Going south 3 sue tells all

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Going South 3 Sue tells all

It was a week later after dinner and Sue and I were in the living room watching television. She was sitting across from me and I could tell she was not interested in the show. She was slowly opening and closing her legs giving me a view of her pussy. After ten minutes of teasing me she gets up and comes over to me. She straddled my legs facing me and put her arms around my neck. Looking me in the eye she said “baby I need dessert, you know something hot and delicious that will satisfy my body.”

Her lips found mine and her tongue found its way into my mouth. Her body was undulating against me as if she was doing a dance. I returned the kisses and my tongue was in her mouth too. When it came to sex Sue was like a woman possessed. It was a number of minutes later when we stopped kissing and Sue says nice but get me naked and make love to me.”

I take the bottom of her t-shirt and lift it up and over her head and throw it on the floor. As soon as the t-shirt hit’s the floor, Sue is back kissing me and running her fingers through my hair. As we kiss I reach around her back and undo her bra. As it comes away from her body I wonder why she wears it. Her breasts are firm and do not sag at all. They may not be big but just a nice size. I think she wears the bra to hide those perky nipples when she gets excited in public.

She continues to kiss me and her hands come between us and she starts to unbutton my shirt. When it is open she pulls it off me. Laying against me she rubs her breasts on my hairy chest and breaking the kiss says “your hair tickles my nipples, I love it.” She goes back to kissing and moaning into my mouth.

Slowly she pulls away from me and raising up stands and unfasten her skirt letting it fall to the floor. I know there will be no panties as there was none when she was flashing me. She reaches down and opens my belt and unfastens my pants and pulls them off me. Then my underwear follows and when I am exposed she says “yummy, just what I need a hard, hot cock a perfect />
Then slowly with a smile on her lips she lowers herself to my cock. Her sensual lips open and my cock is sucked into her mouth and her tongue is gently stroking the underside of my cock. Oh the wonderful sensation of this beautiful girl as she sucks on my cock. She tighten her lips on the edge of the crown head so I get the most sensation. This girl really knows how to suck cock but she does it not to just satisfy me, she does it to satisfy her.

I need to taste this woman and reaching down I take hold of her by the hips and lifting her up have her straddle my head. She is easy to lift as she does not weigh more than one hundred pounds. In the sixty nine I bring my lips to her pussy lips and gently suck on them. Then my tongue licks the petals of her pussy and slowly enters her sexual passage. She moans as I taste her juices and my tongue licks on her hard little clit.

I am in no hurry to fuck but just enjoy this girl as she works on my cock. Her one hand is gently rubbing and squeezing my balls and her other hand is pumping my cock as she sucks me. I wait for her to set the time when she wants more but for now I am enjoying my lips sucking and licking on her cunt and my hands squeezing her ass.

After awhile she lifts her head pulling my cock from her mouth. She swings her leg over me and smiling says “your delicious but I need your hard cock inside me.” She straddles my legs facing me and taking hold of my cock brings it to her pussy. With a pleasurable groan she lowers herself onto my cock and it slides up into her cunt tunnel until her ass settles on my legs.

Once it is in place she bends down and gives me a long gentle kiss. Then she starts to hump her ass up and down fucking me. Some women can only do this slow but Sue has learned to do it fast. She humps away for about a minute then stops and spends time kissing me. When she is in need again she starts humping again.

She takes her time and drags it out. With Sue it is not about getting a climax although she does go crazy with them. With her its more about fucking and feeling the man’s cock inside her. She likes to prolong the sensation of the cock sliding in her cunt tunnel filling her up. She once said she would like to be filled with cock for hours at a time.

It’s about and hour later and she starts to fuck fast again. She looks at me and says “it’s about time for you to fill my pussy with cum.” After another thirty of forty seconds of hard fucking I feel my climax coming and Sue sits up and putting her hands on my chest, she turns her head up and says “yes oh fucking yes I am coming.” As she spasms on my cock I start to pump rope after rope of cum into her pussy as I grip her ass.

She collapses on me and together we take time to recover from the fuck. I lift her head with my hands and say “Sue I love you and I love how you fuck me. You’re the best” and I kiss her.

