Encounter in the lab – part three (re-transmitted)

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Carol Thompson, the Senior Laboratory Medical Technologist, stood beside the lab table, nervously drumming her fingers on the table's smooth surface. An attractive 58-year-old woman, Carol's slender shapely body was concealed under her conservativly subdued light blue blouse, white hospital pants, and her ever-present white lab coat. She anxiously glanced up at the wall clock for the twentieth time in the last ten minutes, her breathing uneven and almost ragged. The normally cool, professional, immensely competent med tech was rapidly becoming a nervous wreck. She was anxiously awaiting a telephone call that would initiate the little game that would result in her satisfying, if only briefly, her overpoweringly strong desire to have frequent sex.

"Come on!" she murmured. "Ring, dammit!" She restlessly resumed her tapping on the table top, glancing at her replacement, Jill Owens, working on a specimen at the far end of the room. Jill was the Supervisory Lab Tech for the "three to eleven-thirty shift," replacing Carol as supervisor. There was always a thirty-minute overlap between the shifts, allowing hospital supervisors and workers to update their replacements on department activities and on-going actions.

Just then the phone on the lab table rang, startling Carol out of her fretful state of mind. She immediately snatched the receiver off the base. "Damn!' she thought, "That was too anxious. Calm down, Carol!" She took a deep breath before continuing.

"Laboratory, Mrs. Thompson., "she answered in a professional manner. "May I help you?" The voice on the line was the one she expected.

"Mrs. Thompson. Oh yes, I certainly know that you can help me. This is Ken Williams. Mr. Harris and I are expecting you for our meeting. Can we look forward to seeing you soon?"

Ken Williams was the Director of Facilities and Maintenance Activities for the regional medical center. Virtually all activities that were required to operate the center came either directly or indirectly under his purview. Immediately, Carol's mind visualized the man. Ken Williams always presented the confident, competent appearance of the real leader that he was. He was only slightly older than Carol, a good-looking man who had turned sixty the month before. A solidly built six footer, he had a self-assured, pleasing face and his graying hair was cut short, a remnant of his days as a paratrooper with the 101st.

In her mind's eye she also pictured Gary Harris, as well. The quiet, soft-spoken Gary was Ken's deputy director of operations. He was about forty years old, a fairly tall man at 6 foot two and of medium build. His most distinctive feature was his eyes, bright blue and intense.

"Yes, Mr. Williams. I'll be down />
"I'm sure you will. Carol." chuckled Ken, adding "We'll be anxiously awaiting you."

Carol carefully replaced the phone and turned to her shift replacement. "Jill," she said, "That was Mr. Williams. He wants to go over the instrument calibration schedule for the next quarter. It won't take long and you're in control for the next eight hours, so l'll go on down to his office."

"Okay, Carol." responded Jill. "Do you have my input on the

"I do, along with that from all the department She looked at the clock and then continued. "Since it's almost the end of the shift, I'll get this taken care of and leave for home directly from his office."

"Sure, Carol," said Jill. "I'll see you tomorrow />
"Bye, Jill," answered Carol, picking up a manila folder containing the calibration schedule files. In reality, all the schedules had been fully established, but this was just another ruse to provide cover for Carol's real intent: finding some relief for her hypersexuality problem.

Leaving the lab, the Carol walked down the main hallway toward the elevators. She anxiously punched the button several times and was rewarded moments later when the elevator arrived and the doors opened. Thankfully, the elevator was empty. Pushing the "2B" button, she watched the doors close and the elevator descend to the second basement, deep within the bowels of the hospital. She cautiously checked the silent corridor for other people, then crossed the hallway to the large door opposite. She promptly swiped her pass card and entered the room.

Ken actually had two offices. The first was in the "Leadership Hallway" on the first floor. This plush hallway was for all those in key positions for the medical center. This, however, was the second and officially identified as the "Secondary Operations Center." It was the best kept secret in the hospital.

