Gabby 3

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Gabby 3

Doing the laundry was a several hour affair with my wrists cuffed behind my back. By the time I had finished, and gotten his clothes and sheets back into his room, the sky had started to darken. As I was just trying to smooth out the last corner of his sheet, he walked into his room.

“Now the only thing left to clean is you.” I smiled and did a little naked curtsy for him.

He snapped a dog collar and leash on me and led me out the door. I wondered what he was up to when we continued past the bathroom and down the stairs. The bathroom off the living room perhaps? I stopped cold in my tracks when it became apparent he was leading me out the sliding glass door onto the porch. Even with the relative remote location of our house, I was still leery of going outside.

A hard tug on the leash and I didn’t have much choice. The cool air hit my nipples first, turning them hard as rocks. I tried desperately to find away to cover myself, but my efforts proved fruitless. Frantically I looked around to see if anyone was watching. It was already too dark to see very far, but I could still make out our neighbors house in the distance.

He led me out to the clothesline, six rows of rope suspended about six feet in the air between two T-shaped metal poles, and pushed me to my knees beneath them. I winced and tried to twist away as a cold blast of hose water hit me. I opened my mouth in shock, but made no noise, not wanting to draw any attention to myself. He thoroughly doused me with the shower like spray of the nozzle before turning it to jet and aiming at my nipples. He spent the next several minutes torturing me with cold hard blasts of water on my already sensitive nipples.

“Oh please god stop,” I finally pleaded. Mercifully he let go of the hose and put it down.

“You don’t have to call me god though,” he quipped, picking up a bar of soap and lathering his hands. I opened my mouth in ecstasy as he reached down and toyed with my clit with one finger, then let out a muffled argument as he shoved the bar of soap in my open mouth. “Hold that for me,” he said as he began kneading and soaping my boobs. I made sure not to drop it, even when his hands migrated every so often to my pussy to toy with and tease me.

After several minutes of washing me, and several more groping me up and down, he finally pulled the soap out, and I tried to rid myself of the taste. He pulled me to my feet and tied the leash off to one of the middle ropes.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Hanging you up to dry,” he responded, walking towards the house. I began to panic at the prospect of being left alone outside, but breathed a sigh of relief as he started back after a few steps. My relief was short lived however as he grabbed a basket. “Almost forgot the he said, putting one on each of my nipples. I winced at the pain and tried in vain to free myself. I found I could move up and down the line, but I couldn’t free myself from it, and I couldn’t remove the clothespins. I found that the pain numbed over time as the arousal I got from being nude and exposed, coupled with the fear of being caught, and the unrelenting horniness at pleasing my brother took over.

My mind kept flashing back to the last time I’d had his cock sliding up and down my throat. His pleasured moans and the reward of tasty, salty cum made my pussy tingle and my nipples forget they were ever in pain. I shut my eyes, reliving that moment when I’d finally managed to deep throat him, but I was stirred from my reverie by another, even fiercer pain. He’d taken the clothespins off. It must have been several minutes because there were little indentations on my nipples where they’d been and I was completely dry.

that pussy doing?” he asked me as he marched me inside.

“Good, I answered him, turning a slight red at the blunt and frank mention of my regions.

He sat me down on the couch in the living room and blindfolded me once more. I felt his hands on my legs, and soon found them being pulled apart. After a few minutes, he let go and I tried to bring them back together with no success. He’d tied them to something, though god knows what. His hands roamed my body, squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples once more. I moaned and squirmed on the couch. Hr kneaded my breasts, harder and harder until he neared the threshold between pleasure and pain. Then all of a sudden his hands stopped, and the air was silent. I thought I could hear him moving nearby, but I couldn’t be sure.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I screamed and jumped against my bonds as something, I don’t know what, something slid across my clit. “What the hell was that?” I asked him.

He only laughed and did it again, prompting another jump and yelp. “Do you want me to keep going?” he asked.

“Yes please master,” I said quickly, not for the first time feeling utterly owned.

“Oh good lord!” I yelled, feeling the soft, intensely pleasurable sensation on my clit again. Though this time it didn’t stop after a split second. My jaw dropped as the pressure on various areas of my pussy increased. I could feel whatever it was running up and down my lips lightly, teasing me, only to dive hard towards my clit. Eventually my shaking and writhing caused the blindfold to slip down around my neck. I looked down, and saw to my surprise, my brothers mouth and tongue buried in my pussy.

He saw that I’d noticed and smiled, pulling up and running his thumb in circular motions on my clit. I shut my eyes and bit my lip for several seconds reveling in the pleasure.

“Want me to make you cum this way?” he asked me slyly.

“Oh fuck yes, please god yes,” I answered panting.

“Will you do something for me in return?” he asked, lightly running his tongue up and down my pussy again.

