Finding love along the tracks chapter 10 – moving on

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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 10 – Moving on

Before I start this chapter, I want to thank everyone for their support for the series. As far as I can tell, I do not see an end to the story in sight. After the last chapter, where William's Fiancee passed away, there was some questioning as to weather William and Danielle were based on myself and the other from my true story series "Adventures of a Railfan Chapter 1." The answer is a flat out NO. As I mentioned in the start of chapter 1, all the characters are purely fictional and do not resemble any real person or people, but the events that showed how Danielle died, were in fact based on the real Danielle. There was a good reason for why I had her die the way that she did. It was to further develop the characters personalities in an area that I thought was very weak. Please see my note at the start of Chapter 9 for further details on the matter.

The next day, John and Kelsy woke to the sounds of sobbing from the next room. They knew right away that William was upset, and they wondered if Jennifer was having any luck in comforting him. The sobbing continued for another 10 minutes when they got up and put some clothes on to see if he was okay. They walked out at the same time as Brenda and Jack were, and his parents were coming down the hallway. Every one had all heard Williams crying and they all were going to check on him.

Gary knocked on the door. "William, are you okay in there? Can we come in?"

"One second!" They heard Jennifer call out. They heard her climb out of bed and walk to the door. When she opened the door, they could tell that she had a look of despair on her face.

"Is he okay?" Brenda asked.

"He is really upset right now. This was the first time in 4 years he did not wake up next to her. He is taking it very hard right now." She replied

"Can we come in and see him? Jack asked

"Yeah, that's fine, William, everyone wants to see you." She told him as everyone walked in the room. He looked up and saw that they all had looks of concern on their faces

April went to the bed and sat down next to him as everyone gathered around him. She put her arms around him and drew him in for a hug.

"I know it's rough, William, and I guarantee that it will be for the next few months." She told him in a loving voice.

This brought Williams sobs down to just a sniffle every once in a while. Kelsy and Brenda felt sorry for him. Here was this grown man, sitting on the bed crying like a little baby. They knew why, and the two of them felt helpless. Jack, John and Gary were feeling the same way. They had to find away to try and have him cope with Danielle's death, but they did not know how to.

Gary was the first to speak. "William, how would you like to learn a new hobby today?"

William looked up at him with a look of sad confusion. "What kind of hobby?" He replied

"You can help me with some woodworking for Kelsy and Brenda's baby furniture. I am sure it will put your mind to work long enough to keep you from crying your eyes out." He said.

"Go for it, William!" John exclaimed. "It will be good for you. My dad can teach you everything you need to know."

"William, you really need to remember, no matter how hard you cry, Danielle can not come back. She is still alive though, in your heart and memories. You need to move on and try to be happy. Be happy that she is no longer suffering, that she is now at peace watching over you as your guardian angel." Jennifer said. "I know that its calling the kettle black because I still feel very depressed about loosing Steven, but I have grown to accept the fact that no matter what I do, he is not coming back, and I have tried my best at moving on."

William looked up at everyone. He didn't think that anyone really cared for him this much, except for his mom. His only realy friend, he thought, was Danielle, and never took into consideration how important he was to everyone standing in this room.

"You guys are right. Danielle would want me to be happy, and I know it will take time to heal, but with all the support you guys have shown me since last night, I know I can eventually move on."

Jennifer moved over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Everyone except Kelsy and John looked in shock. They did not expect her to kiss him, so soon after his fiancee passed over into the spirit world. It took them a few moments, and Jennifer was wondering why they were all looking at her.

April decided that it was time to break the silence

"Come on, everyone, I have breakfast cooking down stairs, William, you need to eat and keep your energy levels up, we don'y want you to become malnourished while you are healing." April said as she got up. William nodded in agreement. Everyone left except Kelsy and John. They wanted to know exactly what happened last night.

"Okay, you two, what happened between the two of you last night?" John asked them

"Nothing happened. We talked for a little bit about what had happened to us and ended up going to bed shortly there after." William said. He had a slight blush to his face, either from his crying or his friends knew what happened.

"Come on William, we are not stupid," Kelsy said, "the walls in this house are basically paper thin, we heard the two of you screwing each other's brains out."

The two of them looked at each and then back to them. She started to blush when she decided to speak up first.

"Okay, yes, we had sex last night, and it was great sex, and before you ask, no, William did not seduce me, I figured that after the argument we had about sleeping arrangements and that he should wear something, that he would not try anything. It was me who seduced him." She explained

"Why, you know he is mourning, his fiancee died yesterday." Kelsy said, she had a bit of anger in her voice.

