Frasier high yearbook pt. 1

sex stories

There was no strategy. From the beginning the only plan had been to pound them until they thought they could take no more. Nobody was there to help, nobody wanted the job, and nobody was paying attention. And now it was starting to rain.
I sat in the bleachers and put my head in my hands. For the millionth time, I wondered what I was doing here after school hours in the last weeks of April. I'm an English teacher, for God's sake; I don't know the first thing about coaching sports. Tony, Tony, you think too much, Principal Evans had told me, The school is on a budget here, and everyone is taking on a little extra responsibility. You're young, the kids like you, you'll do fine. Besides, it's only High School Girls Cross Country, it practically coaches itself.
Evans had been right about a few things. The kids did like me. At 31, I'm youngest teacher at Frasier High School. I've always been able to connect with the teenagers around me, and I have a certain boyish look to my green eyes, slightly shaggy brown hair, and even my trimmed beard looks young for my age. I'm also not unaware of the interested stares I occasionally receive from my female students.
Evans had also been right about how easy it would be to coach Cross Country. All the girls did was run, a little harder and a little farther every day. I had very little work to do, and found myself with a surprising amount of free time at practice. Too much free time. I would sit in the bleachers as the girls ran their laps around the school grounds, fill out the tiny amount of paperwork there was, and that was it; I was free to do whatever I wanted as long as I watched the girls. This was exactly my problem. I couldn't stop watching the girls. Twenty-six healthy young women, ages 15-18, dressed in uniform blue short-shorts and white tank tops. Every time I looked up, there was another pair of long, thin legs; another tank top riding up on a tight stomach; another pair of shorts tucked up into another pert bottom; another hard nipple straining against the shirt fabric, another red-faced nymph sweaty and panting with exertion, lips full and chest heaving.
I had never been so overcome with lust so easily before, or so commonly. Every day since the first practice, I had masturbated as soon as I got home, images of those young thighs and lips swirling in my mind. I couldn't seem to stop this train of thought, and I couldn't understand it. Sure, I'd seen the occasional cleavage or panty-flash from the front of the classroom, and while it was a bit of a turn-on, I was usually able to let it go. Something about these girls in their uniforms, though…
“Mister Jenkins?” I was shaken from my thoughts by Alysha, a tall blond sixteen-year-old with her hair in a ponytail, “It's really starting to rain. Can we quit practice early?”
“What? Oh, uh, sure,” I said, trying to keep my eyes on hers. The rain was getting heavy, and that conspired with the workout to make Alysha's black, thin-strapped bra quite visible through her top. Who decided on white tops?, I thought, and not for the first time. “Tell everyone we'll wrap up in the gym.”
“Thanks, Mister J.” She said.

A few minutes later, I was tidying up the gym when the girls filed in from their last lap. Their shoes and socks were wet from the run, so they all kicked them off and ran barefoot across the gym. I was surprised to find that even this aroused me; I've never been bare feet before, but somehow watching all those petite legs stepping out of their socks, all those pretty toes, my cock gave a little twitch in my jeans. Some girls wore nail polish, and others didn't. Alysha had little flowers on her toes. Erin, a petite redhead, had bright green polish. Jessie had powder blue. Suddenly, my mind was overwhelmed with an image of Jessie naked on her back, tanned legs high in the air, her blue-painted toes curled in pleasure. I had to shake my head to bring myself back to reality again.
The girls crossed the gym and sat cross-legged on the floor at my feet. As I ran through the usual Friday routine (don't forget to run this weekend, no practice on Wednesday, etc), I couldn't help but notice how many pairs of panties I could see. These short shorts didn't cover much when the girls sat Indian-style, as they now did. This always drove me wild, deep inside. The panties were always… teen panties. I can't think of any other way to express it. They were somehow filled with both the spirit of sex and of play, much like the girls as they moved through their years of sexual discovery. Naomi, a petite little half-Hispanic 17 year old, was wearing white with blue stripes today. Green-eyed Hallie had gray, with what appeared to be bunnies. Meghan and Clarissa, best friends forever, apparently didn't only wear matching clothes on the outside; they both had on white panties with pink lining. As if this wasn't hot enough, Clarissa leaned over to whisper to Meghan at one point and I caught a brief glimpse of sparse, sandy pubic hair peeking out from under the lining. Christ, Clarissa was only sixteen!
“Okay, ladies, have a good weekend,” I said, both relieved and disappointed to be free of this gaggle of young flesh for another weekend. “Don't forget to keep the locker room clean and turn off the showers when you're done.”
The girls stood up and filed past me towards the locker rooms. The rain had really started in their last lap, and I could clearly see the bra on each and every one of those twenty-six high schoolers… well, to be fair, I only saw eighteen bras… eight girls weren't wearing bras. All of them were small-chested, but their pert young nipples still hinted themselves through their shirts. One of the braless ones was Jessie. Most of the girls crossed their arms as they passed, self conscious, but Jessie actually dropped her hands to her sides, looked right at me, smiled innocently, and even stuck her little teen tits out a bit as she walked by… I could tell she liked me noticing her puffy young nips.
I sat in the small coach's office adjacent to the locker rooms and tried to grade English papers while I waited for the girls to leave so I could lock up. This was, of course, easier said than done. Teenage girls shriek and giggle a lot, and the sound of them laughing and splashing made it hard to ignore. All I could think about were the twenty-six naked high-school girls directly on the other side of the wall. Twenty-six tight pussies, twenty-six soapy little bottoms. Because of the way the locker room tiles can bounce the sound around, I would occasionally get a snippet of conversation:

“…wow, Naomi, you have serious /> “…my boobs are sore, I need a new…”
“…hard to shave just a little /> “…lucky I have a tight butt, Ha ha…”
“…wish my nipples looked like yours, Erin…”
“…who hid my /> and I get naked all the…”

Soon I was lost in a steamy fog of arousal. Images of naked, cavorting young girls splashing in the shower filled my brain. I imagined hard nipples, swollen clits, pink, wet, shower-clean teens. My hand slipped into the waistband of my jeans and casually massaged my cock, which had undergone a torturous teasing again today.
