Hero's mistress

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Hero's Mistress by Johnny Fargo

Chapter 1

Young blonde Peggy Davis worried all the way into town on Saturday
morning that this was a mistake. She knew it was Bob's idea and she
always went along with whatever her husband told her, as he was the man
of the house even when he was away on a cruise. She was not like some
of those Navy wives she could mention who couldn't wait until their
husbands were away at sea so that they could run things their own way
again. Why, she knew women who had whole wardrobes, even wigs, that
they never wore when their husbands were in port, only when they were
away! She could never do something like that, not in a million years!
She certainly could never look Bob in the eye again if she ever once
did something that sneaky and conniving. But all the same, this seemed
like sort of a mistake. Of course, if she had been like those other
women, she could have just ignored her husband's letter and gone on
about her business. Some of those girls could just stand there and lie
with a straight face when the ships came in at the base in Norfolk, but
not Peggy Davis! Bob said to get a watchdog for their house trailer and
she was going to do it.

She supposed it was really her fault, telling him about that break-in
over at Mildred Dupree's place. And that poor cocktail waitress that
was attacked and raped going home from work early in the morning hours.
Maybe if she hadn't been hard up for news to write him about she never
would have mentioned those awful things, but she had, and now he was
worried and wanted her to have a dog to protect her. Sure, she knew it
was silly, but Bob said to look around for one and that was what she

For a while it looked like nothing was going to turn up and she had
almost decided to give it up as a lost cause. Just one dog had been
offered, a German shepherd. That was one of the kinds Bob suggested,
but they wanted a hundred and fifty dollars for him. A hundred and
fifty dollars for a dog! Why that was more than the monthly payment on
their trailer! But then, she'd heard about this one this morning and
the price was certainly right … it was free if she wanted it!

Annie Dalton was an old friend of her mother's who worked as a
volunteer at the Animal Home Shelter in town and Annie had been one of
the first people Peggy went to see when she got Bob's letter but there
wasn't a single dog in the shelter that came close to being the
watchdog type and Peggy had given up on finding one that way when the
postcard came from Annie. There was a beautiful male Doberman pinscher,
she had said, whose owners had unfortunately been killed in an
automobile accident on the interstate. One of the male volunteers had
brought him in and initial reports were that he was extremely vicious
so she had not thought of suggesting this one. But Annie herself had
seen the dog, even took him out for a walk, and she reported that it
must have been the shock of the accident that upset him for he had the
temperament of a lamb — with her anyway — though he still did not
seem to get along with any of the men who worked there. Apparently no
one in the family up north wanted him so he was theirs to dispose of
and it was this or … well, Peggy didn't even want to think about that
because she had always loved animals, any kind, big or small, since she
was a tiny little girl on the farm. Oh, she hoped he would be friendly
and like her! If she had to get a dog now even though their budget
could scarcely afford another mouth to feed, she hoped it would be a
nice animal. A nice happy companion to keep her company until Bob got
home, that was all she asked!

* * *

Hero was indeed a high-strung devil, just as the shelter had warned
her, and, for a few minutes Peggy was sure in the back of her mind that
she couldn't take him. Lordy, he was just too jumpy and nervous! She
couldn't have a dog around like that! But it was the eyes that clinched
the deal … he had the most beautiful, soul-stirring black eyes she
had ever seen! They were so … well, so human! He didn't really look
like a dog at all when she looked at him head-on, right into those
beautiful peepers! Well, one look and she was sold. And Hero had
another home.

His name was about all they knew about him, and only because it was
engraved into his studded leather and metal collar on a small plate.
Just Hero, nothing more. Those poor people who died must have been a
strange family, Peggy found herself thinking as she drove back to
Paradise Grove Trailer Estates. Why, such a nice car and all, and
apparently lots of money, too, but Annie had told her — in strictest
confidence, of course, as it was really official shelter business —
that none of the relatives from up north even came for the funeral.
They just sent some money down through a lawyer and had it all arranged
here and not one of them would take the poor dog! Like it was his fault
somehow that they got killed. Peggy looked back in the back seat where
the big handsome Doberman pinscher sat quietly and she could see his
eyes — those gorgeous eyes! — staring at her in the rear-view mirror
… Don't you worry, fella' — you've got a home now and I'll try to
make you forget all the pain you've been through!

And it was true that they seemed to get along beautifully right from
the very start. Annie had suggested it might be because Peggy looked
like the dog's deceased mistress, but the young Navy wife put that
notion aside. "Ugh, Annie, that's the most morbid thing I've ever
heard! He's just like all dogs … he can tell when someone likes him.
And I think he's just adorable! Hero and I are going to be the best of
friends, aren't we, big boy?" she said, and just like he understood
every word, the big muscular animal sat up and barked. But it was a
friendly sort of bark and Peggy could see he liked her as
much as she liked him.

It was nearly four o'clock when the young blonde wife got home with her
new charge, wending her way through the Saturday afternoon Virginia
beach traffic, and it was hot enough that she was really glad their
house trailer was air-conditioned. They never would have bought such a
luxury, not on Bob's Navy pay, but as luck would have it, they had
spotted an ad for a trailer sales company that was throwing in a room-
sized air-conditioner with all trailers purchased that weekend, and so
they had hurried down and now they had one of the few trailers on their
whole street that was air-conditioned. And it really made a difference
when she came home, tired and worn out from a day at the supermarket
where she worked as a cashier. Saturday and Sunday she had off,
luckily, because some of the other girls had to work a half day
Saturday mornings or afternoons, and it was nice on these summer days
just to sit around inside and watch TV and not get all hot and sticky.
She liked Virginia well enough, but the summers were just so humid down
here in the Tidewater area, what with ocean and bays and marshes all
around. Back inland, toward the Blue Ridge where she had grown up on a
tiny farm before her dad had died and she and her mother moved down to
Norfolk where the jobs were easy to get, the weather was so much
better. Colder maybe in the winter, but none of this dam sticky
humidity! She'd certainly be glad when Bob's orders for San Diego came
through. Of course, it wasn't definite yet, but he had written that
there was a pretty good chance of their going, and for days that was
all she could think about. California! She'd dreamed of it since she
was a little girl and went to see all those awful movies about
California hot-rodders and beach bums. It had been then sort of an
escape for her, dreaming about one day being out there in all that
sunshine and easy living. That was when her mother was working nights
at a textile mill and she was trying to make it through high school and
working Saturdays and Sunday afternoons right there in the same
supermarket she worked in now. Of course, she had seniority now and it
wasn't so bad, what with getting the best shifts and picking her own
lunch break times and all, but it had been awfully rough in those days.

"Hero, how about a bath, fella? You look like you could use one after
all that time in the shelter." The huge black Doberman seemed to ponder
her words a few seconds and then his eyes actually sparkled with warmth
and that amazing trusting love that animals have for people who treat
them nicely. He trotted to her side and licked her hand as it dangled
and then sat expectantly at her feet, his face glowing with what had to
be an actual smile! It was uncanny! Two hours together and he seemed as
devoted as a treasured pet she might have had for years and years!

"Well then, good-looking, let's go out back and I'll give you a good
scrubbing, how about that?" Hero sensed the warmth and affection in his
new mistress' voice even if he was unsure what she meant and he wagged
his behind and his short Doberman tail excitedly. "You're just
incredible, Hero! I always heard that Dobermans were supposed to be
fierce and mean. You don't seem at all like that to me, though I
wouldn't want to tangle with you if you got mad!" She patted him
affectionately and felt the hard muscular animal flesh ripple under her
touch beneath his short dark fur; he pranced up and down like a
Tennessee Walker, eagerly anticipating whatever it was that his
wonderful new mistress planned for him. She led the way outside and he
pranced along happily at her heels, through the kitchen door and out
into the tiny yard behind the large house trailer. There was a fence
around the area and here and there a few brave flowers were sprouting
from the leached out Virginia soil. Next door was an almost identical
back yard that wore a more lived-in look and on a folding chaise lounge
was a tall slim brunette in a very skimpy pink bikini stretched out in
the hot afternoon sun. Hero's keen eyesight enabled him to spot the
woman immediately as he leaped from the trailer onto the earth outside
and he froze expectantly at his mistress' side as the woman rose from
her reclining position and hurried to the fence. He did not know the
woman was Peggy's best friend, her neighbor, Dottie Mangum, and so he
stood rigidly, poised to defend his new mistress if she gave the word.

"Peggy! When did you get the dog? He's so handsome!" She hurried around
to the gate at the side of both their trailers and let herself in.
Immediately Hero tensed and his lips came back to bare his sharp,
pointed teeth and he growled menacingly. "Oh! Is he mean!" exclaimed
the darker-haired woman as she began to back slowly toward the gate,
her hand to her mouth in sudden anxiety. "He won't bite me, will he?"

Peggy crouched beside the threatening dog and stroked his head gently,
slowly so as not to frighten him. "Just stay where you are, Dottie,"
she said from the corner of her mouth and then to the animal, "That's a
good boy, it's okay. You just don't know Dottie yet and you deserve
some praise for coming to my defense."

"What defense, already? I was just coming in to see him!"

Peggy waved her arm at her friend to quiet her. "He didn't know that,
Dottie! He just thought you were going to hurt me, didn't you,
handsome? Come on over now and I'll introduce you. Hero, this is my
friend … she won't do me any harm and she is to be your friend too,
understand?" She looked deeply into the huge animal's soulful black
eyes and he really seemed to understand every word! It was incredible!

"Uh, hello, Hero … is that his name?" Dottie held out her hand
timidly, and Hero sniffed it and gave it an affectionate lick. "You're
amazing, big boy! Peggy, what a smart dog! Where'd you get him? Tell me
all about it, okay?"

"All right, all right," replied Peggy. "But you'll have to help me give
him a bath. I'll tell you all about it while we scrub him down, okay?
He's got quite a history, this lovable boy!"

"Ooooh, certainly! I'll help you! What girl wouldn't want a chance to
wash a big handsome devil like him!" Dottie giggled.

"Well, you just remember he's mine, Dottie Mangum," exclaimed the pert
young blonde.

"And don't you forget it, either!"

Chapter 2

Dottie hurried back home when she heard Eddie's car pull up in front of
their house trailer, or mobile home as he liked to call it. She had
stayed over at Peggy's too long and completely forgotten that it was
nearing dinner time and her husband would be home. "Yoo-hoo, darling,
here I am!" she called cutely, well aware that half the homecoming
husbands on the street were feasting their eyes on the well-shaped
curves so scarcely concealed under her pale pink bikini. "I'm over
here, honey!"

Eddie Mangum wore a thin tight smile even at this hour, after a day at
the office that had begun with a cup of coffee and two doughnuts at an
all-night doughnut stand at seven this morning. His smile was the badge
of his profession, and, like his comrades of the backslap, handshake
and telephone call, he wore it proudly. Eddie — never Ed or Edward —
was a PR man, a public relations account executive with Randolph and
Phitts and was fast earning his star as number one man around the
offices downtown. At thirty, he had his career mapped out for him and
he did not mind particularly a couple of years purgatory here in
Virginia if it would advance his standing. "Hello honey … good
afternoon, Peggy!" His wife was at his side now and he caught a quick
glance of old Cecil Wilkins across the street nearly falling out the
door trying to get a better look at the good looking brunette inside
that flimsy bikini. "C'mon, let's go inside and cool off. We don't want
to give the local hayseeds too much of a free show, now, do we?"

Dottie laughed huskily and put an arm around her husband. "Those
hillbillies? They wouldn't even know what to do if I dropped my bikini
pants and waved them at them!"

Eddie pulled open the glass storm door and they went inside. "Don't kid
yourself, Dottie. Some of these boys are pretty slick!"

"Slick! The only thing slick about them is the grease they put on their

"Oh, honey, you kill me, the way you talk! I know it's not exactly the
greatest place in the world but you know it's only for a couple of more
years and then we'll be moving to one of the bigger offices."

She shook her head. "I don't care, it's still the armpit of the world
and I miss California! We don't have any real friends here and we don't
ever get to … well, you know."

"Yeah, baby, I know. You don't get to swing here because the police
would probably lynch us publicly if the word got out … if the
neighbors didn't do it first."

He was right and she could not deny it. It was not easy to remember how
they had become a part of that southern California society
but somehow it just happened. Maybe it was just a small party they went
to at first, she thought, but it all seemed so long ago now that it was
hard to be sure. They had never planned it, of course, but all of a
sudden they were just in it. Small groups at first, then larger pool
parties with all the girls running around topless and then the men
jumping out of their bathing trunks and wow! All those big thick cocks
swinging around and everybody fucking and sucking and God knows what!
Oh Christ, it made her all wet and warm in her bikini bottoms just
thinking about it! One night alone she had gone into the bedrooms with
eight different men! Eight! And every single one of them had fucked her
until she saw stars and she remembered she had screamed so loudly from
sheer ecstasy that the hostess had to come in once and quiet her down
so the neighbors wouldn't complain. Oh, California, those were the

"Wistful daydreaming again?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm sorry … yes, you're right. I'll be all right now. It
just gets me down sometimes living here. Especially when I remember the
good times back in California. I sure wish we could get something going

"Well, stop wishing! You know that sort of thing is out of the
question!" he said imperatively. Then he added, "However … if you do,
be sure to include that sweet piece next door!"

Dottie laughed and reached for the hooks that held her bikini top
together. "Still got the hots for Peggy Davis, huh? I don't understand
… she's certainly nice enough, but she doesn't seem your type at

"Oh yeah, maybe she's a little country, but baby, those bazooms! Jesus,
she's got a pair of knockers on her that just won't quit!"

"Now you're turning into a tit man, eh? I thought you were a fanny-
grabber from way back!"

"I am, I am! But she's no slouch in that department either. Man, would
I ever like to throw the ol' meat to that little honey!"

Dottie had wriggled out of her bikini top now and her rich full breasts
had spilled free of their cups and swung tantalizingly down to her
chest, twin white melon-shaped islands in a sea of tanned flesh, capped
with the crinkly dark half-dollar nipples that peered at him like an
extra pair of eyes.

"Anything wrong with the knockers you have at home?" she purred
seductively, one hand under each breast, lifting its soft weight
lightly and holding the resilient mounds up and out in unmistakable
offering to her ambitious young husband.

"Oh baby, you know better than that!" her husband exclaimed, hurriedly
getting out of his white shirt and tie. "Let me at 'em!" he cried and
pounced on her like a sailor on a five dollar whore. All at once his
lips were everywhere on her naked flesh, warmly licking the hardening
tips of her nipples, tracing a path with the moistness of his tongue-
tip between her proudly bulging peaks of feminine flesh.

His hands coursed over the smoothness of her bare back and down over
the lust-inciting swell of her shapely buttocks, as his fingers probed
deeply into the moist and hairless nether cleft and his thumbs hooked
in the tight elastic strip of her bikini, pulling it down and over the
full womanly curve of her ass-cheeks. She spread her thighs just a
little so that he could tug the tightly-fitting swimsuit bottoms down
along her long lithe legs and she stepped out of them with a little
shiver of anticipation and excitement. She liked being naked, it felt
good to her, and if there was a man there too it made it all so much
more exciting! Her husband's tongue dropped from the tingling fleshy
mounds of her breasts and traced a thin trail along the smooth flatness
of her belly, rubbing over the soft, nearly invisible little hairs that
led the way to the fluffy vee-shaped mound of pubic softness below. She
shivered again, more violently this time, as his tongue made its
initial electric contact with the nerve-filled bud of her tiny pink
clitoris. "Ohhh, God, Eddie, that's so good! Your tongue there on my
clit like that is fantastic, />
He had pulled himself free of his trousers and undershorts without ever
once taking his tongue away from the fragrant dampness of her warmly
secreting vaginal cleft. Christ, it was so delicious! It was uncanny,
but there always seemed to be something different about Dottie … some
exotic forbidden taste she had to her there that was so good it was

She pushed him away firmly but gently and for a second he looked up at
her with a puzzled expression but when he saw that certain little tight
grin spreading across her beautiful face, he knew what was coming. God,
how that woman liked to suck cock! Man, she could eat four before
breakfast and still be hungry!

Dottie looked down into her husband's eyes and pushed on his shoulders
until he took the hint and let himself fall backward onto the carpeted
floor. Christ, how she wanted him now! Nothing could turn her on like
the hot hardened feel of a good thick cock there so deliciously in her
mouth. And when it squirted its scalding thick load down her throat all
she had to do was merely squeeze her thighs tightly together to massage
her clitoris between the moist warm lips of her vagina and she would
cum like a speeding freight train!

The heavily panting brunette was trembling with anticipatory excitement
as she leaned over her husband to trail her full lips wetly down over
the taut muscles of his hairy stomach. Then, lifting her head, she
purred softly, "Ready, lover? You want your big hot prick sucked,
baby?" He moaned under her practiced touch and she kept it up, knowing
he liked it when she talked like that. Most men did. It seemed to
appeal to their baser instincts and it never failed to get the action
started. Her fingernails scratched lightly over his stiffened hardness
which was so achingly erect there jutting out from the slight paunch of
his abdomen. She crawled in between his spread legs to hover on all
fours with her face just above the towering red length of his lust-
engorged penis, knowing that he could feel her heated breath on him
there and he was squirming in eager anticipation of the feel of her
moist warm lips clasped tight around his aching rigidity.

Eddie choked out a muffled grunt as he lay on the living room rug, and
she began to stroke his thickened rod of male hardness first with one
hand and then between both hands with a slow, pressuring motion. He
groaned again, thrusting his loins upward as the warm wetness of her
tongue-moistened lips closed over the sensitively throbbing head of his
now steel-hard cock.

she cooed excitedly and he groaned once again, reaching down
and knotting his fingers in her shoulder length brown hair to guide the
rhythm of her now lewdly bobbing head. She knew he would be lifting his
head now to watch her contorted face as she lustfully stuffed all of
his fleshy hardness between her ovalled lips. It made the sensation
that much more exciting when he could see the thickness of his sinewy
cock buried between her eagerly sucking lips, just as it always did for
Dottie whenever she could actually see her husband's laving tongue as
it washed into the open moist crevice of her pinkly throbbing cunt.

And now Dottie's rapt attention was centered solely on the pulsating
hardness fucking deep into her mouth. Sometimes, just to make the
enjoyment even more exciting and wicked, she would close her eyes and
pretend that it wasn't Eddie's cock in her mouth at all, but some other
man's. Mr. Conner, the muscle-bound garage mechanic that lived down the
street. Or perhaps Rick, the delivery boy who brought the groceries
when she left an order at the Super-Save Market instead of driving into
town to the big stores. What difference did it make? A cock was a cock
and it was true, she did love to suck them! Any cock! Just the taste of
them started the ol' juices flowing down there between her thighs and
pretty soon she would be so wet that there would be a big damp spot on
the insides of her legs if she kept them together. With these lewd
thoughts in mind, she sucked up and off his rigid hardness then and
began to play over the purplish spongy glans with the tip of her
tongue, boring teasingly into the tiny wetness of its little end-slit
the way she knew every man liked. He shook beneath her slavering tongue
as if he were feverish, and once more she worked the heavy outer layer
of foreskin up and down, finally drawing it all the way back to slide
her warm lips down over the hardened fleshy organ, enclosing the
swollen, blood-filled knob at the end in the hot moist pressure of her
mouth. She tightened them elastically around its solid thickness and
again began moving her head around in the lewd motion she knew her
husband liked to see.

"Suck it baby, suck it!" Eddie gasped loudly as she gently cupped the
leathery sac of his cum-laden testicles with one hand and stroked the
base of his heavy-veined penis with thumb and forefinger of the other.
At the same time, she twirled her saliva-moistened tongue spiritedly
around his smooth warm cock-head with every upward suck, letting the
tip flick maddeningly into its tiny split. She felt his buttocks flex,
and was certain that his head was raised and his eyes were still upon
her, watching the lust-provoking spectacle of her obscenely bobbing
head presented for him.

With her woman's intuition, the cock-hungry brunette sensed rather than
felt his throbbing reaction and began to suck his throbbing member
harder, the tips of her teeth gently scraping the resisting flesh,
leaving wispy bloodless trails beneath the surface of the skin. With an
uncontrollable feeling of masochism, Dottie began taking more and more
of it into her mouth, sucking it toward the shelter of her throat,
sliding her hands down beneath his tensing buttocks to pull his loins
up tighter toward her face. Furiously, with the passion of a savage
animal, she swirled her tongue around and around the lust-swollen knob
of his cock until she knew it was nearing the bursting point and would
soon explode in a torrent of thick pleasure-giving cum that would gush
down her throat and fill her completely with its seething warmth.
Almost every inch of its thickly rigid length was buried down her
clasping throat!