"I wanted him to feel better. Know that I look at it, I know it was not the right way to handle the situation. Earlier in the evening, he explained to me that Danielle had become too sick from the cancer that she could not have sex for the final two months of her life. I felt like he needed a release, and one thing lead to another and we had sex two or three times last night."

"William, are you okay with what happened last night?" John asked

"Yes, I am okay with it. I did need a release, and the sex helped ease my mind. I am not mad at her, I know she was just trying to get my mind off of things." He told them

"But why so soon after her death?" Kelsy asked.

"I was not expecting anything to happen. I just wanted someone to hold me, but when she started to kiss on me and rub her hand on my chest, I got a little carried away. I feel a little guilty, but I don't have any regrets. One thing you two did not know about Danielle and I is that we had an open relationship, we were able to sleep with other people with no strings attached, and I know she would not be angry at me for sleeping with Jennifer."

"You had an open relationship with Danielle? Was it her idea or yours?" John asked

"It was a mutual agreement. We were at a party one night, shortly after we had taken each others virginity, and we both found ourselves looking at other people. She asked if I would not mind if she slept with the guy she was eyeing, and I told her it was okay as long as I was able to bed the girl I had my eye on. Needless to say, we did get the people we were after, and after that, we agreed that we had so much fun, that we should keep doing that. It really brought us closer together, and when we told each other about our exploits, it made our sex even hotter than it had been." He explained

"Still, I think it is too early." Kelsy said.

"Listen baby, if its true that John had this kind of relationship with Danielle, then I think she would have wanted him to have a little fun to get his mind off things. I would not stress over it too much." He explained to her

"I guess you are right, but I am still not comfortable with it. Maybe we should soundproof that room, sweetie."

Everyone chuckled, then heard a low rumble. They looked over at Jennifer and realized that they were all getting very hungry and walked down stairs for some breakfast.

During breakfast, everyone tried to get William's mind off of things so he would feel better. They were having some luck, and he actually laughed at some of the corny jokes that Gary told them.

As they were finishing their breakfast, April spoke to William.

"William, I spoke to your mother this morning." She told him

"Why, what did you tell her?"

"I told her that it might be a good idea if you stayed here with us for a while. It is just the two of you in that large house of yours now, and there is plenty of us around here to keep you busy. She agreed that it would help with your grieving, seeing you talking with Jennifer last night, I think it would be good for her to stay with him." April said

"Mom, I think if we have any more people move in, we will need to move into a larger house!" John said. Everyone laughed, even William.

"Are you sure, Mrs. Walker? I mean, I would love to stay here with you guys, but what about my mom? She will be all alone."

"Don't worry about it, John. She told me that she is going to be visiting some of her Family in Germany in a few days and will be gone for 6 months, at least." April explained

"That's right, I forgot she was leaving for a while. But who will take care of the house?"

"You would, of course. I promised her that every weekend, all of you would head to your house to clean, do yard work and maintain it while no one was there. Of course, I am sure you could let Jason or Scott stay there with their girlfriends for a while as well."

"So I can stay here and they can stay at my place while my mom is gone?" He asked

"Now, now, William, don't question my wife and her decisions," Gary spoke up, "Trust me, I have tried that way to many times and have lost each time. I suggest that you should go gather your things, and collect your two dogs and come back here."

"I will go with you to help, William." Jennifer told him. "It will be much easier with the two of us than if it was just you."

"I appreciate the help, Jennifer, we will head up there when after we clean up our dishes." William told April.

"Don't be foolish, John and Kelsy have dish duty this morning." She said.

"Ugh, I hate doing the dishes!" John moaned

Kelsy gave a slight chuckle at his remark. "April, I can do the dishes myself, John can go let Jason and Scott know they can stay at Willian's place for the next 6 months."

"Thanks, baby, I owe you one." He said as he leaned over to kiss her

"Yeah, you will owe me big, Mister, tomorrow night you are rubbing my feet and scratching my back!" She winked

Jennifer and William left for his place as John called Scott first.

He answered

"Hey Scott, how you doing?" John asked

"I am feeling better, how is William?" he replied

"He is still deeply hurt, but he is feeling better after last night. He ended up having sex with Jennifer last night, and that seemed to really help him a-lot."

"Already having sex after his girl died yesterday. He moves fast!"

"It's not what you think, Scott, it is a long story, but that is not the reason why I am calling you."

"Okay, then what?"

"William is going to be moving in with us for the next six months while his mom goes to Germany to visit family, and his house will be empty. His mom agreed to let Jason, yourself and the girls to stay there while the house is empty."

"Are you serious?" He asked, he was bewildered about what was being offered to him. "We can really stay there and live as a couple for the next 6 months?"