Sometime later I opened my eyes to find I had zoned out. The gym was quieter. The girls had clearly all left. Most of the lights were off in the locker room, but not all. Well, at least they're getting better, I thought, hearing the sound of a single shower left on as I approached the locker room. The door to the locker room was in the middle; left from the doors led to the showers, right led towards the lockers, with a small partition at the front so passersby can't peek in. I headed right, for the lockers and the lights left on. There was only one light on, the bank of fluorescents closest to the door. I was about to shut them off when I noticed something sitting on one of the far locker benches; one of the girls had forgotten something. Not wanting to be left fumbling my way out, I left the light on and headed into the darkness at the back of the locker room towards the bench. In the half-light, I picked up a small piece of cloth. I turned it over in my hands before I realized what it was. It was a pair of panties. Grey panties, to be exact, with little bunnies on them. Panties I had glimpsed under Hallie's gym shorts today. Thin, long-legged, small-breasted, innocent looking 16 year old Hallie Oakwood had left her panties at school. Was little Hallie walking around somewhere without any undies on? What should I do with them? Leave them out for anyone to find? Keep them? Give them back? What would I say? “Hey you left these, I know they're yours because I was peeking up your shorts while I was supposed to be coaching you?” These and a million other thoughts raced through my brain as I turned the corner in the dark and headed back towards the showers, where I was stopped cold.
From my position in the darkness at the back of the locker room, I could see all the way across and into the shower area. And in the shower area, under the one faucet that had been left on, was one of my students. Emily Anderson was in the locker room with her back to me, seventeen years old and bare-ass naked.
After getting over the initial shock and amazement (what an ass this girl had!), I was a little confused. Emily was standing at an awkward angle facing the wall, and seemed fixated on the area between her legs. One hand reached near her pussy, where I couldn't see. She kept using the other hand to alternately balance against the wall or occasionally pull her ass cheeks apart just a bit. If I had been closer, I would've had a great view of her tight little anus. At first I thought she was masturbating, and thought it looked like an odd way to go about it. Then, after a few seconds, she raised her hand and held a razor up to the shower spray.
Emily Anderson was shaving her little pussy!
I gasped. The sound of my gasp made me realize what I was doing: I was watching a 17 year old student shower and shave! I was peeping! I could get in BIG trouble here! I thought about heading for the door… but that meant walking towards the shower and the lights… what if she saw me? On the other hand, what if she finished her shower and came back here? Just then, I noticed a single backpack sitting next to the first bay of lockers, near the door. It had to be Emily's bag. Well, I guess if she finishes she won't have any reason to come back here, I thought. Still, I should try to leave. Then just as I was about to make my move, Emily turned around. I barely had enough time to retreat back into the dark and avoid being seen.
When Emily turned around, my jaw dropped. She was a gorgeous girl, about 5'1”, with firm, full B-cup breasts that rode high on her chest. Her skin had always had a little bit of a dark tone, and her nipples were a gorgeous brown, small and perfectly round. Her pussy was completely shaved, and looked like a dream come true. It was a small, compact little pussy, with the lips low and tucked in. You would barely be able to see her slit from the front, only from between her short but shapely legs. Her long dark hair fell in wet locks across her shoulders.
Emily had a bar of soap in her hand, and I watched mesmerized as she began to lather up her tight little body, spreading suds across her belly, over her neck, down her thighs, between her legs. She was soaping up her whole body, and I was looking on in disbelief, when I saw something spark in her eyes. She squeezed her firm breasts gently, tweaking her nipples. She did it again. Then she started twisting one nipple between her fingers, while her other hand drifted down to her freshly shaved pussy. She gave an audible little sigh and spread her feet a bit on the floor. Soon she was masturbating completely, eyes closed, head back, a picture of pure teen ecstasy. As her fingers worked slow, concentrated circles between her young, perfect thighs, she chewed her bottom lip and her eyes fluttered. She shifted her position in the shower, bending forward slightly. I could tell from the new stream of water coursing down her legs that she had leaned forward to allow the hot shower to stimulate her 17 year old asshole while her fingers toyed with her pink little clit. I wasn't ever going to be able to look at Emily Anderson the same way in class again!
It wasn't until I saw Emily start to furrow her brow and begin to shudder with the beginnings of an orgasm that I realized I had pulled out my cock, and was stroking it vigorously. Soon I would end up shooting my load all over the locker room if I didn't find something to clean up my mess. Emily was starting to let out these little whimpers, and her shudders were even greater now, every now and again her knees would buckle for a second and she'd bob up and down in uncontrolled pleasure. We were both ready to explode, but I had to find some way not to make a mess. Then, I remembered Hallie's panties at my feet, it seemed like a million years ago that I had found them. A fire began to build in my balls and I reached for the panties as Emily softly cried, in seconds, we would come together.
That's when the locker room door slammed open. A female figure walked in and headed for the lockers… and me. It was Hallie Oakwood. She would have seen me in about ten seconds, standing in the dark with my rock hard cock in one hand and a pair of her schoolgirl panties in the other. But miraculously, the sound of the shower caught her attention and she turned around. Emily was the one who was caught masturbating, not me.
“Oh,” said Hallie, surprised, “Hi Emily.”
“Hi,” said Emily, clearly embarrassed.
know you were still here,” Hallie said, a sly, knowing tone in her voice.
“I, um, I kinda got…carried away,” said Emily.
said Hallie, noticing, “You shaved!”