While we were laying there after that session of sex Sue said “my early life had a lot of sex in it.” I said “you mean with Jessie and your cousin Jimmy.” She said “yes with them but there were others.” She said “sex was a normal part of living in the hollow. Everybody did it with everybody and only a few ever got />
“Once you were broke in others would want to try you out. Jessie was the one who took my virginity and he would come by every other day for a fuck in my pussy.” For awhile it was regular like that, then he would not come by for four or five days. After three or four months it was once a week or so. I asked if he had another girl, and he said he did. He said “I hope you are not angry with me cause I really do like you and I love to fuck your pussy. With this other girl it is more serious, I think I love her and she loves me. I will probably marry her.” I did not tell him I was not interested in getting married. I just liked the sex and that’s all I wanted. I told him it was ok and if he wanted he still could fuck me.

I never told Jessie about my cousin Jimmy as he did not need to know. My cousin Jimmy was my regular fuck and he did me quite often right up to the time I left the hollow. I was fourteen when I started to fuck him and he was fifteen. The day after our first fuck Jimmy came back and I knew he was after more of my pussy. I was more than ready to give him what he wanted because it was what I wanted. He had a nice size cock and I liked how it felt moving inside my cunt hole. The feeling of his hot, wet cum filling up my cunt as I was having a mind blowing climax was pure heaven.

Sure enough Jimmy came into the yard and said “Sue I am horny how about another fuck?”

I nodded yes saying “sure Jimmy I love the feel of your cock in my pussy lets go off to the pasture and find some soft grass to do it on.”

Jimmy took my hand and led me off to the field. In a little while we were out of sight of the house and we found a low spot where the summer grass had grown thick. We laid down in the grass and Jimmy started to kiss me. I really liked his kisses. I think his mother thought him how to do it right.

While he was kissing me his hands were busy on my tits and then on my cunt. In no time at all he had me all worked up and ready to fuck. My juices were flowing and I needed a cock in me. When I told him I was ready, he said “yeah Sue I’m ready too. My cock is as hard as stone and it needs a hot, tight cunt like yours.”

He opened his pants and his cock sprang free. It was hard alright and sticking straight out from his crotch. He lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties. Getting between my legs he placed the head of his cock in between my pussy lips and pushed. I felt the cock go sliding in me and his balls settled on my ass. Once he was lodged in he started to fuck and I was pushing up to his down strokes.

We kept it up for a half hour and I came twice. He was talking most of the time that he was fucking me. Saying how much he loved the feel of my pussy or how tight I felt on his cock. Then he stopped fucking and pushed in me all the way and said he was coming. I felt him spasm inside my pussy and then felt the cum pumping in me. When he was done he pulled his cock from my cunt with a slurp and laid down beside me. His cum was slowly running out of my pussy onto my ass. I did not bother to wipe it as I liked the feeling.

I asked him if he was still doing his sister. “Yes of course she won’t leave me alone. She sure loves to have her cunt banged.” I asked him how he started with June. He said he never even thought of June until one day as he was fucking away on his mother, he saw June watching them from the doorway. He saw her in the dresser mirror and she was excited because she was rubbing her dress at her pussy.

Jimmy said “I knew by the way she was acting that she wanted to fuck and I was just the guy to break her cherry.” After I blew my load in mother June left. I laid down beside mother and asked her if June was fucking yet. June had not told her one way of the other but she was thirteen and mother said she was thirteen when my grandfather took her. Mother told me if I was going to do her to make sure she was within a week before or after her period. Mother did not want her knocked up.

The next day mother went to the store to buy some things and I knew she would be gone for a couple of hours. I knocked on June’s bedroom door and she said to come in. She was sitting on the bed with her back to the headboard and was reading a book.

She said “what do you want Jimmy?” I thought I would come right out with it and said “I was wondering if you were fucking yet?”

“Why do you want to know” was her reply. “Well if you are I thought maybe I could have a go with you. And if you are not maybe I could bust your cherry and get you />
“You really want to fuck me Jimmy. I was hoping somebody would want to teach me how to fuck.” She put her book down and came to the edge of the bed saying “I have a real itch to learn how it feels when a guy puts his cock inside my pussy.”

