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Ellen was waiting for me in a deserted corner of the parking garage at my condo building. We have had four sexual trysts after she moved to Dallas from Atlanta. While I was at the TV station delivering gifts for the employees, Ellen whispered in my ear " That she would be waiting for me in the condo's parking garage." OH MY GOD…. That feels sooooooo good, baby." Ellen is so horny and we had not seen each other for two weeks. She pushes me up against the wall pinning me there with her hand while she slides down onto her knees and starts unfastening my belt…Her eyes are locked on mine and never look away as she jerks my pants down to the floor. She is so sexy, so intense, seeing her look at me that way, totally possessive, powerfully, and controlling. I see the smirk, a hint of a smile: she knows she is being so naughty. Ellen loves what she is doing to me, and the way she looks and feels is making me very horny. We were supposed to wait till after Christmas, when her family had went home, but the parking garage is nearly empty since most everybody has left for Christmas, and seeing me today apparently caused the wanting me that it created in her.

For not looking at my belt, button and zipper, it didn't take her long to undo my pants and drop them down around my ankles. Exposed, with nothing but my cotton briefs between her and me, the cool morning air in the garage mixes with the heat of me and her mouth in a crazy invigorating and stimulating, making me painfully harder. Ellen says something about noticing me tense, a sexual tensing. Goosebumps raise up as her fingers float up my upper inner thigh and disappears inside my briefs brushing against my balls. Already in a heightened state of awareness, they jump and twitch at the feel of her small soft hand. God, I want her NOW. Ellen knows I do, but she is having so much fun teasing me. She reaches further up inside my briefs, from the legs, letting her fingers peek up through the waistband and travel lightly, sexily, around the sensitive part of my stomach to my hips, then her fingers turn, curl, grabbing the waistband, and pulling down, fully exposing me.

Her eyes leave mine now, for the first time, as she sits back slightly on her legs admiring what she has revealed. In the shadows cast by the array of halide lights peppering the ceiling in the garage stands a statue, my hard shaft that she created, this throbbing hot monster waiting hungrily for her. I shiver, partly in response to the cool air, but in response to her. Ellen sees me shaking, and brings her hands and eyes back to me. " Now, John, now…" She smiles again, her lips purse into a soft O of wet flesh, as her tongue draws a circle of moisture on her lips. Ellen approaches the tip of my cock slowly kissing it. I gasp and relax against the wall, my legs threatening to let loose and drop me on the floor, but her firm palm on my abdomen keeps me against the wall.

She licks the length of my shaft, the hard tip of her tongue starts at my sac and slowly moves along length of my cock, avoiding the tip in a maddening way, she follows the gap below the tip instead, all the way around, back to where she started. As she does that, it drives me crazy. I feel her exhale a breath of warm air against the head of my throbbing shaft, followed by a pursed lip blast of cold air. The contrast is delectable. Her eyes never leaving mine, she tilts her head sideways, wrapping her wonderfully soft and wet lips around the side of my cock, wetting the shaft up and down…she starts with short slow motions, just an inch or so of movement down by my balls, her tongue popping out to touch the sac, her other hand is supporting. Slowly, she increases the distance she is covering with those luscious lips, an inch, then an inch and a half, then two… I feel my cock growing bigger. Will she ever reach the tip of my shaft if I keep growing this way?

Time is standing stillh and I forgot where I am. I hear nothing but our breathing, my heart, the wet sound of her lips sucking my cock, and her moans. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear the stairwell door slam shut, and the rhythmic clicking of heels crossing the far end of the garage, the beep of a car alarm being disarmed, a door opened and closed, then an engine starts and drives away. Thank you for not stopping, for keeping focus, for not diverting her eyes from me. The lady never saw us, and we kept on. Damn, I like it when Ellen is this bad. Sliding past six inches, then seven and nine, you finally reach the tip of me and with one more motion, you tilt your head 90 degrees, vertically, and slide over the top of me, her lips tight my cock, her way of reminding me of how her pussy will feel to me, when I ram this hard hot shaft into her velvet glove right now. That'll happen, later… right now, she is fully delighting me. Still pinned to the wall by the flat of her left hand on my abdomen, her right hand leaves my balls and grabs the bottom half of my cock in a tight grip as she vigorously works me with her mouth. Faster, harder, wetter and more intense, she sucks and licks me.