“Yeah, I saw yours and it… I dunno, it just looked really sexy, so I /> “Feels good, too,” Hallie interrupted, it?”
“Ooohhh yeah.” Emily agreed, kind of embarrassed you caught me though.”
“Oh please don't be!” said Hallie, actually it's kind of turning me on… you did a great job /> “Well, it's your design,” Emily joked.
“Oh no, you did more than I did, Em,” Hallie said.
/> “Sure. You shaved the whole thing. I leave a little strip right in the middle, trimmed very short. See?” As she said this, Hallie deftly undid her jeans, and dropped them to the floor. Just as I suspected, she wasn't wearing underwear. She approached Emily in her sweater, naked from the waist down. Her pussy looked just like she described it, a small strip of trimmed, strawberry-blond hair above thin pink young pussy lips. Now I was hiding in a dark locker room looking at two of my students' pussies… and loving every minute.
Emily stared at Hallie's shaved pussy, mesmerized. As Hallie stepped closer, Emily began to absentmindedly chew on her bottom lip again. Her fingers drifted slowly and nervously towards Hallie's gorgeous little pussy. “Oh,” she said, her fingers finally coming in contact with the soft skin of Hallie's pubic area, she was so transfixed by Hallie's pussy, she couldn't seem to finish her thought. She looked at Hallie, eyes wide and lips parted, silently asking for permission. Hallie's eyes flashed, and a naughty grin lit up her face as she nodded eagerly, wiggling her toes across the floor and spreading her legs slightly. Emily's hand slid down from the strip of pubic hair, and I watched as her middle finger slowly, cautiously slid between Hallie's pussy lips and onto her clit. Hallie sighed, and she crossed her arms and pulled her sweater off in one smooth move. Now she was completely naked, and stepped into the spray of the shower with Emily.
Hallie was a bit taller than Emily, with shoulder length strawberry blond hair pulled back in a casual ponytail. Her legs were long and thin, and rose to a small, compact, high and tight little bottom. She had perky little A-cup breasts with small pink nipples, so perky in fact that her erect nipples almost pointed up at the ceiling.
As I watched, Emily's fingers continued to explore Hallie's pussy. I wasn't close enough to see exactly what she was doing, but it was clear that Hallie liked it. She arched her back, curled her toes, wiggled and squirmed, squeezed her eyes shut. After a few seconds, she made a sound like, “Ohh, Then she rocked her hips back and forth, and leaned forward, putting a hand on Emily's shoulder for balance. Emily must have slipped her finger up inside Hallie's pussy. Soon Hallie was lost in ecstasy, squeezing one of her small breasts with her eyes tightly shut, petulant little mewing noises escaping her lips.
Emily seemed as wide-eyed and transfixed as I was, amazed at what was happening to her. As I watched, Hallie's hand drifted towards Emily's pussy and stroked her clit. Emily gasped sharply and stiffened. she said to Hallie's questioning glance, “it's just I've never done anything like this with a girl before.”
“Me either,” said Hallie, “but I think it feels pretty good.”
Emily agreed. Surrendering herself to Hallie's probing little fingers, she pulled Hallie closer to her. Hallie and Emily locked eyes, and then their tongues were touching, kissing, sucking each other's tongue and lips. Slowly, cautiously at first, then with a building desire and intensity.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Two gorgeous high school teens were naked in front of me, kissing and fingering each other, and now both of them were making little squeaks and whimpers as they sucked and chewed each other's lips and tongues. Their fingers worked urgently and furiously, rubbing and stroking each other's pussies while their free hands groped breasts, nipples, pink skin. Emily reached around and grabbed a big handful of Hallie's little ass, the tips of her fingers buried deep between Hallie's sudsy little butt cheeks. Hallie groaned loudly and bent over slightly, popping Emily's right nipple into her mouth. This slightly bent position gave me a perfect view of Hallie's pink little butthole, puckered and innocent.
“Ooh my God Hallie,” Emily breathed, “I think I… I'm gonna–”
“Me, too, Em,” Hallie panted, “Please don't stop, please. Let's come together, Em–”
“Oh god yes Hallie, I wanna make you come so hard, I wanna come all over your fingers with my hand in your pussy–”
Hallie began to shudder, chest heaving, gasping between each word. she struggled to exclaim, her own orgasm flowing through here.
Emily cried.
The two of them wailed sounds of pure pleasure, holding each other upright and pressing their bodies to each other, their soapy, slippery teen tits pressing and sliding against each other. In the darkness of the locker room, I was pumping my cock furiously, but Hallie's interruption had surprised me, and now I was still a few minutes away from blowing my load. Regretfully, I realized the girls would probably finish before I had a chance to cum.
What was I supposed to do? I couldn't tell. Those two little nymphs had me so worked up that I only had one thought in my head: to drain my tightly wound nuts. I gripped my eight inch shaft and alternated fast and slow, working the foreskin up and down my uncircumcised cock, eyes locked on the naked schoolgirls in the shower.
As their orgasms subsided, the girls leaned against each other for a moment, dumbstruck. As they held each other up, they continued to make little moans of satisfaction and arousal, kissing and nibbling each other's neck and ears. After a few moments, Hallie reached past Emily and turned off the shower. The two girls grabbed towels from the racks and began to dry off, giving me an ample view of every inch of their bodies in the process.
said Emily, “I guess I really needed that!”
“Me too,” agreed Hallie, “But I'm still really /> “I know, so am I.”
“Well, you're coming to the sleepover, right?”