Remembering her little secret thrill, she tightened her thighs together
then, massaging their supple resilience rhythmically against one
another to squeeze the pink hair-lined lips of her cuntal crevice
together and massage pleasurably the tiny bud of her quiveringly erect
clitoris. Almost immediately great swirls of familiar heat began to
pressure her in the seething fury of her naked loins and belly. She
felt her desire-swollen breasts swaying erotically beneath her in time
to her every slaving movement. Below her, the muscles of her husband's
belly began to tauten like steel bands as he arched his hips up off the
carpet to push his pounding cock-flesh even further into the sucking
cavern of her wetly enveloping throat. Eddie began to moan then as if
in great pain, the signal for her that he was almost there and she set
herself determinedly, fervidly straining her slim girlish thighs and
cuntal muscles to join him in the ultimate moment of his sweet climax.
She knew that just one taste would be all she needed. One pungent drop
of his hot sweet cum and her own belly would explode in rapturous

Suddenly he groaned and then gasped hoarsely, "Shove it down there,
baby! All the way, you sweet cock-sucker, all the way! It's cumming,
honey … it's … Aaaaaaaahhhhh!

With a shuddering chill of passion that rocked through both of them,
the voluptuously working brunette sucked with savage fury until every
last thick drop of his viscous load was swallowed deep inside her.
Wildly she sucked as he emptied his semen-filled balls far back into
her wetly clasping throat and once she nearly gagged on the torrent of
rich hot wetness but still she managed to gulp it all down. And when he
had moaned his last and given his final signaling shudder, she gently
licked him clean and lay down across his still-quivering belly, a
crooked smile of peaceful ecstasy across her cum-moistened lips.

Eddie Mangum looked down at his naked tan wife and sighed under his
breath. God, she was something, all right. Why, half the men in this
country would trade their own wives and half their fortunes for a woman
like her. And he was appreciative, no question about that. But
sometimes … well, sometimes at those special quiet moments like this
one, after the gasping, choking frenzy of their mutual lust and
passion, he would think quietly to himself. Think about the times in
California, the swapping and the wild parties. And it was times like
this when he worried about Dottie. She was a nympho at heart and they
both knew that. She had her own special kind of frenzied passions and
needs locked inside her and sometimes she was just too much for one man
— any man — to handle. That was why he missed California … Dottie
was always satisfied out there and if for some reason — too much work
or a touch of the flu — he wasn't able to take care of this insatiable
desires of hers, well, someone else would. And then, of course, he
would get his turn with the other man's wife. That was part of the game
and that way nobody got hurt.

But here it was different. Here there was only him … unless Dottie
looked elsewhere on her own and he knew she wouldn't do that. Yes, he
worried … she was like a leopard that someone had made a house pet
of. Sweet and purring and loving, but one day … all that animal
savagery and frenzied passion might spill over and … no, he didn't
want to think of it. Not now. He knew what Dottie would want in a
minute when she got her breath back and it wouldn't do to have his mind
on something else!

Chapter 3

Peggy Davis finished bathing and rinsing her new short-haired Doberman
pinscher alone after Dottie hurried home to meet her husband. The
lonely blonde felt that familiar pain in her heart when she saw Eddie
pull up in front of their mobile home, his face all smiles and his eyes
filled with love for his wife. It was at times like these that Peggy
knew the heartache of being a serviceman's wife. Being alone for months
on end without her man. Without any man! Oh stop that, she cursed to
herself, damn it Peggy you have to get a grip on yourself and stop
thinking so much about it. It's hard on any woman going so long without
… well … I just have to stop thinking about it, that's all! Bob's
going through enough without having to worry about his wife too!

She recalled the anecdote he had told her just before he left, the old
Navy line about how "every sailor comes home with the hope he won't
find his wife just as he left her … freshly fucked!" It was a
terribly crude way of putting it but she knew those poor men and boys
thought about it a lot when they were away for months on end. But then
she remembered what some of the other girls had told her about the
famous Mediterranean liberty ports — Palma de Mallorca with all its
Scandinavian tourist girls down for a good time, Naples with all those
big-breasted Italian women — and she'd seen enough Italian movies to
know what they were like! Oh stop it, you can't keep thinking like

"C'mon, Hero, let's go inside, baby," she whispered softly as if he
could understand. "You'll just have to keep me company for a couple
more months until Bob gets home. You will do it, won't you big boy?
Peggy's strong handsome Hero … let's go in and I'll dry you with a
towel and see about some food for you!"

She took a large fluffy bath towel from the hallway linen cupboard and
wrapped it around the muscular animal and began to stroke him lovingly
beneath the heavy cloth until his fur was completely dry. As she rubbed
him tenderly, the big black dog looked directly at her with those dark
sensitive eyes of his and she could just feel her insides melt from the
unashamed love and affection he exhibited so openly there. He wasn't
like a human, he didn't keep it hidden from view. No, he was open and
proud of his love for her and it made her feel warm all over to see
that he had fallen for her as easily as she had for him. It was
frightening … unreal somehow, that look in his eyes. Those deep dark
pools seemed to hold all the secrets of the world, all the love, all
the hate … she laughed at herself for feeling so foolishly
melodramatic, but he was almost human. No, he wasn't … he was more
than human, he was a spirit trapped in an animal's body!

"Oh, Hero, I have to stop letting my mind wander," Peggy said to him
softly and he cocked his big animal head and gazed at her like he
comprehended every word. "You're just a big lovable dog and no more.
But you're mine now and we have each other even if there's nothing else
for us right now." She was thinking of the hurt they shared — he
without his master and mistress, though he probably could not
understand that it was a permanent separation yet. That would come in
time. And herself without her man. The pretty blonde shivered and felt
a bit of moistness in her eyes. Hero, I guess I really am the lucky
one. At least my Bob is coming back … you will have to carry your
hurtful loss around the rest of your life.

Suddenly she felt very close to him and she hugged him tenderly about
his furry neck and he seemed to understand because he licked her wetly
on the cheek and his tiny stub-tail began to wag frantically and soon
his whole sinewy body was quivering and prancing around. "Okay, my
handsome man, I'll stop being so melancholy and we'll concentrate on
having a good time. Neither of us needs to be reminded of our sorrows
right now, do we?"

Hero looked at her understandingly and his animal thoughts ranged back
over his short life until he remembered another moment such as this …
the day his real mistress brought him home from the place where he had
been born and weaned. She was much like this human, that mistress of
his, young and vibrant and always saying soft loving human words that
sounded so pleasing to his ears. She had loved him too and he loved her
in return with that special kind of permanent devotion known only to
animals and not to humans.

His mistress had taken him to a big house in the outdoors, not close to
the frightening noises that humans made with their machines that raced
along the asphalt paths, and there he had lived for three years until
his mistress and her human companion, the one she called her husband,
decided to take that unfortunate trip south for a holiday. Hero
scarcely remembered his mistress's husband as he was seldom around and
when he was, he treated Hero badly, like just another piece of
furniture and it made him feel badly that his mistress spent so much
time with that human when he was home.

Hero felt his pulse quicken as he remembered all the wonderful times he
had spent with his mistress. But this human seemed to be his mistress
now. He could not fully understand it. There had been an awful noise
and he remembered that his mistress had cried out and he had tried to
bark and leap from the rear seat of that machine to help her as she
sounded in real fright but there was another noise and he remembered
tumbling and falling as if he had run off the edge of the earth and
then there was nothing. There were other humans finally and strange
sounds and smells and then they took his mistress away and he tried to
bite the men in white who were carrying her but some other humans
caught him and he was thrown into the back of another human machine
that smelled of dogs and cats and he was taken away. That all seemed a
long time ago to Hero now but he remembered it just as a human would.

His legs grew weak and he became nervous and fretful as he recalled
especially those special moments he and his mistress had shared
together … those times alone when her human companion was away and
they were free to be themselves. He remembered the special tricks his
mistress had taught him and how he had performed them faithfully,
though they seemed useless at first. But he had quickly grown to love
and enjoy their special quiet moments together, and as he became aware
of the joy and happiness his performance could bring to his wonderful
mistress he began to perform his special tricks as often as she would
allow him, with or without her urging. It became their secret life
together and they shared it with no one and she seemed never to want
him to perform his special skills when her human companion was around
and that made him sad and he always longed for the day when her human
would go away and they would be alone again.

And now, here, just for a moment he thought he had sensed that certain
special aura that always triggered his well-trained skills with his
mistress. It was a special scent that she seemed to be able to give off
as a kind of signal for him and it seemed that he sensed it here with
this new human — his new mistress? — as she talked to him in soft
quiet words that were so pleasing.

But no … now the scent was gone and perhaps he would never be able to
perform his wonderful tricks again. It made him sad to think of it and
he lay down quietly at his new human's door as she began to undress.

"You're so well-scrubbed and clean, Hero, that I feel ashamed by
comparison," Peggy said to him in soft gentle tones unaware of his
animal thoughts. "You wait a second and I'll put out some food for you
so you can eat while I take a bath, okay?"

Hero watched curiously as she took off her dress and he could see
nearly all of her suntanned human skin and he was reminded of his real
mistress — she had looked a lot like this when she undressed. And he
felt that keenness begin to stir in his animal loins, for it was at
times like this, alone with his mistress, that she sometimes took off
her clothes like this and it was usually then that he got the special
scent and he knew that she wanted him to perform his special tricks.

She was completely without clothing now. He could see all of her flesh
fully and his heart ached at the sight — she was so much like his
mistress. And now his mistress had gone and left him somehow. But this
human had turned away from him and he could see easily that certain
portions of her body that stirred this familiar restlessness in his
powerful animal loins. But no, he could not … it had to be as he was
taught. He was a well-trained animal and he would await his orders
always and not be a disgrace to his breed.

"Okay, handsome," she said. "Follow me and we'll rustle up something
good for you." He leaped to his feet in one easy stride and padded
softly behind her to the kitchen, his keen eyes on her bikini-stripped
buttocks as she walked ahead of him. With hungry eyes he watched her
open a can of dog food and spoon it into a dish for him. In three gulps
he had finished it and was running to catch up with her in the
bathroom. Yes, she was much the same as his mistress. There was no
difference that he could perceive. And she was indeed kind to him, not
like those humans back at that awful place who had kept him penned up
with a bunch of stray dogs and trash from the alleys. He would like to
perform with her, for her …

Peggy ran the bath water as hot as she could stand it and then slipped
gingerly into the soothing tub, stretching her five feet-four inches
beneath the warm waters as she lay back against the end of the tub, her
eyes closed. It seemed that all of the day's cares and pains just
seeped out of her magically and into the bath water. She splashed it
cautiously onto her breasts and gasped as she felt an electric tingle
race down into the depths of her belly. Oh Bob, why do you have to be
so far away? Why can't you be here with me, right now … right here in
this tub! Naked and … oh I mustn't! Words and thoughts like that
can't help me … it'll only be worse!

When she had stretched her peaceful sojourn as long as she could and
there was no hot water left in the water heater to add and keep the
bath comfortably warm, Peggy rose from the tub, wrapped herself in a
fluffy bath sheet and quickly dried off. Hero was curled peacefully in
the doorway, seemingly watching her, and she felt a tiny bit uneasy
somehow — there was indeed something strange about that animal. It was
as if he were not a dog at all but another human …

Peggy shrugged it off and went about the business of drying and hunting
for pantyhose and clean panties. The bath had not really helped, at
least not the way she had hoped. Instead of soothing away her gnawing
anxieties, the hot water seemed only to have temporarily muffled them
and now she was feeling the sexual frustration more than ever. Oh God,
I don't know if I can stand it much longer, she confessed to herself.
How do those women do it, the ones who stay true and faithful and wait
for their husbands for years and years? I mean, how do they keep from
going crazy!? Damn it, there I go again … I've got to find something
to occupy my mind or go nuts!

She cursed herself for the rapidly warming glow she felt between her
legs. Damn it, aren't I like all the others? I'm no tramp … I've
never done it with anyone but Bob, but … Oh Christ, how I need a man
right now!

Suddenly she felt her cheeks flush and she laughed out loud at her
foolishness. Wow, that had to be the ultimate … I've embarrassed
myself! Nobody here but Hero and I'm blushing like a bride!

But it was true. Bob had been the only one for her. And he had always
been enough for her. Dear God, sometimes he kept her going until the
sun was coming up! But he wasn't here now … and he could do nothing
to quench this aching hunger that was driving her insane with its
gnawing tenacity! Sometimes it was like a blow torch being held to her
vagina, searing her with a thousand degrees of flaming desire!

She bent over to look in the bottom drawer of the hall closet for some
panties and a brassiere. There had not been a sound to even hint that
Hero had moved from his newfound spot in front of the bathroom door but
… Oh!!

Peggy nearly screamed from the sudden cold surprise, but she didn't
move. She was still bent over, frozen immobile at the feel of the
unmistakable cool wetness of Hero's nose high up on the soft warm
inside of her left thigh! She could not say why she did not jerk
upright in shock or fear, or at least in decency, but she didn't …
maybe it was the prurient excitement of the thoughts that had been in
her mind just moments before! Instead, she continued to bend over there
in the hallway, waiting and knowing that the big animal's cold wet nose
was up between her thighs from behind, obscenely sniffing. And then the
hot pressured touch of his unmistakable tongue came against the
moistness of her seeping vaginal lips … God, he had sensed her
passion and gone for it the only way he knew!

Why else would he have done it? It had to be that, and his long thick
tongue felt like a flaming torch caressing the swollen lips of her
hotly fired pussy! Again, he did it as she hung there in her stooped-
over position, drawing the length of his feverish tongue maddeningly up
between her open thighs, along the full length of her wetly flushed
cuntal slit!

Slowly, Peggy raised up from her bent-over position, only because it
was becoming uncomfortable and she was starting to get dizzy. She
turned to gaze down at her animal admirer who was staring up at her
with his coal-black eyes flecked with a sparkling gleam, his stubby
Doberman tail wagging excitedly.

"Maybe I was right about you, handsome! Maybe you are a cursed prince
who has been trapped in a dog's body by some evil witch. You know,
fella', I could almost believe that!" The massive dog whimpered, but
the lewdly aroused wife was unsure why … did he really sense her
erotic heat and was he excited by it!? She shivered outright as she
took an unfelt first step back toward the bathroom as if she were
guided by Satan himself. "C'mon, Hero … come with Peggy!"

Looking back on this moment later, the young blonde would not be able
to determine what it was that possessed her, made her make this fateful
step so boldly and without fear. Surely she never would have done it
had she thought it out, but she wasn't thinking now, just feeling …
and Peggy knew more than anything else what she was feeling deep in the
pit of her sex-deprived belly. The eager animal whimpered before her as
she stood there, door partially closed and her legs spread wide … her
hot little cunt was open to him, her lightly hair-fringed wetness all
his. Now he could do as he had been taught! Now he could repay his new
human for her loving kindness … and he wanted to! He wanted to badly!

Peggy was aflame with passion now at the prospect of being sexually
fulfilled at last, after all these lonely empty months! God, it was
almost too much to hope for … that this burning agony between her
naked thighs might at last be quenched! "Come to me, Hero, my handsome
lover! Come on … lick my pussy for me! Lick it, Hero!" Her very words
and thoughts were inspiring frantic jolts of raging lustful excitement
to charge through her young eager nakedness.

She watched eagerly, her knees weak, as the big dog moved closer, his
dark responsive eyes reflecting his intentions. Then, unimaginable
sensations of frenetic desire stabbed deep within her belly when she
realized that he was really going to lick her there so wantonly between
her trembling thighs! Oh God, this was too much! This was so incredible
… it was far beyond obscenity itself! She was trembling all over as
she rocked back on her heels and parted her thighs a bit more … she
quivered like a falling leaf as she thrust her pelvis just slightly
forward. Was he going to? Would he do it … God, yes! Yes!

The sleek black Doberman's long dog-tongue snaked pinkly out, curling
at its tip as it splayed open the sensitive wet lips of her pouting
vagina! Separating the soft, hair-fringed folds, it laved the very
seeping, desire-inflamed mouth of her pussy, drawing with a scorching
heat upward between the swollen lips, prodding at last at her hotly
quivering clitoris! But no, he was not about to stop there! Again and
again, with no urging from Peggy, the handsome animal repeated his
fiery tonguing caresses, raising gasps of lurid delight from the young
woman standing there with her shapely legs spread nakedly wide, her
exposed loins thrust forward in obscene encouragement to Hero to
continue his wicked licking of her erotically inflamed cuntal crevice!

The big Doberman knew from his vast experience the feeling of surging
hot blood racing feverishly through the veins of his muscular dog-body
as he tongued eagerly the heated wetness of his new mistress's pussy-
lips. The perfume of her roused loins filled his sensitive nostrils as
he fervently stroked his thick long tongue through the moistened
pinkness between her wide-splayed tan thighs. His strong animal-heart
beat faster at her exciting feminine sexual scent … her intense lust-
fever was contagiously insinuating its way into his own powerful loins.

"Oh, my darling here! Yes, lover, that's it … any second now, baby,
and I'll cum! Oh God, I love you for this, Hero! You're magnificent!
… come on, a little more now! That's it!"

Peggy refused to let herself believe it when at first she heard that
sound, but she soon had no choice. There was someone at the door and
the three-toned door chime had rung again for the third time … she
had to answer it. God, just a minute more and she would have cum! She
was on the verge of screaming from frustration and anger as her animal
lover responded as would be expected for a well-trained watch dog …
he ignored her hot damp flesh and ambled to the front door to await her
there, growling with his nose at the mail slot. This too was part of
his training and he could not ignore it.

"Damn!" Peggy cursed under her breath, quickly covering herself with a
robe as she shivered maddeningly from the impassioned sensations of
lust that were electrically alive in her loins from the nearness of
that evasive orgasmic moment. Who in God's name could this be? "It's
okay, Hero, okay, boy, ssshhhhh!" she tried to calm her new pet.

She flung the door open and was greeted by a look of horror and
surprise from the teenage boy who stood there, all pimples and buck-
teeth and wide eyes. "P-Paperboy, Mrs. Davis?" he said weakly.

"Oh … just a minute," she said calmly, trying to restore her
composure though she knew it was hopeless. She was coming apart at the
seams … goddamn it, where is my purse!? "How much, Billy?" she asked
from the living room.

"Two seventy-five, Ma'am!" came his hoarse reply, his voice cracking.

Peggy hurried back to the door and counted out the money, aware of the
young boy's eyes on her strangely attired figure. She looked up and met
his stare head-on. "Something the matter, Billy?" she asked coldly.

"No, Ma'am … it's just that you look, well, kinda' sick or something.
Do you feel okay?"

It was all she could do to keep from bursting out in peals of laughter.
Sick or something! "No, Billy, I'm all right. Maybe a touch of the flu
coming on. Thanks anyway and />
She closed the trailer door tight and sank weakly to the floor, her
knees fluid and unable to hold her a second longer. Sobbing dry tears
that she could not understand, Peggy finally got to her feet, mindless
of Hero's puzzled stance at her side, and staggered into the bedroom.
The lights were out there and she lay there on the big empty double bed
… she was ashamed, horribly ashamed and she felt suddenly very wicked
and evil, worse than she had ever felt and she wanted only to be alone
in the darkness. Oh Bob, I'm sorry, Bob, but you weren't here! Oh
forgive me, darling! But … you're just never here! Never!

Chapter 4

Eddie Mangum blissfully stuck his head up close to the shower nozzle
and let the cool water rush over his face like spring rain. His skin
tangled all over as the cleansing water washed away the sweat and grime
of a hard summer day's work … not to mention the session on the
living room floor with Dottie. Jesus, that was some woman! Sometimes he
wondered if he would live to be forty … but baby, what a way to go!
Fucked and sucked to death by the hottest piece on two legs anywhere!

Of course, it would be nice if they had friends like they had back in
California. Swingers. It did tend to take the edge off sometimes when
he was especially busy on an account or when he just didn't feel like
an all-nighter with little ol' hot pants herself. Dottie did tend to be
a bit too much for any man sometimes. Thinking about California got him
to reminiscing … Man, that night they brought the stag movies in,
what a night that was! Why, the girls were running around naked and
ready long before they'd finished the third reel! And that young kid,
the one with the skinny husband … but he couldn't go on with his
sweet reveries right now, for the sound of the front door closing
snapped him back to the right now. The reality of Virginia Beach and
Navy petty officers and garage mechanics for neighbors.

"Dottie, did somebody come in!?" he yelled, his head out from under the
shower now.

"No, honey, just the paper boy, but I paid him and he's gone."

Oh my God, tomorrow's Sunday! I nearly forgot those extra papers for
the Knotts Dairy account! "Dottie! See if you can catch him! I need
three extra copies of tomorrow's paper! Hurry, it's />
He was already toweling himself dry when she returned — empty handed.
"Sorry, but he's gone already. Is it really that important? Why can't
you just pick up the papers />
Eddie was hurrying into his undershorts, his hair still wet and
uncombed. "Because it's the Knotts account and I can't take that
chance! Besides, I need them first thing so I can call on J.R. and go
over the articles with him. There's supposed to be a bunch of material
in tomorrow's home edition that we wrote. I can't take a chance on
being able to find them tomorrow morning. And it might be nice not to
have to get out of bed early and go running around looking for
newspapers, agreed?"