Her right hand loosens its grip falling away, so she can take me deeper, feeling more of me and my heat inside her mouth and throat. Ellen is wanting me now deep inside her, deep inside her pussy, and her desires show. I hear the noises she is making, and finally my control wanes, as my body shakes and heaves as I release myself to her, our eyes locked on each other, her lips still sucking and swallowing all of me, my hands leave the wall and running through her hair. I grasp the side of her face, as I finish my powerful convulsions, still hard, wet and throbbing, she slides her lips back off the tip, kissing it and circling it with her tongue once more. Then she pulls up my briefs, my trousers, zips, buttons, and buckles, and finally stands up. Ellen press me up against the wall again, this time with herr breasts, as I feel her hard nipples just as she feels the remnants of my hardness. We kiss, wetly and deeply, and she smiles again, playfully, with dirty intent. Looking me straight in the eye, she says " Let's go upstairs to your condo Now, Big boy!"

Together, we arrive at my condo. I see Ellen open the door, and she leans against the door frame. I look her up and down from her blonde hair, over her face, down the blue blouse, and her short skirt. I see her smiling at me as her hand trails her fingers in the opening of the shirt just at her breasts. I step up to her close enough to touch. " Hi." She whispers. " Hi." I reach out running my fingers from her neck down over her skin to the closed button of the shirt. I step forward into the condo, my chest brushing hers. She backs up slowly, never taking her eyes off me. She hears the door close and feels the wall against her back as she watches my hands come up on either side of her head as I lean into her. " Gift, huh?" I murmur watching her lick her lips. " What?" she slowly slides her hands up my chest. " You don't believe me?" I chuckle brushing my mouth over hers. I feel her hands slide around my neck and her mouth open under mine. I feel her tongue fluttering against my lower lip and sliding into my mouth. I push my body into hers feeling her hands in my hair. I shift my thigh between her legs feeling her heat through my pants.

She moans into my mouth as I stroke my tongue against hers, and begin sliding slowly against my thigh. Her hands slide from my neck and begin undoing my shirt buttons frantically, popping one off and hearing it hit the floor. She tore it open and dove her hands inside the shirt stroking my chest. We moaned as her fingers stroke my nipples then begin pulling my shirt out from my pants. She tore her mouth from mine. " Get this off." She panted, as she attempts to shove it off my shoulders. I lower my arms letting her shove the shirt down my arms to the floor. She reaches for my belt as she feels my mouth on her neck, slowly licking and sucking my way to her ear. She gasps, sliding my belt open and reaching for the button of my pants, slowly opening it and sliding down the zipper. " Oh God." She moan as she slides her hands inside my briefs shoving them and my pants past my hips. " Something there you want again, little girl?" I whisper in her ear as my hands went to the front of her blouse. I attempted to unbutton the first button, and then feeling her hands on my cock, her fingers wrapping around me lightly and stroking gently.

" I want you." She whispers, running her thumb over the head of my cock swiping the precum off and lifting her hand up sucking it off her thumb. I rip open her blouse, sending buttons flying. I cup her breasts in my hands and slide down slightly lifting her up under her arms, pinning her against the wall. She is panting, bracing her hands on my shoulders and wrapping her legs around my hips, leaning her forehead against me. I look into her eyes as I push my hips forward. I reach down between them, taking my cock in my hand and guide it to her wet warm pussy. " Slide down on me, babe." I groan as I feel her heat on the tip of my cock. She tilts her hips sliding downward, feeling the head slip into her, she gasps wrapping her legs tighter and thrusting her hips down, taking my cock inside her. I moan pushing her harder into the wall, bracing my hands on her hips. " Hold on." I panted into her open mouth, sliding my tongue in. She moans as I begin to thrust my hips forward in a slow rhythm. " Harder." She whispers. " Please." She buries her face in my neck and biting down softly on my neck. She licks her way to my ear licking the lobe into her mouth.

" Take me baby. Please." She moans into my ear as she wraps her arms and legs around me, whimpering as I thrust harder into her.
I slam in and out harder, grunting into her ear, panting hard, pulling her closer to me with my hands on her butt, bringing her down on me as I slam into her pussy. " Yes baby. Please." She pants, her head falling back against the wall. " Just like that. Oh…..God baby…" she whimpers. I thrust faster, loving the feel of her wet pussy around my cock. I see her breasts bouncing with each thrust, feel her pussy clenching around me, knowing she is close. " Come on sweetheart." I whisper. " Cum for me. Cum on me." I groan and begin thrusting harder pinning her against her wall. " Ooohh She wraps herself around me and thrusting her hips against me. " Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes…" she chants over and over as her eyes close and she looses herself. I thrust hard and loose myself as I ram into her cumming with a shout, pinning her to the wall, panting against her neck.

I slow my thrusts and let her relax against me, holding her against the wall. I smooth her hair away from her face kissing her cheek. She smiles opening her eyes. She shifts her hips slightly, watching me close my eyes. " I'm so happy to give you your gift." She whispers and laughs when I slap her ass.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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