Emily nodded excitedly. “I can't believe your parents left you alone for the whole /> Hallie grinned. “I know, it's gonna be great. Why don't you just come over with me now, and maybe we can have some more fun… my sister gave me a vibrator a while ago, I bet we could both cum a bunch with that.” I remembered Hallie's older sister, I had taught her my first year at Frasier. Abby Oakwood had been a smart girl, she looked a lot like Hallie, but with larger breasts and square-rimmed glasses. She had been valedictorian, and I always imagined Abby in her graduation robes. Now I was imagining her naked on the floor at the foot of a bed, slowly slipping a vibrator into her little sister's eager pussy.
Hallie said, shaking me from my reverie, “the other girls aren't gonna show up for another couple of hours anyway… let's go get /> Both girls were now standing naked with their hair wrapped in their towels, and Emily was absentmindedly playing with her clit, clearly imagining the delights to come. “I've never used a vibrator before,” she said with anticipation, “I mean, Cody and I only had sex twice before we broke up, and he was my first… do you think I'll be too tight?”
Hallie smiled mischievously. “I think we'll be able to loosen you up a bit,” she said, gathering her clothes up against her chest, “once we get to my place”
Emily smiled, then gave a slight frown. “Actually, Hallie, why did you come back to school in the first place?”
“Oh my God,” Hallie said, “I almost forgot!” before I could move an inch, she crossed the shower area and reached for the bank of light switches. “I was in such a hurry to get home and get ready for the party that I totally forgot my–”
Hallie stopped dead in her tracks. With the lights on, I had just been caught. I was standing with my fly open, my erect cock pointing directly at my students, holding a pair of teen panties. My heart pounded in my chest, I could feel my heartbeat in my temples. I stood frozen, unsure of what to say or do, saying nothing. I waited for the girls to run screaming from the locker room, and half of me expected to be tackled by police officers then and there. Hallie's eyes got wide, and Emily looked up to see what had stopped her. Emily's eyes grew even wider, and she stood up straight, staring at me, slowly walking up to Hallie and standing next to her. We all gaped at each other for a moment.
“Oh my GOD!” Hallie said, “Mister J!”
“Oh my God, you saw us naked!” Emily exclaimed.
“Oh my God, Emily, he was watching us!”
“Oh my God, Hallie… look at his cock.”
“What? Wha-” Hallie glanced down and actually looked at my hard prick for the first time. “Oh my GOD!” she whispered, like a young girl finding an amazing and unexpected gift, huge!”
“Wow, Mister J,” Emily stuttered shyly, a, um, you have a really big dick…”
Now it was my turn to be shocked. Were these girls actually admiring my cock, instead of fleeing from it? What was I supposed to do? I decided I would try to be as responsible as possible given the situation: I would fess up to the spying, and be the adult in the room like I was supposed to…even if it killed me. I struggled to find the right words.
“I'm sorry, girls. It looks that way because I was watching you in the shower, and I got excited. I really didn't mean to, but–”
“Oh, I know Mister J,” Emily interrupted, “I just meant it's really big and… nice. I've never seen a cock like that before.”
“Me either,” said Hallie. Both girls were simply staring wide-eyed at my cock, making no effort to cover up their naked schoolgirl bodies. Hallie's fingers found her clit again, and she began softly stroking it as though she wasn't even aware she was doing it. Seeing this, my cock twitched and stiffened a bit more. The girls noticed the twitch, and I saw a hunger flash in their eyes. “I've seen a couple of the boys from school naked before, but…never a…. a man's cock…”
“Mister J?” Emily asked innocently.
“Yes, Emily?” I said cautiously.
she paused, nervous and excited, “…can we taste it?”
I was flabbergasted. This was too good to be true, but the girls were slowly approaching me where I stood, hand in hand. They stopped a mere foot from me, I could smell their berry-scented soaps still clinging to their naked bodies. I didn't know whether to reach out or to speak, I just stood there, trying not to drool. Luckily, Hallie had overcome some of her shock and helped me decide. She reached out with both hands, and took one of mine in each. Then, she guided my hands, placing one of my hands on her small, firm right breast, and placing the other on Emily's fuller, darker left breast. I squeezed softly.
“Please, Mister J?” Hallie begged, “We really, really want to lick it…”
I nodded. The girls looked at each other, then dropped to their knees before me in unison. Their hard nipples brushed my thighs. Emily encircled my cock with on hand, and slowly slid the skin up and down, mesmerized by the sight of my cock. As she did, Hallie leaned forward and gently licked the very underside of the tip. She leaned back for a moment, savoring the taste, then forward again, slipping the head of my cock into her mouth. She moaned, and began running the flat side of her tongue back and forth across the underside of my prick, sucking softly. After a few moments of watching, Emily took my cock in her hands. Starting at the base, she licked up to the top as she pulled my cock from Hallie's mouth, slipping the head of my cock directly from one pair of young pink lips to another. Hallie in turn licked up and down my shaft while Emily sucked the head. Then Hallie slipped down and ran her hot little tongue up the underside of my balls, giving them a good bath. This has always been a weak spot for me, and I groaned loudly as I felt one warm mouth wrapped around my cock, and another licking my nuts.
Hallie said, “He likes it when you lick his balls, Emily!”
Emily popped my cock out of her mouth, and Hallie took no time in gobbling it up again herself. “Let me try!” she said, and gingerly licked the underside of my sack with the tip of her tongue. The sensation was a bit different, and I realized Emily had probably had very little experience with this. Actually, neither one of the girls could really be that experienced.[i] Time to be a teacher, I suppose[/i], I thought with mischievous glee. At this point, I was getting fired and going to jail if I was caught anyway, I may as well make the most of it.
“Very good, Emily,” I said, looking down. Emily smiled up at me with her eyes as Hallie sucked my cock with a passion. “Now, try using the flat part of your tongue, instead of the tip. That way, it doesn't tickle as much. Why don't you show her what I mean, Hallie, you did it very well just a moment ago.”
Hallie smiled, happy with this new direction. “Of course, Mister J.” she said, going back to licking my balls, “You mean like this?”