"Yeah, I think it would be good for the four of you. It has a finished basement and two kitchens, so basically, the two of you will have your own full living areas without having to share />
"Tell him that I say thank you, I will talk to Shelby about it when I see her later, I am sure she is going to want to come over to check on William."

"I don't know when they will be back. Jennifer and him went up to his place to collect his things and his two dogs. They will be back later though." John explained.

"Thanks, John, we will see you guys later tonight, and I will talk to Shelby." Scott replied

"I am going to call Jason now, so I will catch you later."

"Later" Scott said as the hung up the phone.

After calling Jason and explaining everything, John and Kelsy decided that they would take this time and go for a walk. They needed some fresh air, since everything that had happened the past 24 hours. As they were walking up to the door, they noticed a well dressed woman walking up to the door.

"I am sorry, ma'am, but whatever you are selling, we are not interested." He told her

"I am not selling anything, but I do need to ask, is there a Brenda Wacha living here?" She asked him

"Maybe, who is asking?" Kelsy asked her

"Excuse me, I am sorry, I have not introduced myself. My name is Julie Davidson, I am with Wilbert, Harris and Dunlap, the attorny firm." She explained

"And why do you need to see her?" John asked, he did not seem to trust her.

"It's about the estate that was left to her after her father passed on. He had willed everything to her."

"Good luck, she more than likely will not want it, but come on in, and I will get her." John told her as he invited her inside.

Kelsy showed her to the kitchen table while John went to get Brenda.

"Brenda, there is a lawyer downstairs wanting to talk you, apparently, your dad willed everything to you."

"I don't want or need his shit!" Brenda said, her voice becoming very angry with just that statement.

"Brenda, she is from a very respected law firm. I know they cost thousands of dollars for retainer fee's. I think you might want to hear what she might have to say." He told her

"Oh really? I am sure that I am just getting a penny, or something like that!" She huffed as she walked out of the room and towards the kitchen with Jack and John following behind her.

When they entered the kitchen, Brenda had a look of disgust on her face. She sat down and looked at the lawyer. Julie got the impression that Brenda did not want he ad left her in his will, and she knew that what she was about to tell her will make her quickly change her mind.

"Miss Wacha. I know about your history with your father, but I read the news about what had happened to him. I don't know the whole story behind everything, but I want to assure you, what I am about to tell you is going to change your life."

"Oh, and what did that bastard leave for me?"

"Well, according to signed and notarized last will and testament, he has willed you his entire fortune, the sum of $198,756,345.94 cents, plus the house he was in when he was gunned down.

Everyone's eyes widened when they heard how much was willed to Brenda. They had no idea that he had been so wealthy. Brenda almost fell out of her chair, but Jack managed to catch her in time.

"H…how much did you say?" She asked, not believing what she had just heard.

"I will repeat it one more time, Miss Wacha, He has willed you $198,756,345.94. He was a big player in the stock market and invested his money wisely. That money is all yours, but there will be taxes, so you are looking at clearing just over Julie repeated.

"I…I never knew that about him." She gasped.

"Most people do not know that they have a very wealthy family member until he dies" Julie went on. "All toy have to do is sign this paper here stating that you accept the property and money that was left to you. You need to go to the bank and open an account if you do not have one, so the money can be transfered to you. It will take 2 to 3 days for it show up in your account. If you do not have one, I will go with you to make sure that everything is taken care of properly."

Brenda quickly signed the paper. She still hated him for what he had done to her, but know that she found out that he had left her a vast fortune, she knew that he did still care enough about her to leave her everything he had. She had no idea.

"Brenda, looks like you are a Multi-millionaire now!" John exclaimed, excited about her.

"I know! But I don't think I should keep it all to myself, John." she replied

"What do you mean?" Kelsy asked.

"I mean, I want to share it. With you and John, his parents and William and Jennifer." It is the only thing to do."

"What about Scott, Jason and their Jack asked

"Don't worry about them, Jack. They are already well off. Scott's dad is the owner of one of the largest Construction Companies in town, the Samstork Company, and Jason, his dad owns 51% interest in an international shipping company. Those two alone are worth about $19 million each." John told him

"Do the girls know?" Kelsy asked

"I do not think so, but lets not tell them until they decide to share this information with them."

"That is a good idea." Brenda agreed

"So if you are going to divide it with the 6 of this, all of us would get a little over $20 million each." Gary said as he walked in. He had been listening to the entire conversation from the living room, and his inters peaked when he heard that Brenda was going to split it with everyone in the house.

"That is right, Mr. Walker, I am more than happy to share it with everyone."

"Miss Wacha, I think we should head to the Bank to open your account. If you really do intend to split it with everyone, you should have them open accounts as well."