“Well you know I have experience as you were watching me fuck mom yesterday and I saw you rubbing your pussy as you />
She said “I have seen you do mom three times already and she really likes it.” she then stood up and faced me saying “you can teach me Jimmy I would really like you to do it.”

I asked her when she had her last monthly bleed. She said she just finished one three days ago. I told her that was good because she would not get pregnant if she fucked the week before her bleed or the week after. I then said “strip off your clothes June and I will get you warmed up and pop your cherry.” She did not have to be told twice and started to take off her clothes.

When we were both nude I looked at her body. She was skinny but her tits still looked nice just about the size of your’s Sue. She had a little bit of red hair on her pussy and it was the same color as the hair on her head. She was looking at my cock and said “your cock looks pretty big Jimmy and my pussy is small.” worry June mother said it will fit and that she took cock when she was thirteen like you.” I sure hoped mother was right because I sure wanted to put my cock in her.

I told June to come over to me and said “first thing you have to learn is to lick and suck cock.” “Why do I have to do that” was her reply. “Cause if you want a guy to fuck your pussy his cock needs to be hard. My cock is soft now and I could not get it in your pussy also your spit on it will make it slippery and it will slide in easier.”

“Ok how do you do it” said June. I told her to take hold of my cock in her hand and then put it in your mouth and suck on it. She reached out with her hand and took hold of my cock saying “it feels funny Jimmy and very hot.” I told her not to worry about it and to put it in her mouth and start sucking. She brought my cock to her mouth and then kissed it. Then her tongue came out and she licked it. I guess she did not think it tasted bad because she opened her mouth and started to suck on it. Shortly she was eagerly sucking on my cock and she was enjoying it. When she took her mouth from it she said “look Jimmy your cock has got bigger and it is hard are you ready to put it in my pussy.”

I told her to get on the bed and spread her legs. I was going to fuck my sister and break her cherry but first I was going to lick and suck on some thirteen year old pussy. Getting between her spread legs I got ready to taste her pussy. She said “what are you doing Jimmy?” I said I was going to suck on her pussy like she sucked on my cock. Then I put my mouth on her pussy and I heard her take a deep breath and groan.

She was wiggling her ass as I work my mouth all over her cunt. She really did taste good and it was keeping me horny. June said “Jimmy keep doing that it feels wonderful.” I worked on her for a few minutes and did not want to stop she felt so good. However my cock wanted to feel the inside of her pussy, so I raised up and got on my knees between her legs.

She realized what my intentions were and I could see a little fear in her eyes. I told her not to worry I would be gentle and slowly ease my cock in her pussy. “You will stop if it hurts me won’t you Jimmy. You will stop and take it out of my pussy.” I promised her that I would but I knew once my cock got started in her cunt it was going all the way in and I would fuck her pussy good.

Her cunt did look small and I told her to hold her pussy lips open so I could get my cock in. She reached down and spread open her cunt lips with her fingers. I could see the nice pink color of the inside of her cunt and I knew I would soon be feeling the inside of it.

I placed the head of my hard cock in between her cunt lips and gave a small push but her pussy was tight and it seemed dry even with my spit on it. I knew if I pushed it would hurt her and me too. I got up and told her to wait and went into the kitchen and got a little butter. When I got back I put some on her pussy and some on my cock. Then I replaced the head of my cock back in her pussy lips and gave another push.

The head of my cock slipped through her cunt opening and June said “oh gosh Jimmy your cock feels awful big.” She looked like she was ready to jump up and run by look on her face. I told her to relax and let her pussy get used to my cock. I just kept it inside her pussy and did not move for a minute. When I felt her relax I started short in and out movements so she got the feel of fucking. In another minute she said starting to feel good Jimmy.”

I thought it was time to bust her cherry and I gave a good push and more of my cock went into her cunt. She was tight but I never hit any obstacle as I went into her further. She moaned and said “you are too big Jimmy take it out it hurts.” She did have tears in her eyes but I told her to wait it will feel better in a little while. Again I stopped and did not move letting her pussy adjust to my size.

