit? Feels good doesn't it? Huh? Naughty and wrong, but so very right. And do you know what would make it feel even better? If you pushed a finger into that needy little hole of yours. Mmmmm, oh yeah, would you do that for me Kitten? Would you finger your little pussy for me? Push your finger deep inside your little pussy and thrust it in and out of you until you cum? Would you do that for me Kitty Cat? Please? It would be soooooo sexy. Please? Oh good girl!"

Once she started Cat couldn't seem to stop touching her clit, which felt almost as amazing as when Jade had done it. That Jade was encouraging her to do it helped, however even with her best friend's encouragement it still took Cat a while to find the courage to push a finger inside herself. When she finally did Cat let out a loud cry of pleasure which seem to echo throughout the room even above the noisy sound of the shower still pouring water down onto them. Then Jade kissed Cat, and for the following few minutes or however long it was Cat's mind shut off entirely, the little redhead just enjoying what she was feeling.

As adorable as the sounds Cat was making were Jade couldn't allow the other girl, or herself for that matter, to become too loud. That was why Jade was always careful to speak softly, and pay very close attention to how loud Cat was, and in the moments that followed she was sure to give the redhead a little kiss when ever she was getting too noisy.

Of course after the first kiss Jade pressed her finger to Cat's lips and whispered, "Shhhhhh… quiet Kitty. Fuck your little pussy as quietly as you can. We don't want to wake anyone, do we?"

Cat shook her head but predictably was unable to keep herself quiet. Jade dealt with that, although it was tempting not too. Sure if Jade was discovered showering with Cat she would probably be never allowed to return to the Valentine household, but the look on Cat's parents' faces might actually be worth it. Of course that would make repeat sessions with Cat tricky, which would be unacceptable.

Jade had originally planned to fuck Cat a couple of times, make her think that they were girlfriends and Jade loved her, then she would dump the other girl, breaking her heart and making her tougher in the process. But that would be so much more effective if Jade kept Cat as her little sex slave until they graduated. Besides, why would Jade pass up so many opportunities to see Cat like this?

Cat always looked cute, but with her eyes closed, her mouth open in a O of pleasure and her face a wash with bliss the girl looked downright sexy. And when she bit her lip, or let out one of those adorable sounds, or briefly opened her eyes to look at Jade somehow Cat looked so amazing Jade wasn't even sure she could describe it.

It was even better when Cat came, the smaller girl's body trembling under the force of her climax. Even as she kissed her forcefully Jade wasn't sure she was able to keep Cat that quiet, although in that moment she didn't care. She did however in the following moment when Cat collapsed forwards into her arms, Cat's head resting against her chest, the other girl's mouth almost but not quite touching her nipple.

innocent little Cat to touch herself had got Jade pretty wound up and it was a struggle for the Goth not to just grab the smaller girl's her and forced her nipple into her mouth. Fortunately Jade was able to restrain herself, somewhat.

As she slowly recovered from that amazing feeling Jade had helped her feel Cat became aware of where she was again. Of course she hadn't really moved, but it felt like she had been floating on fluffy clouds for quite a while, then there was this rainstorm and she had to bounce around from cloud to cloud for a little while, and she thought she was going to fall 1000 feet but Jade caught her. She saved her. She wrapped her arms around her and Cat had never felt more safe or loved. But she also felt what was becoming a very familiar tingle… and an urge to do something… to make Jade feel like she just helped her feel.

It took awhile for Cat to fully recover though, and in the meantime she snuggled into Jade's big snuggly boobs. Cat remembered Jade had… grown up very quickly, and when she thought Jade was done growing she thought she looked very nice. Then Jade grew again, and her boobs got so, so big. Cat had just wanted to… do things to them. She wasn't sure what, and she was pretty sure it would have been wrong, but she had wanted too. Then they had done stuff, and Jade had let Cat sleep curled up against her with her head on her chest which had been amazing, but now Cat wondered if she could do more.

With her energy finally returning Cat turned her head and placed a cautious kiss against one of Jade's fleshy boobs. When she wasn't scolded Cat did it again, and again, and again, covering Jade's tits in gentle kisses. This made Jade moan softly, and go from gently stroking Cat's hair to firmly guiding the redhead to her nipple. Happily taking the hint Cat closed her mouth around the little ball of flesh, desperately trying to remember everything Jade did to her boobs last night as she was guided back and forth.

It was pretty clear Jade was in charge and Cat kind of liked that. It took less pressure off of Cat if Jade showed her what she wanted.