"I already have an account with my name on it, and I can put Kelsy's name on it as well since the two of us are engaged. You can put our two shares of the money into that account, and I am sure you can do the same with Mom and Dad's. I am not sure about William, but I think those two would need seperate accounts since they are only just friends at this point." John explained to Julie.

"Well, talk to him when he gets back, but now, we need to get going so we can take care of the bank account." She explained

Julie, Brenda and Jack got up to head to the the local American Bank. As they were leaving, they heard William and Jennifer arrive back at the house. When they walked in, they were wondering where they were going with that women. John and Kelsy explained to them about the fortune that her dad had left her, and that she was going to share it with everyone. Their eyes became wide when they found out that were each going to get a little over $20 million.

"Are you serious!" William said, he had become very excited.

"Dead serious, I am sure that she is sharing her money with the two of you because you can use it to go on a trip to help yourself heal, and Jennifer can go with you as well." Kelsy said

"I don't need a trip to help me heal, John. I know that being around everyone here is good enough for me. I can use the money, but that is still more than I need. I mean, its nice, but it is not going to change who I am."

"It won't change me either, sure I will buy nicer clothes, and maybe a new car to replace my junk heap right now, but it will be nice to know that I have money in case something major happens." Jennifer explained

They all started to talk about what they wanted to do, and laughed as each one made up something more lavish and unbelievable, like John stating he was going to buy an Aircraft carrier so he can fly his fighter jet and bomb everyone who had teased him in school. That got everyone, including William, cracking up. They all could tell that William's healing was beginning.

A couple of months later, it was Christmas time. Snow had fallen and the were now constantly in the single digits. Kelsy was now 5 months along, and Brenda was 6. William was now more comfortable with living with John and his family, and Jennifer was always by his side. Scott and Jason, along with Shelby and Emily had settled in to John's home.

A month into her Trip, Williams mom called and told him that she was going to be moving to Germany effective right away because she had been offered a job at a Multi-billion dollar international toy company called Marklin, and that her salary would be in the seven digit figure area per year. He was sad that she was moving so far away, but he knew that the job was everything she had wanted, and they both promised each other that they would visit each other as often as possible, and talk on the phone every week. Since he was now living in the Walker residence, he decided that he would sell the house and give the money to his mom so she could start her new life in Germany. Jason and Scott loved the house, so they made him an offer right away in which John accepted immediately. After all, it did come with a nearly completed HO scale model railroad that William had built. The 4 of them moved the rest of their stuff in and since the house was already furnished, they did not have to buy any furniture.

William had almost fully healed from the emotional wounds from when Danielle passed away. It was still rough on him from time to time, but things were getting better. Jennifer had helped him in so many ways to cope with his loss, that he started to like her more and more, even though he was still not ready to enter into a relationship. However, the more time he spent with her, the more he knew that she would be there for him no matter what happens to them in the future. After Danielle had died, he had left his Job as a sales rep for John Henry Foster to heal, and his employer accepted his request for leave to cope. He went back to work right after Thanksgiving, his boss was very happy to have him back, since he was their best salesman, and he knew that he still would not be the same William as before. He did take a day off every week because he still had his bad days, but the emotional attacks on him were becoming fewer and fewer as time went on.

Brenda kept her promise and split the money willed to her with everyone in the household. They each got a little over $21 million since the taxes were not as high as everyone expected. She and Jack were both looking forward to their first Christmas together and they actually bought each other very expensive gifts, even though they made a promise to each other that they would only spend $50 on each other, but it was more like $500.

John and Kelsy started to make their wedding plans during the first week of December. They had initially thought about having the wedding at the Kirkwood Amtrak Station, since that is where they became a couple. When they realized there was going to be a risk of a constant parade of Coal, Intermodal and Mixed freight trains rolling by and interrupting the wedding, that idea was quickly thrown out. The two of them decided instead that they would get married at the St. Louis Botanical Garden in St. Louis, with a wedding reception at The Hilton Hotel in Downtown St. Louis. They were both very excited and looking forward to the day they would become Husband and Wife. She was now 5 months along, and her baby bump was now the source of John's love. He loved the fact that she was going to be the mother of his child, but he also didn't forget that he fathered the child that Brenda was carrying as well, but his parents or anyone else did not need to know that.

April and Gary loved having a full house, and they also loved the fact that they were going to be grandparents for the first time. They started getting together with Kelsy's parents, Morgan and Frank and were becoming good friends. Frank would come over and halp Gary as he did his woodworking, while April and Morgan want shopping together for baby things, or just to window shop at one of the area malls. They had completed their Christmas Shopping, and while they got Kelsy and John plenty of gifts for them and the Baby, they did not forget everyone else. The biggest gift was going to be for Brenda. Even though she was legally an adult, they decided that they were going to adopt her, and so she could officially become part of the Walker Family, and once again have loving parents. The paperwork had been completed in late November, and even though she was officially part of the Family, they were not going to tell her until they presented the papers to her on Christmas Day.