In a little while she said “it is feeling better now Jimmy the hurt is going away.” I started to move in and out of her pussy and going a little deeper on every stroke in. She was not complaining as I fucked and shortly I feel my pelvis hit against hers. I said “June my cock is all the way inside you does it feel ok?” Her eyes were closed and she nodded yes and said “it’s starting to feel really good. Don’t stop keep fucking me Jimmy. I love it.”

I kept on fucking into her hot pussy enjoying every inch of her tight cunt tunnel. She was pushing her ass up to me trying to get me deeper into her pussy. She was constantly moaning and saying how wonderful my cock felt in her. When she had her climax she let out a long moan and saying “oh my god” and pushed her pelvis up to me to get full penetration with her hands pulling on my arms. I could feel her cunt spasm on my cock and it sure felt good.

When her breathing returned to normal I asked her about her cherry. I told her I did not encounter one. She said she hurt herself about a month ago playing with her hair brush in her pussy. And it did make her bleed but she was embarrassed and did not tell anyone.

I had not moved when she had her climax. I was on my elbows and June had her arms around my neck and my cock was still inside her pussy. I asked it she enjoyed fucking. “It’s the best feeling ever. I really love it. Jimmy your cock is still inside me and it feels hard are you going to fuck me some more.”

“June I have not come yet and I plan to fuck you until I put a big load of cum in your cunt.” With that remark I started to slowly fuck her pussy. While I was doing that I also began to kiss her and she returned my kisses. When our lips separated she smiled at me and said “fucking and kissing are sure a lot of fun.”

I continued to fuck June and then I felt someone touch my shoulder. I was startled and looked it was mother. When I said “mom” I felt June tighten up under me. June’s eyes looked frightened until mom said “are my babies having a good time?” She said “I thought maybe if I gave Jimmy a little room he would fuck you that’s why I left this morning.” Then mother started to get undressed “you don’t mind if I join you guys its been awhile since I ate pussy or had mine eaten by a woman.” I continued to fuck June and mother soon joined us on the bed.

It was about ten minutes later with mother feeling June’s tits and kissing her lips and me fucking her that June started to come. Feeling her contractions brought me over the top and I filled her pussy with cum. June was still breathing hard when mother told me “come on honey pull that cock out of her cunt and let mother do her thing.”

I pulled out and rolled on my back and watched mother get between June’s legs. She began to lick and suck on her cunt getting all of my cum out of her. June was telling mom how good it felt and soon she was having another climax. When mother finished with June she turned to me and sucked my cock clean. I soon had another boner and mom went back to sucking on June pussy. She was on her hands and knees and I just got behind her and buried my cock in her cunt.

It was about half an hour before I unloaded in mom. When I pulled out of her pussy, mom got on her back and told June to come and suck my cum out of her pussy. I was too tired and got dressed and left them playing on the bed.

The next day I see that little vixen June meet up with Baxter twins while they were walking past our place. They are about the same age as June. The next thing I see is her leading them boys to the barn. I waited for little while and then snuck into the barn to see what was going on.”

“There was June stripped down and telling the boys about how to fuck. She soon had the boys jaybird naked and she was handling their cocks and then sucking on them to get them hard. They were not very big but they soon had little boners. She laid down opening her legs and instructed the boys on how to put their cocks in her and fuck. First one was between her legs and moving up and down and saying how good she felt. Then the other one had a go at her pussy.” June said “they had done good and had given her a climax. She asked if they wanted to do it again tomorrow.” They liked the idea and said they would be back. Then they all got dressed.

Watching her gave me a boner so after the boys left I walked into the barn and asked what she was doing. She said “having a little fun with the boys.” I told her I watched and for her to get over here. I had her turn around bend over and put her hands on a bale of hay. I opened my pants and pulled out my hard boner and then flipped up her dress exposing her naked ass. She was not wearing any panties.

I walked up to her holding my cock and wiggled the head of it in her pussy slit. She was wet from playing with the boys and I pushed my cock right her tight pussy. She let out a little grunt as my cock sled all the way in her cunt. She said “that feels good Jimmy fuck my pussy good.” I fucked her bent over as she was for fifteen minutes and she had a climax and I had one too. I pumped about four squirts of cum in her pussy and when I pulled out some of it came out and ran down her leg. Now she says I will have to find mother to clean me and off she goes with a smile on her face.