“Fuck, anything, yes master,” I replied, struggling to get the words out coherently. The last was obscured by a yell as he dove once more, this time sucking my clit between his lips and playing with it with his tongue. I thrusted back and forth, rubbing myself over his mouth. He wrapped his tongue in a circle around my clit and moved it rapidly up and down, like my clit was fucking his tongue. That was about all I could handle as my body took over.

I came hard, harder than I ever had before as his tongue and lips continued to work. I orgasmed, and then orgasmed again and again. It seemed like they would never stop. Every muscle in my body tensed at the same time. Every limb pulled at its respective tether causing ropes and metal alike to dig into my skin. Somewhere along the way I zoned out of full consciousness, the pleasure washing over me, consuming me. Every time it seemed like it would abate, I would feel his tongue again, moving, finding some nerve it had not yet touched.

Finally, several minutes later, my eyes fluttered open and I awoke. My brother was no longer between my legs, rather in the kitchen, pouring himself a drink. My leg bonds had been freed, but the ropes still dangled from my ankles. I stretched myself out for a few moments. Every muscle felt as though it ached. I stood, wobbling for a few moments, then walked around a bit to get my balance.

He walked over and handed me something, a black thong and bra, and freed my wrists. I put the thong on, pulling the ropes through the leg holes and sliding it into place. He then redid my ankle bonds so that they were roped together with about a foot and a half of slack, allowing me to take short steps. When he was finished, I slipped the skimpy Victoria’s Secret bra on and clasped it behind my back.

He led me into the kitchen and undid my leash, setting it on the counter, then rummaged through one of the cupboards. The feeling of clothes was now somewhat strange with me. I caught myself in the reflection in the stove and frowned at the black contrasts sweeping across my relatively pale skin. They covered all the best parts. I rolled the thong a bit, revealing a few inches of my ass, and brining my pussy oh so close to being exposed.

He finally found what he was looking for, a large square top to a serving tray. It was metal, about one by two feet, and had a large rectangular handle. He put it in my hands, handle facing down, then slid the cuffs through the handle and fastened them to each wrist, effectively binding me and the makeshift serving tray. He then ran a rope from the cuffs to my ankle ropes so that I held the tray just below my breasts. Then he ran a rope up, under my bra (having a squeeze as he did so) to the link on my collar, trapping my hands in place. I turned around once, getting a feel for how I could move, and earning a hard smack in the ass from Tim. I instinctively tried to shield myself, but could do nothing as his warm hand rubbed where he’d just hit me, then took a good hard squeeze.

“Some guys are coming over to play poker tonight,” he explained. You’re going to be a nice hostess. My face flushed at the thought of revealing so much to so many older guys.

His friends came in one by one, taking a good long stare at me standing beside the round card table he’d set up. I had drinks, a bowl of chips, and some dip on my tray. I had to take short, careful steps in order to not spill anything.

They all took their seats, five of them in all, including Tim and started playing. They all took turns sneaking peeks at the bound, barely clothed girl, all of them curious, but none daring to ask. After the first few hands, the order came for a drink, from Tim. He grabbed a drink near my breasts, rubbing one of my nipples as he did so. I let out a short, quiet gasp as his hand pulled away. In mere seconds, both of them were hard and straining against the thin material of my bra.

“Take what you want guys,” Tim said with a smile before sipping his drink. Now the stares were more obvious, and another guy grabbed a drink, unblocking the other hard nipple for all to see. The guys all feigned not being able to reach my tray, forcing me to bend forward, giving them a great view of what little cleavage I had and an even better view of my ass for the guy behind me. I made sure to position myself so everyone got a look.

As the night wore on, all the drinks and the chips made their way to the table. Tim rewarded my faithful service by getting the tray out of my way, but leaving the cuffs on. He got up to take care of the tray and the empty glasses. As soon as his back was turned, there was a loud smack as one of his friends swatted my ass. The rest giggled, and Tim didn’t even flinch as he let them have a few seconds of fun.

When he returned, everyone was sitting still and very interested in their cards, while my ass was a bit redder, and my thong significantly more moist. After a little while, two of the guys left, citing their lack of chips and something about girlfriends as excuses. I started sitting on the lap of whoever won each hand, feeling Tim’s and two other hard dicks throbbing just beneath my pussy.

Tim’s chips began to dwindle, and after not much longer he ended up having to go all in. I walked around, looking at each player’s cards. Tim was not on the winning end.

“Her bra,” he said, realizing his impending loss. The other two just looked at him. “Her bra instead of the chips.” The winner only nodded. I hobbled over him, then leaned way over so my breasts were less than an inch from his face.

“Take it,” I whispered.

He reached around to undo the clasp, pulling me closer, and blocking his face from view. He lightly bit one of my nipples as he pretended to fumble with the clasp. “Oh god,” I breathed at the unexpected sensation.

