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this is story of Jeet from Gujarat, India

I to decide to share one of my experience with my neighbor Girl with you all. Let me describe myself. I’m so handsome but a normal one. I have average body, single. I am a network engineer and good at computers from childhood . This is an experience when I was 19 years old and she was 18 years old, we were friends from childhood but I never thought for her in that way we were just good friends. She was very figure was very sexy…and fair

I was just an innocent boy but not unknown about relation between man and women. We played together and normal games and also keep touching each other but not in adult ways, I never thought about her in any odd way until one day when I went to her house and she came to me and I saw that she was not wearing anything on top except a bra and strap of that bra was down and her one nipple was visible and it was light pink in color I didn’t knew why I was repeatedly looking at it while talking to her and she was also not minding it then

I left but whenever I closed my eyes that nipple was flashing and my manhood was responding to it in an odd way. One day she came to me and asked me to come to her house as she is having problem with her pc…I innocently went to her house I saw there was no one present in the house I asked her where is her mother she said “she has gone to shop something in the market” I went to her room and asked her what was the problem in her pc. She said “I don’t know u sit and see I bring some drink for u” and she went out of the room. I was checking her pc in the mean time she came and sat beside me in such way that her body touch’s my body.

She was warm. I said I can’t see any problem in your pc. She put her hand on my thighs and caressed it slowly; it was arousing me now my cock was getting erect now, as it was the first time in my life. I just moved my legs away from her she asked me “why don’t u sit I got relax…She said “do u feel good when I cares your thighs” I was just shocked that what she is saying. I said “I think I should leave now its late” she said “why you don’t have time for me” and came near me and hug me with her whole strength and said “no u will not go u will stay here until I say u, or else I will never talk to you,

I want to give u something special which u disserve from a long time, I love you and I want you today as a lover, so please don’t go” before I can understand anything she put her hand on my cock and started rubbing it hard and rough, I was not able to control myself. I said “it’s wrong we should not do it please stop it” but she was not in a mood to hear me. She was wearing jeans pants and a blue t-shirt she removed her t-shirt and her marvelous boobs were in front of me arousing me more, she removed her bra and her 2 beautiful boobs popped out of her bra and those memorable nipples were in front of me again.

She hold my hand and put it on her left boob and pressed it against my hand…oh my dear they were so soft and milky, I lost my control and grabbed them with force and started giving them a hard suck. She started moaning loudly and more loudly, I was still sucking her boobs madly… she just pressed my head on her breast and moaned “oh yes Jeet suck them harder hmmm umm” “I was waiting for this for so she opened the button of my pants and was trying to take out my pant. She told me “oh Jeet please take that thing out from your pants I want to feel it’s warmth in my hand and mouth,

I want to suck it without wasting time I removed my pants and underwear. She grabbed my 6” cock and rubbed it hard, I was feeling some heaviness in my cock, she kept on rubbing and shaking my cock and I felt as if it was about to burst and I exploded in her hands as it was my first time so I didn’t knew about it and her hands were very soft so it was natural to cum so early. I was now feeling exhausted but she was not yet over she kept on playing with my cock and was sucking it hard, I also laid on bed and was enjoying her lust and playing with her soft boobs.

My cock was again hard and ready to satisfy. I told her that now it’s her turn to take her pants off and show me her pussy, she leaved my cock and stood in front of me and told me to do it myself, I opened hook of her pant and took it down to her feet’s and then hurriedly took of her panty as I can’t wait anymore to see first time a pussy so closely, her pussy was beautiful and shining. She has shaved her pussy…what a piece of beauty it was…I moved my hand on her pussy and put a finger in her clit it was really wet like and ocean,

I went near it and touch my tough on it, she was shivering with pleasure and moaning “Jeet fuck my pussy or else I will die oh please do it faster fuck me ah come on.” Now I was also willing to fuck her so I pushed her on bed and came between her legs I tried to enter her tight hole but I was unsuccessful to enter as I was also a virgin, the hole was wet so I put my knob of cock on her entrance and pushed it with full force she was crying with pain and pleasure my whole 6” cock was I inside her vagina and I was feeling the tightness and wetness of her warm vagina walls on my cock it was really painful for both of us but slowly the pain subsided.

I slowly started to move it to-fro in her pussy she was moaning and moaning… “Umm yes fuck it yes faster and harder yes” tare my virgin hole it’s only yours yes fuck it, And with a loud moan she cum and fell silent on bed, I took out my cock, and it was full with her cum and blood. I went in the washroom to clean it and jerk off. As soon as I washed it, a hand came from back and caught my cock it was her she told “Jeet please don’t do it yourself I help u, I want to taste your cum please let me suck it off” she sat on her knees and started sucking my cock her speed was increasing and she was sucking harder And after 10mins of hard blowjob I came in her mouth and boobs.

Then we laid on bed naked together and kissed and played with each other for some time, I asked her from where does she learned all that, she said that she saw a sight at net and tried to experiment it with me as I was the closest friend of her. Then I stood and wore my cloths and she also wore her cloths and then we had nice French kiss and departed. Afterwards I also fucked some of her friends, We did it my times before she shifted to other house and by that we became more close friends

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