Dottie cocked her head and looked at him enticingly. "Anything to keep
you in bed, honey," she purred. "Want me to go see if I can find the
paper boy?"

Eddie shook his head violently. "No, no, I don't want you out running
around town half-naked when it's almost dark. Just find my shirt will
you? You took it off me back there on the floor … I'll find him and
be right back."

* * *

Peggy's tears had dried away while she slept, but she was still lying
there naked in the semi-darkness on the empty double bed. Hero was at
her side — she could hear him even if she couldn't see him from this
position. Finally she raised her head and through her tears she could
make out his massive form there on the floor, guarding the open bedroom
doorway as if an enemy band was lurking just outside. She smiled when
she saw him there, his welcome addition to her loneliness lessening the
pain she might have felt if she had been completely by herself another
night. She swung her legs off the bed and sat on the edge. Hero arose
immediately when he saw his mistress was awake and safe and he came
over to rub affectionately against her legs, finally settling his head
on the edge of her thigh.

"So you're my big watchdog, huh?" she said softly in tones that he
understood, and he was visibly excited and friendly. "I guess it's just
you and me, ol' boy, so we'll have to make the best of it. You're
missing your old owners and I'm missing my husband … pretty bad, eh?
We're both in sorry shape I suppose, but we've got each other, right?"
Peggy had lowered her face to his and was talking to him like one might
talk to a baby in his crib, without expecting a reply, but warmly and
lovingly just the same.

Before she had a chance to realize it, the whining Doberman had raised
his head and darted out his warm moist tongue in a quick brush against
her lips. In a natural reaction, Peggy drew her face away in surprise.
But it was genuinely surprise that made her jerk away … she was not
repelled by what he had done. In truth, the friendly wet contact of his
tongue sent an unexpected sensation rippling through her naked loins.
For a long moment, she stared deeply into his wide dark eyes, taking
his handsome head between her small hands. He had kissed her like a
human might and he knew what he had done! That devilish gleam in his
eyes betrayed him! Slowly she leaned forward, holding his face
lovingly, then nearly breathless, she parted her lushly moistened lips
with her tiny tongue-tip and … he touched her again in another fiery
caress! His long thick tongue brushed over hers again and there could
be no doubt this time!

Peggy was paralyzed! If it had been a human lover who implanted that
kiss on her mouth or embraced her tongue with his, she could never have
felt it more intensely! Again he did it, until she realized that she
was exchanging tiny fervent tongue-caresses with him and then he began
to whimper, his animal-voice almost human in its passionate pleading!

My God, what am I doing?! She pushed the dog away, nearly leaping to
her feet and she stared down in wide-eyed amazement into his guiltless
black eyes. Again, there was a low whine from somewhere in his throat
as if he had sensed the rapidly-fanned embers of smoldering passion
that were rekindled easily in her dormant loins. "What on earth am I
going to do with you, Hero?" the young, sexually-vibrant wife whispered
in bewilderment … but she was not ashamed any longer! No, now she was
as hot as a coal stove on a winter's night and she could feel the
raging heat all over her naked body!

"Oh, damn, damn! I need a drink … something to steady my nerves and
then maybe I can think straight again!" She grabbed her robe and
hurried to the serving bar that separated the living room from the
kitchen, fumbling in its drawered depths for that bottle of Canadian
whiskey Bob left there. Peggy was never much of a drinker but she could
manage a glass of rye with some Seven-Up and ice. The glass with the
ice shook in her hand and made a strange bell-like tinkling sound until
she poured in the Canadian and muffled the noise. Oh Bob, why must you
always be away … why aren't you here tonight? Damn it, Bob darling, I
just can't go on like this for month after month!

Hero watched her every trembling move, never straying very far from her
side, his stimulated senses knowing fully from his past experience
precisely what his female human's want and need was at this moment. The
fragrant aroma that emanated from the fluid heat of her human loins
filled his quivering nostrils and it was the same essence he had
recognized when he tasted her mouth. But this was all new to him, the
waiting … before, with his real mistress, she would call him to her
to perform his special tricks almost immediately unless her human was
around. But the waiting continued and his keen animal senses were
aroused even more … he would not make the first move until he was

He stalked her relentlessly as she moved about the mobile home living
room, sometimes getting close enough to brush against her flesh but
then she would ease away and be gone again. Several times, he watched
as she filled her drinking container with liquid from a bottle and
emptied it down her throat. Her soft warm body still shivered
perceptibly when he crowded against her and again and again he heard
the softly melodious sounds of her friendly voice as she talked to him.
The aura of female sexual smell grew stronger and stronger until he
could sense an actual throbbing in his powerful sinewy flanks. And
then, at long last, she sat down and he rested his head in her lap. Her
hotly spiced fragrance seeped up from between her moist thighs and
triggered his trained animal instincts!

"Baby, you are some kind of special dog!" Peggy whispered, stroking his
great head cradled on her thigh. He was far more than a dog! There just
had to be something human about his stunning male virility! Why, she
had known few men with that special aura of maleness this animal

His round animal eyes were filled to overflowing with -warmth and
affection … but there was more! There was no mistaking it … there
was pure savage lust there as well! "Oh, Hero, darling, I know what
you're thinking … I'm thinking it too, but it's wrong! You're an
animal and well, I'm not and … oh, lover, you know I want you to
finish what you started!"

Although Peggy's mind was awash in the whiskey she had drunk, it had
done nothing to ease the burning sensual excitement that flared like a
magnesium torch inside her. Nothing could do that, she thought
sinfully, except physical love … and Hero here was the only lover she
possessed at the moment! God, she was in actual flames from her raging
desire, a total seething wetness there between her slightly parted
thighs … and Hero knew it! She could tell that he sensed her hunger
and was only waiting!

"This is all so new to me, darling … I-I'm scared but …" Somehow
the huge Doberman pinscher knew what she meant and gave an affectionate
whine in answer from deep in his throat. He had to wait … it was his

Peggy wondered if she was losing her mind or something … never had
she known anything like the feverish sensations raging within the
seething wet channel between her legs, insinuating their way upward
into the hidden secret depths of her desire-knotted belly. Her own
short panting breaths seemed weirdly unreal to her as she lay back on
the couch now, her robe pushed open, her trembling thighs spread open,
her fingertips tracing upward over the sensually swollen mounds of her
tingling breasts where they found her small hardened nipples and began
fondling them … her eyes searched the burning-coal eyes of her animal
paramour and she felt herself trembling with the savage fury of this
unreal lascivious passion!

Hero felt the throbbing quiver of his enlivened loins at the torrid
craving his naked human's eyes transmitted so easily to him. At the
very sight of her smooth tan nakedness there on the couch his heart
pounded in his broad powerful chest as she lay back on the cushion but
why did she not give the command? Why did this human behave so
differently from his former mistress? He could not seem to grasp this
and he was confused until …!

"Oh, lover, now! Come up here!" Peggy's voice tremblingly whispered.
"Come love me, my handsome man!"

He was up on the couch with an effortless leap, momentarily poised in a
picturesque stance as he stared down at her. Peggy's breath caught in
her throat at the sight of him so ardently surveying her unguarded
nakedness. But it was not too late, she told herself. She could order
him away, and he would leave her alone if she told him to! But then
there was no hope, as Hero lowered his head to lick out with his wet
hot tongue over the smooth expanse of her anxiously quivering belly …
Oh God, it is too late! It's way too late now!

Again she felt the delight of his tongue's curling fiery length and she
raised her head to watch him licking upward over the small round bulge
of her girlish belly! Higher and higher he came until he was licking
the smooth sensitive undersides of her heaving breasts, creeping ever
upward over them to their little passion-hardened nipples!

she moaned without a trace of shame to the dog's fervid
tonguing of her erogenous breast tips again and again, each
electrifying contact sending fresh spasms of lust downward to convulse
her nakedly aroused young body!

The blonde Navy wife's feverish mind was a blank to everything but the
captivating sensations his ardorously licking animal tongue was
stimulating deep inside her. She could hear him whimper from deep in
his throat, her impassioned gaze fastened incredulously on his long
pink tongue as it brushed with a moistened heat over the firm full
mounds of her quivering breasts.

Then, his great dark eyes moved upward to meet hers, their deep limpid
pools mirroring his ardor. She waited, without a sound, breathing with
unceasing intensity through her slightly parted moist lips and then he
eased his powerful hulking body forward … and he licked them!

As Hero once more tasted the delicate essence of her desire on her lush
lips and small pointed tongue, his boiling animal blood fiercely rushed
through his strong body and with his own tongue, he excitedly brushed
the tiny pink member darting receptively from her opened mouth. Faint
mewling sounds purred from beyond it as he licked its wet sweetness and
he saw that his new human's eyes had closed as she lay there beneath
his well-trained tongue, emotionally returning caress for caress and
then instinctively, with that special insight peculiar to animals, he
knew it was now time!

His intense lingual kisses stopped abruptly and Peggy felt the couch
cushions shift under the Doberman's moving weight. When she opened her
eyes, she could see him positioning himself between her open thighs,
and her breathing quickened as, unconsciously, she spread her legs
further for him! Lifting her head, her brain spinning wildly, the
nakedly trembling young wife watched him poise his beautiful head above
the obscenely offered intimacies between her quivering thighs! She
heard her own animal-like whine when he slowly lowered himself to her,
his hot breath curling the sparse little blonde fluff that lined her
wet pink pussy slit! Then, his cool nose brushed against the flame-
seared flesh of her inner thigh and in between the blood-engorged lips
of her desire-moistened cuntal crevice! She heard him whimper again as
he sniffed at her there and she waited in nearly frantic expectation,
her legs opening wider still … this time of her own conscious doing!

She could not hold back the sudden expressive gasp when she felt his
damp nose move lower between her supple thighs and brush wetly down
against the tiny puckered ring of her unprotected anus! "Oh my God,"
she blurted in surprise the moment his tongue splurted between her
widely spread buttocks, to worm its way up and down the smooth-fleshed
split surrounding her snug little anal opening, the tip suddenly
burrowing into the tightly clasped circle.

Peggy had no idea at all how long that blissful titillation went on
down there between her thighs … she had lost all track of time!
Nothing mattered except that his rapturous animal tonguing never
stopped! She felt his searing wet ravings bringing him to the narrow
burning opening hidden by her pulsating cuntal lips, and her loins
trembled with a new surge of lust. She shivered delectably as he drew
its burning wetness upward over the full length of her moistened pussy
from her tightly clenched little anus, along the thin hair-rimmed edges
of her vaginal furrow to the hotly tremoring little bud of her swollen
clitoris. And again he did it, this time his fire-filled tongue
spreading through her softly yielding cuntal flesh like a heated knife
through butter! But it did not stop there, as his tongue in an invading
curl far up into the clasping hotness of her desire-inflamed vaginal
mouth! She moaned, spasming with ecstasy beneath her pet's oral love-
making, her whiskey-dulled eyes lustfully feeding on this obscene
spectacle they made together!

God, she thought she would cum! She thought she would cum a hundred
times! And she moaned giddily, spread out so lewdly beneath him, from
the intense sensations his long thick dog tongue was sending through
her smoldering tan nakedness. Her gasping mewls increased, her lust-
fired brain slipping deeper and deeper into a lascivious passion she
luridly embraced! Again and again Hero's scorching tongue grazed
eagerly over her upraised blonde loins, from the snugly puckered lips
of her anus upward through the glistening pink crevice of her
widespread pussy. At the very pinnacle of her slit it hesitated,
insinuating its way into the hotly liquid flesh to flick skillfully at
the palpitating bud of her tiny clitoris, fanning the growing flames
inside her spasming belly like a blast furnace!

Peggy, in her erotic stupor, had no idea how long this immoral love-
making went on without letup … she knew only that it did, the desire-
quenching animal-tongue licking wildly through and over her seething
cuntal flesh until she whimpered and squirmed helplessly on the couch
beneath its wondrous touch!

"Oooooh, darling Hero, don't stop! It's so nice, so nice!" she wailed
hoarsely as the Doberman lunged his thick lingual member with a
lustfully teasing curl once again deep up into the clasping hot passage
of her burning vagina. With a lewd hiss, she begged him to go on,
drawing her knees all the way back to touch her erotically tingling
breasts in eager encouragement so that he might have greater access to
her open cuntal wetness. Vaguely she heard his whines blending with
hers while he continued to devotedly lash and penetrate the fluid pink
flesh there between her salaciously upraised thighs and buttocks!

Hero was reveling in the exotic odor and taste of his new mistress's
feminine human passion, the keen pungent aromatic spice to his tongue
and nostrils pleasurably enraging his powerfully masculine canine
loins. Though he had loved his real mistress many times and sometimes
some of her friends, none had this special sensation for him that his
new human offered! He was beginning, with his keen animal intellect, to
sense the significance of it now … this blonde human was his mistress
now! She was his new mistress! In her sky-blue eyes he had sensed the
love she held for him from the very first! Her voice was gentle and
loving … she was truly his mistress now! Her smooth tan face glowed
when she looked at him, and he sensed this love now flowing through the
soft curves of her entire unclothed human body. And there at the very
core of her loins … there was the proof. This yielding pink flesh
with its hotly flowing moisture assured him that she truly loved him as
much as he now knew he loved her, and as he excitedly tongued her curl-
fringed softness, he found the strong rutting urge in his passionate
animal loins was crying for more!

Lashed brutally by a gripping wave of disappointment, Peggy felt the
dog's soothing tongue abruptly end its laving caresses and she raised
to her elbows with a start, her upthrust legs slowly coming down. "Why,
Hero? What made you stop? Why?"

But, seemingly ignoring her obvious need, he backed away a step and
from her half-upraised position, the desperately inflamed young blonde
saw it … his penis! She gaped incredulously at the sight of its
glistening, hardened reality emerging wetly from its long furry sheath,
wet and thick, the tapered point dripping and swaying as it slipped
from its protective sleeve in an ever growing length of thickening red
hardness! She couldn't believe it! This dog … God, it looked as big
as her husband's! Peggy began to moan throatily, her half-crazed
thoughts feeding on the awareness of this great animal's own peculiar
hunger … he wanted to really make love to her! He wanted to … fuck

"Oh, my darling Hero, it's just too shameful! I mean, I she
hissed passionately, her own actions betraying her very words, took one
of the couch cushions and, then obscenely lifting her naked buttocks,
placed it beneath her hips so that her naked loins were raised high in
the air and she was resting back on her shoulders and the back of her
head. "Please, darling," she murmured. "Not like animals … this way,
lover! Come on, lick me some more till I cum. Please, Hero!"

The young blonde wife's eyes glowed with the lasciviousness of her
wanton act … her obscene intentions to let this dog lick her like she
was a bitch in heat! She made no effort toward thinking rationally. Her
young sensually aroused body was feverish with screaming desire and she
wanted this, no matter how vile, how wicked and sinful! She raised her
legs, drawing them all the way back once again until her knees touched
her excitedly swollen breasts! Her obscenely upraised cunt was a well
of molten fire! She raised her head up to look between her firmly
throbbing breasts and lewdly spread legs to see her handsome animal-
lover waiting, his hugely glistening pink taper dangling from hair-
covered testicles like a cruel weapon!

"Please, lover, crawl up here," she whimpered. "Crawl between my thighs
and lick me some more. Make your loving Peggy happy!" She reached down
between her thighs to stroke her pussy in a lewdly goading manner.
"Now, my darling, before I go crazy!"

It wasn't that he didn't want to … it was the training again. He had
hesitated only because his real mistress — his old mistress — had
taught him to do it when she was on her knees and now, though his heart
pounded in heavy animal heat, he could not go against all he had been
taught! But she was ready and so was he … and she was begging him to
go ahead, so it must be all right. He moved forward, easily mounting
between her cushion-raised legs, his head above hers, feeling the hot
wetness of her openly spread vagina as his excited rod of virile animal
hardness brushed against and then slipped and danced in its soft liquid
heat … searching for but never quite achieving the tiny opening
waiting so receptively for it.

Peggy was desperate … she hugged him at first, her soft moistened
lips kissing his face while he tried vainly to answer with his tongue,
but then, she was reaching down beneath him until he felt her gently
caressing fingers grasping at his huge animal penis and parting the
soft blonde pubic hair with the tapered end of it, pressing it right up
into the warmly pulsating entrance of her wetly quivering cuntal

Instinctively, as the powerful Doberman felt the moistly clasping human
cuntal flesh nibbling at the tip of his animal-firmness, he did only
what nature demanded him to do! He fucked into her! With no
consideration of mercy, the huge black dog sunk his long pulsating
length of blood-engorged animal-cock into the upturned channel of his
young blonde mistress' cunt! He squatted partially on his hind legs to
be able to do it well, to bury it deep up inside her hotly screaming
little belly. Immediately, he sensed his sperm laden furry testicles
slapping up against the smooth widely-split crevice between her warm
soft buttocks as he fucked up into her in a rapid-fire rhythm!

"Aaaaawwwww Peggy gasped loudly at the unbelievable
first penetration of his massively hardened cock, but there was
scarcely time to linger on her agony as it spread her passion-dilated
cuntal wetness open even more! A dozen or more rapid, channeling
thrusts burrowed their way deep inside her before she fully came to
grips with the first, so great was his frenetic assault on her tender
cuntal crevice! Like the powerful animal he was, his searing dog-cock
fucked deep up into the far hidden depths of her passion-filled womb!
She gasped and cringed beneath him, her mind a blank of sensual desire,
the very soul of her womanhood aflame with a raging wave of unequaled

Maddening delights of unholy ecstasy filled her lewdly submissive
nakedness and the frenetic young woman could do no more than groan and
squirm salaciously around beneath the beautiful beast as she offered
the whole of her nakedly spread cunt up to him to fuck as he pleased!
She strained to watch with lewd fascination as the scarlet rod of hotly
stiffened dog-cock slithered in and out of her raging vagina with
breathtaking charges, fucking its way to the furry hilt in her ravished
cuntal passage, Hero's heavy, sperm-bloated balls slapping heavily down
against the tiny puckered anal ring between her widespread young

Her painfully bent head jarred from his every breast-shivering plunge,
her brain reeling in the blinding pool of her forbidden lusts! She
gasped at the glistening length of tapered pink hardness pistoning deep
into her open cuntal crevice, kicking her legs out and wrapping them
tightly around the hairy muscles of his strong back to rhythmically
lift her fiery loins in a wildly obscene grinding motion to meet his
powerful driving strokes with lewd ecstatic abandon! "God, yes, fuck me
good, Hero! Fuck me good with your big />
* * *

Eddie Mangum leaned heavily against a telephone pole on the street
behind him, breathing heavily and panting under the streetlight. God,
am I ever out of shape! A little short chase after the paper boy and
look at me!

Lucky thing I caught that kid, though … wouldn't do to be without
those newspapers when the boss calls tomorrow morning. He placed his
other hand over his chest and felt the frantic beating of his heart
inside … Damn, I've got to start jogging or something! A little run
and I'm ready for the undertakers. And here I am barely thirty!

He was trying to remember why he never felt so badly out of shape in
California. Hell, he never jogged or played tennis or handball like the
guys he worked with … it was the swinging parties that kept him in
shape! Sure! All those wild pool parties … sometimes he'd go home
with bruises — honest-to-God bruises! — on his prick! How's that for
staying in shape! Of course, Dottie's no slouch when it comes to
fuckin' and suckin', but I miss that extra special something that comes
from a good swapping party — thrills! I mean, face it, if you're
married to the best looking movie star in Hollywood, it's still the
same ol' pussy every night, right? I mean, she can't drop that off in
Wardrobe and pick up a new one!

Still panting like a winded long-distance runner, the young PR man
decided to cut across the back fence and save a walk around the block.
He swung his slightly-paunchy body over it with relative ease and was
nearing the back door of his trailer when he heard it … a woman's
voice! Wasn't Dottie's. Had to be Peggy next door! Sounds like she's
sick or hurt!

He was nearly to her back door when he stopped to think … Sure,
buddy, those sounds are familiar enough! God knows I've heard enough
women make those same noises under me! But Peggy Davis!? No, she would
never in a million years have a lover when her away!
But still … I'd feel pretty silly rushing in there and catching her
right in the act with the mailman.

It was then that he saw the living room window. It was at the front of
the mobile home and was covered with a heavy drapery material but it
wasn't closed all the way. There was a gap of about three inches in the
middle … maybe I can take a quick look through there and see if
everything's all right. She'll never see me out here in the dark and
… oh Jesus! Jesus H. Christ!