Jade was even kind enough to tell her, "Mmmmmmm, that's it Kitty Cat, suck my tits! Take them into that soft little mouth of yours and suck them! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh yessssss, lick them too ooooooooh Cat! Yes, good girl Cat! Mmmmmmmm, you're such a good girl. Oooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, my good little dyke. My personal little fuck toy who's going to let me use her soft little mouth whenever I want. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh Kitten, mmmmmm you're such a good tittie sucker! Oh gosh, lick them! Yeeeeeeessssssss, lick my nipple! Swirl your tongue around them, ohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, oh yessssssss, oh Cat!"

The naughty words made Cat blush, but the more she suckled on Jade's boobs the more lost Cat became, the redhead feeling as if with every passing second she slipped into a dreamlike state where the only thing that mattered to her was Jade's boobs.

Jade became almost as lost in this act as Cat did. She tried to continue talking dirty, but she was very, very distracted.

When Jade had gone through her growth spurt she'd been annoyed at having to buy a whole new set of bras. She'd been even more annoyed at the new found attention she had gotten from boys and some girls, or those who have learnt not to gawk at her completely forgetting they were supposed to be afraid of her when they saw her new big boobs. However there were certain people Jade had enjoyed getting attention from, most of all, at least at the time, her boyfriend Beck. Finally he had stopped paying attention to Tori whenever he thought Jade wasn't looking and, for a while at least, had only paid attention to her. She'd definitely liked that, even if he had a tendency to spend too much time on her tits.

Like Beck before her Cat spend a lot longer than Jade would have liked on her tits. However while part of Jade was just letting the other girl have her fun, as had been the case for Beck, now Jade found it tough to convince herself to ask or to make Cat go lower.

While Beck had seemed like he was doing what he wanted to do with Jade's boobs it felt like Cat was genuinely trying to pleasure her. Like Cat was focused on Jade's needs, while Beck had been focused on his own. And sure, Jade was giving Cat certain instructions however like last night Cat's soft little mouth and tongue were proving to be naturally talented, sucking and licking Jade's tits with a perfect amount of pressure to make the dark haired girl squirm with delight.

So for what seemed like an eternity Cat suckled on Jade's breasts, both girls completely lost in it until Jade thought she was going to go crazy with need. That was when she was finally able to gently push down on Cat's head.

Thankfully Cat took the hint, the redhead kissing her way down Jade's flat stomach as she slowly got on her knees before the Goth. When she was in position Jade tightened her grip on the back of Cat's head and pushed the other girl's face into her cunt. Then for a few long minutes Jade's mind went blank, the only thing that the poor Goth could do being moan and whimper in pleasure.

Last night Cat had immediately started lapping away at the yummy treat in between Jade's legs because after tasting the other girl on her pyjama bottoms Cat had wanted to taste Jade right from the source as quickly as possible. This time Cat tried to savour the moment a little more, which was why she had taken the time to kiss down Jade's tummy and why Cat's very first lick was long and slow. However even though she tried really, really hard Cat wasn't able to keep the following licks long and slow. Well, the couple that followed the first lick kind of were, but Cat's tongue seemed to have a mind of its own which tried to lap that Jade's downstairs lips with ever increasing quickness.

Jade didn't seem to mind, the girl who terrorised Hollywood Arts writhing underneath Cat's tongue work. So much so that for a long while Jade could only moan and whimper, something which in a weird way made Cat feel kind of proud. After all Jade always seemed so confident and in control to Cat, which had certainly been the case for most of last night and this morning, so for Cat to be kind of in control was neat.

Of course Cat couldn't really think that much about control, or about anything at all, when Jade's downstairs lips was feeding her it's heavenly nectar. With every drop that slid into Cat's mouth and down her throat the redhead felt herself slipping away and being replaced by some girl who was obsessed with licking other girls down there. What was the word? Lesbian? Was that it?

As if she could hear her thoughts Jade answered Cat's question when she began moaning, "Ohhhhhhhh Cat, ooooooooooh Kitty, ooooooohhhhhhh yessssssssss lick me! Lick my pussy! Mmmmmmmm, good girl. Good little lesbian. Mmmmmmmm, that's what you are Kitten. A lesbian. A dirty little dyke who loves eating pussy, oooooooohhhhhhhh and I love it! I love how that soft little mouth of yours was made to eat pussy! Ahhhhhh gosh, that you're a little rug muncher who belongs on her knees in front of other girls. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd Cat, you're sooooooooo gooooooooddddddd, so good at this! Never stop! Never stop licking my pussy you beautiful little girl!"

Again the dirty words made Cat blush, but she couldn't help pick out that one word again. Lesbian. That's one of the things Jade kept calling her over and over. That and apparently this was something Cat was made for. It felt so natural that Cat believed her best friend, and if being a lesbian meant she got to be in between Jade's thighs again doing what felt so right then that's what Cat would be. A lesbian.