Listening to him tell the story about his sister got me horny and him also. He took my hand and led me out of the field and into our barn. Once inside he said he would show me how he did his sister. He had me bend over and put my hands on the milking stool. He then lifted my dress up over my back so he could see my ass and pussy.

Then I heard the zipper on his pants and looking back over my shoulder I saw his cock sticking out of his pants. He moved behind me and then I felt him put his cock in my cunt. A push and he was all the way up in my pussy and he was pounding away at me. In a short while I felt him spray my cunt with cum but he kept right on fucking me. Ten minutes later my climax washed over me and Jimmy was there to pump another load of cum in me.

I hadn’t seen Jimmy for a few days after the barn fuck. I was outside feeding the chickens when I see Jimmy coming down the trail from his house. He had his friend Jason and Jason cousin Luke. When they got to where I was Jimmy asked if I would like to go with them. “Where are you going Jimmy?” He said down by the creek and maybe go for a swim.

I knew what he wanted but what about his friends. “Do your friends want to swim too.” Jimmy said “he was interested in banging my pussy and maybe I would let his friends have a go too.” I smiled and said “why not it might be fun having all you boys doing my pussy.”

Jimmy took my hand and led the way to the creek where we would go swimming. When we got there Jimmy started to strip off his clothes. Jason and Luke followed right behind him in getting nude. I took my time getting undressed and made a slow strip show. When my clothes were gone I ran and jumped into the creek. The boys followed and soon we were swimming and splashing one another and having fun.

When we had enough of that Jimmy led me to soft spot in the grass and laid me down. All the boys laid down also to get warm in the sun. Playing in the cool creek water had shrunk their cocks and they did not look very impressive. Jimmy told me to come and suck on his cock to get it standing up.

I moved over him and put my knees on each side of his head and told him to lick and suck my pussy to get me ready too. Then I bent down and took his little shrunk cock in my mouth and in seconds it came back to life. A few minutes later and it was standing tall and ready to fuck. He rolled me on my back and began kissing me and then moved between my legs and his cock found its way to my cunt. A good push and it was buried all the way up my pussy. He did not wait but started to fuck me right away saying “Sue your cunt feels so good on my cock.”

I looked over at Jason and Luke and they were busy stroking their meat and getting their cocks hard. I knew I would soon be feeling their meat in my pussy and I hoped they would feel just as good as Jimmy. My heels were on Jimmy’s ass and my arms were around his neck. He had me moaning as his cock was working in my pussy. He tighten up and I felt him start to cum inside my cunt and I was disappointed as I had not had a climax.

He pulled his cock from me and no sooner got up then Jason came to me. He wanted me to suck on his cock even though it looked ready to do the job. After a minute he got on me and I felt him push his cock in. He groaned and said “you sure feel good Sue.” He was pumping his cock in me right from the entry and I knew he would have me coming in no time.

Luke moved up to me and knelt down and put his cock by my mouth and said “Sue suck on this.” I looked at him and opened my mouth and he moved his cock in and I began sucking. A minute later my climax hit and I grabbed on to Jason as I felt the spasms rack through my body.

After my climax Jason was still fucking my pussy rapidly and then he tensed and I felt his cum shooting inside my pussy. When he rolled off me Luke said “I want a turn but you sure have a lot of cum oozing from your cunt.” I said I could fix that and got up ran and jumped in the creek. I wash my pussy and forced a little water inside to help drain the cum from it. When it was clean I moved back up to the grassy spot and laid down again.

Luke moved between my legs without even asking. His cock found my opening and he pushed his way inside. He was a little bigger than the other two and commented on how tight I was. I thought maybe the cool water of the creek made my pussy smaller like it did the boys. However he was soon fucking away on me and it wasn’t very long before I felt him coming in me. When he got up he said “you sure are a good fuck and I hope we will do it again soon.” We all got dressed and went home.

Jimmy was the only one to come around regularly for a fuck. The other boys would show up once a week or once every two weeks and that was ok with me. I was careful when to let the guys fuck me and I would not fuck if I was in my fertile time. In those times I would give a blowjob or a hand job. It was one of those times that Jimmy said there was another way to have sex that was safe.