Scott and Shelby were also looking forward to Christmas. It was going to be a busy one for them. Their plans included going to her families house for Breakfast and Gifts in the morning, and in the evening they would spend it with Scott's family. They would stay in his old room that night so that on Christmas Day, they could spend it with the Walkers. They were very happy together, Scott started to think about proposing to her, but he didn't want to on an obvious day, like Christmas or Valentines Day, and he really did not like the idea of doing it on New Years Eve. He decided that he would wait until Mid January to pop the question. He had been thinking for a while know, and had already bought the ring, and he had hidden it, still in the box, inside one of the model buildings on the Layout that was in his home that he shared with Jason and Emily, he was just figuring out when the best time to propose to her would be.

Even though they were living with Scott and Shelby, Jason and Emily did not see much of them, mainly because the house was a 2 in 1, with two master bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 full kitchens and 2 full living areas. The only shared areas in the house were the laundry room and the basement. The two of them were basically glued together and very time one of them did something that they liked, the other did with them, no matter how much they disliked the idea. Jason thought it was his way of showing her that he loved her. Unlike Scott, Jason was going to propose to Emily, on Christmas Day at the Walkers house. The two of them were also going to have a busy two days, since they had Christmas Eve with his Family, Christmas morning at the Walkers, the finishing up on Christmas night at her parents place. Jason was getting excited and nervous, but he knew she would say yes. He could not wait to see the ring he bought her twinkling on her finger.

The only thing that made Christmas depressing for everyone, including April and Gary, was that Danielle was not going to be there with them. Even though they did not know her, and never met her, they felt like they knew her on a personal level because of all the stories they heard from everyone, mostly from William. It was going to be tough for him, they realized, but with Jennifer around, they knew that she was going to try and make it much easier for him.

Christmas morning arrived, and the first to wake up was Kelsy. She was feeling horny, and she was wanting some loving from John. It was 5 AM when she woke up. The first thing she noticed was how wet her pussy was. When she looked over at John, he was sleeping peacefully, lightly snoring as he dreamt. She did not know what he was dreaming about, but it must have been a good one since he had a smile on his face.

"I wonder if he would enjoy a wake up call." She thought to herself as she looked at him.

They still had sex on a regular basis, every other day. Not as often as Brenda, with her heightened sex drive, but when ever they did make love, it was always earth shattering. She had been cumming harder and harder as her pregnancy advanced.

She gently moved the covers off his body so she would not wake him just yet as she wanted him to wake up with his cock in her mouth. She moved down to his crotch and pulled his loose fighting boxers down and tucked them under his balls. Even when soft, he was still very big and beautiful in her eyes.

She took his soft cock into her hand, and bent down to take it into her mouth. She started to suck on him, and while it did not seem the same when he was soft, she managed to get his cock to full size in about 5 minutes. She stroked his member with her soft hand as she sucked and tongued the head. She could hear him moan as he started to stir from his slumber.

"Hmmm, Good Morning, sweetie." He said as he looked down to see her bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

She plopped his cock out of her mouth, and looked at him with her emerald eyes. "Good morning to you, Sexy." She replied

She went back to going down on him, and she felt his hands on the back of her head. He was not grabbing her hair, so she knew that he was not yet close to cumming. He kept moaning and his breath became rapid as she continued to suck his cock. A few minutes later, she could feel his hands grab her hair and felt his cock swelling in her mouth. She knew he was going to cum for her, and this caused her to redoubled the strokes on his cock and the sucking on the head of his cock, and her efforts were soon rewarded as he let out a loud grunt when filled her mouth with his cum. She swallowed every bit of it, and even kept sucking on him to make sure he had fed her every last ounce that he pumped into her mouth.

She moved up his body and gave him a passionate kiss. He loved tasting himself in her mouth, as he knew that she enjoyed swallowing his seed.

"That was great, baby." He told her as he kissed her back.

"I am not done with you yet, my sexy man. I am going to make sure you give me your cum in my pussy, then my ass." She said in a sexy voice as she reached down to stroke his cock again. They had not had anal sex since they found out she was pregnant, and for some reason, that morning, she was in the mood for it.

"Hmmm, I would love to dump my cum in your ass again, baby." He responded.

She moved on top of him, straddling him and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side. She was so horny and needing his cock in her, she decided that she would just leave them on.

