Earning a little extra – part 3

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Earning a little extra – Part 3
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The last part of this story is getting a little too long to be a single part, so I’ve decided to make the story four parts instead of three. Hopefully this part hasn’t come out too short? I hope you enjoy, and all feedback appreciated as always…

Steve has just shown me a different side of himself and completely dominated me on the walk back to the house, fucking me senseless in the middle of the street. What will happen when we get back to the house?

Just as we got through the front door of the house, Steve said “I’m gonna pop upstairs to get changed. Do you fancy putting the kettle on?”

“Sure thing” I replied, and as Steve ran up the stairs two at a time I headed into the kitchen, put the kettle on, and stripped naked as it started to boil. I considered going to the bathroom to clean myself up, but I didn’t want to be just yet (that’s a polite way of saying that I was still enjoying having as ass full of spunk). As I finished preparing the cups, I heard the kitchen door swing open, but before I could look around Steve had pulled me away from the kitchen counter and bent me over the table. He couldn’t be ready to go again already, surely?

Holding me down with his left arm, he buried two fingers of his right hand into my ass all the way up to the knuckle and proceeded to finger me in fast, hard strokes. It felt like he was literally punching them into me. I couldn’t see him, but I imagined his hand to be a blur as he pummelled my ass. You’d think I’d be numb after the two fuckings he’d already given me, but it felt unbelievable.

“Holy shit! Ugh! Oh! Yes! YES!!! Steve! FUCK!” I screamed. Not only was his hand producing incredible sensations in my ass, but my once again fully erect cock was between my body and the table, producing intense sensations every time my body moved. Suddenly and without warning, he pulled his fingers out of me.

“NO! Please!” I moaned out in frustration. But I needn’t have worried – within moments he was burying his cock balls deep inside me again and fucking me relentlessly. I screamed “YES! YES! />
“Take it whore!” he shouted “Take that fucking cock! Take all of it! Oh fuck! You love it don’t you?” He was pulling his cock almost all of the way out of me on each stroke, and then slamming it back in as far as it would go.

“Yes Steve, I love it! I love your cock! Oh shit! It feels so fucking good! Don’t stop Steve! Please don’t stop!” he’d already cum twice in the last half an hour – stopping wasn’t too likely to be a problem. Suddenly his right hand left my hip and he brought it down hard on my right butt cheek.


“You like that you dirty bitch?!”

“Yes! Yes please! Harder! Harder Steve! Please!”


I moaned out in pain. “Yes! Hurt me, Steve! Please! Punish me! Punish me!”

he screamed at me.

“Yes! I’m a whore! Fuck me harder! Spank me! Give me what I deserve! Uugghh! Please!!!” And I meant it. At that moment I wanted as much as he could give me. Everything, as fast and as hard as he had to offer. I am a whore. The more humiliating and degrading it is, the more I like it. And I was loving this! Right now, I never wanted his cock to leave my ass. Then I felt his body start to tense. Oh no, not yet…

“Not yet Steve, please!” I begged.


He quickened his pace in my hole.


“Please! Just a little more!” I pleaded.

“Shutup! Who gives a shit what you want, whore? Not a fucking sound! />
He buried his cock in me as deep as he could, forcing it in using most of his bodyweight. he groaned, as his cock began twitching violently inside me and yet more of his seed started filling me up. I stifled a whimper as I did my best not to let out the mixed feelings of pleasure from his cum and frustration from the fact I hadn’t gotten off yet. When his cock was done twitching, he pulled straight out of me and walked out of the room without saying a word.

My cock was sore, my balls were aching again, and I’m pretty sure that at that moment you could have made a fairly accurate mould of Steve’s cock using my ass. I needed a chance for my behind to acclimatise more gently, but more urgently than that I needed to get off. I reached behind myself with my left hand, slipped two fingers effortlessly into my ass, and began fingering myself. Slowly at first, then quicker. And quicker. And quicker. The squelching sound of my fingers mixing with Steve’s cum was clearly audible in the kitchen.

I was still bent over the table, so I got myself to my feet, grabbed my cock with my other hand, and started wanking profusely. I must have looked a sight, just stood perfectly upright in an upper-class kitchen, fingering my asshole while jerking myself senseless. The thought of how I must have looked just turned me on more. Then I spotted the tea. I waddled over to the cups as if I was hogtied, trying desperately not to break the rhythm of either hand.

I moaned to myself. “Please may I cum? I’m ready to cum for you Steve, please?” My balls were tightening, I could feel that familiar tingling in the head of my cock, then out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I looked towards the kitchen door and there he was, watching me. Oh shit this was hot!

“Please Steve?” I asked looking straight at him. “Please may I cum?” He didn’t say anything, he just nodded. That was enough for me.