The complex pass card entry system and security guarded a well appointed office with plush carpeting, a large wooden desk, several leather chairs and an appealing couch. Ken, and occasionally Gary, would use the hidden office for secret sexual sessions. Over the years, luscious female doctors, nurses, med techs, dieticians and various other hospital employees including a leggy former "Vice President of Nursing Services" had had joined him for clandestine sexual encounters in the room.

Ken was standing behind his desk, watching Carol as she entered. "Well, Carol, are you ready?" he asked in a soft voice. "Gary and I thought that we could double your pleasure today. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, no, Not at all." Carol responded. This would not be her first time with these two studs, since the threesome had met several times in the past. Even so, Carol felt herself getting even more excited, anxiously looking forward to the next few minutes of intense sexual release with great eagerness.

Carol's heart was pounding as she first removed her Lab coat then her hospital white pants. Her fingers anxiously trembled as she slipped off the light blue knit blouse. Her white lacey bra was functional, yet appeared sexy on her slender figure. She kicked off her white hospital shoes and peeled off her socks. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, unconsciously shaking her tits as she arched forward and the cups dropped away. Carol noticed that her brown-tipped nipples were increasingly erect as her arousal grew.

She slipped her fingers in the waistband of her panties and eased them over her hips and down her long, shapely legs. Her discarded clothes were now piled on the floor as Carol stood naked in front of the two men as they admired the mature woman's figure. Carol's slender body had not one bit of excess weight, thanks to her hard work at the recreation center fitness room and mile after mile jogging through the neighborhood. She whirled around, proudly displaying her trim body to tease the men, her small breasts thrusting forward without sag, complementing her smooth belly, well-rounded ass, and shapely legs.

Ken and Gary stood up and began to remove their clothing. Carol anxiously ran her hands over her body, along her sides, caressingly over her hips, and then back up to her breasts. She tantalizingly cupped her tits with both hands and caressed the soft mounds. By this point, her nipples were hard and elongated as she squeezed them between her fingers.

The two men were completely naked when they came out from behind Ken's large desk and approached Carol restlessly waiting in the center of the office. By this point, the men were aroused and nearly erect, sporting large cocks that swayed and bobbed between their legs. Carol felt her pussy oozing her own juices as she admirered their impressive shafts.

The men moved alongside Carol and gently ran their hands over her body, softly touching her all over. Gary was the first to move, tenderly kissing her. She responded as the man's tongue slipped past her anxious lips and soon their tongues were caressing as the kiss lingered. An aroused moan escaped her lips as Ken bent slightly and fastened his lips to one of her swollen nipples, licking and suckling at the firm button. Greg quickly joined in and the men fondled and sucked at her breasts in concert, propelling powerful waves of sensual sensations coursing throughout her body.

Ken moved upward and brought his mouth to hers in a long drawn-out kiss, while Gary continued to caress her breasts with his hands and mouth. Carol's tongue reacted with enthusiasm as it sparred with his tongue. As she sensuously rocked back and forth in the center of the office, Carol instinctively dropped her hands to the firm cocks that probed her soft skin. She gently stroked them, soothingly running her hands up and down, enjoying the hardness of the shafts.

"I think Carol's ready for some serious cock action, what do you think?" Ken asked his assistant, as his probing fingers found her sopping pussy lips. "Oh, yeah! She's ready!"The men began to explore her pussy and stroke her clitoris. First one man would smoothly trace around her clitoris while the other worked several fingers in Carol's ever more sodden cunt, then they would change their roles.

"Uh, huh," murmured Gary. "Yeah, I think Carol's more than ready. Do you think she'd like to suck a hard cock, Ken?" Gary's words elevated Carol's mounting arousal. The men placed their hands on her shoulders, pushing her down to her knees. Her eyes struggled to focus on the two dicks as they throbbed in front of her face.