“Ohh, yes, Hallie, just like that. See the nice, long strokes, Emily?”
“Mmm Hmm,” said Emily, eagerly putting to practice what she'd seen. Now I had two gorgeous high school girls licking my balls, and it felt great. Every now and again one of the girls would slip her hand or her tongue up to my cock, squeezing and stroking and licking it. Soon, I began to feel the familiar warmth build in my balls. My cock was starting to twitch and jump, and each time it did the girls would giggle in surprise and pleasure. Soon I knew there was no escaping it, I was going to cum. I had to make the most of it.
“Now ladies,” I said, panting heavily, “I'm about to cum all over you both, so-” I was interrupted by the girls disappointed protests through mouthfuls of cock. “Don't worry girls, I'm not done with you yet.” I reassured them. “Now I want you to both place your mouths over the tip of my cock, and I want you two to kiss each other around my cock, always with the tip between your lips. I want to make sure you both get an equal amount of my cum in your mouths. Do you think you can manage that?”
The girls nodded eagerly and did as they were told, their lips and tongues swirling around the head of my penis, sucking and licking it as they kissed each other. As my cock began to jump in their mouths, they both clamped down with their lips and started whimpering loudly, moaning and squealing as my hot semen hit their tongues and the roofs of their mouths, kissing and licking and trading my cum between them.
As my orgasm subsided, the girls looked up at me, questioningly.
“Now swallow.” I instructed.
The girls both did as they were told, and Emily wiped a bit of semen off her bottom lip. She held it out in front of her, looking at my white cum on her small, tan hand. Then Hallie grabbed Emily's wrist and licked the cum from her finger. “Mm, you taste really good, Mister J.” Hallie said.
The girls kissed each other for a moment or two, then they stood up, pressing their bodies against me.
“What do we do next, Mister J?” Emily asked sweetly.
I looked down at the two of them, my naked young students, and while my shaft softened after the orgasm, these tight teen bodies ensured that it really didn't shrink much. Still, I was going to need a minute or two.
“Hallie, you did a wonderful job teaching Emily how to lick my balls, and now you deserve a reward. Emily, go and get us a few towels for the bench here.” Between the lockers were large, wide benches, the kind where two people can sit back to back. “I want us to be /> Emily giggled and trotted off toward the towel rack on her tiptoes, her gorgeous young body jiggling and bouncing seductively in all the right places. As she gathered the towels, Hallie took my soft but still very large cock in her hands and whispered, “I really hope I get to have this inside me today, coach.”
“I'm sure we can make that happen, Hallie.” I said, euphoric.
“I wanna sit on it,” her lust driving her to speak her passions aloud in a “I wanna sit on it and I wanna cum and cum and cum all over coach's big dick…”
“Ooh, me too,” Emily agreed, returning, “I really want to wrap my legs around you while you fuck me, Mister J.”
I said, as I helped Emily finish laying towels on the table. “But first, Hallie gets a reward for her great tutoring. Lie down on you back here, Hallie.” She eagerly did as she was instructed.
“Now Emily, why don't you demonstrate what you've learned by licking Hallie's pussy?” Hallie gasped happily and nodded her head. Emily looked excited and curious, but held back.
“I've never licked a girl's pussy /> “Don't worry,” I reassured her. “Just try to imagine what would feel good to you, and give that to Hallie.”
Emily nodded, determined, and crawled up onto the bench on her hands and knees, legs together, positioning herself between Hallie's thighs. From this position, when she lowered her lips to Hallie's pink, shaved little pussy, it brought her rear end high into the air, presenting me with a gorgeous, unobstructed view of her tight, wet pussy and soft, puckered little anus. I could tell right away that few men had had the pleasure of this pussy, and that nobody had ever touched that little bottom. I remembered her saying her last boyfriend was her first, and they hadn't had sex many times. It showed. Even when she was bent over in such a spread position, her young pussy lips stayed tightly together, her small pink labia barely peeking out through the firm flesh. Her tiny asshole was even tighter.
As I appreciated Emily's gorgeous pussy and ass, she was working Hallie into a solid rhythm. Clearly, she had found her style, Hallie was squeezing her nipples and moaning, her legs scissoring in the air as she squirmed under Emily's probing tongue. I walked to the other end of the bench and knelt, sucking one of Hallie's bright pink nipples while I twirled the other with my fingers. She squealed and grabbed a fistful of my hair, her other hand gripping one of the towels and balling it up in pleasure. I glanced up and saw Hallie's toes curling and uncurling unconsciously. I was getting hard again in a hurry. I got up, suddenly needing to see that view of Em's behind again.
This time, looking would not suffice. After I took another good look, and sighed “My, my, my,” in amazement (eliciting a giggle from Emily), I sat down on the bench, my face inches from her naked pussy. I could smell her tart, sugary young scent, and I breathed in deeply. I took my middle finger and placed it in my mouth, covering it with saliva to the second knuckle. Then I slowly, tantalizingly pressed my finger into her soft flesh, barely massaging the entrance to her pussy, but not entering even a bit. Her pussy was incredibly wet, and her flesh was hot to the touch. I slowly ran my finger up to her clit, tracing gentle circles around it before softly resting the tip of my finger directly on her clit, pressing ever so slightly. After a moment I brought my finger back up and began toying her hole again. Emily groaned deeply, and lost her rhythm with Hallie for a moment. I felt her shiver and there before my very eyes I watched goosebumps rise on her ass cheeks.
“Oh please, Mister J,” she begged, pushing against my teasing finger, “Please finger me.”
“I don't know, Emily, I wouldn't want to distract you from Hallie.”
“I can do both, coach, I promise. Please please please?”
“She's really doing amazing coach,” Hallie sighed contentedly, “Please let her have it?”