I pointed my cock at my tea and focused on what I was doing. “Steve! Oh shit! Steve! I’m cumming for you! Oh shit! YES!” A wad of cum erupted from my cock so large it would make you think I hadn’t shot my load in days. I made sure I got every last drop of it in my Tea. I moaned as my orgasm subsided. I looked back towards the door, but he had gone.

After I squeezed the last of my load into my tea, I took both cups through to the lounge. Steve was laying on the sofa with his hands behind his head watching TV – my mind flashed back briefly to the events of that morning when we were on the sofa together. I handed him his tea and he smiled. I was sure he’d seen me ejaculate in the kitchen, but he didn’t ask which one of the Teas he had. I, of course, had the tea full of cum – when I got back to mistress it would help to make up for the fact that I’d been eating meals that weren’t laced with spunk all weekend.

We drank the tea in relative silence, after which I laid down next to him. His persistent cock was still rock hard, and I couldn’t help admiring it. It really was a thing of beauty. After a few minutes I shifted my body slightly and began kissing his chest. It felt incredible beneath my lips, soft and yet firm and powerful at the same time. He looked down at me, and I looked back at him and smiled. I clambered up and straddled him, then, looking into his eyes, lowered myself gently down onto his cock. It slid effortlessly into my ass, and I sunk as far down onto it as I could. “Make love to me Steve” I said.

There was a flicker in his eye, and he went to grab me by the shoulders. I stopped him. Not hard enough to show any sort of dominance, but hard enough to show him that at that moment I wanted something else. I lowered his arms gently to my waist. I was now in the classic cowgirl position (other than for being a guy obviously), so I leaned forward slightly from there, placed my hands on his muscular chest, and began slowly riding him. “Make love to me Steve” I said, />
He smiled up at me and began slowly lifting his hips to meet my downward strokes. “Oh” I moaned gently “Oh, Steve”.

“Mmm… You look so good” he said. The grin on his face told me that he was enjoying this as much as I was. I sped up just a little, doing my very best to keep things slow and sensual.

I smiled back at him “So do you” I said. I leaned further forward so that my face was over his. Our eyes locked. “Oh Steve” I moaned again “Oh! Tell me you love me. Ugh, please tell me?”

“I love you” he said breathlessly “I love you Mick. I love you so much!”

“I love you too” I breathed. “I love you. I love you!” I was saying the words in time with my downwards strokes, which in turn were in time with his upward ones. He began saying the same thing in the same rhythm.

“I love you” we said together “I love you! I love you!”, our eyes were still locked with our noses almost touching. I could feel his breath entering my mouth. It was one of those moments when everything synchronises perfectly. Our words, our breath, our movements, everything. And then… My knee slipped off the edge of the sofa!

“Oh crap” I said as I started to fall towards the floor. Steve tried to grab me and I tried to grab him, but all we succeeded in doing was pulling him with me. We fell off the sofa together. I landed on my back with a thud, and in the same instant he landed on top of me, causing his cock to stab into my behind and me to let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. We looked at each other and burst into laughter.

This was the perfect position for him to take control of our lovemaking though, so I ran my hands down the sides of his muscular body to his butt and pulled him into me gently. He instantly got the idea, lowered his face down to mine, and we continued our previous motion, with me lifting my hips to meet him this time instead of the other way around.

It wasn’t long before we were moaning to each other again. “I love you! I love you! Ugh!” The feeling of his cock gently pushing in and out of my body was exquisite. My cock was pressed between his stomach and mine, and the mix of the pressure and the stroking action from his thrusts was causing my balls and the entire length of my cock to tingle. I wasn’t going to last much longer. “I’m close Steve” I moaned. “I’m so close!”

“It’s okay” he said back. “Just tell me when”

We were still looking into each others eyes. I’d had sex with plenty of men, plenty of times before, but it had never been like this. I’d never felt this connected with another man. “ Steve! Steve!! STEVE! I love you! I LOVE YOU!! UUGGHH! I LOVE YOU!” We began moaning in time again.

“I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!” And then it happened. I couldn’t take anymore. It felt like a fire was erupting within me as intense pleasure surged through my entire body like an electric shock. “Now. NOW! NOW!!!” Steve, it would seem, really had been holding back and waiting for me.

he shouted out. I felt his cock swell as his cum began adding itself to the three loads already inside me. At the exact same moment, I was shooting my seed between our stomachs, covering both of us in my sticky juices.

We stayed looking into each other’s eyes, panting breathlessly as we came down from our latest orgasms. After a few minutes, Steve moved to get up.

“No. Don’t pull out. Please?” I asked. He was between my legs, so lifted my left leg over him and began to turn onto my side. Being sure to keep him inside me, I coaxed Steve down next to me so that we were spooning whilst still being connected to each other. Steve reached up, pulled a blanket from the sofa and draped it across us. And that’s where I fell asleep. Right there, in his arms, with his cock still inside me.

story by: AnythingForMistress

Tags: fiction masturbation consensual sex anal romance gay domination/submission prostitution sex story

Author: AnythingForMistress

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