First experiences at an all-boys school (2.2)

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This is the second story of mine about my first sexual experiences taking place at boys schools.

Part 2 of story 2…Freddie

My fun in the evenings with Fred were far from normal…it seemed that he was sometimes excited in the evenings, yet sometimes embarrassed and so not wanting to see me even enter his room. In the daytime, he seemed to not want to talk to me as if not to remind himself of what had happened.
A week and a half went past without anything interesting occurring, I regularly watched him longingly from across the dinner table in the early evenings. We talked but it was never a lengthy conversation, he seemed too shy.
However this spell ended very suddenly and dramatically one night when I was ill in bed, him and another boy were in my room talking about all of our brothers. Fred had some twinkle in his eye which made me think that he might not just be here in order to talk.

In part 1 of this story I mentioned how I thought that Freddie was curious like many boys are when you're that age, and unsure about sexuality and whether you're normal etc. So when the other boy left my room that night I could tell that Fred was there and wanted to see my dick because he was curious, but it was plainly obvious that he also wanted to have fun doing it.
He came and lay down on my bed, on top of the duvet that I was underneath with a big grin on his face. He pulled the duvet off me along with my pyjama bottoms and stared at my soft dick lying between my legs. "Hello" he said in a cheeky way, and took my dick horizontally between his lips and held it there, playing around and smirking as he did. Toying with my dick with his hands now he watched my dick grow and stand up, to which he excitedly got up and took off his pyjamas. Grabbing my hair he pulled my head forwards and I took his small dick in my mouth, I still remember the feeling of flicking my tongue over the head while he groaned in joy above me.

Freddie was now very turned on, it was clear that he didn't know what more to do but I could tell he wanted to carry on. Pushing me back onto my bed, the naked boy took my dick in his hands, positioned himself and tried to force my throbbing 13 year old dick into his arse. He had flushed (face) cheeks as he pushed himself onto me, but unfortunately because there wasn't any lubrication I didn't enter him. This didn't make me give up though, I stood him up in front of me, and for a second, I just looked in awe at his firm, tanned, perfect bum cheeks before me. I think he knew what to do, he bent forward, putting his hands on my work desk and his arse parted in front of my face. I was in heaven, filled with adrenaline having not ever experiencing anything close to this. His small bum hole was visible, and I pushed my head forwards and let my tongue rest against it. Fred moaned, and I started licking, circling my tongue around the rim and lapping up and down. Pulling my face away I gave his arse a little slap, which he grinned at, before I went in again and made his bum ready.
This time he bent down, and slowly lowered his tanned cheeks around my hard dick for the second time. My spit had seemed to help, I could feel in amazement the head of my dick slowly entering him. We moaned at the same time, Fred had his eyes closed while mine were wide open, watching my cock slowly disappear inside him.
I was fully in, Fred looked down at me, eyes now open, face flushed and slightly sweaty, and he slowly moved himself up….and gradually down, increasing in speed until I was fucking his tight arse on my bed. Fred loved it, he started whispering at me to "shag me faster". I wouldn't turn him down. His hairless tanned body bounced up and down on my cock while he moaned and after a few minutes he said he wanted to see me come. I pulled myself out of his arse, and he wheeled around. I closed my eyes and let myself come over my stomach, Fred watching in awe as my hot sperm came rushing out.

I lay there, exhausted. Fred smiled, and licked some of my come on my chest. he grinned as he put his pyjamas back on and left my room.

I continued to lie there, in shock of what had just happened.

To be continued in part 3…..

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story by: peterawlence

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Author: peterawlence

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