I pretended to be the teacher weighing the options, teasing them. “Very well,” I finally said, “I suppose you can have this.” With that, I pushed my finger in slowly, but in one fluid motion, all the way to the knuckles.
We both gasped. Emily from my finger suddenly pressing against her g-spot, and me from the amazing pussy I had my finger in. Emily wasn't just warm, she was hot, and her pussy gripped my finger with a force that amazed me. She kept squeezing my finger with her pussy, clenching so tight I didn't know if I would have been able to pull my finger out if I tried. Not that I tried. I began slowly and softly working my finger in a come-hither motion inside her, pressing hard against the firm flesh for friction. Emily resumed licking Hallie's pussy, but now her inhalations came in sharp little squeaks whenever I hit a particularly good spot.
Hallie was clearly enjoying herself as well. Not only was she writhing with pleasure at what Emily was doing between her legs, but she was looking at me with the naughtiest joy I've ever seen. It was as though she was reading my thoughts: Here were these two girls I taught in class every day, saw them pass notes, and go to classes, and cross their legs, and adjust their bras when they thought nobody was looking, and send text messages, and giggle and laugh, and now I was naked with them, fucking. Hallie could see all these thoughts on my face, and she loved how much it turned me on.
I looked back to Emily's hot, clenching pussy, my finger buried inside. A single drop of her sweet 17 year old juices ran down the back of my hand. I was resting my head against her left ass cheek as I fingered her, and each time her pussy gripped my finger, I watched her little asshole clench and unclench inches from my face. Forced into action by this incredible sight, I propped myself up a bit, then slowly stuck my tongue out. Keeping it wide and flat, I pressed my tongue against Emily's untouched asshole, not inserting my tongue but merely licking her. Emily let out a series of high pitched yips upon being licked there for the first time, and her ass clenched, almost pushing my tongue back out. But when she felt my tongue sliding away because of her squeezing, she relaxed, then eagerly pressed her little bottom against my mouth. She began uttering these soft little moans that lifted up at the end, almost making them sound like questions, “Ooh? Ahh? Huhh?” I began making circular motions with my tongue, never losing contact with her asshole.
I was in heaven. Then, Hallie said, confused, “Emily, what are you doing?”
Emily was no longer licking Hallie's clit, but merely resting her head on Hallie's thigh, oblivious, squirming and squealing at what I was doing to her.
“Oh,” she said, “Sorry, Hal, coach is–ooh–coach is licking my it' feels REALLY GOOD…”
Hallie said, curious. ever done that to me!” With that, she slid out from underneath Emily and propped herself up on her hands and knees next to her classmate, her left ass cheek pressed against Emily's right. Their legs overlapped and they began to curl and uncurl their toes around each other, entwining their little toes and then letting go again. “Do me next, Mister J.” she said matter-of-factly as she looked over her shoulder at me, her teacher, burying my face in her young friend's little bottom.
I pulled back from Emily's ass for a moment, but kept my finger working inside her. I repositioned myself directly between the two gorgeous, puckered little bottoms and tight pussies that my students were literally presenting to me. Because of her darker complexion Emily's asshole was a soft brown, while Hallie's asshole -like her nipples- was bright pink. With my left finger working Emily's tight pussy, I licked my right middle finger, and slipped it up inside Hallie. She groaned and pushed back against my fingers. I would remember this moment for the rest of my life, kneeling behind two cute, nude teenagers, with my fingers in two tight pussies at once. They both squeezed and clenched my fingers with their pussies, but at their own paces, making me rock hard in a second. I leaned down and, just as I had done with Emily, I placed my tongue flat against Hallie's young anus. Like Emily, she squeaked, then pushed back against me. “Ohhhh my god, Mister J.” she said, amazed.
For the next few minutes, I licked Hallie's ass while I fingered them both, although every now and again I would surprise Emily with another quick lick, getting another adorable squeak out of her each time. After a while, both girls were moaning with pleasure, and both began shuddering again.
“Oh, my god, coach,” Hallie said, “I am so gonna cum! Please don't stop!”
“Me too, coach,” said Emily, “I'm about to cum!” I watched as she took Hallie's hand, and the two of them began kissing as Hallie's orgasm struck first. She screamed into Emily's mouth as her whole body quivered, her pussy growing soaking wet and her anus clenching over and over again under my tongue.
“God, that was amazing, Mister J,” Hallie said, /> “So close-so /> “Emily isn't finished yet,” I said to Hallie, “Why don't you help me make her cum?”
Excited as always, Hallie scrambled up, her cute little titties bobbing as she repositioned herself directly underneath Emily, upside-down. If she scooted lower it would have been a sixty-nine, but she stopped for a moment to suck Emily's nipples, while I redirected my tongue to her waiting bottom. In seconds, the attention we were paying her took her to the edge of orgasm. I had always wanted to try what happened next, so I prepared myself by reaching down and putting my hand between Hallie's legs, then coated my hard cock in Hallie's juices. As Emily began to cum, I stood up on my knees and slowly worked my hard cock into her tight pussy from behind. Her spasms clenched my cock as I entered her for the first time, driving both of us wild. The feeling of my hard cock sliding into her as she came sparked yet another orgasm, and she spent the first full minute my cock was in her shuddering and spasming, unable to speak or think or move. I had to admit, I was quite proud of myself.
“Oh jeez, Hallie,” Emily sighed happily, “He's really big…” Then she pushed backwards with her hips, pulling my full length into her hot, tight pussy, “Oh woww.” I had never felt anything like Emily. She was so tight my cock could barely move inside her at first, and I thought she had been hot to the touch on my fingers… this was almost like she was on fire! I forced my cock in to the hilt and held it there for a few moments, simply filling her up and feeling her clench and relax, clench and relax around my cock as she moaned.