That was Cat's last coherent thought as she became lost in what was quickly becoming her favourite activity ever, and it put a big grin on her face.

Jade wasn't quite as accepting of the term. However she could no longer dismiss it outright. Sure, she'd had a boyfriend and had at one point loved him. Or at least Jade was pretty sure she had, it felt so long ago it was hard to remember, and Cat's wicked little tongue wasn't exactly helping her memory right now. But the point was that lately she'd been having these… feelings. Ok, maybe not so much lately as they were always there and when she was with Beck she'd mostly been able to ignore them, but now… no, Jade was straight. She was straight, she was straight, she was straight, she was straight, she was…

Suddenly Cat's tongue slid inside her pussy, almost making Jade cum on the spot.

Ok, Jade thought to herself, maybe she was gay. Maybe. Or bi. Or maybe Cat was an exception. As in she was straight with one exception. Jade kind of liked that. But whether she was gay or just gay for Cat at that moment Jade didn't care. Cat's tongue was thrusting in and out of her cunt, causing such intense feelings of pleasure that Jade didn't care about anything. Well, that wasn't entirely true. Jade lost the ability to worry about her own sexuality, or any other worries, but she obviously cared about her own pleasure, and for some reason she cared about Cat's, so much so she found herself doing something about it.

"Touch yourself Kitty!" Jade growled softly, "Finger fuck your little cunt!"

Jade had no idea whether Cat obeyed her or not, and she wasn't exactly sure why she cared, but Cat's wicked little tongue melted her mind so that she could no longer think clearly about it or anything else. And for a few heavenly moments Jade's mind stayed melted, the only thing in the Goth's well being pleasure. Then she came.

Like last night it was earthshattering, Jade struggling not to scream too loudly as she came in Cat's mouth. It was even more of a struggle to remain upright, one of Jade's hands digging into Cat's hair while the other hand desperately tried to grab onto the wall tiles. That didn't really help much, but luckily just as she thought her legs were about to give way Jade felt a soft hand grab onto her butt, the dark haired girl smiling that she didn't feel Cat's right hand too.

As Jade was correctly guessing Cat's right hand was in between the redhead's legs, the smaller girl frantically touching herself partly because it was what Jade told her to do but mostly because it felt really good.

It felt even better than before as now Jade's juices were literally squirting into her mouth, down her throat and all over her face. It tasted like liquid heaven and Cat ravenously swallowed as much as she could, grateful that they were out of reach of the shower so Jade's cream would not be washed off her face as the redhead hope to scoop it up and eat it herself.

As Jade began to calm down Cat thought how she'd love to stay here forever, licking her best friend's most private place and making her feel good. Sadly she wasn't given that option, Jade suddenly pulling her back slightly by her hair and then the Goth dropped to her knees so they were face to face again.

For a moment Cat thought she was going to be yelled at as without meaning to her licking had slowed down a little thanks to her fingers distracting her. She kind of thought Jade would want to rest anyway, but now Cat wasn't so sure. But before she could ask if she did something wrong Jade shoved her tongue into her mouth and forced Cat's hand away from herself so the taller girl could replace that hand with one of her own. Then Cat couldn't really think anymore.

Jade wasn't entirely sure what she was doing. It was like she was possessed with the sudden need to return the favour. More to the point the idea that Cat would just make herself cum again was unacceptable. The other girl HAD to cum on her fingers. She just had too.

It wasn't exactly difficult. Cat had already done most of the work, Jade's fingers sliding into the redhead's cunt like a knife through butter and then pounding that tight little hole relentlessly until it spasmed around her like crazy. Making absolutely sure the smaller girl would cum Jade used her thumb to frantically rub Cat's clit and even pressed their bodies together in a way that caused their nipples to rub against each other.

Thanks to all this passionate effort Jade had Cat screaming into her mouth seemingly in seconds, Hollywood Arts resident 'mean girl' having to hold onto her best friend tightly as she quivered in her arms.

As Cat's cum covered her fingers Jade recovered enough of her senses to wonder why Cat tasted extra sweet. Then she remembered where the other girl's mouth had just been and she broke the kiss with a rare blush.

In turn this caused Cat to look at her with a dreamy smile which quickly faded into a frown of concern.

Not wanting to talk about it Jade quickly gave Cat a gentle peck on the lips and said, "Cat, jump under the water to wash yourself again then go back to your room, ok? It's probably better we're not seen leaving together, and I kind of need to finish washing my hair."

Cat blinked at Jade for a few moments, then nodded and did as she was told. Jade just watched her until she left and then slowly began washing her hair, the whole time trying to tell herself that liking the taste of her own pussy on Cat's lips, and finding the feeling of Cat's tongue in her cunt so addicting, didn't mean anything.

story by: KINGOPORN

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