He told me we could do it anally. His mother had shown him how to do it. He said to get him hard and he would fuck me in the ass and I could not get pregnant that way. I did not think there could be much pleasure in having a cock shoved up my ass. He convinced me to give it a try and if it hurt to much he would stop. We went into the barn and he asked if we had any salve we used on the cows tits.

When I produced it he said we would need good lubrication to do this kind of fucking. We stripped down and I soon had him ready by sucking on his cock. Then he told me to bent over and put my hands on a bale of hay. He put some salve on his finger and worked it into my ass. It felt a little uncomfortable but not bad. Then he put two fingers in me and this kind of hurt a little. He said he needed to stretch my ass hole. When he put the third finger in me I was ready to call it quits.

Jimmy said I was ready to give it a try and he got behind me and inserted his cock into my ass. When his cock popped inside it hurt a little. He did not move but waited till I felt better. When I told him it felt better he move more cock in me. Slowly he continued to give my ass more of his cock until he had it all in me. The pain soon disappeared and then the pleasured started. I could not believe how good it felt and soon was asking Jimmy to fuck me harder.

We both reached a climax that afternoon and from then on I would do anal sex on my fertile days.

It was about year later when I was fifteen and a half that I had my first experience with a adult man. It was my Uncle Abel. He was always coming over but usually when dad was at work in the coal mine. I spied on him and my mother his sister and I had seen them many times having a fuck.

This time he said he had come over for my dad’s tree branch cutter. He asked me to go to the barn with him to look for it. When we got in the barn uncle said “I heard you have started fucking.” I just nodded and he said “I would like to give you a try. How about it girl?” I had just finished my period and I knew I was safe so I said ok.

Uncle was a big man well over six feet tall and at least two hundred and fifty pounds. He said “strip off girl and let me have look at your cunt.” He pulled his suspenders off and his pants dropped to the ground. When his cock came in view I had second thoughts about fucking him. But he seemed determined and told me to get my dress off. I took it off and he led me over to some hay bales and told me to sit down. He knelt down between my legs and looked at my pussy. Then he pushed my legs open and said “you look good enough to eat.” He moved his head forward and I felt his mouth on my cunt lips. Then his tongue was in my pussy and it felt terrific. Almost as good as having a cock in me. He kept doing me for about five minutes then said he was ready to fuck.

His cock looked huge. I reached out and grasped it and could not get my fingers around it. It was at least eight inches long and was very hard. He told me to lay back and spread my legs. I did it and a part of me said get up and run. I just reached down and grasped my cunt lips and pulled them apart so he could get it in. it girl hold yourself open for me.” He was on his knees and moved forward and then I felt his cock at my pussy. He pushed and his cock head went inside. I felt really stretched with just the head inside but he did not move right away. He said “we will let that little cunt of yours adjust to my size.” Thirty seconds and he gave another push and more of his cock went inside and I thought he was going to tear me I felt so full of him. Again he stopped and said “when it feels ok tell me girl and I will give you some more.” Slowly my pussy started to stretch to his size. I said “it feels better” and he pushed more cock in me. We waited again and he said “ok girl lets get the rest in you.” He gave a good push and the rest of his cock went all the way inside me. This time he did not wait but started to fuck me with powerful cock strokes. I thought there would be more pain but only a tight full feeling in my cunt. I could feel every ripple on his cock and he did not slow down but continued to give a good fucking.

My uncle continued to fuck me for a good half hour. My pussy had stretched and I was enjoying his large prick inside me and savouring every stroke. He was grunting and moaning and telling me what a nice tight cunt I had. I was moaning and telling my uncle to fuck me and then my climax hit and the spasms were unbelievable. I had the best cum ever. When that happened with a roar my uncle pushed his cock all the way in and I felt him spasm and pump his cum into me. I thought that Jimmy could cum a lot but my uncle was a fire hose and pumped load after load into me. When he pulled his cock from my cunt it made a sucking sound and then his cum rolled out of my pussy. I just lay there exhausted and my uncle got up and pulled his pants up and put the suspenders over his shoulders. He said I was a good fuck and he would drop by from time to time to fill my pussy up again. I thought it was a really good idea.