Ken ordered, "Suck my cock. Go ahead. I know that you want to suck it." Carol quickly opened her mouth and began to run her tongue around the head of Ken's dick. She inserted his cockhead past her lips, not satisfied until the entire shaft was in her mouth. She pulled back a little and began to lick around the head of his dick, progressing back and forth on the shaft before sucking it completely back in her mouth.

Moments later, Ken jerked his cock out of Carol's mouth. "I know that you want it, Carol. Tell me you want to suck our cocks. Go ahead, beg to suck our cocks, Carol. Ask us to shoot our creamy cum in your mouth. Beg us to let you swallow every drop of our cum. Go ahead! "

"Oh Ken, please, let me suck your cock … and Gary's too," the humiliated woman pleaded. "Please, let me swallow your cum." She knew she debased herself by her words, but her cravings were so intense and overpowering.

Ken rubbed his cockhead across Carol's face, stroking the oozing head over her inflamed cheeks and lips then forcefully shoved it past her lips and fully into her mouth. Impulsively, she whirled her tongue around the rigid shaft as he gradually pushed deeper into her mouth. She quickly took nearly all of it, but then started to choke. Pulling back a little, she controlled her emotions and focused her mind on servicing that portion of his cock that she had in her mouth.

After Carol worked on Ken for a short period, Gary pushed his boss to the side and took his turn, slowly eased his own shaft into her mouth. By now Carol had relaxed to the point where she could actually allow him to push the head of his cock fully to the opening of her throat. She sucked Gary for a few minutes until Ken pushed him out of the way. For quite some time the two men alternated offering their firm, unyielding cocks to the sexually addicted older woman.

Carol was thoroughly turned on and aroused as she avidly sucked on these magnifcent pieces of man-meat. She swirled her eager tongue around the bulging head of each cock as they slid in and out of her mouth and probed her throat. Occasionally she would gag and choke as one of the men would thrust his dick just a little too far. Even so, she was thoroughly taking great pleasure in the feel of the pulsing cocks probing her mouth.

"Let's get a good look at that juicy pussy of yours," said Ken. "The pussy that we're both gonna fill up for you." Carol sat back on her haunches, her tits and chest heaving with her rapid breathing. Her excitement was reaching a fever pitch, as her eyes glistened from rising excitement and expectation.

Carol got off her knees and sat down on the couch. She lay backwards, her head on the back of the couch, slowly spreading her luscious legs. The men moaned in arousal as they gazed at Carol's oozing pussy. Her nether lips were full and a deep pinkish color, edged by a moderately whispy bush of her light brown pubic hair.

She sensuously ran her hands up the insides of her succulent thighs, and then parted her pussy lips. Her eyes were tightly closed and she allowed a moan of pure pleasure as her fingers found and probed her saturated pussy. She briefly caressed her mound with her hands, slipping a finger into her succulent slash and stroking her swollen clitoris while the men watched. Another moan escaped her lips as she began to intensely finger-fuck her seemingly insatiable pussy. "Oh, I need it. I need it right now!" she murmured. Carol was furiously probing her dripping-wet cunt with both hands as a mist of overpowering lust flowed through and encompassed her entire body. Abruptly, Carol's hands were rudely pushed aside as Ken buried his face into her cunt and begin to eat her out.

Ken was exceptionally accomplished at caressing a woman's pussy with his mouth. He used his long tongue to sensuously probe her inner walls, then carefully arched the tip around her eager clitoris and began to enthusiastically stroke it. Carol threw her head back against the back of the couch and groaned in uncontrolled, all-consuming lust.

Ken firmly gripped Carol's ass with his hands as he attacked her oozing slash from top to bottom with his licking, probing tongue. Carol responded by sliding further down the couch as her hips bucked and thrust against Ken's face, endeavoring to get his mouth to explore every portion of her inflamed cunt. Her hands steadfastly gripped Ken's head, as she incoherently squealed in sexual release.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh fuck! It feels so good!," Carol howled. A gigantic orgasm was building in the center of her being, but before she could reach her climax, Ken pulled his face away, eliciting an anguished moan from Carol.