The sight that met his eyes inside the house trailer made Eddie
Mangum's jaw drop and his cock lurch within the suddenly tight confines
of his pants. The three coveted newspapers scattered unheeded on the
grass. Inside the living room, Peggy was now alive with an enveloping
flame that threatened to burn her alive! Base lust saturated her
nakedly slaving body as she sensually pumped her rounded hips upward
onto her new watchdog's ever-thickening cock skewering deeper and
deeper into her raging hot belly! Furiously, Hero's hairy animal belly
and loins battered and thudded resoundingly downward against her taut,
widespread ass-cheeks, his glistening red animal-cock a relentless rod
of pleasure-giving joy sinking to its full hardened length into the
fluid depths of her wildly clasping cuntal sheath! With shameless
whispering mewls, the lust-intoxicated young blonde rotated her
hungrily working hips and buttocks up to him, grinding the ravenous
walls of her vagina hotly around the swollen rigid length of his
thickly piercing animal penis. A soulful moan of absolute ecstasy
slipped from between her slightly-parted lips.

She felt that unmistakable signal of sensual gratification … that
undeniable beacon of erotic fulfillment! It rushed through her seething
loins like the prickling of a thousand needles on her naked flesh,
gnawing at the inner base of her sensuously quivering belly with the
salacious promise of orgasmic rapture just moments away! She moaned
tremulously to the rhythm of her mounting climax, straining beneath her
heavily panting animal lover to see his wet thick cock furiously
vanishing into her blonde fringed cuntal lips. She gasped lustfully
with her eyes bulging in undiluted savage passion at her pink cuntal
flesh wetly clinging to his long thick red cock when he pulled it out
of her, then disappearing up inside again with his heavily thrusting
hump forward, his tense cum-filled balls smacking down solidly against
the tingling crevice of her obscenely grinding buttocks! She saw and
felt her swollen breasts dancing rhythmically on her chest in wondrous
time to his beautiful fucking rhythm!

Hero's animal head overflowed with desire and basic savage passion for
his naked blonde mistress beneath him, whose soft white legs wound
ever-so-tightly around his back. She whined in a low, nearly crying
voice while she kissed him as no human had ever done, at the same time
thrusting her eagerly clasping cuntal crevice up onto his aching rod of
lustfully throbbing hardness. The wet heat of her vaginal passage was
clinging greedily to his pounding rigidity, rapidly taking them both
closer and closer to that brink of wild ecstatic abandon, watched
unknowingly by the man at the window.

Peggy raised her passion-softened face to allow a mournful cry of pain
and pleasure to escape her lips. Her glazed blue eyes seemed larger and
unseeing. "I can't stand it! It's so good … so good!"

Wildly, the lust-inflamed young blonde's lips parted as the Doberman's
long thick tongue suddenly thrust deep into the heat of her mouth,
brushing against her own as it went back almost to her throat and she
sucked on it! Unbridled passion, nothing short of bestial, forced her
to act without shame or reason and she thought of herself being fucked
in the mouth by this magnificent male animal as well as in her
steaming, fire-filled cunt! It was enough to trigger the ultimate —
and it did! She tried to scream but her voice was only a sensually-
muffled mixture of sobbing and sighing … then, the first spasm of her
hotly bursting orgasm struck her and she moaned insanely, thrusting her
wildly convulsing young naked loins up hard onto his lust-consuming
dog-cock in a maddened frenzy of desperation! Hero responded with a
forward down-stabbing thrust, his thickly hardened animal-cock
beginning to jerk spasmodically inside her and to spew out its hotly
scalding torrent of animal cum deep up into her very womb in long
liquid spurts whose seething warmth she could feel in her belly!

Again and again, Peggy cried out hysterically, her smooth taut buttocks
beginning to contract convulsively to the lewd animal eruption
exploding into her raging belly and filling her loins until they were
nearly bursting! His tongue left her still greedily sucking mouth and
she flailed her head from side to side on the couch cushion, feeling
the exciting combination of their human and animal secretions trickling
warmly together from her cock-stuffed cuntal lips and down the insides
of her trembling thighs as her vaginal mouth milked the last droplets
of precious sperm from her animal lover's slowly deflating penis. Her
legs fell jerkingly onto the bed on either side of the magnificent
animal's flanks and she groaned softly as she felt the softened knob of
his pleasure-giving penis slip from her ravenously clutching pussy lips
with a lewd wet sucking sound … and in a very few moments she was
sound asleep, her powerful dog-lover resting quietly beside her on the
couch, his long thick tongue licking up the pungent remnants of their
orgasms from his mistress' soft tan thighs!

… And the man in the bushes outside the living room window felt his
own breathing slowly return to normal as he stopped to pick up the
newspapers he'd dropped in his excitement.

Chapter 5

"But I tell you it is true, Dottie! I saw it with my own eyes!" Dottie
Mangum's husband looked as if he was imitating a Southern evangelist,
third-rate. His arms were flailing about above his head in heavenly
beseechment and his cheeks and eyes were red and puffy and his words
came in halting gasps … between furtive breaths. "Listen, honey,
would I make up a story like that!?"

Dottie eyed him non-committally … this could be one of his corny
practical jokes, but he's right … nobody would just make up a story
like that one! "Honey, I'll take your word for it … for now at least.
But you have to admit it's a little hard to swallow! I mean, Peggy
Davis! Why, if there was ever anybody I would nominate for Miss Devoted
Wife award, it would be her! I can't even imagine her with another man
… and now you tell me this!"

"Baby, I wouldn't believe it either, but I saw it! I saw it! Man, she
was just eating up that big black dog with that sweet little cunt of
hers! I told you before, I always figured her to be a hot number
underneath all that goody-two-shoes act!"

"All right, all right, then it's the truth but … just what were you
doing, snooping around her living room window in the middle of the
night! You could have got yourself arrested … or worse yet, that
fuckin' dog could have taken a hunk out of your ass!"

"I wasn't thinking about that dog! Besides, I told you how it happened
… I was coming over the back fence and heard someone making weird
noises and I thought I had better />
"Uh-huh. Well, listen, Dick Tracy, next time use your head before you
go nosing around somebody's windows in the dark! They shoot first and
ask questions later in the South, />
"Yeah, yeah," he muttered with a dismissing wave of his hand. "But just
the same, I'm damn glad I was just enough of a voyeur to keep looking!
Man, was it ever />
Dottie licked her bottom lip slowly, her painted pink tongue-tip easing
its way from one side to the other, moistening her slightly-pouting lip
in its path in unconcealed sensual stirring. "You say the dog was
really throwing it to her, huh?"

"Throwing it! Baby, he was pounding it in there like his ass was hooked
to a compressor! You should have seen it … He was already in her when
I looked through the opening in the drapes, but he was just getting
wound up. Talk about getting fucked! Christ, that pecker of his looked
like it was a foot long! And big around, too, not like some animal's
cocks. Anyway, he was hunched over her, his head all back like he was
going to start howling at the moon at any second, and that big red
prick of his humping in and out of that sweet little pink pussy a mile
a minute! Baby, it was out of sight!"

"All right, all right. I've heard all I want to hear right now. You've
blown my mind completely already and besides … it's making me horny!"

"Making You horny! Take a look at this!" And with those words, Dottie's
excited husband hurriedly yanked down the zipper on his trousers and
pulled his obscenely swollen cock out into the light. "You think you're
horny!" he exclaimed, a big grin on his face.

Dottie sidled up next to him like a Reeperbahn B-girl appraising her
mark. "Hmmmmm, not bad, big boy," she cooed. "Care for a little

"Oh, baby! That's what I like about you … always ready! Hurry up and
get out of that dress … I'm so horny I hurt!"

Dottie was wearing a thin cotton house-dress she had put on just after
her husband left to find the paper boy and she quickly yanked it up and
over her shoulders. "Jesus, baby!" her husband blurted. You're already
naked underneath … just the way I like you!"

And indeed she was … the curvaceous young brunette was wearing
absolutely nothing under the thin dress and she could almost feel the
breath leave her husband's lungs when she hurriedly tossed the garment
aside and stood there naked for him to see. "Like it, huh?" she asked
teasingly, a sly smile on her soft pink lips.

"Are you kidding!?" he exclaimed and threw his arms around her

"Then take your clothes off and lie down on the sofa," she said calmly.
"I want to get on top this time … your cock goes so nice and deep
that way!"

Eddie Mangum quickly complied with his wife's request and soon lay
completely naked on the sofa, his hardened erection sticking menacingly
straight up in the air. Dottie looked for a moment at the stark white
length of ropy-veined flesh with its purplish head all bloated and
pulsing with eager excitement. Then she climbed onto the sofa
awkwardly, her soft resilient breasts dangling so that they nearly
brushed his chest hairs, and moved one long suntanned leg up and over
him until she was positioned directly above the huge blood-engorged tip
of his man-sized penis.

Eddie could plainly see the inflamed pink ridges of his beautiful
wife's moistly quivering slit, her cuntal lips pouting slightly to
reveal the soft hair-fringed wetness inside.

Taking his throbbing rod of flesh in her tiny hand, she studied it
admiringly, her fingers probing every ridge and tiny crevice along its
blue-veined ivory length. God, how she loved cocks! She could have a
thousand of them lining the walls of her bedroom, all shapes and sizes
and colors and thicknesses and still it wouldn't be enough … she
loved them all! She stroked his masculine hardness tenderly, gently
running her long sharp nails along the fleshy shaft until it swelled
even longer and thicker under her practiced touch. She gazed at it in
awe, its blue pulsing veins now distended like wires beneath the
translucent surface and she squeezed it tightly inside her clenched
fist, avidly watching as a child might watch a toy … its bulbous
purplish head swelled like a balloon, bright red and thickly swollen
now as the rich hot blood from his loins pumped into it and stretched
it to bursting between her fingers.

Tantalizingly, she lowered her moistened vaginal lips down until they
barely touched the lust-bloated knob of his aching cock and she brushed
it teasingly with the pink wet softness of her hungering cuntal flesh.

"Oh, God, baby, stop playing around! I can't stand it!" he grunted up
at her. "Get on it, sweetheart, and ride! Ride!"

Dottie reached down between her straddling thighs and easily slipped
the enormous blood-filled head of his rigid cock right up between the
dark-fringed lips of her ravenous cunt. Like a starving lioness, her
warm pink cuntal jaws enveloped the bulbous tip and voraciously drew it
up into the soft moist tunnel between her legs.

She lowered the firm round melons of her well-shaped buttocks down onto
his impaling shaft, skewering herself obscenely on the long fleshy sex-
spear. With a wild wet slurping sound, the lust-engorged shaft
disappeared up between her widespread thighs and a low soulful moan
slipped softly from between her parted lips as she felt the long hard
length of his virile organ burrow lividly deep into the soft liquid
depths of her belly. The blood-hardened rod of excited male flesh was
like forbidden fruit to the naked young brunette and she eagerly
gobbled up all of it with her moistly nibbling cuntal lips.

With a smacking thud, she smashed her secreting cuntal crevice down
tight against his hairy loins, ramming hurtfully the full thick length
of his huge penis to the hilt deep inside her needful womb. She could
feel it far up in her quivering womb, and she cried out from the
agonizing pain she lusted after night and day … that wondrous
pleasure-pain of a man between her thighs!

Her tousled brown hair swirled wildly around her shoulders as she
tossed her head about in wild abandon, her eyes tightly closed as she
rode her manly mount like a rodeo cowboy rides his bronco … one hand
on his shoulder holding her in place and the other flailing the air
loosely at her side. "Oh, honey, it's so good in there! Push, baby,
push! God, it's so nice and deep! Fuck me, lover, fuck hard!" she cried
and pummeled his naked loins mercilessly with her wildly slapping
thighs as she pumped up and down on the hard skewering length of his

Lifting herself with the taut muscles of her naked legs, she slithered
wetly up and down the long desire-rigid shaft of his cock, pushing her
naked torso up until only the swollen purplish knob lay ensheathed in
her warmly clasping cuntal flesh. Then, with a gasping cry of total
abandonment, she shoved her moist slit back down onto the skewering
length of his long thick member, hungrily gulping up every delicious
inch of its virile length until it lay completely nestled in the tight
warm confines of her constrictive love-passage, firmly gripped between
the soft pink walls of her vagina.

Suddenly, as if a switch had been thrown and a million volts of
electricity been sent hurtling through her nervous system, Dottie began
bucking violently, her whole body moving in a hundred different
directions at once. she screamed loudly, not giving
a damn if everyone in Virginia Beach for a mile around could hear her,
as she pumped her clasping pussy-mouth up and down frantically on her
husband's lewdly impaling stiffness. Every powerful grinding snap of
her well-trained hips sank all of his lust-inflated cock deeply between
her widespread thighs and her lovely face was contorted with insane
agony as every downward thrust onto the skewering rod of blood-filled
lust shook her body viciously and she cried out over and over again.
Rivulets of perspiration poured from her face and shoulders and
trickled in sparkling streams down the smooth expanse of her naked
back. Her proudly firm breasts bumped from side to side in her savage
frenzied lust-rhythm.

Eddie Mangum looked up at her from the sofa, his eyes half closed as he
neared that ecstatic moment of release … God, what a woman his wife
was! She could do this all night! And she'd probably like to, too, he
found himself thinking … with more than a trace of futility and

He thrust his loins up powerfully with all the strength he could
muster, cursing himself for not being in better shape … just seconds
and she would come apart right before his eyes! It was always like that
with Dottie … she was the original screamer!

First a sharp cry of pain burst from her pursed lips … but that was
only the forerunner, the warming up. Suddenly her head snapped back in
a neck-breaking toss. "God, yes! Yes, baby, push it all up there! Push
baby, I'm cumming! Just a little … Aaaggggghhhhhh! I'M CUMMING! …
Aaaaaaaaaa …" as the explosion rocked her loins and she bucked even
more furiously up onto his deep-sunk cock.

Then her voice trailed off and she perched there awkwardly for a
moment, a weak smile on her lips as she felt her husband's climax
explode on cue deep inside her and she pumped up and down with the last
fibers of her spent strength until he was milked dry once again. Then
she lifted herself free as her warm orgiastic juices flooded down the
length of his rubbery deflated cock as it withdrew wetly and loudly
from her cuntal grip, lying down beside him as he moved over so she
could rest her head on his upper arm.

They talked quietly for a while about nothing important, just the kind
of things they usually said afterwards. But the young brunette's mind
was filled with only one thing and it kept flashing back into her
thoughts like some bit of subliminal advertising beamed into her very
brain … it was a picture she saw there. A woman … a young sexy
blonde … and a couch … and a huge male dog with a cock like nothing
she had ever seen before …!

And then they began to talk about that once again and just as suddenly,
the picture vanished. Eddie seemed puzzled at his wife's seeming
disinterest in something so unbelievable. Finding your next door
neighbor fucking a Doberman pinscher was hardly an everyday occurrence,
even in California! But Eddie dismissed it eventually and began to get
ready for bed.

He had known Dottie too long to be surprised at anything she did. And
besides … it was obvious she had something important on her mind.

Chapter 6

"Young lady … young lady! It's thirty-nine, not fifty-nine, it's
marked down! Don't you know the prices? If not, then get me a checker
who does!" Peggy Davis shook the dazedness from her eyes and drifted
back to the reality of her position behind register number four at the
Super-Save Market.

"Oh … I'm so sorry, Ma'am!" she blurted when she had realized her
error. Misreading numbers was something she just never did! Maybe back
when she had first started, but not now! "I really apologize, Ma'am!
That just never happens!"

The elderly woman gave her a look that would have curdled milk and
snorted through her upturned lip. "Hmf! I'll bet it never happens. See
here, I've been shopping here for years, but if this is the sort of
thing that is going on, I'll take my business elsewhere!" Her voice was
becoming increasingly shrill with every word and Peggy could see the
floor manager, Mr. Hardison, coming from his glassed-in cubbyhole
overlooking the rows of checkers. "Why, a twenty cent error is just not
excusable! Maybe twenty cents doesn't mean much to your generation,
young lady, but I can remember when a man worked half a day for that
kind of money and …"

"What seems to be the problem, Madam?" Hardison's voice was
appropriately obsequious, in the manner of shoe clerks and floor
managers, but still retaining the necessary thread of authority. "Could
I be of />
"I'll say you could my good man!" she spluttered stuffily. "I caught
this young woman in the very act of overcharging me and I feel I am
owed an apology!"

Peggy looked at the balding floor manager beseechingly. "Mr. Hardison,
I did apologize! It was an oversight and I told her I was sorry!"

He gave the overdressed elderly woman a quick glance and then winked on
the side away from her and cleared his throat. "Madam, I will see to it
that this matter gets all the attention it justly deserves. Please
accept the store's deepest apologies and if you will be kind enough to
leave your name with the checker, Mrs. Davis, we will send you a
certificate good for five dollars free purchases as a small token of
our sincerity." He then turned to Peggy without waiting for the woman
to reply. "Mrs. Davis, I would like to see you in my office when you
have finished here!"

* * *

"Mr. Hardison, please, give me a chance to explain! I know I shouldn't
have missed that sale item, but I did and I apologized and then she

"Mrs. Davis …"

"… went on and on and she kept getting louder and I know everybody in
the store must have heard her and …"

"Mrs. Davis! Please! May I get a word in here />
"Oh … yes sir, I'm sorry," Peggy replied meekly, but she noticed he
was smiling. No not really smiling … almost laughing!

"I only told you to come in here so she would assume you were getting
the punishment she seemed so certain you deserved. She probably thinks
I'm firing you right now. Isn't that a laugh? Me firing a good cashier
over a squabble with Mildred Rose!"

"M-Mildred Rose? You mean you know that woman? She looked like she had
a lot of money. I mean she was dressed well and all."

"That old biddy!? Why, she hasn't got a hundred dollars to her name!
Listen, I know her all right. If you'd spent as much time as I have
chasing her down to collect on her bum checks, you'd know her pretty
darn well />
"Bum checks?" Peggy was genuinely confused now and she showed it. "She
seemed like such an important woman. Like maybe she was a doctor or
lawyer's wife or something. I just didn't want to get her upset and
make a lot of trouble for the store."

"Trouble! She couldn't make trouble for a hot dog vender, much less for
this supermarket chain. Mrs. Davis, that woman is a fraud and a thief
and I would have stood behind you if you had dumped all her groceries
right on her head!"

Peggy laughed, visibly relieved now that the tension had cleared. Ever
since the floor manager had come out to her station, she had thought of
nothing but losing her job … God, what would she and Bob do without

"So you see, I had to make a little show for her benefit just to shut
her up. But as far as I'm concerned, it's all forgotten. It was
forgotten before I ever went out there, to tell the truth."

"Thank you, Mr. Hardison. I-I guess she just upset me, that's all. I
don't usually make mistakes and I guess her nastiness sort of got me
"I understand. You're practically the finest checker we have here and I
wouldn't want to lose you over someone like that old broad. Listen, you
look a little shaken, like maybe you're not feeling well. Why don't you
take the afternoon off. I'll square it with the boys upstairs if
anything is said. But I doubt they'll mention it … they know a good
worker when they see one."

"Oh, I couldn't do that, Mr. Hardison. There's no one to take my

He lifted his hand and made a shooing motion. "Go on, I'll worry about
that. See you in the morning, okay?"

"Well, yes sir, if you say it's all fight. Thank you again!"

* * *

Peggy nervously maneuvered her small car through the early afternoon
highway traffic, her mind a mixed-up jigsaw puzzle of confused thoughts
and nagging emotions. Feelings and desires she had never before
experienced were buzzing in her brain … and a knowledge whose weight
was so great she could scarcely beat it. That was why she had made the
mistake at the cash register … and that nasty little incident had
been the straw that broke her back. Or her spirits at least. Her mind
was in a dozen different places at once. Across the Atlantic on board a
ship somewhere on the Mediterranean with her darling husband Bob. And a
few miles from here in an air-conditioned house trailer … with a
magnificent Doberman pinscher named Hero!

God, she thought, I'm so confused! Nothing seems to be what it seems!
First Hero … coming into my life as a watch dog and companion but
what is he now … my lover? Oh, it's just too much to cope with at
once! That awful woman with her screeching voice and her fancy clothes
and jewelry … and she turns out to be just another common criminal! A
bad check artist and I thought she was a society lady! And myself …
just another Navy wife, I always thought, nothing special. But a good
wife … and a loyal one!

And now … just what am I now? A big screaming piece of my soul feels
so ashamed, so smothered in lewdness that I'll never be able to scrub
it clean. When that part of me fills my head with its vile words, I
know what I am … a dog-fucking bitch! A sex pervert! And I could just
go away somewhere and crawl into a hole and die from my shame!

But there's another part and it's every bit as persuasive and powerful
as the first. Over and over it tells me I've done nothing wrong …
that what happened was meant to happen. That I intended nothing evil,
therefore what I did could not have been wrong. And I want to believe,
I really do! I love Hero and I know it with my very heart and mind, but
that doesn't mean I don't love Bob! It only means … Oh, dear God,
what does it mean!? I don't know anymore, I just don't know!

Peggy saw the taillights flash on ahead of her and she stomped on the
power brake as hard as she could, bringing the sedan to a rubber-
scorching halt hardly a foot from the car in front. She tried to ignore
the scowling countenance in the rear view mirror ahead, his lips
mouthing a dozen obscenities.