It was about a month later when in had my next experience with a older man. My dad said that a farmer named Adams would be bring a bull over to breed our cow. I should stay close to home and wait for him. A couple hours after dad went to work he came in the yard. He asked where the cow was and I showed him. He let the bull in and watched to make sure it did the job. I watched too. The bull walked around the cow and he sniffed her cunt. Then he up and mounted the cow and she did not move but waited to get his cock in her. When he found her cunt he gave a big push and a twenty inches of cock went into her cunt. Her back arched at being filled with him and they stayed locked together for a minute while he pumped his cum into her cunt. When the bull dismounted and pulled his cock free some of his come ran out her cunt. As I stood there watching I rubbed my cunt through my dress. I was unaware I was even doing it.

Mr. Adams looked at me and said “you look like you need some help.” I said “I think I could use some.” He said come on and led the way in the barn. Once inside he said “take off the dress and let me get a look at the goods.” I did not hesitate and dropped the dress right away. He pulled off his pants and shirt. He had a good sized cock not as big as my uncles and real hairy chest. He said I should suck his cock to get it hard and then he would give me a fuck. I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and licked and sucked him. After a couple of minutes he said he said “I’m ready get up and bent over and hold on to the wall.” He got behind me and I felt his fingers opening my pussy and putting them inside of it. Then he placed his cock at my cunt and pushed and it went in to the balls. He fucked me for twenty minutes before he came inside me and I had a climax when he did. When he finished he said “that should hold you for awhile.” He got dressed and went out to the bull. He said it was done and he got the bull and left.

After I turned fifteen most of the guys did not come to see me very often. Jimmy found a girlfriend on a farm near Deep Rock but he would still come around once of twice a week to fuck. Luke got married and moved to Pitts. Jason joined the army and left the hollow altogether. My uncle still came by once of twice a month. I met this guy named Tim and he became my boyfriend and my regular fuck buddy.

One night my mother and dad had a big fight. They were both drunk and my dad got mean when he was drunk. I was beat up quite often when he was in his drunk rages. I tried to stay out of his way when he got that way. This particular night I seen him hit my mother but she could not feel it as she had passed out from drinking. He said “I need a cunt to fuck and I am not going to do it with some passed out drunken bitch.” Then I heard him say more than one cunt in this house.“

I had never had sex with my dad as he did not seem interested in me that way. He came into my room and said “get undressed and get ready to be fucked by your old man.”

He started to take off his clothes and told me to come to him and suck on his cock to get it up. When I went to him he said “come on girl strip off and suck my cock.” I guess I did not move fast enough and he hit me, knocking me to the floor. He grabbed my dress and tore it off my body. Then he said “come get sucking you bitch.”

I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him but being drunk he did not respond fast. He got mad and hit me again and dragged me up by my hair and said “come on you young cunt suck me right or I will hit you again.“ I went back to sucking on his cock and it started to respond. I had a nose bleed from his hitting, he did not care and I kept on sucking so as to not get hit again.

He told me to get on the bed as he was ready to fuck. Normally I love to fuck but this was not fun. When he got between my legs he slapped my cunt and said “keep it open so I can get my cock in you.” I held myself open and he pushed his cock in me and began to fuck. He was not overly large and it did not bother me that way. He was very rough banging himself into my pelvis and bruising and hurting my cunt. He kept it up for ten minutes until he had a come. Then he rolled off and fell asleep. I got up and found some clothes and went and slept in the barn.

In the morning I went and found Tim and asked him if he would run away with me. He said he sure would and went and got his motorcycle. We left late that morning and I never looked back. But he chickened out and left me and that when you found me.

She was crying when she finished the story and I held her to me till she stopped. She said “I guess you think I am a crazy slut and will have nothing to do with me now that I have told you it all.” I said “all you told me is you are an sexual experienced woman which I love and that you have a abusive father that you had to get away from. I know I love you Sue and want you to stay with me as long as you want.” She smiled at me and wiped away the tears and said “best thing that ever happened to me was finding you.”

story by: boblink10

Tags: fiction male/teen female young boys/teen female first time rape incest sex story

Author: boblink10

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