"Your turn, Gary," said Ken as he moved to the overstuffed leather chair to watch the aroused woman approach her orgasm. Gary grinned as he knelt between Carol's outstretched legs, swiftly directing his mouth to her crotch. A ripple of increased lust surged up her spine as Gary's tongue probed on her pussy, then fervently sucked on her clitoris. Her fingers clutched at his hair, endeavoring to direct his efforts.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm so close! Please make me cum" Carol screamed as Gary stepped up the tempo of his assault on her superheated slash. Seeing a special opportunity, Ken knelt on the couch and pushed his cockhead against Carol's lips. In immediate response, Carol hungrily sucked Ken's cock into her mouth and began to work his shaft in and out of her mouth. Muffled shrieks and incoherent moans emanated from her fully stuffed mouth.

Ken closed his eyes tight and wrapped his hands in Carol's hair as she lost all control under Gary's mouth and tongue. She passionately sucked his dick and plunged it ever deeper into her mouth. Carol felt the initial stages of a massive orgasm welling up in her body. She trembled as increasingly urgent waves of desire surged through her, finally exploding deep in her throbbing, superheated cunt. Overwhelmed by the sensation, Carol pulled back from the cock filling her mouth and shrieked as she finally experienced the raging, uncontrollable orgasm.

Gary quickly stood up and swung Carol's legs around until she was on her back. She instinctively responded by spreading her legs wide, excitedly anticipating Gary's penetrating cock. He rubbed his cockhead along the sodden, slippery lips, ready to thrust into her luscious pussy.

"Oh, fuck me!," she wailed. "Please fuck me! I need it! Fuck me, Gary! Please, fuck me!"

Gary pushed the head of his cock past Carol's opening and firmly slid the shaft deep within her aching, insatiable slash. Instantaneously, Carol felt yet another orgasm surging through her body, trembling and shuddering as Gary filled her voracious pussy. He began a steady rhythm, thrusting in and out, as he plunged ever deeper. Carol incoherently moaned and squealed as Gary's short strokes became increasingly forceful, pounding her ravenous cunt.

Ken watched the lustful action and then moved alongside the couch, easing his cock back into Carol's mouth. She responded by hungrily licking and sucking at his rigid shaft. Together the men were sexually abusing the mature woman; yet, working in concert they gave her pure, mind-numbing pleasure.

Gary progressively increased the strength and tempo of his pounding cock and felt Carol's response as she excitedly rocked her hips back and forth, thrusting up to meet his. She passionately fucked upward, writhing and squirming as she tried to get all of Gary's plunging cock deep in her pussy.

Ken used his hands to position Carol's head so he could control the angle and depth of his penetration of her mouth, as he pulled back and thrust back in. Carol's mind was in overload as she sucked Ken's dick and Gary continued to hammer her insatiable pussy with progressively more rapid and ever powerful thrusts.

Gary felt his nuts begin to burn in rapidy approaching release. He closed his eyes as his strokes semingly lost control, erratically thrusting ever deeper. Carol screamed a stream of obscene words as he held her firm and she wrapped her legs around his hips, endeavoring to pull him in even deeper. Her whole body was absolutely on fire.

Alongside her head, Ken seized his cock at the base and slid the shaft back and forth across her gaping mouth. Carol stretched her tongue out of her mouth, licking the glistening rod. She lifted her head slightly and gripped it, pulling his cockhead to her tongue, as she licked at the swollen, oozing head.

Increasingly aroused, Ken actually straddled Carol's head, wrenching it back, so that her mouth was fully open wide, and forcefully shoved his cock into her mouth. She consumed his swollen cockhead and began to enthusiastically suck with a determined and insistent urgency. Even so, she briefly gagged as Ken began to uncontrollably fuck her face in a frenzy.