Leaning out of the open window, she could see an almost endless line of
stopped cars, some with their drivers standing limply outside in the
scorching summer heat. And far down the line, flashing red lights and
the mammoth hulk of a jack-knifed truck stretched across all four lanes
like a beached whale. Oh no! I don't believe it!

What else could possibly happen!? What else!

* * *

Dottie Mangum decided to try a paperback, but that was as useless as
watching television had been. And gardening. And sunbathing with the
morning radio programs in her ear before that. Nothing seemed to help!
As long as that mobile home was parked there next door, there would be
only one thing on her mind … Peggy Davis' truly lovable new pet!

Sunday had been a bit easier as she had slept until shortly after noon
and then she and Eddie went for a ride down along the coast at Virginia
Beach, followed by a couple of hours in the sun there with the
thousands of others, a quick seafood supper down at the beach and a
pair of second-run movies at the drive-in with the top down on Eddie's
tiny sports car, one of those little Italian Fiats that only seat two.
That busy schedule had managed to keep the lid on her probing thoughts,
though she and Eddie had talked about it often enough throughout the
day. She had awakened with the lascivious image graven in her mind and
she had to immediately rush into the living room where Eddie was going
over some papers for the office and asked him again if it was all on
the level. "You didn't make it all up, Eddie? I mean, just for a joke
or something?" she had asked skeptically, and part of her actually
hoped it had been a lie. That way she could just erase it from her
thoughts and go on about her business as if nothing ever happened.
Christ, she had even dreamed about her young blonde neighbor with that
magnificent male animal! But no, Eddie was not going to let her off so
easily … it was indeed true! Every lewd and obscene second of it and
he used it like a sharp nail to get under her skin … now he could see
what it was doing to her and he loved teasing her that way! Dottie
Mangum, ol' hot pants herself, outdone by mousy little Peggy Davis! Oh,
how he rubbed it in along with the suntan oil when they were stretched
out on their blanket at the beach!

Ooooh, he was right, the bastard! It was driving her buggy! This image
had somehow become implanted in her brain and she could not exorcise it
no matter how hard she tried! She had not seen Peggy since Saturday,
except for a moment as she left this morning for work. She glimpsed the
young blonde from their living room window and she caught herself
enviously eyeing her married neighbor as if she expected some drastic
physical change to be apparent. Peggy had spotted her standing there
and she waved in a friendly manner like nothing had ever happened! Oh,
how could she! I've just got to know what it was like, I've got to! But
I can't just go over and ask her over a cup of coffee. "Hi, Peggy,
heard you fucked your dog this weekend. How'd it go?" No, damn it, I
will just stop thinking about it! She flipped the television set back
on and watched blankly as a quiz program rolled a few times and then
came slowly into focus. The volume was turned off and she did not
bother to change it … the show was a complete loss and she cared not
at all to hear it as well.

With nothing more than the sheer strength of will, she blocked the
whole incident out of her thoughts, forcing herself to think of
different things, like an insomniac thinks of sheep. Slowly, like the
picture that appeared on her television screen, she began to wearily
think of the month's bills … this much for the doctors. A car payment
due in before the sixth. Oh, and the pharmacist for Eddie's liniment
preion. It was working! She was finally getting that lewd image
out of her head! She glanced up again at the television screen in time
for a commercial break … Oh shit! I don't believe it! I just don't
believe it!

She was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks and
she wanted more than anything to tell somebody, anybody. Still
convulsing with laughter she reached for the telephone and dialed
Eddie's office number …. it was a dog food commercial! And there,
right there on her living room TV was a big manly Doberman pinscher
that could have been Hero's twin brother!

* * *

"Mr. Mangum, Mr. Randolph would like to see you in his office if it is
convenient." Eddie's feet fell from the desk top to the floor in a
resounding crash that he was immediately certain could be heard
throughout the whole floor of offices and his hand went for the
intercom button so nervously that he nearly knocked the intercom box
from his desk.

"Yes, Miss Brooks, please tell him I'll be right there!" He was on his
feet with the same blinding speed, checking his tie in the mirror-image
of his glass door, nervously looking over his suit for spots or
noticeable wrinkles. If it is convenient! Christ, it would be
convenient at four in the morning on Christmas Eve if D. B. Randolph
wanted to see him! Randolph was the big boss. The really big boss!
Technically, he was chairman of the board of Randolph and Phitts, with
ol' J. R. Phitts running the offices. He was in to see J. R.
practically every day and they were as close to being friends as any
top executive could be with one of his account men, but D. B. Randolph
was something else again! He'd seen the top man only once, the day he
came to work here and he was taken in like a new kid in school and
introduced to the dour-faced senior officer who gave him something
resembling a smile and a lukewarm handshake followed by a snorting
grunt and that was it.

And now he was being summoned to the ol' boy's suite! Around here that
had to mean one of two things … the boot or a promotion. Nobody ever
saw Randolph for any other reason!

He tossed the account men's shared secretary, Linda Brooks, a wan smile
as he hurried out the door of his tiny office and turned down the long
paneled corridor that led to the executive suites.

"Good luck, Eddie," the pretty redhead offered and held up her hand to
show that her fingers were crossed.

"Thanks … I hope I don't need it." Man, that little girl got better
looking every day! He could remember when she had first taken the job –
– pudgy with baby-fat and her hair all teased and covered in a mist of
hair spray. But somebody must have given her a few pointers! That rich
red hair spilled over her shoulders and she had lost at least ten
pounds. He cast her a quick appraising look as he rounded the corner —
maybe she didn't lose it at all … she just shifted it around!

But there was no time for that now. He had to get himself in the right
frame of mind for D. B. Randolph. The old man was a real pro, hell, he
practically invented public relations, but he was serious about his
work. That much he knew from talking to people who had met with him in
the past … those who were still on the staff after their meetings,
that is.

He was almost there now, a few feet from the private office door of
Randolph's secretary, a gray-haired spinster who, rumor had it, had
once been the ol' boy's mistress back in his spryer days. It was hard
to imagine, as heaven never created a homelier woman. She was nearly
bald with age like a man, but refused to wear a wig or even to style
her hair so that the thinned-out spots would not show. And she sported
a thin smear of a mustache that looked like some teenager's first
attempt at being continental.

"Mr. Randolph will see you in a moment," she said dryly, without even
looking up from her typing.

"Yes, Miss Guralnik," he answered and took his seat unobtrusively in
the plush reception office. It could best be described as turn-of-the-
century posh. Everything had the look of opulence, but it was well-worn
richness, rather like the interior of a distinguished London men's
club. Or at least how he imagined the interior would look, as he'd
never seen one. Not even the exterior.

He could not escape the nagging feeling that he was a school boy back
in elementary school and he had been summoned to see the principal for
some dastardly act. Like fighting at recess. Or hitting Johnny Bowers
with a spitball when the teacher's back was turned. That was just the
way this office affected him and he suspected he was not the first to
have such thoughts.

Randolph and Phitts was certainly a bit of a shock after the outfit he
had worked for in California, but they were reputable and long-
established on the east coast and that was why he had taken the job.
That stint with Modern Pacific Promotions had left a bit of a blemish
on his otherwise spotless record and he needed a couple of years at
least with a good conservative firm like R&P to smooth it over. Not
that it had been his fault that Modern Pacific folded after less than
three years; it developed at the bankruptcy hearings that the treasurer
of the corporation, a hot-shot Harvard MBA sort, had dipped his sticky
fingers into the till on a number of occasions, and more scandalously,
apparently with the full knowledge and encouragement of the president's
wife, an overtly amorous sort with a interest in the
young treasurer. It seemed that they had plans to take off for the
south of France or somewhere together, but only after he had squirreled
enough away to assure them the sort of life that people usually aspire
to in that special part of the Mediterranean. But as luck would have
it, Modern Pacific ran out of money before they were satisfied that
they had enough and, well, like they say, the shit really hit the fan!

Luckily, Eddie had seen the handwriting on the wall in time and was
clear of the whole shaky operation before it collapsed like a house of
cards in a windstorm, but just the mention of Modern Pacific now caused
eyebrows to arch and tongues to wag in the public relations world.

And to top it all off, like rubbing salt in a still-smarting wound,
this company change had been forced on him smack in the middle of the
Seventy-Seventy One drought in the advertising and public relations
business. That was the bottoming out period that followed the booming
late Sixties and, as always, luxuries like advertising and promotion
were the first items axed on the corporate budget requests when the
going got rough. He could have taken his pick of a dozen jobs a couple
of years earlier, but as luck would have it, he found himself up
against the wall … a dying, scandal-ridden job on one side and the
ceaseless perils of unemployment on the other. So it had really been a
bit of unaccustomed good luck to stumble across this opening, even if
it meant a three-thousand mile transcontinental move and selling their
almost-new suburban home in a depressed market. Eddie had just about
given up on finding anything decent and was nearly reconciled to
Joining the ranks of the almost-unemployed … those in the profession
who listed themselves on job applications as or
Actually, Eddie had not found the opening himself. A friend of his in
Los Angeles, out of work like Eddie himself was soon to be, had been
receiving the Sunday editions of several of the east coast newspapers
from his wife who was staying in Baltimore with his parents until they
had successfully weathered the job-hunting crisis. He had actually gone
so far as applying for this job, but changed his mind at the last
minute in favor of a lesser-paying opening in the more hospitable
climes of San Francisco. But for Eddie Mangum, it was just what the
doctor ordered — respectability, good opportunity for advancement, and
a fair salary. Who cared if it meant moving out of California, right? A
man could stand anything if it was for his career. Or so he had thought
… it was Dottie who saw it all in a different light.

"Virginia! Are you kidding me, Eddie Mangum?" she had screeched when he
told her he was going to be interviewed at company expense at their
offices. "How could we live in Virginia? We're both Californians,
Eddie! We'd wither up and die in the east!" But she got over it quickly
enough when he told her quite frankly it was this or nothing. Dottie
was a lot of things, but when it came to money, she was as level-headed
as they build 'em.

And when he arrived for the interview at their impressive offices, it
soon became apparent why they had expressed such an interest in him and
were willing to foot the bill for a cross-country flight. His main
account here was going to be a real estate firm that specialized in
suburban shopping centers … just what he had done for Modern Pacific!

Just then he heard Mr. Randolph's rich baritone boom over the intercom
and Miss Guralnik reached for the call button and answered him
promptly. "Yes, Mr. Randolph, he's here. I'll send him in." And then,
as if he had not heard the whole brief conversation himself, she told
him, "Mr. Randolph will see you now." He smiled politely as he rose
from the tufted leather armchair and crossed the ankle-deep carpet to
the heavy oak door marked D. B. Randolph … Private; there was a
nervous lump in his throat as he turned the knob, but when he got his
first look at the men assembled inside … God, it looks like a
lynching party!

There was Randolph, of course, plus Phitts and one of the lesser vice-
presidents. And Larry Knotts from the development firm plus a couple of
his underlings he recognized but whose names he could not immediately
recall. Randolph greeted him in his usual gruff manner and made a quick
round of introductions, including both the R&P vice-presidents, whom he
had known for over a year, and Larry Knotts. But he overlooked the old
man's absentmindedness and shook their hands like he had never seen
them before. "Have a seat, gentlemen." It sounded like a suggestion,
but from D. B. Randolph it was meant to be a call-to-order. Eddie
Mangum knew that whatever this was about, he was in it now. Up to his

"Mr. Mangum, I understand from my people that you are the one
responsible for this release that was in yesterday's financial section,
is that correct?"

Eddie took a quick look at the clippings the board chairman held open
to him in a manila folder. They were his, all right, he had written
that release himself. It was a run down on the Knotts Company's pace-
setter research into their innovative Tot-Lots, miniature child-care
centers for busy mothers using their shopping centers. "Yes, that's my
material, sir. Is something wrong?"

The aging gentleman looked around at his colleagues and then back at
Eddie … with a smile on his face! He had never known D. B. Randolph
to smile and it was a standing office joke that he had only smiled once
… the day the office boy tripped going down the back stairs and broke
his leg in three places. "Wrong, Eddie? Of course there is nothing
wrong! You just single-handedly pulled off a mighty fine piece of work,

Eddie! Why, he never called anyone by his first name. Even his rumored
old-flame was Miss Guralnik! "How did you know, son, that this
government report would run in the same issue? Have you got an inside
track in Washington you've been keeping to />
Eddie look confusedly at the other clippings his employer had in the
folder. Of course, the commission report on child-care centers! He'd
been so anxious to get out to the beach with Dottie he had not even
read the second page! "To tell the truth, sir, I wasn't sure when it
would run, but I supposed it would be this weekend or next."

"Well, it was a splendid guess! This government report recommends
precisely what Mr. Knott here is already in the process of setting up.
We have managed to get the jump on practically every competitor, not to
mention the promotional boost of being featured in the same issue. Why,
it's like having the government endorse our service! A fine job, Eddie,
a fine job indeed! And because you have done so well, we have a
surprise for you." He gestured to the client and his assistants. "With
Mr. Knott's consent and approval, we are making you account supervisor
on the Knott accounts including the new ones which he has seen fit to
offer us in light of your outstanding bit of work. Of course, there
will be a substantial salary increase in it and I suggest you see the
accounting department tomorrow regarding your new classification. They
already have instructions from me. />
Eddie answered something he could not remember later and somehow
managed to shake all the proper hands and say the right things, but he
was walking around in a daze, like an accident victim in shock …
account supervisor! That had to mean at least a couple of hundred more
a month! Man, Dottie will flip her wig! We can get that new car we've
been putting off and take a real vacation this summer instead of
spending it at the same beach we see every weekend!

He didn't walk back up that corridor … he floated! And when he leaned
over and kissed his redheaded secretary on the cheek, she nearly jumped
off her typing chair. "Mr. Mangum!"

"I'm afraid I won't be seeing much of you, Miss Brooks," he said in
mock-somber tones.

"And that is quite a shame."

"Oh … Mr. Mangum, did you get …"

"Fired? Nope … I'm a brand-new account supervisor. I'm moving up,
honey! Moving up!"

"Oh, I'm so happy for you! I heard some rumors around but you know how
the office grapevine is. I didn't want to say anything. And now it's
really happening!" She threw her arms around his shoulders and planted
a big wet kiss right on his lips that was something other than
fraternal. Eddie made a mental note to kick himself later for passing
this little number up for so long, but there was plenty of time for
that later!

"Get my wife on the phone for me, would you? I feel like taking the
rest of the day off and getting good and drunk … on champagne of
course! We executives can afford it!"

The redhead looked very surprised and blurted, "Oh, I forgot, your wife
called you just after you went in to see D. B. I didn't think it would
be wise to interrupt you in there so …"

"Wise! Baby, that was the best move you ever made," he laughed. "Tell
you what, forget the call. I'm going to go home and surprise her. This
is too good to waste on a phone call!"

* * *

Damn it, why didn't he return my call? It's not like Eddie to ignore me
this way … if he's in the office, surely he could have found time to
call home by now! Dottie was pacing the carpeted living room of their
house trailer like a caged animal. She was becoming increasingly
restless and nothing seemed to keep her attention more than a few

Maybe some more sun would help, she ventured, and a nice cold gin and
tonic wouldn't hurt either! She found a third-full fifth of Gordon's on
a shelf in the kitchen cabinets and then proceeded to make herself a
good strong drink. Looking for ice, she tried the obvious, the freeze
compartment of the refrigerator … damn it, empty! Somebody forgot to
fill the ice trays last night … and that somebody was probably me.
Wait a minute, what's this? There was a styrofoam ice bucket there in
the refrigerator, uncovered and inside were the remnants of last
night's ice … frozen together in one half-melted glacial chunk that
resembled an enormous quartz crystal. She lifted the solid piece intact
and dropped it with a resounding crash into the bottom of the
stainless-steel kitchen sink.

"Now I've got ice," she said out loud and proceeded to pick out the
bigger pieces until she had enough to fill her tall summer tumbler.

Instinctively, she poured a normal healthy slug of gin into the glass
and reached for a bottle of tonic … No, wait a minute! Might as well
make the first one do the trick, right? No more ice anyway and who
could stand a gin and tonic in this weather without ice? So she hefted
the bottle again and doubled her first slug. Satisfied, she tossed in
enough tonic to make it all bubble and went outside to lie on her
chaise lounge and get happily, contentedly … drunk! That was the only
way she knew to get this obsessive notion out of her head …!

Overhead the Virginia summer sun glazed down like a yellow torch high
in the sky and she could feel its soothing warmth in every pore of her
body. She was beginning to perspire already from the gin and tonic, but
the hot sun quickly evaporated the moisture that appeared tinglingly on
her bare flesh. She was on her back on the comfortable lounge chair,
her pale pink bikini top rolled over so that only the barest legal
minimum of her breasts were covered. Who cared if the neighbors were
watching? She didn't care at all!

Damn it, why did Eddie have to tell me about Peggy and her dog! Or for
that matter, why did that little blonde bitch have to do it? Christ,
here we are right next door, scared silly to even think of swapping or
getting a little group going and all the time Miss America next door is
making it with her dog! Wow, the irony of it all! Right under our very
noses! And we were worried that nobody here would go in for a bit of
swinging … and maybe they wouldn't. They're all too busy screwing
dogs and God knows what else! A lurid vision flashed through her mind
of hundreds of Southern ladies, PTA members all, crowded into an
idyllic meadow somewhere nearby … all of them grunting and moaning as
they fucked their dogs, their horses, their ponies! Oooooh, and I'm
lying around here bored and horny! It isn't fair, it just isn't fair!
Why should they be having all the fun?

The voluptuous young brunette lay there in the sun and sighed audibly
as she felt the potent gin do its task; every single pore seemed to be
alive and tingling, like a giant machine was magically massaging her
all over at once. She began to think of Eddie's words from Saturday
night when he came in out of breath and randy as hell from seeing their
neighbor locked in the throes of bestial ecstasy!

"… I saw it! Man, she was just eating up that big black dog with that
sweet little cunt of hers! … I always figured her to be a hot number

Dottie felt the tips of her fingers begin arousingly delicate rhythm
across the soft swell of her almost-flat belly. Tiny quivering needle-
points of electric sensation rippled out from where her own fingers
softly caressed her sensitive almost naked flesh as that same lingering
image again focused itself lasciviously in her innermost thoughts.
Damn, even with her eyes open in broad daylight she could not get rid
of that wanton scene! Oh, what the hell, might as well get used to it,
she chuckled to herself, and shivered under the soft tickle-touch of
her fingertips across the smooth plane of her belly. Her thighs were
just slightly parted and she discovered she could, by surreptitiously
twisting her hips alternately, cause the taut coarseness of the inside
of her bikini bottoms to rub incitingly over the ever-eager tiny
pinkness of her clitoris. "Mmmmmm … if I keep this up I might just
cum right here in my pants!" she said half-aloud, and kept up the
rhythmic exercise that created such sensual friction up between her
open thighs.

"… talk about getting fucked! Christ, that pecker of his looked like
it was a foot long! And big around, too …"

Dottie's eyes were closed now and the afternoon sun had eased behind
one of the longleaf pine trees that shaded their tiny lot and she was
partially in the shade, but the air was still warm and soothing around
her just the same. Without being aware of it at first, her fingertips
had begun a slowly methodical trip up along the soft tanned flesh of
her firm belly to the first rising swell of her breasts, barely hidden
beneath the thin fabric of her bikini top. From somewhere there came
the lilting soft tones of music from someone's stereo and the quiet
relaxing music only added to the sex-hungry brunette's euphoric state.

Magically, as if guided by unseen hands, Dottie felt her fingers
delicately touch the rich fullness of her breasts as they rose and fell
in her self-induced daze of vibrant sexuality. She opened her eyes and
looked around her. There was no way anyone could see her, really,
except for the one trailer whose lot adjoined theirs in the rear, but
those people both worked and were always away during the day. Both
sides of their small rear yard were shielded by pine trees and … oh
hell, what if they do see! I don't give a damn!

Reaching down at her side, she picked up her gin and tonic and hastily
downed the last couple of ounces. With her eyes closed again, she could
feel the tingle of the alcohol as it seeped through her like water into
a sponge, soaking every pore and nerve-ending until her whole body
seemed alive and shivering with anticipation.

"hunched over her, his head all back … that big red prick of his
humping in and out of-that sweet little pink pussy a mile a minute …"

Her eyes tightly shut, Dottie felt herself shiver excitedly as her
fingers crept back along her bare midriff toward the burning moistness
of her hidden cuntal crevice. God, she had to do something to stop this
agony! She couldn't let it go on and on! What if Eddie was late tonight
as he often was … Christ, she'd have to live with this gnawing heat
in her loins for hours and hours!