“I wanna see!” Hallie said, and she scooted down underneath Emily to a true sixty-nine. Emily immediately resumed sucking Hallie's pink, swollen clit. Lying on her back, Hallie looked up at my cock sliding into her friend's pussy, just inches from her face. “You do look really big going in and out of her, Mister J.” Hallie said hungrily, “It's really She wrapped her arms around Emily's waist and pulled herself up to Em's pussy. From here, she began firmly licking back and forth across Emily's clit, driving Emily wild. Not only that, but the tip of her tongue ran back and forth across the bottom of my shaft as I slipped in and out of Emily's tight pussy. It felt so good it nearly made me dizzy.
“Fuck, Hallie, where did you learn that?” I asked.
“Nowhere, sir,” she replied, “It looked like fun so I did it!”
“I mean this as a compliment, honey,” I said, “But you are gonna be a fantastic little slut one day.”
“Oh, not me, Mister J.” Hallie said innocently, “I'm a good girl.” With that, she gave my balls a single, firm lick with her small, warm tongue and resumed her fantastic position, stimulating Emily's clit and my shaft /> I placed my hands on Emily's firm ass and began pumping my cock into her at a steady rhythm, somewhere between slow and fast. Long regular strokes seemed to please her immensely, especially when I would almost pull out completely (making her whimper with anticipation) before plunging my full length back into her warmth. I had to admire the view for a moment: Emily on her hands and knees, her perfect tanned ass rising to meet my thrusts, Hallie's paler arms reaching around her waist, and then Emily's soft, smooth back, rising shoulder blades, black hair, head down. The view of Hallie's pussy was obscured by Emily's head as she sucked and teased Hallie's clit, but her naked legs rose from below Emily's face and hair to kick and squirm in the air, her toes curling, thighs spreading and closing, knees bending and straightening. I'll never forget the image.
As her legs kicked languidly through the air, her toes at one point came close enough to my face that I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the arch of her foot as she passed by. Hallie squealed, not expecting this combination of pleasure and tickling, and she got me back by giving my balls several more firm strokes with her tongue.
Emily was moaning in time with my thrusts, and her moans began to get louder and more ragged. I could tell she was ready for another orgasm, and so could Hallie. “Ooh, Mister J, you're gonna make Emily cum again! Are you gonna cum again for me and coach, Em?” Emily seemed unable to form words, she squeezed her eyes shut, bit her bottom lip, and nodded furiously. Hallie looked up at me from beneath Emily, and when our eyes met, we had the same thought; Let's really blow her mind! As Hallie resumed licking her clit, she reached down with both hands and began tweaking Emily's stiff nipples. Emily's moans intensified, and her rhythm picked up a bit. I popped my thumb into my mouth, covering it with saliva. I pulled Emily's ass cheeks apart a bit and, just as I had done with my tongue, I placed my thumb against Emily's tight asshole. I pressed softly, never entering, and began working slow circles, massaging her puckered anus. The whole time, I kept up my long steady strokes with my cock, sometimes burying my cock to the hilt and holding there, letting her clench my cock with her young pussy before I resumed plundering her tight treasures.
Almost immediately, Emily began to tremble and spasm. As her orgasm built and washed over her, she screamed in pleasure, “Oh GOD! Oh my GOD! Oh Jesus coach, oh jeez, OH jeez, Oohhh my god omigod omigod my she slowed and sighed as she regained control, her thrusts slowing until she merely sat curled on her knees, holding my cock in her.
Hallie gave Emily a few minutes to catch her breath, then squirmed out from underneath her, stood up, and got behind me on the locker room bench. She pressed her naked, warm little titties against my naked back, and I felt her small pink nipples brush my shoulder blades. She leaned forward and nibbled on my earlobe as her hands explored my hairy chest. Her hot breath gave me goosebumps. One hand encircled the base of my cock, still deep in Emily's schoolgirl pussy.
“May I have your cock next, Mister J?” she asked, just as sweetly as if she needed a hall pass.
I nodded, and began to slowly pull out of Emily's tight vagina. Once the tip was almost out, however, I decided I needed a bit more. I plunged back in for three deep, hard strokes into Emily, and she cried out with each stroke. Then I pushed myself all the way into her, not just holding my cock inside but pushing as deep as I could for several seconds before slowly, finally pulling my cock from Emily's pussy (with Hallie still holding it). Emily breathed a sigh that expressed both her total satisfaction from my cock, and a petulant desire to have it still throbbing deep inside her.
I took Emily by the hips and moved her aside. Then I took Hallie's hand and motioned for her to take Emily's place. But Hallie shook her head and squeezed my cock again. “You said I could sit on it, Mister J.” she said innocently, as if she was afraid that by resisting even a little, she may miss out on her chance for my cock (she knew, of course, that she wasn't leaving before I fucked her 16 year old pussy until she came).
right, I did say that,” I said, and laid down on the bench on my back. I grabbed a towel and rolled it up into a pillow, and by the time I had tucked it behind my head both girls were sucking my cock again.
“Emily, you taste so good on his cock,” Hallie said between licks.
“Mmm I know,” moaned Emily, “How am I ever gonna look at you in 5th period after knowing what your cock can do, Mister J? You made me cum so many times! You even licked my little asshole, I'm gonna imagine that feeling every time you /> “I'll remember that while I'm lecturing, Emily,” I said mischievously, “Now why don't you help Hallie sit right down on my cock?”
Hallie stood up on the bench with her feet on either side of my hips. As Emily crouched by my cock, licking and sucking it, her friend squatted down over my dick, her small palms flat on my chest, fingers running through my chest hair. Emily took the base of my cock and pointed it straight at Hallie's waiting pussy. I watched with amazement as Hallie slowly lowered herself onto my cock, Emily guiding it all the way in, entranced by the sight of my cock disappearing into her friends fantastic little shaved pussy.