The men were simultaneously, furiously pumping their cocks harder than ever, sending all-consuming waves of lust coursing through the totally aroused woman. Carol savored the experience, her body a throbbing heap of sexual feelings, her mind spinning in the absolute carnal pleasure that she was experiencing.

Predictably, Gary felt ready to spurt his semen into Carol's luscious, moist pussy. He closed his eyes as he rammed his cock into Carol's slash burying it the hilt in one final, deep thrust. Gary groaned, "Oh fuck, Carol! Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" He shrieked as he sent a huge stream of boiling semen spurting into her womb climaxing in a tumultuous torrent of his sizzling-hot cum deep in Carol's pussy.

Carol pushed Ken's cock out of he mouth and screamed a stream of obscene words as Gary held firm, flooding her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his hips, endeavoring to pull him in even deeper. Her whole body was absolute raging inferno.

The office filled with the moans, screams, and gasps of absolutely wild, unrestrained sexual passion. Ken gripped Carol hard behind the neck and furiously fucked her mouth, virtually filling her throat with every thrust. Watching Gary mercilessly pound Carol's cunt and achieving his climax finally pushed Ken over the edge. With a loud gasp, he felt his cock swell dramatically and then explode, spurting a massive series of shots into Carol's mouth. Carol frantically tried to push his pulsing cock out of her mouth at the onslaught, but Ken clutched her head tightly, keeping himself deep. Carol felt hot spurts of the creamy fluid fill her mouth and flow down her throat as she fought to keep from choking on the enormous load of semen. "C'mon, Carol!," Ken demanded. "Swallow it, bitch! Swallow it all, you slut!!" Carol tried to swallow, but several drops oozed past his aroused cock, dribbled out the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks.

The moment Ken's cock erupted, Carol felt the awesomeness of collective orgasms rushing along with the spray of semen that was bathing her inner walls. Almost immediately, Carol followed with another overpowering orgasm, wailing in total and complete sexual release. Throughout her life Carol had assumed that she knew what sexual pleasure was all about, but now her insatiable body demanded ever more of this experience. Carol shut her eyes and squealed as her entire body shuddered in yet another tremendous, uncontrollable climax. As she shook violently and flooded Gary's cock with her own juices, her pussy fiercely pulled and tightened on his shaft.

For long seconds, the trio trembled and shook as the mighty explosions of orgasm spent themselves. Exhausted, Carol lay back on the couch, struggling to breathe as the men finally slipped their withering cocks from her battered pussy and mouth. Drops of sweat shimmered on her skin as she struggled to regain control.

Lengthy, lingering moments passed as the fatigued participants labored to recover. Incredibly, mere minutes later, an amazingly rejuvinated Carol swung her legs around, sat up on the couch and lustfully stared at the softening shafts of her lovers. She promptly took them both in her hands as the two men once again sat beside her. "I ain't believing this," murmured an amazed Ken. "Just look at this cock-hungry slut!"

The astonished, yet delighted men began to trace and probe Carol's slippery and soaked pussy as Ken pulled her head toward him. Ken was not quite fully hard, but Carol soon found his swelling cock completely in her mouth. She determinedly applied a firm sucking motion with her relentless lips as she endeavored to restore his shaft to full firmness. Briefly stopping, she pulled his dick out and demanded, "Get hard, dammit! Get hard!" Ken's hand on the back of her head firmly pulled her mouth back in position as his shaft swelled once more.

Carol's head bobbed while she swirled her tongue around the hard shaft in her mouth, sucking it to its base, then eased back up. Watching his friend get his cock masterfully sucked by the beautiful older woman had encouraged Gary's own dick to return to intense hardness. He knew just what delightful experience he wanted next. Skillfully, he maneuvered Carol on her knees, between Ken's legs. In this arrangement she could more effectively work on Ken's dick and she responded by sucking with escalating force.