Slowly, her fingers insinuated their way beneath the taut elastic
waistband of her bikini bottoms and, her brain dulled by the strong
drink she had made for herself, she refused to heed that small voice of
caution in the back of her mind, allowing her hand to creep. down, down
into that forbidden territory of her sparsely-covered pussy mound. An
electric chill raced along her spine as her fingers moved over the soft
fluffy swelling there in the middle of her pelvis and she felt the
first indentation beneath the thin dark hair of her pubic />
she moaned lustfully as the tip of her middle finger found
the pulsing little nerve-filled bud of her clitoris. It quivered
beneath her very touch and she could feel its ecstatic signals
broadcasting throughout her entire body and she began to twist and
squirm excitedly on the chaise lounge.

Wantonly, her middle three fingers encircled the tiny pulsating bulb of
hardened clitoral flesh and she squeezed it abandonedly between her
fingertips, her lips pursed in a soulful gasp at the sheer
salaciousness of her own touch. Leaving the throbbing pleasure-bud for
a second, she slipped her other hand beneath the elastic of her bikini
and lifted the taut pink fabric enough to moisten a fingertip in the
warm pungent pool of her cuntal orifice and then she rubbed it lewdly
back up over the tip of her clitoris, savoring the lustful tremors that
one small touch sent rippling through her near-naked flesh. Again and
again she rubbed the super-sensitive button of quivering femininity
with her moistened fingertips, her ass-cheeks clenched tightly together
and her hips lifted from the cushion of her chaise lounge and pumping
up and down in an obscene gesture that excited her even more.

It was then that she began to sense it … slowly and almost
unnoticeable at first, then stronger until it intruded on her thoughts
like an alarm flashing in the deepest recesses of her alcohol and sex-
stirred brain … someone was watching her! It was that secret inner
feeling that always tells you when someone is spying on you, that
sensation of eyes burning like hot coals into your tingling flesh.
Suddenly flushed with shame and humiliation, she yanked her hands from
her bikini and opened her eyes. Christ almighty … it was Hero,
Peggy's handsome animal! He was only a couple of feet away inside the
Davis' fenced in backyard and he was watching every obscene move she
made with unconcealed enthusiasm!

"Well, lover boy," she said finally, clearing her throat first of her
anguished sexuality. "How did you get out? Peggy must have locked you
in this morning when she left!"

As if he had somehow understood every word, he turned his massive head
in the direction of the Davis trailer and Dottie could see that the
rear door was blocked open with the handle of a broom! Why hadn't she
spotted that before! Of course, Peggy wouldn't want to keep him cooped
up inside all day alone, not with this closed-in grassy area to run
around in … how could she have been so stupid!

She climbed off her lounge and moved up against the short chain-link
fence. The huge Doberman pinscher did not move away as she approached
… if anything he edged closer to the fence! "You handsome, beast, I
guess you know all my secrets now! That wasn't very gentlemanly, you
know, spying on a lady in the midst of her … ah … private matters."
She stared wonderingly at his almost grinning animal-face, the
expression in his eyes one she could certainly recognize … God, she'd
seen it often enough in men, but never in a dog! His big black eyes
were twinkling! Seductively twinkling as if he understood just what it
was she was doing … and he seemed to have something better in mind!

Chapter 7

Dottie took a fleeting look at her jeweled wristwatch, a fifth
anniversary gift from Eddie … and then a second, more meaningful look
into the Doberman's soul-stirring eyes. Oh Christ, do I dare even think
such a thing? She looked down beneath his muscled firm belly at the
thickly masculine furry sheath that hid his reddish animal-cock and the
heavy dark testicles that hung weightily between his powerful hind

"… talk about getting fucked! Christ, that pecker of his looked like
it was a foot long …"

Her feet seemed to carry her but she could have just as easily been
walking on thin air … she could see and sense and feel what she was
doing but it all seemed somehow to be part of an illusion. She was
watching all this take place … but it was some other woman, surely,
who was doing this wicked thing! Even Dottie Mangum could not cold-
bloodedly make such a move!

"hunched over her that big red prick of his … a mile a minute!"

"Hero, honey, how would you like to come and visit me? Okay?" she found
herself saying, her hand on the closed gate of Peggy Davis' back yard.
"You want to, big fellow?" she said soothingly and noted with
excitement that he began to prance around eagerly on his feet, his
short stub-tail wagging frantically.

With the gate now open before him, the sexy brunette backed away slowly
and through the open gateway to her own yard. Hero eyed her curiously
for a moment and then trotted unhesitatingly in her footsteps, not even
stopping when the woman he knew only as his mistress' friend led him
into a trailer much like the one he lived in now.

They were standing, both of them, in the kitchen of the Mangum trailer,
and Dottie looked down anxiously at the powerfully big dog she had just
recently heard so much about. On a sudden whim, she reached behind her
back and unhooked the top of her pale pink bikini. Her breasts swelled
suddenly free and soared proudly high, her nipples already erect and

"Well, what do you think, big boy? Are these as good as what you're
used to at home?" she teased, her words more than a little slurred from
the unaccustomed gin and the hot sun. She leaned far over to look her
canine neighbor in the eye, perhaps a bit closer than she might have if
she had not been a bit tipsy. The hardened pink tips of her soft white
breasts were almost brushing against his nose, the sweet womanly
fragrance of them surrounding his nostrils excitingly and then suddenly
… he licked her nipple with one smooth lash of his long wet tongue!

Dottie recoiled instantly from the unexpected contact, but her widening
eyes soon mirrored the sparkling gleam she saw in his deep black ones
… Eddie had indeed told the truth! This was no ordinary dog … there
was something eerily human about him!

With the wicked excitement of something forbidden rippling through her
belly, the voluptuous young brunette leaned forward again, consciously
this time, thrusting her naked full breasts shamelessly toward him. And
again, the dog did it, this time his long rough tongue not stopping
with one meaningful graze over the nipple of her left breast … but
curling in a heated wetness over both of her smooth fleshy breasts,
moving from one to the other to affectionately lick their undersides
and then up the deep valley between them! She watched and trembled
excitedly as again and again the fluid length of his long pink tongue
grazed hotly over the crinkly erect nipples of her naked breasts. Her
feverish rapture from before was now suddenly revived and the lust-
crazed brunette was seized with a frenzied kind of passion that could
only be described as … animal!

"Mmmmmm — you're really the lover Eddie said you were," she whispered
hoarsely in a throaty voice, squatting before him so that her full
uptilted breasts were jutting even more enticingly forward in their
shimmering white nakedness. She held her breath and waited, sizzling
sensation rippling through her eager body as the moisture that seeped
from beneath the crotch-band of her bikini bottoms began to spread in a
lewd, lascivious dampness down between her thighs, her warm-flushed
pussy lips alive and tingling now.

After only a moment's hesitation, the massive black Doberman moved
forward and nuzzled his nose in between her nakedly exposed breasts,
his long coarse tongue washing provocatively over them as they rose and
fell in unashamed desire!

Her mind tumbling under the impact of a thousand different emotions at
once, the half-clad brunette stared into the huge animal's dark dancing
eyes while his long pink tongue continued to lick fervently at her
naked breasts! God, he knew what he was doing as well as any man!
Suddenly, his incessantly nuzzling tongue began to sear its way
downward over the softly yielding flesh of her smooth belly, pausing to
dip teasingly into her navel and then … damn, he was right there
between her legs, sniffing there as if he could sense her frantic
sexuality … somehow he could really smell the awakening hunger of her
desire-moistened pussy!

Dottie suddenly was on her feet, every pore of her trembling frame
charged with wanton excitement. "Let's go into the bedroom, handsome,
and see if all the stories I've heard about you are true!"

The huge dog trotted eagerly behind the curvaceous brunette who spoke
to him so lovingly in tones much like his new mistress. He had quickly
sensed her aroused sensual warmth, her fragrant womanly aura that
emanated from the hotly burning crevice of her vagina. It aroused all
the eagerness in his masculine animal body, but he knew he must obey
his training … he could do nothing until he was told.

He watched her curiously as she began to roll the bottoms of her pink
bikini bathing suit down over her smoothly rounded hips. He detected
tiny shivering ripples along her smooth human flesh, her breasts
quivering anxiously as he looked on. With unflinching eyes, he watched
the darkened triangle of her pubic curls and the puffy lips of her
glistening cunt as they were now revealed before him. She wiggled
lightly and squirmed the bottom half of her bikini over her long trim
legs to the carpet at her feet and then she stepped out of them and
stood there, thighs pressed forward in wanton invitation and slightly
spread as she placed her hands on her hips.

"It's up to you, lover," she murmured deeply, her lurid sensuality
hotly aglow now at the thought of the obscene act she hoped was about
to happen. She looked deeply into his eyes … Christ, he looked to be
as ready as she was! Could that be true? Once again, a series of
rippling chills coursed over her as she stood there waiting … but the
massive Doberman stood his ground, though his eyes seemed to be filled
to overflowing with love and tender anticipation. And then she
remembered what Eddie had said … "lying there all naked under him
…" Sure, that was it! She needed to be lying down!

Hero watched her avidly, his eyes never leaving her suntanned
nakedness, the yearning growing rapidly in his loins as she crawled
onto a big bed and lay back, her eyes still locked on his.

"Come on, you big lover you! Let's see what you can do!" the naked
brunette suddenly commanded. And he did just what she ordered!

With one graceful leap like a buck deer bounding a forest stream, Hero
bounded onto the bed, his loving eyes and near-human face now at her
side and then he leaned over to again lovingly graze his long pink
tongue over her passion swollen breasts.

"Oh yes, you gorgeous savage! Yes … Yes!" she moaned in happy

After that episode outside on the chaise lounge, Dottie Mangum hardly
needed any urging from this huge male animal's skillful tongue to turn
her into a raging inferno of carnal wantonness. This was apparent as
she lay thrillingly naked beneath the searing wet caresses of Hero's
lust-inspiring tongue, once again hotly stroking the swollen mounds of
her pebble-hard nipples. Her feverish eyes watched incredulously his
every long, passion-stirring lick, wondering wildly in her secret
thoughts how she could have lived so long without experiencing this
sensual ecstasy even once!

After California, Dottie had been sure there wasn't anything she hadn't
tried, but now she was not so certain!

"Mmmmmm, you big handsome lover!" she purred lecherously into his ear,
stroking his big furry head in encouragement while he grazed his thick
fiery tongue again and again over her exposed breasts. And now, quite
suddenly, he was working his hungry way downward once more and the
young brunette's gasping breaths came even closer together and were
more pronounced. "Oooooh, yes, that's the way, baby!" she gasped, her
full firm thighs spread wide now and quivering with her rekindled
passion. "Up between my legs, Hero! That's it! Yes, that's it!"

But though Dottie was far more experienced in the ways of sex and
loving than most women, this was still something new and untried for
her and she was guessing her way along, hoping that her actions were
the right ones. Enticingly, she raised her legs up high to draw her
soft rounded thighs obscenely back until the white yielding flesh of
her untanned breasts was flattened out beneath her knees. And then,
lifting her head slightly from her pillow, she held her breath as she
looked down between her legs at the lascivious spectacle taking place!

A sudden potency seemed to ripple through the Doberman's powerful body
and he whimpered and lowered his head to sniff once again at her
unguarded cuntal wetness … it was all his and fully vulnerable to his
wickedly exciting touch! Dottie felt his cold nose like a piece of ice
against the desire-flushed lips of her vagina and the sensitive insides
of her smooth unblemished thighs and then came that first electric
touch … his firebrand tongue touched her there! Impulsively, she
squirmed beneath its moist heat as it started to lick fervently up and
down the treasured cleft between her tensed and wriggling buttocks! As
the blood rushed in her veins from the maddening touch of his sizzling
animal-tongue, her heart pounded furiously. Then his tongue lowered to
the sensitive flesh surrounding her tightly puckered anus, its
burrowing tip worming uncannily into the tiny taut circle of that
tightly clenched orifice. God, it was out of this world!

"Mmmmmm, honey, is there anything you can't do?" Dottie gasped in
amazement, "Surely you didn't learn all this from Peggy!" His taunting
tongue flicked over her small puckered anus until she finally felt his
tongue-tip tracing a burning wet path slowly upward toward the
sensuously distended lips of her cunt! As his tongue swept wetly along
the moistened pink crevice between her lasciviously spread thighs and
naked buttocks, a sudden tremor of lewd bestiality raged through
Dottie's quivering body in a blinding flash of animalistic desire!
Radiating outward from her snugly tensed little anus, it rippled
relentlessly to the desire-swollen edges of her cuntal lips and then
finally to the agonizingly erect bud of her pulsating clitoris!

A soft surrendering moan escaped the lush ovalled lips of the aroused
brunette and she lifted her head higher to see even better the
unbelievably lewd tonguing this sleek black animal was giving her down
there between her salaciously drawn-up thighs and open buttocks!
Seething stabs of mounting lust saturated her naked flesh at the very
sight of his caressing tongue curling moistly over the lust-inflamed
lips of her vaginal crevice! Again and again he did it while she
watched, gasping and choking as his long tongue spread deeply through
the flowing moistness between her legs. Her eyes rolled in frantic
disbelief … he was as good as any man she'd ever had and better than
most! It was too good to be true!

She prayed it would not stop and her supplications were answered as his
deliciously wanton tonguing went on and on … and on.

Hero's hotly laving tongue was spraying the glistening pink flesh of
her desire-maddened cuntal slit until finally, as she watched with eyes
as big as coffee-cups, his loving tongue suddenly thrust far up into
her lustfully incited vaginal sheath!

"I don't believe it … I just don't believe it!" Dottie muttered over
and over again, like a teenage girl getting it for the first time. She
could actually see her sensuous curves spasming insanely beneath his
incredible cunt-licking and suddenly she ached for the one thing that
would add to this exquisite moment of bliss … a thick fleshy penis
between her moist ovalled lips! God, how she'd like to suck a cock
right now! That pungent rubberiness crammed down her throat until she
gagged on it … Oh, what she'd give for one! She'd suck it like she'd
never sucked before, until it squirted in a seething torrent down her
ravenously clasping throat and she'd cum a dozen times just from the
delicious taste of it gulping down into her belly!

"Oh, lover baby! Tongue-fuck it good, honey! That's it, you big hunk of
man you, way up deep in me there! Oh yes, lover, that's the way!" she
groaned, lifting her quivering loins and shimmering ass-cheeks up
higher to rub them against the wild cold moisture of his loving animal-
nose. "All the way, baby! Stick that big hot tongue up inside me as far
as it will go!"

Having lost all control, she reached down between her widespread
thighs, grasping Hero's furry huge head to pull his long snout even
tighter into her wetly throbbing pussy-flesh! His fiery-hot tongue shot
up into the seething hair-rimmed little hole of her vagina like the tip
of a whip that had been dipped in gasoline and set aflame! His softly
whimpering animal whines matched hers as he lashed her quaking inner
flesh with an incredible skill and frenetic intensity she had never
known before!

"Aaaawwwwww, lover! You sweet cunt-licker you, I'm going up the wall,
baby! I mean it …" Dottie was hissing through clenched teeth, her
head still raised and her eyes licentiously wide with her torrid
passion. All she needed was that cock — any cock — and she would have
been completely lost forever in this heavenly, forbidden bliss!

Hero felt his flanks and loins ruttishly pulsing from the scented
liquid heat flowing from the open cleft of her pussy. But there was an
even greater fire raging inside the dark-haired woman, a frighteningly
powerful, almost savage passion that was stronger than any the big dog
had ever experienced … more than his new mistress or his mistress
before her or any of her friends that he had performed with! Somehow in
his animal thoughts, it was not the same with this human … the soft
yielding smoothness of her naked skin and the hot spicy fumes of
sensual excitement that emanated from the warm pink, hair-lined slit
between her wide open legs incited a fierceness in his loins that he
seldom felt.

Instinctively, he sensed the lack of loving tenderness in the warm
sensuality of her nakedly curved human body, but he did not think less
of her for it … she was almost one of his kind and somehow that
excited him even more!

Dottie had lapsed into a sort of mesmerized rhythmic tempo of
passionate gasps as she lay beneath the huge animal's lewdly licking
tongue still fucking snake-like up inside her lust-inflamed cuntal
walls. Deliriously, her head rolled from side to side, her hands still
holding his huge furry head by the ears between her upturned thighs.
She lifted her head again to watch … and then she saw it!

Her desire-filled eyes widened at the sight of the Doberman's thick
scarlet cock slowly emerging from its long, fur-covered sheath. It was
glisteningly wet and hard, the tapered tip easing tentatively from its
secret hiding place. She peered around her upraised thighs … God, was
it possible he might fuck her with it like he had fucked her neighbor
Peggy? But Eddie said it was already in her when he first looked
through the window! How could she get him to do it? Was there some
secret command that her blonde neighbor alone knew? A licentious
impulse of unbridled animalism raged through Dottie's violently
trembling body, an obscene mind-twisting need which fascinated the
voluptuous married woman in its forbidden wantonness alone! Never had
she wanted a cock as badly as she wanted this one, but the dog seemed
to be making no move toward fucking her with it. God, how she loved his
tongue on her there … but this would be even better!

"Hero! Up higher, baby, fuck me! Fuck me with your cock, Hero!" she
attempted, but although the animal whimpered at her human sounds, he
made no new move and she was frustrated to find a way. For a long
moment she stared at the big animal's wetly gleaming penis dangling
beneath his powerful animal-loins, sensing her mouth and throat at
first going bone dry, then salivating profusely at just the sight of
it! Suddenly there was a flashing light of knowledge somewhere in her
brain as she finally realized what it was she wanted most … of
course, it was so simple! It bothered her not at all that this thing
she was about to do was so lewd and depraved that even her husband
Eddie would be repulsed by it … who cared, it was between her and her
wonderful animal-lover!

Relentlessly, the ardorous animal continued licking at her seething
cuntal flesh, his scorching tongue like sandpaper as it slithered wetly
over the tiny palpitating bud of her clitoris! Maddening thrills of
wicked unnatural desire burned in her obscenely determined mind, and
she knew what it was she must do … she had to do it!

Dottie raised her head a bit higher and she could see his lapping
tongue spraying through the dark-fringed crevice of her pink cuntal
moistness! He had spread her tender pussy-lips open until they seemed
to be almost pleading in their desire-flushed ravishment. Her sensitive
inner cuntal flesh sparkled glisteningly, the surrounding dark curly
fluff damply tangled, the entire lascivious spectacle only fanning the
forbidden flames of bestial desire that burned deep inside her! Her
nakedly heaving breasts seemed electrified in their giddy excitement as
she continued to stroke the Doberman's pleasure-giving head. It was now
or never … she knew what she had to do!

"Lie down, Hero! Lie down on your back … Dottie has a special treat
in store for you! Lie down!"

Dottie raised herself unsteadily to her knees as the big dog backed
away from her in confusion. He seemed displeased, almost hurt, but she
did not hesitate now. There could be no stopping! She whispered in
gentle loving tones and at the same time, brushed her caressing
fingertips over his sleek-muscled maleness, her eyes locked hungrily on
the solid scarlet length of his thickly distended cock beckoning there
beneath his muscular belly.

Hero was surprised when she did not turn on her hands and knees as most
of the other female humans had always done. But she did not, even
though the soft human words that came to his ears seemed much the same.
Perplexed and confused, he nonetheless recognized her command to lie
down and he instantly obeyed.

Dottie was disturbed at first when he whimpered unhappily and she could
see his huge cock suddenly withdraw into its furry hiding place, but
she whispered tenderly into his ear, "Don't be upset, my big handsome
lover! Roll over on your back and you'll get something special!" He
again obeyed and with blinding passion, the naked brunette crawled up
and positioned herself so that her hungering cunt was only scant inches
from the black dog's face and even less when she widened her naked
thighs! Easing forward, she placed herself so that her face was
directly above the luridly inviting slit of his fur-shrouded cock-
sheath where that big scarlet hardness had only moments ago

Dottie was insane with her animal-like frenzy and the thought alone of
what she was about to do was driving her crazy with willful salacious
desire! Gently, she moved her arched hips forward toward his handsome
animal-face, spreading her thighs and lovingly taking his furry head
between them. And then she was on her side, one leg lifted slightly so
that he would sense the fragrant aura of her wetly pulsating cunt and
resume his maddening tongue-fucking. Immediately, she felt his lengthy
tongue lash out at the palpitating crevice up between her legs, again
lapping through its sensually aroused wetness like a raging flame, and
if she had ever in her life known the pure undiluted passion of bestial
carnality, this was the moment! She lowered her cheek to rest against
his warm hard animal-belly, her hand moving anxiously toward that furry
sleeve where his thick blood-engorged cock lay hidden!

