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My name is Jonno Ghaddar. I’m 15 years old, and live a relatively boring life. I wake up, go to school, come home, play football, do my homework and go to bed. There’s not much to me, but the interesting part is that I work part time at a hairdresser. I only work there once or twice a week (more in the holidays) and every girl that works there, is extremely hot.

I work as a sweep and I occasionally wash hair. On busy days we don’t get much time to talk to each other because there are so many customers. On quiet days, however, we sit down and relax and just chill. Most of the girls there are in their 20s and I just admire them quietly from wherever I am, I knew I didn’t have a chance with any of them. Jesse was the hottest. She was about 5ft tall, with dyed pink hair (which I found really hot), a pretty face, a big ass and a massive Double D sized pair of tits whose cleavage she liked to show off regularly. Just quietly, Jess was quite a slut. Ava was really hot too. She was slightly shorter (I kind of have a thing for short girls) at around 4ft 10in and was about 29. She had long golden brown hair, a firm, large ass and C sized tits that didn’t seem too big or too small. Joanna was similar to Ana. She was slightly taller but had the same C cup boobs and a really big ass, her hair was a dark brown and she seemed to be able to make you cum just by looking at you with her amazing eyes. Sara was slightly different. She was born in Iran and had a very seductive middle-eastern accent. She didn’t stand out as much as the others but still held her own with B to C sized boobs and a bubble butt. There are other girls who rate well above 8, but I’ll stick to these 4 as they’re the ones I got most acquainted with…

Tuesday 17th January felt like any other day in my summer (I’m Australian). I got up and found my work clothes, got on the bus and had a cigarette with Joanna and Jess outside before we started work (Ava comes in to work later because she has to look after her parents). We opened at 9, and besides from a few customers until about 12 we were empty by lunchtime. With no other appointments scheduled, it looked like Ava, Jess, Joanna and I were going to have a quiet afternoon. When the girls got bored they talked a lot. Ava spoke about the things she did when she was my age, I won’t go into detail, but it made her seem even hotter. Jess and Joanna went to school together and talked about all the boyfriends they’d had and how they were glad they got rid of them. By around 2 o’clock it was clear that no one else was coming in. My boss would never have let us shut the shop early, but Joanna and Jess went home because there was really nothing for them to do. Ava stayed because she really didn’t want to go home and I had to stay because she didn’t want to get bored.

We sat out the front talking and smoking cigarette after cigarette before we finally got on the topic of sex (don’t ask me how, we were really bored). She said she lost her virginity at 16 to some guy she never spoke to again. I didn’t really want to, but I told her about how I’d lost mine a year earlier to a girl at a party when we were both drunk. she said, “How can you be fucking at that age??” I don’t know”, I said “I don’t really remember too much of it, we did it in her bedroom and I think it only lasted a minute or so” I said, embarrassed. pretty good for a 14 year old. The guy I was with was 2 years older and he only lasted 20 seconds!” she laughed. Almost unknowingly I blurted “Of course he would only last 20 seconds with a hot chick like you”. “Awwwwwww, your sweet” she smiled, “Did you think you were any good at sex?” “Well, I don’t really I know” I replied, flustered, “I’ve only learnt what I have from porn” (She already knew I watched porn.) Ava was the smartest of the people that worked there, and got a devious look in her eyes. “Want me to show you?” she said with a sly smile on her face.

At first, I thought she must’ve been joking. This hot 29 (I think) year old was bored enough to ask me that. This must’ve been a wet dream or something. “W… wa… what?” was all I could muster. She grinned “Yeah, why not? We’re closing up in a minute and I wanna see what you can do big boy” (She always called me big boy because I towered over her by about a foot and a half.) So about five minutes later, we closed up the shop and sat down in two of the comfortable chairs. “Sooo, what are we gonna do?” she asked. “I thought you knew!” I laughed “I dunno what I’m doing” She looked in the mirror before suddenly saying “Take your pants of.” “I’m sorry?” I answered, not sure if I had heard her correctly. “Take. Your. Pants. Off. Dumby.” she grinned that perfect grin of hers. I most certainly obliged. I took my shoes, socks then jeans off. handsome, all the way” she smiled. you gonna do anything?” I stupidly asked her, she replied. So I went the full 9 yards and took my shirt and boxers off. Leaving me sitting there with a semi-erected penis staring at Ava like an idiot. I said, “It’s pretty big, seeing as your only 15” she said as she eyed my 6 inch half-hard cock. “I’d definitely like to see more of it.” I didn’t know it yet, but Ava was a stripper when she was in her early 20s for the extra money, and still had the moves of someone who worked the pole. She stripped off her mini skirt and tank top before all she was left wearing was a bra, lace panties and the pair of 6 inch heels she always wore to make herself look taller. I gasped in awe. “Like what you see huh?” she laughed while she stood in front of me. “Now most 15 year old boys cum pretty quickly right? So what I’m gonna do, to help you build a bit of stamina, is this. If you can make it through a 5 minute dance without cumming, I’ll teach you.” she looked down at me. At first, I didn’t know what she meant, a dance? How hard could that be? But when I looked at her again I realised this wasn’t to be any normal dance in front of me. “Do we have a deal?” she said, “Of course, but I don’t know how long I’ll survive.” I mustered, “Try ur best hun” she kissed me on the cheek before pushing me into my seat and walking over to turn the music on. Some song I didn’t know came on as she put a timer down beside me and set it for 5 minutes. “You ready?” she grinned.