Unexpectedly, Carol felt her thighs being spread further apart, quickly followed by Gary's long, energetic tongue probing her pussy. Gary probed Carol's oozing slash then worked just the tip of his tongue over her burning clitoris. Carol moaned deeply as she amazingly felt her own arousal surging again, overpoweringly stimulating sensations coursing through her body. She had never been this aroused before. Her mind was swirling with the overpowering lustful fire that incinerated her senses.

Gary ferociously stroked his tongue up and down Carol's pussy, probing in and out of as she instinctively elevated her ass to allow him easier access. He watched Carol's asshole as it lay open and accessible, and determined to prepare her for his next assault.

Grabbing a jar of petroleum jelly from the desk, he drove a dollop-covered finger into her asshole. Startled, Carol stiffened when she felt his jelly-coated middle finger probing her rectum. Carol instantaneously responded, suddenly fully aware of what Gary was about to do and that was something she wouldn't allow.

"No! Don't do that! Please, Don't do that! I don't like it" she shrieked.

"Oh, yesI I can do that! Even if you don't like it … I do like it!" Gary replied.

"Please! Don't!" Carol pleaded.

Carol was in a sudden panic. She didn't want her ass penetrated by Gary's stiff cock. Gary disregarded her pleas and continued probing her rectal cavity with his middle finger. After a few moments, he held it there, preparing her for the insertion of his impatient cock.

Ken tightly held her body as Carol tried to fight Gary's intrusion into her rectum. "Go ahead, Gary. Fuck her in the ass! Fuck this slut in the ass!" he urged. Gary unhurriedly resumed pushing his finger into Carol's ass, with a measured and steady rhythm. Carol was stunned by the increasingly erotic feelings suddenly surging through her body from Gary's finger probing her anal tract. After the initial pain of his insertion, waves of desire began to spread outward from Carol's asshole and ripples of lust surged through her entire body. The sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, an abundance of feelings and arousal that seemed to overwhelm every nerve ending in her body.

Gary plunged other fingers into her aching, throbbing vagina and increased the tempo of his thrusts. Carol screamed, arching her back as yet another extraordinary orgasm overflowed her senses. Soon, Carol was forcing her ass back onto Gary's fingers, demanding ever greater penetration Satisfied that Carol couldn't fight him, Gary eventually removed his fingers from inside her ass and stood up. Ken, in the meantime, had relentlessly pushed his rigid shaft back in Carol's mouth, his hands firmly gripping her neck.

Keeping her fist wrapped tightly around Ken's cock, she howled out in release as her climax took complete control. She drove her hips back and wailed "Fuck my ass, Gary, fuck my ass! Fuck me! I want to feel your cum in my ass!"

Gary looked up at his boss, then gripped his dick at the base and eased the head of his cock to the opening of Carol's rectum. He felt her tense as the cockhead sought entry. Ken held Carol firmly, yet tenderly, as Gary penetrated her tight anal ring with the head of his cock. "Relax, Carol" Ken softly whispered. "He's almost there." Carol whimpered as she felt her anal cavity being defiled. The pain was severe, as she tried to writhe away from his skewering shaft. The cockhead slipped past her anal ring and Gary felt his cock firmly, tightly, imbedded in her ass. Moments later he started making slow stabbing motions, gradually but certainly shoving himself ever deeper into Carol's rectum.

After a few minutes, Carol's new pain again began to recede, instead a warm glow of pleasure replaced the hurting. As Gary eased his battering cock further into Carol's ass, she began to surrender herself to the new sensations that welled up inside of her. The evilness of what she was experiencing actually aroused her, igniting a further passion that prompted Carol to drive her hips backwards in order to consume every inch of his cock in her ass.

Carol once more lost all control as she shoved her ass back on Gary's spearing cock. Incredibly aroused, she devoured Ken's cock with renewed vigor as well, ferociously sucking his probing shaft. Ken responded by endeavoring to push as much of his cock as possible in Carol's mouth. He smiled, marveling at how the attractive, mature woman had always demonstrated that she was a pure slut when she was overcome with her sexual lust.