"You have to fuck my pussy first, baby." She told him, giving him another passionate kiss. He did not complain when he heard this, but gave her a smile as she reached between them

She grabbed his cock, lined it up with her love hole and proceeded to lower herself onto his 8 inch cock. She moaned as she felt his cock fill her up. She never got tired of the feeling when he first penetrates her pussy each time they have sex. Once he was completely buried inside her, she leaned over and offered her one of her breasts. They were starting to get larger as her body prepared for motherhood, and her nipples had become very sensitive. She let out a gasp as he took her right nipple into her mouth, and the feeling of him sucking on her sensitive breast made her cum almost right away without even rocking on his cock.

John could feel her pussy contract on his cock as he sucked on her nipple. It was not powerful enough to make her squirt, but enough to make her her pussy tighten on his cock. He grabbed a hold of her hips and started to rock her back and forth, making her clit grind against him. She threw her head back at the sensation of his cock moving around in her as he held her down on him. A few minutes later, she placed her hands on his and put them on her breasts for him to play with as she ground harder on him. She was tighter than usual because of the baby John put into her belly. This turned both of them on even more as she started to grind even harder against him, causing her the let out a deep moan as she came hard in his cock. This time, she did squirt on his balls, soaking them in her fluids.

"Did you like that baby? Did you like that your pregnant wife squirted all over your sperm filled she asked him

"Oh baby, I loved it, I love it when you squirt all over me!" He responded as he pulled her down to kiss her passionately.

He put his arms around her so she laid on top of him so he could thrust his cock up into her pussy. She moaned as she felt his cock start to fuck her pussy. He was thrusting into her hard and fast, making her cum over and over again.

"Oh god, baby! Cum for me! Give your wife your cum! Fill her pregnant pussy! God, don't stop! Please baby, Cum for me!" She begged as he fucked her.

He loved it when she was laying on top of him, the feeling of his cock thrusting up into her made was so much different than when he was on top of her or behind her. He would miss doing this when she reached the 6 month mark and enter her 3rd and final trimester.

He could feel his orgasm approaching as he kept up his pace. She kept cumming on him, but she was not squirting as much since he was not touching all the right places in her pussy. That was the only down side of this position, but she was still cumming every 10 to 15 seconds it seemed, her pussy constantly contracting hard on his cock, milking him for his cum. She let out a scream of passion when she felt her body get swept up into an orgasm so powerful, she could not move on her own. The muscles of her pussy tightened so hard on his cock, it pushed him over the edge. John shoved his cock as deep into her pussy and squirted his seed into her pussy, filling both her womb and pussy full of his cum. She felt his cum splashing into her, and it managed to prolonge the intense orgasm she was experiencing to a point where she almost passed out.

When she managed to gain enough energy, she rolled off of him. Once she had removed her self from his cock, She started to get concerned about this position, which she knew was John's favorite.

"Baby, I think we really need to put a hold on the sex with me laying on top of you. I know it is your favorite position, but I don't want to put a-lot of pressure on the Baby and risk any health issues." She said with a worried face.

John responded to the comment with a kiss. "I don't either, and I am willing to give that position up for you until you have recovered enough from giving birth." He loved her and respected her wishes, but he also did not want to hurt his son that was still growing inside of her.

She smiled, as she knew that he meant every word of it, and she always knew that he would agree with whatever she said, well, most of the time anyway. That was a major reason why she fell in love with him so hard after prom, other than saving her from being raped almost a year before hand.

"Do you still want me to fuck you in the ass, sweetie?" He asked, he was hoping for a positive answer, but did not expect one since he tired her out.

"Not right now baby, That last orgasm I had has me wiped me out, I am going to go back to sleep for a while." She responded with a yawn.

Even though John was disappointed that he could not have her ass, he understood her point of view. He wanted her to enjoy his cock in her ass, and not just fuck her while she was almost asleep and hurt her. He instead cuddled up against her, rested his hand on her belly where his son was growing, and both of them soon fell back asleep.

They slept for 3 more hours when Brenda knocked loudly on their door.

"Wake up you two! Everyone is going to be here soon!" She shouted through the door.

The two of them groaned and he manage to yell back that they were up and will start getting ready. That must have satisfied her, because she moved to the next room and heard her pounding on William and Jennifer's door.

"You know, come to think of it baby, Those two have not had sex since the day Danielle died. I guess it was just that they needed a release and that they knew it would make them feel better" Kelsy told him

"You are right, sweetie, but I can tell that he does have a major crush on her, and that when he is ready, he is going to ask her out, but I know that he will not do anything right now that will remind him of her, even if it means having sex, since the two of them were very active." John replied

"He seems to be getting better," she observed as she put on her bra, "I have not seem him break down in over two weeks now."