After pushing his luck for a few more seconds, he undid the clasp, causing my A-cups to fall mere millimeters. He slid the bra down my arms until he was blocked by the rope, at which point Tim came over with a pair of scissors and cut it off my body completely. I spun around to give them all a look at the full package before settling onto the nibbler’s lap.

Not hiding it any more, I swiveled my hips, giving his raging hard on a nice little lapdance while he played. They all went back and forth for a few hands before Tim knocked the other guy out, hauling in a substantial amount of chips. He took one last long dirty look at me, prompting a shudder before he too departed.

The two piles of chips were about even now. I saw my chair lift a pocket pair of aces and grin ever so slightly. Him and my brother raised back and forth until all their chips were in the pot.

“You can keep the money,” he said referring to the buy-in, “if I can take her home.” One of his hands found its way up my leg and just underneath the fabric of my thong.

Tim smiled, He stood up and freed me of all my accessories. “you can take off the thong,” he told me. Turning red, and dripping, I slowly bent over and slid it down my legs revealing my tight pink, bald pussy lips. He salivated at the thought of having me to himself while my heart raced with fear and excitement.

my brother said, flipping over a jack and ten of diamonds. He stopped and let the cards speak for themselves. He’d made a straight flush. The guy looked on in shock. “Show him out,” Tim ordered.

Surprising them both, I reached into his pants and led him by his eight inch cock to the door. I gave it one last tug and whispered in his ear, and shoved him out.

I turned around and found Tim already naked in his char, softly stroking himself as he enjoyed my nudity. “Oh, master, let me do that,” I said, dropping to my knees by the door and crawling to him.

“Open your mouth and shut your eyes,” he told me with a grin. I followed his order happily, putting my hands on my head as well, awaiting my treat. I leaned forward as his hand brushed up my body, from my stomach up and around my breasts to my chin.

I screamed as he unexpectedly forced something into my mouth. It was a sweetness that tasted and smelled oddly familiar. He slapped a strip of duct tape over my mouth, holding in my gag. It was my still damp panties he’d fed me. The taste was me. The thought would’ve made me gag, but I found that I actually enjoyed the taste of myself. After having removed them instinctively, I placed my hands back behind my head, opening my eyes quick enough to see his hand coming at me. It shoved me firmly backwards. I fell onto my back, my legs tumbling out from underneath me. He lifted me slightly and put a pillow underneath the small of my back, aiming my pussy up into the air. I laid there submissively, awaiting his wishes.

He knelt over me and grabbed my hair, holding my head back and dangled his cock inches over my face, taunting me. I fought against the pain for it, but he held me tightly. Finally he pulled my head upwards, and allowed me to deepthroat him.

“Nice and sloppy, get that cock nice and wet,” he ordered me. I moaned with pleasure, doing exactly as he told. After a few minutes, he got off of me. I twisted and whimpered at the cock deprivation. I turned my head to the side, looking over to see him stroking some sort of liquid onto his cock. He knelt again, this time before my legs and held them apart. Before I could realize what he was doing, he started rubbing his head up and down my pussy.

I arched my back, and fumbled around with my hands to grab a hold of something. I found nothing and balled them into fists. He started tapping it on my clit, and I swore I was going to orgasm right there, but held back for him. Gradually, slowly, he began sliding it into my tight pussy. I gasped at the pain at first, but it felt so right to be filled up like that. I spread my legs as far apart as I could get them, my face stayed contorted in a look of shock, pain and pleasure.

When’d he’d gotten enough of himself in me, he started to thrust gently. “Oh, fuck yes!” I screamed, letting him have his way with me. He picked up the pace slightly, but stayed gentle. All I could do was moan and scream. Tears began running down my face at the sheer overload of sensations. His hand came down on my stomach, just above my pussy, as he guided himself in and out of me. My head spun as the motion caused it to slip closer and closer to my clit.

“Oh, yeah,” I heard him moan. My tightness had him close already. I felt his thrusts become more and more irregular, his breath more ragged. He held back, continuing to fuck me. I’d slid off the pillow, my head hit the couch with every thrust, but I didn’t care. Everything went numb, the only place I had any feeling at all was my pussy.

His cock started to throb while his thumb finally pushed its way to my clit. That was enough to make my pussy explode. My back arched and it felt like every muscle went into overdrive. All I could see were stars for the next several minutes. I orgasmed again and again. Every time I thought I was winding down, I felt his thumb on my clit again and it pushed me over another edge.

After what seemed like forever, my heartbeat started to slow, and my eyes opened. I looked up. He was slipping on his boxers. There was cum everywhere, my stomach, my tits, even my face and hair. I tasted some in my mouth, obviously he’d had me clean him off, but I’d gotten so lost, the moment when he pulled out and came barely registered. I was so exhausted, but I felt so good. I grabbed the somewhat cum covered pillow and propped it behind my head, drifting off to sleep.

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