Gary reveled in Carol's hot and tight ass, as he fucked her rectum without restraint, excited by Carol's eagerness. She willingly fucked her ass back on his pistoning cock as she stretched her hand underneath her body to furtively caress her throbbing, tingling pussy. Carol was relentlessly ascending to a truly tremendous full-body climax as she experienced an ever-increasing succession of orgasms.

Both men were rapidly approaching their own climaxes, feeling the cum welling up in their nuts. They enthusiastically rammed their throbbing cocks into Carol's seemingly insatiable body, groaning in anticipation of their own intense orgasms. Carol was in a totally focused trance, unaware of anything other than the marvelous cocks that were giving her such erotic pleasure as orgasm after orgasm coursed through her body

Gary gripped Carol's hips tightly and brutally rammed his cock in her ass on the verge of his own climax. Ken was nearing completion, as well, as he fucked his cock deep in Carol's ravenous mouth. With a howl, Gary felt his semen gush through his shaft and uncontrollably spray out of his cockhead. He continued his battering through a series of uncontainable spurts that viciously flooded Carol's rectum with his creamy semen. Seconds later, Ken thrust forward one final time, held firm and exploded deep in Carol's throat while the sex-crazed woman used her mouth to take pleasure in every drop of his cum. As she felt the searing spurts of semen saturating her body, Carol trembled from head to toe as the most enormous orgasm she had ever felt gushed through her with incredible intensity.

The moment Ken's raging cock finished spurting, she lifted her head from his crotch and let loose an primeval howl, piercing and extended. Gary's cock slipped out of Carol's ass with a sucking sound, and he and his boss sat back and watched in awe as Carol's body was racked with a series of orgasmic spasms. It was all too much for her and she collapsed, totally exhausted, as she completely lost consciousness.

Some long minutes later, Carol finally came to, lying face down on the couch and totally spent. Little by little, wearily, she lifted her head. She gazed around for a moment or two, hesitant and unsure as to where she actually was. She was startled when she saw that both Ken and Greg were completely dressed. She was unsure how long she had passed out, but the men who had penetrated, probed, and abused her body seemed calm and relaxed. Carol dazedly shook her head and sighed as she struggled to recover from the strenuous actions of this awesome sexual encounter.

Ken looked up when he noticed that Carol had stirred. "Hello, pretty lady. It seems you took a little nap." He paused, then continued "Well, I guess it is time for you to get dressed." Still dazed, Carol finally looked up at the clock on the wall. She suddenly realized that she needed to leave this wicked place where these two men had abused her and go home to her innocent, loving husband.

She staggered to her feet and murmured, "Oh, shit! I've got to get cleaned up! I've got to go home." She gathered up her panties, blouse, and white lab pants and hurried into the office's attached toilet. Moments later she reemerged, somewhat cleaned up and fully dressed. Carol knew she was momentarily sexually satisfied, but utterly ashamed that she had allowed these two men to abuse her to such an extent. She just shook her head and meekly stood in front of them. She looked at them and the satisfied smiles on their faces.

"Well, all we can say is 'Thank you,' Mrs. Thompson," said Ken. "You know that we certainly enjoy providing you with some relief for your condition any time you wish."

"I want to thank you, too," murmured Carol. She paused, dropped her eyes to the floor, and then continued again, "I needed that experience … and you helped me." As she spoke, she unintentionally rubbed her pussy. "Well, I must leave now." Carol halted briefly and then continued, "I don't want to do this …. but, I can't go on without it." She paused again, then murmured, "But, until I can resolve my problem, I know that you guys will be available to provide any help I might require."

The two men smiled knowingly at one another. Then Ken responded, "Oh, yes, Mrs. Thompson. We're always available and most happy to indulge your every need."

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