Hero was a bit puzzled by the newness of all this, but he somehow
trusted this strange human and just as his new mistress' way had been
different, this woman was showing him something newer still. Once again
he sensed his blood beginning to throb at the heated aroma and taste of
her widely-spread cuntal wetness. He felt her delicate fingers moving
over his sensitive loins, their gentle touch evoking shivers of
expectant pleasure, and he was taken with an overwhelming urge to just
close his big dark animal eyes and drift away devotedly licking hotly
at the wetly warm sweetness of her up between those soft unguarded

Even in all her wild and wonderful California past, Dottie had never
achieved such heights of salacious eroticism! She hungered ravenously
for his thick animal cock, clasping hold of the still sheltered
thickness and beginning with her fingertips to manipulate the outer
flesh back and forth, feeling the thickness within!
She ached for it to come back out to her … wanting to taste it, to
know its animal pungence in her mouth … the taste of his long scarlet
animal-cock slithering wetly around in her warmly sucking mouth. God,
she had to have it!

Frantically, Hero's tongue continued to lave excitedly at the
spasmodically jerking button of her clitoris. Any other time, she would
have cum long ago, but somehow the strangeness of all this, the savage
wickedness of it all, had short-circuited her normal pattern, holding
off her frenzied climax until she had consummated this wild and
forbidden bestial notion that was fixed in her brain! Come out of
there, you gorgeous thing, she thought, clinging to his heavy cock and
avidly beginning to stroke it. Gently, Dottie worked the heavy
protective skin back and forth, his warm head nestled between her
opened white thighs, his tongue licking relentlessly up into the wetly
yielding fissure of her streaming vagina. And then suddenly, the
sought-for taper reappeared, the redly glistening tip of the dog's
hardness slipping slowly forward toward her breathless, tongue-
moistened lips … and then that fevered love-spear actually brushed
her quivering lips!

Mouthing a low, lust-incited moan, Dottie parted her lush full lips to
let the slenderly tapered forepart of the big animal's penis slide in
between them, easing farther and farther into the torrid moistness of
her hungrily clasping mouth until it burrowed its way to the back
depths of her throat! She brought her tongue into play in an
irresistible fervor, greeting and welcoming the unnatural bestial
presence with only the slightest hesitance. Her mind was awash with
sexual intoxication at this lewd act she was performing with her own
neighbor's dog. And then she got her first real taste of his thickly
pulsating cock and a sensation of wanton abandonment swept through her
from head to toe! Mmmmmm … it was as good as any man's she had ever
sucked and was so incredibly thick and hot and achingly hard, and
getting harder by the second in the moist warm heat of her mouth.

She heard Hero's high-pitched animal whimper as he continued to lick
her seething cuntal wetness, and she began to suck and swirl her
searching tongue around and around the long thickness of his cock to
repay him, if only a tenth, for the ecstasy he was bringing to her
passion-inflamed loins. She felt his powerful body responding to her
lewd sucking, his canine loins jerking convulsively and pressing ever
forward. One hand brushed exploringly along his firm hairy belly to his
hugely-swollen, sperm-laden testicles and she cupped them with her open
palm, then lightly began to tease them with her extended fingertips.
Hero whimpered again, his feverish excitement inspiring a pumping
rhythm with his glistening hard cock-shaft between the clasping ovals
of her lips.

Reveling in the maddening delight of the exotic taste, Dottie began to
lick and tongue the animal-penis with obscene up-
and-down movements of her head. It was gamier than a man's cock,
fragrantly spiced with that special tartness of the wild!

In a perfect, unvarying cadence, the smoothly tapered length of his
ever-growing cock fucked up into the heated shelter of her mouth while
his own tongue laved between her wide-open thighs with unbridled
exuberance and enthusiasm! She nipped and gently scraped with her small
pointed teeth, swirling her tongue in tiny lust-provoking flicks all
over his eagerly pulsating hardness. Her mind was numb to everything
save this precious forbidden moment … she was totally lost in the
lascivious thrill of her bestiality! What would this beautiful dog's
thick rich animal-cum taste like, she wondered, his reddish taper
plunging in a wet heat all the way to the back of her throat.

This was like nothing the big Doberman had ever known! He thought he
had been well-trained by his first mistress but she had never taught
him any tricks like this one! He felt a pang of resentment in his
animal-heart at her gross negligence … how could she have left this
out of his training!

The dark-haired human was taking his thickly hardened cock hungrily up
inside her warm mouth … it felt to him as if it were thrusting into
the clasping grip of a vaginal hole but there was something special to
him about doing it this way … that delicious nibbling of her teeth as
she nipped playfully at his throbbing rigidity. His body quaked from
the frenzied heat building in his powerful animal-loins and he knew in
his deepest thoughts that he would soon find pleasurable relief in his
powerfully spurting orgasm!

* * *

Peggy eased the family car into the small gravel driveway beside their
mobile home and felt her whole body sigh with relief at finally having
made it. That traffic jam seemed to have lasted for hours and she had
grown so desperately hot and tired out in that stifling summer heat
that she had even thought seriously — if even for a moment — of just
walking off and leaving the car right there! She sat there at the wheel
for a few seconds, waiting for the swirling giddiness of her incredible
exhaustion and fatigue to subside. Nothing could stand in her way now
… all she wanted to do was get inside and turn on the air conditioner
and stretch out there on the sofa with her wonderful new canine
companion at her side!

She had thought of scarcely anything else all day long and now she was
eager to see Hero's handsome face again. Peggy hoped he would not be
angry at her for having left him alone all day long, though she had
tried her best to explain this morning that she would be back. Even as
she was talking to him, though, she could see that look of fear and
apprehension in his eyes and she took his head in her hands and kissed
him good-bye before he saw her crying. Those beautiful dark eyes! God,
how he had looked at her! It was as if he was losing his second
mistress and could do nothing about it! It could not have been a more
difficult farewell if it had been her husband Bob she was leaving
behind. Sure, she knew those were powerful words but she had made up
her mind now … she would not be ashamed of the way she felt inside.
Her love for Hero had nothing whatsoever to do with her love and
devotion to Bob. It was between the two of them and she was not about
to let anyone come between her and her lovable new pet!

She had wracked her brain since Saturday afternoon for a way to somehow
tell Bob about this. Never, not since their very first day of marriage,
had she ever held anything back from him. Not one lie, not one bit of
deception. Once she had thought quite seriously of taking some money
little by little from his pants pockets when he was assigned here at
the base. It wasn't stealing, she had sensibly rationalized, because it
would all go into a special savings account to buy him something really
special. It was the only way she knew how because he kept the money
from his paychecks and gave her what she needed to run the house. But
even that innocent scheme had been too much for her conscience and she
had to tell him about it after only one day! That was the way she felt
about telling the truth to Bob and now she was being forced to live
with this awful secret. But try as she might, she was unable to come
even close to a way to tell him. How could she? You don't just tell
your husband you're sleeping with a dog right out of the blue! I mean,
he'd probably kill me!

No, she had decided, this had to be her one exception to a rule that
had lasted as long as her marriage … this was to be her little
secret. No one, not a single soul, was to know about her and Hero. And
if there ever came a way somehow to tell her husband the truth, then
she would, but not now … and probably not ever.

Peggy was getting out of the car when she saw it … the gate was open!
"Hero! Here, Hero!" she yelled instinctively but she knew he was not in
the backyard. Anxiously, her heart pounding in her chest, she raced
into the trailer and called his name tearfully again and again. Oh dear
God, what if something has happened to him! I'll never forgive myself
if it has! Where could he be? How could he have gotten out!

Oh Hero, darling, if you'll only come back to me I promise never to
leave you alone again! I'll quit my job … anything! But just please
come back to me!

She rushed out the kitchen door and out of the opened gate. Dottie!
That's it, maybe she's seen him! She's here all day! Filled with fresh
hope, the tearful young blonde hurried into the neighbor's yard and
rapped nervously at the back door. There was no answer but she could
hear the television on in the living room. Perhaps Dottie couldn't hear
her for the noise … she opened the back door and entered through the
kitchen. They were good friends, after all, and she knew Dottie
wouldn't mind.

Her eyes scanned the living room and she was about to leave in despair
when there came a soft whining sound she knew only too well …!

Chapter 8

Never had the young over-sexed brunette sucked a man's cock as
lustfully or as vigorously as she was sucking this one! Steeped in a
voracious animalism, Dottie mouthed and pulled at the big Doberman's
hardened red penis, her mind reeling shamelessly under the weight of
her savage lust. If anyone had ever told her this would one day happen
… God, she actually wanted his hot seething dog-cum shooting into her
mouth! She hungered for it to dribble lasciviously in thick sticky
streams down her quaking throat until her belly overflowed with it!
Raging tongues of searing hot flame blazed between her trembling
thighs! Her belly seethed and her wildly inflamed cunt glowed with the
scalding passion of this wanton moment! She clutched at the loving
animal's semen-bloated balls, beginning to milk and caress them as she
sucked ever more rapaciously at his thickened rod of flesh. Damn, she
was nearly exploding with his crazy tonguing of her saliva-moistened
cuntal flesh! She could hear him whining and making strange animal
sounds in his own bestial passion … but she did not hear the sound of
someone outside her bedroom.

Those same frenetic little whimpering sounds had led Dottie's
inquisitive blonde neighbor uneasily to the bedroom doorway. She was
frozen there, suspended in time and in space, her eyes wide with the
incredible jealousy she felt with every fiber of her being at that
moment. Gradually the rawness of her emotion subsided as she glimpsed
the lustfully driving scarlet hardness of her precious dog's cock, but
Peggy was still benumbed by the possessiveness that coldly turned her
heart to stone at the sight of her neighbor so brazenly taking what was
hers alone … God, she was sucking him with his cock in between her
wetly ovalled lips! And Hero, damn him, was licking her greedy pink
pussy-flesh with wild uninhibited sexual frenzy! They looked for all
the world like two rabid animals locked together in their lustful heat!

Her friend! Her next door neighbor! And she was sucking her own darling
Hero's desire-stiffened penis! All of it was disappearing into Dottie's
tightly locked mouth until it must have been reaching down to her very
tonsils! Peggy stood spellbound, but not even her furious jealousy was
sufficient to stifle the lewdly fascinating surge of envy their bestial
entanglement created inside her. Standing there those few moments, the
young blonde Navy wife felt a series of frightening emotional upheavals
take place inside her … first her violent jealousy began to abate …
and then came the maddening onset of carnal lust as she watched this
lewdly exciting spectacle … and now this!

More devastatingly profound than any emotion she felt was this
stimulating sensuality that the sight of her animal-lover and her good
friend was involuntarily fanning inside her helpless loins and belly!
Dottie looked so beautiful there on the bed, her suntanned nakedness in
stark contrast to the powerful male animal's sleek blackness. Dottie
had seen her, she was sure, because she saw her dusky eyes glance
toward her for a fleeting instant … but she was captive to her own
lusts! She did not stop or even slow down in her impassioned love-
making! At that very instant she saw her neighbor for what she was …
God, she was more animal than human … a sex machine!

Perhaps it seemed insane, but what else could she do? wondered Dottie
as she salaciously tongued and licked the huge animal's throbbing cock
in her mouth. Not even Peggy's untimely appearance would stop her in
this wild careening tumble into the utter depths of depravity — and
wild climactic fulfillment! She looked with disbelieving eyes as her
young married neighbor approached them on the noisily squeaking bed and
… My God, she's taking all her clothes off! Peggy was undressing in
heedless wicked abandon and now she was completely naked and crawling
up onto the bed where the two of them lay writhing in lewd embrace!
Dottie tried to look from the corner of her eye as the voluptuous
blonde snuggled up tightly behind the great dog's furry back as he lay
on his side and her arm snaked possessively around his quivering body.
But, incredibly, the dog never stirred! He seemed to recognize her and
he went on unceasingly with his tantalizing laving of her hotly
steaming cuntal wetness!

Dottie shivered at the sound of the loving beast's harsh guttural snarl
as at that same instant his haunches began to fuck furiously in and out
of her mouth, his long skewering scarlet cock plunging to untried
depths down the back of her throat. Yet there was still another
lascivious surprise in store for the highly sexed brunette! She never
would have believed it, but today seemed to be a day for surprises!
Sweet innocent Peggy … first Eddie discovers her in the throes of her
bestial love-making and now … her girl friend's outstretched middle
finger was passionately probing at her, Dottie's, tightly puckered anal
mouth! Gently, tenderly, it wormed its way up inside until, like a thin
rigid cock, it was sliding eagerly in and out of her nakedly exposed
nether passage, moving lewdly around there in the wild swirling
movements Dottie loved so much and spawning a million new sensations
within her! She moaned out around the thickness of Hero's throat-
plunging scarlet cock, sucking it until it began to convulse wildly and
jerk crazily there inside her throat like a garden hose suddenly filled
with a powerful streaming force of scalding liquid until … it was
spewing viciously its scalding liquid cum from deep in the furry well
of his hidden testicles, filling her cheeks so rapidly that she gagged
on the sudden lascivious flood!

Desperately, the triply skewered brunette sucked and swallowed the
viscous animal cum that had filled her mouth before she could swallow
it down! Time and time again, as if bursting from a depthless pool of
never-ending lust, Hero's pungent semen continued to spurt down her
throat, and she felt as if a bomb had exploded inside her as this lust-
charging realization fired her own bucking loins with a never-before
experienced holocaust of wanton sensual madness. She wanted to scream,
oh God, oh God, I'm cumming. Don't stop. Don't ever stop! But her mouth
was too full, and all she could do was writhe and moan and twist her
pelvis in a wilder plea for fulfillment.

But, like all good and wonderful things, this too had to come to an end
and finally Hero's sperm-drained animal cock slipped glistening from
her cum-flooded mouth and he moved silently away. Now only Peggy's
stiffly extended middle finger remained still thrust deep inside
Dottie's clasping nether passage. And then, after a long silence, that
last skewering instrument was removed and the two women lay there
gasping in their dwindling excitement.

Hero's ears quickly detected a familiar sound and the knowledge of it
alarmed him. He knew this peculiar human sound and that it always meant
danger or unhappiness and he wanted none of this for his darling
mistress. Or for his other new human friend either. He began to whimper
beneath his panting animal breath and his eyes were widening in
suspicion and alarm … for it was the sound of crying that he heard.
Peggy's crying.

* * *

"Dottie, oh Dottie, what can I say?" the young naked blonde sobbed
hysterically, big tears flowing like rain from her shame-reddened eyes
as she sat on the bed beside her friend.

nothing to say, honey," the trembling brunette said softly,
running her hand across her younger friend's head and smoothing her
curly blonde hair. "It just happened, that's all."

"Oh, Dottie …" Peggy was beside herself in confused helplessness,
awash in her own emotions. She could not believe she had done it …
but she knew deep inside that she had … she had thrust her own finger
deep in her girl friend's anus. Somehow the sight of them fucking so
obscenely on the bed had thrown a secret switch in her most private
self and she had lost all control … that image remained burned in her
brain like a scorching brand on a calf. Hero's hardened thick cock
inside her neighbor's lips … his hotly gushing sperm cascading down
her gulping throat while he lay there licking and tongue-fucking her
steaming pink pussy! "How did you know, Dottie? I mean …"

"You mean, what happened to bring Hero and me together like this? Well,
I never would have dreamed it up alone, Peg. The truth is, uh … well,
Eddie saw you and Hero fucking Saturday night."

"Eddie! Oh my God, no! Oh, Dottie, how can I go on living?" She
exclaimed, and again the tears stained her emotion-flushed cheeks. "I
could just die! I'll never be able to look Eddie in the eye again as
long as I live!"

Dottie brushed the young blonde's hair back from her forehead
maternally and patted her head. "It's not so bad as you say, Peggy. It
was an accident. Eddie was trying to catch the newspaper boy and he
heard you and Hero going to it. He thought something was wrong and …
well, he looked in the living room window and saw it going on. I kinda'
suspect he was glad to have a chance to look in your window anyway.
He's had the hots for you for so long!"

"Dottie! How can you talk like that? He's your husband and I've never
done anything to encourage any such notions. I would simply never …"

"Whoa, gal, nobody said you did anything wrong. I just said my ol' man
is dying to get in your panties, that's all."

Peggy flushed with unconcealed shock and humiliation. "Please! Don't
talk like that! I don't like to hear that kind of talk!"

"What? You're going to get all worked up over a bunch of words? Why,
who was it just a few minutes ago who was all hot and bothered with her
finger up my ass?"

Peggy hid her face in her hands and sobbed until there were no more
tears. "P-Please, Dottie, p-please … I'm so />
Dottie's tone was soothing and consoling. "I understand, Peggy. You're
a highly sexed young woman and this is probably the first time you have
ever come to grips with the reality of it."

"What do you mean?" the blonde asked, seemingly mindless of Dottie's
hand now resting gently on her naked white breast.

"Just what I said," she answered evasively, her fingers beginning to
knead the soft resilient flesh of her married friend's breasts, her
nipple tender and smooth between her fingertips. "I had the same
problem once, until Eddie and I found our solution in />
"Solution? What />
"Well, we sort of came into it gradually. It really was not something
we had planned; it just happened. There was this group we were running
around with, see, and pretty soon we started hearing about these wild
parties. You know, guys and girls running around the house naked and
couples swapping, the whole bit …"

"Swapping!? You mean you and Eddie went for that kind of thing?"

"Well, not at first. But it came later and I don't regret it for a
minute. You know, Peg, I read a magazine article recently where a world
famous scientist said that women, if there were no social restrictions
placed on their behavior, would sometimes fuck as often as fifty times
a day with lots of different men! Think of it, honey, fifty times!
That's why you get those gnawing pains in your belly sometimes and you
think you're going to go up the wall if you don't find a cock
somewhere. Women are really made to fuck a hell of a lot more than men,
but it's a man's world we live in and we've all just been brainwashed
to believe we should make do with a little now and then, whenever the
ol' boy's feeling up to it. Well, swinging solved that problem for me
… eight in one night once, honey! Think about that for a minute —

"Oh Dottie, I just can't believe that you did such a thing! I mean,
what about Eddie? Did he ever find out?"

Dottie laughed, but it was not maliciously. "Peg, you don't quite
follow me. Eddie was right there … he was in the room with me most of
the time and he saw it all going on. That is, when he wasn't too busy
fucking one of the eight men's wives!"

"Dottie! How can you talk so calmly about such a thing as that? I mean
… eight men … it's just … well, it's … it's />
The worldly-wise brunette could see that her hot-blooded young blonde
friend was confused and perplexed. But she could see also that her legs
and thighs were twitching nervously beneath her as she sat on the edge
of the bed. There was real frustration there … a woman's own kind of
frustration and Dottie knew just the way to get rid of it.

"You've got a hot little box, Peggy, just like me and the sooner you
face that fact, the sooner you'll start to really get something out of
life," Dottie said softly, brushing her hand down over the plane of the
naked blonde's gently quivering belly toward the tempting little cuntal
mouth nestled there beneath her golden pubic curls. She was not
surprised at all when the younger girl moaned soulfully and voluntarily
opened her thighs to the tantalizing explorations, and her hand went
down to feel the heated wetness which had seeped from the trembling
blonde's moisture-coated pussy-lips to spread in a lewd stain on the
insides of her slightly spread thighs.

Peggy breathed in short gasps at the delicious feel of Dottie's fingers
suddenly contacting, then caressing the intimate fluid flesh of her
hungrily simmering cuntal slit!

"We can make quite an afternoon of it, Peggy girl," the aroused
brunette breathed throatily into the married blonde's eager ears. "I
still haven't been fucked by that magnificent animal of yours and if we
do what I have in mind, we can both get our cookies … How about it,

Peggy could barely speak, but she managed a hoarse gasping reply from
her quaking throat. "Oh yes, Dottie … please! Please, yes!"

Hero watched this strange scene unfolding with more than average
interest … it was new to him, for during his life with his former
mistress, he had seen human men and woman together many times. His
mistress alone he had watched with her human male a dozen times or more
… but this was not the same and yet in a way it seemed very much the
same! They were lying on their sides again as when he had left them,
except they were much closer now and his new blonde mistress had spread
her legs, her top one doubled so that her foot rested on the bed. He
could see her softly rounded hips facing him and her pale hair-fringed
cuntal slit as well, wet with her pungent moisture as the other woman
played with it with her sensuously caressing fingers. His breath was
heavy and his tongue dangled loosely from between his powerful jaws as
he saw the dark-haired woman lower her face closer to his golden-haired
mistress' wetly glistening vaginal crevice. He was fascinated by this
new strangeness and his eyes widened in puzzlement.

It may have been new to Hero, but to Dottie Mangum it was something she
had done for years … she'd always liked to tongue pussy nearly as
much as she liked sucking cocks, but never had she wanted to suck one
as badly as she hungered for this young blonde's softly flushed cunt.
She let her eyes glut on the narrow ribbon of glistening pink cuntal
flesh, resting her cheek on her friend's satin-smooth inner thigh,
close enough for her lips to be tickled by the wispy silken hair
curling softly up between them. Christ, it was such a wonderful sight!
She could even see the frustrated blonde's tightly puckered anus
spasming occasionally in her passionate need. Yes, this little honey
needed some loving all right!

