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hey guys, im back, im 21 now, still a redhead, lost some weight so im even more hour glass than before. i got inspired to go reread my old stories thanks to a new pervy relationship with a new friend, and i thought it was cruel that i never got to finish I want to write a new story as well..but I am waiting for some new inspiration. if u have any suggestions id love to hear them.

oh and if u don't like my stories…advert your eyes idiot. if you see 'anal' or 'rape' in the links to a story and you get sick from those things… />
now back to the anal rape muahaha
her scream was genuine. her body tried to minimize the amount of penetration by moving forwards with mine, i reacted quickly and grabbed for her hipbones to hold her in place. despite the speed of the operation, my cock was only a few inches in. The men who had raped her months before didn't damage her sphincter enough to cause any room for stretching.

i looked down the erotic display, her waist was so tiny, her hips curved into her perfect ass under my rough large hands. my cock wasn't half way in yet, and i watched enthusiastically as i held her tight and slowly pushed another inch in.

'stop, oh god stop, it hurts…' she sobbed. i looked up to see her crying in the moonlight, she was obviously in so much pain that screaming wouldn't do it justice. i forced another inch into her tight little hole, she let out a little squeak of pain and grasped the bed for support. i was halfway in by now, and i realized i could take this two directions. if i pushed forward her anus would rip like a virgin, your ass would be filled, she would be in unsurpassed pain. if i pulled out now, i could slowly wedge my way back into her ass and hopefully begin to stretch her out. i decided on the latter, though the act of mercy made me question my entire vacation.

she was relieved of pain as the head of my cock popped out of her little anus opening. i sighed, no matter what i did she would be in pain. no matter what i did she would be tortured, raped. no matter what i did she would die in 17 days, the secrets of our time alone taken to her grave and only my sealed lips left with the truth of what i was about to do. the act of kindness was too much for my character, but i felt this child was no generic slut in a mall. her body would have made artists cry, her ass alone was too amazing for words to describe. she was a goddess chained to my bed, and because the act of mercy i was about to perform would die with her, i knew that reaching for a bottle of lubrication would be acceptable, though entirely out of my character.

i dripped a large amount onto her ass and pussy. it left sexy wet streaks down her mound and onto the bed sheets. she gasped at the cold chill it caused. i took my cock in my hands and slowly traced a few drops of lube up and down her legs. i stroked some lubrication onto the shaft of my 9 inch prick, enjoying the cold tingling sensation. i again lowered it to a bead of lube close to her tite ass and pushed it with the head of my cock into her opening. the fit was much easier now, but still tight. she still screamed in unbearable pain, but it was no longer because i was ripping her ass apart. her ass slowly stretched to fit my form as i pushed forward. in went 3 inches, then another, then another. i watched as my cock disappeared slowly into her sweet little ass. after 7 inches were deep within her crevice i heard an entirely different moan exit her lips. it was as though the tip of my cock had found a g-spot deep with inside her. i pulled back out slowly, squirted a little more lube onto the shaft of my cock and onto her pink stretched opening, then plunged again forwards into the depths of her ass.

over and over mini spasms rolled over my body. pulling in and out of her tiny hole sent wave after wave of pleasure radiating from my cock, to my balls, and up into my body. my eyes ate up her appearance, she was a seductive little slave. her red hair turned fusia in the cold moonlight, and it draped down from her head onto her back and over her shoulders like water. tiny tears fell from her long dark lashes, and a rosy blush became more evident. i smiled…part of her was enjoying it, though it was only obvious in her cheeks. i made sure to push my cock in at least 7 inches so i could watch her gasp in delight and horror as i stroked a special spot inside her ass.

i leaned over to whisper roughly into her ear 'touch yourself,' i ordered. she didn't move an inch. 'it will make you feel better' i offered. she cried even harder. the idea of such humiliation was overwhelming her. i pulled out and left the room, excited by the promise of watching her touch herself in embarrassment. i returned within seconds with a large vibrator. it was black, and terrifying to anyone new to such an object. i flipped her body over so her back was now on the bed and one of her hands was still chained the bedpost. i handed her the object designed for pleasure, then dripped a generous amount of lube onto her tiny little clit.

" I want to watch you pleasure yourself, little one. I want to see you cum, i want you to be humiliated to know that the man who bought you and rapes you is also merciful enough to give you an orgasm."

she was frozen in fear, her hand limply held the toy. she raised it to her face to inspect it. she looked to be in shock at the request, her cheeks filled with a seductive rosy blush similar to the color her ass gets when i slap it too hard or when her pussy had been fucked too much. she looked as though she was gathering courage to speak, i had no more patients for her. i was not known to be this kind as it was. I hit her hard on her thigh, hard enough to leave a perfect red hand print.

"speak up if you have something to say you little cunt. if not, id just as well prefer to gag you and go back to anal, minus the lubrication; however I do grow tired of your screams, and would like to see you moan. turn the vibrator on, touch yourself, and masturbate until you squirt out an orgasm."

she looked at me, lost in terrified thought. she lowered her head sadly, " Master i don't know how to pleasure myself, i never was able to have an orgasm."

now i was in shock. i could accept that perhaps she was new to rough sex or anal, but she had the features of a girl that would have boys, men, male relatives and lesbians go crazy with lust. my evil motives were slowly fading away despite my logical internal arguments. i slowed my pace despite my inner thoughts yelling at me that she was an object, a slave, a dead girl.

i smiled, it wasn't a kind smile that i knew..but it was the most i could muster. i felt evil, but not the same as before. a regular session with a girl would consist of rape, blood and screaming. perhaps it was time to try something new. i lowered one of my hands down to intertwine with her hand holding the vibrator. my pointer finger rested on top of hers, and i moved ours together in sync towards the 'on' button…

story by: Marquis de Sade-uce

Tags: anal rape violence humiliation fantasm toys female solo male domination sex story

Author: Marquis de Sade-uce

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