She started at the other side of the room, walking towards me slowly. When she finally reached me she gave me a soft, tender kiss on the lips and before I knew it, my cock was rock hard. “Whoa! Big boy certainly is big” she said as she admired my 9 inches before beginning to dance. She was so fluid with her movements, everything she did seemed easy for her. At around 2 and a half minutes she turned around and I knew this was going to get good. The second her firm ass cheek touched my dick I knew I wanted to cum. It felt AMAZING as she rubbed me up and down with her big rump. You think all those black girls twerking on Facebook is good? You’ve never seen something like this. At 4 minutes I could barely stand it. Every nerve in my body was telling me “Let go! You need to cum” but I refused. Ava turned around and started rubbing my member with her tits, doing really well. I didn’t expect you to last this long!” When the timer went off, I almost cried with happiness. “Oh my god, I sighed. Ava laughed, “Well done big boy, I’m gonna give you a minute to compose yourself, then we’ll see how you handle a />
After about 5 minutes of resting, my cock was still fully hard. Ava got me to stand up because she said it would help me last longer want you cumming in under a minute now would we?” as she smiled happily an unhitched her bra. Her boobs were more perfect than I could have possible imagined. I nodded, I would try my best to last. Ava got on her knees and just reached my cock. “It looks absolutely perfect from this angle” she stared up at me”. All I could do is nod as she took my cock in her small hand and started to work it up and down. “Jesus Christ… That feels… Oh my I was helpless. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” she grinned as she readied herself to take my cock. At first she suckled on the tip, teasing me. She smiled and stared at me while she jacked my cock and sucked on the top. After what seemed like an eternity but been more than 30 seconds she took about 4 or 5 inches of my cock in her mouth. By this point I was almost there and motioned for Ava to hurry up. She took it out of her mouth and seductively said “You want me to take it all in big boy?” “Yes. Please Ava. Take it all in” I replied, at her mercy “Well ok, just because you asked so nicely” she grinned. Her eyes still locked on mine, she went back to the 5 inches she was previously. Then 6 inches, then 7… then 8. Before I knew it, her lips and nose were touching my stomach. My whole cock was in her tiny mouth! I still don’t know how she did it. She bobbed up and down on it for about 20 seconds before taking it out. about to cum aren’t you?” I nodded. “Where do you want it big boy? In my mouth? On my face? On my tits? Stomach? Where?” she asked, “Let me do it all over your was all I could say. “Get ready then big boy” she smiled as she began to jack off my cock more quickly. She started to go really fast and pointed the head at her face “You ready big boy? You wanna cum? You wanna cum on this pretty little face? Please cum on my pretty face. I really want you to” the dirty talk basically finished me off as I moaned and exploded. I hadn’t beaten off in 2 days so I was full to the brim. And after 10 minutes of lapdance, handjob and blowjob, I was more than ready. It went everywhere. Rope after rope of white, sticky cum shot from my cock onto Ava’s face. It covered her nose, cheeks, mouth and forehead. There was so much it went all over her hair and her tits! “Oh. My. God.” Ava said. “How fucking long were you saving all that? You poor thing no one should cum that much!” She seemed to like the taste of it as she put it all on her finger before eating as much as she could. “Well done young man” she said as she shook my hand. “I’ll teach you more the next time we’re alone. But one thing’s certain, one day, you will make a pretty girl very happy.”

Guys, let me know what u think because I have ideas for the next one. Thanks!

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