Peggy's whole body was charged with utterly salacious sensations she
had never known before and her belly seethed with this strange and
wonderful desire! Oh yes, Dottie was going to lick her there and make
this awful gnawing anguish go away! And then she and Dottie could share
their wonderful Hero as their very own! God, it would be like heaven on
earth! She extended her head forward and opened her eyes to see what
she could, but her vision was suddenly filled with the unexpected sight
of Dottie's dark-fringed cuntal lips only inches from her moistly
quivering mouth and lips! She could see the seeping moisture that
dampened the tender flesh between them, and a wildly exotic craving
flashed through her body like a million volts of high-tension
electricity! But she waited … she would see what her more experienced
neighbor did first and then she could copy her.

Her eyes wide with lust, the naked young housewife watched as the
brunette's lovely face moved closer toward the anxiously waiting little
pussy up between her thighs! And then … yes! She was nearly overcome
with the incredible erotic emotions and physical tremors that rippled
through and over her nakedly vibrant flesh as she felt lingering kisses
being planted all along the soft flesh of her supple inner thighs. She
could sense the warmth of the other woman's breath pulsing there on her
sensitive wetness and then, the wickedly exciting contact of Dottie's
tongue licking in the exposed cleft of her naked pussy. Oh God, it felt
so good! Dottie was licking in long brushing strokes, from the very
bottom of her vaginal crevice near the small rubbery circle of her
anus, to the top, taunting but not yet entering her vaginal opening as
Peggy's hips began to undulate involuntarily to meet each tantalizing
up-lick of the magic tongue over the sensitive flesh of her cuntal

Peggy felt her clitoris quivering in its tiny erection and knew it was
peeking out from its thinly spread lips, enravishing with the first
gentle stab of ecstatic bliss as her friend's tongue sizzled over it.
She expelled her breath with a loud hissing sound and tossed her blonde
head from side to side in rising passion as Dottie eased her probing
tongue inside the desire-moistening slit and drew it lingeringly upward
toward the nakedly spasming little clitoral bud.

Her lips mumbled out incoherent sounds in chorus with Hero's anxious
whining breath again as new shattering emotions flooding throughout her
body with each passing second. Dottie, whose own feverish loins were
alive with nipping tongues of lustful flame, hungrily pressed her cunt-
moistened lips closer, separating the fleshy outer folds of Peggy's
wetly fringed pussy with them and immediately her mouth began to ravish
the lewdly smoldering flesh beneath it.

Ripples of lustful passion twitched through Peggy's helpless body as
she moaned and squirmed to the rapturous mouthing of her burning cunt
and she began to pant explosively, spreading her legs open as wide as
possible and thrusting her steaming loins obscenely forward to bring
the fervid touch of her friend's mouth tighter into her widely splayed
pussy! She could hear Dottie's panting gasps, too, as if she could
scarcely breathe, never once breaking the wild electric contact of her
cunt-spreading tongue and lips!

"Ooooohhh, Dottie, Dottie! I'm cumming! I'M Her voice
became a whimpering sob and then broke out anew in a thin wailing groan
as orgasmic ecstasy deluged her nakedly spasming young body, intensive
sensations sweeping through her inflamed loins like wildfire. In her
sweet agony, she writhed and jerked and trembled, but never pulled away
from the openly sucking mouth pressed tight against her wildly
climaxing pussy! Waves of electric ecstasy continued to crash through
her ravaged nervous system as Dottie's tongue kept up its caressing
pace incessantly as if she would never end it.

Peggy opened her eyes and found she was facing the bedroom doorway …
and the man standing there watching! "D-Dottie … Oh my God, Dottie!"
she screamed.

"Well, well, is this a private party? Or can anyone join in the fun?"
Eddie Mangum had parked his car and come in without either of the girls
hearing him but now that he had stepped into the doorway, Hero began to
growl menacingly and seemed about to leap for the poor husband's throat
… in his own bedroom!

"No, Hero, it's all right!" Peggy managed to shout quickly and the
advancing Doberman seemed to grudgingly quiet down, though his eyes
were still filled with mistrust and suspicion.

"Darling, you certainly have a flair for timing, I must say," said
Dottie matter-of-factly, though their young blonde neighbor was beside
herself with shame and humiliation. Peggy could do or say nothing that
would hope to explain away this obscene tableau she had truly been a
part of … so she remained quiet, vainly trying to cover her nakedness
with a part of the bedspread and her hands. But Dottie seemed not at
all concerned, as if this was an everyday occurrence in the Mangum

"How long has this been going on, girls? Looks like old Eddie has been
in the dark about a lot of things!"

"Oh, now don't get your nose out of joint," Dottie teased. "This is the
first time. Only you had to come in and ruin it. I still haven't had a
chance for a real fuck from Hero!"

Eddie shook his head. "I didn't figure it would take you long to figure
a way to try it out. That's what I like about you Dottie … always
ready for something new." He tossed off his jacket and loosened his tie
and then sat down on the edge of the bed and casually removed his shoes
… but he didn't stop there. With Peggy looking on in wide-eyed
confusion and dread, he began to strip down right before the two of

"W-What are you doing?" Peggy asked finally, her voice thin and weak.
She heard a faint chuckle from Dottie but nothing from the rapidly
undressing husband. "P-Please, what's going on?" she implored, getting
more and more frantic by the passing second.

"I think he wants a little action for himself, right lover?" Dottie

Eddie laughed evilly, his eyes on the smooth voluptuous curves of his
naked blonde neighbor. "That's right, doll-face. If it's good enough
for my ol' lady, it's good enough for me. What 'ya say, Peggy? Ready
for a really good time?"

Peggy gasped in horror and fear. "You can't mean that! Not like this!
No, I won't! I />
"Listen baby, I've had my heart and my cock set on getting some of your
sweet ass for months and now that I've got a good chance I don't aim to
throw it out the window. Now, do you or don't you want a really good
fuck? I mean a reaming out like you haven't had for a long time!"

She turned to Dottie for help, but the brunette only smiled slyly and
nodded. "Go on honey, he's everything he says he is … and more!"

"Now for the real party, doll!" Eddie's voice came to the Navy wife's
unbelieving ears and she turned back to see him standing there next to
the bed in his firm muscular nakedness, only a trace of softness around
his belly to give him away. But it wasn't his build that she noticed
… it was the awesome size of his cock! God, it was bigger than she
would have ever dreamed! He wasn't much bigger in build than Bob, but
his cock was nearly twice the size of her husband's! His heavy balls
hung bloated with sperm at its husky base between his thighs, and Peggy
saw his lecherous grin as he began to lewdly stroke the thick outer
layer of skin back and forth over its huge bulbous head, thrusting his
hips and pelvis obscenely forward as if in invitation. "Ready cutie?
I'll give you a fucking that'll last you a month! You'll be cumming in
your pants every time you move!"

She watched numbly as he lay back on the big double bed, his long thick
rod of lust-hardened male flesh slanting upward toward the ceiling. And
then she knew what he wanted of her! God, it was so wildly insane! How
could she even think of such a thing! Here with this married man, her
husband's friend, and his wife right there watching! No, she wouldn't!
People just didn't do things like this … did they?

"Go on Peggy, get on the horsie!" giggled Dottie with obvious relish.
"Get on before you change your mind. It's written all over your face,
baby! You haven't had a man's cock in you in so long you're wetting the
bed just thinking about this one!"

Peggy started to scream for her to shut up or perhaps to slap her face
… but she knew her friend was right. God, she did want it! Dottie's
licentious licking of her pussy had only whetted her appetite for the
real thing!

"I could never take it that way," she said hesitantly, her rich full
breasts swaying from side to side as she shook her head negatively …

"Aw, come on, you never know what you can do till you try!" He was
grinning at her warmly, but there was something evil, almost sadistic
in his eyes that urged her onward, and without another thought she
climbed wantonly up over him, resting on her knees with her steaming
loins poised directly over his heavy, blood-filled hardness. "Go on,
put it in there, damn it! Put it in!" he bellowed, his face flushed and
his teeth bared menacingly.

Peggy had only done it this way once with Bob and she remembered to
this day the punishing pain she'd felt deep inside, but she grasped the
solid shaft of Eddie's cock, parted her soft blonde pubic curls and
drew it smoothly up through her sensitized cuntal flesh to place it
hesitantly at the lips of her fearfully cringing vagina. And then, with
an unexpected piercing stab of his blunt-tipped hardness, Eddie
expanded the tight elastic mouth of her moistly ready pussy with a
furious thrust that whipped her breath from her lungs! He lunged his
hips upward, at the same time grasping her small girlish hips and
forcing her down onto his heavily impaling cock with obvious sadistic
delight! She would have screamed with the sudden pain but she was
gasping for breath and could not utter a sound!

What a beautiful fucking bitch! Eddie thought, gasping in amazement as
he grasped her slender waist tighter just above the gentle curve of her
hips and began to bounce her up and down on his rigid loins,
sadistically enjoying the sight of her voluptuously full breasts
dancing and swaying erotically before his eyes. He could hear her
breath becoming faster as he lifted his hips in rhythm to drive his
heavily pulsating cock deliciously farther and farther up into the
burning channel of her wetly clasping vagina!

"You digging this, baby?" he hissed up at her, the sight of her pink-
nippled breasts and her nakedly skewered young body driving him mad
with carnal desire!

Peggy looked down at him with glassy-eyed passion. "Yes, it hurts but
it's … it's getting better," she managed between thrusts. At the same
moment, she clenched her anal and vaginal muscles together as tightly
as she could, fucking up and down on his long thickly swollen cock,
feeling like a common whore, but loving every wanton minute of her

The heated secretions of her desire were spilling from the walls of her
inner cunt as it warmly bathed his hardness up inside her and she could
see from his contorted face that she was bringing him exquisite
pleasure while his wife watched in eager fascination and Hero whined
his frustration.

Peggy's hotly sucking little vagina was swallowing up every inch of his
cock with a tiny maddening massaging action that he could feel right
down to the depths of his heavily-laden balls! Eddie knew there could
be no doubt about it … he had indeed been right about this one!
Greedily, he reached up and clutched at her hardened little nipples,
squeezing them and her jiggling breasts between his fingers as she
ground her softly rounded buttocks up and down with a wildly growing
passion! Christ, if he didn't cum pretty soon, this little bitch would
eat him alive!

Hero had watched this all with more than a little confusion from where
he rested on the floor at the side of the big bed, but the scent of his
young mistress' orgasmic secretions was fanning that spark of animal
lust once again in his strongly virile loins. It was the sight of his
beautiful human's nakedly quivering buttocks thrust up there in the air
like that, as she leaned over the human on the bed, that did the trick.
He could see that male human's stiffened cock skewering up into the
wetly clinging love-folds of her curl-fringed blonde pussy and above
that, winking at him lasciviously, the tautly puckered mouth of her
anus. No one seemed to notice him as he got to his feet and bounded to
the foot of the bed in a single easy step.

Had Peggy noticed the dog's move, she would have seen his scarlet,
tapered love spear slipping eagerly from its furry sheath! But the
young Navy wife was far too bound up in her adulterous passions at the
moment to do anything but feel. God, Eddie's wonderful cock was so deep
in her hotly steaming cunt! She had her eyes closed and was pumping
frantically up and down on his skewering rod of obscene male flesh when
she felt the bed move. Was it Dottie? She was strangely quiet, as
though mesmerized by this beautiful thing she was witnessing here
between her girl friend and her husband. No, she thought, opening her
eyes for a second, Dottie was still in the same position, reclining on
one elbow … it had to be Hero!

"P-please, Hero!" she gasped hoarsely, twisting her head to see him
behind her, then feeling his hotly laving tongue licking upward along
the furrow of her nakedly widespread buttocks! She tried to jerk away
but Eddie held her tightly in place. "Get your ass up really high,
baby!" he ordered suddenly, pulling her shoulders down so that her
naked buttocks were stuck out invitingly high and unprotected in the
air. "You girls seem to like the ol' fellow so much, he and I'll make a
nice sandwich out of you!"

For a moment, Peggy was confused and bewildered, but when she felt
Hero's strong forepaws on her bare hips and the soft nuzzling of his
belly fur against her naked ass-cheeks … his scarlet cock would be
next and she shivered convulsively at the very thought! Both of them at
once! "Eddie, please, he's too big! He'd kill me back there! Dottie, do
something!" the savagely writhing naked blonde exclaimed, but she could
see from the lusty looks on their faces that there would be no mercy
for her. She was going to be fucked in the ass, double-fucked right
here in front of Dottie … by her friend's husband and her own animal

"Oh, oh, Hero, please don't hurt me!" she choked, feeling the animal's
searing hardness searching in vain along the widespread crevice of her
vulnerably cowering buttocks as Dottie's husband thrust his cock up
hard into her from below until … Hero suddenly found the unprotected
circle of her anus.

She felt its sharply tapered point catch suddenly in the tautly-
clenched nether ring and then lewdly worm its way just inside the tiny
rectal opening! She gasped for breath, but there was scarcely time to
fill her lungs as he humped forward again and again, his hardened cock
grinding into the vainly-resisting tunnel of her virginal anus. A deep
and angry growl escaped the animal's throat as she felt the tapered
length of his massive penis fiercely stretching the channel of her
elastically yielding rectum, worming its way all the way up into the
hot rubbery depths of her very belly!

"Oh God, arrrgh! No, Hero, aaaahh, no!" she screamed uncontrollably as
the stabbing pain tore through her defenseless loins. Lurching, she
desperately tried to shake free of the piercing animal-hardness that
obscenely expanded her nether hole, but Eddie's hands held her firmly
and painfully impaled upon his up-thrusting cock. She could not escape
and there was nothing she could do but endure the shame of being fucked
by her neighbor and her dog lover at the same time!

Both Eddie's lustful grunts and the big Doberman pinscher's growls
quickly became rhythmic chorusing whimpers as they both humped with
spine-shattering rhythm up into the intimate confines of her lewdly
expanded vaginal and rectal passages! Only the raging flames of passion
that still filled her belly made it all somehow bearable! And then the
pain began to lessen to a hurtful blend of weird sensations, and she
felt strangely saturated over the entire area of her helplessly exposed
buttocks and loins with a new feeling of erotic mania at the lewd
thought of this wicked double-fucking she was getting. She felt her
animal lover's conical hardness rapidly burning into her back there,
pushing the spongy resilient flesh of her widely stretching rectum
before it in soft rubbery waves as it plunged again and again all the
way up into the hotly constricting depths of her innocent belly! And as
his cock ground into the warm naked softness between her buttocks, his
sperm-bloated testicles slapped hard against the puffy, cock-stuffed
lips of her pussy just below! She was completely impaled to the hilt on
ravishing, lustfully-swollen cock and her body reeled with masochistic
excitement at the lascivious image of herself being so shamelessly

Moaning and whimpering with intensely building passion, Peggy tried to
move with their frenetic tempo, wishing there was some way she could
look back up between her widely splayed thighs and watch their lust-
swollen cocks vanishing deep into her ravaged twin orifices, but she
could only visualize how it must look and the mere thought of their
luridly unnatural coupling added to the strange and unknown sensations
filling her slaving young body. She saw her ripely full young breasts
swaying loosely beneath her, their tiny hardened nipples occasionally
grazing her neighbor's husband's chest, while her blonde hair flailed
wildly about her head in a golden halo of iridescent paleness. God, it
seemed that their cocks were growing bigger and thicker still inside
her, ever growing in the desire-inflamed tightness of her helplessly
quivering love-tunnels as she lay sandwiched there between them.

"Fill me, both of you, with your hard cocks! Oh, it's so good! So
good!" she chanted mindlessly.

And just a few feet away Dottie watched eagerly as her own husband's
big thick cock fucked up with fury into the pink wetness of her
neighbor's insanely squirming pussy, and her friend's dog pistoned in
and out of her anus like he was mounting a bitch in heat! Her husband
was lifting the naked blonde right up off the bed with his every
thrust, raising the lewdly spread mounds of Peggy's naked ass-cheeks up
high to the lewdly frantic fucking of the huge black Doberman behind

Dottie stared enviously at the glistening pair of lust-hardened cocks
racing slipperily into her lovely young neighbor's viciously stretched
anal and cuntal openings. The sight of the swollen pink edges of
Peggy's outer vaginal folds clinging tightly to her husband's heavy,
blood-veined cock on the down-stroke, then disappearing back up inside
again when he thrust up between her full supple thighs lasciviously
enthralled the watching brunette! But even more lewdly hypnotic was the
sight of that huge male animal's thick scarlet hardness sucking back
out of her anus, pulling the tightly clasping ridges of pink anal flesh
out with it to also vanish wetly back up inside her at last when the
handsome animal lunged back into her. Christ, they were both going at
it so hot and heavy … it wouldn't be long now! Any second!

Hero suddenly growled from behind the young naked blonde and Peggy
began to vibrate all over like a taut rubber band until she finally
cried out in lust-filled abandon. "Aaaaaaggghh … fuck me, both of
you! Fill me up with your thick hot cum! I can feel you both inside me!
Fuck hard, Hero! … Eddie! I'm almost there! I'm almost … I'm
cumming! Oh God, I am, I am! I'm />
Peggy felt her powerful pet's scorching gushes of boiling sperm fire
bullet-like up deep in her rectum, and enchanting spasms of wild
convulsing pleasure rocketed through her nakedly quivering belly in
orgasmic response. She could feel every contraction of his long thick
cock rifling its seething load deep up into her greedily sucking
rectum. And then a loud string of obscenities escaped Eddie's lips and
he too began to empty his thick viscous load in a fountain of white
sticky sperm that blasted up into her cunt as her wildly undulating
hips circled the towering throbbing hardness of his cock and thick jets
of fiery semen spat hotly into the deepest virginal recesses of her
hungrily gulping belly!

The powerful muscles of her cuntal walls and anus sucked and swallowed
like a pair of tiny voracious mouths until every last drop of their
precious mingled loads was held tightly inside her and she let out a
fierce, blood-curdling scream that rocked the house trailer on its very

Dottie was kneeling now beside the lewdly entangled threesome, her own
fingers unashamedly fingering the dampness of her dark-fringed cuntal
heat. "Oh, save some for me, boys!" she gasped throatily. "Save some of
your big thick cocks for me!"

Chapter 9

It was nearly nine o'clock and Peggy had been gone for fifteen minutes
when the Mangums heard a frantic knocking at their back door and Dottie
hurried as fast as she could in her sexually exhausted physical state
to see who it was.

"Dottie! Dottie, it's me!" came Peggy's agitated voice through the
screen door. Dottie unlocked it and the young blonde neighbor and her
big black Doberman entered. By now, Eddie had come in from the
bathroom, dressed only in his undershorts and walking with a pronounced
bow-leggedness that could only be diagnosed as too much pussy!

"What is it, Peggy? You look as if you've seen a ghost?"

The nervously excited blonde waved a piece of air mail paper in her
neighbor's face. "This is what's the matter! Bob's coming home early!
He'll be here in a couple of days according to this letter! I was so
worried about Hero when I came home earlier that I forgot to look in
the mailbox!"

said Eddie with an impressive show of somewhat unfelt
enthusiasm. But he could see from the corner of his vision that Dottie
seemed a bit more eager … there would be two men now instead of one!

"But don't you see, I have to tell Bob that much sooner! I've got only
two days and he'll be here! What'll I do!?"

Peggy glanced slyly at her husband and moistened her lips
anticipatorily, a distinct cat-like gleaming mirrored deep in her dark
eyes. "Don't worry about a thing, honey. You just welcome him home like
you always do and after a few days of getting adjusted, I'll take care
of the rest."

"You? How?"

Dottie made a full, lewdly insinuating circle of her pink lips with the
tapered tip of her tongue before she spoke again. "Think about it, Peg.
He'll be in no mood to argue or feel sorry for himself after he and I
have … ah … well, after we get better acquainted. You see, Eddie's
not the only one who's been lusting around the Mangum />
Peggy blushed bright scarlet. "You mean … you and Bob …"

"Like I said, don't worry about a thing. When I've finished with him,
you can let him in on our little secret. I promise you he won't make a
peep in protest!"

"Oh, Dottie, that's a wonderful idea! Then we can all, well, sort of

Dottie winked wickedly. "That's exactly what I have in mind. But there
is one thing, though."

"What? I'll do />
"I think I should keep Hero here for a few days. At least until Bob
knows the whole story."

Peggy recoiled involuntarily at the prospect of anyone else keeping her
wonderful animal-lover but she tried to mask her emotions behind her
thinly-spread smile. "Why, Dottie?"

"Yeah, why Dottie?" repeated Eddie. Once or twice was all right, but
she should have gotten her fill of that hung beast today! Why did she
want him around for days at a time?

They both watched as Dottie's eyes twinkled and her scheming smile
spread across her cheeks and degenerated into a good-natured laughing

one good reason, Peg!" she laughed. "I don't think Bob would
take too kindly to sharing you so soon after his homecoming … the old
bugger might throw a bit of a surprise into your welcome-home love-

The End

story by: Anonyinrc

Tags: fantasm sex story

Author: Anonyinrc

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