"I have a feeling he is going to have a hard time today, babe, but I am glad everyone is here, or will be here, because we all can support him if he breaks down." He responded, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he pulled up his pants.

They could hear movement in the room next door, and they could tell the two of them were waking up. "Well, here is the start to one of Williams longest day's." John said, Kelsy agreed with his comment.

The two of them finished getting dressed and headed downstairs and whey were passing the front door when the doorbell ring. Kelsy answered the door and there were her parents, with a plate of Christmas Cookies and a tin of Hot Chocolate.

"Good Morning, Honey! How is my beautiful daughter and her baby doing this morning?" Her mom asked as she hugged her.

"We are both doing fine, mom, You can both meet him in 4 months." She responded.

"I will be the first one to hold him, cutie." Frank told her.

"You might have to fight John over that, after all, he is the father."

They all laughed as they walked in, but before they could close the door, they could see Jason, Scott and the girls walking up the sidewalk. They had met the McDonalds for some coffee before coming over.

Shelby and Emily both gave Kelsy a huge hug, and commented on how beautiful she looked being pregnant. They laughed as they went inside, leaving John and the boys at the door.

"Well guys, Merry Christmas!" He wished them. They both wished him the same as they walked in.

It was a very lively breakfast and they were all laughing and talking, enjoying themselves. The main focus was on Brenda and Kelsy. They all wanted to know what name Jack and Brenda had picked out for their little girl. Brenda told them that they had picked out Maria Fay Hampton, as she was going to be taking Jacks last name once they got married. They explained they were just going to get married at the court house, even though they could afford a fancy wedding, they didn't want to, since they will have a 4 month old when they do wed.

The focus was turned to Kelsy, and they were trying to interrogate her about the wedding plans, but she would not budge. The only thing she would mention is that her Bridesmaids would be Shelby as the Maid of Honor, Emily, Brenda, a friend of hers named Susan, and then, even though she was deceased, Danielle. They asked her why and how she could manage that,

"Since William is going to be one of Johns groomsman, I figured that we could do something different. Instead of him walking down the aisle with someone he does not know, we will have him walk down by himself, hold a picture of her. He will hand off the picture to Emily, who will hold it during the Ceremony. That way, she can still be part of the wedding, even though she is no longer with us." Kelsy explained

William had a tear in his eye. Not one of Sadness, but one of happiness, because his friends had managed to find a way for him to walk down the aisle with Danielle, even if it was only a picture of her.

They finished their breakfast and as the girls went to go do the dishes, Jason pulled the men into the next room so Emily could not hear him.

"Okay guys, I want to show this to you." He told them as he pulled out the ring he bought for her.

"Are you proposing to her today?" Gary asked.

"I think he is, Gary." Said Frank

"I do have to admit, that is a a beautiful ring, Jason." John told his friend

"Looks expensive, where did you get it?" Scott asked

"Yeah, but please, don't tell us how much you paid, we know you like to go />
"I got it at the same place John went to when he proposed Kelsy. ShaneCo." Jason replied.

After they finished looking at the ring, the guys all wished Jason good luck with the proposal. A few minutes later, the girls announced they were done with the dishes, and that it was time to open gifts. They all gathared around the tree as Gary started to hand out the gifts. He told them that they could not open them until all of them were passed out. It took him a good 15 minutes to get everyone their gifts, but finally, there were no more presents under the tree.

"Before we open our gifts, I want Brenda to open this special gift from April and I." He told everyone, as he handed her thin present, wrapped in red and green wrapping paper. It was not stiff like a book, but felt more like a magazine.

"I hope its not a wedding magazine, Mr. Walker." She sighed

"Just open it!" He exclaimed. "He could not wait to see her face when she see's that had adopted her.

Brenda opened the package, and saw a manilla envelope inside. She was confused, why had they given her an envelope for Christmas, but she saw that it was also sealed. She carefully tore the seal open and took out the contents. There were only a few sheets of paper, and she read them very carefully. Each word that she read, her eyes grew in excitement, and when she finished, she had tears of Joy running down her face as she ran over to Gary and April and gave them both a big hug.

"What is that?" Kelsy asked

"Please tell us? Why are you crying baby?" Jack asked

"These papers are official documents from the State of Missouri. Gary and April here have offically adopted me as their daughter!" She beamed with Joy. Everyone was surprised by the news, but then they all became very excited. She now had a family that really loved her, and knew that they would not abuse or abandon her.