“Oh-” Hallie said, sounding pleasantly surprised, “Oh my gosh…you were right, Emily, he is really big!” As she slowly rocked herself down onto my cock, she shifted her legs from a squat, so that she was sitting on her knees straddling me. Fuck, she was just as hot as Emily, and almost as tight! She placed her hands on my stomach and sat up straight. Her pert nipples were rock hard and pointing up, and I slid my hands up her sides and cupped her little schoolgirl breasts in my hands. I tweaked her nipples and rolled them between my thumb and forefinger. She blushed and put her hands on top of mine. not too small, are they coach?” she asked, suddenly shy about her body.
“Not at all, Hallie.” I said, “On the contrary, they're quite fantastic titties. I hope you realize that for the next two years of high school, your coach is gonna be staring at them a lot.”
“Mm,” said Hallie, her hands going back to my chest, “You can see my titties any time you like, coach!”
“Mine too, Mister J,” said Emily, “He's right, Hallie, they're really nice. I think I wanna suck 'em.” With that, she straddled the bench directly above my head, facing Hallie. As she lowered her gorgeous shaved pussy and asshole onto my mouth, she said, “Hope you don't mind a snack while you fuck, coach.”
I didn't. As Hallie rocked back and forth on my cock, squealing and whimpering with pleasure, I buried my face in Emily's naked sex. She was hot and wet from her clit to her asshole, and my tongue flitted back and forth, dipping into her pussy before circling the clit, then dipping in again along the way to probing her soft teen anus. I kept one hand on Hallie's hips, feeding her rhythm and thrusting into her in varying strokes. The other hand moved to Emily's hips, so I could steady her as she ground her naked 17 year old body into me. Hallie's hands worked their way into Emily's hair, twisting dark locks between her fingers while Emily nibbled and chewed her young nipples.
Hallie was practically screaming now, and riding my cock with the energy and enthusiasm that only a teenage girl can muster. Each wail rose in pitch as she neared climax, and soon she was squirming and bucking so hard that Emily couldn't keep her nipples in her mouth; instead she just squeezed Hallie's breasts as she rocked and bounced on my shaft. Hallie was nearly uncontrollable by now, thrashing and wailing and generally driving me wild.
Then, suddenly, Hallie froze on my cock, totally motionless. She sat up straight, eyes as big as dinner plates, paralyzed in shocked ecstasy. Her mouth was frozen in a little o shape, and her chin worked feebly but no sound escaped her lips. Then, almost imperceptible at first, as small tremble began at the base of her neck. Like waves in a pond, the tremble began to ripple down her body, shaking her whole body in vibrations that went down her hips, through her thighs, and even through her little toes curled up under my thighs. Hallie grunted, and then the full orgasm took over, and her entire body shook and spasmed as she leaned against Emily, softly chewing on her earlobe as she came back to reality. Her eyes fluttered, and the two kissed passionately.
During this time, my balls had begun to heat up again, and for the last few minutes I had been trying desperately to hold out my orgasm as long as I could. Now that Hallie had cum all over my cock, I couldn't see myself lasting much longer. “I hate to interrupt, ladies,” I said, “But I'm about to come /> The girls looked at each other excitedly, and Hallie jumped up off my prick. Emily stayed where she was, but lowered herself flat against me into a 69 and began sucking my cock. Hallie straddled my left leg (I could feel her still-hot pussy pressing against my knee) and began liberally licking my nuts. In seconds, my cock was twitching, and just as they had done so well before, the girls wrapped their lips around the head of my cock. I felt the first spurts leap from my nuts, and soon I was filling their young mouths with my hot spunk again. The two moaned in unison and sucked me try, even licking my cock and balls clean.
“Mm,” Emily said, licking her lips, “So much cum…”
The girls kissed each other around my cock for a few moments as it started to go limp, finally finished, at least for the moment. The girls looked satisfied. I sat up on the bench. The girls were on their knees in front of me, their breasts resting on my legs, looking up at me.
“How was it, coach?” Asked Hallie.
“Yeah, Mister J,” Emily chimed in, “Are we good at sex?”
I said, “Not only are you good at sex, but I'm willing to say right now that I will NEVER have an experience as amazing as that, no matter how long I live. You girls were simply /> Hearing this, the girls grinned mischievously and giggled. They rose, and the three of us kissed for a moment. Then we got up and stumbled, fuzzy-headed, back into our clothes. Once we were dressed, the girls outfits further reminded me that I had just fucked two of my high school students. I grinned, knowing it had been worth all the risk. The girls both smiled at me, then made zipping motions across their lips. I returned the gesture, and the girls headed for the exit.
I looked around, gathered the towels we had used, and threw them in the basket. I was just about to hit the lights, and the girls were almost out the door, when I spotted something.
I said, stopping her. I walked up and placed her balled-up gray panties in her hand. “Isn't this what you came back for?”
Hallie grinned, took my hand, and pulled out a ballpoint pen. She scrawled an address on my palm in a beautiful little schoolgirls handwriting. “Actually, Mister J,” she said, “I was wondering if you could drop them off at my place tonight? My mom and dad won't be there.” She winked at me, then spun on her heel and walked out with Emily. Emily glanced over her shoulder and waved shyly back at me as she left.
I grinned, knowing already that I would end up fucking Hallie again no matter how hard I tried to resist her invitation. I decided to finish up at the gym, head home and change, then see about finding this address. This was my plan as I cleaned up, turned off the lights, and headed to my car. I let my mind wander as I walked across the parking lot, and when I went to put my key into the lock, I stopped cold.
Hadn't Hallie said something about a slumber party tonight?

story by: Jaxxor5225

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Author: Jaxxor5225

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