"We both saw how depressed you became when Kelsy announced she was pregnant, when you did not have anyone on your side of the relationship to share the news with, other than your dad who kicked you out. You have been like a daughter we never even had, honey. Welcome to the Family, Brenda Walker, you are officially one of us." Gary Welcomed her.

"Brenda Walker? That is my name now? I no longer have to bare my fathers last name?" She asked

"That is correct, honey, you are no longer a Wacha." April responded.

"There is one thing that we ask of you though, you are no longer to call us by our names, you are now to call us Mom and Dad." Gary said with a smile. Brenda was very happy and excited that she now had two loving parents, although adoptive parents, they were hers, and she could not be any happier.

The continued to open gifts, and everyone was getting things they had asked for. Some of the things that they got was a new Tripod for John's video camera from his parents, a stroller for Kelsy and the baby from her parents, Jack got Brenda a diamond necklace to match the engagement ring, while she got him a new Railroad Frequency scanner. Jason got Emily a popcorn maker since she was addicted to popcorn, and she got him a new sweatshirt with an Illinois Terminal locomotive on the front. Scott had purchased Shelby a new big screen TV, and she gave him a DVD player.

Everyone was happy with their gifts, and after Jack and Gary had picked up all the scrap wrapping paper, Jason made an announcement.

"I believe I have one more gift to give out," he started, "and it goes to my beautiful girlfriend, Emily."

She looked up at him as he stood in front of everyone.

"Baby, I want you to know, I put a-lot of thought into this gift, so I am just going to give it to you and not make you way." He told her.

He pulled the box out of the pocket and got onto one knee. When he opened the box, Emily immediately gasped and covered her mouth with both her hands in surprise to what she saw.

"Emily Joanne Peterson, Will you marry me?" He asked her.

Emily looked up at him and away from the ring. She was speechless, and literally could not say anything. All she could do was nod her yes vigerously in approval and shot up and grabbed him into a hug. It was only after she pulled away from the hug that she was able to finally speak.

"Jason, yes, I will marry you! Oh baby, I love you so much!" She finally replied. The two of them hugged as everyone clapped as she said yes. That was three couples that were now engaged to be married.

Everyone was settling down after the big proposal that Jason did, and they were all chatting about the upcoming year. It was going to be a big one, with two babies coming into the family and Two weddings as well. It was for sure going to be a very busy year for all of them, but they also knew it was going to be a satisfying year as well..

William had started to tear up during the proposal and had to step out of the room. Jennifer saw him leave the room and followed him to make sure he was okay.

"Are you okay, William?" She asked

"Yeah, I will be fine." He responded. "I miss her, Jennifer, I really do."

Jennifer walked up to him and pulled him into a hug. "I know, your first Christmas without the girl you loved with all your heart. I remember how bad I was during my first Christmas without Steven. I never got out of bed until after New Years." She explained to him

"I knew this was going to be hard, but when Jason proposed to Emily, it flooded me with memories of when I proposed to Danielle, and all of the Holiday's we had spent together." He continued

"William, I assure you, its going to be okay. This was the biggest step so far, it will all be easier from here on out, I promise you." She told him

"If you say so." He responded.

Jennifer took his face into her hands and looked him square in the eye. "I know so!" She told him, and then to his surprise, she gave him a kiss right on the lips.

"What was that for?" William asked in surprise when she broke the kiss.

"What do you think silly, look what you are standing under!" She replied as she looked up.

William looked at the ceiling and sure enough, they were standing directly under a Mistletoe. He knew that she had planned this, but he did not say a word.

"Come on, lets go back in there before the think we went off somewhere." He told her. She agreed and they walked back into the room.

It was around 2 PM when Jason and Emily told everyone that they had to get to her parents house. John and Kelsy walked them to the door and congratulated them once again on their engagement and they left, hold hands like lovers towards his car. They were just driving off when a women, in casual clothes came walking up the sidewalk to the front door. She did not look like she was homeless, but actually looked like a decent person.

"Hello, can I help you?" John asked her.

"I think so, I am looking for someone, and a person I talked to said I could find them here at this address." The woman replied.

"And who would that be?" Kelsy asked. She was not Julie who notified them of their wealth, but someone completely different.

"I am looking for Brenda Wacha." She replied.

"Oh, Brenda?" John responded. "It seems like she is popular these days, you are the second person in two months to come up to our door looking for her, hold on, let me get her." John told the woman.

Kelsy did not say anything, she looked familiar, but she could not place her finger one it. She knew that she had seen her somewhere before.

A couple of minutes later, John came back to the door with Brenda. The look she made on her face when she saw the woman turned to disgust.

"This is the woman who told us she was looking for you." John told her.

"Do you know this woman?" Kelsy asked.

"Yeah, I do, she is my mother." She replied

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